Rather than adding new posts every time something new and interesting comes up about the Wuhan Flu, aka covid19, I’ll just add it here. Oldest things at the bottom.

Links pinned to top: Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, with treatment protocols.
How to Neutralize Potential Damage from mRNA Vaccines. (not sure about #4)
Relevant forms if/when work “mandates” vax.
Religious exemption docs link.
Zelenko Protocol.

02 Aug 2021: AC post on doc-Cabal connections.
Video on “so you have questions about the vaxx?
Meanwhile, in “No lockdown” Sweden, the deathrate continues to fall.
The control Vox Day on how they need everybody vavxed, because if there is an unvaxxed population, that could serve as a control group, and reveal what the vaccine does.
Mask-free Sweden nears zero daily Covid deaths as their chief epidemiologist warns against ‘far-reaching conclusions’ about any Delta strain.
In Britain, because they are doing antibody testing, they know 92% of the public has antibodies; yet here we panic in the dark. That’s more than 70% for “herd immunity”
EmeraldRobinson asked the White House Spox how the CDC is testing for the Delta variant and she completely falls apart and says it’s because “the experts” say so.
No shist- Half of the infections in Israel now are among the fully vaccinated, and public health officials are beginning to see signs of more serious disease among them as it appears the effectiveness of the vaccine is waning.
Study finds 4 new, possibly antibody-resistant COVID-19 strains in NYC sewage.
CDC alarmed as 74% of the cases in the Cape Cod cluster were among the vaxxed.
But they don’t shut the border- Border Patrol Agents are getting infected with COVID from migrants coming across the southern border.
Looks healthy, likely recently vaxxed- General Hospital star Jay Pickett dies at 60 from an apparent heart attack, passing away suddenly while sitting on horse during scene for his new Western movie in Idaho.
China’s biological warfare program is much larger than Americans know. Dangerous.
In war, causing injuries can be better than killing outright- From here : “Kevin Street thought he was doing his part and wanted to get back to normal, so he went in for his jab. But it’s been over two months of misery and suffering since. Officially diagnosed with “functional neurological disorder,” Kevin has difficulty with his memory, has constant ringing in his ears and experiences extreme brain fog. But worst of all, he can barely walk.

01 Aug 2021: Interesting list of retracted Corona19 papers. Most had good sci, but “i$$ues”
Heart inflammation in children after the jab.
Vegans may be exempt from compulsory vaccines, law firm claims.
Australia uses helicopters and the ARMY to enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown as thousands of police flood Sydney to enforce the rules and hand out $500 no-mask fines.
A massive 300 percent hike in nationwide COVID-19 deaths recorded Friday by Johns Hopkins University was skewed by states dumping data – that in one case dated back as far as last spring, according to a report.
Germany may make the unvaccinated pay for COVID tests.
Twitter suspends former New York Times science writer after he posts the results of Pfizer’s clinical test showing the vaccine did nothing to reduce the risk of death from COVID.
CDC reports, almost 400 cases of heart inflammation in children after Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.
In Scotland, Covid-19 deaths are rising, and official data shows 87% of the people who have died were vaccinated.
More than half of the white-tailed deer in Michigan have been infected with coronavirus sparking concerns of a large viral reservoir among wild animals. (bad tests?)
Hawaii Police are accused of ‘dehumanizing’ homeless people over plan to deploy robot police dogs to scan vagrants’ eyes to see if they’re sick with COVID in a bid to keep first responders safe from infection.
Alex Jones says the Democrats will get lockdowns going again and keep them through the 2022 midterms, so they can repeat the voter fraud scheme they used last time.

31 July 2021: Low testosterone men more likely to die from wuhan flu.
Well, his handlers do- Biden wants a nationwide mandatory vaccine.
Vox Day has legal vaccine religious exemption documents, in the event you workplace tries to force it on you.
My shocked face- Reports of serious injuries after vaccines surge as CDC says vaccinated may be as likely to spread COVID as the unvaxxed.
COVID spreading fast in well-vaccinated California counties while Cases are falling in five counties with below-average vaccination.
35,000 Americans are getting symptomatic COVID-19 per week despite being vaccinated according to the CDC.
74 percent of COVID-19 cases from Massachusetts outbreak occurred in fully vaccinated people.
Gibraltar and Iceland see a massive Covid spike despite over 90% of their populations being vaccinated.
New study finds, the risk of blood clots in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is as likely as the AstraZeneca jab.
FDA accidentally reveals a list of Covid vaccine side effects, including myocarditis, autoimmune disease & death.
The Maryland manufacturer that ruined 75 million doses of the only non-mRNA vax – Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine – has received requests to hand over records from a host of federal and state law enforcement agencies, regulatory documents filed Friday show.
Disney and Walmart mandate vaccines for employees.
Health Canada tracking menstrual changes after Covid vaccination.
Fear Porn- A doomsday new Covid variant that could kill up to one in three people is a ‘realistic possibility’, according to the British Government’s top scientists.
Finland study shows, antibodies are present more than one year after COVID-19 infection.
“mutations”- Indications are COVID is mutating to become less virulent as time goes on, as the Spike protein seems to be gathering mutations fast.
CDC says the vaccinated may be linked to the surge in cases. Well, duh.
Nurse told to expect a covid Crisis next week in her ward of the hospital. Short vid.
CDC Stops Counting Vaccine Deaths to Blame All COVID Cases on the Unvaccinated.
Combo treatment with Ivermectin and other antivirals works well.
From the department of “duh”- no point in vaxxing those who have had covid.
18 Children In Hospital Just in Connecticut Suffering Heart Problems After Vaccine.
Spectator article about how docs are fighting a treatment war over covid.

30 July 2021: Vox blurb with ling on legal docs to demand exemption from vaxxing req.
Another Vox post on “vaccine remorse,” yes, stand your ground.
And now the FDA is warning against using vet ivermectin. They are killing people.
Makes total sense- U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday warned Texas Governor Greg Abbott to “immediately rescind” a new executive order aimed at curbing the travel into the state of undocumented immigrants who may pose a risk of transmitting COVID-19.
The British Medical Journal (BMJ Global Health) published a study in April entitled “Why have so many African leaders died of COVID-19?” Suspicious timing.
That means it’s working? Some patients are developing pus-filled bumps on their faces in a rare side effect after receiving the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
Reuters is reporting that AstraZeneca is considering options to exit the vaccine business it was so ready to jump into just a few months ago.
The vax kills- Public Health England has released the 19th technical briefing on Covid-19 variants of concern and it shows that people who’ve received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine make up over 65% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths.
ADE- Over 25% of new COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County are fully vaccinated people, ip from 20% in June.
They don’t want it- The American Postal Workers Union has released a statement on behalf of over 220,000 postal workers opposing vaccine mandates.
some animals are more equal than others- Biden mandates all federal workers must be vaccinated, except postal workers.
Good sign, meaning they have to spin up the fear machine again- UK coronavirus cases have been dropping dramatically over the past week.
Australian military to help enforce Sydney COVID-19 lockdown as cases rise
sounds like desperation- Biden calls for $100 payments for newly vaccinated Americans.
Covid vaccine profits mint 9 new pharma billionaires.
Pfizer expects the Covid vaccine to bring in $33.5 billion this year.
Marek’s disease – vaccinate your way to 100% lethality.
Do comorbidities explain the racial patterns in covid deaths? (likely)
CDC: 74% who got Covid-19 and most who were hospitalized in recent analysis had been fully vaccinated.
Top epidemiologist- A last word of caution to all those pretending the Covid-19 pandemic is toning down. The vaxxed will create super-bugs.
Next scare to blame on the unvaxed? 1 in three might die!
Study Cited by CDC to Push New Mask Guidance was Rejected by Peer Review and Based on Vaccine Not Used in US
Where we are at, how the world might, or doesn’t, end.
Graphene Oxide and an immune response.

29 July 2021: Italian study: antibody response doesn’t depend on severity of symptoms.
Study – one or no co-morbidities very low risk (less than 1% of those sick enough they are admitted to hospital) to die from covid.
Huh- the glycyrrhizin in black licorice potently inhibits #Coronachan replication in vitro.
Dr. Robert Malone saw the ADE problem coming. Vox’s notes on it.
California counties see COVID cases rising in most heavily vaccinated counties.
Two whistleblowers claim the Department of Health and Human Services directed them to downplay a coronavirus outbreak among migrant children at Texas facility.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs executive order BANNING ground transportation of migrants after border crossings caused a ‘dramatic rise in COVID cases.’.
Millions predicted to develop TB as a result of Covid lockdowns.
Hidden science is the most (politically) useful science The studies that prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to change their mask guidance for vaccinated persons are not available, a spokesperson told The Epoch Times on Wednesday, because “They have not been published yet.”.
Officials are worried the Chinavirus is ‘a few mutations’ away from evading vaccines.
Pfizer authorizes $1 billion for development of a new protease inhibitor oral COVID-19 treatment which would give the world an easy-to-use, targeted treatment, hopefully by year’s end. That would pretty much negate the need for a vaccine, if you could trust them. Unfortunately this may end up like the AIDS preventative regimen, where the Cabal is going to mandate you take it as a preventative.
U.S. Coronavirus death rate is still roughly at the pandemic’s low.
UK Covid Cases are falling despite the easing of lockdowns.
WHO says coronavirus deaths up 21% in the last week. Liars gonna lie.
Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb predicted early Wednesday that the United States could get through the worst of the delta variant surge of the coronavirus in a few weeks.
Robust SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity is maintained at 6 months following primary infection. Meanwhile… Pfizer, AstraZeneca vaccine antibody levels may decline after 2-3 months, according to a Lancet study. Nature does it better.
Witch. Gretchen Whitmer is caught on video playing basketball maskless indoors, shortly before sporting a mask for TV cameras.
New York City to pay $100 to residents getting first vaccine jab.
Lawsuits, here we come – Baylor Scott & White Health, one of the largest healthcare systems in North Texas, will be mandating that all employees, providers and volunteers get the COVID-19 vaccine.
Fauci’s agency dumped millions into Chinese entities to study infectious diseases since 2012, federal data shows.
Sydney lockdown extended for at least a month stoking fears of a “double-dip” recession.
New Hampshire governor bans state-run facilities from requiring COVID vaccines in ‘medical freedom’ bill as debate rages over how far government should go in pushing the shots.
Not data, something for the normies- ‘Better Call Saul’ stars get COVID vaccine at Hispanic Cultural Center 3 months ago. For those who didn’t see it, Bob Odenkirk, star of Better Call Saul, just keeled over on set from “heart-related issues,” and was rushed to the hospital.
5x more kids committed suicide from lockdown than died from C19.
WSJ – Why is the FDA attacking a safe, effective drug? flipping script on ivermectin?
Taking “tone deaf” to a whole new level. Yellow “covid vaxxed” ID badges.
Pfizer jab could be worse than AstraZanica for clots (no, really?)

