Future History

2032 First Chi-stan war

2042 Series of Chi-stan wars start

2048 Chorleywood-Fairchilde method of converting rock+hydrogen into water and refined minerals / metals

2050 FTL & Anti-grav & acceleration-compensators discovered (all related technologies)

2053 Potentially habitable planets probed and examined up-close

2055 First Planet-mover planet discovered

2058 Theoretical method for planet moving figured out

2062 First attempt at spinning a planet

2065 First attempt at moving

2068 Large scale planet moving and terraforming commences, government only

2072 The first dozen terraforming projects are underway, including first corporate sponsor

2075 25 terraforming projects now started, with an average of 20 TFP per planet, and each TFP using about 20 GTS each, including first religious sponsor

2080 more than 200 planets now being moved and/or terraformed, first actual colonists (not just terraformers) transported to the most habitable planet to date to start a new human colony; about half of new projects are private sponsor

2082 “third” Chi-Stan war starts getting very hot.

2085 A series of escalating conflicts starts, with colonies started by historically British colonial “offspring” (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, etc) on one side, and various other factions on the other (China, Russia, various middle-eastern, European and African nations, some corporate and religiously founded colonies). Started ugly, got bloody. Since their victory, the English-speaking side was known as the Colonial Powers.

2086 First known case of space-pirates attacking, dam strikes that end the Chi-Stan wars made.

2087 Chi-stan wars wind down, more than a billion dead.

2089 First Corporation-National war. Robo-astroid manufacturing bases and genetic engineered soldier programs started. Mostly between traditionally “western” nations and corporations.

2090 – Self Aware AI prohibited.

2095 – more than 500 planets being terraformed, more than 40 known planets show evidence of pre-human planet moving

2099 More than 1000 planets have at least been started to be moved, and another 2000 are known candidates for possible moving and terraforming. On average, there are two potentially suitable planets per star. Virtually all stars within 50 light years have been more-or-less explored, and 90% within 100 LY at least a brief survey has been done

2120 Significant genetic engineering prohibited.

2129 Eta Carinea blows, and the dark spreads across this region of the Milky Way


2505 The first colony that still retains FTL capability able to get back through space as the subspace turmoil fades, but most surviving colonies still in The Black, but it comes and goes. Exploration and re-colonization begins.

2630 more than half of the known colonized planet exposed and revisited; of those about half surviving OK, about a third have no human survivors (though machines may still be on automatic), about 1/6 barely hanging on. Most have been successfully moved to a stable water-zone orbit with suitable spin and tilt, though many are still short on water and marginal atmosphere, but are on the short list for further development

2655 – our story begins

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