Vote Fraud

It’s common in election years to have accusations of vote fraud thrown around. There is no question that it happens, some where, to some degree. The real question in the debates I have is how much is there, who is doing it, how organized is it, and does it actually have any significant effect on election outcomes? I’m talking the basic ballot-box stuffing, counting fraud, etc., not the back-room deals and pressure WRT who runs or not, and a partisan media giving free positive coverage to one side and negative coverage the other way. Just the actual vote casting and counting “irregularities.” So I put up a page, listed under “plague” on the menu (where I’ll put all “off-topic from writing” pages, I think), and just keep adding things there as I see the stories.

I believe it’s reasonable to assume that people who are partisan Dems in their other activities will commit fraud in favor of Dem candidates and causes, and in Dem strongholds pro-Dem fraud is much more likely to occur; similarly, long-time partisan Republicans will commit pro-R fraud.

2 thoughts on “Vote Fraud

  1. Well, in Oregon. Where they’ve changed over to motor-voter and vote by mail. All common sense has been locked/voted out Salem. As your applying for a drivers/ID card one has to check the box to opt out of voter registration. If not a ballot is issued to that address in your name.
    My deceased mother in law got a ballot. My wife threw it away. Think a good commie would have? (That’s the only trouble I have with her dying. She probably votes twice as liberal as she did before. Literally.)
    My wife changed our PO box. We got 2 ballots each that year. As one PO forwarded them to our new address. And were talking 3 people here. Out of how many?
    We haven’t even started on government ignorance/malice, commie infiltration and such.
    No, vote by mail = communist take-over.

    1. Yes, pretty much. Vote-by-mail is an open door to fraud that those in power, especially those on the left, won’t pass up. WA won’t ever vote center/right until that changes. And we’d likely need a vote to change it, sooooo….

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