28 July 2021: Mathematically impossible to vaccinate away the plague.
Omaha Doc has good results with Ivermectin.
Vax and mask, Plebe, but the borders are wide open
Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations see 150% increase in the last month.
Coincidentally, 50,000 migrants released into U.S. without court date.
Even left-leaning Vice is beginning to discuss the vaccine causing women to have ridiculously harsh periods.
Vox Day covers the evidence the vaccine may be producing Antibody Dependent Enhancement, where a vaccine produces antibodies which actually aid a virus to infect cells and make an infection worse.
telling the vaccinated to wear masks. Makes total sense.
Team Biden struggles to explain the CDC call for vaccinated Americans to wear masks again.
The US could see 200,000 Covid-19 cases a day within the next six weeks based on current trends, former CDC director says.
In Episode 923 here, Dr Malone, the creator of the mRNA vaccine tech, notes that if we are seeing Antibody Dependent Enhancement, it will be made even worse by booster vaccines.
Consistent with ADE- Higher COVID rate found in some counties with higher vaccination rate, will be made worse with boosters.
Weakened lungs more likely to show vax micro-clot damage, maybe?
Heavy wildfire smoke linked to increased COVID-19 risk, researchers say
the voluntary phase is over.”– in NYC
St. Louis County Mask Mandate Initiated & Repealed the Same Day.
White House COVID team has been in discussions about imposing lockdowns again. Dem and RINO governors are on board, per a WH official – evil or morons. Or both.
Wanna cause a walkout? President Joe Biden will announce on Thursday a requirement that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated against Covid-19, or be required to submit to regular testing and mitigation requirements.
California State university system will mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for students and staff.
Rules for thee… Gov. Gavin Newsom has pulled his children out of a summer camp after photos surfaced of his son sitting without a mask with other maskless children.
Scientist sounds the alarm over COVID vaccines producing symptoms of Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.
Daily COVID deaths in Sweden, which never locked down, hit zero, as other nations brace for more lockdown. What does it mean? could be several things.
conflict of interest- National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins serves on the advisory board of a conference sponsored by a Chinese military-linked genomics firm.
Good short pithy interview with literal man on the street who sees what’s going on.
Vax may spread the virus.
postmortem study of a patient vaccinated against COVID-19– spike proteins EVERYWHERE.
Damning interview with David Martin connecting the dots of development and patents.

27 July 2021: New wave of Covid among the mostly vaxxed.
Yeah, right… The “heat.” Vaxxed Olympians are dropping like flies in Japan, and they are desperately trying to blame it on the heat.
Getting desperate for propaganda- Women are saying their breasts got bigger after the Pfizer shot, with people calling it the Pfizer boob job.
Israel now has 108 patients severely ill, five times as many as a month ago. 71% are fully vaccinated, a proportion that keeps rising.
Daily Mail writes, “America has hit a roadblock in the coronavirus pandemic. A hard, very dangerous and completely unnecessary roadblock. Put bluntly, a lot of deluded, ill-informed, shamefully scare-mongered, or simply complacent Americans have got it into their heads that either the covid vaccines are somehow more dangerous than covid itself, or the virus isn’t serious enough to warrant protection from it. Some of these sceptics believe the insane conspiracy-theory that the US Government is using vaccines to plant microchips in their heads to control their minds.” If I was prone to trust these assholes before, that article would surely convince me there is no other option than to avoid the vaccine like the plague.
They were always lying- Leaked data shows over half of ‘COVID hospitalizations’ were for other ailments in the U.K., and only tested positive after admission for the other ailments.
CDC declares the old PCR tests must go immediately after George Soros and Bill Gates buy a new COVID-19 test manufacturer. (skeptical of anything they say, but is suspicious).
Department of Veterans Affairs becomes the first federal agency to issue vaccine mandate: 115,000 frontline workers have eight weeks to get the shot or face getting fired.
Insanity- The City of Savannah, Georgia reinstitutes a mask mandate.
In St. Louis, Missouri, required to wear a mask indoors, even if you’re vaccinated.
Bankrupt the nation-Biden admin says ‘long COVID-19’ could qualify as a disability.
De Blasio mandates Covid-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for entire NYC municipal work force, including teachers and police.
Either a moron or a lying actor- Dr. Fauci argues unvaccinated people are going to cause the virus to mutate into a deadly new variant.
Former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman attacks DeSantis and Abbott for allowing COVID to “run rampant” in their states. As AC says, Why is this has been, who as Bush’s EPA chief told all the 9/11 first responders the air at ground zero was fine, getting any sort of airtime?”
duh – A newly released study conducted by Emory University suggests recovered COVID-19 patients possess long-term immunity to the respiratory virus months after infection.
Chemistry! Students are placing droplets of orange juice or fizzy drinks like coca-cola on a lateral flow COVID tests because the acidity of the drink destroys the antibody proteins in the test and produces a positive result.
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Options.
This will end in the courts – DoJ says vax mandates legal.
Public shaming – employees must put stickers on their IDs.
Should you get vaxxed? (no)
No “could have” about it. Literally what has been predicted for months. Vax is evil.
While doing everything they can to block, delay, and tank properly done double-blind trials, experts say Ivermectin is promising, but really needs proper double-blind trials.
Huge conflict of interest with anti-Ivermectin “scientist”.
The vaxxed have a much higher viral load when infected.
Nurse reporting on what she’s seeing from vax injuries.
Mechanism of action of the vax, 62% have micro-clots after vaxing.

26 July 2021: from Vox- When vaxxing makes it worse – good comments, too.
Minnesota woman has both legs and hands amputated after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.
Tangent- Martin Armstrong thinks we are at the end of the economic system’s viability, and its imminent collapse is why the elites are trying to clamp down control on everyone.
Australian official reveals all but one Covid patient in the country are vaccinated.
5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland according to Public Health Scotland.
Congressman Clay Higgins of Lafayette confirmed on social media Sunday that he, his wife and son are sick with COVID-19.
Word games- Fox News Panelist says of the vaccine, “There’s a lot of things we can do without calling it a mandate. Just make it almost impossible for people to live their lives without being protected and protect us,” and Rahm Emanuel agrees, saying the unvaccinated need to be forced to withdraw from going out.
Chinavirus lockdown protests rock cities all over the globe.
160,000 march against Vaccine Passports in France.
In Italy the Polizia removed their helmets, lowered their shields and walked with their people.
Protective detail of French President all resign over COVID restrictions; will no longer protect President Macron.
Health officials in B.C. have not detected a single case of influenza circulating in the community since flu season began, continuing an “exceptional” nationwide trend even as the province sits in the thick of its regular flu season.
More vaccine mandates may be imposed across the US once the Food and Drug Administration gives its final stamp of approval to COVID-19 shots, health experts have predicted.
The vaccinated comprise 75% of Chinavirus infections in Singapore.
Now the world’s most famous medical journal the Lancet is accused of costing lives by sitting on a study showing human transmission of Covid-19 that was suppressed by China.
A newly resurfaced video from 2018 shows Bill Gates claiming that he (Gates) talked President Trump out of investigating the ill effects of vaccines.
Not good odds- Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant (3rd trimester) Persons. More than 1 in 8 don’t make it.
Some Iceland Covid data. Good graphs and such. Mostly vaxxed getting sick.
Germ theory versus Terrane Theory, current debate. Best description I’ve seen is that germ theory isn’t so much “wrong” as “incomplete.”
Interesting- The Pfizer contract leaked for the mRNA sales.

25 July 2021: Freedom / anti-vaxx rally in London.
Hospital has gone on “indefinite strike” against mandatory vaccines for health workers.
COVID spreading fast in well-vaccinated California counties.
An anon on 4Chan explains how a leaky vaccine that allows tansmission, like the Vax has been established in other species as causing the emergence of a lethal strain that eventually requires everyone in a population get the vaccine or they will die.
Woman regrets getting J&J vaccine after side effects and new study suggesting weaker efficacy.
Irony Alert-Another young writer castigates everyone who didn’t get the vax on twitter, only to die from a heart attack himself at age 33.
from the swine flu day, before they deliberately dispersed and mixed vaccine lots-Flashback, to how things were done in 1976.
infection protection- New study says, not a single incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was observed in previously infected participants with or without vaccination.
Projections are like weather forecasts- Indian Delta variant surge is projected to peak in mid-October and cause up to 240K infections and 4K deaths per day if current vaccination rates stay the same – experts plead with public to get their shots as US COVID cases rise 166% in two weeks
Gee, ya think? AP-NORC poll finds most unvaccinated Americans don’t want the shots.
Liars lie- Biden Surgeon General labels ‘disinformation’ a National Health Threat.
Let that sink in- Employers in Maine can ask applicants if they’ve been vaccinated but not if they’ve been convicted of felonies.
CDC COVID cruise order decision reversed after Florida appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Protesters rage across Europe as lockdowns and vaccination mandates begin.
About half the cases are vaccine failures – interview with McCullough.
Treatment options (click to embiggen:

Not news, but good to see – Vitamin D3 and Covid.
First, “do no harm”- #Clotshot medics are more likely to give Corona to their patients, than their jab-free colleagues.
Hope not- Italian Doctor Warns 18 Months After Taking “Vaccine” People Will Start Dropping Like Flies.
Forms! Get your exemption forms here!!

24 July 2021: Twitter Thread – covid lockdown insanity stories and pics.
Nearly everyone in the Cape Cod Covid Cluster vaxxed.
Fully vaccinated people are 65% more likely to be hospitalised & 1540% more likely to die due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated according to latest Public Health England data.
Biden DOJ will not investigate the Gretchen Whitmer nursing home deaths,
and Department of Justice refuses to investigate Pennsylvania nursing home scandal,
and New York Governor is also off the hook for nursing home deaths with the DOJ, the dead and killed are not being investigated deliberately. Evil.
Biden administration is not mandating COVID vaccines for White House staff, Psaki says.
Joe Biden’s administration refuses to release the numbers of White House staff who had tested positive for the coronavirus. with Jen Psaki asking, “Why do you need to have that information?”
One of two Iowa prison nurses fired for accidentally giving dozens of inmates large overdoses of the coronavirus vaccine is appealing her termination, arguing she is “blameless” for the mix-up. Accident or experiment?
Rick Dennison out as Vikings offensive line coach after refusing the COVID vaccine, also Aaron Rogers… Hmmm…. Vox’s take on it.
In Singapore, 75 percent of COVID infections are among vaccinated and partially vaccinated people, report says.
Israel says Pfizer Covid vaccine is just 39% effective as delta spreads, but still prevents severe illness.
Shitty science- Two recently-released studies examine the efficacy of single coronavirus vaccine doses against the delta variant showed vastly disparate outcomes.
Poking the bear- Furious Italian revolt over Covid vaccine passports as thousands protest on ‘no fear day.’
Get vaxxed to go to school, they said-Stanford University reports 7 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated students and all seven students were symptomatic.
corruption-Members of the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners agreed to share a windfall in federal COVID-19 relief funds with employees, however top-level administrators for the county would receive far bigger payments — up to $25,000 each — than front-line workers who were directly exposed to coronavirus as they cleaned buildings and provided vaccines to residents. As expected.
WTF? Spanish study finds that each dose of the Pfizer vaccine they examined contained around 747 nanograms of graphene oxide.
propaganda- CDC and Universities are paying students to be vaccine influencers.
India-2 of 3 Indians have Covid-19 antibodies. As AC says “They gave Ivermectin, and hospitalizations plummeted, but it appears two out of three people still got enough of an infection that they are now naturally immune.”
In the latest COVID-19 uptick, where is the public messaging on effective monoclonal antibodies?
Mounting evidence suggests Sputnik COVID vaccine is safe and effective. Interesting.
CDC reports drug resistant fungus infections that are untreatable in two hospitals in Texas, and a nursing facility in Washington, DC.
Majority of docs decline the #ClotShot in survey.
Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Is UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Effects of COVID Vaccines (video)
But it’s OK to pressure Americans-Nearly One-Third of Illegal Aliens in ICE Custody Refuse to Get Covid Vaccine.
Australia is going crazy- INSANITY: Almost a Million People Can’t Leave Home in Sydney Because Man in His 80s Died from/with COVID.
what happens when you restrict Ivermectin supply? This.

