The latest cringe-worthy celebrity PSA is so awesome comments on youtube for it are closed. It is called “I take responsibility.” The write-up at the link is pretty good, so I’d encourage you to hit it. What occurred to me is that their encourage / extorting you to “give to BLM [or other racists / leftwing cause]” to prove your contrition has an exact parallel.


The medieval practice of buying an indulgence from the Catholic church to have your sins forgiven. They are morally preening, virtue-signaling without any actual meaning, demanding that YOU must give money to approved donation-plates to be forgiven of your racism and bigotry.  Considering how messed up most of them are, the irony is so thick you could cast battleship armor from it.

3 thoughts on “Indulgence

  1. Interesting analogy. It brings to mind the fact that the sale of indulgences was one of the major causes of the Reformation, possibly the leading cause.

    1. It has been said before that buying carbon-offsets to compensate for your “environmental sins” was much like a medieval indulgence, too.
      I see a repeating pattern among those on the left that equates payment (to them) in order to counter spiritual wrongs.


      Wonder why they might want to stoke the guilt thing?

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