Vote Fraud

Time to start collecting news stories about vote fraud. Whenever the discussion comes up, it seems that those on the left say “no, it doesn’t exist, and where it does, it’s all Republicans doing it systematically, and you can’t prove that when dems did it it actually had any effect!”, etc. Willfully ignorant or lying. Being a voting year, I guess I should make a list of relevant stories.

28 Sep 2020: Obviously they are committed to total vote integrity – Democrat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold sent a postcard to non-citizens and the dead encouraging them to register to vote so they can cast ballots in November.Then in Texas – BIDEN’S TEXAS POLITICAL DIRECTOR IMPLICATED IN MASSIVE MAIL-IN BALLOT HARVESTING SCHEME IN HARRIS COUNTY..

27 Sep 2020: If it was a mistake, why fire them?  Pennsylvania says  a temporary worker accidentally threw out those Trump-voting ballots by mistake. How the USPS can help the fraud: A Democrat operative says the United States Postal Service (USPS) workers who despise President Trump will sometimes help election fraudsters by throwing in the garbage mail-in ballots from Republican-heavy neighborhoods. Meanwhile, in Michigan, a Democrat clerk is facing trial for six felony counts of vote fraud for falsifying absentee ballots. ILHAN OMAR CONNECTED TO ILLEGAL BALLOT HARVESTING SCHEME. Shocked, I’m sure. Totally. The Project Veritas sting report and video, via the Conservative Treehouse.

25 Sep 2020: Thousands of (old?) ballots found in dumpster in CA. Even when there is not fraud, there is (at best) incompetence In Virginia, 1,000+ voters receive two absentee ballots., and 5% rejection rate for black mail-in ballots in NC.

24 Sep 2020: it begins. Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania, All Were Trump Votes. More were discovered in a ditch in Wisconsin. Also A Gregg County Texas commissioner & 3 others were arrested today on election fraud charges.This year will see EPIC vote fraud. However, I think that 310 EC votes for trump is the floor, and 350 is doable. Check here at “Swing The Election” for a cool tool to make projections with.

19 Sep 2020Michigan judge rules ballots received up to 14 days after the election must be counted, and allows ballot harvesting without any ID or background check.. A possible bit of good action – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has introduced a plan to effectively ban ballot harvesting ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Not directly about fraud, but revealing that more people are aware of vote-fraud potential when using all mail-in balloting AP/NORC poll shows Americans are losing enthusiasm for voting by mail..

18 Sept 2020: Nope, no possibility of fraud with any of these developments. Pennsylvania Supreme Court allows mail-in ballots to be counted after election day without any evidence of a postmark. And None of Pennsylvania’s counties can send out ballots to voters Monday, the first day the state allows counties to do so, because  it has not finalized its ballot less than eight weeks before Election Day due to lawsuits and other issues. and Democrat Michigan Secretary of State misprints Trump ticket on ballots for our troops. and Some North Carolina voters mistakenly get 2 absentee ballots. and A Soros-backed coalition of left-wing groups is preparing for post-election day chaos, promising that, ‘We’re going to fight like hell’ unless President Trump concedes. in a rare win: Judge rules the Oregon Republican party will be allowed to include its policy statements in the state’s voters’ pamphlet after state officials initially said the party had missed the deadline by 29 seconds. 

09 Sep 2020: Casting multiple ballots in GA.

06 Sept 2020: 2016 wasn’t a perfectly clean election. Nineteen foreign nationals face federal charges in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina for illegally voting in the 2016 federal elections, according to federal charges publicly announced on Wednesday. One of many frauds, just one that got caught. Then, of course, there is general USPS competence: Surveillance video shows bags of USPS mail being dumped in Glendale spa parking lot.

03 Sep 2020: Massachusetts 4th Congressional District: Thousands of ballots found in Franklin, Jesse Mermell’s campaign solicits recount signatures. Two Dems squaring off? New ballots might be found for months….

30 Aug 2020: Confessions of a mail-in-vote fraudster.

26 Aug 2020: Hmmmm. I wonder why this might be? Nevada Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak rejected his Republican Secretary of State’s request to require ‘ballot harvesters’ register with her office.I wonder what the odds are that ballot-harvesters have a certain political bent?

