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BIG: Study Finds COVID Death Rate Of Zero For Those Who Take Vitamin D Daily. see details
Retold in “The reatl Anthony Fauci”- Researcher Andrew Hill’s conflict: A $40 million Gates Foundation grant vs a half million human lives.
How Bad Is My Batch look up how toxic your specific Covid vax lot is.
Updated Ivermectin dosage chart. 3ml/110lb/day for five days or until recovered.
A whole bunch of Covid-related links.

31 Dec 2021: Happy New Years Eve, I guess…
CDC Sued For Withholding Post-Licensure V-Safe Data On COVID Vaccines.
Fauci Goes There: Finally Admits Kids Not Being Hospitalized From COVID.
South Africa Lifts Most COVID Restrictions, Says It May Have Passed Peak Of Omicron-Driven Wave.
“Effective”- Despite Entire Team Being Fully Vaccinated – Two Thirds of Antarctic Polar Researchers Have Contracted COVID-19.
Damning Report: Canadian COVID Care Alliance Explains Why Pfizer Shots Can Do More Harm Than Good (VIDEO)
Part 2: Canada COVID Care Alliance Analysis Shows Pfizer’s Vaccination for Kids is ‘ALL RISK’ and No Benefit – Pfizer Acknowledges it Will Cause Myocarditis in Children (VIDEO).
Most of the vaccinated die because of vax-induced autoimmune attacks on their own organs.
Scare numbers- U.S. children being hospitalized with COVID in near-record numbers.
It’s a grift, in part- Biden signs $137 million deal with German pharmaceutical company for COVID test strip factory that will take THREE YEARS to build and will start producing 83.3 million tests a month in late 2024 at the earliest.
“effective”- Amid a record-breaking surge, the U.S. is now averaging more COVID-19 cases per day than at any other point in the pandemic, according to new data updated on Wednesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Psy-op at work- Over-panicked New Yorkers are clogging up 911 lines and ERs for mild COVID symptoms and tests.
Good- So far Omicron may have killed one person globally, but it is unclear if that person may have died from something else.
Evil- Netherlands announces plan to give people up to six doses of COVID vaccine.
I prefer horse-paste- Pfizer’s new antiviral COVID treatment drug Paxlovid has not undergone the normal rigorous testing.
Cheap and simple, just what Big Pharma hates- Scientist surprised by discovery of ‘99%’ effective, cheap COVID treatment made up of diphenhydramine, which is marketed as Benadryl, and lactoferrin, a protein in milk.
New York state’s acting health commissioner admitted at a news conference with Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul that she misled parents about the magnitude of hospitalizations for COVID-19 among children, explaining she raised fears of a concerning trend to “motivate” them to get their children vaccinated.
Yup- Marines say they’re being ‘crushed’ over vaccine refusal with, ‘A political purge.’.
Huh- Life expectancy in U.S. declined 1.8 years in 2020, the CDC says.
Lies of omission- The BBC won’t tell you that 4 in 5 Covid-19 deaths in past month were among the triple/double vaccinated according to official data.
destroying people, and the economy- Incoming NYC mayor says he will keep de Blasio’s vaccine mandates in place.
As the lockdown in Xi’an continues through its second week, 13M residents are getting a taste of what life was like for the millions in Wuhan who suffered through that city’s 70+ day lockdown back in the spring of 2020.
Best she was vaxxed- Disney child star Tiffani Hale, best known as a member of “The All New Mickey Mouse Club,” has died at 46 from Cardiac Arrest.

30 Dec 2021: The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good (39 min vid)
Dr John Campbell on Omicron science, good news.
Dr. Zelenko Discusses His Highly Regarded Z-Stack Zinc Delivery System.
CDC Warns People Against Going on Cruises Regardless of Vaccination Status After Major Covid Outbreaks on Fully Vaxxed Ships.
Germany: 96% of Latest Omicron Patients were FULLY Vaccinated – Only 4% Unvaccinated.
Evil- Netherlands to mandate 6 Covid vaccines per year.
There are rumors circulating China’s current lockdowns are sue to a Hemorrhagic fever, and not COVID, as they claim.
Evil- RFK Jr says, “They are never going to market a vaccine, allow people access to a vaccine, an approved vaccine without getting liability protection. Now the emergency use authorization vaccines have liability protection under the PREP Act and under the CARES Act. So as long as you take an emergency use vaccine, you can’t sue them. Once they get approved, now you can sue them, unless they can get it recommended for children. Because all vaccines that are recommended, officially recommended for children get liability protection, even if an adult gets that vaccine. That’s why they are going after the kids. They know this is going to kill and injure a huge number of children, but they need to do it for the liability protection.”.
Unverified Rumor- Allegation that the RCMP has kidnapped Doctor Mel Bruchet who opposed the COVID panic and exposed the skyrocketing rates of still births, imprisoned him on a mental hold, and are injecting him with antipsychotics to warp his brain.
Either BS, or the vax is nuking immune systems- Study reveals that the unjabbed are better informed than the jabbed.
Study reveals that the unjabbed are better informed than the jabbed.
TikTok is taking down old video of Fauci talking about Antibody Dependent Enhancement.
More California nurses have come forward to affirm the rise in unexplained heart problems, strokes and blood clotting in local vaccinated patient populations.
Not good- Estimated 1 in 95 boys diagnosed with myocarditis in a California private school.
Evil- How 20 years ago the CDC held a special meeting on how to manipulate the data in a study showing vaccines were definitely dangerous to children, to hide that fact so Big Pharma could continue selling vaccines.
Deadly- From here: “Fifteen bodies were examined (all died from 7 days to 6 months after vaccination). The coroner or the public prosecutor didn’t associate the vaccine as the cause of death in any of the cases. However, further examination revealed that the vaccine was implicated in the deaths of 14 of the 15 cases.”.
CDC changes rules, shortens quarantine for vaxxed and unvaxxed, cancels any self quarantine for the boosted group even when testing positive for the virus.
The CDC’s latest count of deaths attributed to COVID-19 vaccines is nearly 20,000, but a study by researchers at Columbia University estimates the actual number is 400,000.
One way to solve the SS funding crisis- Florida surgeon general says Biden admin ‘actively preventing’ monoclonal antibody treatments.
New study shows Omicron infection enhances immunity to Delta.
From here, a Scientist notes, “The omicron variant that’s taking the world by storm is not “the same disease we were seeing a year ago,” a University of Oxford immunologist said, reinforcing reports about the strain’s milder nature. “The strain first discovered at the end of November appears to be less severe and even patients who do end up in the hospital spend less time there,” John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford, said on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. “The horrific scenes that we saw a year ago intensive care units being full, lots of people dying prematurely that is now history in my view, and I think we should be reassured that that’s likely to continue,” Bell said.
Steve Kirsch needs a red-pilled forensic pathologist near Oneida, NY, on Dec 30 to check for foul play in death of COVID whistleblower.
May be connected- New documentary claims to expose shocking link between CIA and human experiments.
Robert Malone, inventer of mRNA technology, banned from Twitter.
payoffs to whom? Biden waits to sign contracts for 500 million test kits.
CDC withdraws use of PCR test for COVID and finally admits the test can not differentiate between the flu and the COVID virus.
Who could have seen this coming? (everyone)In the UK, COVID ID checks appear to be mutating into “Right to work” ID checks and “Right to Rent” ID checks.
“I can’t deal with this Covid shit anymore!” – French tennis star goes off after ‘250th positive Covid test’ threatens to derail his Australian open.
Bogus “fact-check”- Fact Check-Omicron does not have a 100% survival rate, as posts online claim.
Because of vax firings, or because of deaths? Whitmer signs law allowing cafeteria workers and school bus drivers to teach school due to staffing shortages.
Over 10,000 vaccine deaths in South Korea shortly after vaccination.
Triple Vaccinated 40-49 year olds are 10.3x more likely to catch Omicron than the Unvaccinated according to ONS and UK Gov. Figures.
Aaron Rodgers bombshell: NFL is secretly administering the derided COVID drugs and treatment that he took.
Covid cases in South Africa drop by 38 per cent in a week as death figures boost evidence that Omicron variant is less severe than Delta.
Because they are hiding the evidence- Reuters fact check – there is no evidence COVID-19 vaccines are linked to athletes collapsing or dying from myocarditis.
One of the world’s best soccer players, Argentina’s Sergio Aguero, announced his retirement Dec. 15 after suffering a heart attack six weeks earlier during a game, and he is but one of many now, as it is noted at least 300 athletes have collapsed on the field, and 200 have died.
COVID cases up 60% but deaths falling.
Licorice inhibits the replication of the Chinavirus.
Getting the vax voids the pilots license, and other fun and excitement.

