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Catagories and summaries

I’m working on figuring out what the best categories for Amazon would be, and what are the “critical features” to include in the short written summary to attract buyers.

Because they only allow two categories, I was thinking “military fiction” and “libertarian fiction”. Would general SF be better, or Space Opera, or Action Adventure, or …? Thoughts, suggestions?

As for the intro, should I have more than the following:
Helton Strom is a reasonably ordinary guy dropped into extraordinary circumstances while doing nothing more than going to another planet to visit his sister, while he was on a break between teaching contracts. After running afoul of law-enforcement, space pirates, the mob, parts of officialdom, the captain of a naval cruiser, and only making a few friends along the way, he struggles to establish a new life and earn a living by getting a very old spaceship flying, only to discover it’s more than a bit unusual.


Lots of possible ideas for spinoff works from this story. I’m working on a komenagen story now. I jokingly said I could write a soft-core similar to 50 shades based on Payton’s adventure, calling it “The company I keep.” Not really my style, but it might be popular.  A story with Allonia’s background might be interesting. One following a group that Taj picks up to emigrate to terraform a world might be good. Any other ideas?

Hello world, updated!

(no more Dyson Sphere jokes here)

This is the blog / website for the story The Stars Came Back, in final editing as of this oft-updated post.

The story is a space western, space opera, and maybe a military sci-fi novel, taking place circa 2655. Hope you enjoy it once it gets posted to This site will take a while to fill in, and all comments are welcome. Requests for content, explanations, etc, background, suggestions, etc., are humbly requested.