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Big Stuff saved at top: Related: Midwest Doc- The Century of Evidence Putting Light Inside the Body Is A Miraculous Therapy. How Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation treats severe many severe Cardiovascular, Infectious, Obstetric, Autoimmune and Neurological Diseases.
Dr David Martin- Attorney General Document Serve it to those doing coercion.

13 July 2024: Another story about it- In the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, three of four judges agreed the Covid vaccine was never a “traditional vaccine” and therefore could not legally be mandated.
FDA Must Respond to Requests For COVID Vaccine Injury Reports, Federal Judge Says.
House Judiciary Committee: “Biden Administration Pressured FDA and Ignored Risks During Initial COVID Vaccine Phase”; Damning report is further evidence that approval of the COVID-19 was a fait accompli.

12 July 2024: Finally! – Court: Doctors Threatened For Questioning The Covid Regime Can Sue Tyrannical Credentialing Boards
Pfizer VP Blows Whistle: Vaccine Designed To Cause Lucrative Health Problems We Could Monetize (Dr. Peter Rost, “The Whistleblower; Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman)
Unconscionable Evil: Babies Are Having HEART ATTACKS in the Womb; Dr. James Thorp, OBGYN with 43 years of experience, explains the devastating consequences of COVID vax.


11 July 2024: Former Green Beret Calls Upon House Armed Services Committee to Right ‘Vax Mandate’ Wrongs
Facts don’t care about propaganda- Australians in shock over former President of Australian Medical Association Prof. Kerryn Phelps’ leaked audio on vaccine injuries – “I’ve never seen so many young people having cardiac MRIs in my entire career. There are people who’ve had heart damage, myocarditis, they’ve had heart problems”

10 July 2024: Yes, Pfizer and Moderna can be sued for vaccine injuries — here’s how (BC)
Kirsch- Critical Analysis of All-Cause Deaths during C-19 Vaccination in an Italian Province; COVID-19 and All-Cause Mortality Increased with Shots–Vaccination Did Not “Save Lives
Edward Dowd: US – Trends in Death Rates from Neurological Diseases, Ages 15-44
Second Smartest- AND LIKE THAT, THE CLAIM VACCINES ARE THE WORLD’S BEST STUDIED PRODUCT DIES; The world’s leading vaccinologist, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, and company have just capitulated
Related to above: Funding Postauthorization Vaccine-Safety Science.

From Dr Makis on Alternative Cancer Treatment

09 July 2024: Jeremy Poole: Children being brought back from the dead! The clot shot didn’t kill them? altering death stats retroactively?
Novak Djokovic Is Still Being Booed Over His Campaign Against Mandatory Vaccines
Makis- Sudden, out-of-the-ordinary migraines are a dangerous sign.
McC- Czech Data Confirm Six “Hottest Lots” of the Comirnaty Pfizer C-19 Vaccine; Dangers of Each Lot Vary for mRNA Injection.
Kory- Pathologists Are Unaware Of The Pathogen Killing The VaccinatedA Consequence Of Medical Journal Censorship.
Related- “Five studies show if the children take no shots whatsoever, they’re healthier than those who take the full vaccine schedule
Source for below here:

Source for below here:

08 July 2024: A new peer-reviewed study concludes that all cause deaths were higher for those vaccinated with one and two doses compared to the unvaccinated.
Ginkgo biloba may help to break down microclots caused by the covid spike protein.
Doctors Muzzled During COVID Get Green Light to Sue Overlords.
Kingston- Pfizer Is Being Sued Under the Kansas Consumer Protect Act for 10 Counts Across Fraud, Unconscionable Acts, and Civil Conspiracy, NOT Crimes Against Humanity
Related- Two Infants Died Within Hours of Receiving RSV Shots, CDC Internal Emails Show
Study: Covid-Vacinated Suffer Staggering Loss of Life Expectancy; People who were “vaccinated” for Covid with mRNA injections have had decades wiped from their life expectancy, a new peer-reviewed study has revealed.
They lie as often as they breathe:

