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Big stuff: DR. Denis Rancourt…There was NO Pandemic, & there is no Climate Change.
Steve Kirsch sums up the evidence against the COVID vaccines
Shot Dead The Movie.
Immune system activation stuff thread- GcMAF.
Vax Detox group on Gab.
Paul Alexander’s substack.

27 Feb 2024: Wayne Allyn Root: 11,005 Government Workers Got Exemptions from the Vaccine. We Wonder Why? VID
Berenson: Multiple papers show vaxxed patients at least as likely to die as purebloods
Eugyppius: One Health Is a Massive Globalist Grantmaking Scam
Related- This Is What Happens When You Don’t Jab Kids: Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Data
China announces ‘severe’ spike in Covid cases, right as U.S. heads into election season.
A secret report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been unearthed that shows a staggering half a million American children and young adults have been killed by Covid shots.
Due to a ten year backlog of claims, it may take more than a decade for someone injured by a COVID-19 vaccine to receive a decision on whether their claim is eligible for compensation by the government’s vaccine compensation program—if they receive a response at all.
Safe and Effective: Japanese Ministry of Health Increased COVID Vaccine Health Damage Budget by a Staggering 110 Times vs Previous Estimates.

26 Feb 2024: A Host Of Notable COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events, Backed By Evidence.
Outrage Grows Over CDC Inaction On Chinese Biolab In California
Disney faces more legal trouble as ‘General Hospital’ vaccine mandate discrimination lawsuit ordered to trial
Secret CDC Report: Covid Shots Killed Half Million Children & Young Adults
The Media Wants You Wearing N95 Masks Forever
Dr. Phil Rattles Clueless “The View” Hosts When He Changes the Subject and Goes Off on the Horrifying Impact School Shutdowns Had on Children During COVID
Dr Annette Bosworth “Dr Boz” Comes to Grips with Regret Over COVID-19 Vaccination;
Popular Media Personality Says She Was Wrong to Recommend Shots
“Patient Zero Comes Back From Stage Four Cancer: Was It Ivermectin?Drs. Paul Marik and Kathleen Ruddy are exploring a new frontier in cancer treatment
The Great Setup with Dr. David Martin” How & Who Pulled Off the Covid-19 SCAMdemic and Killer Vaccinations *Pt 1 of a documentary
Tucker Carlson Wonders How Many People Died From the Jabs
“You Can’t Hide the Dead Bodies” – Edward Dowd Testifies on Excess Deaths
Let White People Die: America Embarks on Anti-White Medical Discrimination
Ed Dowd And Ryan Cole Discuss The Coming Economic Crisis.

25 Feb 2024: German authorities under-reporting vax injuries by 10:1. Millions hurt
Tucker Carlson Poses an Unexpected COVID Vaccine Question (autism, etc)

Oh, Joy!

24 Feb 2024: McC- Springer Nature Cureus Journal of Medical Science Violates Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Guidelines; Publisher Retracts Valid, High Quality, and Widely Read Cureus Paper Calling for Halt in COVID-19 Vaccination
Eugyppius: The WHO Pandemic Agreement may be worrying, but it is also really stupid
Immunosuppression Prevalence Doubled, Linked To Medication Use And COVID: Experts
US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has a 10-year backlog of claims.
PFIZER KILLS CHILDREN IN DROVES. An employee at a Pfizer branch in Ukraine exposes clinical trials .over 40 kids dead as trials marred by severe violations of medical and ethical standards, the children and parents are deceived into thinking they’re getting a flu jab.
Exploring autophagy in treating SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-related pathology
Abstract – Fasting, a practice with historical roots in various cultures, has recently garnered significant interest in the field of medicine. In this article, we delve into the mechanisms underlying fasting-induced autophagy and its therapeutic applications for spike protein associated pathology. Related post one, post two, post three.


23 Feb 2024: Chris Cuomo’s Personal Physician Destroys COVID-19 ‘Safe & Effective’ Narrative on Live TV VID.
COVID Vaccines Cause Brain Disorders
Interesting short vid- fluorescent skin after vaxxing, shedding, etc.
These numbers tell the awful truth about how many 10s of 1000s MORE “died suddenly” in 2021 than died in 2020 (an ever-rising spike that “our free press” keeps blacking out)
In New Zealand, healthcare workers who gave the vax to patients are freaking out after finding a document online had their names open to the public. If the vax was so great, why are they acting so guilty? They wanted to dox anti-vaxers and make their lives hell, so….