24 Aug 2020: Michigan has an 18.5% fraud rate in absentee ballots. Not looking like the election will go down without a hitch.

23 Aug 2020: More than 550,000 primary absentee ballots were rejected in 2020, far outpacing 2016. Yeah, that’s not a good look for the “all vote-by maul” crowd. Also, Canvassers demand answers after 72% of Detroit’s absentee ballot counts were off. Other than fail, can Detroit get anything right? And of course, you can bet these guys are going to be totally above-board: California pays leftist activists to manage ‘non-partisan’ mail-in ballots.

22 Aug 2020: Dems talk a lot about voter suppression. Dems get Green Party kicked off ballot after pressuring petition-signers; ‘voter suppression’ alleged.They should know. Can you say vote fraud enablement: Arizona wants to tell people they can just cross out wrong votes on their ballots, and cast the vote they want. No way THAT could go wrong, eh?

21 Aug 2020: Mail-in ballot election invalidated.  Also, percentage of Detroit’s precincts with out-of-balance totals was 46%, according to the county data. Yeah, let’s NOT vote-by-mail.

16 Aug 2020: At least 847 dead people tried to vote in Michigan’s August primary. But hey, the vote is totally secure!

10 Aug 2020: This happens so often, it’s either incompetence so massive they should all be fired permanently, or it’s intentional and they should all be incarcerated for a decade or two: Half a million incorrect absentee ballot applications sent across Virginia, including to dead people.

09 Aug 2020: Half a million incorrect absentee ballot applications sent across Virginia, including to dead people. What could possibly go wrong? At the same time: As our election approaches, we hear fake driver’s licenses are flooding into our country from all over the world. Not “proof” massive voter fraud is going to be attempted, but… c’mon man!

07 Aug 2020: 80k mail-in ballots DQ’d in NY primary; it’s an invitation to fraud. Las Vegas officials sent 223K primary ballots to the wrong address. That’s a lot of “mistakes”. Speaking of mistakes, they can’t even get the return address right in VA.

05 Aug 2020: Mail-in ballots in Colorado have pre-cut holes which reveal the red markings on Republican Party ballots. Talk about automating vote fraud. NO MAIL-IN VOTING!!! Meanwhile NV is allowing dementia patients to vote with “assistance.” Yeah, nothing to go wrong there.

04 August 2020: US Postal Workers Union just endorsed Joe Biden. Do you think you can trust vote by mail now?

23 July 2020: Ozzie Myers, Corrupt Former ‘Abscam’ Congressman (D-PA), Busted for Vote Fraud.

30 June 2020: Postal worker tosses load of political flyers into the trash.

28 June 2020: US Postman throwing out GOP flyers; what if he was tossing GOP ballots being mailed in, instead?

27 June 2020: 19% votes invalidated in NJ; mail-in ballots are a cancer.

26 June 2020: Vote Fraud Charges Filed against councilman and three others in NJ, mail-in ballots used.

24 June 2020: About 6,700 Nevada primary ballots rejected over signatures. But none dare call it fraud….

22 June 2020: How “sue and Settle” helps vote fraud.

27 May 2020: Michigan Democratic Official Charged With Altering Ballots in 2018 Election. A U.S. Postal Service mail carrier was charged with attempted fraud for tampering with requests for vote-by-mail absentee ballots. Citizen journalist busts nursing home mail-in voting scandal in Texas.A non-citizen in Oregon details how the state went ahead and automatically registered her to vote via motor-voter laws.

25 May 2020: Isn’t China threatening US politicians kind’a interfering with out elections? A bunch of SC ballots end up in Maryland. Mail in ballot failures.

23 May 2020:  Facebook helping to hide the OR registration changes. More voters than residents in Detroit. PA dems paid election official to stuff ballot box. Dead voters petition for opposition to Jim Jordan.  New Yorkers ballots cast in their name without their knowledge. Oregon changed hundreds of Republican ballots to “non partisan,” denying GOP voters the right to participate in the primary.  And in NJ, Some voters in Paterson, NJ, are frustrated with the widespread voter fraud allegations surrounding this week’s vote-by-mail city council election, and are venting their frustration toward Governor Phil Murphy who implemented the election plan.