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Links pinned to top: Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, with treatment protocols.
If you only watch one vid, start here with Peter McCullough interview (jump to 2:50).
If you have a bit more time (1:27 long), this Dr Peter McCullough presentation. Updated version of his presentation here 04Oct’21.
Spartucus Letter. Summary at Vox. Backup PDF here.
How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines. (not sure about #4)
Relevant forms if/when work “mandates” vax.
AAPS Online Covid protocols.
Truth For Healthy Foundation.
Religious exemption docs link.
Zelenko Protocol.
Dr Lee Merit and shedding, treatment protocols for vaxxed and shedding victims.
Big meta-study on effectiveness of Ivermectin in American journal of Therapeutics.
A occupational therapist’s view of the scam in Hawaii.
A person’s experience with ICU incompetence; their protocols suck, good people badly misguided.
Great six-min vid of Dr giving school board testimony, Dr Dan Stock.
Treatment- NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) has also been shown in a recent study to reverse the effects of spike protein damage in mice.
Statement of Declination for Offer of Influenza Vaccine Product. Beautifully stated.
Also here Declination Statement.
Great 2 min vid, short and sweet- Dr. Peter McCullough Destroys COVID Vaccine Narrative.
A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment, PDF by Peter McCullough
Dr Ryan Cole on “Stop the Mandate”. Great, 32 min, hits the important points.
Podcast on the Sovereign Project, how to avoid the jab, etc.
Treatment- Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide — A Simple Remedy for COVID-19.
The Covid Blog.
A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon
Memo of Covid Vax Mandates. PDF
AmericasFrontlineDoctors – Mask-Public-Letter-Adult-1.pdf
Forms at Solari.
Resources for fighting Covid vax Mandates.
Mortality Risk

EUA can only be used if there are no treatments. But there ARE treatments.
Possibly good places to buy supplements if you can’t get them locally.
Very short OTC list: D3, C, B1/B12/B-complex, zinc, NAC, L-lysine, quercetin or HCQ, ivermectin, aspirin starting about day 5.
Country by county case rate tracker.

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17 Oct 2021: Vox The Downside to Vaccinated Crowds.

Vox with a funeral home director blurb- Murder, He Suspected.
British Funeral Director John O’Looney: Deaths Skyrocketed ‘300%’ After Covid Vaccine.
Vox- The Useless NFL Vaccine Mandate.
Pfizer Scientist admits Pfizer Covid vaccine “just doesn’t work” in some people. Veritas
Texas Supreme Court Halts School Vaccine Mandate Hours Before It Was to Begin.
Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower COVID Rates, Epidemiology Paper Finds.
Delta Air Lines CEO Ditches ‘Divisive’ Vaccine Mandate.
Dr. Stella Immanuel: “The Whole Pandemic Was A TROJAN HORSE For Vaccines – Fauci Is Epitome Of Evil.”
Nebraska AG allows Drs o prescribe HCQ and Ivermectin off-label.
Military, Federal Employees and Civilian Contractors Sue Biden.
Keep it rollin’ forever- Pfizer Board Member Reveals New ‘AY.4’ COVID ‘Delta Plus’ Variant, Which Could Require Even More Vaccines.
Does it exist? In a response to a request made under the Transparency Act (2013), the Ministry of Health in Spain acknowledged that “it does not have a SARS-CoV-2 culture” nor a “registry of laboratories with culture and isolation capacity for testing.”
A 17-year-old boy in Canada died of a heart attack at home on September 27 reportedly two weeks after he received a COVID jab.
when two evils spar-Court bars Chicago police union boss from discouraging members to comply with city vaccine mandate.
spicy Times ahead- Nearly 50% of Chicago’s 13,000-strong police force could be put on unpaid leave for ignoring Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s compulsory shot order.
no can do- US Navy Secretary under Lloyd Austin threatens to make Navy SEALs pay back the cost of their training if they don’t get vaxxed.
“Why?” is the real question- Scientists discover adults who are hooked on cigarettes are 50% less likely to test positive for the illness.
News that Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Larry Jones died without warning within 9 days of the deaths of two other judges has their colleagues in Cuyahoga and Cleveland courts quietly fearful that their rush to be injected with an unproven concoction of “immune stimulating” ingredients could make them next. Getting Cabal replacements?
Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe enters a packed restaurant without a mask, hugs people.
Not possible it was an “accident”-Officials there say their data shows 16 people in the last month that have reported getting the COVID vaccine when they went in for a flu shot.
Australia building permanent Covid-19 quarantine camps for “ongoing operations.”
Of course it is- Facebook’s independent COVID fact-checker site is funded by the $1.9 billion vaccine lobby.
Unvaccinated Washington State Trooper in Yakima, Wash. signs off after 22 years, saying, “This is the last time you’ll hear me in a patrol car and Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.”
A judge in New York City has blocked a father’s right to see his three-year-old daughter unless he agrees to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
Protests erupt as Italy becomes the first nation to mandate a vaccine pass for all workers.
right…‘Fully vaccinated’ 21-year-old personal trainer dies from COVID complications.
Evil. some of these pople need to hang. To test the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine in a “real-life scenario,” the pharmaceutical company Pfizer says it will fully vaccinate everybody over 12 in the Brazilian city of Toledo.
Confronted by a Project Veritas reporter, a Pfizer executive literally ran away when asked about the connection between her company’s COVID-19 vaccine and abortion.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Friday that she took her fight with the head of the city’s police officers union to court, arguing that his call for officers to ignore the order to report their COVID-19 vaccination status was illegal.
Russian Scientists have created a revolutionary drug called Leitragin that would diffuse the Cytokine Storm from COVID-19. Or take D3.
Physician to FDA, CDC: In 20 years of practicing medicine, ‘I’ve never witnessed so many vaccine-related injuries.’
A “Super Cold” in the UK spreads as ADE caused by the Vaxx is covered up.
NBA Star Brandon Wilson says, “The vaccine ended my season, 1000 percent,” and, “The Hawks told me not say anything about it, not to tell anybody.”.
White House tells states to prepare for Covid vaccinations in young children.
The CEO of Southwest Airlines said Tuesday that he never wanted to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for his employees and admitted his company will only violate the privacy and liberty of tens of thousands of workers because President Joe Biden forced his hand.
A video montage shows how health officials, pharmaceutical companies and media declared the coronavirus shots to be 100% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 at the launch of the vaccines then gradually lowered their estimations to as low as 20% after only six months.
The Transportation Security Administration says 4-in-10 members of its workforce, including screeners, remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 as its deadline looms.
Fauci claims there is no “true basis” in concerns over long term COVID vax side effects, despite there being no long term studies.
Chicago Police Union to defy the City’s vaccine mandate and dare the city to enforce it.

15 Oct 2021: Deer hunting tomorrow, expect light additions.
Want To Get Covid Many Times?

14 Oct 2021: some Brazilian data vs Us congress-presented data. cardiovascular damage
Pfizer’s Nervousness About Its COVID Vaccine’s Origins Conceals a Horror Story.
Longtime News Anchor Fired for Not Getting COVID Shot After Doctor Told Him Not to.
Feeling the heat- Southwest CEO says no one will be fired over vaccine mandates.
The head of the CDC in Maine is asked about vaccine deaths being 60% of COVID deaths in the state, and things get uncomfortable. They fear the truth, change definitions.
Euphemisms Galore- Australia building ‘quarantine facilities’ for people ‘who might not have had access to vaccinations.’
Healthy 16-year-old boy dies during online class less than a month after second Pfizer jab.
Rules for thee- New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) was seen without a mask at an indoor ball, just weeks after he implemented a mask mandate for school children.
Cleveland clinic bans severely ill Ohio man from kidney transplant because the donor isn’t vaccinated.
Canadian doc speaks out on countless COVID vax side effects she has witnessed.
In Minnesota, breakthrough cases from the fully vaccinated account for 99% of all new Covid cases, including the rising death rate, despite the vaccine.
The double-vaxxed contract Covid at higher rates than the unvaccinated, UK data shows.
NBA star gets blood clots, experiences incredible fatigue, and develops back pain, all of which he says is from the jab, and it ends his season, and possibly his career.
The head of the Chicago police officers union has called on its members to defy the city’s requirement to report their COVID-19 vaccination status by Friday or be placed on unpaid leave.
US seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.
6th Circuit blocks university’s vaccine mandate, sides with athletes seeking religious exemption.
Motive- Jen Psaki says Biden wants to use the pandemic to ‘make fundamental change in our economy.’
From vaccine mandates to enabling life-altering surgery for children, California’s public officials are usurping the role of parents.
Things that make you go Hmmmmm:

13 Oct 2021: How to calculate who’s right in the vax discussion.
Fatal Traffic accidents are up more than 12%, though driving is down.
Graph of vaccination rates and “breakthrough” cases and hospitalizations.
Totally safe- Healthy 16-Year-Old Boy Dies During Online Class After Receiving Second COVID Shot from Pfizer.
A vaxxed Delta Airlines pilot died in flight within the last two weeks, an emergency landing was forced, and the company is covering it up. Delta denies.
Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights Friday through Sunday, and hundreds more on Monday because employees called in sick to protest the airline’s announcement on October 4 that all of its 56,000 U.S. employees were required be vaccinated.
A photo of a grounded Southwest plane flying a Gadsden flag out of the cockpit.
Lawmakers seek federal grand jury investigation for COVID-19 statistical manipulation.
This is my shocked face- Former Pfizer VP says there is ‘clear evidence of fraud’ in the Pfizer study claiming a 95% jab efficacy.
Fading efficacy, or increasing lethality? Researchers see fading vaccine effect as 7 in 10 recent COVID-19 deaths in Sweden were fully vaxxed.
Totally normal- Eva Maria Holzleitner (28 year old), member of parliament of the Social Democrat party of Austria and a vaccine-pusher, suddenly collapses.
Too cheap, can’t possibly work. they are already demonizing th study- A new study finds that simple, over-the-counter aspirin may be able to protect COVID-19 patients from extreme risk, including the need for mechanical ventilation.
In 1996 Pfizer did an experimental drug test on 200 children, 11 and died, while others were left paralyzed or brain dead.
Anthony Fauci’s approval numbers are in the tank, according to new data from Rasmussen Reports. Should be on death row.
Compliance rates may be exaggerated- Facing major campus disruption and firings, Los Angeles School District extends staff COVID-vaccine deadline.
Healthcare labor shortage, especially of nurses, continues to strain hospital profitability.
Barber outside a mil base, has seen a lot of customers die.
Cliff High with ER report from near Sydney, Australia. Lots of young dying.
Washington State Officials Confirm Young Mother Died After COVID-19 Vaccine.
Respiratory therapist blows whistle on people dying in the ICU. Stew Peters interview.
Ryan Grim: 4.3 M Workers Just Told Their Bosses To Shove It 10-13-21 THE HILL.

12 Oct 2021: Southwest Pilots File Lawsuit to Halt COVID Vaccine Mandate.
Related- Delta Airlines pilot(s!) died in flight.
Dehumanizing treatment of Covid patient at a hospital- plastic bag over head.
Natural Immunity and Covid-19: Twenty-Nine Scientific Studies.
Of course- Merck Seeks Emergency Use Authorization for Pill to Treat Covid.
Covid-19 Booster Shots Are Available for All in Israel. Younger People Aren’t Convinced.
A rundown by a doctor describing how early COVID protocols seemed almost designed to kill patients. “Almost”
Priorities- Colorado State University trespassed and threatened to arrest unvaccinated students after learning they failed to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
“Effective”- Latest UK data shows the rate of infection among the vaxxed exceeds the unvaxxed in every age group over 30.
Huh. Just coincidence, I’m sure- The Amish, who don’t get vaccinated against anything, rarely get autism, cancer or heart disease.
The Error at the Base of the Nebulized Peroxide Controversy. Joseph Mercola
“13 [union members] died within 10-12 days of a vax.” Mailvox: Dying Suddenly.
A microscopy analysis of a Moderna #Covidvaccine sample.
Totally healthy, young looking Austrian MP collapses in Parliament. The New Normal.
ICU Doctor Describes Nightmarish COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries In Letters To FDA, CDC, Lawyer Says Agencies Haven’t Replied.
EPIDEMIC of small plane crashes linked to VACCINE.
Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing.
ICU doc shares some patient symptoms. Lots of “unusual” things; bad stuff, half died.
Nurse whistleblowers Reveal the Facts.

11 Oct 2021: Excess Mortality at Vox, original story here. A total mystery. (eye roll)
Unexplained excess deaths at home almost nine times higher than those from Covid.
Cliff High-  interesting CCP coronoavirus take- Flux Woo Explorors’ Guide to SciFi World.
Report Reveals COVID-19 Was a Planned Bioweapon by China’s People’s Liberation Army.
Epidemic of the Vaccinated: Latest UK Data Shows Rate of Infection Among Vaxxed Exceeds Unvaxxed in Every Age Group Over 30.
Hospital Administration Decide What to Prescribe & Rest Assured They Align with Feds.
European Excess Mortality graph and tracker.
Negative efficiency- Down To Only One Question Now. The vaxxed are dangerous.
Too many people are dying and it’s starting to worry the demographers.
Hiring Manager: ‘I Can’t Find Employees!’ Who got subtracted?
All you need to know about vaccine failure – not in Israel, in the US – in one incredible chart.
One Month After Biden Announced Fed Vax Mandate, Still Has Not Been Formally Issued.
When the (Canadian) gov’t lies about effectiveness (several links).
It’s not safe (several links).
Bacteria in your GUT affects your immune response to Covid-19 and could influence how severely you suffer symptoms. Only shock is them publishing it.
The background study- The missing microbes: Bifidobacterium and Faecalibacterium depletion and loss of microbiome diversity as potential susceptibility markers for SARS-CoV-2 infection and severity.
Amish Covid – they crushed it by taking it head on. Pox Party at communion.
Possible Ways to Neutralize Covid Vaccine Spike Protein Damage.
Denver Police Officer Who Reluctantly Took the Jab Then Lost His Ability to Walk Is Now Hospitalized with Possible Stroke.
Just in case the corruption wasn’t obvious enough- Gallery selling Hunter Biden’s paintings saw federal COVID-19 loan increased from $150k to $500k after his father Joe took office.
either liars or morons- According to a new CBS poll, 37% of parents say they will vaccinate their 5-to-11-year-olds right away.
Vax mandates= Southwest Airlines cancels even more flights as ‘issues’ worsen.
Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops have not yet complied with vaccine mandate as deadlines near.
34,000 unvaccinated home health aides in New York lose jobs.
A federal judge on Oct. 8 denied a request to block Michigan State University’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on the basis of natural immunity.
Tragic Darwin Award- Amanda Makulec: 35-year-old Washington D.C. woman gloats of being vaccinated, pregnant, and breastfeeding until her newborn son dies at 2 1/2 months.
Evil- CNN publishes an explainer about how to convince your 5-year-old they need a COVID vaccine.
Bolsonaro denied entry to Football match due to not being vaccinated.
China is preparing for a possible large-scale COVID-19 outbreak. Cliff was saying they have much lower average D3 levels, they thought it would be far more lethal. Hmmmm.
Woman who escaped N. Korea says U.S. indoctrination and propaganda is worse.
Antibodies Persist with Natural Immunity to SARS-CoV-2.
Makes you wonder how many of the shots are really saline… and WHY are they shipping it?

Maternal and Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality Among Pregnant Women With and Without COVID-19 Infection. Summary- much worse outcomes for mom and fetus if infected.
Oh, this is rich: seattle-ferry-crew-shortages-lead-unprecedented-ferry-cuts-vax-protests.
Study from George Washington U says aspirin reduces severe illness from Covid by half.
Some Legalities of the vax mandates. Background relevant case law.

10 Oct 2021: are leaky vaccines driving delta variant evolution and making it more deadly?
Blurb about Congressmen being treated with Ivermectin for Covid.
Vox’s take on JAX air-traffic Controllers walking off from vax mandate.
Last night there was an air traffic controller walkout in Jacksonville, FL over a vax mandate, and the media has blacked it out despite it cancelling hundreds of flights.
Fauci says he ‘strongly suspects’ that COVID-19 deaths will go down in the winter. Always 100% wrong, so that means….
Violates UN human Rights charter- Trudeau bans the unvaccinated from leaving the country and from earning a living.
COVID-19 cases in Indonesia plunge after government authorizes Ivermectin for treatment.
Vaxxed? 37 year old professional bodybuilder George Peterson — AKA “Da Bull,” is found face down, dead in his hotel room just before a big competition.
There is a strange lack of transparency from a hospital about the health status of the nurse who passed out on video after her COVID vaccine.
Seattle Police Department braces for mass firing of officers as hundreds have yet to show proof of vaccination.
Rules for Thee- Gavin Newsom admits his 12-year-old daughter has not yet been vaccinated despite his K-12 vaccine mandate for the rest of state.
WHO database reports over 2 million potential COVID jab injuries in 2021, vast majority in women.
Twitter censors a thread from an entrepreneur who regrets taking the vaccine after serious side effects leave him with chronic health problems.
Total number of deaths from Covid vaccines in VAERS nearly double all deaths from all other vaccines combined, since 1990, at nearly 500 deaths per week.
Sue at least, or hunt down like a rabid dog- 2 children were accidentally given the Covid vaccine instead of flu shots and are now both suffering from heart issues.
They want you dead- Shipments containing Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are seized by customs officials in Chicago.
Because…? EMS worker shortage at ‘crisis’ levels, threatening 911 system.
CDC admits that the “Covid” PCR test was developed without isolated Covid sample. &here
A Dutch mortician asks an innocent question: Why do the bodies look so strange lately?

09 Oct 2021: Fauci, HHS Officials Discuss Using New Virus From China To Enforce Universal Vaccines In Footage From Oct. 2019.
Thread-32 studies that natural immunity is better than vax.
Between 100-200 members of Congress and their families & staffers have been treated with IVM & the I-MASK+ protocol for COVID with no hospitalizations, and not one of them reported that to the people.
Iceland on Friday suspended use of the Moderna anti-COVID vaccine for all ages, citing the slightly increased risks of cardiac inflammation.
Merck’s COVID ‘super drug’, Molnupiravir poses serious health risks, scientists warn.
Under the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, businesses not complying with Biden OSHA vaccine mandate would be subject to fines ranging from $70,000 to $700,000, according to
Young girl tested with a swab at school bleeds from eye and nose.
Rules for thee- Biden brags about calling overcrowded hospital to help friend’s wife get fast treatment.
COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations rise among vaccinated in Pennsylvania.
Thomas Massie notes, a study suggests the Delta variant is being spread from vaccinated healthcare workers to vaccinated healthcare workers, so what is the point of any mandate?
After vaccinating over 85% of its population, Singapore finally flattened the curve, but along the wrong axis.
Los Angeles County sheriff won’t enforce vaccine mandate in his agency.
Because containing the spread and quarantining citizens… The Biden administration is considering flying migrants at the southern border to Vermont for processing.
08 Oct 2021: There IS an agenda- Navy SEALs Lawyer: Military Ignoring Natural Immunity.
Cool county/state real time Covid tracker.
duh, as they say. As COVID cases plummet in Florida, new data show forcibly masking kids made no difference.
New study says, viral loads similar between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
Vax doesn’t help- 60% of senior citizens hospitalized with COVID were ‘fully vaccinated’ according to a Medicare report.
Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots.
Ironic, but tragic and sad- A 48-year-old pro-vax plastic surgeon in Ohio wrote his own mocking obituary after Moderna shots, and then died 11 weeks later.
UK government report says the vast majority of Delta variant deaths are vaccinated people, not unvaccinated people.
Bastards need to hand- Pfizer asks FDA to approve COVID jab for children as young as 5.
The U.S. military is ignoring the protection against infection bestowed by having COVID-19 and recovering, a lawyer representing Navy SEALs who have concerns about COVID-19 vaccines said.
May these congressional liars burn- FACT: Between 100-200 members of Congress and their families & staffers have been treated with IVM & our I-MASK+ protocol for COVID. NO hospitalizations. (archive version of that post here)
Bad medicine, but profitable- Two Indian drugmakers to end trials of generic Merck pill for moderate COVID-19.
“Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril” – Merck’s COVID ‘Super Drug’ Poses Serious Health Risks, Scientists Warn.
Athlete with heart problems-
Study: Fully Vaccinated are More Likely to Carry More Resistant and More Infectious Variants.

07 Oct 2021: Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots. Dr. Rochagné Kilian
The Vaccine Death Report: An Unprecedented Genocide.
Go wrong? US researchers are engineering lettuce and spinach to carry mRNA COVID jabs.
Merck’s COVID-19 pill could carry serious safety concerns, even causing cancers or birth defects, scientists warn.
Ironic- NY Gov. Kathy Hochul tweeted, “I heard so many people say they’re afraid to go get vaccines because they’d have to get on the Subway and they’re afraid of being assaulted in this very city.”.
Los Angeles leaders on Wednesday approved one of the nation’s strictest vaccine mandates – a sweeping measure that would require the shots for everyone entering bars, restaurants, nail salons, gyms or even a Lakers game.
Tyranny- Fauci makes scary declaration to Canadians: ‘It’s time to give up yourindividual right of making your own decisions.’.
Moderna vaccine is getting ‘cancelled’ by various governments over heart side effects.
Top COVID experts tell Biden to scrap widespread booster shot plan in ‘tense’ phone call.
Evil- UCHealth denies kidney transplant from a direct matched friend who is begging to donate (which has no effect on the transplant list) to an unvaccinated woman in stage 5 renal failure.
Prison Colony redux- The Deputy Premier of New South Wales, a state in southeastern Australia, struck a decisively authoritarian tone when threatening unvaccinated people on Monday, saying, “There will be individuals in regional New South Wales who choose not to be vaccinated… Who will lose their freedoms on the eleventh of October. The message to the unvaccinated is that you will not achieve any further freedom unless you get vaccinated.”
Inside source says 7 died in a Dover, NH nursing home after receiving the vaccine.
Price Gouging- Merck charging US taxpayers 40 times what it costs to make the government-financed Covid pill Molnupiravir.
Ironic- Israelis rush to get boosters in mass campaign for 3rd COVID-19 shots.
Project Veritas Pfizer Whistleblower confirms fetal cells used.
interesting side note-  a friend who was at the DOJ for “17” years. Hmmm….
Vaccine opposers in a Guatemalan village captured two medical teams that arrived with C0VID-19 vaccines. The wheels were lowered to cars, the exit road was blocked, refrigerators with vaccines were destroyed, and doctors were locked up and threatened to burn.
Alex Jones made a special broadcast regarding an explosive video of Fauci with HHS officials and other health experts discussing how to enforce Universal Flu Vaccination in a summit organized by Milken Institute in Washington, DC last October 2019.
Nearly 200,000 COVID-19 rapid test kits recalled over concerns of false positives.

06 Oct 2021: post of Vox- A Silent and Dutiful Massacre. Also at Barnhardt.
Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine? Pathologists now have answers.
Sweden will pause the use of Moderna’s (MRNA.O) COVID-19 vaccine for people under 30.
S. T. Kirsch- TFNT10: Myocarditis deception.
Peter McCulloughWinning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism & Trusted Treatments vs Untested Novel Therapies. 1:05:35 video.
Basically, the vax is AIDS- slowly degrades your immune system, fall ill to other things. Goes with – Pentagon knew in mid-2020: 1) Vaccine has worse side effects over time, 2) Natural immunity works far better, 3) Non-whites more likely to have adverse outcomes.
Doctors ordered to lie or shut up- STATEMENT ABOUT DISSEMINATION OF COVID-19 MISINFORMATION. pediatricians in this case.
Trying to perfect a witches brew- Before the Covid pandemic erupted, Wuhan and US scientists planned to create new coronaviruses by mixing genetic aspects of related strains to produce completely new sequences.
Dr. Jessica Rose, a PhD computational biologist, molecular biologist and immunologist, conservatively calculates that over 150,000 people have died from the Covid vaccine in America as of August 28, 2021.
Intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine can induce acute myopericarditis in mouse model.
Bevan Costello: 65-year-old Australian indigenous elder receives second Pfizer mRNA injection during televised event, dead six days later.
In Vermont 76% of September Covid deaths were fully vaccinated.
In the UK, deaths among male children have increased by 400% since Chris Whitty decided they should have the Covid-19 vaccine.
AstraZeneca asks FDA to authorize COVID antibody treatment designed to be taken to prevent the disease.
J&J Vaccine Finds Its Way to Clotting Conditions, Vaccine Discontinued.
Pharma Giant Merck Sells Its COVID Pills To Biden Admin At 4,000% Markup.
Scandinavians Halt COVID Vaccine For Young People Due to Mounting Side Effects.
Playing with people’s lives- Colorado Kidney Patient Denied Transplant Due to Vaccine Status – Both Willing Donor and Patient Unvaccinated, Hospital Refuses Surgery.
NZ Government Abandons COVID-ZERO Effort, Will Permit Citizens to Visit Family Again – Must Be Outside, Stay Apart, Wear Masks and Only One Household Per Day.

05 Oct 2021: Study on 41,000 people reveals that taking vaccines INCREASES a person’s risk of hospitalization. NEJM article here. From Sept8
The vaccine looks like it may create autoimmune disease, and weaken defenses to other pathogens.
Edmonton Oilers coach Dave Tippett has said that forward Josh Archibald is out indefinitely after having been diagnosed with myocarditis.
Because reasons- The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights issued guidance today explaining that COVID-19 vaccine status would not be covered under HIPAA privacy rules.
WHO scientist may face death penalty for advising against ivermectin as a 51-page legal statement, prepared by the India Bar Association (IBA), charges her with 71 counts, describing her evaluation discouraging ivermectin to treat COVID-19 as “extremely unreasonable” and “having another purpose.”.
Dividing us as much as they can- Half of vaccinated Americans might not spend the holidays with unvaccinated family and friends, poll finds.
COVID-19 surge hits New England despite high vaccination rates as hospitals across the region are seeing full intensive care units and staff shortages are starting to affect care.
Critics slam Twitter after fact checkers flag an obituary as ‘misleading’ after it attributed young mother’s death to the COVID-19 vaccine.
A Virginia commonwealth’s attorney backed by left-wing billionaire George Soros tanked an effort to recall a Democratic school board member who prevented students from returning to classrooms.
Malaysia is going around seizing Ivermectin from clinics and doctors.
Northwell Health ‘exits’ 1,400 workers in NY who refused COVID vaccine. They they import scab workers because of a “labor shortage”
Picture of a blood clot pulled from the lung of a fully vaccinated COVID patient.
New COVID cases in the U.S. have fallen by more than a third in the past month.
Israel Covid cases spiked as they began rolling out the third booster, while Sweden, where natural immunity is supreme, had very little rise as Delta struck.
Mechanistic Evidence of Vaccine-Induced Mortality. Dose dependence, IV/IM; damning.
What Is The REAL Long-Term Impairment? (We don’t know)
Excess Mortality charts by state and age.
Canadian Doctor Says ‘Something Malicious is Going On’ After He’s Punished For Treating COVID Patients with Ivermectin.

04 Oct 2021: They All Lied. Throw Them All Out NOW. The gov’t has the data.
Your body on the Vax– Study Finds Predominance of Antibody-Resistant SARS-CoV-2 Variants in Vaccine Breakthrough Cases in San Francisco Bay Area.
Pfizer and AstraZeneca paid lobbyists to direct Australia’s leaders to push vaccine mandates, former Australian member of Parliament says.
Dirty Fauci attacks Republicans as he told CNN on Sunday that illegal migrants flooding across the border are not a major concern for the coronavirus.
Denver Police Officer and father of four takes the jab and now cannot walk.
Swiss Guards revolt against Bergoglio and refuse to get jabbed by resigning – “We do not get vaccinated.”.
No. You move. Federal workers given until Nov. 9 to get COVID vax or face consequences.
Effective, eh? Countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.
Massive protests against COVID-19 restrictions hit Romania as cases surge.
shocker- Pfizer sales take off, and part of it is their heart and blood clot drugs Eliquis and Vyndaqel, on top of the vaccine.
The new narrative is the virus is evolving around the vaccines, just in time to create lockdowns for the 2022 election season.
Fauci says we may not be able to gather for Christmas this year.
Thinning the competition deliberately? New York City restaurants suffer 40 to 60 percent losses under de Blasio’s vaccine mandate.
Masking- Babies who came into the world before the coronavirus had a cognitive score hovering around 100, but the test scores of babies born during the pandemic fell sharply, to around 78.
Too big to ignore- Deaths among Teenage Boys have increased by 63% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 Vaccine according to ONS data.
Nigerian Study Shows Ivermectin (IVM) Monotherapy as Efficacious as Hydroxychloroquine HCQ, IVM and azithromycin AZM (HIA) Combination Therapy in Treating COVID-19 Patients.
Pfizer Scientist- Covid antibodies are better than the vax, company is run on vax money.
The Promise of Famotidine (Pepcid) as a Possible Low-Cost COVID-19 Treatment.
Chlorine dioxide approved as COVID-19 treatment in Bolivia.
Obit for Jessica Berg Wilson. Seattle.
4,000 Patents: Why the ‘Novel’ SARS-CoV-2 Virus Isn’t so Novel. Dr Dave Martin.
Interview- Mel K With Attorney Tom Renz Exposing Shocking Govt Medicaid/Medicare Raw Data = Boom 10-3-21.