22 Feb 2024: McC- Role of COVID-19 Vaccine Adjuvants in Cardiotoxicity; Causes of Heart Damage May Go Beyond mRNA and Spike Protein
NEW DATA REVEALS TSUNAMI OF COVID-19 VACCINE DEATHS John Beaudoin, Sr, and data he has gathered from death certificates
The UK Economy is DYING Due to “Record Long-Term Sickness”; Something is happening in the UK – happening in all first-world countries – that is DECIMATING workforces
Ironic- NZ Pol Who Pushes for Mass COVID Vax Dies Suddenly, Collapsing at Charity Run.
Democratic states earmarked over $500 million in COVID-19 aid to help illegal immigrants.
Tragic loss- 17 year old Ashland County student’s cause of death revealed after collapse during homecoming – Myocarditis.
New Form of blood clots found in 50% of the dead, coroner survey reveals.
Related- TV drug ads are not about selling more pharmaceuticals, they’re about big pharma buying off the media. Plausible.
These numbers tell the awful truth about how many tens of thousands MORE “died suddenly” in 2021 than died in 2020 (an ever-rising spike that “our free press” keeps blacking out)
Pfizer Secretly Studied a Heart Damage Marker, Troponin I, in Five- to 15-Year-Olds, Following mRNA COVID Vaccination in 2021.

Red Cross Confirms to Undercover Journalist that Unvaccinated Could Unknowingly Get Blood from Vaccinated Donors — Vaccination Status Inquiry Aims to Screen Out Donors with Vaccine Side Effects AUDIO
How Convenient: UK Develops New Method to Count Excess Deaths Following Shocking Numbers Post COVID Vaccine VID
People who got the Covid vaccine may fluoresce under UV light.
New York moves to begin vaccinating children without parental consent. Homeschool!
Red Cross tacitly concedes concern that blood of COVID vax-injected is tainted.

20 Feb 2024: McC- Britain’s Health Advisory and Recovery Team Leads Call for Suspension of Boosters; Open Letter Urges Halt of Injections While Death Probe is Undertaken by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care; just words, not governmental body
O’Loony- 74 Percent Woman WHO Are Vaccinated Are Having Miscarriages.
How the worm turns- American Red Cross Faces Scrutiny as it Requires COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients to Call Hotline to See if They’re Still Eligible for Blood Donation
A new study discovered possible links between the COVID-19 pandemic and possible neurological, blood and heart-related conditions.
Embalmer shares shocking video of removing “strange white fibrous clots” from a dead body — “I didn’t start seeing this until early 2021.
Largest Covid Vaccine Study Yet Finds Links to Health Conditions
Dr Campbell “What are these” talking about the white clots. One of the comments is:
I am an MD from the United States. The original name back in the late 80s for HIT or heparin induced thrombopenia was “white clot syndrome”, although this moniker has been largely forgotten. I was never even taught it in med school. This occurs when a patient in the hospital being treated with heparin to prevent blood clots has an auto immune response which results in an auto antibody complex involving heparin and PF4. The reaction is often deadly.
Heparin is very commonly used in hospital but in the past HIT has been extremely rare. I would hypothesize that for some reason this has become much more commonplace. A patient put in the ICU for any kind of severe illness would be given this medication.
In my clinical practice I’ve seen a significant rise in autoimmune disease over the past three years. It would make a lot of sense if these things were connected.

19 Feb 2024: NZ court declares Defence Force vaccine mandate unlawful.
New Zealand OIA request reveals the COVID vaccines increased your risk of dying.
COVID Vaccine Shedding Is ‘Real’, FDA & Pfizer Documents Are Proof: Clinicians.
Biden regime told Amazon to CENSOR books critical of COVID jabs, government weaponization committee finds.
Groundbreaking Global Study on 99 Million Vaccinated People Reveals Increases in Neurological, Blood, and Heart Conditions Associated with COVID-19 Vaccines.

