Or maybe they are getting a lot of things wrong

More and more I’m leaning towards the idea that science is getting a bunch of fundamental science wrong. Why else would they keep being so surprised at all the weird things they come across that need not models and theories and exceptions and whatnot?

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  1. I love your books. The highest praise I can give a book is “I wish I could hang out with these people”. I would love to be a part of the crew on the Taj. If they’d take me, I’d leave tomorrow. Now. 10 minutes ago.

    This post was just too much. How can you watch this and say “science is getting a bunch of fundamental science wrong”?

    Interesting post, btw. It is interesting that we’re “in a bubble” at the moment. But the bubble makes total sense. Our sun is pushing particles away, other stars are pushing them towards us. At some point, there’s an equilibrium.

    Nothing in this video says our current theories are wrong. They may need some tweaks, but hey! Science! That whole scientific method thing? Where we learn new things, then update our knowledge? That’s how science works.

    I really respect you and read all your posts. Please don’t drop into junk ‘science’. It’s not science as you’re currently representing it. It’s the crap that people use to try and explain away things that they don’t agree with.

    True science is always willing to re-evaluate anything and everything. Or it isn’t science. If we learn something that doesn’t agree with something else, it must be explored and explained. If ‘you’ aren’t willing to do that, you can’t call it science.

    Please, please, don’t drop an interesting bit of info with a “this invalidates everything science says!”, which is what you’re implying here. Especially since nothing here invalidates anything from before. It’s more of a “Huh! That’s weird!” thing. Which is where all the cool discoveries are made.

    Google “Huh, that’s weird!”. Those are the first words out of most scientist’s mouth’s for virtually every major discovery ever. It’s a trope.

    I am an ME/EE with significant experience with Materials as well. Space is more of a hobby than a calling, but I am fairly well informed. For large values of informed.

    I’m happy to discuss this. I’d love to have people try and poke holes in anything I say. That, also, is part of science. I could easily be wrong. Please prove me so.


    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      This is just one of those “wait a second” sort of things, not trying to say or imply that everything we know about physics is wrong from this. Just that when someone is regularly surprised by physical phenomena, it’s reasonable to ask “maybe they don’t understand it at well as they thought, or else maybe they are not as smart as they think they are, because thinking some of these things through would have (testable) predictions about that…”

      I made a post a while back ( here https://www.thestarscameback.com/2022/01/09/fiz-rong/ ) that had a bunch of links to things that modern physics doesn’t explain well. A local acquaintance of mine is working on some of them.

  2. of course they don’t know what they’re talking about.
    between Dark Energy ( +60% of all energy ) and Dark Matter ( +80% of all matter ), astrophysicists are now claiming that something north of 90% of all the substance in the universe is “unobservable”.
    meanwhile, Standard Model physicists claim to have observed plasma streamers connecting galaxies. and they acknowledge that electro-magnetic effects are orders of magnitude stronger than “gravity”

    yet they continue to discount EM effects above the planetary scale.
    Occam’s Razor suggests they’re just bullshitting so they don’t have to admit that major portions of their theories are wrong.
    hint: Birkland currents on all scales, up to and including the intergalactic.
    meanwhile, “scientists” have finally admitted that Earthquake lights AND ultra-high altitude electrical effects ( sprites, elfs, jets, etc ) are Real after having denied these things for decades,

      1. I’ve read a lot of Hogan books, but none recently. The “Giant” series was great. “Cradle of Saturn” sounds familiar, but I don’t remember any details. He writes good hard S/F.

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