29 Dec 2021: Vox- Vax Is murder, original article here, “However, further examination revealed that the vaccine was implicated in the deaths of 14 of the 15 cases.” Bad.
FOIA docs reveal Pfizer shot caused avalanche of miscarriages, stillborn babies.
some good news, maybe? A new piece by Geert Vanden Bossche. Resetting the immune systems, sort of.
In Bombshell Admission, CDC Drops Post-Isolation PCR Test Because They Can ‘Remain Positive Up To 12 Weeks’.
Florida Surgeon General: Biden Admin “Actively Preventing” Monoclonal Antibody Treatments.
Evil. but fraud vitiates all things- Why they want to vax the kids? If provides legal immunity.
“A political purge”: Marines devastated by vaccine mandate.
Female governor from hell backs off vaxx mandate for MTA workers due to staff shortages.
Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism & Trusted Treatments vs Untested Novel Therapies. (Dr Peter McCullough).
A whole bunch of Covid-related links.
Most of Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced Autoimmune Attacks on Their Own Organs.

28 Dec 2021: Not mincing words-   “By Complying with the COVID-19 Guidelines I Would Be Participating in Terrorism” – VA Nurse Sends Out Letter and Compared the Guidelines as an ‘Act of Terrorism’
DC Lowers Its Estimate of Omicron’s Prevalence in the US.
When you put them all together like that- Compilation of Nurse Whistleblowers from Around the World Warning About COVID Vaccines
Study shows NEGATIVE vaccine efficacy against omicron.
Pfizer customers 76.5 percent more likely to be infected than the unvaxxed.
Good- NY Times finally realizes the unvaxxed aren’t playing around… “the Unvaccinated Remain Defiant”
Americans resist the beastly booster… just 1 in 3 booster jabbed.
Better- Just 20 percent of 5 to 11-year-olds jabbed.
Younger, whiter, more Republican Americans say NEVER to beastly jab.
Tyranny- Aussie teen faces YEARS in prison for ‘partying while Covid positive’.
Gee, I wonder why? Narrative shift: WaPo says “Hong Kong is clinging to ‘zero covid’ and extreme quarantine. Talent is leaving in droves”.
“Effective”- UK’s NHS is ‘grinding to a halt’ as triple-jabbed staff catch Covid
5 GOP-led states extend unemployment aid to workers who lose jobs over vaccine mandates.
I hope they hold out for a serious raise- Hospitals beg fired unvaxxed nurses to come back amid staffing shortages.
Good- New York cancels MTA employee vaxx mandate: “Impossible” to operate without the unvaxxed.
Australia flattens the curve… along the wrong axis.
New York Gym sees 200 membership suspensions and cancelations as the state’s vaccine and mask rules savage businesses.
Powermad- Fauci says to cancel New Year’s Eve parties, nearly two years into the scamdemic.
Not news- New data from the new Nature Medicine paper shows for many the Vax has a higher risk of myocarditis than COVID infection.
Vax-stroke related? Traffic deaths already hit a 14 year high, and 2021 isn’t even over yet.
Setting the narrative- Another article to remind us that people get heart attacks during the holidays due to “Holiday Heart Syndrome.”.
Evil, and weak- “Brain Bleeds, Heart Attacks in Younger 50-Year-Olds. No Doctor Will Admit This Is from the Vaccine. They Won’t Make the VAERS Re­port.” – Southern California Nurse.
Yup- According to records the CDC published to its VAERS database, 92% – 94% of all post vax strokes are for patients who had the Covid-19 ‘vaccine.’.
Biowar- Simulations conducted by Oracle supercomputing revealed COVID-19 to be “highly adapted” for human infection, discrediting the claim of the virus counting natural origins through a spillover event from wildlife to humans.
I’m sure it’s at least that many- Dr. Peter McCullough says ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans.
Killing slowly- Robert Kennedy Jr openly says, ‘Anthony Fauci blocked early treatments to create a $98 billion vaccine industry..
Demons in the Vatican- Vaccinating kids is essential to ending the pandemic, a Vatican official says.
Noticing- Thomas Massie tweets: “The booster shot was never about reducing symptoms. The booster shot was about trying to maintain the lie that the vaccine could prevent people from contracting and spreading COVID. That lie was the basis for all vaccine mandates, and it completely disintegrated this month.”.
The government grift- The White House downplayed a statement by the U.S. Secret Service that nearly $100 billion at minimum has been stolen from COVID-19 relief programs, saying that the estimate is based on old reports.
Say one, do another- Former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan points out Joe Biden let 600,000 migrants illegally enter without testing or any vaccine mandate.

27 Dec 2021: Mask Study on Schoolchildren is Exposed as Fake.
Intelligence agencies secretly paid Communist YouTubers to promote vaccines and lockdowns.
Truckers force-vaxxed under new US-Canada cross-country pureblood ban.
Protests Erupt In South Korea Over Vaccination Deaths.
CDC Makes Major Changes To Covid Isolation Recos, Treats Unboosted As Unvaxxed For Quarantines.
No way this could be abused, eh? New Zealand’s decision to allow euthanasia of patients with COVID who doctors feel will not get better will allow doctors to get a bonus for each patient they euthanize.
and why not? ICE’s failure to give detainees vaxxes and booster shots could fuel our winter surge.
Lockdown policies and mask mandates are linked with lower IQs in children.
Been saying this a while- New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently.
An investigation was launched after a three-year-old girl died from cardiac arrest one day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in Argentina.
nice- “The UK’s efforts to “protect the NHS” from being overwhelmed during the Covid-19 pandemic reportedly extended to asking families of disabled minors whether they should be resuscitated in the event their heart stopped beating.
Good thing they vaxxed all their employees- 2,400 flights were canceled since Christmas Eve on crew shortages and the travel chaos could continue through New Year’s Eve.
shitty tests *designed* to cause panic- Some Vermonters who are able to find antigen tests and then test positive are rushing to the Emergency Room despite having no symptoms, and that is clogging up the system and overwhelming it.
Shocker- Pfizer antiviral pill could be risky with other widely used medications.
Not a shocker, either- Steve Kirsch explains how for reporting honestly on COVID, LinkedIn just wiped his entire profile and all his contacts without warning, Wikipedia deleted an award from his page, and his email provider had apparently been reading his emails, and deleted his account with all his contacts so nobody can get in touch with him.
More VC nurses blow the whistle on ‘overwhelming’ numbers of heart attacks, clotting, and strokes they are seeing.
Anthony Fauci on Sunday said he was “dismayed” and “stunned” when former President Trump was booed by his supporters when he told them during a speaking tour that he has received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.
Of course- Fauci says vaccine requirement for domestic air travel ‘would be welcome.’.
A U.S. Navy warship has paused its deployment to South America due to a COVID-19 outbreak among its “100 percent immunized” crew, the Navy announced on Christmas Eve.
story as likely to be BS as not, likey to push a nrrative- Belgium man arrested while attempting to get a 9th COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of others.
They want you dead- Minnesota public health agency has prioritized non-white residents in rationing of monoclonal antibodies.