Ironic, if true:

18 Feb 2024: Vox- The Black Rider Has No Favorites – on the death of former FB CEO son
Related- Is drug use a risk factor for vaccine injuries? Case report of marijuana myocarditis suggests the answer might be yes; The epidemiological implications are not trivial
Giant Mistake to Mass Vaccinate the World; Epidemiologist M. Nathaniel Mead, Dr. McCullough, On Grant Stinchield Tonight
Autopsy Studies Rule Out Myocarditis from SARS-CoV-2 Infection; Statements from Public Health Agencies Debunked
US Officials Concede No Active Surveillance On Long-Term Effects Of COVID-19 Vaccines.
Pharmaceutical Companies Quietly Drop mRNA Vaccines as Sudden Deaths Soar.

17 Feb 2024: McC- Placental and Cord Blood mRNA Detected; Freshly Vaccinated Third Trimester Mother Passes Genetic Code for Spike to Baby
Related-  AstraZ’s Tagrisso-Chemotherapy Combo Approved For Advanced Lung Cancer
Bombshell Study: We now have 100% Scientific Proof why the Jabbed are Dying Suddenly
70% of “Long COVID” Cases Are Due to the Death Jab.
Chudov- First-trimester COVID Vaccination is 28% More Dangerous than Third-trimester, Another Study Shows.

16 Feb 2024: Fani Willis’ Radical Father Claims He Had Foreknowledge that COVID-19 Was Coming While Residing in South Africa in 2019 VID
Denninger- Ok, Here’s MY Protocol; D3, K2, C, Quercetin, zinc, Claritin, NAC
France Moves to Begin Jailing mRNA Vaccine Critics.
Thousands of European elites paid to have their vax statuses falsified.
BREAKING: the New Zealand government today released gross mortality statistics by covid vax dose (including unvaccinated) under Official Information Act request Gab post w/links

“Cancer spending going off the charts after adjusting for inflation…but the trolls and morons told me that these numbers from the UK we presented were lies.” Edward Dowd

15 Feb 2024: Toby Keith, vaxxed and dead, and those who loved him are trying to scrub the fact, rather than warn others about the clotshot. Don’t wonder why.
Sudden deaths of vaxxed athletes, students, pilots, military, but why no politicians?
Peer-reviewed Lin et al. study in my [Dr. Paul Alexander] prior substack & good work by Hanna et al. on COVID vaccine content in breast milk indicate clearly: ALL COVID mRNA technology gene mRNA injections MUST be STOPPED.

13 Feb 2024: Maybe related- First Deadly Case of Alaskapox Kills
Report Claims Tens of Thousands of Elderly Secretly Euthanized to Boost ‘Covid Deaths’
Australian politician Craig Kelly, the national director of the United Australia Party, released a report containing data which appears to show that in Britain, doctors may have been euthanizing elderly patients with Midazolam, and then labeling the deaths as Covid deaths, to boost death numbers and fuel the Covid panic.
Covid Vaccinated Populations Suffering Strange New Illness… THE SPINNERS.
For the People in Denial– all 3 vaxx Pharma companies bought cancer-drug companies.
Multiple studies have found that people are testing positive for HIV after being vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots

12 Feb 2024The Numbers Don’t Lie: Excess Deaths—Ed Dowd.
Related- The Russian city of Mariupol was a testbed for large-scale medical research on local civilians, including children and babies, for major Western pharmaceutical giants, while under Ukrainian rule, a trove of recently discovered documents suggests.

11 Feb 2024: Nicotine patches and long COVID? Why some are trying it out
Vax Detox group on Gab.
Gee, I wonder why? An Orange County teenager is hospitalized after suddenly falling ill with a rare heart condition, myocarditis, that some doctors say has been increasingly affecting young men.
Audio recording reveals our government secretly classified COVID as a “national security threat” before anybody died
Whatever you do, don’t ask your pediatrician about vaccine side effects
Is this good or bad? Harvard is STILL forcing the beastly jab on students
McC- Indoctrination of Vaccine Ideology was Successful on College Campuses; Isolation, Propaganda, Shaming, Coercion, all Drove Moralistic Fallacy.

10 Feb 2024: Doctor recommends EDTA chelation for the “vaccine”-injured AND everyone else & she has proof that it works, too – “Watch The End Of Covid” Now.