Shocked face:

07 July 2024: Book by David A Hughes- “Covid-19,” Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy: Volume 1. Download a version here.
Book by David A Hughes- Wall Street, the Nazis, and the Crimes of the Deep State
Interview with David A Hughes- Interview with Elze van Hamelen, May 3, 2024
Helix Network Myocarditis Research with Bias in Design; Study Set Up to Claim SARS-CoV-2 Infection Is Associated with Myocarditis More often than Vaccine-Induced Heart Damage
The shots forced on children to attend school have “negligible or NON-EXISTENT benefits” but “documented side effects.
Study Finds 37% Plummet in Life Expectancy Linked to “Safe & Effective
Negative COVID vaccine efficacy. When the remedy becomes the poison; These vaccines poison in multiple ways, but here I am confining the evidence to the vaccine-caused increase in susceptibility to the infection it was intended to prevent
Since 2021 Unexplained Deaths for CHILDREN Are Up 3328%; “…That number comes from Alberta Health Services…
Former CDC Director Admits the Truth

06 July 2024: Bill Gates talking about reducing population with vaccines.
McC- British Columbia Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Defeated on Judicial Notice ; Case of Dr. Charles Hoffe Kills Deferral to Government Offices as Agents of “Truth
Campbell- 2024 Excess Deaths.
Study: Vaccines had “NO beneficial effects.”
Covid shots 200 times more likely to cause blood clots in brain.
The Longest Story Ever Told: The Largest Collection of Vaccine Testimonies on the Planet (Collected by the CDC!)
Walgreens Sends Out Grooming Texts To Customers Inviting Them To Offer Up Their Children To A Moderna Funded Study For A NEW Covid Vaccine: K. Paul Stoller, MD Asks: At What Point Do We AcceptThe Overwhelming Evidence Of Covid As Mass Occult Event? Children Are 4,423% MORE Likely To Die If Injected With These Serums

05 July 2024: SHOCKING: American Children and Teens are DYING at Unprecedented Rates; Scientists from Virginia Commonwealth University discovered that American children and teenagers are dying at higher rates than their peers in 16 other high-income countries.
Study Indicates COVID Spike Proteins May Influence Cancer Cell Survival and Resistance to Chemotherapy
New Italian Study Shows Reduced Life Expectancy After Multiple Covid Vaccinations
Sad- “Alarming 3000% increase in unexplained child deaths in Alberta”: Medical doctors and scientists’ press conference. But of course they are baffled.
Willfully blind- In Norway, they are puzzling over the rise in deaths of younger people, and conclude there must be some after-effect of the Covid virus which is killing young people.
In Norway, as of 21 June 2022 80.5% of the population have been vaccinated with the first dose, 75.1% with the second dose and 55.9% with at least one additional (booster) dose.
Kingston- Supreme Court Opens Flood Gates for mRNA Vaccine Injury Lawsuits.
Campbell- Lack of trust increasing (he discusses recent survey data)
Bad Odds- Humans injected with the CSL Seqirus H5N1 Bird Flu vaccine (AUDENZ), which is currently being globally distributed for human use, died at a rate of 1 in 200 (0.5%) compared to 0.1% in the placebo group, in one of the clinical trials (Study 3).

04 July 2024: Happy independence day, I guess.
McC- BREAKING Publication–Are COVID-19 Vaccines in Pregnancy as Safe and Effective as the U.S. Government, Medical Organizations, and Pharmaceutical Industry Claim? Part II
Thorp Published Second Paper on the Disastrous Vaccines.
Covid Vaccine Injuries Go Mainstream in Australia
Celine Dion, one of the covid jab advocate promoters isn’t doing so well
This strong evidence of the link between covid vaccines and cancer can no longer be ignored By Professor Angus Dalgleish
UK’s Top Oncologist Prof Angus Dalgleish, Demands Immediate Ban on mRNA Gene Therapy Over Escalating Turbo Cancer Crisis.
Shocking Surge in Stillbirths and Perinatal Deaths Rocks Singapore in 2023! 25% increase in perinatal mortality and a 32% rise in stillbirths year on year!