03 Oct 2021: Vox’s Hiding the body count post. Doc speaks out on deliberate blindness.
Was Covid a covert US op to frame China and gain power? Could be. Speculative.
Hard pass on this- Anthony Fauci, the government’s top infectious diseases expert, on Friday called new trial results for a Merck pill to treat COVID-19 “impressive.”
Lying as they normally do?-NBC says, “Coronavirus cases are rising around the U.S.”
Or?-NPR says something different : U.S. hits 700,000 COVID deaths just as cases begin to fall
Oh the horror- Two thirds of top-flight soccer players are not jabbed, and the media worries stars are “polluting” dressing rooms spouting Covid anti-vaxx theories about Bill Gates, infertility and using VITAMINS!.
The only news is the quantifiable aspect- COVID-19 mortality risk correlates inversely with vitamin D3 status, and a mortality rate close to zero could theoretically be achieved at 50 ng/ml 25(OH)D3: Results of a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Magnetic vids are correct- Moderna’s Japanese distributor, Takeda, said on Friday that “human error” caused metal particles that ‘react to magnets’ to contaminate batches of Covid-19 vaccines doses, leading to the suspension of 1.63 million vials. Cover story.
Lying to CYA-A doctor explains cases of adverse reactions she is seeing, and how they will not count anything as an adverse reaction to the vaccine if it is first reported seven days or more after vaccination.
NYU Langone and other Hospitals in New York and Long Island are Forcing that if the Parent is not VAXXED they will not release Babies From NICU to Parents or after birth as per CDC Guidelines. You Need to Show VAX-Passport to see your own New Born Baby.
Booster shots are noted as causing swelling of the lymph nodes.
Evil- Pfizer stands accused of experimenting on orphan babies in Poland to test their Covid-19 vaccine.
A United States Marine corporal who served in Afghanistan during Operation Freedom Sentinel and Operation Southern Vigilance is facing dishonorable discharge for refusing to take the COVID-19 shots as required by the secretary of defense due to having two heart conditions, arrhythmia and right bundle branch blockage.
Guys at the top in the mil making these decisions need to be tried for treason. Navy SEALs have been informed by their superiors that they won’t be deployed if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine, even if they’re granted a religious or medical exemption.
Not sure what to make of this- U.S. marriage rates hit new recorded low.
My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone’s Immune System After the 2nd Jab (Dr
Dr. Nathan Thompson, may get memory-holed).
Ontario doctor accused of spreading COVID-19 misinformation barred from providing vaccine, mask exemptions.
Ivermectin vs Merck’s new early treatment drug.
Merck’s New Drug – A Wonder Or Incipient Slaughter? Interview with Pierre Kory

02 Oct 2021: Waning Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines in 5.6M U.S. Study Cohort. PPT slide deck
How to Guard Against the Spike Protein Contagion Caused By The Covid Vaccinated.
Early combination therapy with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin reduces mortality.
Interesting article on the vaccine’s adverse reaction in one woman.
Joe Rogan ripped for speculating they would never give Biden a real vaccine on live TV for fear he could keel over live, and it would be a PR nightmare. Would be interesting to watch.
Sen. Ron Johnson says COVID-19 peaked before the vaccine rollout, and then resurged after mass vaccinations.
Sounds illegal as all hell- Ochsner Health in LA is now mandating vaccines for spouses of employees. ($200 fee per month if spouse is not vaccinated.).
Supreme Court denies New York City teachers’ request to block vaccine mandate.
Richie Faulkner finished a Judas Priest concert Sunday despite having a heart attack during it.
Evil. When does it go to WA state? Gavin Newsom issues nation’s first K-12 Vaccine Mandate for all public and private schools.
sounds bogus, or scary because toxic organs-College student dies from COVID complications after resisting vaccine.
Vax is not about public safety- Twenty percent of border crossers tested positive amid delta variant surge, ‘surprised’ Mayorkas says.
Bad medicine- An attorney claims that he has acquired data showing that 25.9% of Medicare beneficiaries prescribed Remdesivir died.
Media stops covering FL COVID data because DeSantis’ downtrend threatens lockdown politics. Yup. Death of trust.
Very good question- Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?
Start vaxxing, suddenly college athletes dropping like flies. Evil.
Just peachy- Lancet Investigation Into Origin of Pandemic Shuts Down Over Bias Risk.
More Than 726,000 COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS as CDC, FDA Overrule Advisory Committees’ Recommendations on Third Pfizer Shot.
Heart inflammation rates higher after Moderna COVID-19 vaccine – Canada data.
DeathInjection: when the needle lands in a blood vessel and not muscle tissue, the poison gets to the heart almost instantly.

01 Oct 2021: Covid-19 deaths are over 3,000% higher than this time last year and 80% of those dying had the Covid-19 vaccine according to the latest Public Health data.
Vaxxing does so much- The Australian city of Melbourne has seen a record spike of COVID-19 cases despite a strict lockdown that has been in place for nearly two months.
Fully vaxxed former CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized with blood clots after rupturing his Achilles tendon.
The Department of Defense has abandoned its routine protocol of conducting MRI scans on the pilots following vaccination during the COVID pandemic. What did they find?
Scammers got nearly 30% of Arizona virus unemployment pay.
EU finds J&J COVID shot possibly linked to another rare clotting condition.
More than 6k doctors- Covid19 summit in Rome declaring Crimes Against Humanity.
Cases versus infections, the importance of PCR cycle counts.
Pfizer adverse reaction reporting rate in Korea is 4.5 times higher than in EU.
Just coincidence, I’m sure- Former Pfizer employee flags FDA study, warns that Pfizer vaccine increases COVID by over 300%.
ruh-rho, Scooby- AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” SHATTERS official vaccine narrative, shows A.D.E. accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week.
Nothing to see here, noting has changed, it’s all as it was before:
Not confirmed, but lines up with magnetic “feature” of vax.

Lighting strike took out my internet connection. Missed a few days. Will make a long addition for it.

30 Sept 2021:
Great thread on Covid pathology and ‘why’ of symptoms.
Vox-What do the nurses know, why are they not vaxing?
Theater Biden staged the booster shot with mockup set and fake outdoor background.
One day after taking his ‘booster shot,’ President Biden abruptly cancels his trip to Chicago without explanation.
Former Notre Dame professor who said, “damn the unvaccinated” dies two weeks after receiving his 3rd Covid shot.
Willie Garson, “Sex and the City” actor, called non-vaxxed people “ignorant morons,” and is now dead from a potential Pfizer mRNA-induced cancer.
Typically, children’s hospitals expect to see more sick kids coming in in the fall and winter, but this year the uptick in activity is happening much earlier than ever before due to several viruses going around.
Republican lawmakers question attacks on Ivermectin as COVID-19 treatment.
Widespread Ivermectin use has caused a 97% drop in Chinavirus cases in Delhi, India.
How Ivermectin saved Academy Award winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. from dying of COVID-19.
CDC puts out an urgent call for more pregnant women to get vaccinated.
However- Warning: New Findings by Many Paedriatic researchers coming out soon as Mother can transfer VAX Spike Proteins to the baby in the womb and also If New Born Baby is Exposed to Newly Vaxxed can develop Pericarditis & encephalitis and meningitis. These Serious Findings are in Review.
Nearly 50k Medicare patients died soon after getting COVID shot according to a new whistleblower.
Youtube is banning all videos which question the efficacy or safety of the vaccines.
Melbourne’s Health Minister Martin Foley drops a bombshell, saying 85% of those in the hospital are vaccinated.
The “Mu” variant – also known as variant B.1.62 – which once sparked fears of igniting yet another wave of “breakthrough” infections has already been “eradicated” within the US.
Not sure about this one- Doctor says a microscopic examination of a Moderna shot revealed, “metallic fragments” in there the likes of which she said she was not used to seeing… And then there was one particular…object or organism…that had tentacles coming from it and it was able to lift itself up off the glass slide…”
Potentially life threatening’ nosebleeds have occurred after coronavirus swab, report reveals.
Texas Governor Abbott goes directly to the manufacturer, and acquires COVID-19 monoclonal antibodies, bypassing Biden’s HHS limits.
2.7% vs 14.1%- Vitamin D supplementation has a huge effect on COVID mortality.
Video of nurses fighting the vax mandate. not safe, not effective. Their body, their choice.
Interesting analysis of the real way that Bide’s gov’t contractor vax mandate will work.
Military flight doc speaks out under whistle-blower protection.

For the last few days’ normal updates, Check
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29 Sept 2021: Spartucus Letter. Summary at Vox. Backup PDF here.
Why Remdesivir failed.
And the normal collection here.

24 Sept 2021: Simple Spanish nursing home treatment. Vox’s take here. Cheap, simple. Found early, study on it published in JAN of this year. WHY?!
Number of COVID-19 hospitalizations drops below 1,000 in LA for first time in months.
CEO of Moderna says even the young will need to take vaccine booster shots indefinitely.
complicit- Healthy athletes are suddenly falling ill, and even dying after forced Covid injections – and the media’s silent.
Black Lives Matter is threatening an ‘uprising’ against ‘racist’ vaccine mandates.
When do they wake up? An Oklahoma man said he caught COVID-19 while teaching at college preparatory high school despite receiving three shots of the Pfizer vaccine and requiring students to wear masks.
Ironic tweets from “David-19” self-described Nerdy Gay Mormon.
Ugly- Scotland got massive vaccination rates, and now deaths from all causes (ie blood clots, heart attacks, inflammatory issues, stuff that can be vax caused but blamed on other causes), are up 25% over the five year average. None so blind…
The COVID vaccine, according to VAERS, causes 71 times as many heart attacks as all other vaccines. Totally safe and effective…
Odd. Lots of saline shots to lower bad stats? A doctor tested a COVID vaccinated patient who created antibodies to a hepatitis vaccine, and found they had no COVID antibodies.
1 in 500 develop Myopericarditis heart inflammation after full Covid vaccination. Slow kill.
‘Harry Potter’ star Tom Felton, just 34, collapses during the 18th hole of the Celebrity Ryder Cup golf tournament.
Planned replacement isn’t paranoia- NY Governor Kathy Hochul wants unvaxxed hospital staff fired and replaced by ‘foreign workers.’.
Huh. Wonder why? BBC says the worst cold ever is going around.
Militry Purge?- Biden pushing for dishonourable discharges,and court martials for troops who refuse vaccines.

23 Sept 2021: Corruption connections between wealthy and pandemic/response.
A Pfizer employee admits that vaccinated people have a 13 times higher risk of infection.
Getting tense in Oz- Australia is going full on oppressive, where you can’t even be a mother with her child, holding a sign in protest.
Shooting them for their health- Police in Melbourne, Australia, have reportedly been firing pepper spray and rubber bullets at men, women and children protesting against compulsory coronavirus vaccine passports.
Shipping companies in Australia announce they will no longer ship guns or ammo.
Lies, unknown, scare, real? Dangerously mutated COVID variant detected in 47 U.S. states.
Cooking the numbers- From here, courtesy of Dr Joseph Mercola – “The CDC also has two different sets of testing guidelines — one for vaccinated patients and another for the unvaccinated. If you’re unvaccinated, CDC guidance says to use a PCR cycle threshold (CT) of 40, known to result in false positives. If you’re vaccinated, they recommend using a CT of 28 or less, which minimizes the risk of false positives.”
shit Vax- 70 percent of fully vaccinated prisoners caught COVID-19 in Texas outbreak.
Clark County, NV declares COVID falsehoods a public health crisis.
Todd Starnes learns and tweets“I got the Moderna vaccine on the advice of my doctor. About a week later my blood pressure suddenly shot up over 200 and was hospitalized with a heart problem that I did not have before I got the vaccine. I did not get the second dose.”
Intentional- Chinese whistleblower claims first COVID outbreak was INTENTIONAL and happened in October 2019 at Military World Games in Wuhan – two months before China notified the world about virus.
Dr Ryan Cole- This doctor was trained at the Mayo Clinic and runs the largest independent testing laboratory in Idaho and he says the vax is crushing Killer T-cells, causing other viruses to take off, and causing cancer levels to skyrocket.
Ironic, “your papers, please!”- Israeli Ministry of Health announces that the “Green Pass” for vaccinated expires when 6 months have passed after the 2nd dose.
New Project Veritas video has an FDA official saying, “blow darting African Americans is where we’re going… just shoot everyone”… as he calls for a ‘Nazi Germany registry’ of unvaccinated Americans, and we should, “think about it like the Jewish star.”
UK ugly- 161,848 people have died after having a Covid-19 vaccine during the first 6 months of 2021 in England according to official data.
Meanwhile, in backward and stupid centrl America- Government of El Salvador is providing Ivermectin to all its citizens free of charge.
what will they scare with next? The Delta surge appears to be peaking in the United States, meaning a decline in new infections and deaths may be on the way.
Playing God- Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn.
importing disease vectors- The Centers for Disease Control warned that doctors must prepare for a wave of mumps, measles, leishmaniasis, and worse still, polio as Afghan refugees are released into America.
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko takes a BIG RISK by telling all. 24 min vid
Another short vid of vax side effects on teen girl.
Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19? Peer reviewed, published. Credible journal. Impact factor 4.81.
CSPI trying to shut down Dr Joseph Mercola and suppliment sales.
Steve Kirsch- Vax kills more than it saves lives.
Physician Dr. Danice Hertz ‘Horribly Injured’ After Pfizer Vaccine Pleads With Top U.S. Public Health Officials for Help — and Gets None.
Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus. 2012 study

22 Sept 2021: Unreported absolute risk reduction measures of 0.7% and 1.1% for the Pfzier/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. Great job, Israel!
1 in 1000 Develop Heart Inflammation After Covid Vaccination; Myocarditis and Other Related Heart Conditions Have Increased Death Rate Within 5 Years.
Israel: “Booster” doses now also only valid for 6 months; #ClotShot 2x a year or else.
Australia is now trying to crack down on protesters with arrests, and doubling down on COVID-oppression measures.
Two strange 4Chan threads on video of impurities in the blood of the vaxxed here, and here.
Now a Hospitalist blows the whistle on what she has seen running intake at her hospital as the vaccine was rolled out.
80% of Covid-19 deaths in August were people who had been vaccinated according to Public Health data.
YouTube removes German video with autopsy results of deaths following vaccination.
What could go wrong? New documents show that just 18 months before the first Covid-19 cases appeared, researchers had submitted plans to release skin-penetrating nanoparticles containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” of bat coronaviruses into cave bats in Yunnan, China.
WCGW? According to new leaked grant proposal documents, scientists in Wuhan were planning to release enhanced airborne coronaviruses into Chinese bats to inoculate them against disease that could transfer to humans.
Evil- Fauci says he supports a vaccine mandate for children
Truth is forbidden- Facebook and Instagram have taken down Project Veritas’ video on ‘vaccine side-effects.’.
Divide and conquer- Gas station clerk in Germany killed for asking a customer to wear a mask, by man who felt ‘cornered’ by mask rules, prosecutors say.
Delta variant is one mutation away from the vaccine actually enhancing the infectivity of the virus. Almost there, Fauci
Numbers are hard- JPMorgan analysis makes an unexpected discovery the Delta variant is only “half as infectious as assumed.”
Bad- A shocking new study that was conducted by researchers at Canada’s University of Ottawa Heart Institute found that one out of every thousand(1/1000) mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations causes heart inflammation(myopericarditis) to develop rapidly in otherwise healthy individuals. 5-year ~25% survival odds. Damn…
The Marek Effect.
Why healthcare has become corrupt and the Doc’s go along with it.
Direct Effects of Low-to-Moderate CO2 Concentrations on Human Decision-Making Performance. Yes, even at 600ppm it’s bad for you.
Search Engine Bias?
Mass-masking may lead to murder by dehumanizing people. Lt Col Grossman.

21 Sept 2021: historically coronavirus vaccines make things worse.
Sounds fishy- New study claims previous infection with original COVID produces inferior antibodies that ae poorly reactive with newer variants.
Narrative building- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reminding the public and health care providers that results from currently authorized SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests should not be used to evaluate a person’s level of immunity or protection from COVID-19.
Special- Hollywood elites slammed for partying maskless at Emmys.
Because-In response to lack of masks at the Emmys, LA County Department of Public Health says its indoor mask mandate does not apply to film, TV, music productions.
huh- Hundreds of Navy SEALS told they won’t be deployed if they refuse COVID vaccine.
But still no Comirnity avail-Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) on Monday issued a vaccine mandate for all eligible student athletes over the age of 12 as well as adults who are regularly in schools or child care centers – they must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 1.
Well, getting somethingBiden to get COVID-19 booster on camera once fully approved.
Former FDA Commissioner says the six foot social distancing rule was, ‘arbitrary … nobody knows where it came from.’
Veritas report- Project Veritas has an HHS whistleblower with secret recordings of an HHS ER Doctor saying the vaccine is “full of shit,” and discussing how the vaccine is causing heart problems, and it is being covered up.
Australia admits it is banning ivermectin for COVID because it interferes with universal vaccine agenda. Evil.
Grounds for more than just suing- A Scottsdale, Arizona, woman is livid after being injected with a COVID-19 vaccine at a California pharmacy without her knowledge or consent, thinking she was being given a flu shot.
Bill Gates admits 700,000 people will be harmed or killed by the Chinavirus vaccines.
Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund and also a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel member, said there “are four times as many heart attacks [as is normal] in the treatment group in the Pfizer six-month trial report — that wasn’t bad luck.”
Tucker Carlson reveals a PowerPoint from the US Army justifying vax mandates which includes a slide that lists the 7 tenets of satanism. Not sure what it means, but not good.
But those are not a problem- Afghans arriving in U.S. infected with Measles, Malaria, and Tuberculosis because reasons….
Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19” by Pierre Kory et al.
“WITHHELD”-The Silencing of Science– hiding treatment options.
Japanese researchers- Study Finds The Current Covid-19 Vaccines Will Cause ‘Vaccine Induced Enhanced Disease’ When Infected With Delta.
12- Pfizer claims study involving just 12 people proves that Comirnaty is a safe and effective covid booster shot.

20 Sept 2021: Masking young kids is child abuse.
Rules for the hired help, while the beautiful people party on.
FDA experts: the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing at least 2 people for every 1 life they save.
The rumors about neurological aspects of the Coof may not be getting overblown.
They want everybody- Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that the British government should begin vaccinating nursery age children and begin imposing vaccine passports in order to supposedly prevent another lockdown in the winter.
crimes against humanity- Fauci says officials will decide on COVID-19 vaccine recommendation for children aged 5 to 11 soon.
He’s on whose side? Dr. Fauci funded 60 projects at the Wuhan institute of virology and all were in conjunction with the Chinese military.
NCAA student golfer has heart disease after getting the COVID shot, say she was offered a bribe to silence his story, and other athletes are having the same problems, and some even are being forced to get surgery.
Official Office for National Statistics data has inadvertently revealed that 30,305 people have died within twenty-one days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021. We really need to “normal” numbers to compare to.
New VAERS numbers are out. 701,559 Adverse Events, 60,741 Hospitalizations, 80,393 Urgent Care, 6,637 Heart Attacks, 5,765 Myocarditis, 1,862 Miscarriages, 19,210 Disabled, 14,925 Deaths.
Meanwhile- Lockdown-free Sweden discards vaccines as new infections drop to nil.
Rules for thee… The U.N. General Assembly will ignore coronavirus vaccine requirements for attendees at next week’s big meeting in New York.
Police state, Oz version- Australian police showing up at people’s houses in response to their “problematic” social media posts.
Trying to fail- Some argue Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, in his lawsuit against Biden’s vaccine mandates, may be pursuing a strategy that everyone on the inside know will fail in court and, by so doing, set a legal precedent favoring mandatory vaccines.
Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb blasts CDC for ‘lack of rigor’ in early COVID guidelines: 6-feet rule was ‘arbitrary and not science-based’.
Richard Ebright and 15 Top Scientists Eviscerate Fauci and Daszak in Lancet Medical Journal.
Victoria, Australia – Major Trade Union CFMEU Goes To War Against Union Leadership and Politicians Over Mandated Vaccinations.
Medical malpractice with Covid treatment, Remdesivir.
The shot may destroy existing immunity.
Nursing Baby Died With Blood Clots, Inflamed Arteries Following Mother’s Pfizer Shot, VAERS Report Says.

19 Sept 2021: Interview with Dr. Robert Malone.
Redonkulas on the mil vax mandate talk by Terrence Popp.
Bad, horrible odds. University of Ottawa Heart Institute Retrospective Study Finds 1 in 1,000 mRNA Vaccinations Leads to Myopericarditis.
Upstate New York hospital staffing ‘crisis’ feared as vaccination mandate nears.
Sharyl Attkisson – Research shows the U.S. had reached what some scientists believed to be “herd immunity” status against Covid-19 last May, with more than 80% of the population immune to Covid either through natural infection or vaccination, and the actual number of immune Americans may be higher.
NO-Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing medicine-filled plants to replace injections.
Australia’s brand new COVID detention center pictured.
Pharmacy groups call for immediate end to prescribing and dispensing Ivermectin for COVID-19 outside of clinical trials. They want dead people.
Ivermectin for the vaxxed in Oz, but not the purebloods.
Australian hospitals using IVM only for vaxed in spite of banning it for early treatment.
Brazilian Pres challenges UN vax mandate honor system.
Covid Vaccine and Transient global amnesia – a phase IV clinical study of CDC and FDA data.
COVID vaccine mandates wreak havoc on healthcare system, workforce.
An open letter on the Covid Mandates by a vaccineologist. no kind words for it.

18 Sept 2021: Good summary of all the WTF events surrounding the vaxx.
A small study near Mexico City supports benefit of treating C19+s with ivermectin.
FDA voted 16-3 against boosters, showed this slide at the meeting.Staggering deaths.
NYT lying? Say it isn’t so! NY Times gets caught as claims of 70% increase in “deworming drug” Ivermectin poisonings was actually just a 2% increase.
Facebook vows ‘extreme censorship’ of anti-lockdown movement.
By withholding Regeneron, Biden will be sentencing Black people to death. TBF, maybe.
Post-menopausal mother, 57, who hasn’t had a period in 20 years claims she was left bleeding from her vagina after getting first dose of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine.
NYC’s demand that diplomats follow vaccine mandate creates an uproar at the UN.
People are starting to notice- Outrage as maskless San Francisco Mayor London Breed defies her own laws and parties with BLM co-founder.
NIH now includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc as recommended in the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.
‘Fully vaccinated’ account for 82% of Illinois public high school’s COVID cases.
unverified rumor, but… General Dynamics Corp. has canceled their vaccine mandate after roughly 40% of their employees declined the jab & threatened to quit.
Now 10,000 Haitians gather under Texas bridge. And they don’t have to be vaxxed.
Starting to notice all the sudden cardiac and clotting deaths leading to other things after people get the vax. This is from Portugal.
Japanese Researchers Investigate Intracranial Hemorrhage Deaths Possibly Caused by Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine.
More than 1000% increase in death and adverse events, from FDA meeting.
Another short clip from the FDA meeting.
Everything wrong with the vax, lots of clips from the FDA meeting.
Full FDA meeting, all 8+ hours of it.
17 min vid from July 8th-Message from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi; immune system works.
the vaccinated superspread hypothesis. Looks pretty good to me. Pokes holes in narrative.
Former Vice-President WHO European Advisory Group: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous – Should be Quarantined”
Even Their Own Experts Disagree, Dr. Robert Malone & Dr. Kary Mullis on Fauci

17 Sept 2021: Holy cow, huge- At least 39% of Australians were left unable to perform daily activities after having the Covid-19 Vaccine according to official Government data.
Meanwhile, in no-lockdown Sweden, things are fine.
The intentional destruction of the health-care system. Medics in Chicago.
(Retracted for political, not scientific, reasons) The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy.
More than 6,000 women in the U.S. and 35,000 women in the UK have reported heavier than normal or abnormal menstrual cycles.
More reliable info is better- The possible link between CCP virus vaccinations and menstrual changes should be investigated to clear up the doubts, a reproductive immunology lecturer from Imperial College London said.
NY health care is upended over the vax mandate as a hospital stops delivering babies, an ER closes, and wait-times explode.
doubt it’s THAT high, but… COVID whistleblower claims the VAERS reporting database tracking vaccine complications is wrong and undercounting by a factor of 100.
Army major recorded saying he’ll physically hold down unvaxxed to force the jab on them.
NCAA golfer has a severe adverse heart condition due to the COVID vaccine, and now speaks out against vaccine mandates.
2+2=? Vermont, with the highest vaccination rate in the country — 88% of adults at least partially vaccinated & 79% fully vaccinated — is about to set a new high in COVID cases.
Covid hospitalizations up 8-fold compared to last year in super-vaxxed UK.
78% of those dying had the Covid-19 vaccine according to Public Health data.
How many a year? Israeli researchers have only been able to demonstrate that the COVID-19 booster shot provides a proven 12 days of protection from the virus after being administered to people aged 60 or above.
Inversion- Broward to give vaccinated county employees $500, while the unvaccinated face a surcharge.
Desperate- France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers without pay.
Some Covid-19 vaccines may increase HIV risk, scientists warn.
Italy becomes the first country to pass mandatory vaccine passport bill for all workers.
ACE2 expression in Kidney and Testis may cause Kidney and Testis infection in COVID-19 patients.
Nipah- A virus with a death rate of up to 75 percent has caused a lockdown in India.
Potential use of ivermectin for the treatment and prophylaxis of SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Aussie construction workers sit-in protest of covid restrictions. Classic!
Boosters no bouno?
Note the date, and that we have not been hearing about it-Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin C: Perspectives for COVID-19 With a Focus on Physical Tissue Barrier Integrity.
Sane Virologist X – What the Data Really Says About Covid 19.

16 Sept 2021: COVID Whistleblower Claims the VAERS Reporting Database Tracking Vaccine Complications is WRONG and Undercounting by a Factor of 100.
Mask for your protection- 47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects.
Italy set to make Covid ‘green pass’ mandatory for all employees.
Joe Biden may limit Chinavirus antibody treatments in states with GOP governors.
Pfizer to seek FDA approval of Chinavirus jab for children 6 months to 5 years in November.
In New Zealand, there have been more people killed by the ‘vaccines’ than by Covid-19.
Real or theater? China imposes local lockdowns as COVID-19 cases surge.
A New Hampshire lawmaker on Tuesday switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat due what he says is the Republican House leadership’s anti-vaccine stance.
Idaho is taking control of public health back from the COVID panic-shills.
“despite”- Marin County is preparing for 5th COVID-19 wave, endemic circulation despite high vaccination rates.
So kind- Project Veritas whistleblower says a Washington nursing home patient died after being given a ‘chemical restraint’ to coax her into taking the vaccine against her will.
sowing division, discord, and hate- Over 30 percent of those vaccinated are cutting ties with unvaccinated family members, and friends.
VERY strange bedfellows- Nicki Minaj says, ‘Open Your ** Eyes’ to COVID Censorship, Twitter Ban is ‘Making Me Think’ That ‘There’s Something Bigger’ Going On.
Israel sees record-high daily infections, as the government hints at a fourth vaccine dose
2 standards- Democrats reject plan to mandate Chinavirus vaccines for immigrants.
Idaho doctor reports a ‘20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients.
Sadly, this is not unexpected- Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate.
Lindsey Reeves, Virginia woman suffers anaphylactic shock eight hours after first Pfizer mRNA injection, relentlessly attacked by vaxx zealots for reporting it on Facebook.
Uhhh- Bill Gates says, ‘For the next pandemic, we’ll have gigantic mRNA factories in India’.
Some info on Chlorine Dioxide, claimed cure/treatment for Covid and a lot of other things.
Not Strictly Covid- nutrition makes a difference- diet and MS.
About damn time- NIH Now Includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc as Recommended in the Prevention or Treatment of COVID.
Weird world- Nicki Minaj was right and all the world’s COVID vaccine experts were wrong.

15 Sept 2021: COVID Whistleblower: Doctors about to QUIT, Pressured to Vax themselves, Pressured to LIE.
Some French virus experts saying in effect the vaccine is the virus.
Uttar Pradesh, India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free because of ivermectin.
“Extremely rare,” isn’t-
Dr. José Luis Sevillano explains how graphene oxide and create the so-called COVID lung.
Incoming uptick in SIDS?-
Mask madness- American Airlines turns plane around, and kicks a two-year-old off the flight for not wearing a mask during an asthma attack.
Good- Federal judge blocks New York State health care worker vaccination mandate.
Exposure to the rhinovirus, the most frequent cause of the common cold, can protect against infection by the virus which causes COVID-19.
Fully vaxxed are 27 times more likely to get COVID compared to people with natural immunity. so much for “effective.
Vaccine-leader Israel’s Health Ministry chief says coronavirus spread reaching record heights.
sick, going after kids- Parents in the UK no longer have the ability to refuse to vaccinate their children over the age of 12.
A group of Japanese researchers released research showing that the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant “is poised to acquire complete resistance” to existing COVID-19 jabs.
So much for “safe”- The U.S. government database that keeps track of deaths from vaccine side effects has exploded by 10-fold since the advent of COVID-19, and the experimental vaccines that have been developed in response.
You can’t handle the truth! Father whose son died from vaccine-induced heart inflammation censored by Facebook.
China’s most famous defector to America warned US intelligence agencies of coronavirus spreading in November of 2019.
Three members of the first CIA teams to enter Afghanistan after 9/11 say they have been warned of disciplinary proceedings for their refusal to get COVID-19 vaccinations.
AC has some good comments on a few of today’s links.
Russian military biowarfare intellegence expert perspective transcript at Vox’s.
Another good interview with Peter McCullough. 17 min. at least 4 months old; talks about more than 4000 dead Americans, current number is over 14,500.
High Death Rate Among Vaccinated Brings Vaccine Dystopia Into View. Death rate 5x!
Doctor Has Cured Thousands of COVID Patients, Issues Strong Warning About Jab.
Ivermectin .vs. Covid In A Poor, High-Density State (Denninger on Uttar Pradesh, India)
Nancy Banks of vaccinations in general. 15 min interview.
Not Forced, they hate us (but jordan died shortly after his jab),

14 Sept 2021: Risks of Vaccines for Those Recovered from COVID-19. Don’t get jabbed!
COVID vaccines have killed over 200,000 Americans (2 hr vid by Steve Kirsch) things-the-establishment-got-wrong-about-wuhan-coof/
William Briggs Coronavirus Update XCIII.
Dr Lee Merit and shedding, treatment protocols for vaxxed and shedding victims.
Just a horse wormer- There have been 26 randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies proving the effectiveness of Ivermectin.
Hospital refused Ivermectin to a Q-anon supporter, despite protests from the Q-anon community, Michael Flynn, and Lin Wood, and as a result she later died.
European version of VAERS – 262,383 of the 904,534 suspected cases of Covid vaccination side effects are severe.
Detroit ABC News outlet WXYZ-TV Channel 7 put out a call for sotries from people of unvaxxed relatives who died from COVID-19, but instead got buried under stories of vaxxed relatives dying from the clot-shot.
Roughly half of all the hospitalized patients showing up on COVID-data dashboards in 2021 may have been admitted for another reason entirely.
Struggling to get its workforce vaccinated, the New York City MTA has pulled a $500,000 death benefit for any unvaccinated employees who succumb to COVID.
Seriously ill COVID-19 patients double in vaccine pace-setter Singapore.
Niki Minaj says she has a male relative who is not getting vaccinated after a friend got the shot and was rendered impotent with swollen testicles.
Liars changing the story- CDC claims COVID is deadlier now, in so-called fourth wave, than it was when nobody was vaccinated during the second wave.
No, it won’t. It stops here. It may take ‘many, many’ more vaccine mandates to end the Covid-19 pandemic, Fauci says.
Trump says Democrats ‘disparaged’ the COVID-19 vaccine while he was president, and, ‘Now they wonder why’ some are hesitant.
Sweden passes a new law to compensate those injured by COVID vaccines.
Overall health make a difference- Italian study shows that oral probiotics comprised of lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacteria decreases the risk of respiratory failure in COVID-19
COVID-19 vaccine boosters unnecessary for most, say FDA advisers reportedly resigning over issue.
Waking up, slowly but surely- New poll shows majority of likely voters panning Biden Vax mandate on businesses.
LAPD employees file federal lawsuit, challenging city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Jab Remorse By Bill Sardi, what to do after the ClotShot. Good symptom description.
Is the tide of public sentiment finally reaching the halls of lower decision-makers?
Common Cold infection and recovery helps protect against Covid19.
The Spanish Government is attempting to isolate Covid19, which has yet to be done.
Immunologist regrets voting for Biden after ‘draconian’ vaccine mandate.
Major problems in covid and vax thrombosis explained by B1 (thiamine) deficiency.
Vaccines Have NEGATIVE Effectiveness in the Over-40s, as Low as MINUS 38%, Shows New PHE Report
When will they learn?