09 Feb 2024: 2021 Recorded the Greatest Loss of Elderly Adults in the History of America; considering my mom died at age 92 in 2021, fully vaxxed, that’s personal.
Doc Releases Irrefutable Proof Budesonide Safe, Effective for Early& Late COVID Treatment.
“It Has To Be Done”: After Court Victory For Freedom Convoy, Canadians Ready To Sue
COVID-19 vaccines cause more deaths than save lives, according to a new study.
More dead kids- An employee at a Pfizer branch in Kyiv has exposed a shocking clinical vaccine trial conducted by the pharmaceutical company, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 40 Ukrainian children at the time of this revelation.

08 Feb 2024: A New York state Supreme Court Justice called out Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for coming down harder against two residents who bought fake COVID-19 vaccine cards than he does for those charged with much more serious crimes.
Audio recording leaked from AstraZeneca; Frank conversation comically revealing

07 Feb 2024: McC- Disease X is a Counter-Measure Business Plan Follow the money

06 Feb 2024: Vox- At Least They Didn’t Panic.
The covid booster cancer time bomb.
Moderna Scientists Warn mRNA Vaccines Carry Toxicity Risks.
Young adults are having heart attacks more often — What’s causing it?
Large geriatric practice reports 3X increase in deaths AFTER the COVID vaccines rolled out
Below pic from here

05 Feb 2024: Florida grand jury investigating COVID-19 vaccines releases first report
Study Confirms Covid Shots Caused Spikes in VAIDS, Cancer
Jab math for kids: 38,000 jabs stops 1 hospitalization?
Inwonder-  Sudden cardiac death affecting 12 young people every week – what is this ‘silent killer’?
A doctor writes: I have previously reported on my concern about the rise in stable cancer relapses that I have witnessed in my melanoma clinic
Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center warns that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines elevate PD-L1 levels, disrupting lung cancer treatments, progressing other cancers.
Cancer cases set to soar by 77% – WHO.
Syphilis cases soar to highest level in more than seven decades in the United States.

04 Feb 2024: It was never about health- $340 million in Covid relief payments went to illegal aliens in one state alone.
Vox- The Fatal Stress of Freshman Year.
McC- Tedros Dismayed at Global Hesitancy on WHO Plans, Pandemic Induced Immunodeficiency, New Hope for Microbiome.
Alexander- Prof Angus Dalgleish is again warning us about the Malone, Bourla, Weissman, Sahin et al. mRNA technology mRNA vaccine role in causing, exploding CANCERS.
Thailand 🇹🇭 Issues Warning About COVID Jabs: ‘They Cause Cancer and Brain Tumours

03 Feb 2023: It takes 38,000 children being vaccinated to prevent a single serious case of Covid.

30 Jan 2024: Landmark Covid vaccine injury win (Australia); Employers on notice as Tribunal decides employer is liable
No evidence face masks protected vulnerable from Covid during lockdown, health officials admit
“SaFe AnD eFfEcTiVe” – mRNA Death Jabs Linked to 201 DISEASES in 3,071 PAPERS; The courageous medical minds of Japan’s “Vaccine Issues Study Group” are BLOWING the lid off the devastating bioweapon injection.
Related- The Difference Between Whooping Cough Outbreak of 85′ vs Measles Outbreak of 2024? The players are even the same. Both manufactured


29 Jan 2024: TURBO CANCER – Nurses are developing advanced (usually Stage 4) turbo cancers after being forced into taking COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. I present 30 nurses & their tragic stories!
Too little and three years too late: a pandemic mea culpa from Francis Collins
Alex Berenson: They STILL won’t quit pushing the mRNAs
Kirsch- Evidence supporting >100,000 excess US deaths from the COVID vaccine in 3 months.
Kirsch- Survey: Nearly half the deaths observed in US households judged to be due to the COVID vaccine.
Dr. Pierre Kory Drops “Sudden Death” Bombshell. Big increase in “suddenly” obits.

28 Jan 2024: mRNA Vaccines Contain Prion Region, May Be Linked to Prion-Like Diseases
Peer Reviewed Publication Calls for Global Moratorium on COVID-19 Vaccination; Lead Author Explains Why mRNA Should Never Have Been Authorized for Human Use
The CDC Covered Up The Vaccine’s Risks.

