About the book:  The Stars Came Back is a sci-fi space-western, or maybe military fiction, with a bit of mystery to it, set circa 2655 AD. It’s my first novel – ironically enough, it started life as a screenplay. If it does well, I will keep writing stories in that universe (and maybe others, as well), then this site will be for all of them.

About the author: I’m a just a guy, married, with all the normal kids ‘n dogs ‘n gardens ‘n guns ‘n books ‘n canoes ‘n fig trees ‘n things. Got a degree in computer science in the ’80s. Got a masters in teaching and became a certified teacher in 2004. Been a certified NRA shooting instructor since I’m not sure when. Did the Army thing for six years in the reserves (drove boats, sometimes in a desert – go figure). Did the private sector thing at MSFT. Did the free-lance thing in various fields, and doing it again now in the same fields but differently. Did the public-sector thing (teaching). Did the stay-at-home-parent thing. Now, because I’ve was unemployed and taking care of the kids for a while, I’ve done the “write a novel” thing, too; a lot of work, but a lot of fun. Time will tell what the pay-scale is like.

I’m endorsed to teach science, earth science, math, social studies, and history, and I’d be happy to get back into the classroom, and make writing a part-time thing. As far as I know, I’m the only person in WA actually endorsed in both Science and Social Studies; usually is science and math, or social studies and English. I’d love to get a position teaching both in an integrated way. One of the many inside jokes in the book is that Helton taught both history and science at a HS – one year I taught physics and US history at the same time. Had a lot of fun, but it was hard because my my second kid was hatched half-way through the year; teaching two demanding classes in a demanding HS for the first time on three hours of sleep a night is a tad challenging, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

You can email me at Rolf at thestarscameback dot com, or you can post a comment.

About the pic on the banner: It’s one I took one summer night in south central Washington state. Seemed right to have a shooting star on a blog like this, about this book.

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