13 Sept 2021: Constantly changing rules- Previously OSHA stated that any employer who required vaccinations must report adverse reactions as workplace injuries, however, OSHA is now saying they will not “enforce” that record-keeping requirement until May of 2022.
Wrestler Triple-H had a cardiac event. interesting thoughts at AC on this.
President Joe Biden will announce more COVID-19 measures before the United Nations General Assembly meets this week, said U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. Un-const.
Unconfirmed but BIG if true- Australian activist Romeo Georges claims he has been told in Australia, they are prescribing Ivermectin to COVID patients if they have been vaccinated, to drive down mortality among the vaccinated, and affect the statistics.
A growing number of US states are refusing to go along with Biden’s covid vaccine fascism.
90% of San Diego Police officers oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Who’s he work for, then? President Trump reveals that Dr. Fauci never told him that he was funding a virology lab in Wuhan.
Raiders ticket prices tank after mandatory vaccine passport rollout in Las Vegas.
A top Pfizer executive has called Israel a “sort of laboratory” for the COVID vaccine in comments that were seized on by local anti-vaxxers, rejected by Israeli health officials, and later clarified by the pharmaceutical company.
Irrational- $80,000 per year college imposes an Australia-style lockdown on its students.
No rules any more, just power- New York Mayor Bill De Blasio threatens to withhold Police paychecks for non-compliance with Vaxx mandate.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Friday he is suing six school districts for defying Governor Abbott’s executive order banning mask mandates.
coming for the kids- Pfizer vaccine could be authorized for kids ages 5 to 11 in October.
just an opinion until it’s enforced- Professor Alan Dershowitz says the courts will rule against Biden on vaccine mandate penalties.
Class action- Two active-duty staff sergeants of US Armed Forces—one Army, one Marine—filed a class-action lawsuit on August 17 against the leaders of the DoD, HHS, and the FDA for being forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine despite having had and recovered from COVID and acquiring natural immunity.
Voxe’s take- Now They Come for the Children.
Vox’s take II- UK Emancipates Teenagers (at least to get the vax against parent’s wishes).
A successful legal challenge against a vax mandate in VA.
The Evidence For Ivermectin And COVID-19. 2:17 min vid
They asked for storied of unvaxed die. It’s not what they got. it was a vaxed-bloodbath.
Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination for Previously SARS-CoV-2 Infected Rhode Island Healthcare Workers Yields an (Unacceptable) Risk / “Benefit” Ratio of Eighty to One.
No directly plague- The Candida Cleaner, treat candida infection in gut w/ turpentine.
Treating viruses in general- L-Lysine is great, could get rid of most vaccines.
Study Suggests COVID Hospitalization Numbers Could Be Grossly Misleading.

12 Sept 2021: Renowned German pathologist’s vaccine autopsy data is shocking… and being censored.
Senior doctors and a marketing director at in North Carolina discussed inflating COVID-19 numbers by counting recovered patients as active COVID patients, to make people more scared and increase vaccination rates.
CDC gives incoming refugees Nobel Prize-winning Ivermectin.
Heh. Harambe laughed- At least 13 gorillas test positive for COVID-19 at Atlanta zoo after ‘becoming infected by vaccinated employee.’
New York City Teachers Union wins battle over COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Thirty percent of migrants at US detention centers are refusing to be vaccinated, and they get no mandate.
These moms and the Dr’s who support this… evil/stupid. Second breastfeeding baby dies of blood clots and Inflamed arteries after mother’s Pfizer shot as per VAERS.
Gun control groups say the legal logic behinds Biden’s vaccine mandate could be used to declare guns a public health crisis, and allow him to violate the Constitution there.
14-TIME World Champ Wrestler Gets Smacked Down by Vaxx induced Heart Attack.
Nothing suspicious about this data, is there? What came first?

Bad science, bad diagnosis, bad vaxx, or bad luck? Catching it twice?
some number on the (non) benefit of vaxxing the recovered. 75:1
What the Church Needs to Know about Covid-19.
Israeli Ministry of Health recorded saying “There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport (“green pass”), it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate.”

11 Sept 2021: The #ClotShot are more likely to get it and spread it.
Special people exempt from the Jab. Congress and more. Shocking (not)
Teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalised from Covid-19, a major study has found.
What does that mean? ‘Fully-vaccinated’ Daily Wire reporter gets Covid for the third time.
Rate of new COVID-19 cases in the US slows to lowest levels seen since early summer.
Asked, “Why are vaccines required at a business but not at the border?,” Psaki replies, “That’s correct.” Liar
Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “I get calls all the time, people say, ‘I’ve already had COVID, I’m protected.’ And now the study says maybe even more protected than the vaccine alone. Should they also get the vaccine?” Dr. Fauci: “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.”
CNN health pundit claims travel within the U.S. is a “privilege” and not a constitutional right.
let them- Secretary of Defense sent out text messages last night telling all active duty service members they had till 10AM to get the vaccine or be court martialled.
FDA approved Gout medicine has potent antiviral properties and could battle COVID-19
Denmark lifts all Covid restrictions, including the requirement that people show proof of vaccination saying the virus is no longer considered a ‘socially critical disease.’.
Members of Congress and their staff are exempt from Biden’s vaccine mandate.
Federal judges and there staffers are exempt from the vaccine mandate.
Duh- Political science experts think Biden’s vaccine mandate may have overstep Constitutional powers by bypassing the legislative process.
Florida Gov. DeSantis says Biden’s vaccine mandates are “not based on science” and “will ultimately lose in court.”.
Emergency OSHA rules are frequently struck down by courts.
Lewis County General Hospital will stop delivering babies as of September 24 because too many maternity unit workers have resigned over COVID vaccination mandates.
Florida appeals court rules in favor of DeSantis’s mask mandate ban in schools.
Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called White House chief of staff Ron Klain’s recent retweet appearing to praise the Biden administration for executing the “ultimate work-around” for President Biden’s recent vaccine mandate “breathtakingly daft,”
Hmmm- Red Cross warns that vaccinated people are ineligible for plasma donations.
Kind’a late, eh? The United States should cut research collaboration with the Chinese regime so American scientists don’t inadvertently aid Beijing’s biowarfare program, security experts say.
Evil and murderous- Australia bans doctors from prescribing Ivermectin.
How scientists who dismissed the Wuhan lab theory are linked to Chinese researchers.
17 Governors have stood up to Biden’s vaccine mandates..
Patients Declare US Government Colluding With Medical Community To Classify Horrific Covid-19 Vaccine Neurological Injuries As ‘Anxiety’.

10 Sept 2021: Air Force Academy Freshman Dies of Apparent Heart Attack. Vaxxed.
teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems.
Pediatric Cardiologist being threatened for speaking the truth.
SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Children Ages 12-17.
Their logic is so twisted- heart problem worth it because of mental health.
Why them? USPS exempt from Biden vax mandate for 100 million workers.
Liars- White House unvaccinated Americans are entirely responsible for Joe Biden’s failure to stop the Chinavirus.
makes no sense. It’s the other way around- Biden says, “We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers.”
Authoritarian, much? Biden says, “If these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.”.
Posobiec tweets “Kamala had little to nothing to do with the COVID speech today. Ron Klain and Fauci all had hands in. Jill wanted to ‘go full Australia,’ per WH official.”
Someone on Free Republic proposed using Roe v Wade to fight vaccine mandates.
Tie to homeschool- Los Angeles Board of Education approves vaccine mandate for all students aged 12 and older..
Pentagon won’t say whether troops who refuse COVID vaccine could be dishonorably discharged.
Hmmm- Major study finds convalescent plasma doesn’t help seriously ill COVID-19 patients
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko says Google Executives are taking HCQ and Ivermectin.
Cruel and manipulative, run by terrified women- The Australian government has warned unvaccinated citizens that they will remain in a state of lockdown forever, while their vaccinated counterparts will get to enjoy some of their freedoms returning.
modRNA worse than nothing + Albert Pike.
Huge pressure on Docs in Oz. Speak truth, get investigated.
No bias., may he rot inHell.

09 Sept 2021: Great description of the FDA bait-and-switch on the “approval”
Biden announces all the Feds must be vaxxed. Be interesting to watch. Vox’s take.
Odd- Australia has no certified influenza deaths since July 2020.
Misses the cause for increase in “other cause” deaths likely caused by the Vax COVID doesn’t account for troubling trend of unexplained US deaths.
Sen. Cotton wants probe into Fauci after report exposes Chinese lab ‘lie.’
he’ll fall eventually- Sen. Rand Paul vindicated, and Fauci reported to the DOJ for lying: ‘It’s a felony punishable by five years in jail.’.
Harassment- NSW Health searches all care packages sent to residents of COVID-locked-down tower block, confiscating more than six beers per day, or 375ml of spirits.
Less than 40%- Israeli charts show the real vaccine efficacy, which was never anywhere near what the companies claimed the trial data showed.
Effective, eh? Latest PHE Report reveals the vaccinated account for 70% of Covid-19 deaths since February in the UK.
Hipocryte, as expected- Australian Prime Minister takes private jet, fails to quarantine while citizens remain under lockdown.
Need more of this- FBI investigating Vermont State Troopers for creating fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. The fake cards, that is.
Hang the bastards- Australian government builds “mandatory quarantine facilities”, officials say the jab is the “Golden Ticket to Freedom.”
Third man dies in connection to contaminated Moderna vaccine doses in Japan.
Ramping up the pressure- United Airlines told its staff on Wednesday that those who are granted religious exemptions from getting vaccinated against the coronavirus will be placed on a temporary unpaid leave.
Hating on a people, encouraging and cheering their death- Jimmy Kimmel says unvaccinated people shouldn’t get ICU beds in his return to his late-night show.
Huge numbers, never before seen- VAERS data released Friday by the CDC showed a total of 650,077 adverse events from the vax, including 13,911 deaths and 85,971 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Aug. 27, 2021.
Per the CDC, there is no known study showing masks help stop the spread of Covid.
Totally makes sense- Why on Earth?
Am Thinker- A health care worker reports from the inside on COVID insanity.
Meanwhile- FDA Denies Emergency Use Authorization for New COVID-19 Drug. Why?
Why the Covid-Jab Will Probably Kill You.
Statement from Doc certification board about doctors spreading “misinformation.” Ironic.
Breakthrough Drug: Ivermectin Shows ‘Astounding’ Results Against Coronavirus.

08 sept 2021: ARIZ. AG: Tuscon Vaccine Mandate Is Illegal.
Manufactured crisis- More than 200 Seattle cops face being fired over vaccine mandate as 20% refuse to get jab: Staffing crisis looms.
A recent retrospective study has provided evidence that COVID-19 infection may be notably less common in those using supplemental melatonin.
Spikers are a problem- New study says the Spike Protein, and not the virus, is what causes heart problems in the infected and the vaccinated.
New FOIA reveals Fauci agency funded pathogen enhancement at Wuhan lab.
Coverup and CYA- Tens of thousands of patients wounded by vaccines are finding it hard to get the medical community to study their cases.
From where is this pressure coming? Astro-turf-Pressure is mounting on the Food and Drug Administration to authorize Covid-19 vaccines for children under 12 – even though the data needed to support the move is still being collected.
Killing people- Pete Lopez, 73, died of COVID-19 because the hospital refused to give Lopez ivermectin despite a judge’s ruling, a decision the attorney said wasn’t theirs to make because the court order made it a legal obligation.
Liars- AP reported 70% of poison calls in Mississippi were for ivermectin, but the true number is reportedly 1.4%.
Hundreds of L.A. cops and firefighters join forces to fight city’s vaccine mandate.
Good- 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans would quit their job if vaccines are mandated.
Israel is now warning citizens will need a fourth booster shot for the government’s Covid-19 vaccination program.
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovichhas determined that Tucson’s ordinance requiring city workers to get vaccinated for the Chinese coronavirus violates state law, so his office is ordering the city to rescind or amend the order or risk losing millions of dollars in state funding.
Pushback on over-reach- 150,000 people took to the streets of Amsterdam to protest the government’s proposed policy of requiring vaccination as a condition to entry for businesses such as bars and restaurants.
Israel- pandemic of the vaxxed; in every catagory vaxxed are in worse shape than unvaxed.
Bangladesh Mask Study Shows AT BEST A Population Seroprevalence Reduction Of 0.0026%, And Likely Smaller: Plus Four New Studies Showing Mask Mandates Are Useless

07 Sept 2021: cures cancer The multitargeted drug ivermectin: from an antiparasitic agent to a repositioned cancer drug. Pharma supressing this is evil. There is that word again.
Need to vax to go to Rutgers -on line-!? insanity.
Kid. Leave the kids alone. CDC reports two more infant DEATHS following experimental COVID injections during clinical trials.
Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot.
A really shitty vax, can’t even keep you from spreading it.
fighting medical Covid vax mandate in Ohio.
A new study of a series of cases in the Journal of Neurology examines possible links between Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and acute Central Nervous System (CNS) demyelination, including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier warns Covid vaccines may lead to ‘neurodegenerative illness. killing people slowly.
Playing God in YOUR body- From here, simplified“[Inside the body]… the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein… binds to NRP-1… NRP-1 plays a multisystem role in angiogenesis, tumor progression, viral entry, axonal guidance within the central and peripheral nervous systems, and immune function”.
Follow the money- From here : “The materials confirm the grants supported the construction–in Wuhan–of novel chimeric SARS-related coronaviruses that combined a spike gene from one coronavirus with genetic information from another coronavirus, and confirmed the resulting viruses could infect human cells. The documents make it clear that assertions by the NIH Director, Francis Collins, and the NIAID Director, Anthony Fauci, that the NIH did not support gain-of-function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at WIV are untruthful.”
They are killing people- A doctor writes, “So now the government is getting involved in [read: restricting] monoclonal antibody distribution. Before, I could just order as much as we needed, and they shipped it next day air. Now a govt. commission will decide when, if, and how much I will be able to get for my pts [patients]. ‘Should you have any questions regarding this update in ordering and distribution procedures, please email the Federal COVID-19 Response Team.’ Wonderful.” 
a piece of good news- A newly discovered antibody was able to neutralize not only all strains of COVID-19, but other coronaviruses known to cause respiratory infections in humans — a potential silver bullet for a whole class of deadly, flu-like viruses and their mutants.
Chinese authorities have pressured and silenced citizens whose family members have died after getting vaccinated against COVID-19, according to families inside China.
Israel is planning to administer a fourth Covid shot which could be adjusted to fight new variants as country battles wave of infections despite hugely successful vaccine roll-out.
Pfizer’s new ‘daily pill’ to fight Covid utilizes a protease inhibitor, and Ivermectin is also a protease inhibitor. coincidence? Maybe.
Adding to the litany of mea culpas regarding the use of ivermectin the Associated Press recently issued a correction to a report alleging that 70% of poison control cases in Mississippi were linked to the drug’s ingestion.
Mass resistance arises as Washington state makes it nearly impossible to get vaccine exemptions.
First autopsy of dead person vaccinated for Covid found to contain spike proteins in every bodily organ.
just making scary shit up- Mu COVID variant that may resist vaccines found in 49 U.S. states
let’s die by the book, then- A judge rules a patient’s wife cannot force UC West Chester to treat her intubated COVID-19 husband with ivermectin.
Haw many will it take? Health authorities in Portugal today are described as “on the alert” following the so far unexplained death of a 41-year-old pediatric operational assistant two days after she received her first dose of the Covid vaccine.
First responders nationwide resist COVID vaccine mandates.
Canada fights back as Police, healthcare workers, and patriot groups protest mandatory vaccinations.
UK vaccine panel does not recommend COVID vaccines for healthy 12- to 15-year-olds.
Propagandists- Twitter refuses to remove tweets by Maddow, and other leftists promoting debunked ‘Ivermectin overdose’ hoax story.
Psaki said “plandemic” instead of “pandemic” when talking to the press.
Australia NSW will start requiring churches to use vaccination certificates for entry into worship.
Australia’s health chief Dr. Kerry Chant says COVID will be with us “forever,” and people will have to “get used to” endless booster vaccines.
What about fat people? Aussie politician Daniel Andrews says people who do not get the COVID vaccine will not be allowed healthcare.
Forcing a parallel economy- Australian state Premier announces all non-vaccinated citizens will be locked out of the economy, freedom only permitted to vaccinated.
They forgot the “first do no harm” part-
do no harm?
Kids, sad-
3rd person dies from contaminated Moderna vaccine.
Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine Mandate; jab or job.

06 Sept 2021: CDC records two more infant deaths from vax trial. Evil.
AF pilots resign rather than take the Vax. They are not stupid.
Vax failure and the way out.
Proof from JAMA that at best the vax is worthless.
Dr Robert Malone says, in Peru, the last half of 2020, mortality dropped 14 fold over 3 months with Ivermectin, and then rose 13 fold when Ivermectin was removed.
TO what purpose is this vid released? Aussie who is vaccinated and tested negative 9 times uploads a video from his COVID concentration camp, with people locked into rooms for over 300 hours, and guards threatening to gas them if they try to leave.
New Zealand police surround address in full protective gear  and swarm after Covid-positive man escapes quarantine.
Aussie who does videos about the Vaxx and lockdowns documents his home being raided.
Richard Grenell says, “I am uncomfortable having a Five Eyes country that misreads the Covid science and overreacts so much.”
Mass non-compliance- Paris Police beat woman shopping without a vaccine passport, and the people responded and the Police retreated.
Evil- Chris Whitty ordered the NHS to give alleged Covid-19 patients lethal doses of Hydroxychloroquine to kill them and sabotage trials.
Oregon Governor Kate Brown is being sued by police officers and firefighters over the state’s vaccine mandate.
Say no to drugs- CDC data says teens injected with COVID shots have 7.5 X more deaths, 15 X more disabilities, 44 X more hospitalizations than all FDA approved vaccines in 2021.
140,000 French citizens protest against vaccine passports.
Bizarro world- 70% of Democrats now favor school choice” because of how many public schools will not mandate all the students wear masks.
Canada hospitals full of vax injuries, not Covid patients.
Doc claims she will no longer treat unvaxxed people. Wonder if she treat fat people.
Cornell corona cases up 4x even though 95% of everyone there is vaxxed.
How to lie with numbers- CDC Bases Covid Jab Death Toll % on Doses – Not People, as Death Toll Topples all Other “Vaccines” for 3 Decades.
First Autopsy Of Dead Person Vaccinated For Covid Found To Contain Spike Proteins In Every Bodily Organ. Marvelous.
Vax is con Job post 1
Vax is con job post 2, snake oil.
A five-day course of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 may reduce the duration of illness.
British researchers find a potential mechanism for Covid vaccine-caused heart injury.
The disappearance of the seasonal flu and what it might mean.
Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19.
Graphene Oxide in the Jabs? looks like it.
Dr Michael McDowell Discusses The Genetic Bioweapon SarsCoV2.
America’s Front Line Doctors hold second summit.

05 Sept 2021: CDC: Teens Injected with COVID Shots have 7.5 X More Deaths, 15 X More Disabilities, 44 X More Hospitalizations than All FDA Approved Vaccines in 2021.
Rolling Stone ‘horse dewormer’ hit-piece that claimed Oklahoma ERs were overflowing with people ‘overdosing on horse dewormer’ is debunked after hospital says there are no Ivermectin overdoses.
Doctors report drug ivermectin proving effective as treatment against COVID despite media backlash.
White House, CDC, FDA and the WHO still do not mandate their employees take a COVID-19 vaccine.
Deaths following Pfizer jabs are exceeding those after AstraZeneca shots, although experts say that many of the casualties were over the age of 74, with weaker immune systems and pre-existing medical conditions.
CDC finds over 83 percent of Americans had COVID antibodies before the Delta surge.
Israel’s COVID Czar tells the public to prepare for a fourth Pfizer booster shot, (in addition to a Pfizer-Covid pill required with the shot), insanity personified
Means it’s working? Despite 95% vaccination rate Cornell today has 5 times more COVID cases than it did this time last year.
Ohio nurses’ union poll finds 30% would quit the hospital over a Vax mandate.
Painter demonstrates how little the masks actually do.
Example of just one VAERS report. Sounds unpleasant.
Soccer field insanity over covid rules. Blind obedience.
A deep dive on ivermectin, 52 pg PDF.
well, ain’t that special. Google executive staff are on Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and they’re not taking the vaccine. Zelenko knows their doctor. (@ 19 min or so)
So Sad:
American Thinker- Why all the fuss about ivermectin.
They knew back then.
A paper on the dangers of synthetic mRNA.

04 Sept 2021: Problems in mandating the #ClotShot in medical industry.
Schoolchildren have discovered that applying orange juice to a Covid lateral flow test can generate a fake “positive” result. Great tests.
Fauci praises case-surging Israel as he moves the goalpost again, saying, a ‘full regimen for vaccination will likely be three doses.’
Four family members die one after another 2 weeks after receiving the J&J COVID-19 vaccine.
More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems.
From here (Troponin is a measure of a heart attack)
Delta variant death rate among the vaccinated over 5 times higher than the unvaccinated in England.
Oscar De La Hoya was knocked out by COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated against the virus.
Topeka hospital that a woman went to after getting the vaccine, says no cause of death has been determined
Teenage soccer player in Britain is rushed to hospital ‘after suffering cardiac arrest on the pitch’ in front of horrified fans forcing FA Youth Cup match to be abandoned.
Australian news reports show Orwellian society chasing after, and capturing ‘COVID fugitives’ to send them away to quarantine camp.
Military members report that lawyers were at the “education” and “counseling” mass vax sites for refusers today to tell them they had to take the experimental drug or face dishonorable discharge
Trump says he ‘probably won’t’ get COVID-19 booster shot.
CDC admits COVID lethality rate was overstated because twice as many Americans had COVID as previously thought.
CDC study estimates over 80% of Americans are now protected from COVID-19 through vaccination or recovery from the virus.
NYC teachers union ready for war over demand to pull all unvaxxed from payroll.
WV– people dropping like flies after vaccination; 26% increase in cases among the vaxed
Ivermectin, a potential anticancer drug derived from an antiparasitic drug.
Heart problems from the jab are worse than the ‘rona.
Oh. Great. Now acute CNS demyelination after Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
Pilot has stroke in flight and dies. Must need more vaxxing.

03 Sept 2021: The story of Ivermectin. Very good overview of effects and effectiveness.
Moderna recall in Japan.
Just a GPS tagged selfie on demand. Australia could force citizens to report their location on demand via a government tracking app.
More Oz insanity- Australian government plans a Chinese-style ‘social credit’ system for social media users.
suspicious- Healthy Florida woman took the Vaxx, and suddenly came down with the human form of Mad Cow disease.
Cooking the numbers- Any death that the vaccine causes within 2 weeks will now show up as the death of an unvaccinated person, because the CDC has declared you are not vaccinated for purposes of adverse reactions, until two weeks have passed.
Not the rights you were looking for- ACLU comes out in SUPPORT of vaccine mandates.
crashing- The vaccines are 9.5% effective
no jab needed- Majority of population likely has pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2, claim researchers.
They want you dead- AMA, APhA, and ASHP call for an immediate end to prescribing, dispensing, and the use of Ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19 outside of clinical trials.
They are on board- Amazon to block some autocomplete search results for ivermectin, amid misuse for COVID-19
Ironic combo of countries and results- No-lockdown Sweden bans travel from ultra-vaxxed, locked down Israel over Covid spikes.
Took her last vax- One example somebody found on facebook of a woman who ridiculed vaccine skeptics, got the vaccine, and died in her sleep that very night.
knock-on effects- General Motors to temporarily halt production of nearly all US plants due to pandemic-related chip shortage overseas.
uhhh… good? Candace Owens denied a Covid test by a deranged white female progressive clinic owner over politics.
What else is in the horse paste?
Nobel Prize winner: COVID Variants “Are A Production And Result From The Vaccination”
UK Gov’t to inject all 12-15 YO w/o parental consent. Evil
Stew Peters interviews Dr Zelenko.
HHS Documents Admit CDC Has Never Isolated Any “Covid-19 Virus” …PCR Tests Nothing But Instrument NOISE.
Now Turkey is requiring 4 pokes for travelers to get passports.
Memory-holing stories and data on the dangers of masking kids.
Small win. Uni prof wins exemptions, showing natural immunity better than vax.
coincidence? Same lab that made contaminated Jap #ClotShot burns down.
Masks don’t work. Lots of studies and data.
John Fredricks show, interviews Dr Lee Merritt.
Another anti-cancer story and thread because of ivermectin/ dog dewormer Fenbendazole.

02 Sept 2021: Triumph of evil and suppression of Ivermectin.
Looming vaccine immune system disaster.
Vax is now about 91% worthless.
Three Charts The Delta Variant Scaremongers Don’t Want You To See.
Medical Information Is Being Suppressed to Cover Up for the False Covid Narrative.
WHO paper touting Ivermectin a while back.
A county health department in Michigan tells parents they’re “required to cooperate” with the agency, or be taken to court following allegations they exposed their child to Covid-19.
CDC quietly releases plans to put Americans in COVID quarantine concentration camps.
Just say no-Amherst college bars students from leaving campus without permission in response to the pandemic.
something off here- Australian Police violate lockdown rules to host LGBT office party.
Can you say lawsuit- 134 students are disenrolled at Virginia Tech for noncompliance with COVID-19 vaccination mandates.
Gov’t is enemy of the people- After Italy requires vaccines to catch a train, anti-‘vax passport’ protesters to block the railways.
Japan finds another Moderna vial suspected to contain foreign substance.
Another lot of Moderna vaccines suspended in Japan after ‘black particles’ found in the vials.
cover story, version of truth, or accurate- Moderna to recall COVID-19 doses in Japan after stainless steel contaminants found.
Boosters AND a 2x-daily pill- Pfizer is now developing a twice-per-day COVID pill that must be taken alongside vaccines and they are so confident the pill will be approved and likely mandated that it has started production before the end of clinical trials.
Joe Rogan says he has COVID-19, took discredited horse dewormer drug to treat it.
Compromised, stupid, or evil? AMA calls on doctors to immediately stop prescribing Ivermectin for Covid.
related- HIV vaccine trial fails, study canceled.
Also less deadly- New Covid variant, known as ‘Mu’, under close WHO scrutiny due to concerns over its vaccine resistance.
Waking up- Prescriptions for Ivermectin – a deworming drug – surged to 24 times their pre-pandemic levels as people baselessly take it as a COVID-19 cure.
Walk away- Chicago’s new COVID-19 vaccine requirement has prompted a lot of school bus drivers to quit.
FDA approved, eh? Sacklers to pay $4.5 billion, and dissolve Purdue Pharma in opioid settlement.
FL gets based- Ask for Covid vaccine proof in Florida get fined $5,000.
Dr. Peter McCullough: “The Vaccine Is Failing In The UK And Israel” 27 min interview. Key points: 1. The virus does not spread asymptomatically. 2. We should never test  asymptomatic people. 3. Natural immunity is robust, complete, and durable. 4. COVID-19 is easily treatable at home. 5. The current vaccines are obsolete, unsafe, and unfit for human use. (if gone, then try here on Rumble).
Secondary damage via shedding and bloody noses.
Dr. Ghauri, a parent and doctor, speaks at the Pennsbury School Board meeting.
Conflict of interest Michel R. Taylor  
Ivermectin is so dangerous the CDC recommends treating all refugees with it.
Physicist presentation on what in the vax, prion-like parts, how it works, etc.
Related – Fleming Method website.

01 Sept 2021: Convenient- A lawyer for the Jan 6th Defendants is in the hospital unresponsive, “possibly” with COVID-19.
US Covid Vaccines are already proven to cause more harm than good, based on properly analyzed Clinical Trial data showing, “all cause significant morbidity.
A new paper says it has discovered part of the reason people get severe cases of COVID is antibodies to two motifs on the Spike protein must look just like something in the human body, and produce antibodies that flag parts of the human body as foreign and trigger some sort of massive auto-immune response. Keeps getting better and better.
Good people don’t do this- Now it comes out Dr. Fauci used taxpayer money to have dogs tortured and eaten alive by parasite infected flies in Tunisia, and there are pictures of the beagles sedated and laying with their heads in the fly chambers.
Yes- Ultra-vaxxed Israel shattered their record for Covid-19 new cases today, making people question, are ‘vaccines’ spreading Covid-19 faster?.
West Virginia sees a 25% increase in deaths of fully vaccinated.
Background politics of this are suspicious- Two senior FDA leaders in charge of vaccine science are stepping down.
Rules for thee- Elizabeth Warren breaks the New Mexico Governor’s mask mandates at a wedding.
2+2=? Deaths following vaccine shots among people in their 20s continue to be reported in Korea, adding fresh concerns.
Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization drops, CDC says.
More than a little WTF? Emergency response says Department of Defense has taken over a vaccine shipment crash on a highway, that shuttered airspace.
A little good news- LA County to pay $400,000 to settle with San Fernando Valley church that defied coronavirus orders.
A Butler County judge in Ohio has ordered a hospital to administer Ivermectin to a ventilated COVID-19 patient, granting an emergency relief filed by the patient’s wife.
War on what works continues- Las Vegas feed store says customers must prove they own a horse before being allowed to purchase Ivermectin.
A disturbance in the narrative- A national shortage and tenfold increase in Australians importing ivermectin in August has sparked a warning from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) against the use of the medicine.
Evil Gnome- Dr. Fauci warns against using Ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19, saying “Don’t do it.”.
Evidence mounts that MMR and TDAP vaccines produce protection against severe COVID-19 by creating life-long immunity to antigens on all the pathogens. Not all vax are equal
Kids’ noses are armed with pre-activated cells designed to fight off coronavirus, new study shows.
More on incentives-HHS amends PREP act liability waiver for providers to cover only NIH approved treatments for COVID-19.
Fear Porn-A new “doomsday” Covid variant has been discovered, with health experts fearing it moves nearly “twice as fast” as the deadly Delta strain.
A message from Dr. Anne McCloskey, reporting about sick vaxxed people. 10 min
Expected outbreak of polio-like disease in kids this fall. Acute flaccid myelitis
1500 women get cervical cancer after being fully jabbed.
Are the sheep willing to take a twice-daily cure for the #ClotShot? chutzpa
Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Highly Vaccinated Health System Workforce.

31 Aug 2021: US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on
Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint,
“All Cause Severe Morbidity”.
“Harvard Study: COVID Infection Provides Greater Protection Against Delta Than Being Vaccinated”.
Nurse shortages in California are reaching a crisis point as the vaccine mandates begin to pick up.
If you like your exemptions, you can keep your exemptions- New York ends religious exemptions for COVID vaccine mandate, as 450,000 healthcare workers are affected.
Judge orders West Chester Hospital to treat COVID-19 patient with anti-parasite drug despite CDC warning.
But they are lying, have to get 80% vaxxed first- Australia to end their ultra-strict ‘Covid zero’ policy because it is ‘not a sustainable way to live.’ Evil.
It’s working! New Zealand woman gets Pfizer, and dies from myocarditis.
Singapore sentences Briton to six weeks in prison for not wearing face mask.
Insanity-Illinois reinstitutes statewide mandate for toddlers to mask up.
Biden administration opens civil rights probe in five GOP-led states on ban of school mask mandates.
Censorship-Google reported to the Australian federal government that it has removed around 800,000 YouTube videos concerning COVID-19, and 275 million COVID-19 apps from across its platform as part of its $1 billion global campaign to “counter COVID-19 misinformation.
Chicago Judge reverses his own decision, and allows an unvaccinated mom to see her son.
Harvard Epidemiologist Says the Case for COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished.
Cross-reactive CD4+ T cells enhance SARS-CoV-2 immune responses upon infection and vaccination. Translation- lots of people already had robust responses from prev infect.
Insane numbers- Age 18-24 has a 213x higher risk of contracting myopericarditis.
News Roundup | Indian Physician on Impact Of Ivermectin In Home Medicine Kits in India.
Top FDA people stepping down soon. Huh. Wonder why?
16-Year-Old Who Suffered Heart Attack After Taking Pfizer Vaccine Receives $225,000 Settlement From Singapore Government.
Ivermectin Use in Africa vs Covid. from here.

