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WA does all vote-by-mail. I hate it because of the obvious fraud problem potential, but it is what it is. I dropped off my ballot today. Looking more and more like the rampant Dem fraud will not be anywhere near close enough to overcome his margin of victory.

Of bullets and books

I went deer hunting this weekend. Had success, though it was the smallest 3-pt mule deer I’ve ever shot. On the positive side, it was a clean kill that dropped him almost in his tracks (he maybe went 5 yards) with very little meat spoilage. It was also the man-cub’s first hunting trip (just as an observer/assistant, not yet with his own license) where he had the chance to see a kill first-hand and help with the field dressing and butchering of a deer. The recovered bullet had about 62% weight retention (111 gr recovered, 180 gr leaving the barrel, .30-06 Springfield, max mushroom diameter .490″). The deer was facing me, a slightly quartering shot; the bullet enter the rib cage next to the sternum, blew the top of his heart off, fragments shredded the lungs and diaphragm (AKA skirt steak), the main path of the bullet carried it to a stop in the opposite rear quarter muscles, where it was finally recovered at home while doing final butchering and packaging for the freezer. The weather for the hunt was nice (if windy), and it all worked out quite well. We got home and finished processing it all the same day, and went to bed tired but cleaned up and done.

(L to R: Unfired ’06 round, empty case, remains of Remington Core-Lokt slug)

All of that has nothing to do with books. Continue reading Of bullets and books

Predictions and Gas-lighting on a massive scale

Looking at the upcoming 2020 election, what I see is a disconnect at so many levels it is hard to know where to start.

Joe “girl-groping” Biden has obvious signs of mental decline, including dementia and likely Parkinson’s. He is a gaffe-o-matic, and can’t hardy draw a dozen people to his rallies. He flip-flops more than a Hawaiian shoe-store. He has all the charisma of a badly-preserved mummy. He’s being shown to have been involved in illegal and immoral shenanigans during the Obama admin. There is almost daily news about revelations between him, China, Ukraine and Russian companies via Hunter, and more. Continue reading Predictions and Gas-lighting on a massive scale

Time-wormholes stories thought

A wormhole through time opens up between the near-end of a famous battle, and the losing nations current-day home. A hundred thousand or so soldier walk away from the certain death and into a great mystery of history, into the modern times to see what became of their homeland. What do they do? How do they react?

Example: Stalingrad , Jan 1943. The German forces are surrounded and know they are totally screwed, freezing, exhausted, and nearly out of food and ammo. A wondrous portal open up, and someone walks through and offers them a portal back to Germany, but 78 years into the future. Most of them take it, and walk out, guns in hand and what ammo they have remaining, and disappear like a wraith in the night. They appear in a modern Germany, full of socialists (which they are OK with, generally), a lot of people who hate Nazi (somewhat more of a problem), and millions of dark-skinned immigrants and sacrosanct Jews (Ummmmm, Huston, we have a problem…). Pretty sure that hilarity does not ensue, but what, exactly would?

Not a book I could write and do justice, but sure would like to read. Kratman or Ringo would be a better choice.

The 50 Shades of Tinder Trap

It’s popular these days to tell girls and young women “you can have it ALL!”

That is a contemptible lie. They can’t. Nor can men. There are always trade-offs to be made. But when you think you can have it all because you bought into the lie, you make bad choices and become disillusioned or worse when things don’t work out the way you thought they were supposed to. Continue reading The 50 Shades of Tinder Trap