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How did you find this book?

I’m curious, to any and all who drop by here: How did you find the book? Link in from somewhere else, browsing the Amazon top (whatever) list (which one?), an Amazon recommendation, or something else? As a first time author, I’m new to all this, too, so any and all feedback about how you came across the book or what specifically struck you as most interesting is welcome. I don’t do FB or Twitter or the rest because I hate datamining, so the only thing I care about your post is what you say in your post, not all the background metadata.

For those that are curious, I am working on another book, but it might not be the one you are expecting. I could easily outline a dozen books that tie into this one, but I plan on writing books that will stand alone just fine, but will enhance each other.


Lots of possible ideas for spinoff works from this story. I’m working on a komenagen story now. I jokingly said I could write a soft-core similar to 50 shades based on Payton’s adventure, calling it “The company I keep.” Not really my style, but it might be popular.  A story with Allonia’s background might be interesting. One following a group that Taj picks up to emigrate to terraform a world might be good. Any other ideas?