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Q-Anon posting

A couple weeks back got taken off line. Another sources for Q post aggregater is . If it’s on a tab, it’ll even sound an alert horn when a new one comes in.

One recently posts item on 30 Sep 2020, (slightly edited / composited for clarity / context):

[Jim] Comeys daughter [Maureen] investigated Epstein’s suicide
And HER HUSBAND [Lucas Issacharoff] does [takes over at SDNY to take over the ] Ghislaine Maxwell’s case????

… Do you believe in coincidences?

A post to two later, there is a news story about Sec State Pompeo being snubbed by the Vatican on a Visit to Italy, followed by the following series of questions:
When does a Church become a playground?
When does a Church become a business?
When does a Church become political?
When does a Church become corrupt?
When does a Church become willfully blind?
When does a Church become controlled?

Yup, 2020. Trump and Q are fighting an AntiPope, too, on top of everything else.

1st Debate thoughts

I watched most of it. I had to take a walk a few times, as I hate cross-talk and not answering the primary question in debate settings. In no particular order:

  • Not very “professional” with all the cross-talk.
  • Biden repeated many lies and twisted version of stories that have been debunked
  • Trump interrupted way too often, so it lost it’s potential positive effect by just slipping in the occasional memorable zinger
  • Biden looked pretty rough, especially considering how little campaigning he’s been doing lately; he should have looked well-rested and focused, and he wasn’t.
  • Biden did better than I expected, but that’s a very low bar.
  • Wallace sucked as a moderator.
  • A lot of missed opportunities by Trump. I would have liked to see him tout D3 and zinc and other treatments to ameliorate the Wuhan Flu.
  • It was clear from the beginning that Trump was trying to get under Biden’s skin and get him flustered and lose it. It almost worked a couple of times, but either his hearing-aid handlers or the moderator saved him time and again.
  • Biden’s body-language was defeated and weak, often with eyes downcast, covering his lack of good answers with nervous laughter, eyes looked dilated and dead;
  • Trump was clearly upbeat, high-energy, engaged, bright-eyed, and active.
  • Surprisingly, Wallace had a few actually good questions (though with horrible follow-up and follow-through). Most were OK-ish, some framed in a rather obviously skewed way (at least, obvious to me) to favor Biden.
  • Time allocated to different topics was unfairly uneven.
  • “Fact checking” on the channel I was watching was, to put it mildly, rather unfairly selective to favor Biden.
  • To someone who only occasionally watches mainstream/legacy media for their news, and would not know how much lying Biden was doing, much of it was nothing more than a pissing match of he-said-she-said. To a news/info junkie like myself who understands most of the references, issues, and details of the items discussed, Biden was constantly lying his ass off, and Trump was not explaining his point nearly as clearly as they could be to an ignorant audience member.
  • The wife thought it gave her a headache, doesn’t like either of them, and it was a draw between a NYC asshole and a bumbling moron (not quit her exact words).
  • They really need to use something like a chess-timer hooked to their microphone, and it cut their mic when the other person it talking, and it goes back and forth in minimum of 15-second increments, so they both get the same amount of total time.

Election comment

With the election only about 7 weeks away (and election lawsuits about one hour more than that), I wanted to throw a couple of things out there. One, I’ve been adding things to my Vote Fraud Page with some regularity. Not all are, strictly speaking, “fraud,” but they are things related to unreliable vote systems, people, and tallys. Two, there is a neat tool at NBC called “Swing the Election” that allows you to make prediction on different demographic changes to who votes, and see how that would affect the 2020 election compared to 2016. You might have dun with it.

For example, if all demographics turn out at the same rates and proportions as last time, and they vote the same, Biden wins (flips four states). BUT if non-college whites raise the Trump vote 5% to 73%, Trump win with 322 EC votes. If Blacks shift to vote for him at a 17% rate, he wins with 296. If both happen Trump gets 322. if he adds 6% for college-educated whites (from 46% to 52%), then he’s at 350 EC votes to 188…. fun to play with.

SC Justice Ginsburg has died

Justice Ginsburg Has Died, U.S. Supreme Court Says.