03 July 2024: Vox- An Unwise Choice; his source article.
McC- Population Mortality Worsens Over Pandemic Years; Data from Germany Suggests COVID-19 Vaccination is a Determinant.
VIDEO – Philippines’ House of Representatives Investigates 290K+ Excess Deaths Correlated with Experimental Vaccines.
Vigilant Fox- Bombshell Ruling Spells BAD NEWS for Vax Pushers
Unprecedented censorship’: Autopsy study linking COVID shots to deaths finally published after Lancet removed it
Related, Barnhardt- TOLDYA: Ivermectin is curing cancer right and left: Protocols being developed, studies being done! Spread this info aggressively!
Extraordinary letter in the Australian Journal of General Practise, July 2024. ‘Should we now discuss possible Covid-19 vaccine negative effectiveness?’ Are you kidding? Now? When Australia is 95% injected?
Payoff & corruption- US will pay Moderna $176 million to develop MRNA bird flu vaccine.+
DEVASTATING: “We Have Never Seen So Many Young Women Presenting With Stage 4 Cancers” – Dr. William Makis
New study finds higher risk of all-cause death and loss of life expectancy for COVID shot-takers compared to “unvaccinated”.
New York Times Report Shows We Have A HUGE Problem On Our Hands, Thanks To COVID.
Federal Jury Awards Damages to Research Scientist Fired for Refusing Covid Injection

02 July 2024: Pfizer purchased companies that produce drugs to treat the same conditions caused by covid vaccines
Former BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) employee Tanja Benton has been awarded over $680,000 by a Tennessee federal jury following a verdict that the insurer failed to offer reasonable accommodation for her religious beliefs with respect to vaccination policies.
All Cause Mortality Higher in the Covid-Vaccinated — Study
Celine Dion – Possible Victim of Spike Autoimmunity
Professor Murakami Explains how the #mRNA vaccines are causing #cancer
Aaron Siri – My Congressional Testimony: Why Covid-19 Vaccines Were Never Going to Be Properly Safety Tested.
THey want to kill you- Government demands 15 years prison for doctor who destroyed jab vials and agreed to give fake vaccine cards for free.
Vaccine-induced sicknesses increase exponentially in infants with each additional vaccine

01 July 2024: Paramedic talking to a nurse at an ER.
Covid Injections Cause Neurological Disease Followed by Death, Study Finds.
Portugal’s Transition from Vaccine Triumph to Excess Death
Mercola- Breakthrough Study Uncovers ‘Off Switch’ for COVID mRNA Shots
The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. Both the Lockdown and the “Vaccine” Have No Scientific Basis.
From ACState Farm seeks major increase in home, insurance rates, sparks concerns the company may be in financial distress. What you see out there are increases in home insurance, auto insurance, and so on. I remember one expert saying if the vaccines were killing people early, insurance would never admit it was the life insurance policies, as that would point right at the Vax. Instead they would pump up the prices of all their other products.
Related: Midwest Doc- The Century of Evidence Putting Light Inside the Body Is A Miraculous Therapy. How Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation treats severe many severe Cardiovascular, Infectious, Obstetric, Autoimmune and Neurological Diseases.
SPERMICIDE – The Devastating Effect of the “Safe & Effective” on Virility & Fertility; It’s killing people short-term. It’s killing people long-term. But it’s also killing the possibility of them ever even existing
Jury Rules in Favor of Freedom: Blue Cross BlueShield of Tennessee Ordered to Pay Almost $700,000 to Employee Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine.
Dowd- Yearly Excess Death Rate Analysis