Meanwhile, UV Light treatment of the blood is very interesting!

23 July 2021: AL governor effectively resigns (over pushing the Vaxx so hard).
Mailvox: firing physicians.
Mailvox: a dialogue with a doctor.
Putting kids at real risk.
These two go together-President of Madagascar survives assassination attempt by a group including two French retired military officers., He advocates Chinese herbs over vaccines.
Related to the information war-Google whistleblower, Zach Vorhies says that Google/YouTube has blacklists censoring “Cures For Cancer” and they were also censoring any information that showed the Vegas shooter (Stephen Paddock) was a Democrat, when in fact he was anti-Trump. Pharma has $ to control the narrative.
But totally not coercive- The French will not be allowed to go into voting centers to cast votes unless they are vaccinated.
Daily COVID deaths in Sweden hit zero, as other nations brace for more lockdowns, and Sweden never had a lockdown.
Sweden reports increasing antibodies to COVID-19 in all age groups.
Coronavirus cases are spiking in nearly every state, fueled by the spread of the highly contagious delta variant. Delta variant, or vaccine adverse reactions?
Israeli Prime Minister says vaccine refusers are endangering the entire country.
Totally not coercive- NFL teams with unvax’d players are to forfeit games and incur financial liability during outbreaks.
Saying the quiet part aloud- Charlie Kirk was accidentally sent an email from CNN with this week’s talking points about “pushing the vaccine.”
Interesting. What’s in it?- Enovid, a spray developed in Canada by SaNOtize and manufactured in Israel has been found to reduce viral loads in confirmed COVID-19 cases by 95% in 24 hours and 99% in 72 hours.
InfoWar- House Democrats blocked consideration of legislation that would require the U.S. Director of National Intelligence to declassify information and data related to the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and that namely targeted what role the Wuhan Institute of Virology played in the outbreak.
Data from Israel shows 84% of new COVID cases are vaccinated individuals.
Deliberately blinding themselves- CDC has stopped counting every ‘breakthrough’ Covid infection in fully vaccinated people as experts warn the agency’s new method of only collecting data on patients who are hospitalized or die could miss patterns in who gets sick after their shots.
Shut Up, they explained- Sen. Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill Thursday that would strip online platforms such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. of liability protections if their technology spreads misinformation about coronavirus vaccines or other public-health emergencies.
CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its CDC Website Total in One Day — Caught by Internet Sleuths.
5 min vid by Dr. Bhakdi of what he thinks might be coming next with ADE and clotting.
3 of 4 people in Icelandic hospital for serious Corona had taken the #clotshot.
What not-vaxxed blood looks like under a microscope. Dr Jane Ruby.

22 July 2021: Vox points out that according to the numbers on the Texas Democrats who fled to DC, the vaccine is not offering any protection at all.
alternative hypothesis, based on the lack of adverse effects we see among our elite class.
Rand Paul says Fauci intimidates scientists from contradicting him because ‘he controls all the funding.’
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced he will send a letter to the DOJ asking for a criminal referral for Dr. Fauci for lying under oath to congress about funding of the Wuhan lab.
Over at Vox Day, a look at the latest sob story from a Hospitalist
The new lawsuit alleging there were actually 45,000 vax deaths so far reveals CDC has a secret database where those who get vaxed are tracked down and queried actively, rather than having to hunt down VAERs, and CDC is hiding the data.
On top of that, 4,115 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized or died with breakthrough Covid-19 infections
And, CDC just added 6,000 new death reports in VAERS. No, wait, update-  After this began to take off online, CDC is now claiming this was an error, and according to this article they have reduced the number even beyond what it was last week, so over a hundred of those who were dead last week appear to have been resurrected.
Author of retracted study on harm of mask-wearing by children says removal was ‘political.’.
Boris Johnson is facing his biggest backbench rebellion to date over his plan to introduce compulsory vaccine passports in September.
China rejected on Thursday a World Health Organization (WHO) plan for a second phase of an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus, which includes the hypothesis it could have escaped from a Chinese laboratory.
𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐃𝐨𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫: 𝟔𝟐% 𝐨𝐟 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐕𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐂𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐃𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐘𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐞
Covid Blame Game.
May or may not be related- “Magnetogenetics,” focused on creating genes for proteins which accrete iron and exhibit magnetism.

21 July 2021: Texas Democrat ‘fleebaggers’ will no longer release a daily Chinavirus case count as numbers rise.
New South Wales (Australia) officials are telling people not to speak to one another at all to avoid the spread of COVID. Turning evil and cruel.
Bill Gates and George Soros, two far-left ultra-elite globalist billionaires, have teamed together to dominate and profit from the Covid-19 industry.
Several fully-vaccinated aides and at least one lawmaker test positive for COVID – along with ‘multiple’ White House staffers and six runaway Texas Democrats as Indian Delta variant sweeps America.
The reassuring data on the Delta variant is there’s no sign of a surge in hospitalization or severe illness, and the vaccines remain extremely effective.
CDC Director says the Delta variant comprises 83% of Coronavirus cases in the U.S.
NYT shares tips on how to convince ‘vaccine resisters.’.
COVID cases among migrants in Rio Grande Valley sector surge 900% as border numbers continue to rise.
An 18-year-old teen who recently received a shot of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine said he suffered from a heart attack and was diagnosed with heart inflammation following the vaccination.
Patient case strongly suggests a link between the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and Bell’s Palsy.
Student with Guillain-Barre syndrome, 18, is denied admission to BYU-Hawaii and loses $200k scholarship for refusing to get COVID vaccine after doctors said it could worsen her condition.
Sen. Rand Paul tells Fauci, “All of the evidence is pointing that it came from the lab and there will be responsibility for those who funded the lab, including yourself.”
Paris clinics are offering fake COVID passes for £250 as the black market surges, with health workers making up to £4,000 a month selling forged documents.
The United States could see a wave of Covid-19 vaccine mandates as soon as the Food and Drug Administration grants full approval to one or more of the shots, public health experts predicted.
A Mainstream Academic Research Superstar, Dr. Marty Makary, Starts to Question Things.
Brithish vaxx program director admits that antibodies are lower in the vaxxed than not.
Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview.

20 July 2021: Treatment protocol for Long Haul covid, from CFLCCA.
All the bad medicine… “Conspiracy theorist” Robert Kennedy Jr. explains the relationship between the world’s most powerful doctor, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci.
Fauci calls the original Covid-19 variants the ‘prototype’ viruses. Oh, really?
Fauci says vaccinated people with ‘vulnerable’ people at home may want the ‘extra step’ of wearing a mask.
not what you’d expect if the not-vaxx was on the up-and-up-American Academy of Pediatrics urges universal masking in schools for everyone ages 2 and up — whether vaccinated or not.
Guy almost dies after his cancer treatments seem to interact with the vax to produce massive inflammation.
Lots of ways for this to go massively sideways- Last week, Israel began administering third vaccine doses to people with weakened immune systems, including organ transplant recipients and those with autoimmune diseases
MIT study finds vaccine hesitancy is ‘highly informed, scientifically literate,’ and ‘sophisticated.’
60% of people being admitted to hospital with Coronavirus have been double jabbed.
Two vaccination centres have been ransacked in France, as people protested against the introduction of tougher coronavirus rules.
So the testing is killing them off to fast, you say? The US government is reportedly investing millions of dollars to breed more monkeys in the name of biomedical research after a shortage of the animals worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic after the coronavirus necessitated the animals’ use in vaccine testing last year.
The injected spike protein meets the definition of a bioweapon in US Law.
Dr Peter McCullough Lays Waste To The Nuremberg Code Violators Lies, Coercion & Indiscretion About Covid Vaccines. interview video.
As the poster of this link said, “oof”: 5,522 people have died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in Scotland.

19 July 2021Pasteur Institute Study shows how #Ivermectin combats inflammation caused by #Coronachan
Creator of the mRNA vaccine tech tweets out – “So, I hope that this is hyperbole and an over-reaction, but last night an experienced journalist told me that I need to get security because I was at risk of being assassinated. I do not know how to even begin to think about this. I am just a middle class person. Security??!!?? How am I to pay for security??
Alex Berenson reports on twitter – The newest Israeli data indicate ~complete vaccine failure on every level. Remember: Israel used only the @pfizer mRNA shot and followed Pfizer dosing schedule. This data, from the @IsraelMOH telegram account, show nearly all serious cases and deaths are now among the vaccinated.
Nearly a third of staffers at New York City hospitals are still unvaccinated.
Vox Day highlights Aristotle’s quote on “they who cannot be instructed,” as they stand in line while a person with very bad reaction is carted away after vaxxing.
Kamala Harris visits Walter Reed for ‘routine’ doctor appointment days after meeting with infected Texas Democrats. Sure, “routine.”
Monthly vaccine doses will be offered to long Covid sufferers to help more than 1 million Britons beat the illness’s long term form. no, hard pass.
Over 25% of COVID-19 patients report symptoms up to 8 months later, study finds.
Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine should not be allowed to work or have access to children and be limited on where they are allowed to go.
Sky News host Cory Bernardi says French President Emmanuel Macron announcing “compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations” is the first step in an “authoritarian wave set to sweep the world.”
French set fire to a vaccination center.
Protesters want ‘freedom’ amid Macron vaccine push.
Canadian church that faces $50,000,000 in fines is still locked out of their building.
Appeals court allows CDC to enforce plan on resuming cruises.
Texas Democrat who tested positive for COVID tweets about making the rest of us suffer with a mask mandate.
45,000 dead within three days of injection claims new lawsuit. has whistle-blower.
No longer free- 5 Drs surround man in hospital and force vaxx on him.
Perhaps Remdesivir isn’t all that great.

18 July 2021: British funeral director: ‘Number of deaths skyrocketed after start of corona vaccination’ Also posted at Vox with comments.
28 fully vaccinated people Contract COVID at a homeless shelter in California.
Diabetics make up 40% of COVID deaths in US, experts say.
Pfizer COVID vaccine is significantly less effective against the Delta variant.
Vaccinated U.K. Health Secretary Tests Positive For COVID-19.
French Business Owners Face Prison and €45k fines for not checking vax passports.
Five times more children committed suicide than died of COVID-19 during the lockdown in the UK.
Back in October of 202 the FDA had a pretty good list of likely problems with the vaxx.
Jet Blue now has 5 dead pilots, all vaxxed.
2017 article in a Nature journal discusses ivermectin effects (even against cancer) and mechanisms of action.
Treating COVID with Ivermectin.

17 July 2021: Israel’s PM Bennett says of the Pfizer vaccine: “We do not know exactly to what degree the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less,” than health officials expected.
Vaccine deaths now exceed Covid deaths in the USA.
Dr. Peter McCullough claims ‘whistleblowers’ inside the CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans.
Vaccinated Britons now make up almost half of Covid cases in the country, a symptom-tracking study suggested today — but there are signs the third wave may have already peaked.
Huge study supporting ivermectin as Covid treatment withdrawn over ethical concerns. However, specific “ethical concerns” were not given; loos like a payoff or threats.
Despite Fauci’s assertions, Israeli data indicate natural immunity 6x greater than achieved from the jab. The data isn’t supporting the narrative very well.
Los Angeles County Sheriff says he will not use his department’s resources to enforce the new mask mandate. The people are revolting, and the sheriff can read the writing on walls
Wow. Recent FOI requests in the UK revealed PCR test cycles amplified 40-45 times which would result in up to a 97% false positive rate. Totally legit pandemic.

