Next things

Working on getting the next things together.  The current plan is that the prose format will be release as two books. The series name will be “The Stars Came Back.” The first book will be “Back from the Dead,” and the second “War’s Edge.”

The next book will likely be titled “TSCB: Insanity’s Children.” With any luck and a bit of hard work, I’ll soon be far enough along in planning and writing that I can start posting it serially, like I did originally.

Char dev- Love interest 2

Another one that got side-tracked during the course of the writing. I wanted a gal that was wholesome, curvy, and, for lack of a better term, relentlessly domestic. Not exactly “emotional,” but much more an intuitive sort than a deep thinker by nature. A bit above average smart, but not a genius. Someone that was tough, but not a tough. Not exactly an innocent, but tending towards the naïve side of things. I hadn’t planned on making her a genetically engineered illegal soldier, or pairing up with someone other than Helton. Sigh. Another plan in the dust, but worked out. Continue reading Char dev- Love interest 2

Char dev- Love Interest, the first

One character that changed a lot as I wrote the story was Bipasha. I wanted a strong female character for the Hero to fall for. I figured it to be an “exotic” sort, one that was a hard-headed business person, creating tension between the somewhat idealistic and fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants Hero and a very practical business manager. Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned, either. Continue reading Char dev- Love Interest, the first

Made a deal

Just signed and mailed off a contract with a publisher, so I don’t have to worry about upfront editing and cover art costs and details in any future books. I’m also working on altering TSCB to conventional prose novel format, to be released when done. I de-published from Amazon so they could upload it and take it from here.

I’ll add more details when it’s available again and the publisher makes an official announcement.

It’s a strange world I live in. Very strange, but oddly nice.

UPDATE: Looks like the new product link is . Comments haven’t followed it over just yet, and the cover is a bit different. The conventional prose format cover will be totally different.

UPDATE II: Castalia House. Comments have migrated over. Vox talks about it here.