26 Dec 2021: Vox- Avoiding admitting being wrong- Scott Adams Doubles Down Again.
Vox- The Pandemic of the Vaccinated.
Vox- Enhancing Your Vaccine Experience. VEI in action.
UK Mulls Door-To-Door Vaccination Squads.
Canada Admits To Secretly Tracking 33 Million Phones During Covid-19 Lockdown.
HORROR: Four Young Soccer Stars from Four Different Countries Die This Week After Suffering Sudden Heart Attacks. All vaxxed.
Converged church- Finnish Churches Require Proof of Vaccination to Enter Christmas Concerts — So Unvaxxed Stand Outside and Sing Their Own Christmas Songs.
Live by the lie… 49-Year-Old New York Times Editor Dies of Heart Attack One Day After Boasting About Getting Covid Booster Shot.
New Jersey Is First State to Pay Out MILLIONS Over Nursing Home COVID Deaths — Will NY, MI, PA and CA Follow?
“Anything to Get More People Vaccinated Would be Welcome” – Fauci Backs Vax Mandate for Domestic Air Travel (VIDEO)
New Zealand Government Approves Euthanasia for COVID Patients.
Dr. Zelenko On COVID And How He Developed His Z-Stack Approach — “A Gift From God
Evil, doing this to children- Investigation Has Launched After Three-Year-Old Girl Dies From Cardiac Arrest One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine in Argentina.
UPDATE: COVID Mask Karen in FBI Custody After Attacking Man on Plane for Eating Unmasked.
Denmark Vaccination Effectiveness Study Shows Interesting Result, Deserves Much More Inquiry.
UK sets new record for Covid cases as Omicron sweeps London.
Study shows that after three months the vaccine effectiveness of Pfizer & Moderna against Omicron is actually negative.
Suspicious, no? Moderna began developing the Covid-19 vaccine weeks before the first official outbreak was recorded.
People divided- UK Ministers are reportedly set to meet as early as Monday in order to discuss implementing new lockdown rules.
75 percent of unvaxxed Trump voters vow to never get a jab after the ex-President’s urging, as well as 51% of Biden voters.
Lying is what they do- Israeli Minister openly lies, claims the Omicron variant has killed 32 children in South Africa.
Good question Golfer Phil Mikelson tweets, “Serious question since I’m not a dr. If omicron is contagious but not deadly(25,000 cases in Africa with no deaths) why try and control it? Why not let it go and let people get it and develop immunity? Especially for those who won’t get vaccinated? Pls no hate, I’m just curious.”.
South Africa relaxes COVID rules as 80% of population gains immunity.
New studies showing the Omicron coronavirus variant may be up to 70 percent less likely to lead to hospitalisation offer a “glimmer of Christmas hope,” a senior UK health official has said.
Robert F Kennedy’s book exposing “The Real Anthony Fauci” was the most-bought non-fiction book on Amazon this week!.
The New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) recently made some waves in our state when they attempted to remove two children from their home after learning that the father had administered Ivermectin to his teenage boy a few days earlier.
uh, no? New study shows vaccines must be given monthly to be effective against Omicron.
War on nature and biology – Intentionally contracting Covid for ‘natural immunity’ may land you in jail for 5 years in Switzerland.
Air Force denies 2,100 vaccine exemption requests.
Good, or bad? The Army is looking for internment/resettlement specialists.
First Britain declared its first Omicron death, but when reporters called the hospital they were told it was untrue, now reporters call the hospital of the first US Omicron death, and are told it never happened as well.
South Africa has likely passed the peak of Omicron COVID cases, indicating a shorter wave for the U.S.
Or corruption- “Days after President Biden publicly promised to provide 500 million free at-home rapid COVID-19 tests, his administration has still not signed any contracts — leading experts to deride it as nothing but a “hope.”.
A study posted on the preprint site medRxiv shows that Covid mRNA injections are causing immune system dysregulation, where the injections reprogram not only your adaptive immune system, but the innate immune system as well, meaning that the innate systems — which are naturally very strong — may be challenged to the point that the spike proteins of the coronavirus will actually stir up chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.
They are evil- If you hurry, you can enroll your child or baby to be a part of the new COVID vaccine gene therapy experiments on babies and children (6 mos to 12 years old) to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of an RNA vaccine.
FOIA docs reveal Pfizer shot caused avalanche of miscarriages, stillborn babies.
Or if they don’t like you? Patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 can die by euthanasia if doctors decide they might not survive, the New Zealand government has declared.
Priorities- In New York, vaccination card forgers face one year in jail.
If you have a cold right now, there’s a good chance it’s COVID-19, study finds.
side effect f vax? The pandemic has lingering effects and one of them that’s getting attention is the increased number of people dealing with newly diagnosed high blood pressure issues.
Shocked face- WHO says COVID vaccine boosters will likely prolong the pandemic.
3 more top soccer players fall ill as speculation about the COVID jabs grows.
not a shock- Data shows asymptomatic individuals not spreading COVID-19, NFL chief medical officer says.
“Effective”- Outbreak caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in Norway, November to December 2021 showed 98% of cases were fully vaccinated.
Navy sidelines “100 percent immunized” USS Milwaukee for Covid outbreak.
Marine Corp boots 169 for refusing beastly jab… denies all religious exemptions.
Agree- The title of this paper might as well be, “Don’t let your kids get the Covid vaccine”.
Judgment Day: Sweden Vindicated.
London hospitals are spreading Covid everywhere.
Liars= NPR: Being locked down and alone is actually good for you.
converged/satanist- Top Anglican Archbishop says get ‘Jabs 4 Jesus’.
All about power and control- Australia’s chief pharmacist: Accept beastly boosters and masks for years to come.
CHRISTMAS DOWN UNDER: Tyranny’s Greatest Tragedy.
Dr. David Martin – Why Does Trump Keep Promoting the Vaccine?