16 July 2021: From OpenVAERS we have an increase of more than 21% to 10,991 dead.
White House ‘flagging’ posts for Facebook to censor over COVID ‘misinformation.’
US military confirms heart inflammation after COVID vaccine.
The U.S. Surgeon General is calling COVID-19 misinformation an ‘urgent threat.’
Over a quarter of COVID-19 patients still symptomatic after 6 months, study finds.
In Europe-The latest data from a European Union database similar to VAERS shows that nearly 20,000 people have died from the vaccines in the areas of Europe it assesses, along with nearly two million people who have been seriously injured by the injections.

From here we have this awkward graph

15 July 2021: On the one hand-United Airlines tells pilots to take vax or be grounded indefinitely.
On the other hand-FAA Reviewing Whether Pilots Can Take COVID Vaccine, and The Flu vs. COVID-19: What You Should Know.
More than 1 million people in France have made appointments to get the coronavirus vaccine after French President Emmanuel Macron said COVID-19 passes would soon be needed for daily activities. Coercion
Totalitarians-WHO to release guidelines for digital vaccine passport, chief scientist says
A doctor in Canada says what he sees in his practice makes him think the vaccine may cause longer term clogging of microcapillaries which will not produce symptoms immediately until it produces heart failure. He is finding the micro-clotting in 62% of his patients when he tests. If a man dies a year later, 20 years “ahead of schedule” will anyone notice it? I’m sure the news won’t report it.
X-ray tech who died after second COVID-19 vaccine killed by heart disease, coroner says. Article tries to claim there is no evidence the vax was involved, but the wife call bullshit.
Biden’s door to door vaccine sales pitch leaks and it tells ‘ambassadors’ to ignore ‘no solicitation’ signs and to withhold vaccine side effects.
Gov. Mike DeWine signs a bill banning colleges, schools from requiring coronavirus vaccines.
Now Biden’s door-knockers are packing vaccines with them.
Two thirds of Americans want China to pay COVID reparations.
Nurse Blows the Whistle on the Medical Industry: ‘They’re Not Offering Informed Consent’
Tucker reveals the Biden regime is using the military to secretly fly illegal immigrants into the U.S… but we need to be careful about spreading the Delta Variant, because dangerous.
From Dr. Kory Twitter Feed, slovakia become first European nation to approve Ivermectin as both preventative and treatment for Covid.
Ouch- Five Times More Children Committed Suicide Than Died of Covid in First Year of UK Lockdown: Study.
Aussie politician drops the hammer: “It’s game-over for the Ivermectin deniers.” (youtube, the Honorable MP Craig Kelly speaking, 22 June 2021, likely to be deleted and reuploaded)
Mailbag: Ivermectin clears “Long Covid” (aka when the crud lingers).
Ivermectin Storage: Cool, not frozen or very cold!!!
Great. U.S. military confirms heart inflammation after COVID vaccine.

14 July 2021: Animal study says ivermectin crushes corona.
There is speculation Haiti’s President might have been assassinated over his refusal of free COVID vaccines, and the threat that might reveal the pandemic was fake.
Tyrants-Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine should not be allowed to work or have access to children and be limited on where they are allowed to go.
In a recording, a Moderna rep admits everyone is part of a huge experiment.
19 year old girl cannot walk and has tremors after AstraZeneca vaccine.
20 year old vax-obsessed medical student dies suddenly weeks after second COVID jab.
Two ‘fully vaccinated’ cricketers collapse on the field during international match.
Parents sue Washington, DC for allowing minors to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent.
Canada rules the Covid 19 shot is an experimental “Medical Trial” and since that is the case, all pilots that have taken part in the experimental program must be grounded because of health dangers, such as blood clots and heart problems.
Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are studying whether modifying their COVID-19 vaccines can Reduce or eliminate the risk of rare blood clots.
Fauci demands three-year-olds wear masks.
There were more COVID-19 vaccine deaths last week in the US than COVID-19 deaths.
WHO’s recommendation against Ivermectin is mired in suspicion.
Post-COVID vaccine deaths are not being autopsied.
Inmates in NY are being offered parties, food, conjugal visits, more to take part in ‘health initiative’ and get the vaccine.
94% of all Canadians who died of COVID-19 in 2020 were 65+, majority were residents of long-term care homes…. 9/10 deaths had 1+ other health condition or another cause listed on the death certificate”. Yeah, totally end-of-the-world stuff.
Another Mikovits interview.
23% of the vaccinated people polled said they had negative reactions.

13 July 2021: Ain’t that Peachy. Apparently, there is an “acceptable level” of leftover DNA from the mRNA manufacturing process still in the not-vaxx they inject you with.
FDA adds new warning on Johnson & Johnson vaccine related to rare autoimmune disorder.
Dad in hospital paralyzed by his first Covid vaccine continues receiving texts to remind him to take Jab number two.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, dismissed the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved vaccines for the Chinese coronavirus as merely a “technical issue.” 9k dead is just a “technical issue.”
Yes, and good- An evolutionary biologist claimed Friday that, should the anti-malarial drug Ivermectin be proven effective against the coronavirus, it would moot the usage of and potentially the ability to administer the U.S. coronavirus vaccines currently active under the Food & Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization.
One guys account with Ivermectin.

12 July 2021Study shows children have a 99.995% Covid recovery rate with two deaths per million kids.
Fauci says he supports local vaccine mandates.
Sydney imposes draconian lockdown, with only one person per household allowed out per day.
Cuomo notes there were 666 new cases of COVID
CPAC crowd cheers the US missing its vaccination goal, and Fauci calls it, ‘horrifying.

11 July 2021: Michele Bachmann warns of the dangers of Biden’s door-to-door vaccination push, saying, ‘There will be a database.’
Code Monkey says, the door-to-door vaccination program is a census-style check to see who is vaccinated and who isn’t and hey are making a list of the unvaccinated people who refuse to be vaccinated.
 “Fully vaccinated people accounted for the majority of Scots who died from Covid & in greater numbers than in the previous six months combined.”
CNN medical analyst suggests life ‘needs to be hard’ for unvaccinated Americans.
Canada launches its first national Coronavirus vaccine injury compensation program.
Santa Clara county revises its official COVID-19 death toll down by 22 percent.
On twitter, vaccine victims put together a montage, begging to be heard, and to get the help they need to address what the vaccine has done to them.
CDC urges parents to get children vaccinated before school starts.

10 July 2021: Vienna: ‘Up to 50 people per day collapse after vaccination’ Vox‘s take.
Leaked confidentiality agreement shows Moderna and Fauci’s NIAID filed n application for a Coronavirus mRNA vaccine candidate in 2019.
Three scientists drop names from the Lancet statement on COVID origins.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced Tuesday that it had fined a passenger $10,500 for refusing to wear a face mask during a February flight.
A 35-year-old Youtube personality, journalist and salsa dancer is dead 14 weeks after receiving the experimental Pfizer mRNA shot, “vaccine” deaths continue piling up.
Facebook is warning users against sharing a study that found dangerously high carbon-dioxide intake in masked schoolchildren, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Pediatrics, saying “Pages and websites that repeatedly publish or share false news will see their overall distribution reduced and be restricted in other ways.”
Astonishing spike in post-vaccine deaths gets no media coverage as over 2,000 are reported this week alone.
Public Health England data shows vaccinated 3.4x more likely to die if hospitalised than nonvaxxed.

09 July 2021: Children face just a one in 500,000 risk of dying from Covid if they catch it, studies show, amid growing row over whether youngsters should be given vaccines.
Woman left unable to speak after receiving second dose of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.
New Zealand Health Minister says the gov’t will be “chasing out” unvaccinated people who haven’t come forward to get vaccinated. Nothing spooky about that, eh?
Oregon may send National Guard to knock on doors and push the vaccine.
Moderna begins first human trials for flu shot based on new mRNA technology used to make the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.
Ohio vaccine lottery gave away $5 million, but didn’t increase vaccination rates, says new study.
How to lie with stats: Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated.

08 July 2021: Literature review give half-hearted but positive review of Ivermectin.
Tangential- Lack of sunlight and vitamin D linked to colon cancer.
Vid- Covid Vax causes huge injury and death, Australia Prof Delores Cahill.
A “so glad to be vaxxed…” and now dead story.
Livestreaming cook faceplants, collapses and dies on her stove in-show.

07 July 2021: The Lancet says Ivermectin works. Duh.
Could prove exciting- Joe Biden to send government officials door to door across America to pressure people to accept vaccination.
Totally safe- Singapore advises people to avoid exercising for a week after vaccination due to the risk of heart attack.
so safe we need a treatment for it- Israel’s “precision medicine” for COVID-19, which tackles the immune overreaction that causes deterioration from the disease, will start a second round of clinical trials in Greece next week
A really killer job offer- 45 year old John Hopkins hospital employee dies after a reaction to a mandatory Covid shot.
Dead Italian 18 Yo woman, sever brain thrombosis. “Not normal.”
An NIH ivermectin study, double-blind and all.
Comparing mask mandate nation and not. (of course, it could be the D3 Sweden requires)

06 July 2021: Argentine study on Ivermectin shows it does not work. But it was tanked (deliberately?) by using too small a dose- right size, much too short a duration.
6-year-old son tells Dad “please don’t get the shot,” but he did and now he’s dead.
6,136 covid vaccine related deaths shown in CDC’s VAERS data as of the 6/25/2021 data set.
Not directly related, but scarry- Spain’s proposed ‘National Security Law’ would allow full suspension of all citizens’ rights, and seizure of their property upon government declaration of a health “crisis.”
An article on a failed mRNA tech Moderna tested in 2017 which they apparently couldn’t make work.
Laying the psych ground-work for a false-flag? W. Va. governor says only a “catastrophe” will push unvaccinated Americans to get shot.
How much of this driven by the insanity the parents saw from the remote learning fiasco? Public school enrollment drops 3% nationally.
Likely the disability spike from the Vaxx will be called the “long Covid”.

05 July 2021: Trying to stop the signal- The Facebook algorithm now searches images for the words VAERs, OpenVAERS, and/or vaccine and will instantly apply up to 3 warning labels to any post that includes content from this site.
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, pioneer of the Hydroxychloroquine protocol, discusses how Covid-19 shots may reduce lifespan.
As they tell us nearly everyone is at risk from COVID, the reality is the very small risk of acute presentation is congregated all around the obese and the extremely elderly.
The CDC stopped tracking most COVID-19 cases in vaccinated people, making it hard to know how dangerous Delta really is.
Germany discusses fines for COVID jab no shows, as supply begins to outweigh demand.
What’s happening to the insurance rates and workforce? Numbers and speculation 1
What’s happening to the workforce? Numbers and speculation 2
Graphene in the Phizer Covid shot? Researchers say it’s almost ALL graphene.
Video on the Graphene Oxide in the shots (Spanish with English subtitles).
Maybe 200k dead from the not-vaxx? Reporting problems, etc. Zelenko. Has some post-shot self-care advice for those who are having second thoughts…

04 July 2021: Happy Independence Day!
Interview with Dr Cole about the virus.
This would be bad-Army preparing for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines by September, report says; however, it’s prepare to be ready contingent on approval.
13-year-old dies in his sleep after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine, CDC is investigating.
Big Tech cracks down on Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine inventor, who warns about their risks.
Facebook bans top medic over posting a reputable study saying children should not be forced to wear masks.
Australian Cabal is talking about instituting #NoJabNoPay. But totally not coercive.
May or may not be related- CDC investigates mysterious cases of tropical bacterial infection in people who have not left the United States.
Child vaccinated against parent’s wishes, now in hospital.
CTIAP has now published recommendation that all four of the stabs being experimented on the people of France should be halted immediately.
15,472 DEAD 1.5 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots.
One theory on The Real Reason They’re Pushing Vaccines So Hard.
Sarah Westall – Business Game Changers: ONE ON ONE W/ DR. JUDY MIKOVITS.
Interview with Dr in Africa, Shankara Chetty, with covid treatment protocol.
Dr Joseph Mercola- nebulized hydrogen peroxide for respiratory virus (vids keep disappearing, search for it).