27 Jan 2024: McCullough et al.’s autopsy study findings show that in 28 included cases, all deaths were likely due to COVID mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis.
Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Long-COVID with Empiric Acyclovir.
Federal Judge Orders CDC to Release V-safe Texts Detailing COVID Vaccine Injuries
Asymptomatic transmission lie of COVID, inferior innate & natural immunity, equal risk of severe outcome if expose regardless of age & baseline risk lie, overcycled PCR ‘process’, recurrent infection pre-omicron etc., & many more FAKE COVID PANDEMIC lies,
How The COVID Virus Defends Itself From The Human Immune System.
Eat your vaccines like a good little boy… vaxxing the food supply

26 Jan 2024: EXCLUSIVE: Email Reveals Why CDC Didn’t Issue Alert on COVID Vaccines and Myocarditis; CDC officials were worried about causing panic.
70% of embalmers report finding strange blood clots beginning in mid-2021.
UK professional soccer player Matt Le Tissier on soccer players collapsing after COVID-19 Vaccine rollout.
Dr James Thorp alerted the Massachusetts Legislature to the astonishing estimate that over half a billion were injured by the covid vaccine worldwide.
A tiny country’s health ministry tried to take down the website of an American scientist, journalist and entrepreneur (Steve Kirsch) for posting anonymized, important public health data. He said no.

25 Jan 2024: To Get US Residency Still Requires The COVID Jab

24 Jan 2024: Autopsies confirm Covid-19 “Vaccines” cause Myocarditis and Death; New study from doctors: McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, William Makis, and Nicolas Hulscher.
McC- Are COVID-19 Vaccine Babies Toddling and Babbling Normally? Preclinical Studies Predict Neurodevelopmental Problems.
Huge: Court rules Trudeau’s use of martial law to crush peaceful trucker protest was unjustified, unlawful

23 Jan 2024: Trudeau’s Orwellian Attack On Canadian Truckers Declared Unconstitutional
In Early 2020, A Chinese Source Trusted By FBI Said COVID Leaked From Wuhan Lab, Sources Say.
Denninger- Fact: It Does NOT Work. Stats and risks.
Side note- Alina Habba leans in and talks to Trump in court after admitting her parents had COVID and she had a fever: Inside the E. Jean Carroll trial before the jury was sent home for the day because of illness and virus exposure. One Juror was violently ill with a fever, as Trump’s lawyer was sick after visiting with her parents, who had Covid.
WEF urges govt’s to arrest citizens who talk about ‘tsunami of deaths’ among vaxxed.
CDC Labeled Accurate Articles as Misinformation, Documents Show – The top U.S. public health agency labeled multiple news articles as misinformation even though the articles were accurate, according to internal emails and experts.

22 Jan 2024: Covid vaxxed are testing positive for HIV, multiple studies warn.

Kory, talking about the below graph- This thread provides the best explanation and cited evidence for what some of us front-line hospital doctors and nurses have long known: the vast majority of vaccinated Americans hospitalized for Covid were documented as unvaccinated. Mostly the vaxxed were hospitalized.
The #1 chart used to promote the COVID vaccine is this one. But it’s a lie

21 Jan 2024: Vox- Made in a Lab. Long suspected, now proven.
Malone- The Smoking Gun, With a confession note
Canadian Legal Expert Sues Armed Forces: “Military Disregarded Legal Advice when Imposing Vaccine Mandate
German Researchers Claimed to have Found Cause of Blood Clotting EVENTS.
Immune system activation stuff thread- GcMAF
Denninger- So Now You Have It… What Will You Do? 1 guy can approve drugs in emergency.

20 Jan 2024: What We’ve Learned from Hundreds of Vaccine Shedding Reports
Japanese researchers say side effects of COVID vaccines linked to 201 types of diseases.
They just said at the #WEF that biometric #DigitalID will be good because then they can check who has been #vaccinated.” Yup. Been expecting that.
The CDC Doctor Responsible for Hiding Myocarditis and Promoting Vaccines.
Swiss health insurance report: People receiving cancer treatment since 2020 skyrocketed by 73% after rollout of COVID vaccines.

19 Jan 2024: COVID Propaganda Roundup: Bioterror State = Equity™
McC- Casualties Mount to ~600K American, ~17M Globally.
Kirsch- New Medicare data makes it clear that the COVID vaccines have killed millions of people worldwide
Your primary care provider was bribed to get you to take the jab
Senator Drops Bombshell Data: Covid Shots 55 Times Deadlier Than Flu Vaccines


A strange hill to die on… or not.