23 Dec 2021: CDC Confirms Comirnaty NOT Available In USA, Meaning No FDA-Approved COVID Vax Is Available To Americans.
Multiple states sue Biden over masking two-year-olds…
‘Prikspijt’ or ‘Vaccination Regret’ is Voted 2021 Word of the Year in the Netherlands.
Multiple states sue Biden over masking two-year-olds.
CNN medical expert admits cloth masks are just “facial decorations”.
The Canadian Public Health Agency admits it tracked 33 million mobile devices to monitor the population’s movement during lockdowns, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.
Sounds fake- Indonesian man says he has taken 14 Chinavirus shots for other people.
Austria hiring people to “hunt down vaccine refusers.”
Governments want a crackdown on the Telegram app used to organize anti-COVID lockdown protests.
But they are already paid for- Nigeria destroys 1 million expired donated COVID-19 vaccines. But by who?
COVID relief money collected by South Jersey street gang that terrorized the community.
Omicron cases have reduced hospitalization risk, early studies say.
60X increase in athletes dropping on the sports field is just a fluke according to Twitter.
Slow learners- Ultra-Vaxxed and boostered UK seeing quadruple the Covid cases they had before anyone was “vaccinated.”.
Whistleblower activists file complaint with International Criminal Court alleging Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci, UK officials committed crimes against humanity.
More than 17,000 reports of menstrual disorders after vaccination.
Projection- Tony Blair says “if you’re not vaccinated… you’re an idiot.”.
Maybe- A proposed Spike Protein detox for those who took the vaccine.
Just like hate crimes- First supposed Omicron death in Britain turns out to be  hoax, according to the Hospital.
yup- Omicron is milder than Delta, leaked UK government study finds.
Good- South Africans contracting the omicron variant in the current wave are 80% less likely to be hospitalized compared with other strains, according to a new study.
New York assembly member withdraws proposal that critics called ‘health prison camp’ bill.
Unfailingly inaccurate- WHO forecasts coronavirus pandemic will end in 2022.
South African scientist announces the end of peak of Chinavirus infections.
Still nope- US authorizes first pill for COVID-19 treatment at home developed by Pfizer.
Still not ready for deployment- Army’s COVID Vax looks to present a smaller, possibly less bioactive/toxic portion of the Spike Protein, and to present it on the surface of a nano-particle rather than one the surface of a human cell.

Dystopian reality coming soon to a phone near you-

22 Dec 2021: Vaccination Cards Being Cancelled For Those Without Boosters
Berenson: Omicron requires different antibodies rendering the beastly vaxx useless.
School District defies Newsom, refuses to enforce beastly mandate…
Airline CEO Says ‘Idiot’ Anti-Vaxxers Should Not Be Allowed to Fly, Shop for Groceries
26-Year-Old’s Death From Heart Inflammation ‘Probably’ Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine, Authorities Say.
Court cases show hospitals would prefer that you die rather than take ivermectin.
Hidden health dangers in Covid shots prove the cure is worse than the disease
Covid fear- Man Dies of Heart Attack After Paramedics Allegedly Refuse to Go Inside.
President Joe Biden on Tuesday gave credit to the Trump administration for the development of the Covid-19 vaccine and praised his predecessor, Donald Trump, for getting a booster shot..
Divide and spread FUD- Dr. Fauci says Americans should ban their family members from holiday gatherings if they are unvaxxed.
Fears teh truth- Fauci says Fox’s Jesse Watters ‘should be fired on the spot’ for encouraging college students to ask him hard questions about Gain of Function research.
Real money- Secret Service says nearly $100 billion was stolen in pandemic relief funds.
Nope- White House plans to send 500 million Chinavirus tests to Americans.
They want you dead, act accordingly- Woman says her vaccinated father was saved from Covid by Ivermectin after doctors tried to get her to agree to a DNR and restrained him to his ICU bed.
Oxford study shocks, saying, 1 in 100 vaccinated individuals were admitted to the hospital or died with arrhythmia during their study period.
Creepy- NYC Mayor says a ‘vaccination team’ will come to your house, give you the booster shot and $100.
Hospitals in New York region say they’ve run out of antibody treatment for omicron variant.
That’s OK, it’s mild- Of the eight approved or authorized antibodies, all but sotrovimab completely or almost completely lost their neutralizing activity against the Omicron pseudovirus.
Most “fully vaccinated” are declining the Covid booster, so far, per the CDC.
From here, the harmless “Omicron is now credited for 73% of new COVID-19 infections in the last week. In areas around New York, the Southeast, the industrial Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, the Omicron estimate is even higher, responsible for around 90% of new infections. In the week prior, it accounted for only 12.6% of positive cases, making it the most rapidly spreading variant the country has seen yet.”.
Romanian crowd tries to storm parliament in protest at COVID-19 pass.
Good. But why- New York Governor’s office says state inspectors won’t perform mask mandate checks.
A majority of Americans are against mandating vaccines.
Businesses requiring vaccine passports see diminished sales according to a new survey.
Interesting- Within weeks, scientists at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research expect to announce that they have developed a vaccine that protects people from COVID-19 and all its variants, even Omicron, as well as from previous SARS-origin viruses that have killed millions of people worldwide.
Christian organizations ask the Supreme Court to stay OSHA’s private-employer vaccine mandate.
Updated Ivermectin dosage chart. 3ml/110lb/day for five days or until recovered.
Ironic– University Of California Fires Director Of Ethics Program for Defying COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.
24 States Sue Biden Admin Over COVID-19 Mandates For Children, Staff In ‘Head Start’ Education Program.
One to watch- Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to Biden’s Covid Vax Mandates.
Easy problem to solve- 19 CityMD Urgent Care Clinics in New York City Close Due to Staffing Shortages Caused by Vaccine Mandates.
As predicted by the tinfoil hat brigade- Tyrannical European Union “Triples Down” – Announces Vaccine Passports Will Automatically Expire After 9 Months For Individuals Without Booster.
Oxford Study Shocker: 1 in 100 Vaccinated Individuals Admitted to Hospital or Died with Arrhythmia During Study Period.
Not a bad alternative to a flat refusal of the vax mandate.

21 Dec 2021:
Funny- new infections in Canada prefer the vaxxed quite strongly.
The narrative is getting more and more absurde. Anyone who believes it is a fool.
Desperation- New York City Offers $100 Bribe To Get Booster Shots Before The New Year.
Good- Japanese Government Tells Citizens: “Don’t Discriminate Against The Unvaccinated”.
Dr. Peter Attia Discusses CVS Pharmacy Blocking Fluvoxamine for Treating Covid-19.
Market-ticker- Quick Note: For Those Of You Who Were STUPID.
Not sure what to make of it- Former President Trump said on Sunday that he has received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.
Oh joy- Pfizer has noted that the vaccine has appeared to have either infected people with Herpes, or caused sub-clinical Herpes infections people hadn’t noticed they had, to suddenly become symptomatic and obvious.
Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate now upheld by 6th Circuit Court with millions to be impacted.
Defiance of NY Gov. Hochul’s mask mandate grows as all of Long Island refuses to enforce it.
Kavanaugh asks Biden to respond to flood of vaccine mandate appeals, SCOTUS set to take up high-stakes case.
Yeah, not happening- Trump demands China pay $60 trillion in reparations for the coronavirus pandemic.
A group of Republican lawmakers are backing 35 Navy service members who are suing the Pentagon and Navy over the military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate.
India effectively eradicated COVID in a population of 241 million using just Ivermectin, and the media is entirely silent.
Not good, but not unexpected- There is now a significant excess mortality in Europe in the age group 15-44 years and the Covid19-associated deaths alone cannot explain the increase.
Stillbirths & deaths of newborns have hit “Critical Levels” and cases of ovarian cancer are at an all time high – Are the Covid-19 vaccines to blame?
Omicron variant sweeps across nation, now 73% of US COVID-19 cases.
Sort of like South Africa was saying – NYC Health Commissioner says the Omicron variant hospitalizations are far lower than previous waves.
Troops find religious exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines unattainable.
Dr. Robert Malone explains how Omicron’s mutations have changed where it infects the body – “The earlier strains were infecting deep in your lung. Based on these new data, Omicron seems to be infecting in your upper airway and your oral nasal pharynx. That’s good news.”
Port Townsend woman, 27, told she now has heart of an 80-year-old after her second Vax.
Wonder why- Pfizer is buying a cardiovascular biopharma company for $6.7 billion.
In New Zealand, doctors receive ‘perverse’ monetary incentives to vaccinate, and ‘hush money’ is paid to victims’ families.