03 July 2021: Mandated COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused More Deaths Instead Of Reducing Them, RAND study finds.
Screencap – mRNA vax likely to cause long-term infertility.
Cause cancer, sell treatment- Moderna is trying to turn around and commercialize the mRNA tech to produce personalized cancer vaccines.
‘Staggering’ doubling of type 2 diabetes in kids during pandemic.
Lisbon court – 0.9% of ‘verified cases’ died of COVID, numbering 152, not 17,000 as claimed.
GMU coercing students and staff to get experimental COVID-19 vaccine.
India leading the way – might sentence WHO chief to death.
Only 0.08% Deaths from Delta IF UNvaccinated. unvaxxed is safer.
When the insurance actuaries say “oh, shit,” then you know the data is real.
Whole nation Ivermectin trial (india) numbers and update.

The spike protein downregulates LKB1, bad.

02 July 2021: New page for vaxx-problem stories, “chemical violence
A medical journal discovered that 82% of women who took an mRNA vaccine in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy had a miscarriage — and then it then buried the data.
Nobel Prize Winner Professor Satoshi Omura, whose discovery of ivermectin led to one of history’s greatest public health achievements in transforming the health status of large parts of the globe… gets censored for discussing the science supporting ivermectin in COVID-19.
Dr. Fauci says, ‘There are now two Americas, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.’
Now the Military confirms a rare heart inflammation cases linked to COVID-19 vaccines.
India distributes Ivermectin, Covid delta cases drop 99%.
Official Documents Confirm Vaccine “Shedding” Is Real and Dangerous!
Clot risk to 18-39s from AstraZeneca vaccine is twice as high as Covid death risk.
JAMA study-Carbon Dioxide Content in Inhaled Air With or Without Face Masks in Healthy Children. tl;dr- CO2 levels are way too high, 6x the legal limits in Germany.
Father And Daughter Die Four Days Apart Despite Taking Different Brands Of COVID-19 Shots
Dr. Stephanie Seneff MIT Scientist: Covid Vaccines May Cause Diseases in ’10 to 15 years’
Virus can stop oxygen flowing around the body properly for MONTHS, triggering breathing issues, fatigue and headaches – “Long haul Covid”

01 July 2021: Very sad – 82% Miscarriage Rate In Jabbed Expectant Mothers.
From Oz-Ivermectin, India, Craig Kelly’s evidence bomb and covidiots.
video-medical establishment hiding data on vax safety for kids.
commented on Facebook, “Shut the hell up and get your vaccine!” and died a month later.
Researchers discover that unlike anything that could have developed over time in nature and jumped to humans, Covid-19 demonstrates a unique design that was intended to attack humans specifically.
An account of a neurologist who reported memory problems as a side effect of the experimental Covid vaccine.
Rand Paul slams delta variant ‘fear mongers,’ citing .08% death rate within unvaccinated group.
Wuhan’s ‘Bat Woman’ worked with the Chinese military on weaponizing coronaviruses using US government money.
Australia Shares Low-dose Ivermectin Therapy Protocol for Bs-19.

30 June 2021: Copper levels and Covid outcomes.
CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus.
The Aussie govt is NOT on the side of their own people, or else they are morons. 6 months of jail for any doctor in Queensland Australia prescribing HCQ or Ivermectin for COVID-19.
CDC Director says vaccinating a million kids will avoid 200 Covid hospitalizations, however CDC Data also says 1,000,000 Pfizer-vaccinated kids will result in 3000 visiting ER/hospitals.
12-year old Maddie de Garay was excited to be part of the Covid vaccine trial. Her parents are in medicine & engineering and wanted their kids to help bring an end to the pandemic. But now, Maddie is in a wheelchair and needs a feeding tube.
Thousands of flights cancelled as vaccinated pilots fall ill or die.
W.H.O. chief scientist says the pandemic is not over, and now is ‘not the time for us to encourage a lot of social mixing.’
Hide the data! Adverse reactions to the Covid jab will not be recorded and sent to OSHA by employers.
The British Columbia government has apologized after asking Canadians to snitch on their unvaccinated family members.
Truth suppression: Pretty amazing video where Government of Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang says openly the new lockdowns are not just to stifle the spread of the Chinavirus, but they are also to stifle the spread of unauthorized information the government does not want to spread among the people.
So sad and unnecessary. Buried report showed 576 preborn babies have died following mothers getting Covid-19 injections.
Future Theory: China discussed making bioweapons to target ‘races,’ and covertly launching attacks with asymptomatic spreading.

28 June 2021: Hot here. Very, very hot for the PNW. ~108 in Seattle.
Link to a PDF on treatment for covid.
Another reason to not have used the spike protein they did- it also elicits Cell Signaling in Human Host Cells.. Great. Just great.
Anne’s Ivermectin Treatments page.
FDA Knew on October 22, 2020 that the DeathJab would maim and kill, cause heart damage, clotting and ravage children.
U.S. government deleted COVID data at the request of Chinese researchers to hide the origin of the Chinavirus, but another researcher was able to recover the data from the google cloud.
The Chinavirus may itself create diabetes by preferentially targeting insulin-producing cells in the Pancreas.
Most people who now die with Covid in England have been vaccinated.
Doctor cites ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC who claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans.
Israel to reinstate indoor mask mandate next week as COVID-19 cases keep rising, despite 64% fully vaccinated rate (plus recovered infections.).
Massive protests in London against the lockdowns.
Fauci resisted Trump directive to cancel virus research grant linked to Wuhan lab, new book says.

26 June 2021: A paper on the shot magnetizing people, and a theory why it happens.
CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus – Including HUGE Number of Heart Problems Reported.
CDC investigating 13-year-old Michigan boy’s death after COVID-19 vaccination.
Norway says risk of dying from AstraZeneca CoviShield vaccine higher than of COVID-19.
Man who invented MRNA vaccines issues a warning that govt is concealing the dangers of vaccines, saying young people should not get vaccinated.
Pretty sure this isn’t legal: Ohio judge adds COVID-19 vaccination as terms of probation.
India could sentence WHO chief scientist to death for misleading over Ivermectin.
Undiagnosed SARS-CoV-2 Seropositivity During the First Six Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the US.
New Research Shows Extent of China’s Cover-Up of COVID-19’s Origins.
A look at a baseball team that has several players, both vaxxed and not, test positive.
The Jab Makes it worse. 109/117 who died were “fully” vaccinated.
Ivermectin – take it, and kill most of the mosquitos that feed on you. Another use.

25 June 2021: Half of new Israel cases are fully vaccinated, claiming “Delta Variant”.
It’s the PITS! Post-Transmission Injection-Syndrome. Is there a Remedy?
In the UK, Flu and pneumonia deaths are now over ten times higher than coronavirus deaths.
Brain inflammation from COVID-19 looks eerily similar to that from Alzheimer’s.
Rand Paul calls for Fauci to be fired from Coronavirus task force.
Israel admits that half of new Covid-19 cases in last month were fully vaccinated.
China requested NIH delete samples from COVID-19 patients in early 2020.
Vox Day covers the fact people who are vaccinated are quietly being told not to fly.
At 3.5% mortality, the spike protein poison is 1,666x more lethal than Covid-19. Video
University of Illinois Mandating Vaccinations for All 3 Campuses if Students Want to Return to ‘In-Person Instruction’.
A dropbox sound file of a surgeon being fired from teaching duties in Canada.

23 June 2021Enlarged heart risk for the young 200x background rate.
Is flying while vaxxed a clot risk?
Certain blood pressure medicines are found to protect memory in older adults by affecting ACE2 receptors. And there are reports of the vaccine, which affects ACE2 somehow, raising blood pressure, instead of lowering it like the medicines. Maybe coincidence, maybe not.
Google funded virus research carried out by Wuhan-linked scientist Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance for over a decade.
from Vox, A young athlete is vaxxed out.
Legend: fighting the lockdown Nazis.

22 June 2021: Graph of unexplained deaths up six-fold. from here.
Israel virus surge among the vaxxed.
A strange combo: Philippines President Duterte says, ‘You choose, Covid vaccine or I will have you jailed.’ However he also seemed to offer Ivermectin as an alternative to avoid the vaccine.
British Daily Expose asks if Britain is seeing antibody dependent enhancement, given the majority of deaths are in the vaccinated
This is the scripted propaganda that pregnant women who get the vaccine will be falling for.
Fauci and D.C. mayor Bowser are heckled as they go door-to-door, pushing vaccines.
Not directly Covid, but morbid+Fauci: Anthony Fauci has been discovered to have granted the majority of the federal funds awarded to the University of Pittsburgh by the the National Institute of Health for research involving aborted fetuses.
13-year-old boy dies three days after taking second COVID shot.
An awful lot of coincidences: Nearly 4,000 women. report menstrual problems including heavy bleeding and delayed periods after getting their Covid vaccine – but watchdog insists there’s no proof jabs are to blame.
Confidential documents reveal Moderna sent an mRNA Coronavirus vaccine candidate to university researchers weeks before the emergence of Covid-19.
Indian scientists had noted ‘unnatural insertions’ in the Chinavirus genome, but were forced to withdraw their study.
Fauci’s bosses signed research deals with the Chinese Communist military front.
Cabalites of a feather… Fauci’s bosses signed research deals with the Chinese Communist military front.

21 June 2021: A new joined study by two hospitals in Israel and Tel Aviv University is suggesting a link between the Pfizer mRNA vaccine and TTP, a rare and severe auto immune disease.
Hypocrisy, anyone? Illinois City cancels the 4th of July parade due to COVID, but launches Juneteenth and LGBT pride events.
NOQ Report notes the shockingly strong correlation between the ‘Delta variant’ rise and increased vaccinations, and asks, could the “Delta variant” be growing as a result of the vaccine push?
Vaccines in general a problem. Sharyl Attkisson covers a CDC senior scientist who admits, ‘We trashed data showing vaccine-autism link in African-American boys.
Christopher Langan, a man once called the “world’s smartest man” by the media for having a 210 IQ, is urging resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine.
Million-dollar lotteries fail to cut through vaccine apathy.
Antibody Dependent enhancement seen in the wild.