18 Jan 2024: McC- Did Large Numbers of COVID-19 Deaths Justify Vaccine Casualities?
Here Comes The Next Plandemic: Disease X
Related- Denninger- Humanity Had BETTER Make This Clear; new engineered pathogen
The “Killing Hospitals” of COVID and the Nurses Who Fought Back
“Unavoidably Unsafe” means it WILL hurt you.
Evidence Against The COVID Vaccines. The vaxxed still catch it.
Genomics scientist loses $200,000 worth of research data after NZ government obtained injunction to block sharing of leaked COVID-19 vaccine health data. The Cloud is not yours
Covid Was An Act Of War Against The Human Race – Dr Martin (Full interview); 19 Dec 2023
UNLOCKED: Spike Proteins and Lipid Nanoparticles are HIGHLY TOXIC per Systemic Review of Scientific Literature.
Shocked face…. Study calling for unvaccinated people to be barred from public venues was authored by Pfizer adviser
ICAN Obtains Data used to ID “HOT LOTS” of Moderna and Pfizer COVID Vaccines. ICAN has obtained exclusive, previously unreleased lot and dose data for the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines. This data makes it possible to determine the number of doses distributed per lot number. According to OpenVAERS’ analyses of this data obtained by ICAN, there are several “hot lots.

17 Jan 2024: CDC Drafted Alert For Myocarditis And COVID-19 Vaccines, But Never Sent It
Sounds like a threat- Bill Gates Says Next-Generation Vaccines to Offer ‘Longer Duration, More Coverage’ and Will Be Administered Needle-Free VID
Japanese researchers say side effects of COVID vaccines linked to 201 types of diseases.
Do not fear Disease X, …for fear is the weapon.
Fully Vaccinated Actor Alec Musser Drops Dead Days After Receiving Booster.

15 Jan 2024: Judge orders CDC to quickly turn over millions of COVID vaccine-injury reports by early patients.
Top cardiologist testifies: Heart failure soaring among vaxxed. Not unexpected.
On que- Pfizer invests billions in treatments for coming ‘heart failure pandemic.’
Dissecting A Modern Vaccine Propaganda Piece.

14 Jan 2024: McC- The Denial of Adverse Event Risk Following Immunization and the Loss of Informed Consent – A Perspective; Scathing 2018 Review of Human Vaccine Development, Safety, Efficacy, and Regulatory Management
Frontline Nurses Tell How Patients Lost Their Lives Due to Vaccine and Hospital Protocols
Shot Dead The Movie.
CDC Ordered To Disclose Crucial Information From COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance System

13 Jan 2024: Prenatal exposure to COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 induces autism-like behaviors in male neonatal rats: insights into WNT and BDNF signaling perturbations. It doesnt look like the cool type of autism, where you can focus single-mindedly on something to the point you can master it like no other. It looks more like just destroying the brain.
Denninger- So It Was ALL A Lie?
UK insurance data shows ever increasing excess cardiovascular deaths among 15 to 44-year-olds: 13% then 30% then 44%

12 Jan 2023: Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt – Spike Protein REPLACES Sperm in Vaxxed Men
Pfizer Covid Vaccine Inventor Struck Down By Facial Paralysis – Media Blackout
Related- Mutational Resistance Expected with Mass Indiscriminate Nirsevimab Injection of Infants; Analysis Demonstrates RSV Will Easily Mutate to Escape Monoclonal Antibodies
Two COVID Shots Raise Risk of Anaphylaxis, Heart Issues in Older Adolescents
The official data from the United States indicates that mRNA vaccines have caused an unprecedented 55% increase in cases of physical disabilities among working-age women.
Rancourt is correct, SAGE HANA is 100% correct, & I have written same, COVID is/was a 100% lie, fraud, COVID was never ever a pandemic; we killed the vast majority by medical management
Uh huh… sureLeo Hohmann: Doctors ‘Baffled’ by Unprecedented Surge in Cancers Among Young People Under 50. Paid to not be curious about that one thing.
Alexander- CHUDOV’s excellent stack highlighting the impact of mRNA Covid Vaccines in Worsening Diabetes (support Igor’s work); study by Zhai et al. found disturbing effects of mRNA COVID vaccines on people who are diabetic, prediabetic
Political act of “Pandemic”. The all-cause mortality is unchanged. Time after time after…
Covid Vaccines Cause ‘Autism’ in Lab Rats, Study Finds
Pneumonia-like outbreak continues to sweep through China with “suspicions” it may be linked to Covid.

