Rather than adding new posts every time something new and interesting comes up about the Wuhan Flu, aka covid19, I’ll just add it here. Oldest things at the bottom.

06 July 2020: Fauchi’s NIH knew about HCQ and SARS in 2005; why is nobody in the media asking about that?

03 July 2020: New Study – HCQ is effective in lowering mortality (cut it from 26.4% to just 13%).

28 June 2020: Curious Canadian double standard on HCQ; you can’t have it, unless you are a government employee.

22 June 2020: More evidence on D3 deficiency being related to severity of Wuhan Flu. Median case fatality rate for those below 70 is only 0.04%. That’s 4/10,000, only slightly worse than being injured by your toilet this year.

21 June 2020: The importance of D3, the “sunshine vitamin.” 99% who die are seriously deficient. Only 4% who are at good levels do. And they are telling people to stay indoors to stay safe.

17 June 2020: From Here, we have This, about Dexamethadone. Read the paragraph (near the top) with it. The problem is that it’s likely to kill actually people, like they are trying to claim HCQ will, by suppressing the immune system too hard. Someone is trying to spike the death rate.

15 June 2020: FDA cancels emergency authorization for HCQ, based on crap “science.” Basically, they WANT dead bodies and fear. Meanwhile, the study that got published in the Lancet claiming HCQ raised the fatality rate appears to have been done by a bullshit fake company run by political hacks.

14 June 2020: WHO corrupt, the lockdown is a plan to create chaos.

13 June 2020: Fron here,  CDC screws up testing, may “need” new lockdowns. Basically, prep for mail-in ballots rigging the election. Mounting evidence COVID19 not as lethal as first suspected.

31 May 2020: Yale researcher says HCQ should be promoted and used early widely.

30 May 2020: Why is inc ignored?

29 May 2020: Doc using HCQ and being bullied. Paul Roberts and the campaign against HCQ.

28 May 2020: Interesting to see these two side by side: France pulls HCQ support, promotes sedative (potentially used to kill the ill).Things that make you go Hmmmmm. Rules for thee but not for me, says Dem Governor. The President of El Salvador announces that he is taking Hydroxychloroquine. Early re-opening states don’t have increased rates. The CDC’s numbers are not scary, but they are not telling people.

26 May 2020: Not contagious after 11 days, even if testing positive? India using HCQ to prevent Covid19 infection.

25 May 2020: Nah, they’d never try to pad Covid19 stats with murder victims, would they? Ohio lockdown ruled unconstitutional. New CDC estimates of lethality rate now down to a quarter of a percent. Suicide rates WAY up in California.

24 May 2020: What is essential or not is political. They are trying to create stupid. Cuomo kills the elderly, blames Trump. WA state counts gunshot deaths as Covid19.  The plague is causing a re-examination of our manufacturing dependence on China. Study lists more than 400 important items. Young man with corona moved into a retirement residence with the elderly because he had it. He literally beat old folks there, as well as infecting them. Docs petition to have restrictions on early HCQ use lifted.

23 May 2020How is forcing the sick to go live with the frail not at least negligent manslaughter? Doc’s hands being tied. CDC says fatality rate 0.4% among those with any symptoms.

22 May 2020: HCQ in Brazil. HCQ in Costa Rica. A doctor’s take on Trump’s use of HCQ. Nigeria using HCQ, Z-Pax, and Zinc. Doctors worldwide like HCQ. Lockdowns may not be effective. Another BS study dismissing HCQ that doesn’t use or control for zinc levels. Nursing home residents killed by NY rules. Lies in the media about doctors, treatments, covid19, and twitter hiding information. Why the reluctance to admit a cure, Amy? Oh, politics. Remdesivir fails hard. Youtube continues to sensor dissenting voices who stray from the party line.

21 May 2020: Vaccines are the answer – 20% have adverse reactions.

21 May 2020India offered HCQ prophylaxis to 10,000 Mumbai policemen. About 4,500 routinely took HCQ, while 5,500 refused. RESULTS:
HCQ group: 0 deaths
Non-HCQ group: 9 deaths
And those who contracted COVID-19 in the HCQ group had “mild attacks”