19 June 2021: FWIW, I get a lot of these links from Anonymous Conservative, on the date noted, but I also get some from other places each day. I’m just trying to keep all my possible sources in one location for ease of reference. Not giving credit to AC every day is not meant as a slight, just redundant after a while. So, for today:
Some vaccine experts are having second thoughts about rushing to inoculate kids.
Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel laureate and former director of the Retrovirology Lab at the Pasteur Institute reports that in fact it is the vaccinations that are producing the variants.
Canadian COVID  coverup – Opposition parties voted to declare the Liberal government in contempt of Parliament for refusing to provide unredacted documents to the House of Commons that could explain the firing of two scientists from Canada’s top infectious disease lab in Winnipeg, amid concerns over their ties with Chinese military research.
D.C. jail coerced Jan. 6 political prisoners into getting vaccinated to avoid inhumane treatment.
The Wuhan Institute of Virology had obtained “all the genes to make a SARS coronavirus similar to the epidemic strain,” according to a 2017 report by Science News..
There is an mRNA vaccine for Malaria which seems to work in mice.
Amazon is turning evil, pushing the narrative. Amazon deletes America’s Frontline Doctor’s website from the internet forcing the doctors to scramble to salvage and rebuild the site.
8 chest pain cases among adolescent boys detected after COVID vaccination in San Diego.
Latest VAERS numbers is 5993, increase of 1.8% from previous week.
New Article on anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral properties of Ivermectin.
New Academic Study Confirms: Mass Testing of Asymptomatics Was a ‘Scam’.

18 June 2021: But it’s totally safe! Heart attack risk following vax.
Human polymerase enzymes can reverse transcribe RNA into DNA with high efficiency.
COVID Spike protein damages placentas, according to a doctor.
Unvaccinated NFL players will face slew of restrictions to open 2021, including being barred from team flights.
A doctor points out that everywhere vaccines have been rolled out new infections and mortality have suddenly risen.
More than 500 breakthrough infections reported in Mass. in under three weeks.
UK virus cases surge even as 8 in 10 have received shots.
Four healthy British Airways pilots die in one week but the airline says there’s no link to the Covid-19 vaccine.
KY judge rules Gov. Beshear’s COVID, mask orders unconstitutional in breakthrough lawsuit.
Arizona’s Republican Gov. Doug Ducey nukes an Arizona State University policy requiring students to be vaccinated before taking on-campus classes. 
Open VAERS data should be updating their data today. I’m guessing 5,888 –> 6,500.

17 June 2021: Dirty Masks = face pathogens.
The COVID vaccines appear to be killing and disabling large numbers of people who are in their prime.
A study tracking the health insurance records of nearly 2 million people in the United States who contracted the Chinavirus last year, found that one month or more after their infection, almost one-quarter — 23% — of them sought medical treatment for new conditions.
Atmospheric viricides deployed into public air spaces and public schools and nobody knows if it is “EPA approved.”
Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines.
HUGE …. 3 British Airways pilots have DIED of the COxxVID vaxxine in the past 7-days, and BA are now in crisis talks with the UK Government about whether or not their vaxxinated pilots should be allowed to fly…. 85% of all British Airways pilots have already been vaxxinated.

16 June 2021 (sorry, been lazy / busy for a few days):
Steve Kirsch is claiming he can prove the vax has produced almost 26,000 deaths so far.
The creator of the mRNA vaccine technology, says on youtube, of the COVID vaccine (5:29-6:14) that it concentrates the cytotoxic spike protein in women’s ovaries:
CDC says vaccine link to heart inflammation is stronger than previously thought.
Americas Frontline Doctors calls for ending vaccinations on those under 30 due to heart risks.
A Liberty County man says his rights were violated when a divorce court judge ordered him to get a COVID-19 vaccine in order to see his kids.
The creator of the mRNA vaccines tweets : “What happens to confidence in public health and USG if ivermectin turns out to be safe and effective for COVID, and the genetic vaccines turn out to have significant safety issues? This looks like a very plausible scenario from where I sit.”
A link to a survey investigating if you have had secondary effects after being exposed to someone who had the vaccine.
19 year old girl got the vaccine, had heart failure, got a heart transplant, but died anyway.
Leftist Vax-nazi Federal judge freaks out on US Marshals for refusing to disclose COVID vaccination statuses of their Deputies
Chinese researchers find 24 new coronaviruses in bats amid renewed calls to probe COVID origins.
Many COVID-19 patients produce immune responses against their body’s tissues or organs
Oracle engineer who helped design CDC Chinavirus tracking system dies from COVID-19 after getting the vaccine.
BBC just admits 50% of deaths include vaccinated people.
2018 video shows Wuhan lab partner scheming on how to make money from a pandemic.
This will get overturned… Hospital employees must get COVID vaccine or find a new job, judge rules as he slams contention that vaccines are ‘experimental and dangerous.’
A talk by a doctor on the worst-case scenario research on the COVID-vaccine
Covid story self-contradictions.
Asymptomatic Covid spread is a lie, or at the very least false.
June 13 interview with Dr Peter McCullough.

06 June 2021: o/t aside, Remember D-Day.
A website that tracks HCQ studies. Early treatment is key. (duh)
Fauci and other conspired to disqualify HCQ treatments.
Why was Fauci’s wife ever placed in a position at NIH where she was the final arbiter of the ethics of her husband’s experiments?
U.S. Intel believes China is trying to produce Covid variants to cover up the ‘lab origin’ of the original form.
The Obama administration lifted the block on “gain of function research” just eleven days before President Trump took office.
Rand Paul tells Hannity he’s receiving death threats for criticizing Fauci.
US gave more money to the Chinese lab for bat research than Fauci claimed.
A Freeper got the vaccine, but has no antibodies.

05 June 2021: Website listing a bunch of ivermectin-Covid19 studies.
Interview with Dr. Byram Bridle about a new peer reviewed study on the vaxx.
Fauci had difficulty finding kids to test AIDS drugs on so he went to the NYC foster care system.
German study finds lockdown ‘had no effect’ on stopping the spread of the Chinavirus.
Chinese military ‘engineered mice with humanized lungs’ in 2019 to test viruses on them – just months before the pandemic erupted.
Oh, interesting. The FDA admits it has never licensed any Influenza vaccine for use by pregnant women and does not have a single trial supporting the safety of this practice.

04 June 2021: Suramin has some promise as a Covid treatment, too. (also an anti-parasitic, and being investigated for treatment of autism…?)
Also, Pine Needle Tea may help symptoms. (a source of suramin)
Interview with Dr Mitkovits on topic of suramin.
Vax nanoparticles circulate in the body.
Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield said that after stating his belief on CNN that the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan, other scientists threatened his life.
In 1977 a flu broke out in northeast China which eventually spread to Russia and then around the world, killing 700,000 people, and it appears now to have been a lab leak. Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin therapy at a higher dose improved survival by nearly 200% in ventilated COVID patients.
Chinese defector with info about the Wuhan Bioweapons lab. Talking to DIA.
Related: High-Ranking Chinese Defector Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of Several Chinese Special Weapons Programs.

03 June 2021: Well, isn’t that an interesting coincidence? From comments.
That Daszak was later appointed to head the Covid 19 origin investigations was reported in Sept 2020 and widely denounced – at least to people that were paying attention.
Also note that several of those signatories worked for EcoHealth Alliance.
Now check out the authors on the retracted lancet paper that attempted to debunk HZQ.
And the paper that claimed cardiovascular toxicity to HZQ.
See who Sapan Desai is.
Dr. Fauci plotted with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to push COVID-19 fear porn before the 2020 election.
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel told Fauci that Covid seemed ‘less harmful’ than the Flu.
COVID “looks engineered,” a govt-funded immunologist told Fauci in January, 2020.
Early in the pandemic, Fauci was emailing colleagues in a panic over studies which made it look like the China virus may have been a byproduct of gain of function research, such as that he was funding.
Fauci’s gain-of-function smoking gun email proves he lied to Senator Paul and America.
The White House is actively looking to dump Dr. Anthony Fauci amid recent flip-flopping and released emails that show further contradictions on the pandemic response.
Fauci’s forthcoming book has been removed for pre-order from all major online booksellers.
Israel sees probable link between the Pfizer vaccine and myocarditis cases.
California Health Department admits mRNA COVID-19 injections cause serious heart conditions.
The Chinavirus may cause severe long-term erectile dysfunction.
Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of India’s Delhi Covid-19 cases.
Amazon is now badging / segregating /marking employees by vax status.

01 June 2021: Dr. Peter A. McCullough: All the vaxes produce the dangerous protein spikes.

31 May 2021: Interview with Mikovits about technical details and what to expect.
Dr. Byram Bridle, University of Guelph, says, “We now know Spike protein gets into circulation. We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew it was a toxin. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin.”
This leaked Pfizer study from the EMA shows that the vaccine particles are hugely sequestered into the ovaries, in data from animal studies.
Coincidence? Oracle Vice President tweets he is getting the vax in March, suddenly and unexpectedly, he just keels over from the virus, supposedly. 
Nothing suspicious about this at all. The Chinese Communist Party is allegedly collecting DNA around the world through a state-linked company offering COVID-19 testing assistance to other countries.
Explosive study claims to prove Chinese scientists created COVID in a lab, then tried to reverse-engineer virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats.
Interview with Mitkovits on the problems the vax may cause.
Number of COVID cases in Delhi crashes after mass distribution of ivermectin.
COVID vaccine injury reports among 12- to 17-year-olds more than triple in 1 week, VAERS data show.
This is odd, not sure where it leads: President Joe Biden is moving to surrender to China U.S. patent and trade secret protections on America’s COVID-19 vaccines, including revolutionary mRNA technology.
Not good: FOIA documents reveal animal study results demonstrating Pfizer mRNA-based vaccine mRNA-lipid nanoparticles, does not remain at the injection site, but rather appears to spread widely after injection, concentrating in various organs, including the ovaries and spleen.
The lymph nodes of the vaccinated behave a lot like cancer patient’s in tests, which the article says leads to fears of false diagnoses and unnecessary biopsies.
Gab post with video of doc: few Covid patients, lots of Vaxx patients.

22 May 2021: full court: White House partners with dating apps for COVID-19 jab badges.
Doctors in Houston are trying to figure out why a handful of people hospitalized with COVID-19 develop massively enlarged tongues.

19 May 2021: Interview with Gen McInenery.
COVID cases in India plummet after government promotes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine use.
Nobel Prize winner alleges the Covid vaccine is ‘creating variants.’
Rand Paul produces documents that show NIH funded gain of function research.

18 May 2021: sweden-records-more-30k-cases-side-effects-tied-covid-jabs.
Chelsea Handler says she is deaf in one ear after her second Moderna shot.
Eric Clapton describes his severe reaction to the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which made him think he might never play the guitar again.
New York Yankees now have ninth Covid-19 breakthrough case.
Vaster website.
Interview with “Nina” from the UK, works in a hospital, reporting many suspicious sever adverse reactions or death.
Interview with Dr Mercola.”They Are Going to Kill More People With This Vaccine’ Than From Covid.”

16 May 2021: Dr Palevsky Explains The Death Jab.
The mortality rate of those hospitalized with Covid after being fully vaccinated is 16%.
Highly Cited COVID Doctor (Dr. Peter McCullough) Comes to Stunning Conclusion: Government ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-related Deaths.
CDC says death toll following experimental COVID vaccine now at 4,434.
A study on how the COVID vaccine might make young men infertile.

