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Interesting rumor

Not a shocker, in that it’s what I said was happening a little while back, but it’s an apparent confirmation. guess we will know soon enough. Basically they were watching all the election sights very closely to monitor the counting and mis-counting. We might know what the actual count is after all.

Meanwhile, in “NOT rumor” news, a PA court has ruled the election was “Likely Unconstitutional” Actual ruling here:

Also, Praying Medic’s take on Trump’s path to victory.

Merry (early) Christmas, digital soldiers, centipedes, and Q-anons. 🙂

What the game plan looks like now

You can read what I thought before the election in mid-October, with a last thought in the comments on November 1.  What I thought was happening shortly after the election on the 5th you can read here in:
Election Trap (Nov 5)
Election Trap 2 (Nov 8)
Vote Stealing (Nov 11)
You can find updates about fraud-related stories on the Vote Fraud page. If you have not read them yet, start there.

Now that a lot of things have happened, I think a clearer picture is emerging. If what appears to be going on succeeds,  not only will Trump replace George Washington as our greatest president, we will have to look back to Charlemagne or farther to find a greater leader, and maybe to Hannibal to find a better strategist / tactician than his support team (because he’s clearly a brilliant front-man for an amazing  Q team of pros who have been working this plan for a decade or more).

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Interesting Microsoft vote fraud link,

NO, I’m not saying Microsoft helped commit voter fraud. However, there is an interesting connection between a highly place former MSFT employee, who went to work for the government, and is now has a “rumorcontrol” site hanging off an official government domain denying evidence of vote fraud, in spite of the massive number of red flags and sword affidavits attesting to witnessing what looks like vote fraud. That parts starts at about 18:30 for background, first actual mention of Krebs at 20:25 and Microsoft connection at 22:00 or so. Total astroturf on a sub of a government domain. Sick. Gaslighting to the max. It will come back to bite them in the ass.


Vote stealing

I’ve been adding a lot to my Vote Fraud Page. (from the menu above it’s under plague, because the Wuhan Flu hit before the deep election crap). Some of the things added today include links to (centi)PedeInspector, who’s been crawling the released data on votes tallie0s. Some fascinating stuff, especially on this page, “Glitches” all over. “Switched” means a vote for one candidate get moved over into the other candidates pile, and the “source” is reduced. A “lost” vote means one disappears or appears and isn’t accounted for anywhere else in the system. The main page he’s updating is this one.

Some of the numbers are staggering.

Pennsylvania : Switched : 220,883 Lost Votes : 941,248
New York : Switched : 18,124 Lost Votes : 623,213
Georgia : Switched : 17,407 Lost Votes : 33,574
Ohio : Switched : 14,965 Lost Votes : 5,102
Virginia : Switched : 12,163 Lost Votes : 789,023
Minnesota : Switched : 2,766 Lost Votes : 195,650
Texas : Switched : 14,954 Lost Votes : 30,557
Nebraska : Switched : 30,086 Lost Votes : 50
Kentucky : Switched : 8,129 Lost Votes : 23,849
West Virginia : Switched : 0 Lost Votes : 78,300
Nebraska : Switched : 30,086 Lost Votes : 50

Could that have shifted the states, or some down-ballot races? Absolutely! The reason I added Nebraska is that it might have the smoking gun, being a small state and it was just enough to shift 1 split EC vote to Biden, making it easier to get 270 EC votes. It would be an easy and fast state to audit or re-vote with manual all-paper systems.

And that’s before we get into all the paper-ballot shenanigans. People need to swing for this shit, and rot in the gibbet-cage beside the highways to feed the crows.

Election Trap

Based on what I’ve been seeing on Gab, Ace, Instapundt, Vox (or Vox), Conservative Treehouse, Neon, Revolver, Bayou Renaissance Man, Anonymous Conservative, GNews, Anne Barnhardt, Zero Hedge, One America News Network, the mysteroious Q operation (now here), and elsewhere (including mainstream sources), here is a Big Picture prĂ©cis on what appears to be happening and a little bit of backstory for those new to the scene. Continue reading Election Trap