Two good sci papers, spike protein does body damage:
The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein subunit S1 induces COVID-19-like acute lung injury in K18-hACE2 transgenic mice and barrier dysfunction in human endothelial cells
SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: implications for microclot formation in COVID-19
Why the killed grandma: only covered treatments shield from liability.
Long interview with panel on medicine, coercion, conscientious objectors, etc.
Mikovits interview on Infowars. Spike protein causes cancer.

30 Aug 2021: Not independently verified but interesting-A doctor claims that after extensive analysis, graphene oxide has been found in all four vaccines, Trypanosoma cruzi parasites (that cause Chagas disease) have been found in the Pfizer vaccine. and nanoparticulate components of all vaccines create magnetic effects in the body.
Not consistent vial contents- Japan suspends more vaccine batches after some are noted to have black substances in them, and others, pink substances.
Conspiracy of silence- No update to Budesonide guidance as study confirms Covid efficacy.
Right goal, wrong reason- Rand Paul claims ‘hatred for Trump’ is hindering research into Ivermectin as a COVID treatment.
NHS England orders GPs to stop all blood tests not ‘clinically urgent’ until 17 September.
Evil gnome and kids- Fauci says mandating COVID-19 vaccines for all school children before allowing them in school is a ‘good idea.’
How to lie with counting- NSW Health switches to recording patients as dying ‘with’ Covid instead of ‘from’ after finally acknowledging that many of Australia’s 993 casualties died from something else or had even recovered from the virus.
West Virginia sees 25% increase in deaths of fully vaccinated.
Oregon counties request trucks for bodies as deaths climb. Not closing border, tho.
David Icke says, “This is an agenda not to protect health but to kill enormous numbers of people globally.”
Several hundred gather in Santa Monica to protest against proposed vaccine mandates.
Well, isn’t THIS pic interesting? Wonder what changed?

Horse meds- Efficacy and safety of a single-dose veterinary preparation of ivermectin versus 7-day high-dose albendazole for chronic strongyloidiasis. It works.
USCDC COVID Document Discussed Relocating “High Risk” Individuals to “Camps”.
“Healthy” doctor dies two weeks after getting the #ClotShot.
2015 Fauci praise for ivermectin.
2012 published study shows Ivermectin inhibits HIV and Dengue fever viral replication. Original article is here. Title is “Ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importin α/β-mediated nuclear import able to inhibit replication of HIV-1 and dengue virus” HUGE.
Vaccine regrets in Canada.
Hawaii vax-max and increasing illness and lockdowns. Insanity.
Multiple methods point to 150k+ dead Americans from the vax. HUGE. 23 pg paper.

29 Aug 2021: Gal gets the vax, promptly “catches  covid” loses a lung to clots. 2+2=?
Alex Berenson tweeted some things about death stats in the UK, gets nuked for it.
16 year old got the vaccine, and five days later he died with a heart twice its normal size.
Deaths in the UK, where 80% are vaccinated, are up tenfold from this time last year when zero people were vaccinated.
UK Covid deaths surge 27% in a week with more than 30k new cases for 11th day in row.
Scar-porn news From here – “Although there is no specific test for the Delta variant, it’s likely a positive Covid-19 result indicates you could be infected with the variant, according to Human and Health Services of Texas. The reason is because the majority of Covid cases in the 0United States are the Delta variant.”
should be a joke, isn’t- Fully vaccinated will be allowed to leave their home for one hour of recreational time, Australia says
Australia created a Police state to stop COVID-19, yet data shows it’s not working.
Eric Clapton appears frustrated with Covid-19 vaccine on new song ‘This Has Gotta Stop.’
Note the judge wasn’t buying it- A liquor store security guard was acting in self defense when he shot a customer three times because the customer was “putting other’s lives at risk by not wearing a [COVID] mask.”
New study finds 1 in 3 Americans were infected with coronavirus by the end of 2020.
Freeper’s healthy 30 year old nephew got jabbed in February, was found dead in his bed from an apparent blood clot a couple of days ago.
A professional video gamer got the vax, and tweeted about it, and it is as good as you would think. Yeah, hard to game with serious headaches.
People need hangin’- A 46 year old US Army veteran in Texas has tragically and needlessly passed away because no hospital would admit him to perform an emergency surgery that could have saved his life from a highly treatable condition – gallstone pancreatitis.
NZ has first official death linked to Pfizer vaxx.

28 Aug 2021: Max boosting! Joe Biden says, we’re considering COVID booster shots in ‘as little as 5 months’ after vaccination.
Same rhetoric as gun control- Mitt Romney to unvaccinated, ‘Your liberty affects my health.’
Very strange- Pfizer is asking for sovereign assets as collateral for distribution of vaccines, including embassies and military bases.
False front and report- US intelligence releases report on COVID-19 origins, says outbreak was natural, not a bioweapon
Everyone- California lawmakers are considering enacting a sweeping COVID-19 vaccination mandate that would require residents to show proof of vaccination to enter many businesses statewide — but it may not come until after the Gavin Newsom recall election.
Evil- The French government is attempting to starve out the unvaccinated by blocking their access to grocery stores, putting the nation on the verge of revolt.
par for the course- School board member who voted to mask children caught unmasked at concert with 10,000 people the next day.
HHS is diverting millions in funding marked for vaccine efforts to housing migrant children.
corrupt- Judge blocks DeSantis from banning school mask mandates
Blocking treatment is evil- The AP runs a hit piece suggesting that DeSantis is pushing a cure for Covid as a payoff to an investor, and now Fauci admits that treatment, monoclonal antibodies, reduces Covid deaths by 85%.
Liars gonna lie- The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is partnered with a self-described “socialist” internet foundation run by the branch of the Chinese Communist Party spearheading its digital campaign to censor factual narratives and push fraudulent information about COVID-19.
now What?-Chicago police union says ‘hell no’ to Lightfoot’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate
Plus- Apparently there’s an Illinois law that prohibits asking about vaccine status
Meanshiel- Cook County judge strips mother of parental rights over vaccination status.
“Rare”- 34-year-old woman becomes the seventh person in Australia whose death has been linked to a rare side effect from the first dose of AstraZeneca.
doing the right thing- Houston doctor treats COVID patients with anti-parasite drug ivermectin, despite FDA warnings.
“side effects”- School disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic resulted in significant drops in math and reading test scores for Minnesota students, according to state education officials.
For thee- Afghan evacuees on U.S. Military bases won’t be forced to take the COVID vaccine, unlike our soldiers.
Meanwhile in the EU-
Natural immunity is better according to Israeli study.
Scary VAERS report – sounds like demons?
Michael Yeadon- Vaxx ~50x more likely to kill kids than the disease.
Vid- funeral homes are seeing a LOT of vaxxed people.
All about dehumanizing and isolating- Studies show masks ineffective.
UK- 1 in every 142 people have serious adverse reaction, birth defects, blindness, more.
CDC study: School mask mandates don’t work.
The risk of ADE should be more prominently disclosed and tracked.

27 Aug 2021: “Inescapable” antibody treatment cures all covid types.
Vox Day makes a convincing case that although COVID had no effect on overall deaths, the Vaxx appears to possibly be dramatically increasing deaths from all other causes like heart attacks, strokes, and so on.
Aussie journalist shares ‘intense’ vaccine side-effect from hospital bed.
Rice University moved to online classes last week after a surprisingly high amount of students tested for COVID-19, which the university has since discovered were false positives.
Vaccine mandate in Ecuador province defeated by legal action.
Ouch- Official media reports state that during a 5-month period, over 32,000 people in Brazil have died following a COVID-19 injection.
Based Japan- Tokyo’s Medical Assoc. Chairman holds press conference recommending Ivermectin to all COVID patients.
Meanwhile in USA- Arkansas doctor under investigation for prescribing ivermectin thousands of times for Covid-19 despite FDA warning.
Jan 6 political prisoners who refuse the COVID vax are denied razors, haircuts, and religion ahead of their court appearances – ‘They’re trying to make them look like terrorists.’
Not sure what this means- The U.S. Census Bureau will not release one-year estimates for the 2020 American Communities Survey due to high coronavirus-related nonresponse rates leading to skewed data, according to a new report from USAFacts.
Former Pfizer Employee DESTROYS Big Pharma – “Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN”.
PFIZER COVID-19 VACCINE (EUA) Side Effects by Likelihood and Severity. Missing things.
Narrowing the religious exemption. They hate you. Act accordingly.
Cool real-time treatment results website.
Alarming Report Showing Pfizer Vaccination Extortion Highlights Influence of Big Pharma and Multinationals on Geopolitical Stage.
Senior Trump HHS COVID Advisor Drops BOMBS! Task Force Mislead POTUS, No “Pandemic”.
More military people died from he Vax than from Covid (20).
Dr Peter McCullough lecture on the State of COVID treatment.

26 Aug 2021: Contamination in Japanese Moderna Vax vials.
First “official” #ClotShot death case in UK, a TV personality. AstraZenica
New quarantine facility for “safety” of the non-vaxxed in Oz.
And they call this a “covid death” A 16-year-old football player from Memphis, Tennessee, who was vaccinated against COVID-19 died from the virus over the weekend, his mother told local news. Liars.
Knew this earlier- From here – “Every serious adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccines that medicine regulators in both the USA and United Kingdom have been forced to admit is occurring was predicted by the very same medicine regulators to occur before the Covid-19 vaccines were even rolled out… The following video was released by the US Food and Drug Administration in October 2020, and the person presenting the slides within the video skips past a slide entitled ‘Draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes’ as fast as he possibly can. Skip to the 2 hour, 33 minute 40 secs mark and see for yourself.”
Israeli preprint says, natural immunity to COVID is FAR superior to the artificial kind, with the vaccinated 13x as likely to be infected and 27x as likely to be symptomatic.
Blame the healthy-US COVID-19 deaths skyrocket 23 percent over previous week, as US suffers from a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
Samples from early Wuhan COVID patients had genetically modified Henipah virus, one of two types of viruses sent to China by Chinese-born scientists from a Canadian laboratory at the center of a controversy over collaboration with Chinese military researchers.
Officially, anyway- A US intelligence report requested by President Biden into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic is inconclusive.
New York Governor Kathy Hochul revealed 12,000 more people died of COVID-19 than was reported under her disgraced predecessor, Andrew Cuomo.
Pentagon orders all active military to get the vaccine as soon as possible, as 800,000 service members still haven’t gotten a shot and could face court martial if they don’t.
Flashback to 2017 – Nearly a third of FDA-approved drugs had problems, study finds.
Discriminatory- Delta Air Lines to impose a $200 monthly charge on unvaccinated employees, and add testing requirements.
What? Ivermectin is being given to inmates at Washington County Jail.
Gab launches brand-new job board to help unvaccinated Americans find vax-free work.
Gov. Abbott issues a new order blocking COVID-19 vaccine mandates even if approved by the FDA.
“very rare” side effects of the Jab is filling the hospitals.
The science lied, people died. his link to here; deaths are up 12% YoY.
Ivermectin story from February. Study says it can cut deaths by 75%
Interesting interview about strange things with the Pfizer launch after “approval.”
Ryan Cole- Early signals of weakened immune system, 2 minutes long

25 Aug 2021: Bait and switch on the FDA approval.
Board member of Pfizer is a former FDA commissioner regulating Pharma
Lack of cost-benefit analysis in education settings for Bug19 control.
You know they are lying when they are changing definitions- ‘Herd immunity’ no longer possible without vaccinating young children, Public Health Ontario says. This we know. We have seen it.
OSHA tells employers to not report vax injuries.
can you say “discrimination?” Delta Air Lines is raising health insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees by $200 a month to cover higher Covid costs.
Maybe- Cyber Ninjas AZ audit team is “quite sick” with COVID-19.
Wait and see- The new intramuscular injectable antibody therapy for COVID was found to reduce risk of symptomatic COVID-19 by 77 percent for up to 12 months.
conflict of interest- The biopharmaceutical industry pays three quarters of the FDA’s budget used for the drug review process, and can withdraw that funding if it becomes displeased in any way.
That time people were dropping like flies due to a new diabetes drug, and FDA did nothing until a bunch of doctors in the agency staged a revolt to stop the deaths.
There are 70 CCP members on the Pfizer investment board. I’m sure they are honest.
Fireman protests mandatory vaccinations at rally in California. destroy healthy control grp
From here, Soros-backed officials backing Soros backed officials to protect assets supporting the Cabal COVID psyop and school shutdowns. CYA all the way down.
Well, duh. Should be obvious. A federal judge has ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement to test detainees for COVID-19 before they are transferred to the immigrant detention center in Washington State.
Why have Covid-19 deaths surged in Singapore, even as vaccination rates go up?
I guess this means it’s working? Heavily vaccinated Israel passes 1 million total COVID cases, and approaches a one-day record.
Hawaii governor tells potential tourists not to visit as hospitals and ICUs are “filling up” with COVID patients.
Lies and distortions and BS for media spin- You aren’t legally allowed to know which variant gave you COVID-19 in the US, even if it’s Delta.
How to count vax dead as covid deaths; change the definitions- CDC counts people dying within 14 days of a jab as “unvaccinated.”
One man’s view- both sides get a vote in the Vax War.
Dirty Games WA is playing with religious exemptions- look at the comments. Here, too.
Fully-vaccinated individuals infected with Covid are 5.1x more likely to die than unvaccinated individuals infected with Covid. Hard statistical evidence from the UK.
Vox’s take, and breakdown in simple language, of the numbers. Source data 
Maybe, too soon. Is there a link between mRNA vaxxes & “mad cow disease” prions?
Natural immunity 13x better than the fake vax immunity:
Short-timer- Japanese study concludes that the current #clotshot will offer no protection against mutations of #Coronachan likely to appear in the near future.
The Vaxxed blood supply, an emerging issue with it.
Cool- Clinical efficacy of nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS) for the treatment of mild COVID-19 infection.
Take-away: natural infection is best- Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections.
Gov Inslee Strong anti-religious bias in state exemptions.
Threatment blurbNiacin and Melatonin.

24 Aug 2021: The lying is so utterly blatant- Got vax and died, it’s unrelated.
Delta mutating toward ADE because of the vax.
Acting FDA Commissioner is ruled out as permanent nominee due to her role in creating the opioid epidemic. Great track record, there.
Vox has the Pfizer Vaxx getting FDA approved, and how it was done completely against the law.
Reminder- They purposely destroyed their control group by giving it the vaccine
Sounds Legit- Pfizer gave $382K to Joe Biden, their biggest recipient
New Jersey implementing vaccination or testing mandate for all educational personnel.
Sen Ron Johnson says, “I am receiving a growing number of letters from doctors and nurses detailing the vaccine injuries they are witnessing and treating.”
A New York resident died on Sunday morning shortly after receiving the COVID vaccine, but state health officials maintain that “the vaccine is safe,” the New York Post reported
Burial costs will now be covered by Ottawa for individuals killed by approved vaccines.
Israel struggles with COVID surge despite mass vaccinations.
US military will now require all service members to be vaccinated against Covid-19.
Robert Barnes offers a free letter to use in seeking an exemption from the Vaxx.
A new monoclonal antibody treatment has been found to protect chronically ill adults from developing COVID-19 through a single intramuscular injection that offers up to 12 months protection.
Three cases in New York of Hospitals which refused to administer Ivermectin, were sued by patients families, were ordered to give Ivermectin, and the patients miraculously recovered, even off ventilators.
There is a bill to mandate vaccines for air travel.
Critics blast FDA for lack of data and scientific debate before the Pfizer shot approval.
San Jose mayor aims to require vaccination proof in city buildings and at large events.
Spreading FUD- As schools reopened in Florida, several parents in Flagler County received weekend phone calls saying their children “may” have been exposed to someone who “may” have had COVID-19 and their children could not return to school until they passed a series of COVID-19 tests, while other children were pulled from class and placed in isolation while parents were called and told to come pick them up “immediately.”
Priming the scare machine- A new “Super-variant” dubbed “Covid-22” could be more deadly than the world-dominating Delta, an expert has warned.
Lying- Fauci apologizes, says he misspoke about getting COVID-19 under control in 2022
Vax-Pass. Evil- “Israel will then reconfigure its Green Passports, granting them only to the triple-vaccinated, and limiting their validity to six months.”
A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, shows that vaccinated healthcare workers carry 251 times the viral load and pose a threat to unvaccinated patients and co-workers.
Vaccine Narratives Change As Fast As They’re Written.
The vaccine bait and switch. Approve one, deliver the other.
The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article.
Video showing the blood clotting.
Study: Fully Vaccinated Healthcare Workers Carry 251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to Unvaccinated Patients, Co-Workers.
From 2015- A Bat SARS-like coronavirus.
Lawyers start to sue CDC, WHO, etc, for bio crimes against humanity.
Statement on MIS-C noted in 2020. Multi-system Inflammation syndrome in Children

23 Aug 2021: In Israel 95% of the covid deaths in July were vaccinated individuals.
Why the hospitals are claiming to be “full” (in the comments by a nurse.
Individuals who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination, vaccines can be safely prioritized to those who have not been infected before Yeah, well, asbestos was once approved to used, too.
Merck had “hit list” to neutralize dissenting docs. Hey, look at that. coincidence.
The “Othering”- More Than 75 Doctors Walk Out of South Florida Hospital Rather Than Treat the Unvaccinated. A lot of compromised or stupid docs in there.
Effects of masks and ventilation on Covid19– masks fail, vents better.
Rescue dogs shot dead by NSW council to stop rescuers from violating COVID restrictions to care for them
They hate you, want you dead- Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden says it would be a “good idea” to drop off unvaccinated Trump supporters in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan
Not like you need them, right? FDA ignores new UK study showing the Pfizer vaccine destroys T cells, and weakens the immune system.
On Bannon’s War Room, Pharmacies are being told not to distribute medications that combat Covid.
Conflict of interest at the very least- Bill Gates has major shares in both Pfizer & BioNTech, and an FOI has revealed he is the primary funder of the UK’s Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency.
Lying with data collection- The CDC only tracks a fraction of breakthrough COVID-19 infections, even as cases surge.
Alex Berenson on Twitter says, “It is awful news. Up to 15 Israelis who are a week out from the third dose have already died? 88 are very sick?”.
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Apple, and Samsung are trying to ‘digitally normalize’ vaccine passports.
Vitamin B12 shows efficacy as an antiviral medication when run against COVID replication.
The pressure grows- Dozens of students who were enrolled at the University of Virginia had their status reversed because they remained unvaccinated before the start of the semester, officials said Friday.
PR- Former NBA all star Andrew Bogut is speaking out about how popular influencers on social media are being paid off to encourage followers to submit to COVID-19 mandates.
Scare porn and lockdowns- SARS-CoV-2 lambda variant escapes immune response via spike mutations.
Threats- Anti-mask states could face civil rights investigations, secretary of education says.
A British man was sentenced to six weeks in prison for not wearing a face mask, and the judge also ordered him to undergo mandatory psychiatric treatment because he dared to question the effectiveness of face masks.
Rules for thee- Mississippi says to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19 or face up to 5 years in prison and a fine.
Private surveillance- Biden administration demands Facebook hands over data on “misinformation” and vaccine skeptics as a “good will gesture.”
Bill de Blasio advocates vaccines for children, saying, “Let’s get to those 5-11-year-olds.”
India may prosecute and ultimately execute a World Health Organization Scientist for misleading the public about Ivermectin.
interesting- Covid-19 survivors who have been left with severe lung damage might be cured by an infusion of their own blood cells.
FDA Ignores Both Science and Law in Pfizer approval.
NPR- One-Third Of New Drugs Had Safety Problems After FDA Approval.
The problem with mandates. People are not interchangeable.
Regulatory capture is real.
Hospital Finds an Unlikely Group Opposing Vaccination: Its Workers.
Yes, it is. duh-The Biopharmaceutical Industry Provides 75% Of The FDA’s Drug Review Budget. Is This A Problem?
PFIZER whistleblower claims to have docs for 200,000 DEAD within a week of the shot.
Does the FDA think these data justify the first full approval of a covid-19 vaccine?
Gotta love those coincidences.
More Fear-porn-‘Covid-22’ could be more deadly than Delta, expert claims.
If people get jabbed after watching this they are beyond saving.16 min, pretty good)
Bilateral pneumonia may be new speak for !vaxxed ADE injury.
Segregation 2.0- B.C. announces new COVID-19 vaccine card required for wide range of public activities. They may be polite, but they are nuts.
The left wants you dead. And she’s a “teacher.”
Estimating vax mortality. Lots. Autopsy moratoriums. say what?
UK Data indicates more people die from the Vax than Covid.

22 Aug 2021: Documentary of some of the lies told by governments about Covid.
Possible Vaxx attorneys by state.
A Finnish scientist claims he got his hands of vials of the vaccine for testing, and some of the vials are saline. Also that the spikes are sterilizing.
Regenron is setting up Monoclonal infusion centers for those with COVID.
Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and his wife are hospitalized with COVID-19 despite being vaccinated. Or was it vaxxed with saline?
CDC buries study finding that student masking has ‘no statistically significant benefit.’
Rules for thee- College presidents meet, maskless, after issuing mask mandates
BBC goes off script, and asks if the vaccines protect you from serious disease with COVID, why get a booster when you could just catch the virus and get a superior, maybe permanant form of immunity after a short illness?
ADE- Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate and may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought. Expected.
Brazil has 32,000 dead from the vaccine. And that may be even though they are understating the risk in to get people to take it. ummmmm.
Aerial views showed protesters breaking through police lines and being met with pepper spray, as they continued to march through the city streets protesting COVID lockdowns.
Any bets on uneven enforcement for the “right” people? More than half of the NYPD isn’t vaccinated for COVID-19, so the department has issued an ultimatum – cops who want to remove their masks at work must provide proof they’ve gotten the COVID inoculation to the department’s medical division.
Evil in the Church.- Cdl. Cupich mandates COVID jab for ‘all employees and clergy’ or face ‘disciplinary action.’
Police in Switzerland are rising up against the “Great Reset” by refusing to enforce government-imposed restrictions on the general public.
ICanDecide.Org for lawyers and such
How to fight mask mandates, PDF. Americas Frontline Doctors
Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About Covid Injections Ignored by Government and Big Media– Dr. Luc Montagnier and Dr. Vanden Bossche
Duh- Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day double-blind study
A CDC report that cherry picks data and distorts the risks.

21 Aug 2021: Non-compliance with vax mandates at Canada universities.
Guide to Hawaii Vax passport. So long, freedom.
One guy’s way of using religious exemption.
May turn huge- The government has admitted vaccines have caused autism, and even paid out claims to recompense the parents, Sharyl Attkisson reports.
conflict of interest- A board member of Pfizer is also the chairman of Reuters.
Rumor- The F.D.A. is aiming to give full approval to Pfizer’s Covid vaccine on Monday.
The fix is in- FDA will forgo any public discussion of the data before approving the Pfizer vaccine.” Fraud vitiates any thing”
It works- Nurije Fype slowly improving after court ordered Illinois hospital to administer Ivermectin.
Vax Fail- In Los Angeles, breakthrough infections are now 30% of all new Covid cases amid the Delta surge. “Breakthrough”
Race War, anyone? Video shows angry French shoppers being blocked from entering supermarket because they don’t have COVID passports.
Blind docs, or compromised/owned? Doctors are not giving Monoclonal antibodies to COVID patients, even though it is a safe and effective treatment.
numbers games, playing with people’s lives- Oregon COVID patient dies after hospital runs out of ICU beds.
Zero risk from the disease- A 13-year-old Michigan boy died in his sleep three days after receiving the coronavirus vaccine in June and the Centers for Disease Control has opened an investigation into the death.
Red blood cell stacking problems in the vaxxed.
One on One w/Dr. Judy Mikovits: Truth about her Arrest and the One Issue Media can’t “Debunk” 15 min long interview.
Ugh- 20,595 Dead 1.9 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots.
All for a disease with a 99%+ survival rate- Aussie Cops Pledge To Unleash “Full Force” As Large Anti-Lockdown Protests Turn Violent.
When are the trials done, end of 2022 , and middle of 2023. Approval cannot come before trials.
Segregation 2.0- Skeptical of coronavirus shots, some patients demand blood transfusions only from the unvaccinated
Consensus summary report for CEPI/BC March 12–13, 2020 meeting: Assessment of risk of disease enhancement with COVID-19 vaccines.
A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon.
Not Good- The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses. Playing god and losing.
Big study. Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines
Known side effects as presented by the FDA in a LONG presentation. Blink and miss it.

20 Aug 2021: Wow- Hydroxychloroquine for the Treatment of Recurrent, Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer. Another treatment for cancer turns up in the antiparasitics.
Double-jabbed just as likely to spread variants as the unvaxxed.
Scottish Government seeks to make emergency Covid powers permanent. Shock (not)
Related to microclotting? CFA exam pass rate crashes to a record low of just 25%. Big drop
A new study on the effects of natural infection by the coronavirus suggests that there may be little to no benefit for recovered SARS-CoV-2 patients in receiving vaccines against the coronavirus.
Minutes- just minutes- A 56-year-old Greek woman died at Kalavryta Hospital just a few minutes after her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
no duh- Federal health officials are investigating emerging reports that the Moderna coronavirus vaccine may be associated with a higher risk of a heart condition called myocarditis in younger adults than previously believed.
Ironic- The plastic barriers that shot up at sales counters and order windows across America during the COVID-19 pandemic may actually be facilitating the spread of the virus, not protecting people from it. Like everything the gov mandates.
Fox News requires employees to provide vaccination status. Another step on the list.
This would be the next step- If North Texas runs out of ICU hospital beds, doctors can consider a patient’s vaccination status in deciding who gets an ICU bed.
CDC Director Walensky says “There is an increased risk of severe disease among those vaccinated early.” Then the moron says it means more people should be vaxxed.
Evil has overtaken many churches- Cardinal Cupich instructs Chicago Archdiocese priests not to give parishioners vaccine exemptions.
Biden’s administration is not mandating COVID vaccines for White House staff. huh.
Shock! Massive nurse shortage hits Houston just weeks after 150 unvaccinated nurses and hospital workers were fired.

Discrimination – If you’re a Saints ticket holder and refuse the COVID-19 vaccination or test, you’ll not only be barred from entering the Superdome, but you also won’t get a refund on your ticket.
More of it- Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University announced that it will impose fines and WiFi restrictions on students who cannot, or will not, provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination by the beginning of the fall semester.
Making a bad mind worse- Biden says he will get COVID-19 booster.
Oh, HELL no. Moderna’s experimental HIV mRNA vaccine could begin human trials as soon as this week..
Dr. Naomi Wolf Discusses “Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever”.
Australia’s Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello develops Bell’s Palsy Live on TV.
But Kabul Evacuees DON’T need Covid test. Yeah, that makes sense.
Lockdowns save lives, right? Welllllll.

Totall safe and effective- Researchers Find 1,000 Different Proteins in AstraZeneca’s COVID Vaccine Linked to Deadly Blood Clots.
“Law Professor REFUSES to MASK UP or get the JAB.
Officials investigating whether Moderna vaccine linked to increased risk of heart inflammation. Gee, already?
Medical Discrimination-

19 Aug 2021: James Fox in Oz livestream about the problems down there. (recorded)
Dr David Bauer discusses how the Pfizer Vaccine reduces the body’s neutralizing antibodies
Australian Minister reveals shock diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy after concerned viewers spotted his droopy eye at a Covid press conference.
Apple removes anti-vaxx dating site Unjected from its store for violating new code on Covid-19 content in move branded ‘censorship’ by app owners.
mRNA tech inventor Dr. Robert Malone says those who take the Covid-19 “vaccines” are more susceptible to the Delta Variant and have a higher risk of severe disease or even death.
Illinois to partner with Experian for vaccine passport system, and the data will be available to NSA and DHS.
Biden will tell nursing homes to force staff to be vaccinated to keep federal funding.
A handful of strange changes in the finger and toe nails have been documented over the course of the pandemic.
Professor beats George Mason University’s vaccine mandate, by asserting his ‘natural immunity’ meant he was being forced to receive unnecessary medical care in lawsuit.
Texas officials asked for 5 new refrigerated trucks for bodies as COVID-19 cases skyrocket in the state, reports show.
More than 1,000 COVID-19 deaths recorded as US returns to April levels.
Trump claims COVID booster shots are a ‘money-making operation’ for Pfizer and he can ‘see the dollar signs’ in CEO Albert Bourla’s eyes.
NPR pushes silly lies and nonsense about the boosters.
Spanish Supreme Court shoots down Covid passports as unreasonable.
Dystopia presented as a good thing. Propaganda and programming.
Example Vax deaths at the Covid Blog. The Covid Blog.
AAP memory-holing info on the importance of facial cues.
Navy Commander Warns of National Security Threat from Mandatory Vaccination.
Ontario school vax events w/o parental consent.
Flight cancelations do to short air-crews because of clotting.
Website for Vaxx reactions,
Professor Beats George Mason University’s Vaccine Mandate, Asserted ‘Natural Immunity’ in Lawsuit.
Viva Frei on “where is the line?”
SARS-immunity still present in the population. natural immunity exists.
Dr. telling his patients to do their research (informed consent) gets censured.
More research saying masks are all but useless because of particle size.
Trump-Appointed Judge Rules Against Covid Vaccine Mandate at Louisiana Medical School
CNN Shocked When NFL Legend Brett Favre Expresses Skepticism Toward COVID Vaccines.
ClotShot is causing a new syndrome in kids called MIS-C the FDA knew it was coming.
DR. MIKE YEADON, former Pfizer VP latest message- the govt is lying.
Booster vaccines should not be administered, WHO warns as US gives green light.
Dr. Lee Merritt, former US Navy surgeon, warns of catastrophic vaccine risk to soldiers.
Famous Porfessor Didier Raoult has been terminated as director.
Gee, ya’ think? U.S. officials reviewing possibility Moderna vaccine is linked to higher risk of uncommon side effect than previously thought.
Evil Bastards – School District adds mask to dress code to get around mask mandate ban.