15 May 2021: Even staff at CDC and NIH are skeptical of the Jab. 405-50% refusing it.
Fauci says vaccinated should have ‘no concern’ about infection from the unvaccinated.
Eighth vaccinated Yankee comes down with COVID. so it doesn’t work.
CDC no longer tracking mild or asymptomatic Covid-19 breakthrough cases.
In mostly vaccinated America, May 2021, Covid cases are 47.4% higher than May 2020.
Three healthcare workers are speaking out about debilitating health problems they experienced shortly after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, including tremors, memory loss, and “full-body convulsions.”
Ivermectin use reduced the probability of severe symptoms and hospitalizations in CDMX by up to 76%.

interview with Dr. Cole, banned from youtube.

14 May 2021: Yes, it’s treatable. Graph from India after Ivermectin push.

13 May 2021: Tucker Carlson interview with Dr Peter McCullough.
Interview with Dr Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D, about bleeding and clotting problems.

12 May 2021: Toxicologist calls for stopping the vax.
British Guitarist Eric Clapton has endured hell dealing with adverse reactions.

11 May 2021: Some interesting stats in this gab, with sources. Fore example, “99.4% of VAERS reports so far in 2021 are related to the COVID-19 Vaccines.”
Dr. mocks vax skeptics, then dies after getting vaxxed.
Study: Lockdowns Ten Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself.
FDA grants Pfizer vaccine green light for use in kids aged 12 to 15.
Top doctor says, feds are demonizing COVID-19 treatments in order to promote the vaccine, as the National Institute of Health issued a guideline recommending physicians not treat COVID-19 until a patient needs oxygen.
All adults in the Indian state of Goa to be given Ivermectin drug to bring down mortality.
Video of a woman keeling over in the background while waiting the mandatory 15 minutes after vaccination to make sure there are no adverse reactions.
The gain-of-function virus research which was Fauci’s pet project was contracted to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the paperwork from Wuhan has a “reference number” attached that leads directly back to the funds Fauci paid to Eco-Health Alliance for the work.
Federal health officials this month decided to limit how they monitor vaccinated people who have been infected with Covid-19.
Deaths of elderly who recovered from COVID-19, but died after the vaccine raise questions.

10 May 2021: The numbers are UGLY. 20x fatality risk for the vaxxed.
Also at Vox’s place, we have 57 scientists and doctors have demanded an immediate end to the mass-vaccination campaigns.

09 May 2021:“The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons,” written by Chinese scientists and Chinese public health officials in 2015, discussed the weaponization of SARS coronaviruses for use in WWIII.
A group of 57 leading scientists, doctors and policy experts has released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the current COVID-19 vaccines and are now calling for an immediate end to all vaccine programs.
Scientists warn Pfizer and Moderna vaccines may cause blood clots, too.
A peer-reviewed study has claimed that global ivermectin use can end the COVID-19 pandemic, as the medicine significantly reduces the risk of contracting the deadly respiratory disease when used regularly.
A plan to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 in Belgium in six weeks using ivermectin was recently put forward by a Belgian virologist.
States asked the federal government this week to withhold staggering amounts of COVID-19 vaccine amid plummeting demand for the shots.
This isn’t about a virus. It’s about control and submission: Video shows Canadian SWAT team arresting a pastor for ‘inciting’ people to attend church.
Data through the end of April says 3837 deaths reported to VAERS.
Medical Doctors Testify Before State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots.

08 May 2021New research reveals why some patients may test positive for COVID-19 long after recovery. (short version, sometimes the RNA does the reverse-transcriptase thing and integrates into your DNA. speculated on previously, now confirmed)
Covid not-vax now at 3837 deaths.
Marvelous. They knew a long time ago about pathogenic priming with SARS.
On the bright side, perhaps Pine Needle Tea will help.

07 May 2021: InfoWars interview of Dr. Mercola. The vaxx is bad.
Yet another change to the CDC stats on Covid.
New Zealand makes vaccines mandatory under law with a $4,000 fine or imprisonment.
A majority of those who say they will not get vaccinated will not change their mind.
19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported in Europe.

05 May 2021: Interview with Dr Sucharit Bhakdi.
Doctor who promoted non-vaccine ways to boost your health and minimize any effect of getting COVID writes
OSHA imposes new rule for employer-required COVID-19 vaccines.
The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a civilian body made of leading Israeli health experts, has published its April report into the Pfizer vaccine’s side effects indicating damage to almost every system in the human body.
Facebook deletes 120,000-member group where people posted stories of alleged adverse vaccine reactions, and now Facebook blocks messages with this URL.
In Zimbabwe, COVID-19 infection & death rates plummet after Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) greenlight for Ivermectin use.
After court order, Elmhurst Hospital says it’s allowing COVID-19 patient to receive controversial drug ivermectin.
Liberal activist LeBron James still hasn’t been vaccinated, teammate reveals.

03 May 2021: Laboratory Escapes and “Self-fulfilling prophecy” Epidemics.
Various not-vax report at Vox’s blog.
Pentagon tracking 14 cases of heart inflammation in troops after COVID-19 shots.
follow the science? Bombshell report shows teachers’ unions dictated CDC school reopening recommendations, instead of listening to science.
Study shows, COVID lockdowns cost countless jobs, but don’t appear to have saved lives.
Paper finds that there are non-spike proteins which may make superior targets for vaccine therapy, and induce superior immunity.
Odd side-note: Hydroxychloroquine proponent Dr. Vladimir Zelenko nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.
ACE2 problems The Chinavirus spike protein damages vascular cells by virtue of the fact it binds to the ACE2 receptor. From the article : “If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID,” Manor explains. “Further studies with mutant spike proteins will also provide new insight towards the infectivity and severity of mutant SARS CoV-2 viruses.”
Israel probing link between Pfizer shot and heart inflammation in men under 30.
Counter-attack: A new therapy binds to the active site of the spike protein, shielding it an inactivating its ability to do anything.
So very sad and unnecessary. Pfizer begins COVID vaccine trials on children with almost 3,000 participants, and already a 15 year old boy is dead of cardiac failure and a 16 year old girl died of pulmonary embolism.
Some indication in Pfizer’s vaccine trial documentation that spread of adverse effects from vaccinated to unvaccinated possible.
Using a newly developed mouse model of acute lung injury, researchers found that exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone was enough to induce COVID-19-like symptoms including severe inflammation of the lungs.
Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with “the most senior research position” in his field, speaks about the “lie” of dangerous variants, the totalitarian potential for “vaccine passports,” and the strong possibility we are dealing with a “conspiracy” which could lead to something far beyond the carnage experienced in the wars and massacres of the 20th century.
New study confirms that the primary culprit in Covid19 is the spike protein.

Good News: Ivermectin studies meta-analysis shows it works.

Locksdowns are ineffective Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, the rest of them.

22 April 2021: Problems showing up in BC, interview with a local doctor.
Lots of side effects
Another doc talks about it.
Fertility issues with unvaxxed people near vaxxed people talked about here.

18 April 2021: Most of these are copied from Anon Conserv.
New Stanford study- masks are totally worthless for preventing Covid-19 transmission. This is published at the NIH.
No purified and isolated examples of Covid-19.

WaPo columnist says Wuhan lab investigation would expose Dr. Fauci, US taxpayer funding of CCP BioLabs.
A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud because several laboratories in the US can’t find Covid-19 in 1500 positive tests.
Video surfaces of man in drive-thru vaccine line having a seizure… and then the next man over collapses, too.
Stanford study finds face masks ineffective against COVID, and Twitter immediately bans users citing it.

11 April 2021: 18 reasons to not take the not-vax. – Like nobody saw that coming ten miles away.

09 April 2021: Top Yale doctor/researcher says ‘Ivermectin works,’ including for long-haul COVID.
UVA rays from sunshine can release skin chemical that stops deadly virus from spreading, scientists say.
Johnson & Johnson vaccinations paused at North Carolina site after 18 people had ‘adverse reactions’ and four were hospitalized.
‘Perfectly healthy’ Miami doctor’s death two weeks after getting Pfizer vaccine ruled as natural causes ‘because medical examiner couldn’t find any proof jab was responsible.’
Scientists are beginning to think it is possible mRNA vaccines permanently alter DNA.
Video of doctors being interviewed about the disease and cover-ups.

07 April 2021: Dr Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics regarding Covid, vaccine, & treatments.

17 Feb 2021:  India develops COVID treatment kit for less than $3 per person with ‘miraculous’ ivermectin
Cytokine storm
Covid mRNA “vaccine” may actually be part 1 of a binary bioweapon.
My post on binary bioweapons and lysosomotropic agents.

23 Jan 2021: There have been a whole rafts of revealing just as Trump is about to leave or as Biden comes in; apologies for not keeping up with a daily set of news stories. Gets tiresome repeating the same crap everyone on the right already knows, nobody of the left will believe. Suddenly the cost of lockdowns is too high, go full open. But they are simultaneously hyping fear and snitching. Ivermectin is OK. Amazon will help with vaccine distribution to expedite it. Etc. Clear political motivation for pandemic fight plans, so transparent.
As Biden became President, medical journal quietly retracted a study that claimed Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective.
Boston College orders students to report each other if they fail to social distance or wear face masks incorrectly. They are conditioning kids to inform on each other.
PCR Covid test cycle threshold to high, should be lowered to avoid false positives
NIH (National Institutes of Health) now recommending Ivermectin
Ivermectin prevents Covid-19.
As Biden became President, medical journal quietly retracted a study that claimed Hydroxychloroquine is ineffective.
Meanwhile, Twitter has declared that it will remove all posts that suggest there are any “adverse impacts or effects of receiving vaccinations.”
The American Medical Association (AMA), in a surprising move, has officially rescinded a previous statement against the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Which means the AMA literally killed Americans by denying them treatment just to get Trump out of office.
President Joe Biden’s first official act on his first day in office was signing an executive order mandating that masks be worn on all federal properties and by federal employees and contractors. (but he then promptly breaks the rules)
HSBC says customers who refuse to wear a face mask will have their accounts withdrawn.
Judicial Watch gets the paperwork on California’s billion dollar Chinese mask deal.
With no lockdown or mask mandate, Florida has roughly same hospitalization level as 2018 flu season.

13 Dec 2020: Testimony on efficacy of HCQ.
Some colleges are now encouraging students to inform on other students who violate COVID mandates.
Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic are now permanent.
They are starting to talk about not letting people work unless they take the COVID vaccine.
Austrian MP tests cola for Covid-19, and it yields a positive result.
Melinda Gates is ‘incredibly disappointed’ that Trump is putting Americans first in line for Covid-19 vaccine.
One of the largest medical systems in the U.S. will not require its 89K employees to get the Covid vaccine due to “general uncertainty” around such a new treatment.
4 volunteers develop facial paralysis after taking Pfizer Covid-19 jab, prompting FDA to recommend ‘surveillance for cases.’
UK Government officials are calling for calm after it emerged that several health workers have suffered an “anaphylactoid reaction” after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
‘Suicide is a very real threat’ … pandemic depression new, growing disorder linked to lockdowns …
Cambridge study: children’s mental health deteriorated ‘substantially’ during lockdown…
Bill Gates endorses the Great Reset…Gleeful Bill Gates, Keep Restaurants and Bars Closed for Six Months, Allow Slow Return to New Normal Activity in 2022
Study Shows Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Vaccinated Children
Medical Professor Testifies to Congress that COVID Cure Already Exists with Ivermectin
Undercover nurse exposes what is REALLY happening with ‘Covid-19 pandemic’

30 Nov 2020: Huge meta-study on “outpatients: early risk-stratified treatment with zinc plus low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: a retrospective case series study”
CNN helping Chinese wrt Covid numbers.
Leaked documents reveal China’s mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19
Fauci is admitting that spread of the China Virus between children is “not very big at all.
Pence Says Covid Vaccine Distribution Could Begin Mid-December.
‘…remarkable’: No one who got Moderna’s vaccine in trial developed severe COVID-19.
Maybe it’s genetics: An ancient coronavirus-like epidemic drove adaptation in East Asians from 25,000 to 5,000 years ago.
A year after Wuhan alarm, China seeks to change Covid origin story: Reports in state media signal an intensifying propaganda effort to place the birth of the virus in other countries.
Senseless Restrictions on Outdoor Activities Undermine the Goal of Curbing COVID-19.
Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S. Spiked After Publication.