20 Dec 2021: NY State is on a roll of evil. Some bills.

SAGE Modeler Admits They Don’t Model Good Outcomes For Lockdown Policymakers.
Eugyppius: Omicron looks manmade… possible self-spreading vaxx gone wild.
The shadowy CIA data firms behind the creation of digital vaccine passport IDs.
New York State Assembly advancing legislation to create involuntary COVID quarantine camps.
Cool tech, until you realize that bad people WILL be in charge. Video of a Swedish company’s Covid passport microchips, implanted in hands, goes viral.
Former Trump Cabinet member Dr. Ben Carson registered concern and disappointment about 80 House Republicans voting with all House Democrats to expand federal vaccine surveillance by connecting and expanding state databases.
Despite Omicron appearing harmless, multiple outlets push narratives like the Guardian, which says, “The science is clear: the case for more Covid restrictions is overwhelming.”.
Fear Porn- Paris cancels New Year’s Eve fireworks due to omicron concerns.
Vicar’s wife says since the roll-Out of Covid Injections there’s been funeral, after funeral, after funeral.
A list of 341 athlete cardiac arrests and serious issues, with 194 dead, after COVID shots.
when it’s all lies, whose numbers are real? Moderna’s COVID vaccine 4 times more likely to cause heart inflammation than Pfizer’s.
Labor Department extends deadline to Feb. 9 for companies to mandate vaccines.

19 Dec 2021: Naomi Wolf: NIAID Is Trying to Sideline the J&J Vaccines Because They Don’t Have a Patent on and Aren’t Making Money Off of Them like Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines.
Can you say “conflict of interest”? Dr. Paul Marik: “The hospital gets a 20% bonus on the ENTIRE HOSPITAL BILL if they prescribe Remdesivir”.
What the VAERS Data Tell Us About COVID Jab Safety. (it’s very dangerous)
Roger Stone’s wife used natural remedies and two experimental drugs and is now cancer-free.
Big conspiracy? From here : Klaus Schwab – married to a Rothschild, trained by Henry Kissinger at Harvard School of Business… Established Global Leaders for Tomorrow School which was reestablished as the Young Global Leaders in 2004. … class included, Angela Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozi, Tony Blair… Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, NZ Jazinda Ardern, France’s Macron, Governor Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg, Branson, Black Rock’s Larry Fink, and Chelsea Clinton. In all 1000 global leaders attended school. All pushing vax. and lockdowns. Klaus states that the down turn in economy will increase at the end of the year leading to more violence.
Good- In South Africa, only 1.7% of Covid cases are hospitalized from Omicron compared to 19% in the previous wave and the vast majority of cases are “fairly mild.”.
Cornell outbreak showed all 115 tested samples were positive for Omicron.
Of course- “Multiple reports are coming in that Joe Biden will address the nation on Tuesday to unveil another round of draconian lockdowns nationwide over the Omicron variant.
Two weeks – UK govt proposes two-week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown amid Omicron doomsday predictions.
Evil- How Fauci and head of NIH colluded to smear three experts who penned the Great Barrington Declaration which called for an end to lockdowns, saying, ‘There needs to be a quick and devastating takedown.’.
Not passed yet. Who’s wearing tinfoil hats now? New York Legislation provides for indefinite detention of the unvaccinated at the Governor’s whim.
Triple & double vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past month despite the most vulnerable getting the booster in October.
Michigan says school COVID transmission is becoming ‘similar’ regardless of mask rules.
Poll shows most Americans are ‘worn out’ by COVID.
Facebook allegedly censored a video from a Chinese whistleblower detailing the origins of COVID.
Pfizer’s Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Dolsten told investors that the company expects pandemic levels of COVID-19 cases in some locations for the next year or two.
Strange, why? Covid ‘vaccines’ already account for 63% of all reports of blindness post vaccination which the CDC has published to VAERS throughout its 30 years of operation.
FDA should need only ‘12 weeks’ to release Pfizer Covid vaccine data, not 75 years as agency says, plaintiff calculates
Was it a hit, and tall the “medical records” fabricated? Washington state Sen. Doug Ericksen, a stalwart conservative, former leader of Donald Trump’s campaign in Washington and an outspoken critic of COVID-19 emergency orders, died Friday at 52 from a case of the Chinavirus he caught while on a trip to El Salvador.
Ex-FDA officials, medical experts flog feds for politicizing COVID, misrepresenting evidence.
Your tax dollars art work- The first claim of over 4,000 so far alleging injury or death from a COVID-19 countermeasure like vaccines or medicines, is to be compensated.
Efforts to stop Biden’s vaccine mandate for private businesses reaches the US Supreme Court as three companies and one red-state attorney general ask the highest U.S. court to stay Biden’s sweeping mandate.
Japanese study says young people are 40 times as likely to die from vaccines than from COVID.
Many thousands still protesting in #Hamburg against Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates.

Sterilizing Immunity from recovery is the best immunity

18 Dec 2021: SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and myocarditis or myopericarditis: population based cohort study. conclusion- mRNA shot can cause heart problems
IVF clinics started having serious problems right after the vaccines started rolling out.
DeSantis announces innovative new preventative Covid therapy for extreme high-risk Floridians.
Not a shock Basketball star diagnosed with pericarditis after Pfizer jab.
coincidence? Minor Leaguer baseballer dies suddenly in Miami…
Lancet paper destroys vaxxers.
The banal face of evil- Pfizer to test 3 doses in babies and toddlers after 2 doses fails.
Legit, or just fear-porn? Covid is battering the NBA, NFL, and NHL, sidelining key players and postponing games.
Big if it goes anywhere- Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci, and UK officials are accused of crimes against humanity in a complaint to the International court..
sowing panic and FUD- Headline: Omicron symptoms could seem like a cold — but don’t underestimate this variant, experts warn.
More fear porn and FUD- Biden says the unvaxxed will ‘overwhelm’ hospitals in ‘winter of illness and death.
convenient- Agency review confirms the early COVID-19 test kits were ‘contaminated’ after production and featured an initial design flaw that produced waves of false positives.
Spicy- All of the U.S. military services have now begun disciplinary actions and discharges for troops who have refused to get the mandated coronavirus vaccine, officials said, with as many as 20,000 unvaccinated forces at risk of being removed from service.
A science magazine which posted an article on the dangers of leaky vaccines before COVID goes back and posts an editor’s note changing its tune because it doesn’t want to be seen as anti-COVID-vaccine.
They know, they just won’t admit it- Eastport-South Manor Central School District in Suffolk County, New York sent out an email to all parents informing them about the new physician in their district whose hiring was part of new regulations regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest of students Grades K- 12.
Of course- National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that COVID protocols may become “more restrictive” with the Omicron variant.
Why are so many people going blind after getting the Covid-19 vaccine?
A Big Apple health inspector carrying out random COVID compliance checks was refused entry to a Staten Island bar — because she couldn’t show her own proof of vaccination.
Time for FakeMasks everywhere- Keene, New Hampshire, voted to fine repeat violators of the city’s mask mandate $250.
Federal appeals court reinstates Biden administration’s business vaccine and testing mandate.
The face of evil- Pfizer is now testing 3 injections of its COVID-19 jab in babies and preschoolers  because 2 shots didn’t “appear strong enough for some.”.
convenient- Jacinda Ardern’s wedding is set to go ahead due to a sudden change in New Zealand’s COVID-19 restrictions. Bitch.
Boeing officially drops Biden’s vaccine mandate.
What lot? Two Anderson High School students die unexpectedly in one week, district cancels final exams.
Uptick in TB, what you might expect in an immunocompromised population.