18 Aug 2021: ADE, the ticking time bomb.
Some numbers and analysis from Australia.
Livestreamer from Oz saying how bad things are, youtube vide nuked, posted here.
Vaccine researcher admit big mistake.
More than 23,000 German doctors have quit the vax campaign.
Pilots File Suit Against United, Seek Vaxx Restraining Order, Halt To Mandate.
Huge anti-lockdown protest in Montreal. Chris Skye is also in the video.
Currently the Whitehouse, the FDA, CDC, WHO, Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J do not mandate the vaxx. OK, then, sounds trustworthy.
NFL’s Raiders will require fans to show vaccination proof or get jab at the entrance. doing everything they can to eliminate the control groups.
Convenient- Texas Gov. Abbott has tested positive for COVID-19
Convenient- Cardinal Raymond Burke, COVID vaccine skeptic and Francis critic, hospitalized with COVID-19, on a ventilator in Wisconsin.
Narrative building- Alabama has ‘negative’ ICU beds available. What do you want to bet Biden truck infected illegals in there as fast as he can?
New study shows Ivermectin leads to large reductions in COVID deaths.
natural immunity is better- Israeli report says vaccination provides ‘far less’ protection than a previous Covid infection
Biden Admin concerned as Mayo Clinic study shows the Pfizer vaccine dropped to 42% effective.
Seven vaccinated Florida patients die of COVID nurse calls situation ‘disturbing.’
“I’ve seen more patients die from the vaccine than from Covid,” said a board certified occupational therapist who worked in three Covid units in Hawaii.
Leaked report reveals Moderna COVID vaccine caused 300,000 vaccine injuries in three-month time span, and the vast majority were hidden from VAERS.
Infiltrated Church- The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has said it is not providing religious exemption letters to individuals who object to receiving a vaccination against the coronavirus.
Adding to the arsenal- Laboratory studies indicate that a cheap generic cholesterol drug, called fenofibrate, reduces SARS-CoV-2 infection in human cells by up to 70% because it destabilizes the spike protein on SARS-CoV-2 and inhibits binding to human cells.
Humans not the only reservoir, so you can’t make it go away- ‘Concerning’ levels of COVID-19 detected in Florida county wastewater, officials say.
clown World- Four men charged with breaking into an upmarket Darwin restaurant to steal alcohol amid a COVID-19 lockdown will be slapped with thousands of dollars in fines for not wearing face masks.
Pilots file suit against United, seeking a VAXX restraining order, and a halt to the mandate.
UW Medicine pulls heart transplant patient from list after refusing COVID vaccine.
The logic of our Covid Response:

file under “we know that”- Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens.
Another vid from Down Under posted to Gab.
Very angry man unloading on board members. 3 min. Dude in dreds.
Vox on the Australian vax push for kids.
Australia – 2 Kids DEAD After 24,000 Children Herded Into Stadium for JAB!
HUGE Montreal vax passport protest was massive.
Anne- From “15 days to flatten the curve” to “your vax-pass, please, to fly!”
Dr Dan Stocka collection of relevant Covid videos.
Lots of legal issues with the pharma contracts for the vax.
Dr. Sean Brooks at board meeting – the vax will kill you. 4 min
Legal Advice- Pacific Justice institute -covid-resource-page

17 Aug 2021: How reliable are the numbers, though? Applies to all these stories.
Five U.S. states set new records for Covid cases as hospitalizations rise.
DeSantis unveils monoclonal antibody centers in Florida COVID-19 battle.
NYC releases a shockingly long list of places you can’t go without a vax passport.
Just marvy- A France-based team of investigators detected infection-enhancing antibodies in symptomatic COVID-19 which may indicate there will be  antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) in the current crop of vaccine products, and it will recognize both the Wuhan (wild-type) as well as delta variant.
Totally safe… A 16-year-old teenager who suffered a heart attack six days after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine will be eligible for a one-time financial assistance of $225,000 under Singapore’s Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP).
Navy Commander warns of National Security threat from mandatory vaccinations causing unknown adverse events in the military. Promote the man.
Duane DeHate started a TikTok to ask for prayers. He’s struggling to recover from COVID after getting fully vaccinated. His initial reaction to Moderna was blood clots, but now has cysts and lesions on his kidneys and spine. He regrets getting the jab. It’s working…
U.S. to advise boosters for most Americans 8 months after vaccination.
ADE, or coincidence? 7 dead fully-vaxxed.
The Sovereign Project.
Australian saying how bad the lockdowns are. Youtube video
Nope, that got nuked. Someone snagged it to here. Oz is messed up.
Treatment- Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide — A Simple Remedy for COVID-19.
same/diff- Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization.

16 Aug 2021:In a study in Argentina, from Dec, 2020, 1200 Frontline Healthcare workers were examined, 800 were given Ivermectin (which has less adverse reactions than aspirin), 400 were placebo, and while 58% of the placebo group got sick with COVID, none of the Ivermectin group got COVID.
New Covid variants ‘would set us back a year’, experts warn UK government. Convenient.
WSMV News 7 Nashville reports that there have been at least 7 cases of paralysis reported after the Pfizer shot.
Eleven Senate democrats vote against COVID tests for illegal immigrants at the southern border. They WANT problems.
ADE in the vaxxed? COVID-19 hospitalization rates for adults in their 30s hit record highs amid Delta variant surge.
Evil- Now some say Merck is throttling the supply of Ivermectin in Australia.
48,000 Marines have turned down the COVID-19 vaccine, the Corps says.
And now L-Lysine is reported to slow Covid replication. So of course the FDA nukes them. How about a simple experiment to prove or disprove the claims, guys?
Not like it’s been done before.
Likely nothing, but worth keeping an eye on. HIV in covid-pos people.
OR woman dies one day after Covid diagnosis, fully vaxxed.

15 Aug 2021: Majority of all vaccine deaths in VAERS now for Covid, 53.6%.
MarketTicker- Here Comes Nosocomial DISASTER.
New research shows that heart inflammation after COVID Vaxx is more common than CDC claims. Shocker.
Hamilton county judge orders man to get COVID-19 shot as a condition of probation.
Ramping up the pressure, bastards- A new Emergency Temporary Standard from OSHA requires strict adherence to PPE requirements by hospital employees and stiff fines for hospitals, but fully “vaccinated” employees with a Covid-shot are exempt from having to wear the PPE so vax mandates release hospitals from liability.
Department of Homeland Security is now publicly referring to anti-lockdown protestors as terrorist threats.
‘This is starting to look really ominous in the South,’ expert says, as US is among nations with highest rate of new Covid-19 cases. And where are illegal aliens shipped?
Hey, look at that! Homeland Security is ignoring congressional requests for info on where illegal immigrants are being sent
Latest VAERS data show reports of blood clotting disorders after all three emergency use authorization vaccines.
Car accidents are creeping upward. Micro-clots affecting cognition?
Extortion- Biden admin targets DeSantis ban on mask mandates, offers cash to Florida school districts defying governor.
Liars and propagandists- Everton football club runs a video retrospective with pictures of all the fans they lost to COVID, and at 1:50, in the upper right is a picture of Ann Frank.
ICE ramps up vaccination of detainees, but many have refused. Illegal but not stupid.
Melee breaks out in California between Antifa and anti-vaccine-mandate protesters.
French scientists warn that the #clotshot fosters anti-body dependent enhancement (ADE) in folks with new strains of #Corona.
A BABY! A 2 month old baby goes into cardiac arrest within hours of the #ClotShot.
The Delta Variant – Fact, Fiction and outright Lies (Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains) 21 min
Donors drive the narrative.

14 Aug 2021: Viral quasispecies and understanding the pandemic.
Dr. Peter McCullough Destroys COVID Vaccine Narrative. stop asymptomatic testing.
Dr Ryan Cole on “Stop the Mandate”. Great, 32 min, hits the important points.
At least 63 people on Martha’s Vineyard have tested positive for Covid-19 since Barack Obama’s maskless 60th birthday bash – the most cases on the island since April.
Meanwhile, Biden weighs vaccine mandate for Interstate travel.
Babies born in the Covid pandemic ‘have lower IQs’ – Three-month-olds now score around 80 on intelligence tests – compared to 100 before the virus struck, research says.
Dr. McCullough Explains Covid Treatment Protocol.
A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment, PDF
Why so many Black New Yorkers don’t trust the government with their health. – “They’re experimenting on us.”
A full 72 percent of young, black New Yorkers are about to be denied service and the right to work in New York City restaurants, gyms, and theaters due to lack of a COVID vaccine card.
Delusional Los Angeles officials push a new rule to starve out the unvaccinated by denying them access to retail grocery stores..
Stanford to require weekly COVID testing for students regardless of vaccination status.
Chief pathologist at the University of Heidelberg, who says 30-40% of those who die within two weeks of vaccination are dying from the vaccine, is pushing for more autopsies of vaccinated people.
A woman who lies paralyzed in a Nashville hospital, says it happened after she received the Pfizer vaccine.
High vax Israel showing explosive exponential rise in cases as ADE is all but confirmed.
– Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?
The head of WHO’s investigation into the COVID-19 origins said that China told his team what to write, and allowed them to mention the lab leak theory, but only if they didn’t recommend further investigation.
Army National Guard recruits for ‘internment’ and ‘resettlement’ specialist, military documents lay out procedure for ‘civilian internees. Meaning?
The Talban bans the use of Covid vaccines in Paktia province, Afghanistan.
Epic anti-mask speech at Board of Education.
“broad and effective immunity may persist long-term in recovered
USGOV: “your right to object to our covid measures = terrorism”.
ADE may be a concern for people receiving vaccines based on original Wuhan strain spike.
Not all airlines are morons. Some are NOT mandating vax for workers.
Bunch of Covid flyers and leaflets and infographics for download.
ICU Nurse talks about the lies of Covid treatment. 49 min. Excellent.

13 Aug 2021: Biden considers vax passports for interstate travel.
Did the CDC inflate #Coronachan case numbers for Florida?
CDC making a list of unvaxxed households?
Oz insanity- Australia locks down 431,000+ people in the Capital over just four Covid cases.
SCOTUS likely comped- Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett turns down a request from Indiana University students to block its vaccine mandate.
Lambda! Deadly Lambda variant could be vaccine-resistant, new study says,
Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine just 42% effective against infection amid delta spread, preprint suggests.
In Israel, the third day in a row with over 5,700 new cases, and 421 in serious condition.
And this is in summer- Mississippi asks Biden administration to send military hospital ship.
Rules for thee- After Obama’s super spreader event, Martha’s Vineyard show a 14-day change of +1,014% positive Covid cases.
ADE, UK edition- Most people who now die with Covid in England have had a vaccination.
More drug options are better- Research shows a cholesterol drug reduces COVID infection by up to 70% and its already FDA approved.
Crushing dissent- After holding her position for over three decades, the Principal Flute of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO), Emily Skala, was fired following a second instance of spreading misinformation related to COVID-19 on social media.
Evil- CDC’s own stats show 1,270 premature fetal deaths following COVID shots but they recommend pregnant women get COVID injections anyway.
EVIL- A shocking new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that when pregnant women are given covid vaccinations during their first or second trimesters, they suffer an 82% spontaneous abortion rate, killing 4 out of 5 unborn babies.
Your Papers, “please”- Two visitors to Hawaii from the United States mainland were arrested Sunday for falsifying vaccination cards, the governor posted on social media Wednesday afternoon.
Hype- COVID fatality rate hits lowest level on record despite media hysteria over Delta.
Pentagon releases religious exemption guidelines for bypassing mandatory vaccine.
congressional bill to ban all entry into and egress from the former US via air without the poison #ClotShot. HR 4980
Overview of FDA treatment guidelines. They are killing people.
Former Pfizer VP calls for employees to resign in protest.
Ivermectin Wins in India. Media blackout, no news at 11.
Vaccine Expert Vanden Bossche Calls For “Immediate Halt” To Vaccinations, Says They Encourage “Escape Mutant” Variants.
Viva Frei and Barns, Lawyers, talking about legality of mandates and all.

12 Aug 2021: Pfizer #ClotShot linked to permanent blindness.
6-month Pfizer effectiveness study is out, reviewed by Dr Martinson.
Biden’s DHS is refusing to disclose where in the U.S. illegal aliens are being sent.
Meanwhile-Forty percent of migrants released in Texas border city test positive for COVID-19, officials say. They are creating outbreaks to crack down on. Evil.
CDC considers 12 of the 13 most vaccinated countries a travel risk.
Fake Russia vaccine cards emerge on Telegram for $100. in Russian register…
Maybe-Florida hospitals overrun as state fights one of worst Covid outbreaks in U.S.
Israel and Australia report 95-99% of the hospitalized are fully vaccinated.
PhDs are the highest percentage of vaccine hesitant among education levels.
Adolescents 12+ may consent to receive the Pfizer vaccine. Evil. Praying on kids.
Tyrants gonna typanize- Hawaii reimposes COVID-19 restrictions despite a seven-day average of zero deaths from the virus.
Evil- CDC urges all pregnant or breastfeeding women to take Covid jab.
FDA knew all along, going back to December of 2020, there would be many COVID cases among the fully vaccinated—and buried that knowledge.
Yes, we know- French Virologist and Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier contends that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”.
MIT & Harvard study suggests mRNA vaccine might permanently alter DNA after all.
French COVID-19 centers hit by anti-vaccine vandalism.
Silencing success- News of India’s defeat of the Delta variant using early Ivermectin intervention should be common knowledge, yet, for some reason, we are not allowed to talk about it.
Good- Police in Switzerland have threatened to stop enforcing COVID-19 rules over fears that the measures are disproportionately undermining the fundamental rights of citizens.
Lancet: Study Suggests Cheap Asthma Drug Budesonide Effective At Reducing CV Recovery Times.
Hard video- girl doesn’t want the jab, gets it.
Video conversation-Tenpenny, Cole, McCullough, more.
Alt Med Honey and Nigella sativa (black cumin) against COVID-19 in Pakistan.
95% of severe #Coronachan patients in Israeli hospital were doubly #ClotShot.
Doctor confirms the vaccinated are the ones spreading Delta variant – not the unvaccinated.
Pfizer the CDC and the White house are not mandating the vaxx Hmmmmm.
Effective Immunity Means IF YOU CATCH IT, You Won’t Get Sick.
Fauci admitting Delta was around a year before the !vax was common.
Just one big happy murderous family.
ADE of Delta variants is a potential risk for current vaccines.
Scores of police officers are refusing the COVID vaccine.
Biden Covid advisor promises National Vaccine passport system in 3.5 weeks.

11 Aug 2021: 20,595 DEAD 1.9 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots.
Shitty Data- CDC Forced To “Adjust” Sunday’s Florida “Record” COVID Count Lower By Almost 50% After State Health Department Cries Foul On Data.
Study Finds mRNA Vaccine May Cause “Tragic And Even Catastrophic” Side Effects.
More Dangerous Side Effects Potentially Linked To mRNA Vaccines, EU Warns.
EU looking into new possible side-effects of mRNA COVID-19 shots.
“Herd immunity is not a possibility” because the Delta variant “still infects vaccinated individuals”.  -Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group
Were they vaxxed? Four people in the U.S. have mysteriously fallen ill with a rare and sometimes deadly bacterial disease that’s usually seen only in other countries with tropical climates, according to health officials.
Covid-19 cases have shot back up on Martha’s Vineyard, with health agents reporting 48 new positive tests during the first week in August, including three case clusters at Edgartown businesses. Any Obama connections?
Dr Dr. Fauci says, “I’m sorry I know people must like to have their individual freedom… but I think that we’re in such a serious situation now, that under certain circumstances, mandates should be done.. Evil little gnome, isn’t he?
Connected? Israel was a leader in getting its citizens to take vaccines, now Israel is marked, “Level IV, Do Not Travel” by the US State Department.
New concerning results, Israel 2021 (Prof. Retsef Levi); MDA Emergency calls:
25% increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks (16-29).
83.6% increase in Heart attacks (Women 20-29).
According to the study, this increase was correlated with Mass vaccination.Cowabunga.
(Study for the above is supposed to be here, in case twitter deletes the tweet, but it is in Hebrew, so this is just an archive for the link)
That’s a coincidence that doesn’t bode well- More – According to these tables, it seems like in the first five months of 2021 the increase was even higher than 25%. His study also notes that according to the Bureau of Statistics – mortality rates among young people decreased simultaneously after the decrease in vaccination rates.
We need good protocols, not ventilators- Florida is requesting hundreds of ventilators from the federal government after a surge in COVID-19 across the state, according to a Department of Health and Human Services planning document obtained by ABC News affiliate Local 10.
Migrants- Gov. Greg Abbott appealed for out-of-state help Monday to fight the third wave of COVID-19 in Texas.
In Israel – “95% of severe patients vaccinated” & In the UK – “6.6 times higher vaccinated death rate.”
Ron Paul tweets: “Heavily vaccinated Israelis getting more COVID cases than less vaccinated Palestinians.”
I pray there are more of these- Interestingly, we may not be seeing a full panoply of chaos from the vaccine because vaccine nurses who think the vax is poison may be swapping out the vax for saline to protect patients they feel are being lied to.
Dem hypocrites? nah- ‘Squad’ member Rashida Tlaib is branded a hypocrite for dancing MASKLESS at indoor wedding in ‘substantial’ transmission area after scolding anti-masker Sen. Rand Paul.
shifting the Overton window- A Swedish professor says that as many as five shots may be needed to combat falling Covid immunity.
May be something, may not be. Compared to what? Long-lasting immune abnormalities detected in recovered COVID-19 patient.
Twitter has suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) for a week after she wrote that vaccines are “failing.”.
Discrimination- Some employers are starting to tack on a $20 to $50 monthly surcharge to their unvaccinated workers, according to a health benefits consultant group.
But how many were vaxxed? Surge in pediatric respiratory cases appear to stem from RSV infections, and not COVID-19.
Monoclonal antibodies therapy for Covid is now available in all 50 States – here’s the web page for you to search the hospitals where they’re available.
Proof of mens rae? Leaked report reveals Moderna COVID vaccine caused 300,000 vaccine injuries in three-month time span, hidden from VAERS.
Ivermectin IN Long-Covid Patients: A Retrospective Study.
Thermonuclear for Aggressive Distribution: September ARSH 2016 article on Moderna that is one of the most damning things I have ever read.
#ClotShot now a suspect in skin problems and kidney disease.
3 doses still isn’t enough in Israel.
Epic Physician Assistant testimony.
conspiracy vid. David Martin. interesting.

10 Aug 2021: Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) potential coronavirus vaccine approval will push private entities to mandate shots.
During a press conference last week, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted that her assertion that over 99 percent of Covid patients dying in hospitals were unvaccinated was a load of nonsense, and vaccinated deaths were actually 30 times higher than she claimed.
Barack Obama’s 60th birthday celebration continued Sunday with crowded brunch.
‘hopes’- Fauci says ‘hopefully’ making young kids wear masks won’t have ‘lasting negative impact.’. sick man.
Liars massaging statistics- CDC combines multiple days of data into one to make it appear Florida is reporting record numbers of new daily Covid cases.
The con is changing- 14-year-old Orange county boy hospitalized for COVID-19 psychosis.
Blue counties in Florida where COVID-19 vaccination rates highest are the ones driving that state’s alarming rate of new infections.
BBC headquarters under assault by protestors opposed to vaccine passports and lockdowns.
St. Vincent mass protests against forced vaccinations, Prime Minister gets hit in the head with a rock.
The CDC put together a document to discuss putting high risk people into camps to “shield” low risk people from them.
Around 160 San Francisco Sheriffs Deputies are threatening to resign and seek employment elsewhere or opt for early retirement due to the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy.
Biden regime to mandate the vaccine for all military personnel by Sept. 15, with refusal being grounds for court martial.
Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19. -Journal of vaccine theory and practice-
Cases surge where the #ClotShot is highest.

09 Aug 2021: Dr Dan Stock speaking to an Indiana Board of Ed on covid policy. Excellent.
(also here, first seen here on Gab with video embedded)
Maybe a way to remove magnetic graphene after the jab?
Border policy affects covid policy.
Leaky Vax- Joe Rogan drives the left nuts by reading out loud on his podcast a study that showed that vaccines which allow infection and transmission tend to favor the evolution of more lethal strains of the pathogen, and spread them through the population. ADE.
Requiring ignorance- mRNA vaccine creator Robert Malone on twitter says, “Apparently in Israel, I am told by Israeli scientist, the agreement between Pfizer and the government is that no adverse events from the vax are to be disclosed for a minimum of 10 years.”
South Korea to compensate nurse paralyzed after COVID-19 shot.
Pfizer says immunity can drop to 83% within four months in people who got its COVID-19 shot, further bolstering the company case for a booster. Hang ’em all.
Some 93% of 90 coronavirus serious patients treated with a new drug developed by Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center were discharged in five days or fewer. Good?
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee quietly issued an Executive Order on Friday giving the state permission to call up the National Guard and State Guard “in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations,” and permit the construction of “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities,” and offer “Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases.” Can you say “internment camps?”
Pfizer COVID vaccine may cause Uveitis/eye-inflammation leading to permanent vision loss
COVID-19 variants could be named after constellations once Greek alphabet is used up, WHO official says. Keep ‘er going!
Evil- The U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Sunday that he was hopeful the Food and Drug Administration will give full approval to the coronavirus vaccine by month’s end and predicted the potential move will spur a wave of vaccine mandates in the private sector as well as schools and universities.
Effective, eh? A new Pfizer funded study of 45,000 patients conducted over 6 months found there were 15 deaths in the vaccinated people versus 14 deaths in the unvaccinated.
Waking up? or just a new story for today? Facing a huge new #Covid outbreak that translates into ~100,000 new US cases a day, Iceland’s chief epidemiologist now says natural infection is the only way to reach herd immunity.
Over a quarter of Americans not planning to get vaccinated. Wish it were more.
Pfizer study- WORSE than nothing!
Threatening health care pros who don’t want to vax with ‘consequences’.
A year late- U of M Medical School receives $1.5M to launch nation’s first ivermectin COVID-19 treatment clinical trial. not sure how they can claim to be first; whatever.
Fauci is a lying sack of manure, spinning and lying about ADE. But we knew that.
awesom vidnurse in Hawaii spilling the beans on the Covid scam.
Huh. NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) has also been shown in a recent study to reverse the effects of spike protein damage in mice.
Vid- Our First Hand ICU Story – What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital. 20min

08 Aug 2021: Big collection of anecdotal stories by docs and involved people in comments.
NIH study published December 4, 2020: “COVID‐19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated… This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID‐19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials. Also here.
Long-Term Studies Of COVID-19 Vaccines Hurt By Placebo Recipients Getting Immunized.
A twitterer says, “During the Nuremberg Trials, even the media was prosecuted and put to death for lying to the public.” (DER STÜRMER editor Julius Streicher).
18 percent of migrant families leaving Border Patrol custody tested positive for Covid.
Rules for thee- Photo shows Obama and his hundreds of guests fail to mask up as he gets ‘scaled back’ 60th birthday party super-spreader event started at his $12M Martha’s Vineyard mansion.
COVID-19 survivors have broad, longer-term immunity.
VAERS COVID vaccine data – 545,337 reports of adverse events, 12366 death, 46,036 hospitalizations, 14,251 permanently disabled, 68,040 urgent care visits up to July 30th.
CDC is not mandating its employees to be vaxed.
CDC Director changes her story, and now admits COVID vaccines don’t prevent virus transmission.
Forcing truth-tellers into silence- The Federation of State Medical Boards warned July 29 that physicians and other healthcare professionals could be at risk of losing their medical licenses if they spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on social media, online and in the media.
1 in 4 COVID patients hospitalized while vitamin D deficient die according to an Israeli study
Italians burning their proof of vaccination passes as opposiiton to the formation of a two-tiered society.
Intermittent-fasting diets may prevent infections, study finds.
Retracted already, wonder why (not)- The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy.
Thinking about it anyway- Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination for Health Care Workers as a Condition for Medicare and Medicaid Participation.
When what replaces the bogus PCR test is even worse.
Moderna Plans to Roll Out Booster Dose to Combat Delta Variant.
One doctor’s comment on how things are going in his practice. The vaccine doesn’t work, and treating with ivermectin, does.

late nite sorta-related tinfoil hat stuff. Please disregard 🙂
cancer enzymes found in vaccines, docs who found it killed.
Killing Off Doctors, Microbiologists And Infectious Disease Experts, working on bioweapons

07 Aug 2021: Purple Heart Day.
Shots cause clots study says. #ClotShot is accurate.
A very unsettling population number development. A sudden drop, specifically.
Totally trust FDA – A two year old baby died a week after a second Pfizer Covid vax, and they deleted the report from VAERS, but couldn’t hide it because the reports are numbered.
Now almost 80% of 16 to 24 year olds in England have Covid antibodies, official figures show. May or may not be accurate.
Get teh vax, they said. It’ll keep you safe! In Sydney, Australia, all new COVID hospitalizations involve vaccinated individuals except one.
Mental decline- Biden claimed that 350 million Americans have been vaccinated and his sign language interpreter looked over at him like, WTF?
Break in protocol, no longer a sci study– After the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were given emergency use authorization- the vaccine companies conducting the trial to test for their safety decided to break protocol and notify the control group they were not vaccinated, and give them the vaccine.
Latest VAERS data include two new reports of teen deaths following COVID vaccination, as total reports of deaths exceed 12,000.
Push the vax- Michael Mitchell: 65-year-old “Braveheart” actor receives both Sinovac injections, then third Pfizer “booster” shot, and is dead six days later.
People who have received a COVID-19 vaccine have more protection against the SARS-COV-2 virus than people who have recovered from COVID-19, according to a new study. Pretty much goes exactly opposite to everything that has come out to date.
Profits are up- Moderna says we’ll need COVID-19 booster shots this fall, predicting that protection from its vaccine will wane
Just makin’ shit up – People who had COVID-19 may only need one dose of Pfizer’s vaccine to be “sufficiently protected” against getting the virus again, a new study says.
Denver police union says cops will not abide by the mayor’s order directing all city workers to get the Covid vaccine.
No vaccine mandate for Ohio state health department, spokeswoman says.
White House considers withholding federal monies to businesses and entities to make thm pressure people to take the vaccine.
Obama’s 60th birthday bash looks anything but intimate as massive tents dwarf the mansion and John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union arrive on Martha’s Vineyard ahead of the celebration.
Australia deploys helicopters, hundreds of troops to keep people at home in strict new lockdowns in Sydney.
Still haven’t sealed our own border to keep the ‘rona out.
Florida approves private school vouchers for families unhappy with COVID-19 mask mandates.
Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines.
Moderna insider email reveals “300K adverse event reports” in a 3-month period which “dwarfs the number of reports in VAERS for the Moderna vaccine.
Leading Israeli Health Official: Vaccinated Account For 95% of Severe and 85-90% of New Covid Hospitalizations. Get vaxxed to be safer, eh? Yeahhhh…. no.
Medical Assistant Lays It All Out Clearly the Agenda and the Coverup. ~13 min.
Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole Delivers Concerning Message About COVID Vaccine and Long Term Impacts.
NIH admits the Vax can cause ADE. Just great.
Boston Court Takes Custody of Biotech Executive’s 14-Year-Old Child to Force Vaccination Against Parents’ Wishes. I’m sure this won’t end well.
Dr. Z of NY, early HCQ advocate: “The only reason you’d want to [inject] a child, is if you believe in child sacrifice…. Noah from the bible was a conspiracy theorist, until it rained.”
Law firm specializing in making hospitals treat Covid patients right.

06 Aug 2021: Study Finds Greater Antibody Response In Recovered COVID-19 Patients Than Vaccinated Ones.
The Pfizer CEO appears to have posted to social media pictures of his vaxxings, and that he was now fully vaxxed back in March, days after it came out Israel denied him entry for not being fully vaxxed, but he has still not made the trip to Israel? confused story.
ADE in action- In Israel, “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated, and 85-90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people.” Delta is a cover-story, I think.
In Gibraltar, 99% are vaccinated and cases and deaths are rapidly rising
So sad. Pfizer’s vaccine is approved for use on children, and now Florida children’s hospitals see pediatric COVID-19 cases soar. I think they were aiming for kids all along.
COVID-19 cases in children surge 84 percent in one week, study finds.
fueling the lockdown narrative- CDC director reports 43% surge in COVID cases.
Covid outbreak hits Carnival cruise despite every guest and staff member being ‘vaccinated.’ I don’t think it’s safe, and it’s provably not effective.
Blaming the victims-Former Obama Homeland Security official calls for unvaccinated people to be placed on the no fly list with terrorists.
Bill Gates thinks people should not get social security without a vaccine.
Evil gnome- Anthony Fauci suggests Delta variant cases may double, ‘even if we vaccinated everyone today.’
Rules for thee- Rand Paul says, they’re seeding the country with a new variant by importing illegals across the southern border and shipping them all throughout the country.
A liar or a moron- CDC Director says, vaccines can’t ‘prevent transmission’ with Delta, so you must get vaccinated ‘to protect you from transmission to others.’
Legit, or cover-story? South Carolina Tea Party leader is in intensive care with Covid-19.
The story is BS- The new “Delta plus” variant has spike proteins that can latch onto human cells. You know, like it has always been able to?
Silencing critics- Fox News whistleblower says her boss told her ‘Do not report deaths after vaccination.’
Traitor or cover? Pence urges young conservatives to get COVID-19 vaccine.
Melatonin interferes with COVID-19 at several distinct ROS-related steps.
Pfizer document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person. Seen it.
Video- W.H.O. Concedes the Covid virus is no more dangerous than the common flu – 500,000 AMERICANS DEAD FROM VACCINE. 11 min
Interesting – When you search Yandex for “patent no. 3838166692” you get C19 results.

05 Aug 2021: Iceland, high vax rate, high infection rate. Total vax failure.
went to a party with 14 other vaccinated people; 11 got COVID. TVF.
Frei/Barnes anti vax mandate letter thoughts.
Indian study-Ivermectin lowers risk.
Biden administration to offer COVID vaccines to migrants in U.S. custody along the Mexico border as number of people stopped reaches 20 year high.
(but not illegals) President Joe Biden is reportedly readying a plan that will require foreign visitors to the United States to show proof of vaccination for the Chinese coronavirus before entering the country.
Sen. Rand Paul slams mask mandates and lockdowns and urges resistance, saying: ‘choose freedom,… They can’t arrest us all.’
Interesting- A guy got COVID, and simultaneously a very fast moving form of human Mad Cow disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Connection is unclear. there are parts of the spike protein that are prion like.
Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will make Covid vaccination mandatory for all active duty troops. Will be a spicy month.
LA county reports a rise in COVID cases at highly vaccinated nursing facilities.
In Israel, the rate of serious COVID cases in older fully vaccinated individuals has risen 12 fold in a month and is continuing to pick up. TVF.
Clown-world- 7,000 COVID infected migrants released in McAllen, Texas since February, including 1500 in the last week.
Theater with bad actors-AOC masks up for a photo op, removes it moments later while she mingles with the crowd.
1984 come to life- A new article in a scientific journal is lobbying for criticism of scientists, specifically President Biden’s COVID adviser Anthony Fauci, to be labeled as “hate” crime.
Return of GRIDS?- Lesbian, gay and bisexual people are more than twice as likely as heterosexuals to have a long-term mental health condition, an analysis of NHS data suggests.
Double-blind Isreali study says Ivermectin makes people less contagious.
Analysis of COVID-19 vaccine death reports from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) Database Interim Results and Analysis86% caused by #ClotShot
Why so many people are refusing the vaccine (Mega list)
Very short vid for anyone who says it’s not experimental.
Treating “Long Covid” in Peru with Ivermectin. Very good results.
Doctor dies and 36 others ‘develop rare blood disorder after getting Moderna and Pfizer Covid vaccines’ (They keep using that word, “rare,” I don’t think they know what it means
Delta Variant particularly bad among the vaxxed. Can you say ADE?