18 Nov 2020: It has been a while. been busy with election stuff, mostly. The Wuhan flu is heating up again in the news, but the numbers are more than a little suspect.
Danish study finds no clear evidence face masks protect wearer from Covid-19 infection….
PA gov announces new COVID rules, including wearing a mask in your house…
Science is not science anymore … top journals practice political correctness…
Results suppressed for months…
Top California Dems apparently don’t practice mask religion…
Pandemic Reset goal?
Foolishness- Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has announced new COVID restrictions, including ordering people to wear masks inside their own homes.
Hypocrisy –CA lawmakers flock to HI while forcing ‘Stay at Home’ measures on the public.
As America readies for another lockdown, China packs 70,000 people into a stadium without masks.
Minor side-effects English vaccine whistle-blower from Glaxo Smith Kline says the new vaccine may cause sterility in 97% of women.
NY Sheriff refuses to enforce Governor Cuomo’s holiday restrictions: ‘It’s unconstitutional.’ Turns out he is one of many.
Gavin Newsom weighs a statewide curfew as most of California returns to toughest COVID-19 tier
Odd, true? Study finds 1 in 5 COVID-19 patients develop mental illness within 90 days.
Lies and stats-CDC is labeling everything a COVID death.
Another Trump victory on COVID-19: another new vaccine is shown to be 94.5 percent effective.
Trump coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas urges Michigan to ‘rise up’ against new Covid-19 measures.
An arthritis drug has been found to cut deaths in patients admitted to hospital with Covid-19 by a remarkable two-thirds.
“Vacationing every summer in South Beach” significantly increases mortality from colds and flu. In other words, CoronaCold hits sodomites harder.
Testimony of a General Practitioner in the UK: No pandemic, orders to refuse treatment to anyone over 70, perpetual totalitarianism is the objective.
Top California Dems apparently don’t practice mask religion…

27 Sep 2020: New treatment Florida doctors found a coronavirus cure that’s nearly 100% effective. Called “ICAM,” which stands for Immunosupport drugs (Vitamin C and Zinc), Corticosteroids against inflammation, Anticoagulants against blood clots, and Macrolides to help fight infection”. Not sure if it’s more effective than HCQ+zinc+D3, the data given isn’t particularly detailed, but hey, any progress is good progress. New numbers from the Center for Disease Control. Summary of odds to die by age group if you get it:
1 out of 34,000 for ages 0 to 19; ( 99.997% odds of survival)
1 out of 5,000 for ages 20 to 49; ( 99.98% odds of survival)
1 out of 200 for ages 50 to 69; ( 99.5% odds of survival)
1 out of 20 for ages 70 and up. ( 94.6% odds of survival)

26 Sep 2020Chinese Virus deaths are 75% lower in nations using hydroxychloroquine. Also, New research shows, Hydroxychloroquine poses no risk to heart rhythms..

21 Sep 2020: Always new things to try. Indian doctor says they are finding that quadruple therapy – Ivermectin, Doxycycline, Zinc, and Vitamin D3, is more effective than hydroxychloroquine. What next?

18 Sept 2020: The “news” is Wag The Dog. CNN reporter scolds Trump over face mask, then removes hers when she thinks cameras are off.  The pols lie, too. COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor’s office discuss the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to keep those facts from the public. Hiding people who might know. Twitter suspends account of Chinese scientist who published the paper alleging Covid was created in the Wuhan lab. And the data is crap, or at least questionable. Data shows 40 percent of Ohio counties experience a rise in Coronavirus cases 7 weeks after a mask mandate.

09 Sep 2020: This sounds totally proportional, considering the high false-positive rate.

08 Sept 2020: One rule for thee, another for me. San Francisco gym owners livid after discovering gyms in government buildings have been opened for months.

07 Sept 2020: Vitamin D3 and Covid – deficiency in vitamin D3 = higher risks. Not news, but more details.

30 Aug 2020: Missed a fw days, but these are doozies. Majority of “positive” tests should have been negatives, and only about 6% of those who died “of COVID” didn’t have serious co-morbidity.

16 Aug 2020: Bill is, of course, does totally not have any conflicts of interest: Bill Gates this week claimed that using hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus carries with it the risk of “severe side effects” and argued that medical officials should instead pursue the numerous “good therapeutic drugs” currently in development. More on vitamin D3.

14 Aug 2020: Louie Gohmert says Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, zinc, and an inhaler saved him. Just one more data-point / anecdote. And a Yale prof chimes in: Hydroxychloroquine Haters Spewing ‘Misleading And Toxic Disinformation’.

10 Aug 2020: More on Ivermectin.

08 Aug 2020: NYC Councilman Paul Vallone credits Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 recovery. But hey, it’s just an anecdote.

07 Aug 2020: Growing evidence of the efficacy of HCQ. Meanwhile, the civil/political actions to Covid are getting people killed – accused rapist released over Covid concerns murders accuser.  At the same time, Doctors are lying / doctoring charts to misrepresent the data to support their mask/quarantine/distancing mandates.

05 Aug 2020: Ivermectin is also a good (generic) drug against the Wuhan Flu.

30 July 2020: Yale epidemiologist doesn’t like what Fauci is doing – he’s “anti science,” and wading a disinformation campaign. Ohio is banning use of HCQ for the Wuhan Flu.

28 July 2020: Hospitals are a primary vector.

27 July 2020: Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, says that hydroxychloroquine is “the key to defeating COVID-19” in a Newsweek op-ed published this past week.

24 July 2020: Even Newsweek writers can see HCQ is effective, but blocked for political reasons. Media keeps focusing on red states, screaming “outbreak!” while blue states do worse. Fauci is a hypocrite – rules are for little people, apparently.

22 July 2020: HCQ could save 100,000 lives says Yale prof. No test equals positive test in FL. I’m sure it was all just an accident, tho. Another drug? Heparin, a common FDA-Approved Drug May Effectively Neutralize Virus That Causes COVID-19. Fauchi has been an idiot for a long time, and was called out on his incompetence in 1988.

20 July 2020: zinc might be helpful. Gee, ya’ think? Refusing to submit to home imprisonment for a positive COVID test results in ankle bracelets for both woman and her spouse. It might seem reasonable on one level, but when you consider it right next to a 30% false positive rate for the test in some places….

19 July 2020: Total shit for tests- 30% false positive rate, and 20% false negative.

17 July 2020: CDC inflating COVID numbers.  Texas Covid19 numbers compared to the Flu; hint, more flu deaths. CDC contaminated COVID tests; lots of false positives. Negative tests in FL not being reported. Well, isn’t that convenient, WA state?

15 July 2020: Changes in death  / recovered rates with and without HCQ. Think they’ll apologize? Nah, me neither. Big discrepancy between Hospital’s actual numbers, and what gets reported at the state level. Fraud in counting case numbers in Surry.

06 July 2020: Fauchi’s NIH knew about HCQ and SARS in 2005; why is nobody in the media asking about that?

03 July 2020: New Study – HCQ is effective in lowering mortality (cut it from 26.4% to just 13%).

28 June 2020: Curious Canadian double standard on HCQ; you can’t have it, unless you are a government employee.

22 June 2020: More evidence on D3 deficiency being related to severity of Wuhan Flu. Median case fatality rate for those below 70 is only 0.04%. That’s 4/10,000, only slightly worse than being injured by your toilet this year.

21 June 2020: The importance of D3, the “sunshine vitamin.” 99% who die are seriously deficient. Only 4% who are at good levels do. And they are telling people to stay indoors to stay safe.

17 June 2020: From Here, we have This, about Dexamethadone. Read the paragraph (near the top) with it. The problem is that it’s likely to kill actually people, like they are trying to claim HCQ will, by suppressing the immune system too hard. Someone is trying to spike the death rate.

15 June 2020: FDA cancels emergency authorization for HCQ, based on crap “science.” Basically, they WANT dead bodies and fear. Meanwhile, the study that got published in the Lancet claiming HCQ raised the fatality rate appears to have been done by a bullshit fake company run by political hacks.

14 June 2020: WHO corrupt, the lockdown is a plan to create chaos.

13 June 2020: Fron here,  CDC screws up testing, may “need” new lockdowns. Basically, prep for mail-in ballots rigging the election. Mounting evidence COVID19 not as lethal as first suspected.

31 May 2020: Yale researcher says HCQ should be promoted and used early widely.

30 May 2020: Why is inc ignored?

29 May 2020: Doc using HCQ and being bullied. Paul Roberts and the campaign against HCQ.

28 May 2020: Interesting to see these two side by side: France pulls HCQ support, promotes sedative (potentially used to kill the ill).Things that make you go Hmmmmm. Rules for thee but not for me, says Dem Governor. The President of El Salvador announces that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine. Early re-opening states don’t have increased rates. The CDC’s numbers are not scary, but they are not telling people.

26 May 2020: Not contagious after 11 days, even if testing positive? India using HCQ to prevent Covid19 infection.

25 May 2020: Nah, they’d never try to pad Covid19 stats with murder victims, would they? Ohio lockdown ruled unconstitutional. New CDC estimates of lethality rate now down to a quarter of a percent. Suicide rates WAY up in California.

24 May 2020: What is essential or not is political. They are trying to create stupid. Cuomo kills the elderly, blames Trump. WA state counts gunshot deaths as Covid19.  The plague is causing a re-examination of our manufacturing dependence on China. Study lists more than 400 important items. Young man with corona moved into a retirement residence with the elderly because he had it. He literally beat old folks there, as well as infecting them. Docs petition to have restrictions on early HCQ use lifted.

23 May 2020How is forcing the sick to go live with the frail not at least negligent manslaughter? Doc’s hands being tied. CDC says fatality rate 0.4% among those with any symptoms.

22 May 2020: HCQ in Brazil. HCQ in Costa Rica. A doctor’s take on Trump’s use of HCQ. Nigeria using HCQ, Z-Pax, and Zinc. Doctors worldwide like HCQ. Lockdowns may not be effective. Another BS study dismissing HCQ that doesn’t use or control for zinc levels. Nursing home residents killed by NY rules. Lies in the media about doctors, treatments, covid19, and twitter hiding information. Why the reluctance to admit a cure, Amy? Oh, politics. Remdesivir fails hard. Youtube continues to sensor dissenting voices who stray from the party line.

21 May 2020: Vaccines are the answer – 20% have adverse reactions.

21 May 2020India offered HCQ prophylaxis to 10,000 Mumbai policemen. About 4,500 routinely took HCQ, while 5,500 refused. RESULTS:
HCQ group: 0 deaths
Non-HCQ group: 9 deaths
And those who contracted COVID-19 in the HCQ group had “mild attacks”