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Just got through reading through the editor’s version of my prose version of The Stars Came Back. Or at least, the first half of it. Pretty darn good. A modest but very effective rearrangement of the end parts. It needs a few tweaks is all, but they are really pretty small. Cover Art is getting titled, so it should be out soon. Second half also done soon. The sequel, “Insanity’s Children” is aiming at six weeks-ish.

No word on the YA prequel, but it’s shorter and I’d had more practice when writing it, so I hoping it might be getting done this year.

Later Edit: To be clear, the series will be called “The Stars Came Back.”
Book one: Back From the Dead                 (first ~half of the original screenplay format book)
Book two: War on the Edge                   (second ~half of the original screenplay format book)
Book Three: Insanity’s Children           (Sequel, all new material)

Book Beats-the-heck-out-of-me: Komenagen: Slog    (all new YA prequel) No release date set.

Book 0.0492(?): Lost Crew (maybe?)     A novella: Early Armadillo mission, similar to “Shakedown Cruise” in Riding The Red Horse. Title not certain. No release date set. But totally written.

Alien minds

One aspect of Sci-Fi is the idea of exploring different ways of thinking and looking at the universe, or even looking at each other. It’s always been tough to convincingly write utterly alien brains or societies, and most merely reflect common aspects of humans. Star Trek’s Vulcans are nothing more than smart and logical humans, Klingons the emotional and savage warrior (human), Romulans just the Machiavellian manipulator (again, human). Few writers have really good and totally alien minds/cultures. Continue reading Alien minds