04 Aug 2021: Ivermectin shows promise in mice even for pancreatic cancer.
List of attorneys by state that are willing to fight for your rights against vaccine mandates.
German study concludes 30 to 40% of those who died within two weeks of the #clotshot were killed by it.
Intimidation campaign of a vax critic- Dr Joseph Mercola tweets : “CNN followed me from my home with two vehicles while I bicycled to the beach, interesting times we live in.”
When issues collide- A federal judg blocked Texas from having state troopers stop vehicles carrying migrants on the grounds that they may spread COVID-19 as worries and new cases are rising along the U.S.-Mexico border.
NO- NIH Director Francis Collins on Tuesday said parents should wear masks at home in front of their unvaccinated children.
How do they define it? The Federation of State Medical Boards’ Board of Directors released a statement declaring that physicians and other health care professionals involved in the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and disinformation via social media platforms, online and in the media, face grave potential actions, including the loss of medical license.
Making it a religious war. NY archdiocese warns priests not to grant religious vaccine exemptions, saying that do so would contradict the pope.
Escalation- Singapore has been sending teams of enforcement officers into people’s homes — without warrants or warning — to check they are abiding by social-distancing rules that only allow two visitors.
Leading the way- Mask-free Sweden is close to zero daily Covid deaths as country’s chief epidemiologist implies the Delta variant’s infectiousness is no big deal.
collusion- CDC coordinated with Facebook on COVID messaging and ‘misinformation,’ as it received over $3.5 million in free advertising from social media companies.
ADE? The average daily number of new coronavirus cases in the US has surged more than 300 percent in the past three weeks — with hotspot states including Florida and Louisiana seeing major spikes in infections and hospitalizations. Odd for summertime.
ADE! (no shit, ya’ think?) From here: Results of the study: COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.
Numbers of dubious quality- Wall Street Journal says, around 10% of Americans have had confirmed positive Covid tests, but four to six times as many have likely had the infection.
The first-ever postmortem study of a patient vaccinated against COVID-19 has revealed that viral RNA was found in every organ of the patient’s body, meaning that the vaccine is either ineffective or the coronavirus actually spreads faster in vaccinated individuals.
Another escalation- Pakistan hit a target on Tuesday to vaccinate one million people a day against COVID-19, after threatening to kill people’s cell service if they didn’t get jabbed.
Marginalizing people- New York announces it will require proof of Covid-19 vaccinations for all members of the public who want to dine indoors at a restaurant, see an indoor performance or go to the gym. All we need now are yellow stars.
White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients announced on Monday that the Biden regime is moving rapidly toward mandatory vaccinations
Nope, still not taking it. FDA aims for full approval of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by Labor Day.
Bill Gates’ DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself. Top Men.
interesting, reverse placebo effect? Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease.
Dr Mercola getting shut down (being pressured to self-shut down).
Want to understand Nazis? Look around. Daily Kos Calls Unvaccinated ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ Says They Should Be ‘Under House Detention Wearing Ankle Monitors’.
We got your Double-Blind right here! Double-Blind Ivermectin Study Reveals COVID Patients Recover More Quickly, Are Less Infectious.
Cancer- Hoxsey the quack who cured cancer. Big Pharms has been that way a long time.
Go Gibraltar! Fully vaxxed, 2400% rise in cases.

03 Aug 2021: Summary of vaccines that made things worse.
Curing disease with vibrational therapy– not covid specific, but interesting theory.
Vax to seizures. That means it is working. (vox)
que lockdown 2.0- Investigators in Chile conclude that the lambda COVID-19 variant is not only more infectious than standard SARS-CoV-2, but could also possibly shrug off vaccines.
Not even waiting for colder winter weather- In highly vaccinated Iceland & Gibraltar, vaccinated people are the biggest spreaders. It seems like we had this thing beat in cold weather, before we began the vaccines . Vax made it worse.
According to data Bloomberg collected from 35 states, 111,748 vaccine breakthrough cases have been identified in the US through the end of July, 10 times the CDC’s count when they stopped tracking breakthrough cases in May. Top Men.
Double-blind study shows Ivermectin reduces disease’s duration and infectiousness for about $1 per day. They want double-blind? We got double-blind!
CDC reports more Covid vaccine deaths than Covid deaths over the last two weeks.
Rules for thee- Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot attends Lollapalooza music festival amid reinstating COVID restrictions.
Rules for thee Pt 2- Obama’s upcoming birthday bash will host roughly 700 people despite Delta variant concerns.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on Monday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, even though he was fully vaccinated.
White House official says a second lockdown speech is being drawn up this week… “they’re planning to make it sound like one of the most solemn in history, real Bush on the night of 9/11 type stuff. Would start stocking up if I were y’all.”
Need tyranny? Outsource and privatize- New York Gov. Cuomo is asking private businesses to require proof of vaccination for admission.
Origin story- Republican investigation reportedly ‘proves’ COVID leaked from Wuhan lab.
Dick Durbin has slipped a big Pharma bill into hte appropriations bill, which will make all dietary supplements prescription only so big pharma can take over the industry and increase costs 5x more. Just say F NO!
If you didn’t think they were clowns already- American Medical Association faces backlash for calling to remove sex from birth certificates.
Mexico has barred the United States from sending migrant families back across the border, using emergency measures put in place at the start of the pandemic, the Washington Examiner has learned.
Credit to Ivan- Russians are using fake arms to dodge COVID jabs.
Fun with math: Pfizer and Moderna just contracted to supply the European Union with 2.1 BILLION more ClotShots. EU population? 446 million.
German chief pathologist sounds alarm on vax injuries.
Denmark ER now with more folks worried about #ClotShot side effects than Covid.
CDC notes the #ClotShot kid’s deaths, but keeps on pushing. Evil.
megathread does an A+ job explaining why some people are “vaccine hesitant
Making it easier to report vaccine reactions, particularly for kids.
That means it is working? 8-15 July 2021, 33 #clotshot (28 double shot, 5 single shot) and 5 jab-free people in Scotland died of #Coronachan.
Delta as you’d expect- more transmissible, less lethal.
2019 Study shows vaccine induced anti–spike IgG antibodies can lead to acute lung injury (ALI) by skewing the body’s immune response. Inflammation response never checked, spirals out of control.
Wow. 58% of Infant Deaths Reported to VAERS Occurred Within 3 Days of Vaccination.
Pharmacist Quits CVS Job Over Refusal to Kill People with COVID-19 Shots and Becomes a Whistleblower.
Court victory in Alberta Canada, masking and the rest being dropped.

02 Aug 2021: AC post on doc-Cabal connections.
Video on “so you have questions about the vaxx?
Meanwhile, in “No lockdown” Sweden, the deathrate continues to fall.
The control Vox Day on how they need everybody vavxed, because if there is an unvaxxed population, that could serve as a control group, and reveal what the vaccine does.
Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily Covid deaths as their chief epidemiologist warns against ‘far-reaching conclusions’ about any Delta strain.
In Britain, because they are doing antibody testing, they know 92% of the public has antibodies; yet here we panic in the dark. That’s more than 70% for “herd immunity”
EmeraldRobinson asked the White House Spox how the CDC is testing for the Delta variant and she completely falls apart and says it’s because “the experts” say so.
No shist- Half of the infections in Israel now are among the fully vaccinated, and public health officials are beginning to see signs of more serious disease among them as it appears the effectiveness of the vaccine is waning.
Study finds 4 new, possibly antibody-resistant COVID-19 strains in NYC sewage.
CDC alarmed as 74% of the cases in the Cape Cod cluster were among the vaxxed.
But they don’t shut the border- Border Patrol Agents are getting infected with COVID from migrants coming across the southern border.
Looks healthy, likely recently vaxxed- General Hospital star Jay Pickett dies at 60 from an apparent heart attack, passing away suddenly while sitting on horse during scene for his new Western movie in Idaho.
China’s biological warfare program is much larger than Americans know. Dangerous.
In war, causing injuries can be better than killing outright- From here : “Kevin Street thought he was doing his part and wanted to get back to normal, so he went in for his jab. But it’s been over two months of misery and suffering since. Officially diagnosed with “functional neurological disorder,” Kevin has difficulty with his memory, has constant ringing in his ears and experiences extreme brain fog. But worst of all, he can barely walk.

01 Aug 2021: Interesting list of retracted Corona19 papers. Most had good sci, but “i$$ues”
Heart inflammation in children after the jab.
Vegans may be exempt from compulsory vaccines, law firm claims.
Australia uses helicopters and the ARMY to enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown as thousands of police flood Sydney to enforce the rules and hand out $500 no-mask fines.
A massive 300 percent hike in nationwide COVID-19 deaths recorded Friday by Johns Hopkins University was skewed by states dumping data – that in one case dated back as far as last spring, according to a report.
Germany may make the unvaccinated pay for COVID tests.
Twitter suspends former New York Times science writer after he posts the results of Pfizer’s clinical test showing the vaccine did nothing to reduce the risk of death from COVID.
CDC reports, almost 400 cases of heart inflammation in children after Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.
In Scotland, Covid-19 deaths are rising, and official data shows 87% of the people who have died were vaccinated.
More than half of the white-tailed deer in Michigan have been infected with coronavirus sparking concerns of a large viral reservoir among wild animals. (bad tests?)
Hawaii Police are accused of ‘dehumanizing’ homeless people over plan to deploy robot police dogs to scan vagrants’ eyes to see if they’re sick with COVID in a bid to keep first responders safe from infection.
Alex Jones says the Democrats will get lockdowns going again and keep them through the 2022 midterms, so they can repeat the voter fraud scheme they used last time.

31 July 2021: Low testosterone men more likely to die from wuhan flu.
Well, his handlers do- Biden wants a nationwide mandatory vaccine.
Vox Day has legal vaccine religious exemption documents, in the event you workplace tries to force it on you.
My shocked face- Reports of serious injuries after vaccines surge as CDC says vaccinated may be as likely to spread COVID as the unvaxxed.
COVID spreading fast in well-vaccinated California counties while Cases are falling in five counties with below-average vaccination.
35,000 Americans are getting symptomatic COVID-19 per week despite being vaccinated according to the CDC.
74 percent of COVID-19 cases from Massachusetts outbreak occurred in fully vaccinated people.
Gibraltar and Iceland see a massive Covid spike despite over 90% of their populations being vaccinated.
New study finds, the risk of blood clots in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is as likely as the AstraZeneca jab.
FDA accidentally reveals a list of Covid vaccine side effects, including myocarditis, autoimmune disease & death.
The Maryland manufacturer that ruined 75 million doses of the only non-mRNA vax – Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine – has received requests to hand over records from a host of federal and state law enforcement agencies, regulatory documents filed Friday show.
Disney and Walmart mandate vaccines for employees.
Health Canada tracking menstrual changes after Covid vaccination.
Fear Porn- A doomsday new Covid variant that could kill up to one in three people is a ‘realistic possibility’, according to the British Government’s top scientists.
Finland study shows, antibodies are present more than one year after COVID-19 infection.
“mutations”- Indications are COVID is mutating to become less virulent as time goes on, as the Spike protein seems to be gathering mutations fast.
CDC says the vaccinated may be linked to the surge in cases. Well, duh.
Nurse told to expect a covid Crisis next week in her ward of the hospital. Short vid.
CDC Stops Counting Vaccine Deaths to Blame All COVID Cases on the Unvaccinated.
Combo treatment with Ivermectin and other antivirals works well.
From the department of “duh”- no point in vaxxing those who have had covid.
18 Children In Hospital Just in Connecticut Suffering Heart Problems After Vaccine.
Spectator article about how docs are fighting a treatment war over covid.

30 July 2021: Vox blurb with ling on legal docs to demand exemption from vaxxing req.
Another Vox post on “vaccine remorse,” yes, stand your ground.
And now the FDA is warning against using vet ivermectin. They are killing people.
Makes total sense- U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday warned Texas Governor Greg Abbott to “immediately rescind” a new executive order aimed at curbing the travel into the state of undocumented immigrants who may pose a risk of transmitting COVID-19.
The British Medical Journal (BMJ Global Health) published a study in April entitled “Why have so many African leaders died of COVID-19?” Suspicious timing.
That means it’s working? Some patients are developing pus-filled bumps on their faces in a rare side effect after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
Reuters is reporting that AstraZeneca is considering options to exit the vaccine business it was so ready to jump into just a few months ago.
The vax kills- Public Health England has released the 19th technical briefing on Covid-19 variants of concern and it shows that people who’ve received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine make up over 65% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths.
ADE- Over 25% of new COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County are fully vaccinated people, ip from 20% in June.
They don’t want it- The American Postal Workers Union has released a statement on behalf of over 220,000 postal workers opposing vaccine mandates.
some animals are more equal than others- Biden mandates all federal workers must be vaccinated, except postal workers.
Good sign, meaning they have to spin up the fear machine again- UK coronavirus cases have been dropping dramatically over the past week.
Australian military to help enforce Sydney COVID-19 lockdown as cases rise
sounds like desperation- Biden calls for $100 payments for newly vaccinated Americans.
Covid vaccine profits mint 9 new pharma billionaires.
Pfizer expects the Covid vaccine to bring in $33.5 billion this year.
Marek’s disease – vaccinate your way to 100% lethality.
Do comorbidities explain the racial patterns in covid deaths? (likely)
CDC: 74% who got Covid-19 and most who were hospitalized in recent analysis had been fully vaccinated.
Top epidemiologist- A last word of caution to all those pretending the Covid-19 pandemic is toning down. The vaxxed will create super-bugs.
Next scare to blame on the unvaxed? 1 in three might die!
Study Cited by CDC to Push New Mask Guidance was Rejected by Peer Review and Based on Vaccine Not Used in US
Where we are at, how the world might, or doesn’t, end.
Graphene Oxide and an immune response.

29 July 2021: Italian study: antibody response doesn’t depend on severity of symptoms.
Study – one or no co-morbidities very low risk (less than 1% of those sick enough they are admitted to hospital) to die from covid.
Huh- the glycyrrhizin in black licorice potently inhibits #Coronachan replication in vitro.
Dr. Robert Malone saw the ADE problem coming. Vox’s notes on it.
California counties see COVID cases rising in most heavily vaccinated counties.
Two whistleblowers claim the Department of Health and Human Services directed them to downplay a coronavirus outbreak among migrant children at Texas facility.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs executive order BANNING ground transportation of migrants after border crossings caused a ‘dramatic rise in COVID cases.’.
Millions predicted to develop TB as a result of Covid lockdowns.
Hidden science is the most (politically) useful science The studies that prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to change their mask guidance for vaccinated persons are not available, a spokesperson told The Epoch Times on Wednesday, because “They have not been published yet.”.
Officials are worried the Chinavirus is ‘a few mutations’ away from evading vaccines.
Pfizer authorizes $1 billion for development of a new protease inhibitor oral COVID-19 treatment which would give the world an easy-to-use, targeted treatment, hopefully by year’s end. That would pretty much negate the need for a vaccine, if you could trust them. Unfortunately this may end up like the AIDS preventative regimen, where the Cabal is going to mandate you take it as a preventative.
U.S. Coronavirus death rate is still roughly at the pandemic’s low.
UK Covid Cases are falling despite the easing of lockdowns.
WHO says coronavirus deaths up 21% in the last week. Liars gonna lie.
Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb predicted early Wednesday that the United States could get through the worst of the delta variant surge of the coronavirus in a few weeks.
Robust SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity is maintained at 6 months following primary infection. Meanwhile… Pfizer, AstraZeneca vaccine antibody levels may decline after 2-3 months, according to a Lancet study. Nature does it better.
Witch. Gretchen Whitmer is caught on video playing basketball maskless indoors, shortly before sporting a mask for TV cameras.
New York City to pay $100 to residents getting first vaccine jab.
Lawsuits, here we come – Baylor Scott & White Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in North Texas, will be mandating that all employees, providers and volunteers get the COVID-19 vaccine.
Fauci’s agency dumped millions into Chinese entities to study infectious diseases since 2012, federal data shows.
Sydney lockdown extended for at least a month stoking fears of a “double-dip” recession.
New Hampshire governor bans state-run facilities from requiring COVID vaccines in ‘medical freedom’ bill as debate rages over how far government should go in pushing the shots.
Not data, something for the normies- ‘Better Call Saul’ stars get COVID vaccine at Hispanic Cultural Center 3 months ago. For those who didn’t see it, Bob Odenkirk, star of Better Call Saul, just keeled over on set from “heart-related issues,” and was rushed to the hospital.
5x more kids committed suicide from lockdown than died from C19.
WSJ – Why is the FDA attacking a safe, effective drug? flipping script on ivermectin?
Taking “tone deaf” to a whole new level. Yellow “covid vaxxed” ID badges.
Pfizer jab could be worse than AstraZanica for clots (no, really?)

28 July 2021: Mathematically impossible to vaccinate away the plague.
Omaha Doc has good results with Ivermectin.
Vax and mask, Plebe, but the borders are wide open
Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations see 150% increase in the last month.
Coincidentally, 50,000 migrants released into U.S. without court date.
Even left-leaning Vice is beginning to discuss the vaccine causing women to have ridiculously harsh periods.
Vox Day covers the evidence the vaccine may be producing Antibody Dependent Enhancement, where a vaccine produces antibodies which actually aid a virus to infect cells and make an infection worse.
telling the vaccinated to wear masks. Makes total sense.
Team Biden struggles to explain the CDC call for vaccinated Americans to wear masks again.
The US could see 200,000 Covid-19 cases a day within the next six weeks based on current trends, former CDC director says.
In Episode 923 here, Dr Malone, the creator of the mRNA vaccine tech, notes that if we are seeing Antibody Dependent Enhancement, it will be made even worse by booster vaccines.
Consistent with ADE- Higher COVID rate found in some counties with higher vaccination rate, will be made worse with boosters.
Weakened lungs more likely to show vax micro-clot damage, maybe?
Heavy wildfire smoke linked to increased COVID-19 risk, researchers say
the voluntary phase is over.”– in NYC
St. Louis County Mask Mandate Initiated & Repealed the Same Day.
White House COVID team has been in discussions about imposing lockdowns again. Dem and RINO governors are on board, per a WH official – evil or morons. Or both.
Wanna cause a walkout? President Joe Biden will announce on Thursday a requirement that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated against Covid-19, or be required to submit to regular testing and mitigation requirements.
California State university system will mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for students and staff.
Rules for thee… Gov. Gavin Newsom has pulled his children out of a summer camp after photos surfaced of his son sitting without a mask with other maskless children.
Scientist sounds the alarm over COVID vaccines producing symptoms of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.
Daily COVID deaths in Sweden, which never locked down, hit zero, as other nations brace for more lockdown. What does it mean? could be several things.
conflict of interest- National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins serves on the advisory board of a conference sponsored by a Chinese military-linked genomics firm.
Good short pithy interview with literal man on the street who sees what’s going on.
Vax may spread the virus.
postmortem study of a patient vaccinated against COVID-19– spike proteins EVERYWHERE.
Damning interview with David Martin connecting the dots of development and patents.

27 July 2021: New wave of Covid among the mostly vaxxed.
Yeah, right… The “heat.” Vaxxed Olympians are dropping like flies in Japan, and they are desperately trying to blame it on the heat.
Getting desperate for propaganda- Women are saying their breasts got bigger after the Pfizer shot, with people calling it the Pfizer boob job.
Israel now has 108 patients severely ill, five times as many as a month ago. 71% are fully vaccinated, a proportion that keeps rising.
Daily Mail writes, “America has hit a roadblock in the coronavirus pandemic. A hard, very dangerous and completely unnecessary roadblock. Put bluntly, a lot of deluded, ill-informed, shamefully scare-mongered, or simply complacent Americans have got it into their heads that either the covid vaccines are somehow more dangerous than covid itself, or the virus isn’t serious enough to warrant protection from it. Some of these sceptics believe the insane conspiracy-theory that the US Government is using vaccines to plant microchips in their heads to control their minds.” If I was prone to trust these assholes before, that article would surely convince me there is no other option than to avoid the vaccine like the plague.
They were always lying- Leaked data shows over half of ‘COVID hospitalizations’ were for other ailments in the U.K., and only tested positive after admission for the other ailments.
CDC declares the old PCR tests must go immediately after George Soros and Bill Gates buy a new COVID-19 test manufacturer. (skeptical of anything they say, but is suspicious).
Department of Veterans Affairs becomes the first federal agency to issue vaccine mandate: 115,000 frontline workers have eight weeks to get the shot or face getting fired.
Insanity- The City of Savannah, Georgia reinstitutes a mask mandate.
In St. Louis, Missouri, required to wear a mask indoors, even if you’re vaccinated.
Bankrupt the nation-Biden admin says ‘long COVID-19’ could qualify as a disability.
De Blasio mandates Covid-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for entire NYC municipal work force, including teachers and police.
Either a moron or a lying actor- Dr. Fauci argues unvaccinated people are going to cause the virus to mutate into a deadly new variant.
Former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman attacks DeSantis and Abbott for allowing COVID to “run rampant” in their states. As AC says, Why is this has been, who as Bush’s EPA chief told all the 9/11 first responders the air at ground zero was fine, getting any sort of airtime?”
duh – A newly released study conducted by Emory University suggests recovered COVID-19 patients possess long-term immunity to the respiratory virus months after infection.
Chemistry! Students are placing droplets of orange juice or fizzy drinks like coca-cola on a lateral flow COVID tests because the acidity of the drink destroys the antibody proteins in the test and produces a positive result.
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Options.
This will end in the courts – DoJ says vax mandates legal.
Public shaming – employees must put stickers on their IDs.
Should you get vaxxed? (no)
No “could have” about it. Literally what has been predicted for months. Vax is evil.
While doing everything they can to block, delay, and tank properly done double-blind trials, experts say Ivermectin is promising, but really needs proper double-blind trials.
Huge conflict of interest with anti-Ivermectin “scientist”.
The vaxxed have a much higher viral load when infected.
Nurse reporting on what she’s seeing from vax injuries.
Mechanism of action of the vax, 62% have micro-clots after vaxing.

26 July 2021: from Vox- When vaxxing makes it worse – good comments, too.
Minnesota woman has both legs and hands amputated after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.
Tangent- Martin Armstrong thinks we are at the end of the economic system’s viability, and its imminent collapse is why the elites are trying to clamp down control on everyone.
Australian official reveals all but one Covid patient in the country are vaccinated.
5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland according to Public Health Scotland.
Congressman Clay Higgins of Lafayette confirmed on social media Sunday that he, his wife and son are sick with COVID-19.
Word games- Fox News Panelist says of the vaccine, “There’s a lot of things we can do without calling it a mandate. Just make it almost impossible for people to live their lives without being protected and protect us,” and Rahm Emanuel agrees, saying the unvaccinated need to be forced to withdraw from going out.
Chinavirus lockdown protests rock cities all over the globe.
160,000 march against Vaccine Passports in France.
In Italy the Polizia removed their helmets, lowered their shields and walked with their people.
Protective detail of French President all resign over COVID restrictions; will no longer protect President Macron.
Health officials in B.C. have not detected a single case of influenza circulating in the community since flu season began, continuing an “exceptional” nationwide trend even as the province sits in the thick of its regular flu season.
More vaccine mandates may be imposed across the US once the Food and Drug Administration gives its final stamp of approval to COVID-19 shots, health experts have predicted.
The vaccinated comprise 75% of Chinavirus infections in Singapore.
Now the world’s most famous medical journal the Lancet is accused of costing lives by sitting on a study showing human transmission of Covid-19 that was suppressed by China.
A newly resurfaced video from 2018 shows Bill Gates claiming that he (Gates) talked President Trump out of investigating the ill effects of vaccines.
Not good odds- Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant (3rd trimester) Persons. More than 1 in 8 don’t make it.
Some Iceland Covid data. Good graphs and such. Mostly vaxxed getting sick.
Germ theory versus Terrane Theory, current debate. Best description I’ve seen is that germ theory isn’t so much “wrong” as “incomplete.”
Interesting- The Pfizer contract leaked for the mRNA sales.

25 July 2021: Freedom / anti-vaxx rally in London.
Hospital has gone on “indefinite strike” against mandatory vaccines for health workers.
COVID spreading fast in well-vaccinated California counties.
An anon on 4Chan explains how a leaky vaccine that allows tansmission, like the Vax has been established in other species as causing the emergence of a lethal strain that eventually requires everyone in a population get the vaccine or they will die.
Woman regrets getting J&J vaccine after side effects and new study suggesting weaker efficacy.
Irony Alert-Another young writer castigates everyone who didn’t get the vax on twitter, only to die from a heart attack himself at age 33.
from the swine flu day, before they deliberately dispersed and mixed vaccine lots-Flashback, to how things were done in 1976.
infection protection- New study says, not a single incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was observed in previously infected participants with or without vaccination.
Projections are like weather forecasts- Indian Delta variant surge is projected to peak in mid-October and cause up to 240K infections and 4K deaths per day if current vaccination rates stay the same – experts plead with public to get their shots as US COVID cases rise 166% in two weeks
Gee, ya think? AP-NORC poll finds most unvaccinated Americans don’t want the shots.
Liars lie- Biden Surgeon General labels ‘disinformation’ a National Health Threat.
Let that sink in- Employers in Maine can ask applicants if they’ve been vaccinated but not if they’ve been convicted of felonies.
CDC COVID cruise order decision reversed after Florida appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Protesters rage across Europe as lockdowns and vaccination mandates begin.
About half the cases are vaccine failures – interview with McCullough.
Treatment options (click to embiggen:

Not news, but good to see – Vitamin D3 and Covid.
First, “do no harm”- #Clotshot medics are more likely to give Corona to their patients, than their jab-free colleagues.
Hope not- Italian Doctor Warns 18 Months After Taking “Vaccine” People Will Start Dropping Like Flies.
Forms! Get your exemption forms here!!

24 July 2021: Twitter Thread – covid lockdown insanity stories and pics.
Nearly everyone in the Cape Cod Covid Cluster vaxxed.
Fully vaccinated people are 65% more likely to be hospitalised & 1540% more likely to die due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated according to latest Public Health England data.
Biden DOJ will not investigate the Gretchen Whitmer nursing home deaths,
and Department of Justice refuses to investigate Pennsylvania nursing home scandal,
and New York Governor is also off the hook for nursing home deaths with the DOJ, the dead and killed are not being investigated deliberately. Evil.
Biden administration is not mandating COVID vaccines for White House staff, Psaki says.
Joe Biden’s administration refuses to release the numbers of White House staff who had tested positive for the coronavirus. with Jen Psaki asking, “Why do you need to have that information?”
One of two Iowa prison nurses fired for accidentally giving dozens of inmates large overdoses of the coronavirus vaccine is appealing her termination, arguing she is “blameless” for the mix-up. Accident or experiment?
Rick Dennison out as Vikings offensive line coach after refusing the COVID vaccine, also Aaron Rogers… Hmmm…. Vox’s take on it.
In Singapore, 75 percent of COVID infections are among vaccinated and partially vaccinated people, report says.
Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness.
Shitty science- Two recently-released studies examine the efficacy of single coronavirus vaccine doses against the delta variant showed vastly disparate outcomes.
Poking the bear- Furious Italian revolt over Covid vaccine passports as thousands protest on ‘no fear day.’
Get vaxxed to go to school, they said-Stanford University reports 7 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated students and all seven students were symptomatic.
corruption-Members of the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners agreed to share a windfall in federal COVID-19 relief funds with employees, however top-level administrators for the county would receive far bigger payments — up to $25,000 each — than front-line workers who were directly exposed to coronavirus as they cleaned buildings and provided vaccines to residents. As expected.
WTF? Spanish study finds that each dose of the Pfizer vaccine they examined contained around 747 nanograms of graphene oxide.
propaganda- CDC and Universities are paying students to be vaccine influencers.
India-2 of 3 Indians have Covid-19 antibodies. As AC says “They gave Ivermectin, and hospitalizations plummeted, but it appears two out of three people still got enough of an infection that they are now naturally immune.”
In the latest COVID-19 uptick, where is the public messaging on effective monoclonal antibodies?
Mounting evidence suggests Sputnik COVID vaccine is safe and effective. Interesting.
CDC reports drug resistant fungus infections that are untreatable in two hospitals in Texas, and a nursing facility in Washington, DC.
Majority of docs decline the #ClotShot in survey.
Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccines (video)
But it’s OK to pressure Americans-Nearly One-Third of Illegal Aliens in ICE Custody Refuse to Get Covid Vaccine.
Australia is going crazy- INSANITY: Almost a Million People Can’t Leave Home in Sydney Because Man in His 80s Died from/with COVID.
what happens when you restrict Ivermectin supply? This.

Meanwhile, UV Light treatment of the blood is very interesting!

23 July 2021: AL governor effectively resigns (over pushing the Vaxx so hard).
Mailvox: firing physicians.
Mailvox: a dialogue with a doctor.
Putting kids at real risk.
These two go together-President of Madagascar survives assassination attempt by a group including two French retired military officers., He advocates Chinese herbs over vaccines.
Related to the information war-Google whistleblower, Zach Vorhies says that Google/YouTube has blacklists censoring “Cures For Cancer” and they were also censoring any information that showed the Vegas shooter (Stephen Paddock) was a Democrat, when in fact he was anti-Trump. Pharma has $ to control the narrative.
But totally not coercive- The French will not be allowed to go into voting centers to cast votes unless they are vaccinated.
Daily COVID deaths in Sweden hit zero, as other nations brace for more lockdowns, and Sweden never had a lockdown.
Sweden reports increasing antibodies to COVID-19 in all age groups.
Coronavirus cases are spiking in nearly every state, fueled by the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. Delta variant, or vaccine adverse reactions?
Israeli Prime Minister says vaccine refusers are endangering the entire country.
Totally not coercive- NFL teams with unvax’d players are to forfeit games and incur financial liability during outbreaks.
Saying the quiet part aloud- Charlie Kirk was accidentally sent an email from CNN with this week’s talking points about “pushing the vaccine.”
Interesting. What’s in it?- Enovid, a spray developed in Canada by SaNOtize and manufactured in Israel has been found to reduce viral loads in confirmed COVID-19 cases by 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours.
InfoWar- House Democrats blocked consideration of legislation that would require the U.S. Director of National Intelligence to declassify information and data related to the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and that namely targeted what role the Wuhan Institute of Virology played in the outbreak.
Data from Israel shows 84% of new COVID cases are vaccinated individuals.
Deliberately blinding themselves- CDC has stopped counting every ‘breakthrough’ Covid infection in fully vaccinated people as experts warn the agency’s new method of only collecting data on patients who are hospitalized or die could miss patterns in who gets sick after their shots.
Shut Up, they explained- Sen. Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill Thursday that would strip online platforms such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. of liability protections if their technology spreads misinformation about coronavirus vaccines or other public-health emergencies.
CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its CDC Website Total in One Day — Caught by Internet Sleuths.
5 min vid by Dr. Bhakdi of what he thinks might be coming next with ADE and clotting.
3 of 4 people in Icelandic hospital for serious Corona had taken the #clotshot.
What not-vaxxed blood looks like under a microscope. Dr Jane Ruby.

22 July 2021: Vox points out that according to the numbers on the Texas Democrats who fled to DC, the vaccine is not offering any protection at all.
alternative hypothesis, based on the lack of adverse effects we see among our elite class.
Rand Paul says Fauci intimidates scientists from contradicting him because ‘he controls all the funding.’
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced he will send a letter to the DOJ asking for a criminal referral for Dr. Fauci for lying under oath to congress about funding of the Wuhan lab.
Over at Vox Day, a look at the latest sob story from a Hospitalist
The new lawsuit alleging there were actually 45,000 vax deaths so far reveals CDC has a secret database where those who get vaxed are tracked down and queried actively, rather than having to hunt down VAERs, and CDC is hiding the data.
On top of that, 4,115 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized or died with breakthrough Covid-19 infections
And, CDC just added 6,000 new death reports in VAERS. No, wait, update-  After this began to take off online, CDC is now claiming this was an error, and according to this article they have reduced the number even beyond what it was last week, so over a hundred of those who were dead last week appear to have been resurrected.
Author of retracted study on harm of mask-wearing by children says removal was ‘political.’.
Boris Johnson is facing his biggest backbench rebellion to date over his plan to introduce compulsory vaccine passports in September.
China rejected on Thursday a World Health Organization (WHO) plan for a second phase of an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus, which includes the hypothesis it could have escaped from a Chinese laboratory.
𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐃𝐨𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫: 𝟔𝟐% 𝐨𝐟 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐕𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐂𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐃𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐘𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐞
Covid Blame Game.
May or may not be related- “Magnetogenetics,” focused on creating genes for proteins which accrete iron and exhibit magnetism.