17 Dec 2021: Deadliest Batches of The Covid-19 Vaccines Were Disproportionally Sent to Red Republican States Across the USA.
No Vax, No Food: Spokane Christmas Food Pantry Requires Proof of Vaccination or COVID Test to Get Food.
Totally normal- School District in New York Sends out Email Warning Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Students Grades K-12.
Investigation Revealed 98% of those Infected with COVID-19 After Christmas Dinner in Norway were Fully Vaccinated.
Fear Porn- Joe Biden on Omicron: “For the Unvaccinated, We Are Looking at a Winter of Severe Illness and Death” (VIDEO). more likely for the vaxxed.
They want you isolated and afraid- Doctor on CNN: Please Wear Your Mask at Christmas with Your Family Regardless of Vaccination Status (VIDEO).
RFK Jr’s book slaughtering Fauci and the COVID vaccine operation by big pharma is top of Amazon’s charts, despite the media blackout on it.
The Biden administration has warned COVID-19 test makers and labs that demand for tests could soon double or even triple, five people familiar with the situation told Politico.
Good- The harmless Omicron multiplies 70 times faster than the more dangerous Delta variant in human airways, study finds.
Omicron is dominant in wastewater samples in Florida county.
The numbers must be stupid- A Harvard Business Review analysis shows the healthcare workforce has grown by 75 percent since 1990, but 95 percent of new hires aren’t doctors, so now there are 10 administrators for every one doctor.
Translate this tweet, and it says, “On Austrian TV Serious complications with vaccinations that can affect all organs Healthy body cells are destroyed by the vaccine Instead of a vaccination, the vaccine causes an autoimmune destruction of healthy body cells .” OK?
Almost like they know it doesn’t work- FDA representative fails to show for a court hearing on the release of FDA documents on COVID because the FDA said it would violate COVID protocols, even though 98.8% of FDA representatives are supposed to be vaccinated with a vaccine that is safe and effective.
“effective” South Korea imposes the country’s toughest Covid restrictions since the start of the pandemic amid a record case surge, even though 92% of the population is fully “vaccinated.”
What’s the scam now? CDC holds an emergency meeting, because the rate of blood clots from Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine is increasing.
Ophthalmologist calls for eye specialists to routinely examine eyes of “vaccinated” people to check for eye strokes and thromboses after he notes four such cases arise in vaccinated individuals.
Not my kids- New study finds the Covid-19 vaccine is to blame for 98% of cases of myocarditis among children.
Texas joins growing list of governors protesting National Guard vaccine mandate.
Liars pushing the narrative- Several completely factual claims about the virus are now going to be censored or no longer allowed to be shared on Twitter under new rules, including the simple fact that vaccinated people CAN “spread” Covid-19.
“Safe” Tens of millions of migrants may be denied COVID-19 vaccines from a global program because some major manufacturers are worried about legal risks from harmful side effects, according to officials and internal documents from Gavi, the charity operating the program, reviewed by Reuters.
Nice warehouse ya’ got there- In Italy, after the mandatory vaccination for all security forces is approved, the military warehouse where the vaccines were stored magically catches fire.
IVF clinics started having serious problems right after the vaccines started rolling out.

5 year old vaxxed kid dies suddenly at school. (some have challenged. I can’t confirm personally, may be true, part true, fake but accurate, or made up from whole cloth.)

16 Dec 2021: A Russian virologist says the Omicron variant appears to him to be designed in a lab to be super-weakened, so it will spread immunity instead of disease.
Increase in child obesity is going to cause children to have increased numbers of heart attacks.
Will increase teh number of homeschoolers and religious exemptions- Louisiana Governor to add COVID-19 vaccine to list of required school immunizations.
So they say. What they do? Google to fire all unvaccinated employees.
Consistancy- The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals effectively reinstated the federal mandate for more than half of the country..
Pressure increases- In Austria, a new legal amendment raises fines for failing to comply with the universal vaccine mandate from €726 (£617/$818) to €2,000 (£1,701/$2,255), whilst also increasing prison time for those who refuse to pay from four weeks up to a year.
Nailed it- Senator Rand Paul has warned that as long as Americans continue to submit to government on coronavirus restrictions, the mandates and further erosions of freedom will never end because the COVID mandates are “about conditioning the American individual to submit to government.”.
Mad scientist Lord Fauci knew all along corona vaccines don’t work.
As expected… latest UK stats show vaccine efficacy now NEGATIVE for 18-29 year olds.
Unvaxxed now only 48 percent of hospital admissions…
FDA, CDC back ‘boosters for minors’ after conducting zero testing on boosters for minors…
Slide presentation (PDF) shows how Pfizer botched its clinical trials…
How Bad Is My Batch look up how toxic your specific Covid vax lot is.
More Harm Than Good– PDF- Steve Kirsch and Canadian Covid Care Alliance

The following paragraph lifted wholesale from Anon Conservative here.
A disturbing article here detailing how the government basically bribed hospitals to label every patient a COVID patient, and then patients had their standards of care reduced as they were treated for COVID to get government payoffs instead of other illnesses they needed treatment for, their families were kept out of the loop on their care and away from them so they couldn’t interfere, and they were given inefficacious treatments instead of drugs which worked like Ivermectin and HCQ, all so the COVID numbers would explode and patients labeled “COVID” would die in large numbers. Jon Rappoport summarizes the important, really unbelievable points here. The effort to produce as many deaths as possible was more extensive than just putting sick patients in nursing homes and blocking drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin. We are really dealing with an outright enemy looking to kill us, and it appears in full control of not just the government, but the medical industry as well. I told you I was seeing their assets all through the medical field, from nurses to doctors.