11 Jan 2024: Analysis: mRNA Shots for COVID Bypassed ‘Laws and Regulations’ Protecting Americans
Denninger- Aw Shit. You Didn’t, Did You? potential problems for the kids of jabbed women
Denis Rancourt- essay There Was No Pandemic. and interview.
Armstrong- Former Bill Gates’ Vaccine Scientist forecast.
Here’s a quick summary of the key pieces of evidence that taken together show that the COVID vaccines are unsafe and that the medical community should not be trusted.
Number of excess deaths among young Americans in first 9 months of 2023 is 158K higher than the same period in 2019.
COVID ‘6-ft’ social distancing ‘sort of just appeared,’ lacked scientific basis, Fauci admits.
Alexander- “Bill Gates has done more damage to the world’s health than probably any other individual.” ~ Professor Angus Dalgleish (professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London)

10 Jan 21024: Number of EXCESS DEATHS among young Americans in first 9 months of 2023 is 158K higher than the same period in 2019.
Anthony Fauci Finally Admits the Truth About Evidence Behind COVID Guidelines
CANADA: UNKNOWN Cause of Death Increased 500% since covid vaccination.
Joe Rogan on the New (BS) Study Which Claims Hydroxychloroquine Caused 17,000 Deaths During COVID.
STUDY: COVID vaccines caused widespread damage to Norwegian children, including anaphylaxis, myocarditis, swollen lymph nodes, appendicitis. the study.
“CALAMARI CLOTS” – The Frightening Phenomenon of mRNA Bloodstreams

08 Jan 2024: A world-renowned biologist just dropped a game-changing nuke on the COVID jab… (Bret Weinstein / Carlson interview)
Cancer drug sales have tripled since 2020
Campbell – WHO update.

07 Jan 2024: “The Death Toll Of A Global War”: Bret Weinstein And Tucker Discuss COVID Vaccine, WHO’s Authoritarian Plans For Humanity.
Steve Kirsch sums up the evidence against the COVID vaccines
Shocking spike in cancer drug sales, across all cancers but most notably Brain cancer.
McC- Management of Oral Lesions after COVID-19 Vaccination; Practical Solutions to Bothersome Problems after Injection.
Three universities confirm that COVID jabs destroy human health: Autoimmunity, tinnitus, musculoskeletal inflammation and more.

06 Jan 2024: DR. Denis Rancourt…There was NO Pandemic, & there is no Climate Change.
The COVID-19 vaccines may weaken our ability to fight viruses at the cellular level.
Alarming New Report from Working Group of Vaccine Analysis in Germany and Other Countries.
“The Death Toll Of A Global War”: Bret Weinstein And Tucker Discuss COVID Vaccine, WHO’s Authoritarian Plans For Humanity.
St. Louis Mask Mandate Rescinded Less Than 24 Hours After Woke Health Officials Get Trigger Happy.
The AARP just told its 38 million members to get an eighth (yes, EIGHTH!) shot of mRNA
A Bill Gates insider, who served as the Microsft co-founder’s vaccine specialist has warned that population numbers around the world will plunge by “up to 30-40% in highly vaccinated countries.
Italian hospitals collapse with over 1,100 patients waiting to be admitted in Rome due to a sudden rise in respiratory symptoms due to a wide plethora of respiratory infections which are now strangely aggressive. Or the patients’ immune systems are not fighting them off for some strange, vaxxed reason.
Related- France raises alarm over ‘very disturbing’ spike in sudden deaths of babies since introduction of new RSV vaccine.
McC- Public Has Lost Trust in Scientific Manuscripts from Vaccinated Authors or Institutions that Promote or Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination; Social Media Poll Finds 98% Don’t Believe Results and Conclusions
Video, not worth the time, but for this on vax shedding from Pierre Kory – “In areas where adults were getting vaccinated they saw a spike in excess mortality amongst children who weren’t yet being vaccinated.”