21 July 2021: Texas Democrat ‘fleebaggers’ will no longer release a daily Chinavirus case count as numbers rise.
New South Wales (Australia) officials are telling people not to speak to one another at all to avoid the spread of COVID. Turning evil and cruel.
Bill Gates and George Soros, two far-left ultra-elite globalist billionaires, have teamed together to dominate and profit from the Covid-19 industry.
Several fully-vaccinated aides and at least one lawmaker test positive for COVID – along with ‘multiple’ White House staffers and six runaway Texas Democrats as Indian Delta variant sweeps America.
The reassuring data on the Delta variant is there’s no sign of a surge in hospitalization or severe illness, and the vaccines remain extremely effective.
CDC Director says the Delta variant comprises 83% of Coronavirus cases in the U.S.
NYT shares tips on how to convince ‘vaccine resisters.’.
COVID cases among migrants in Rio Grande Valley sector surge 900% as border numbers continue to rise.
An 18-year-old teen who recently received a shot of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine said he suffered from a heart attack and was diagnosed with heart inflammation following the vaccination.
Patient case strongly suggests a link between the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and Bell’s Palsy.
Student with Guillain-Barre syndrome, 18, is denied admission to BYU-Hawaii and loses $200k scholarship for refusing to get COVID vaccine after doctors said it could worsen her condition.
Sen. Rand Paul tells Fauci, “All of the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab and there will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself.”
Paris clinics are offering fake COVID passes for £250 as the black market surges, with health workers making up to £4,000 a month selling forged documents.
The United States could see a wave of Covid-19 vaccine mandates as soon as the Food and Drug Administration grants full approval to one or more of the shots, public health experts predicted.
A Mainstream Academic Research Superstar, Dr. Marty Makary, Starts to Question Things.
Brithish vaxx program director admits that antibodies are lower in the vaxxed than not.
Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview.

20 July 2021: Treatment protocol for Long Haul covid, from CFLCCA.
All the bad medicine… “Conspiracy theorist” Robert Kennedy Jr. explains the relationship between the world’s most powerful doctor, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci.
Fauci calls the original Covid-19 variants the ‘prototype’ viruses. Oh, really?
Fauci says vaccinated people with ‘vulnerable’ people at home may want the ‘extra step’ of wearing a mask.
not what you’d expect if the not-vaxx was on the up-and-up-American Academy of Pediatrics urges universal masking in schools for everyone ages 2 and up — whether vaccinated or not.
Guy almost dies after his cancer treatments seem to interact with the vax to produce massive inflammation.
Lots of ways for this to go massively sideways- Last week, Israel began administering third vaccine doses to people with weakened immune systems, including organ transplant recipients and those with autoimmune diseases
MIT study finds vaccine hesitancy is ‘highly informed, scientifically literate,’ and ‘sophisticated.’
60% of people being admitted to hospital with Coronavirus have been double jabbed.
Two vaccination centres have been ransacked in France, as people protested against the introduction of tougher coronavirus rules.
So the testing is killing them off to fast, you say? The US government is reportedly investing millions of dollars to breed more monkeys in the name of biomedical research after a shortage of the animals worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic after the coronavirus necessitated the animals’ use in vaccine testing last year.
The injected spike protein meets the definition of a bioweapon in US Law.
Dr Peter McCullough Lays Waste To The Nuremberg Code Violators Lies, Coercion & Indiscretion About Covid Vaccines. interview video.
As the poster of this link said, “oof”: 5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in Scotland.

19 July 2021Pasteur Institute Study shows how #Ivermectin combats inflammation caused by #Coronachan
Creator of the mRNA vaccine tech tweets out – “So, I hope that this is hyperbole and an over-reaction, but last night an experienced journalist told me that I need to get security because I was at risk of being assassinated. I do not know how to even begin to think about this. I am just a middle class person. Security??!!?? How am I to pay for security??
Alex Berenson reports on twitter – The newest Israeli data indicate ~complete vaccine failure on every level. Remember: Israel used only the @pfizer mRNA shot and followed Pfizer dosing schedule. This data, from the @IsraelMOH telegram account, show nearly all serious cases and deaths are now among the vaccinated.
Nearly a third of staffers at New York City hospitals are still unvaccinated.
Vox Day highlights Aristotle’s quote on “they who cannot be instructed,” as they stand in line while a person with very bad reaction is carted away after vaxxing.
Kamala Harris visits Walter Reed for ‘routine’ doctor appointment days after meeting with infected Texas Democrats. Sure, “routine.”
Monthly vaccine doses will be offered to long Covid sufferers to help more than 1 million Britons beat the illness’s long term form. no, hard pass.
Over 25% of COVID-19 patients report symptoms up to 8 months later, study finds.
Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine should not be allowed to work or have access to children and be limited on where they are allowed to go.
Sky News host Cory Bernardi says French President Emmanuel Macron announcing “compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations” is the first step in an “authoritarian wave set to sweep the world.”
French set fire to a vaccination center.
Protesters want ‘freedom’ amid Macron vaccine push.
Canadian church that faces $50,000,000 in fines is still locked out of their building.
Appeals court allows CDC to enforce plan on resuming cruises.
Texas Democrat who tested positive for COVID tweets about making the rest of us suffer with a mask mandate.
45,000 dead within three days of injection claims new lawsuit. has whistle-blower.
No longer free- 5 Drs surround man in hospital and force vaxx on him.
Perhaps Remdesivir isn’t all that great.

18 July 2021: British funeral director: ‘Number of deaths skyrocketed after start of corona vaccination’ Also posted at Vox with comments.
28 fully vaccinated people Contract COVID at a homeless shelter in California.
Diabetics make up 40% of COVID deaths in US, experts say.
Pfizer COVID vaccine is significantly less effective against the Delta variant.
Vaccinated U.K. Health Secretary Tests Positive For COVID-19.
French Business Owners Face Prison and €45k fines for not checking vax passports.
Five times more children committed suicide than died of COVID-19 during the lockdown in the UK.
Back in October of 202 the FDA had a pretty good list of likely problems with the vaxx.
Jet Blue now has 5 dead pilots, all vaxxed.
2017 article in a Nature journal discusses ivermectin effects (even against cancer) and mechanisms of action.
Treating COVID with Ivermectin.

17 July 2021: Israel’s PM Bennett says of the Pfizer vaccine: “We do not know exactly to what degree the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less,” than health officials expected.
Vaccine deaths now exceed Covid deaths in the USA.
Dr. Peter McCullough claims ‘whistleblowers’ inside the CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans.
Vaccinated Britons now make up almost half of Covid cases in the country, a symptom-tracking study suggested today — but there are signs the third wave may have already peaked.
Huge study supporting ivermectin as Covid treatment withdrawn over ethical concerns. However, specific “ethical concerns” were not given; loos like a payoff or threats.
Despite Fauci’s assertions, Israeli data indicate natural immunity 6x greater than achieved from the jab. The data isn’t supporting the narrative very well.
Los Angeles County Sheriff says he will not use his department’s resources to enforce the new mask mandate. The people are revolting, and the sheriff can read the writing on walls
Wow. Recent FOI requests in the UK revealed PCR test cycles amplified 40-45 times which would result in up to a 97% false positive rate. Totally legit pandemic.

16 July 2021: From OpenVAERS we have an increase of more than 21% to 10,991 dead.
White House ‘flagging’ posts for Facebook to censor over COVID ‘misinformation.’
US military confirms heart inflammation after COVID vaccine.
The U.S. Surgeon General is calling COVID-19 misinformation an ‘urgent threat.’
Over a quarter of COVID-19 patients still symptomatic after 6 months, study finds.
In Europe-The latest data from a European Union database similar to VAERS shows that nearly 20,000 people have died from the vaccines in the areas of Europe it assesses, along with nearly two million people who have been seriously injured by the injections.

From here we have this awkward graph

15 July 2021: On the one hand-United Airlines tells pilots to take vax or be grounded indefinitely.
On the other hand-FAA Reviewing Whether Pilots Can Take COVID Vaccine, and The Flu vs. COVID-19: What You Should Know.
More than 1 million people in France have made appointments to get the coronavirus vaccine after French President Emmanuel Macron said COVID-19 passes would soon be needed for daily activities. Coercion
Totalitarians-WHO to release guidelines for digital vaccine passport, chief scientist says
A doctor in Canada says what he sees in his practice makes him think the vaccine may cause longer term clogging of microcapillaries which will not produce symptoms immediately until it produces heart failure. He is finding the micro-clotting in 62% of his patients when he tests. If a man dies a year later, 20 years “ahead of schedule” will anyone notice it? I’m sure the news won’t report it.
X-ray tech who died after second COVID-19 vaccine killed by heart disease, coroner says. Article tries to claim there is no evidence the vax was involved, but the wife call bullshit.
Biden’s door to door vaccine sales pitch leaks and it tells ‘ambassadors’ to ignore ‘no solicitation’ signs and to withhold vaccine side effects.
Gov. Mike DeWine signs a bill banning colleges, schools from requiring coronavirus vaccines.
Now Biden’s door-knockers are packing vaccines with them.
Two thirds of Americans want China to pay COVID reparations.
Nurse Blows the Whistle on the Medical Industry: ‘They’re Not Offering Informed Consent’
Tucker reveals the Biden regime is using the military to secretly fly illegal immigrants into the U.S… but we need to be careful about spreading the Delta Variant, because dangerous.
From Dr. Kory Twitter Feed, slovakia become first European nation to approve Ivermectin as both preventative and treatment for Covid.
Ouch- Five Times More Children Committed Suicide Than Died of Covid in First Year of UK Lockdown: Study.
Aussie politician drops the hammer: “It’s game-over for the Ivermectin deniers.” (youtube, the Honorable MP Craig Kelly speaking, 22 June 2021, likely to be deleted and reuploaded)
Mailbag: Ivermectin clears “Long Covid” (aka when the crud lingers).
Ivermectin Storage: Cool, not frozen or very cold!!!
Great. U.S. military confirms heart inflammation after COVID vaccine.

14 July 2021: Animal study says ivermectin crushes corona.
There is speculation Haiti’s President might have been assassinated over his refusal of free COVID vaccines, and the threat that might reveal the pandemic was fake.
Tyrants-Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine should not be allowed to work or have access to children and be limited on where they are allowed to go.
In a recording, a Moderna rep admits everyone is part of a huge experiment.
19 year old girl cannot walk and has tremors after AstraZeneca vaccine.
20 year old vax-obsessed medical student dies suddenly weeks after second COVID jab.
Two ‘fully vaccinated’ cricketers collapse on the field during international match.
Parents sue Washington, DC for allowing minors to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent.
Canada rules the Covid 19 shot is an experimental “Medical Trial” and since that is the case, all pilots that have taken part in the experimental program must be grounded because of health dangers, such as blood clots and heart problems.
Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are studying whether modifying their COVID-19 vaccines can Reduce or eliminate the risk of rare blood clots.
Fauci demands three-year-olds wear masks.
There were more COVID-19 vaccine deaths last week in the US than COVID-19 deaths.
WHO’s recommendation against Ivermectin is mired in suspicion.
Post-COVID vaccine deaths are not being autopsied.
Inmates in NY are being offered parties, food, conjugal visits, more to take part in ‘health initiative’ and get the vaccine.
94% of all Canadians who died of COVID-19 in 2020 were 65+, majority were residents of long-term care homes…. 9/10 deaths had 1+ other health condition or another cause listed on the death certificate”. Yeah, totally end-of-the-world stuff.
Another Mikovits interview.
23% of the vaccinated people polled said they had negative reactions.

13 July 2021: Ain’t that Peachy. Apparently, there is an “acceptable level” of leftover DNA from the mRNA manufacturing process still in the not-vaxx they inject you with.
FDA adds new warning on Johnson & Johnson vaccine related to rare autoimmune disorder.
Dad in hospital paralyzed by his first Covid vaccine continues receiving texts to remind him to take Jab number two.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, dismissed the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved vaccines for the Chinese coronavirus as merely a “technical issue.” 9k dead is just a “technical issue.”
Yes, and good- An evolutionary biologist claimed Friday that, should the anti-malarial drug Ivermectin be proven effective against the coronavirus, it would moot the usage of and potentially the ability to administer the U.S. coronavirus vaccines currently active under the Food & Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization.
One guys account with Ivermectin.

12 July 2021Study shows children have a 99.995% Covid recovery rate with two deaths per million kids.
Fauci says he supports local vaccine mandates.
Sydney imposes draconian lockdown, with only one person per household allowed out per day.
Cuomo notes there were 666 new cases of COVID
CPAC crowd cheers the US missing its vaccination goal, and Fauci calls it, ‘horrifying.

11 July 2021: Michele Bachmann warns of the dangers of Biden’s door-to-door vaccination push, saying, ‘There will be a database.’
Code Monkey says, the door-to-door vaccination program is a census-style check to see who is vaccinated and who isn’t and hey are making a list of the unvaccinated people who refuse to be vaccinated.
 “Fully vaccinated people accounted for the majority of Scots who died from Covid & in greater numbers than in the previous six months combined.”
CNN medical analyst suggests life ‘needs to be hard’ for unvaccinated Americans.
Canada launches its first national Coronavirus vaccine injury compensation program.
Santa Clara county revises its official COVID-19 death toll down by 22 percent.
On twitter, vaccine victims put together a montage, begging to be heard, and to get the help they need to address what the vaccine has done to them.
CDC urges parents to get children vaccinated before school starts.

10 July 2021: Vienna: ‘Up to 50 people per day collapse after vaccination’ Vox‘s take.
Leaked confidentiality agreement shows Moderna and Fauci’s NIAID filed n application for a Coronavirus mRNA vaccine candidate in 2019.
Three scientists drop names from the Lancet statement on COVID origins.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced Tuesday that it had fined a passenger $10,500 for refusing to wear a face mask during a February flight.
A 35-year-old Youtube personality, journalist and salsa dancer is dead 14 weeks after receiving the experimental Pfizer mRNA shot, “vaccine” deaths continue piling up.
Facebook is warning users against sharing a study that found dangerously high carbon-dioxide intake in masked schoolchildren, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics, saying “Pages and websites that repeatedly publish or share false news will see their overall distribution reduced and be restricted in other ways.”
Astonishing spike in post-vaccine deaths gets no media coverage as over 2,000 are reported this week alone.
Public Health England data shows vaccinated 3.4x more likely to die if hospitalised than nonvaxxed.

09 July 2021: Children face just a one in 500,000 risk of dying from Covid if they catch it, studies show, amid growing row over whether youngsters should be given vaccines.
Woman left unable to speak after receiving second dose of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.
New Zealand Health Minister says the gov’t will be “chasing out” unvaccinated people who haven’t come forward to get vaccinated. Nothing spooky about that, eh?
Oregon may send National Guard to knock on doors and push the vaccine.
Moderna begins first human trials for flu shot based on new mRNA technology used to make the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.
Ohio vaccine lottery gave away $5 million, but didn’t increase vaccination rates, says new study.
How to lie with stats: Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated.

08 July 2021: Literature review give half-hearted but positive review of Ivermectin.
Tangential- Lack of sunlight and vitamin D linked to colon cancer.
Vid- Covid Vax causes huge injury and death, Australia Prof Delores Cahill.
A “so glad to be vaxxed…” and now dead story.
Livestreaming cook faceplants, collapses and dies on her stove in-show.

07 July 2021: The Lancet says Ivermectin works. Duh.
Could prove exciting- Joe Biden to send government officials door to door across America to pressure people to accept vaccination.
Totally safe- Singapore advises people to avoid exercising for a week after vaccination due to the risk of heart attack.
so safe we need a treatment for it- Israel’s “precision medicine” for COVID-19, which tackles the immune overreaction that causes deterioration from the disease, will start a second round of clinical trials in Greece next week
A really killer job offer- 45 year old John Hopkins hospital employee dies after a reaction to a mandatory Covid shot.
Dead Italian 18 Yo woman, sever brain thrombosis. “Not normal.”
An NIH ivermectin study, double-blind and all.
Comparing mask mandate nation and not. (of course, it could be the D3 Sweden requires)

06 July 2021: Argentine study on Ivermectin shows it does not work. But it was tanked (deliberately?) by using too small a dose- right size, much too short a duration.
6-year-old son tells Dad “please don’t get the shot,” but he did and now he’s dead.
6,136 covid vaccine related deaths shown in CDC’s VAERS data as of the 6/25/2021 data set.
Not directly related, but scarry- Spain’s proposed ‘National Security Law’ would allow full suspension of all citizens’ rights, and seizure of their property upon government declaration of a health “crisis.”
An article on a failed mRNA tech Moderna tested in 2017 which they apparently couldn’t make work.
Laying the psych ground-work for a false-flag? W. Va. governor says only a “catastrophe” will push unvaccinated Americans to get shot.
How much of this driven by the insanity the parents saw from the remote learning fiasco? Public school enrollment drops 3% nationally.
Likely the disability spike from the Vaxx will be called the “long Covid”.

05 July 2021: Trying to stop the signal- The Facebook algorithm now searches images for the words VAERs, OpenVAERS, and/or vaccine and will instantly apply up to 3 warning labels to any post that includes content from this site.
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, pioneer of the Hydroxychloroquine protocol, discusses how Covid-19 shots may reduce lifespan.
As they tell us nearly everyone is at risk from COVID, the reality is the very small risk of acute presentation is congregated all around the obese and the extremely elderly.
The CDC stopped tracking most COVID-19 cases in vaccinated people, making it hard to know how dangerous Delta really is.
Germany discusses fines for COVID jab no shows, as supply begins to outweigh demand.
What’s happening to the insurance rates and workforce? Numbers and speculation 1
What’s happening to the workforce? Numbers and speculation 2
Graphene in the Phizer Covid shot? Researchers say it’s almost ALL graphene.
Video on the Graphene Oxide in the shots (Spanish with English subtitles).
Maybe 200k dead from the not-vaxx? Reporting problems, etc. Zelenko. Has some post-shot self-care advice for those who are having second thoughts…

04 July 2021: Happy Independence Day!
Interview with Dr Cole about the virus.
This would be bad-Army preparing for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines by September, report says; however, it’s prepare to be ready contingent on approval.
13-year-old dies in his sleep after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine, CDC is investigating.
Big Tech cracks down on Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine inventor, who warns about their risks.
Facebook bans top medic over posting a reputable study saying children should not be forced to wear masks.
Australian Cabal is talking about instituting #NoJabNoPay. But totally not coercive.
May or may not be related- CDC investigates mysterious cases of tropical bacterial infection in people who have not left the United States.
Child vaccinated against parent’s wishes, now in hospital.
CTIAP has now published recommendation that all four of the stabs being experimented on the people of France should be halted immediately.
15,472 DEAD 1.5 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots.
One theory on The Real Reason They’re Pushing Vaccines So Hard.
Sarah Westall – Business Game Changers: ONE ON ONE W/ DR. JUDY MIKOVITS.
Interview with Dr in Africa, Shankara Chetty, with covid treatment protocol.
Dr Joseph Mercola- nebulized hydrogen peroxide for respiratory virus (vids keep disappearing, search for it).

03 July 2021: Mandated COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused More Deaths Instead Of Reducing Them, RAND study finds.
Screencap – mRNA vax likely to cause long-term infertility.
Cause cancer, sell treatment- Moderna is trying to turn around and commercialize the mRNA tech to produce personalized cancer vaccines.
‘Staggering’ doubling of type 2 diabetes in kids during pandemic.
Lisbon court – 0.9% of ‘verified cases’ died of COVID, numbering 152, not 17,000 as claimed.
GMU coercing students and staff to get experimental COVID-19 vaccine.
India leading the way – might sentence WHO chief to death.
Only 0.08% Deaths from Delta IF UNvaccinated. unvaxxed is safer.
When the insurance actuaries say “oh, shit,” then you know the data is real.
Whole nation Ivermectin trial (india) numbers and update.

The spike protein downregulates LKB1, bad.

02 July 2021: New page for vaxx-problem stories, “chemical violence
A medical journal discovered that 82% of women who took an mRNA vaccine in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy had a miscarriage — and then it then buried the data.
Nobel Prize Winner Professor Satoshi Omura, whose discovery of ivermectin led to one of history’s greatest public health achievements in transforming the health status of large parts of the globe… gets censored for discussing the science supporting ivermectin in COVID-19.
Dr. Fauci says, ‘There are now two Americas, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.’
Now the Military confirms a rare heart inflammation cases linked to COVID-19 vaccines.
India distributes Ivermectin, Covid delta cases drop 99%.
Official Documents Confirm Vaccine “Shedding” Is Real and Dangerous!
Clot risk to 18-39s from AstraZeneca vaccine is twice as high as Covid death risk.
JAMA study-Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children. tl;dr- CO2 levels are way too high, 6x the legal limits in Germany.
Father And Daughter Die Four Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands Of COVID-19 Shots
Dr. Stephanie Seneff MIT Scientist: Covid Vaccines May Cause Diseases in ’10 to 15 years’
Virus can stop oxygen flowing around the body properly for MONTHS, triggering breathing issues, fatigue and headaches – “Long haul Covid”

01 July 2021: Very sad – 82% Miscarriage Rate In Jabbed Expectant Mothers.
From Oz-Ivermectin, India, Craig Kelly’s evidence bomb and covidiots.
video-medical establishment hiding data on vax safety for kids.
commented on Facebook, “Shut the hell up and get your vaccine!” and died a month later.
Researchers discover that unlike anything that could have developed over time in nature and jumped to humans, Covid-19 demonstrates a unique design that was intended to attack humans specifically.
An account of a neurologist who reported memory problems as a side effect of the experimental Covid vaccine.
Rand Paul slams delta variant ‘fear mongers,’ citing .08% death rate within unvaccinated group.
Wuhan’s ‘Bat Woman’ worked with the Chinese military on weaponizing coronaviruses using US government money.
Australia Shares Low-dose Ivermectin Therapy Protocol for Bs-19.

30 June 2021: Copper levels and Covid outcomes.
CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus.
The Aussie govt is NOT on the side of their own people, or else they are morons. 6 months of jail for any doctor in Queensland Australia prescribing HCQ or Ivermectin for COVID-19.
CDC Director says vaccinating a million kids will avoid 200 Covid hospitalizations, however CDC Data also says 1,000,000 Pfizer-vaccinated kids will result in 3000 visiting ER/hospitals.
12-year old Maddie de Garay was excited to be part of the Covid vaccine trial. Her parents are in medicine & engineering and wanted their kids to help bring an end to the pandemic. But now, Maddie is in a wheelchair and needs a feeding tube.
Thousands of flights cancelled as vaccinated pilots fall ill or die.
W.H.O. chief scientist says the pandemic is not over, and now is ‘not the time for us to encourage a lot of social mixing.’
Hide the data! Adverse reactions to the Covid jab will not be recorded and sent to OSHA by employers.
The British Columbia government has apologized after asking Canadians to snitch on their unvaccinated family members.
Truth suppression: Pretty amazing video where Government of Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang says openly the new lockdowns are not just to stifle the spread of the Chinavirus, but they are also to stifle the spread of unauthorized information the government does not want to spread among the people.
So sad and unnecessary. Buried report showed 576 preborn babies have died following mothers getting Covid-19 injections.
Future Theory: China discussed making bioweapons to target ‘races,’ and covertly launching attacks with asymptomatic spreading.

28 June 2021: Hot here. Very, very hot for the PNW. ~108 in Seattle.
Link to a PDF on treatment for covid.
Another reason to not have used the spike protein they did- it also elicits Cell Signaling in Human Host Cells.. Great. Just great.
Anne’s Ivermectin Treatments page.
FDA Knew on October 22, 2020 that the DeathJab would maim and kill, cause heart damage, clotting and ravage children.
U.S. government deleted COVID data at the request of Chinese researchers to hide the origin of the Chinavirus, but another researcher was able to recover the data from the google cloud.
The Chinavirus may itself create diabetes by preferentially targeting insulin-producing cells in the Pancreas.
Most people who now die with Covid in England have been vaccinated.
Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans.
Israel to reinstate indoor mask mandate next week as COVID-19 cases keep rising, despite 64% fully vaccinated rate (plus recovered infections.).
Massive protests in London against the lockdowns.
Fauci resisted Trump directive to cancel virus research grant linked to Wuhan lab, new book says.

26 June 2021: A paper on the shot magnetizing people, and a theory why it happens.
CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus – Including HUGE Number of Heart Problems Reported.
CDC investigating 13-year-old Michigan boy’s death after COVID-19 vaccination.
Norway says risk of dying from AstraZeneca CoviShield vaccine higher than of COVID-19.
Man who invented MRNA vaccines issues a warning that govt is concealing the dangers of vaccines, saying young people should not get vaccinated.
Pretty sure this isn’t legal: Ohio judge adds COVID-19 vaccination as terms of probation.
India could sentence WHO chief scientist to death for misleading over Ivermectin.
Undiagnosed SARS-CoV-2 Seropositivity During the First Six Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US.
New Research Shows Extent of China’s Cover-Up of COVID-19’s Origins.
A look at a baseball team that has several players, both vaxxed and not, test positive.
The Jab Makes it worse. 109/117 who died were “fully” vaccinated.
Ivermectin – take it, and kill most of the mosquitos that feed on you. Another use.

25 June 2021: Half of new Israel cases are fully vaccinated, claiming “Delta Variant”.
It’s the PITS! Post-Transmission Injection-Syndrome. Is there a Remedy?
In the UK, Flu and pneumonia deaths are now over ten times higher than coronavirus deaths.
Brain inflammation from COVID-19 looks eerily similar to that from Alzheimer’s.
Rand Paul calls for Fauci to be fired from Coronavirus task force.
Israel admits that half of new Covid-19 cases in last month were fully vaccinated.
China requested NIH delete samples from COVID-19 patients in early 2020.
Vox Day covers the fact people who are vaccinated are quietly being told not to fly.
At 3.5% mortality, the spike protein poison is 1,666x more lethal than Covid-19. Video
University of Illinois Mandating Vaccinations for All 3 Campuses if Students Want to Return to ‘In-Person Instruction’.
A dropbox sound file of a surgeon being fired from teaching duties in Canada.

23 June 2021Enlarged heart risk for the young 200x background rate.
Is flying while vaxxed a clot risk?
Certain blood pressure medicines are found to protect memory in older adults by affecting ACE2 receptors. And there are reports of the vaccine, which affects ACE2 somehow, raising blood pressure, instead of lowering it like the medicines. Maybe coincidence, maybe not.
Google funded virus research carried out by Wuhan-linked scientist Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance for over a decade.
from Vox, A young athlete is vaxxed out.
Legend: fighting the lockdown Nazis.

22 June 2021: Graph of unexplained deaths up six-fold. from here.
Israel virus surge among the vaxxed.
A strange combo: Philippines President Duterte says, ‘You choose, Covid vaccine or I will have you jailed.’ However he also seemed to offer Ivermectin as an alternative to avoid the vaccine.
British Daily Expose asks if Britain is seeing antibody dependent enhancement, given the majority of deaths are in the vaccinated
This is the scripted propaganda that pregnant women who get the vaccine will be falling for.
Fauci and D.C. mayor Bowser are heckled as they go door-to-door, pushing vaccines.
Not directly Covid, but morbid+Fauci: Anthony Fauci has been discovered to have granted the majority of the federal funds awarded to the University of Pittsburgh by the the National Institute of Health for research involving aborted fetuses.
13-year-old boy dies three days after taking second COVID shot.
An awful lot of coincidences: Nearly 4,000 women. report menstrual problems including heavy bleeding and delayed periods after getting their Covid vaccine – but watchdog insists there’s no proof jabs are to blame.
Confidential documents reveal Moderna sent an mRNA Coronavirus vaccine candidate to university researchers weeks before the emergence of Covid-19.
Indian scientists had noted ‘unnatural insertions’ in the Chinavirus genome, but were forced to withdraw their study.
Fauci’s bosses signed research deals with the Chinese Communist military front.
Cabalites of a feather… Fauci’s bosses signed research deals with the Chinese Communist military front.

21 June 2021: A new joined study by two hospitals in Israel and Tel Aviv University is suggesting a link between the Pfizer mRNA vaccine and TTP, a rare and severe auto immune disease.
Hypocrisy, anyone? Illinois City cancels the 4th of July parade due to COVID, but launches Juneteenth and LGBT pride events.
NOQ Report notes the shockingly strong correlation between the ‘Delta variant’ rise and increased vaccinations, and asks, could the “Delta variant” be growing as a result of the vaccine push?
Vaccines in general a problem. Sharyl Attkisson covers a CDC senior scientist who admits, ‘We trashed data showing vaccine-autism link in African-American boys.
Christopher Langan, a man once called the “world’s smartest man” by the media for having a 210 IQ, is urging resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine.
Million-dollar lotteries fail to cut through vaccine apathy.
Antibody Dependent enhancement seen in the wild.

19 June 2021: FWIW, I get a lot of these links from Anonymous Conservative, on the date noted, but I also get some from other places each day. I’m just trying to keep all my possible sources in one location for ease of reference. Not giving credit to AC every day is not meant as a slight, just redundant after a while. So, for today:
Some vaccine experts are having second thoughts about rushing to inoculate kids.
Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel laureate and former director of the Retrovirology Lab at the Pasteur Institute reports that in fact it is the vaccinations that are producing the variants.
Canadian COVID  coverup – Opposition parties voted to declare the Liberal government in contempt of Parliament for refusing to provide unredacted documents to the House of Commons that could explain the firing of two scientists from Canada’s top infectious disease lab in Winnipeg, amid concerns over their ties with Chinese military research.
D.C. jail coerced Jan. 6 political prisoners into getting vaccinated to avoid inhumane treatment.
The Wuhan Institute of Virology had obtained “all the genes to make a SARS coronavirus similar to the epidemic strain,” according to a 2017 report by Science News..
There is an mRNA vaccine for Malaria which seems to work in mice.
Amazon is turning evil, pushing the narrative. Amazon deletes America’s Frontline Doctor’s website from the internet forcing the doctors to scramble to salvage and rebuild the site.
8 chest pain cases among adolescent boys detected after COVID vaccination in San Diego.
Latest VAERS numbers is 5993, increase of 1.8% from previous week.
New Article on anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral properties of Ivermectin.
New Academic Study Confirms: Mass Testing of Asymptomatics Was a ‘Scam’.

18 June 2021: But it’s totally safe! Heart attack risk following vax.
Human polymerase enzymes can reverse transcribe RNA into DNA with high efficiency.
COVID Spike protein damages placentas, according to a doctor.
Unvaccinated NFL players will face slew of restrictions to open 2021, including being barred from team flights.
A doctor points out that everywhere vaccines have been rolled out new infections and mortality have suddenly risen.
More than 500 breakthrough infections reported in Mass. in under three weeks.
UK virus cases surge even as 8 in 10 have received shots.
Four healthy British Airways pilots die in one week but the airline says there’s no link to the Covid-19 vaccine.
KY judge rules Gov. Beshear’s COVID, mask orders unconstitutional in breakthrough lawsuit.
Arizona’s Republican Gov. Doug Ducey nukes an Arizona State University policy requiring students to be vaccinated before taking on-campus classes. 
Open VAERS data should be updating their data today. I’m guessing 5,888 –> 6,500.