15 Dec 2021: Vox- Gates Foundation paid $40 Million to Kill Ivermectin. Not the good guys.
Judge holds hospital in contempt of court for refusing ivermectin to Covid patient on ventilator, ignoring court order.
Hospital backs down rather than pay $10k a day in fines.
Wow… Fauci caught in March 2020 explaining how vaccines backfire if not tested properly.
One by one they fall… Amtrak suspends vaxx mandate.
discrimination- Kroger strips paid emergency leave, jacks up health insurance premiums for unvaxxed employees. Are yellow starts next?
UK projects 4.5 percent increase in heart illness… 300k cases… definitely not the vaxx though!
Urgent: Huge Israeli study shows natural Covid immunity far superior to vaccine-generated
The Lancet journal skewers Wollensky’s “Pandemic of the Unvaxxed” narrative as noxious propaganda garbage.
Surging hospitalizations in mega-vaxxed Northern states.
Everyone beware: the Omicron mild fever is on the loose.
Couldn’t have happened to a nicer league… NFL massively disrupted by Omicron cough.
100 percent vaxxed Cornell shuts down… too scared of the Omicron runny nose.
Philly rolls out “mark of the beast” requirement for all indoor dining.
Explained: Why the drug companies are targeting kids (Video).
Now they’re admitting it: Covid passport part of forced vaxx coercion scheme.
German cardinal calls out Schwab, Gates, Soros for using Covid to roll out pre-planned totalitarian control scheme.
Uprising in East Germany.
Othering and demonization- Quillette’s IDW Australian vaxx ninny Claire Lehmann mocks unvaxxed and ‘keyboard warrior’ vaxx skeptics.
Pharma gets paid if they are used or not- Canada (40m people) orders 400m vials of beastly jab. so it’s corruption at the very least.
Good Treatment- Antihistamines and azithromycin as a treatment for COVID-19 on primary health care.
Alex jones was right (again)? Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G.
Vox- Vax mandate bluff in Austria.
Dr. Peter McCullough says we could have stopped 85% of Covid-19 deaths with early treatment.
Dr. Peter McCullough joins Joe Rogan and says medical elites “purposely suppressed treatments” in order to force mass vaccinations.
And they will not forgive lightly- Noted cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough blasts the FDA for downplaying vaccine-induced Myocarditis and approving experimental Jab vaxxes for children, saying an “extraordinary number” of young people will end up with “permanent heart damage.”
“Safe”- NY Times casually admits new FDA-approved Merck COVID drug might actually mutate healthy human DNA by accident and impact male fertility
‘General Hospital’ actor fired for refusing the COVID-19 jab sues Disney alleging religious discrimination.
Zuckerberg offered to give Fauci Facebook user data to help him justify his lockdown policies.
America’s Frontline Doctors says it is possible over the next months, we will see continued “Immune Erosion” from the vaccines.
Fear Porn- Omicron and Delta may strike people at the same time and combine to create an even worse Covid variant in the coming weeks, Moderna boss warns.
Columbia University “vaccine” study shows that VAERS deaths are underreported by a factor of 20.
Evil or incompetent? Walgreens gives an entire family the COVID vaccine instead of the flu shot, and now the two kids have heart problems. Burn it down.
Not natural- Autism now diagnosed in 1 in every 44 children, CDC say.
New Large Study: Ivermectin cuts deaths in Half. original study here: Ivermectin prophylaxis used for COVID-19 reduces COVID-19 infection and mortality rates: A 220,517-subject, populational-level retrospective citywide..
Young People 40 Times More Likely To Die From Vaccines Than From COVID Says Major Japanese Study.

14 Dec 2021: Alix Mayer interview Part 2: Why you can’t get COMIRNATY, why they are targeting kids, and more.
FDA and USPS conspire to block ivermectin shipments.
Fully-jabbed, negative test? Get in the van anyway.
Turns out Merck’s new “miracle” Covid drug could mutate healthy human DNA and give you cancer.
nothing suspicious UK gov’t. refuses to reveal details about supposed ‘First Omicron Death’
VICE News, Feb 2020: ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ are ‘terrified’ gov’t. will enforce ‘mandatory’ jabs.
Israeli Health says prepare for ‘the 4th shot, the 5th shot, the 6th shot and the 7th’.
‘Cross-reacting antibodies from common coronavirus infections hinder effective antibody response to SARS-CoV-2’.
Mandates show that the vax doesn’t work.
Julian Assange’s father says he was vaxxed in prison, and had no choice in the matter, so that is probably where his stroke came from.
Brazilian city cuts hospitalizations and mortality rates in half after implementing Ivermectin as prophylaxis for COVID.
Totally unverified, but entirely possible account from a female vet who thinks she was infected with COVID and then experimented on by the military with some type of Fauci shot they gave her, mixed in with a birth control shot, which has now given her Morgellon’s syndrome (a mysterious syndrome which mixes chronic fatigue with fibers of some sort growing out of skin, which “authorities” dismiss as delusions).
Israel says Covid-19 vaccine booster shots will be needed forever. Holocaust, anyone?
And yet, the Israeli Health Ministry’s vaccination committee recommended against administering a fourth vaccination to the general population, including immunocompromised people and also decided against recommending shortening the waiting time between the second and third shots.
As the pandemic raged, at least 75 lawmakers bought and sold stock in companies that make COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and tests.
The FDA is working with the post office to hold packages containing ivermectin.
Top South African cop probing COVID-19 PPE contracts was poisoned.
The Supreme Court turned down emergency requests by New York healthcare workers for a religious exemption from state requirements to vaccinate against Covid-19.
New Zealand says ‘yes’ to 25-person orgies as part of new Covid rules.
Two common over-the-counter compounds reduce COVID-19 virus replication by 99% in early testing.  diphenhydramine and lactoferrin.
COVID-19 vaccines induce lower antibodies against Omicron variant says a University of Oxford study.
Britain found somebody who died of Omicron, however now some are saying they may have died of something else, and just happened to test positive for Omicron.
Mass protests against Covid-19 restrictions hit eastern Germany.
Dr. Peter McCullough explains to Joe R, that in order to make people more willing to take the vaccine, there was a concerted effort to not have a protocol for Covid treatment.

13 Dec 2021: Vox- Media & “experts” massively wrong, again. Original UK story here.
Another Study Finds That Natural Immunity Protects Better Than Pfizer Vaccine.
“Most reported U.S. Omicron cases have hit the fully vaccinated -CDC”
Doctor Says He Was Fired for Trying to Treat COVID-19 Patients With Ivermectin.
It speaks volumes they are unwilling to say anything publicly- The tide is turning: former pro-vax PhDs are now refusing the booster.
Deaths reported to VAERS after Covid ‘vaccines’ nears 20,000 as CDC pushes 3rd shot for teens.
“safe” Vaccines pose 7 times higher death risk than COVID for young people, Japanese experts warn.
“effective” Since Biden’s military vaccination mandate, the rate of Covid deaths in the US military has quadrupled.
Explosive rise in Ontario stillbirths triggers parliamentary questions, and denials from the government..
Good- Brazilian Health Department suffers a ransomware attack that wipes out the vaccination status of millions of Brazilians..
NO. Just say “no.” CVS Health is partnering with Microsoft to develop a “data-driven, personalized, privacy-compliant customer experience,” which sounds a whole lot like Bill Gates getting free access to patients’ vaccine records..
South Africa’s Omicron outbreak is already slowing with no deaths, low numbers in hospital and only 15% in intensive care.
They knew- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” includes a revealing transcript — printed here at this link — of a conversation with Dr. Andrew Hill, who admitted to caving to pressure to downplay the benefits of ivermectin as a COVID treatment.
never “safe” Documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveal that drugmaker Pfizer recorded nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to its Covid-19 vaccine in the initial months of its rollout.
Beatings will continue until morale improves- French riot police beat anti-vaccine mandate protesters in Paris as demonstrations spiraled out of control.
A pharmacist says Monoclonal antibody treatments are being done with house calls, right to the homes of China-virus infected patients..
The Lancet- Stigmatizing the unvaccinated is not justified.
Recounted in “The reatl Anthony Fauci”- Researcher Andrew Hill’s conflict: A $40 million Gates Foundation grant vs a half million human lives.
The vaxxed are doing worse than the unvaxxed. Not shocked at all.

