St Possenti, Order of…. is real

It is an odd world I live in. Inspired by my book, Heretics of St. Possenti, real men, initially led by a Salvation Army officer, worked to bring the order into existence, for real. It’s formal birthday before God is on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, 2019. Formal paperwork to satisfy the bureaucratic goblins of State will be filed soon, too. It’s mission will be help vets who need spiritual guidance and support as much as physical rescuing.

The founders include Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox members. The initiates will receive a couple of months “comparative religion” teaching, then will pick their course from the three. It may be the only monastery in existence with separate chapels from the three dominant Christian denominations within its walls. While I’m not a particularly religious man, I think it worthwhile to pray for this endeavor, and wish it the absolute best in both helping the men it aims at, and the schismed churches it draws from.

It is being formally created on this day, at this time, in commemoration of Veterans’ Day, a remembrance of the sacrifices the military vets the world over have made for their countries, people, and families. Not all who suffer in war died on the battlefield, but all deserve support, and I hope they can make the best sense of their experience they can.

6 thoughts on “St Possenti, Order of…. is real

    1. Certainly there are few who have such a surreal experience around that recognition.

      To be clear: my book was the inspiration, not that it’s going to be modeled directly, word for word, on what I wrote. think how many movies have been made that were “inspired” by a novel but were totally different? they can still be quite good, just not exactly what the author envisioned. For starters, in my book they were monks, and the real OSP is a military order. No small difference, but more than likely a wise one.

  1. Hail to the inspiration and the reality! Deus Volt!

    As a Catholic, this reaches far beyond our silly divisions and squabbles. Belief in Christ and His teachings is what is important, the rest is BS.

    1. Glad you are liking it. The specific location was left deliberately ambiguous. Could be ID, CO, WY, or just about anywhere out west (but well east of the liberal coastal I-5 corridor). It looks like the first real-world locations will be in the southwest, like New Mexico.

      1. Rolf,

        Thanks for the reply. You have my e-mail address (at least I think you can see it), please ping me directly. I have questions.


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