17 June 2021: Dirty Masks = face pathogens.
The COVID vaccines appear to be killing and disabling large numbers of people who are in their prime.
A study tracking the health insurance records of nearly 2 million people in the United States who contracted the Chinavirus last year, found that one month or more after their infection, almost one-quarter — 23% — of them sought medical treatment for new conditions.
Atmospheric viricides deployed into public air spaces and public schools and nobody knows if it is “EPA approved.”
Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines.
HUGE …. 3 British Airways pilots have DIED of the COxxVID vaxxine in the past 7-days, and BA are now in crisis talks with the UK Government about whether or not their vaxxinated pilots should be allowed to fly…. 85% of all British Airways pilots have already been vaxxinated.

16 June 2021 (sorry, been lazy / busy for a few days):
Steve Kirsch is claiming he can prove the vax has produced almost 26,000 deaths so far.
The creator of the mRNA vaccine technology, says on youtube, of the COVID vaccine (5:29-6:14) that it concentrates the cytotoxic spike protein in women’s ovaries:
CDC says vaccine link to heart inflammation is stronger than previously thought.
Americas Frontline Doctors calls for ending vaccinations on those under 30 due to heart risks.
A Liberty County man says his rights were violated when a divorce court judge ordered him to get a COVID-19 vaccine in order to see his kids.
The creator of the mRNA vaccines tweets : “What happens to confidence in public health and USG if ivermectin turns out to be safe and effective for COVID, and the genetic vaccines turn out to have significant safety issues? This looks like a very plausible scenario from where I sit.”
A link to a survey investigating if you have had secondary effects after being exposed to someone who had the vaccine.
19 year old girl got the vaccine, had heart failure, got a heart transplant, but died anyway.
Leftist Vax-nazi Federal judge freaks out on US Marshals for refusing to disclose COVID vaccination statuses of their Deputies
Chinese researchers find 24 new coronaviruses in bats amid renewed calls to probe COVID origins.
Many COVID-19 patients produce immune responses against their body’s tissues or organs
Oracle engineer who helped design CDC Chinavirus tracking system dies from COVID-19 after getting the vaccine.
BBC just admits 50% of deaths include vaccinated people.
2018 video shows Wuhan lab partner scheming on how to make money from a pandemic.
This will get overturned… Hospital employees must get COVID vaccine or find a new job, judge rules as he slams contention that vaccines are ‘experimental and dangerous.’
A talk by a doctor on the worst-case scenario research on the COVID-vaccine
Covid story self-contradictions.
Asymptomatic Covid spread is a lie, or at the very least false.
June 13 interview with Dr Peter McCullough.

06 June 2021: o/t aside, Remember D-Day.
A website that tracks HCQ studies. Early treatment is key. (duh)
Fauci and other conspired to disqualify HCQ treatments.
Why was Fauci’s wife ever placed in a position at NIH where she was the final arbiter of the ethics of her husband’s experiments?
U.S. Intel believes China is trying to produce Covid variants to cover up the ‘lab origin’ of the original form.
The Obama administration lifted the block on “gain of function research” just eleven days before President Trump took office.
Rand Paul tells Hannity he’s receiving death threats for criticizing Fauci.
US gave more money to the Chinese lab for bat research than Fauci claimed.
A Freeper got the vaccine, but has no antibodies.

05 June 2021: Website listing a bunch of ivermectin-Covid19 studies.
Interview with Dr. Byram Bridle about a new peer reviewed study on the vaxx.
Fauci had difficulty finding kids to test AIDS drugs on so he went to the NYC foster care system.
German study finds lockdown ‘had no effect’ on stopping the spread of the Chinavirus.
Chinese military ‘engineered mice with humanized lungs’ in 2019 to test viruses on them – just months before the pandemic erupted.
Oh, interesting. The FDA admits it has never licensed any Influenza vaccine for use by pregnant women and does not have a single trial supporting the safety of this practice.

04 June 2021: Suramin has some promise as a Covid treatment, too. (also an anti-parasitic, and being investigated for treatment of autism…?)
Also, Pine Needle Tea may help symptoms. (a source of suramin)
Interview with Dr Mitkovits on topic of suramin.
Vax nanoparticles circulate in the body.
Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield said that after stating his belief on CNN that the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan, other scientists threatened his life.
In 1977 a flu broke out in northeast China which eventually spread to Russia and then around the world, killing 700,000 people, and it appears now to have been a lab leak. Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin therapy at a higher dose improved survival by nearly 200% in ventilated COVID patients.
Chinese defector with info about the Wuhan Bioweapons lab. Talking to DIA.
Related: High-Ranking Chinese Defector Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of Several Chinese Special Weapons Programs.

03 June 2021: Well, isn’t that an interesting coincidence? From comments.
That Daszak was later appointed to head the Covid 19 origin investigations was reported in Sept 2020 and widely denounced – at least to people that were paying attention.
Also note that several of those signatories worked for EcoHealth Alliance.
Now check out the authors on the retracted lancet paper that attempted to debunk HZQ.
And the paper that claimed cardiovascular toxicity to HZQ.
See who Sapan Desai is.
Dr. Fauci plotted with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to push COVID-19 fear porn before the 2020 election.
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel told Fauci that Covid seemed ‘less harmful’ than the Flu.
COVID “looks engineered,” a govt-funded immunologist told Fauci in January, 2020.
Early in the pandemic, Fauci was emailing colleagues in a panic over studies which made it look like the China virus may have been a byproduct of gain of function research, such as that he was funding.
Fauci’s gain-of-function smoking gun email proves he lied to Senator Paul and America.
The White House is actively looking to dump Dr. Anthony Fauci amid recent flip-flopping and released emails that show further contradictions on the pandemic response.
Fauci’s forthcoming book has been removed for pre-order from all major online booksellers.
Israel sees probable link between the Pfizer vaccine and myocarditis cases.
California Health Department admits mRNA COVID-19 injections cause serious heart conditions.
The Chinavirus may cause severe long-term erectile dysfunction.
Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of India’s Delhi Covid-19 cases.
Amazon is now badging / segregating /marking employees by vax status.

01 June 2021: Dr. Peter A. McCullough: All the vaxes produce the dangerous protein spikes.

31 May 2021: Interview with Mikovits about technical details and what to expect.
Dr. Byram Bridle, University of Guelph, says, “We now know Spike protein gets into circulation. We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew it was a toxin. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”
This leaked Pfizer study from the EMA shows that the vaccine particles are hugely sequestered into the ovaries, in data from animal studies.
Coincidence? Oracle Vice President tweets he is getting the vax in March, suddenly and unexpectedly, he just keels over from the virus, supposedly. 
Nothing suspicious about this at all. The Chinese Communist Party is allegedly collecting DNA around the world through a state-linked company offering COVID-19 testing assistance to other countries.
Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID in a lab, then tried to reverse-engineer virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats.
Interview with Mitkovits on the problems the vax may cause.
Number of COVID cases in Delhi crashes after mass distribution of ivermectin.
COVID vaccine injury reports among 12- to 17-year-olds more than triple in 1 week, VAERS data show.
This is odd, not sure where it leads: President Joe Biden is moving to surrender to China U.S. patent and trade secret protections on America’s COVID-19 vaccines, including revolutionary mRNA technology.
Not good: FOIA documents reveal animal study results demonstrating Pfizer mRNA-based vaccine mRNA-lipid nanoparticles, does not remain at the injection site, but rather appears to spread widely after injection, concentrating in various organs, including the ovaries and spleen.
The lymph nodes of the vaccinated behave a lot like cancer patient’s in tests, which the article says leads to fears of false diagnoses and unnecessary biopsies.
Gab post with video of doc: few Covid patients, lots of Vaxx patients.

22 May 2021: full court: White House partners with dating apps for COVID-19 jab badges.
Doctors in Houston are trying to figure out why a handful of people hospitalized with COVID-19 develop massively enlarged tongues.

19 May 2021: Interview with Gen McInenery.
COVID cases in India plummet after government promotes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine use.
Nobel Prize winner alleges the Covid vaccine is ‘creating variants.’
Rand Paul produces documents that show NIH funded gain of function research.

18 May 2021: sweden-records-more-30k-cases-side-effects-tied-covid-jabs.
Chelsea Handler says she is deaf in one ear after her second Moderna shot.
Eric Clapton describes his severe reaction to the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which made him think he might never play the guitar again.
New York Yankees now have ninth Covid-19 breakthrough case.
Vaster website.
Interview with “Nina” from the UK, works in a hospital, reporting many suspicious sever adverse reactions or death.
Interview with Dr Mercola.”They Are Going to Kill More People With This Vaccine’ Than From Covid.”

16 May 2021: Dr Palevsky Explains The Death Jab.
The mortality rate of those hospitalized with Covid after being fully vaccinated is 16%.
Highly Cited COVID Doctor (Dr. Peter McCullough) Comes to Stunning Conclusion: Government ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-related Deaths.
CDC says death toll following experimental COVID vaccine now at 4,434.
A study on how the COVID vaccine might make young men infertile.

15 May 2021: Even staff at CDC and NIH are skeptical of the Jab. 405-50% refusing it.
Fauci says vaccinated should have ‘no concern’ about infection from the unvaccinated.
Eighth vaccinated Yankee comes down with COVID. so it doesn’t work.
CDC no longer tracking mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 breakthrough cases.
In mostly vaccinated America, May 2021, Covid cases are 47.4% higher than May 2020.
Three healthcare workers are speaking out about debilitating health problems they experienced shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, including tremors, memory loss, and “full-body convulsions.”
Ivermectin use reduced the probability of severe symptoms and hospitalizations in CDMX by up to 76%.

interview with Dr. Cole, banned from youtube.

14 May 2021: Yes, it’s treatable. Graph from India after Ivermectin push.

13 May 2021: Tucker Carlson interview with Dr Peter McCullough.
Interview with Dr Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D, about bleeding and clotting problems.

12 May 2021: Toxicologist calls for stopping the vax.
British Guitarist Eric Clapton has endured hell dealing with adverse reactions.

11 May 2021: Some interesting stats in this gab, with sources. Fore example, “99.4% of VAERS reports so far in 2021 are related to the COVID-19 Vaccines.”
Dr. mocks vax skeptics, then dies after getting vaxxed.
Study: Lockdowns Ten Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself.
FDA grants Pfizer vaccine green light for use in kids aged 12 to 15.
Top doctor says, feds are demonizing COVID-19 treatments in order to promote the vaccine, as the National Institute of Health issued a guideline recommending physicians not treat COVID-19 until a patient needs oxygen.
All adults in the Indian state of Goa to be given Ivermectin drug to bring down mortality.
Video of a woman keeling over in the background while waiting the mandatory 15 minutes after vaccination to make sure there are no adverse reactions.
The gain-of-function virus research which was Fauci’s pet project was contracted to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the paperwork from Wuhan has a “reference number” attached that leads directly back to the funds Fauci paid to Eco-Health Alliance for the work.
Federal health officials this month decided to limit how they monitor vaccinated people who have been infected with Covid-19.
Deaths of elderly who recovered from COVID-19, but died after the vaccine raise questions.

10 May 2021: The numbers are UGLY. 20x fatality risk for the vaxxed.
Also at Vox’s place, we have 57 scientists and doctors have demanded an immediate end to the mass-vaccination campaigns.

09 May 2021:“The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons,” written by Chinese scientists and Chinese public health officials in 2015, discussed the weaponization of SARS coronaviruses for use in WWIII.
A group of 57 leading scientists, doctors and policy experts has released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the current COVID-19 vaccines and are now calling for an immediate end to all vaccine programs.
Scientists warn Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may cause blood clots, too.
A peer-reviewed study has claimed that global ivermectin use can end the COVID-19 pandemic, as the medicine significantly reduces the risk of contracting the deadly respiratory disease when used regularly.
A plan to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 in Belgium in six weeks using ivermectin was recently put forward by a Belgian virologist.
States asked the federal government this week to withhold staggering amounts of COVID-19 vaccine amid plummeting demand for the shots.
This isn’t about a virus. It’s about control and submission: Video shows Canadian SWAT team arresting a pastor for ‘inciting’ people to attend church.
Data through the end of April says 3837 deaths reported to VAERS.
Medical Doctors Testify Before State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots.

08 May 2021New research reveals why some patients may test positive for COVID-19 long after recovery. (short version, sometimes the RNA does the reverse-transcriptase thing and integrates into your DNA. speculated on previously, now confirmed)
Covid not-vax now at 3837 deaths.
Marvelous. They knew a long time ago about pathogenic priming with SARS.
On the bright side, perhaps Pine Needle Tea will help.

07 May 2021: InfoWars interview of Dr. Mercola. The vaxx is bad.
Yet another change to the CDC stats on Covid.
New Zealand makes vaccines mandatory under law with a $4,000 fine or imprisonment.
A majority of those who say they will not get vaccinated will not change their mind.
19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported in Europe.

05 May 2021: Interview with Dr Sucharit Bhakdi.
Doctor who promoted non-vaccine ways to boost your health and minimize any effect of getting COVID writes
OSHA imposes new rule for employer-required COVID-19 vaccines.
The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects indicating damage to almost every system in the human body.
Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions, and now Facebook blocks messages with this URL.
In Zimbabwe, COVID-19 infection & death rates plummet after Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) greenlight for Ivermectin use.
After court order, Elmhurst Hospital says it’s allowing COVID-19 patient to receive controversial drug ivermectin.
Liberal activist LeBron James still hasn’t been vaccinated, teammate reveals.

03 May 2021: Laboratory Escapes and “Self-fulfilling prophecy” Epidemics.
Various not-vax report at Vox’s blog.
Pentagon tracking 14 cases of heart inflammation in troops after COVID-19 shots.
follow the science? Bombshell report shows teachers’ unions dictated CDC school reopening recommendations, instead of listening to science.
Study shows, COVID lockdowns cost countless jobs, but don’t appear to have saved lives.
Paper finds that there are non-spike proteins which may make superior targets for vaccine therapy, and induce superior immunity.
Odd side-note: Hydroxychloroquine proponent Dr. Vladimir Zelenko nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.
ACE2 problems The Chinavirus spike protein damages vascular cells by virtue of the fact it binds to the ACE2 receptor. From the article : “If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID,” Manor explains. “Further studies with mutant spike proteins will also provide new insight towards the infectivity and severity of mutant SARS CoV-2 viruses.”
Israel probing link between Pfizer shot and heart inflammation in men under 30.
Counter-attack: A new therapy binds to the active site of the spike protein, shielding it an inactivating its ability to do anything.
So very sad and unnecessary. Pfizer begins COVID vaccine trials on children with almost 3,000 participants, and already a 15 year old boy is dead of cardiac failure and a 16 year old girl died of pulmonary embolism.
Some indication in Pfizer’s vaccine trial documentation that spread of adverse effects from vaccinated to unvaccinated possible.
Using a newly developed mouse model of acute lung injury, researchers found that exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone was enough to induce COVID-19-like symptoms including severe inflammation of the lungs.
Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with “the most senior research position” in his field, speaks about the “lie” of dangerous variants, the totalitarian potential for “vaccine passports,” and the strong possibility we are dealing with a “conspiracy” which could lead to something far beyond the carnage experienced in the wars and massacres of the 20th century.
New study confirms that the primary culprit in Covid19 is the spike protein.

Good News: Ivermectin studies meta-analysis shows it works.

Locksdowns are ineffective Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, the rest of them.

22 April 2021: Problems showing up in BC, interview with a local doctor.
Lots of side effects
Another doc talks about it.
Fertility issues with unvaxxed people near vaxxed people talked about here.

18 April 2021: Most of these are copied from Anon Conserv.
New Stanford study- masks are totally worthless for preventing Covid-19 transmission. This is published at the NIH.
No purified and isolated examples of Covid-19.

WaPo columnist says Wuhan lab investigation would expose Dr. Fauci, US taxpayer funding of CCP BioLabs.
A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud because several laboratories in the US can’t find Covid-19 in 1500 positive tests.
Video surfaces of man in drive-thru vaccine line having a seizure… and then the next man over collapses, too.
Stanford study finds face masks ineffective against COVID, and Twitter immediately bans users citing it.

11 April 2021: 18 reasons to not take the not-vax. – Like nobody saw that coming ten miles away.

09 April 2021: Top Yale doctor/researcher says ‘Ivermectin works,’ including for long-haul COVID.
UVA rays from sunshine can release skin chemical that stops deadly virus from spreading, scientists say.
Johnson & Johnson vaccinations paused at North Carolina site after 18 people had ‘adverse reactions’ and four were hospitalized.
‘Perfectly healthy’ Miami doctor’s death two weeks after getting Pfizer vaccine ruled as natural causes ‘because medical examiner couldn’t find any proof jab was responsible.’
Scientists are beginning to think it is possible mRNA vaccines permanently alter DNA.
Video of doctors being interviewed about the disease and cover-ups.

07 April 2021: Dr Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics regarding Covid, vaccine, & treatments.

17 Feb 2021:  India develops COVID treatment kit for less than $3 per person with ‘miraculous’ ivermectin
Cytokine storm
Covid mRNA “vaccine” may actually be part 1 of a binary bioweapon.
My post on binary bioweapons and lysosomotropic agents.

23 Jan 2021: There have been a whole rafts of revealing just as Trump is about to leave or as Biden comes in; apologies for not keeping up with a daily set of news stories. Gets tiresome repeating the same crap everyone on the right already knows, nobody of the left will believe. Suddenly the cost of lockdowns is too high, go full open. But they are simultaneously hyping fear and snitching. Ivermectin is OK. Amazon will help with vaccine distribution to expedite it. Etc. Clear political motivation for pandemic fight plans, so transparent.
As Biden became President, medical journal quietly retracted a study that claimed Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective.
Boston College orders students to report each other if they fail to social distance or wear face masks incorrectly. They are conditioning kids to inform on each other.
PCR Covid test cycle threshold to high, should be lowered to avoid false positives
NIH (National Institutes of Health) now recommending Ivermectin
Ivermectin prevents Covid-19.
As Biden became President, medical journal quietly retracted a study that claimed Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective.
Meanwhile, Twitter has declared that it will remove all posts that suggest there are any “adverse impacts or effects of receiving vaccinations.”
The American Medical Association (AMA), in a surprising move, has officially rescinded a previous statement against the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Which means the AMA literally killed Americans by denying them treatment just to get Trump out of office.
President Joe Biden’s first official act on his first day in office was signing an executive order mandating that masks be worn on all federal properties and by federal employees and contractors. (but he then promptly breaks the rules)
HSBC says customers who refuse to wear a face mask will have their accounts withdrawn.
Judicial Watch gets the paperwork on California’s billion dollar Chinese mask deal.
With no lockdown or mask mandate, Florida has roughly same hospitalization level as 2018 flu season.

13 Dec 2020: Testimony on efficacy of HCQ.
Some colleges are now encouraging students to inform on other students who violate COVID mandates.
Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic are now permanent.
They are starting to talk about not letting people work unless they take the COVID vaccine.
Austrian MP tests cola for Covid-19, and it yields a positive result.
Melinda Gates is ‘incredibly disappointed’ that Trump is putting Americans first in line for Covid-19 vaccine.
One of the largest medical systems in the U.S. will not require its 89K employees to get the Covid vaccine due to “general uncertainty” around such a new treatment.
4 volunteers develop facial paralysis after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases.’
UK Government officials are calling for calm after it emerged that several health workers have suffered an “anaphylactoid reaction” after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
‘Suicide is a very real threat’ … pandemic depression new, growing disorder linked to lockdowns …
Cambridge study: children’s mental health deteriorated ‘substantially’ during lockdown…
Bill Gates endorses the Great Reset…Gleeful Bill Gates, Keep Restaurants and Bars Closed for Six Months, Allow Slow Return to New Normal Activity in 2022
Study Shows Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Vaccinated Children
Medical Professor Testifies to Congress that COVID Cure Already Exists with Ivermectin
Undercover nurse exposes what is REALLY happening with ‘Covid-19 pandemic’

30 Nov 2020: Huge meta-study on “outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study”
CNN helping Chinese wrt Covid numbers.
Leaked documents reveal China’s mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19
Fauci is admitting that spread of the China Virus between children is “not very big at all.
Pence Says Covid Vaccine Distribution Could Begin Mid-December.
‘…remarkable’: No one who got Moderna’s vaccine in trial developed severe COVID-19.
Maybe it’s genetics: An ancient coronavirus-like epidemic drove adaptation in East Asians from 25,000 to 5,000 years ago.
A year after Wuhan alarm, China seeks to change Covid origin story: Reports in state media signal an intensifying propaganda effort to place the birth of the virus in other countries.
Senseless Restrictions on Outdoor Activities Undermine the Goal of Curbing COVID-19.
Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S. Spiked After Publication.

18 Nov 2020: It has been a while. been busy with election stuff, mostly. The Wuhan flu is heating up again in the news, but the numbers are more than a little suspect.
Danish study finds no clear evidence face masks protect wearer from Covid-19 infection….
PA gov announces new COVID rules, including wearing a mask in your house…
Science is not science anymore … top journals practice political correctness…
Results suppressed for months…
Top California Dems apparently don’t practice mask religion…
Pandemic Reset goal?
Foolishness- Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has announced new COVID restrictions, including ordering people to wear masks inside their own homes.
Hypocrisy –CA lawmakers flock to HI while forcing ‘Stay at Home’ measures on the public.
As America readies for another lockdown, China packs 70,000 people into a stadium without masks.
Minor side-effects English vaccine whistle-blower from Glaxo Smith Kline says the new vaccine may cause sterility in 97% of women.
NY Sheriff refuses to enforce Governor Cuomo’s holiday restrictions: ‘It’s unconstitutional.’ Turns out he is one of many.
Gavin Newsom weighs a statewide curfew as most of California returns to toughest COVID-19 tier
Odd, true? Study finds 1 in 5 COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days.
Lies and stats-CDC is labeling everything a COVID death.
Another Trump victory on COVID-19: another new vaccine is shown to be 94.5 percent effective.
Trump coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas urges Michigan to ‘rise up’ against new Covid-19 measures.
An arthritis drug has been found to cut deaths in patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 by a remarkable two-thirds.
“Vacationing every summer in South Beach” significantly increases mortality from colds and flu. In other words, CoronaCold hits sodomites harder.
Testimony of a General Practitioner in the UK: No pandemic, orders to refuse treatment to anyone over 70, perpetual totalitarianism is the objective.
Top California Dems apparently don’t practice mask religion…

27 Sep 2020: New treatment Florida doctors found a coronavirus cure that’s nearly 100% effective. Called “ICAM,” which stands for Immunosupport drugs (Vitamin C and Zinc), Corticosteroids against inflammation, Anticoagulants against blood clots, and Macrolides to help fight infection”. Not sure if it’s more effective than HCQ+zinc+D3, the data given isn’t particularly detailed, but hey, any progress is good progress. New numbers from the Center for Disease Control. Summary of odds to die by age group if you get it:
1 out of 34,000 for ages 0 to 19; ( 99.997% odds of survival)
1 out of 5,000 for ages 20 to 49; ( 99.98% odds of survival)
1 out of 200 for ages 50 to 69; ( 99.5% odds of survival)
1 out of 20 for ages 70 and up. ( 94.6% odds of survival)

26 Sep 2020Chinese Virus deaths are 75% lower in nations using hydroxychloroquine. Also, New research shows, Hydroxychloroquine poses no risk to heart rhythms..

21 Sep 2020: Always new things to try. Indian doctor says they are finding that quadruple therapy – Ivermectin, Doxycycline, Zinc, and Vitamin D3, is more effective than hydroxychloroquine. What next?

18 Sept 2020: The “news” is Wag The Dog. CNN reporter scolds Trump over face mask, then removes hers when she thinks cameras are off.  The pols lie, too. COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor’s office discuss the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to keep those facts from the public. Hiding people who might know. Twitter suspends account of Chinese scientist who published the paper alleging Covid was created in the Wuhan lab. And the data is crap, or at least questionable. Data shows 40 percent of Ohio counties experience a rise in Coronavirus cases 7 weeks after a mask mandate.

09 Sep 2020: This sounds totally proportional, considering the high false-positive rate.

08 Sept 2020: One rule for thee, another for me. San Francisco gym owners livid after discovering gyms in government buildings have been opened for months.

07 Sept 2020: Vitamin D3 and Covid – deficiency in vitamin D3 = higher risks. Not news, but more details.

30 Aug 2020: Missed a fw days, but these are doozies. Majority of “positive” tests should have been negatives, and only about 6% of those who died “of COVID” didn’t have serious co-morbidity.

16 Aug 2020: Bill is, of course, does totally not have any conflicts of interest: Bill Gates this week claimed that using hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus carries with it the risk of “severe side effects” and argued that medical officials should instead pursue the numerous “good therapeutic drugs” currently in development. More on vitamin D3.

14 Aug 2020: Louie Gohmert says Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, zinc, and an inhaler saved him. Just one more data-point / anecdote. And a Yale prof chimes in: Hydroxychloroquine Haters Spewing ‘Misleading And Toxic Disinformation’.

10 Aug 2020: More on Ivermectin.

08 Aug 2020: NYC Councilman Paul Vallone credits Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 recovery. But hey, it’s just an anecdote.

07 Aug 2020: Growing evidence of the efficacy of HCQ. Meanwhile, the civil/political actions to Covid are getting people killed – accused rapist released over Covid concerns murders accuser.  At the same time, Doctors are lying / doctoring charts to misrepresent the data to support their mask/quarantine/distancing mandates.

05 Aug 2020: Ivermectin is also a good (generic) drug against the Wuhan Flu.

30 July 2020: Yale epidemiologist doesn’t like what Fauci is doing – he’s “anti science,” and wading a disinformation campaign. Ohio is banning use of HCQ for the Wuhan Flu.

28 July 2020: Hospitals are a primary vector.

27 July 2020: Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, says that hydroxychloroquine is “the key to defeating COVID-19” in a Newsweek op-ed published this past week.

24 July 2020: Even Newsweek writers can see HCQ is effective, but blocked for political reasons. Media keeps focusing on red states, screaming “outbreak!” while blue states do worse. Fauci is a hypocrite – rules are for little people, apparently.

22 July 2020: HCQ could save 100,000 lives says Yale prof. No test equals positive test in FL. I’m sure it was all just an accident, tho. Another drug? Heparin, a common FDA-Approved Drug May Effectively Neutralize Virus That Causes COVID-19. Fauchi has been an idiot for a long time, and was called out on his incompetence in 1988.

20 July 2020: zinc might be helpful. Gee, ya’ think? Refusing to submit to home imprisonment for a positive COVID test results in ankle bracelets for both woman and her spouse. It might seem reasonable on one level, but when you consider it right next to a 30% false positive rate for the test in some places….

19 July 2020: Total shit for tests- 30% false positive rate, and 20% false negative.

17 July 2020: CDC inflating COVID numbers.  Texas Covid19 numbers compared to the Flu; hint, more flu deaths. CDC contaminated COVID tests; lots of false positives. Negative tests in FL not being reported. Well, isn’t that convenient, WA state?

15 July 2020: Changes in death  / recovered rates with and without HCQ. Think they’ll apologize? Nah, me neither. Big discrepancy between Hospital’s actual numbers, and what gets reported at the state level. Fraud in counting case numbers in Surry.

06 July 2020: Fauchi’s NIH knew about HCQ and SARS in 2005; why is nobody in the media asking about that?

03 July 2020: New Study – HCQ is effective in lowering mortality (cut it from 26.4% to just 13%).

28 June 2020: Curious Canadian double standard on HCQ; you can’t have it, unless you are a government employee.

22 June 2020: More evidence on D3 deficiency being related to severity of Wuhan Flu. Median case fatality rate for those below 70 is only 0.04%. That’s 4/10,000, only slightly worse than being injured by your toilet this year.

21 June 2020: The importance of D3, the “sunshine vitamin.” 99% who die are seriously deficient. Only 4% who are at good levels do. And they are telling people to stay indoors to stay safe.

17 June 2020: From Here, we have This, about Dexamethadone. Read the paragraph (near the top) with it. The problem is that it’s likely to kill actually people, like they are trying to claim HCQ will, by suppressing the immune system too hard. Someone is trying to spike the death rate.

15 June 2020: FDA cancels emergency authorization for HCQ, based on crap “science.” Basically, they WANT dead bodies and fear. Meanwhile, the study that got published in the Lancet claiming HCQ raised the fatality rate appears to have been done by a bullshit fake company run by political hacks.

14 June 2020: WHO corrupt, the lockdown is a plan to create chaos.

13 June 2020: Fron here,  CDC screws up testing, may “need” new lockdowns. Basically, prep for mail-in ballots rigging the election. Mounting evidence COVID19 not as lethal as first suspected.

31 May 2020: Yale researcher says HCQ should be promoted and used early widely.

30 May 2020: Why is inc ignored?

29 May 2020: Doc using HCQ and being bullied. Paul Roberts and the campaign against HCQ.

28 May 2020: Interesting to see these two side by side: France pulls HCQ support, promotes sedative (potentially used to kill the ill).Things that make you go Hmmmmm. Rules for thee but not for me, says Dem Governor. The President of El Salvador announces that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine. Early re-opening states don’t have increased rates. The CDC’s numbers are not scary, but they are not telling people.

26 May 2020: Not contagious after 11 days, even if testing positive? India using HCQ to prevent Covid19 infection.

25 May 2020: Nah, they’d never try to pad Covid19 stats with murder victims, would they? Ohio lockdown ruled unconstitutional. New CDC estimates of lethality rate now down to a quarter of a percent. Suicide rates WAY up in California.

24 May 2020: What is essential or not is political. They are trying to create stupid. Cuomo kills the elderly, blames Trump. WA state counts gunshot deaths as Covid19.  The plague is causing a re-examination of our manufacturing dependence on China. Study lists more than 400 important items. Young man with corona moved into a retirement residence with the elderly because he had it. He literally beat old folks there, as well as infecting them. Docs petition to have restrictions on early HCQ use lifted.

23 May 2020How is forcing the sick to go live with the frail not at least negligent manslaughter? Doc’s hands being tied. CDC says fatality rate 0.4% among those with any symptoms.

22 May 2020: HCQ in Brazil. HCQ in Costa Rica. A doctor’s take on Trump’s use of HCQ. Nigeria using HCQ, Z-Pax, and Zinc. Doctors worldwide like HCQ. Lockdowns may not be effective. Another BS study dismissing HCQ that doesn’t use or control for zinc levels. Nursing home residents killed by NY rules. Lies in the media about doctors, treatments, covid19, and twitter hiding information. Why the reluctance to admit a cure, Amy? Oh, politics. Remdesivir fails hard. Youtube continues to sensor dissenting voices who stray from the party line.

21 May 2020: Vaccines are the answer – 20% have adverse reactions.

21 May 2020India offered HCQ prophylaxis to 10,000 Mumbai policemen. About 4,500 routinely took HCQ, while 5,500 refused. RESULTS:
HCQ group: 0 deaths
Non-HCQ group: 9 deaths
And those who contracted COVID-19 in the HCQ group had “mild attacks”