Now then, as the Dems have already said, in nearly so many words, they plan to litigate the hell out of the election if they / Biden doesn’t win, that means things are likely to go to the US Supreme Court rapidly. If it’s tied, 4-4, then the Dems only have to prevail in the circuit court of appeals here and there, as they choose, to make sure they get locally favorable rulings, then it can get tied at the Supremes and stand. Which means either Trump gets a constitutionalist on the court ASAP, or he takes out turncoat Roberts and perhaps others decides to step down for various reason.

Looks to be a very spicy leading up to the election, as now we have confirmation hearings as well.

So, who had “SC justice dies with less than 60 days to go before the election” on their 2020 Bingo Card?

Well, isn’t that interesting….

“The text reads: In 1933 Hitler appointed Hermann Goring Minister of the Interior. his first orders were to defund and eliminate police departments so that they would not interfere with his Brown Shirts whose mission it was to riot, burn, beat up and kill citizens in an effort to sway elections.” (also see here)

History repeats. Somehow I don’t think Antifa are the “anti-fascists” they claim to be.



… Let us admit it: we have not matured enough to march into the squares and shout the truth out loud or to express aloud what we think. It is not necessary. It’s dangerous. But let us refuse to say what we do not think. This is our path, the easiest and the most accessible one, which allows for our inherent, well-rooted cowardice. And it is much easier (it’s shocking even to say this) than the sort of civil disobedience that Gandhi advocated. Our path is not that of giving conscious support to lies about anything at all. And once we realise where the perimeters of falsehood are (everyone sees them in his own way), our path is to walk away from this gangrenous boundary. If we did not paste together the dead bones and scales of ideology, if we did not sew together rotting rags, we would be astonished how quickly the lies would be rendered helpless and would subside. That which should be naked would then really appear naked before the whole world.

So in our timidity, let us each make a choice: whether to remain consciously a servant of falsehood (of course, it is not out of inclination but to feed one’s family that one raises one’s children in the spirit of lies), or to shrug off the lies and become an honest man worthy of respect from one’s children and contemporaries


yup. Stand firm, and refuse to say that which you do not believe. Speak the truth and be reviled, then feared.

14th Amendment

Will, this is interesting. Could the 14th Amendment allow the Prez to strip Electoral College from states that are declared in Rebellion, or involved in insurrection, and arrest judges, mayors, governors, etc., who are giving “aid and comfort to the enemy?”

Short Twitter post:


Worth kicking around as a possibility.

Also, on a completely strange (and 2020-level oddness), we also have a Beverly Hills Trump Dance off Antifa Protest Float… Yeah, it make more sense to watch than explain. Continue reading 14th Amendment


How does one, as an individual, deal with an insurrection / civil war / unofficially sanctioned looting / rioting if you find it visiting your city?

First-hand account of a guys experience with it. Some of the comments are good, too.

Obviously, he did a few things wrong. If the cops and DA and local pols are not on your side, defending yourself is very risky. Not defending yourself, or trying to go it alone is risky.  Though the Antifa thugs might be scum and individually most are not very impressive as physical specimens, they are well-organized scum, with effective tactics as far as they go. With a largely “hands-off” policy by law-enforcement and the pols (because they are fellow-travelers or compromised, or both) they can run riot (literally) while your actions are severely constrained.

Obviously, a proper Fed Marshal with marines or MPs to help in a counter-offensive with lots of burly men in armor, sniper over-watch, a load of paddy-wagons, and some take-no- BS prosecutors could deal with it properly. And I’m assuming there is a plan by Q et al to do something along those lines when the time is ripe.

But it they don’t, or they come to your neighborhood (or where you have to go to work or something) before the counteroffensive begins, what do you do? How do you deal with it? Start thinking about it, comment below.

An open letter to college admissions admins

I have kids of current HS age, who will be college age sooner or later (one who took the ACT with virtually no prep scored a 31). One is going through the whole application process now, and we easily get as many as dozen flyers some weeks in the mail advertising your programs. Here are my thoughts as the father of these potential customers of yours, and someone involved in the finance for such things. Continue reading An open letter to college admissions admins