12 Dec 2021: Study Finds COVID Death Rate Of Zero For Those Who Take Vitamin D Daily.
Vox, on the epidemic of strokes- Any Age, No Reason.
Man Takes 10 Covid Jabs in One Day on Behalf of Other People.
THE BIG LIE: The ‘Powers That Be’ Overcount COVID Deaths and Undercount Vaccine Deaths – All for Money and Power.
German Police Enforce Covid Social Distancing Measures with Rulers (VIDEO)
Tyrants gonna tyranny- Dr. Fauci: Americans Will “Just Have to Deal with” Yearly Booster Shots if They Become Necessary (VIDEO).
Nebraska AG Says Doctors Can Legally Prescribe Ivermectin, HCQ For COVID, Calls Out FDA, CDC, Fauci, Media For ‘Fueling Confusion & Misinformation’.
Another ones bites the red pill. video
RFK Jr – “I’ve touched on Fauci’s AIDS experiments on orphans before. If this man isn’t brought before a court there’s no justice in this world. I wouldn’t mind but there was a congressional hearing about these experiments on orphaned children many years ago. Absolutely sickening.”.
Mortality risk of the vaccines is 7 times higher than COVID infection for people in their twenties..
From here: “In Waterloo, Ontario, I have a more reliable statistic,” he continued. “There were 86 stillbirths between January and July. Normally, it’s only five or six stillbirths every year. So, about one stillbirth every two months is the usual rate. To suddenly get to 86 stillbirths in six months, that’s highly unusual,” he continued. “But the most important confirmation that we have from the Waterloo, Ontario report was that all of the 86 stillbirths were fully vaccinated.
A listing of the world class athletes who have suffered vaccine injuries.
Fears new Austrian law could be used to imprison the unvaccinated for up to a year.
Meaning…? Omicron to overtake Delta ‘within days’ in Europe.
Colorado’s Democratic governor says, ‘I’m not mandating masks. The COVID emergency is over.’
Good- New York mask mandate meets resistance, won’t be enforced in several counties.
Narrative- – Stroke may be triggered by anger, upset or intense exercise in the hour before. Anyone can have a stroke at any age with devastating results.
Interesting- Ivermectin vs Vax- Hospitalizations, Mortality Cut In Half After Brazilian City Offered Ivermectin To Everyone Pre-Vaccine. IVR is better.

11 Dec 2021: An anti-vaxx Republican official who refused to certify Biden’s election win died after being hospitalized with COVID-19.
You don’t cover up something you don’t think is wrong- CNBC is reporting tonight that former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and Melissa DeRosa, a top aide to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, both worked behind the scenes to discredit Fox’s Janice Dean who lost her in-laws to COVID-19 in a New York assisted living facility.
convenient- Facebook court filing admits ‘fact checks’ are just a matter of ‘protected’ opinion.
Tyrants gonna tyrant- New York goes back to a full mask mandate for all indoor venues.
As previously speculated/stated- Scientific evidence suggests the Covid Vaccines reprogram the innate Immune System & cause lymphocytes to attack the body’s organs.
Alec Baldwin had given RFK Jr a platform and given tepid support to his anti-vax/COVID-Skeptic efforts last year.
The Pentagon is currently discussing mandating the Covid booster shot for all troops.
One big happy family- Pfizer Board Members include ex-Facebook director and ex-CEO of Reuters.
Demonizing the sane and skeptical- “Experts” claim vax refusers need to be deradicalized or reeducated like cult members & terrorists.
So sad- Baby of ‘fully vaccinated’ mom dies after being born bleeding from mouth, nose in a VAERS report. How long before grieving moms start killing docs?
Now Moderna has an mRNA flu vaccine.
Latest Details of ICU Numbers “Of the total deaths which rose to 45 people, 41 of those were fully vaccinated while 4 of the casualties were partly vaccinated. NONE of the 45 deaths was unvaccinated people” This is becoming a trend. The VAXXED are dying.
as of the latest numbers posted, 19,886 COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths in VAERS.
[WA] Governor [Inslee] likens unvaccinated to domestic terrorists. heated rhetoric, much?
The tide is turning: former pro-vax PhDs are now refusing the booster.

10 Dec 2021: Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS): ‘We should anticipate seeing this immune erosion more widely’
Prognostic Role of Subcutaneous and Visceral Adiposity in Hospitalized Octogenarians with COVID-19. (i.e., what can you expect from fat people? It’s not good, duh.)
South African Scientists Share “Positive” News That Omicron Isn’t Causing Spike In Deaths.
Denver Broncos wide receiver found dead in his home of “medical issue”, aged 33. Zero curiosity about said medical issue because EVERYONE KNOWS THE DEATHJAB KILLED HIM.
Japanese Ministry of Health warns of ‘serious side effects’ from vaccines.
28X increase in stillbirths in multiple parts of Canada and it’s only happening to vaccinated moms.
COVID experts in Norway say that Omicron variant being highly transmissible but “milder” could prove to be the “best scenario” because it would boost “natural immunity” and bring the end of the pandemic closer>
conflict of interest- Top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders netted $10 billion this week from Omicron.
mRNA tech creator Dr. Robert Malone: “This is the largest experiment performed on human beings in the history of the world.”
FDA authorizes Pfizer booster for 16 and 17 year olds.
Cheyenne Braun, 15-year-old German girl suffers massive heart attack, dead 10 days after second Pfizer mRNA injection.
Study finds 5G technology a ‘significant factor’ in higher COVID case and death rates.
Killing them slowly- American Heart Association Journal: 97.8% adolescents and young adults with myocarditis had an mRNA COVID-19 shot.
Conflict- More than two-thirds of Congress cashed a pharma campaign check in 2020.
Japan closed its borders to foreigners due to Omicron, and Police are racially profiling Caucasians for harassment.
COVID infects fat cells, which may be why it hit the obese harder than most.
Biden’s employer mandate is dead.
Two Weeks in an Australian COVID prison.
People are noticing- Is a Bad Batch of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine Causing Children to “Die Suddenly” in the West Midlands of England?
Baby of ‘fully vaccinated’ mom dies after being born bleeding from mouth, nose: VAERS report.

09 Dec 2021: Long Reddit thread of clotshot victims saying they are experiencing severe emotional issues, from loss of feeling love and connectedness to other people to depression, post-Vax.
Related:  ACE2 receptor is involved in emotional processing.
In on it- FDA says it now needs 75 years to fully release the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine data.
because they re all docs? Governor of Maine activates National Guard to staff hospitals after firing unvaccinated healthcare workers.
duh-Covid PCR tests useless says report by 22 highly qualified specialists.
Rules for thee- Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain has denied claims that his staff broke Covid rules by holding a Christmas party while the country was in lockdown, and that story weakened after a video surfaced of senior staff members joking about just such a gathering.
rules for thee- Finland’s PM Sanna Marin says she is sorry for clubbing after close Covid contact
U.S. Senate votes 52-48 to repeal Biden’s federal vaccination mandates.
Stopped clock- UN rights chief says, ‘In no circumstances’ is forced vaccination OK.’
Targeted by DS? On Saturday, Antifa activists attacked a young couple on Berlin’s rapid train transit system (S-Bahn) who had been involved in protesting against COVID-19 measures and mandatory vaccines in Germany.
British TV show does a poll asking if vaccines should become mandatory now with Omicron, 89% say no, and they quickly delete the poll.
Pfizer CEO says fourth Covid vaccine doses may be needed sooner than expected due to omicron. Sure. The solution is always more of their product.
And another- BioNTech CEO says Omicron variant may need three more vaccine doses, plus initial vaccine and boosters.
Not the American way- Dr. Fauci: “I would prefer, and we all would prefer that people would be voluntarily getting vaccinated, but if they’re not gonna do that, sometimes you’ve got to do things that are unpopular, but that clearly supersede individual choices…”.
Liars lying- Unvaccinated Arizonans 15 times more likely to die from Chinavirus, report says.
Wonder why? Investigation finds 278% increase in worldwide heart attack deaths among soccer players in 2021 so far.
What might possibly cause this? WestJet flight diverted after pilot suffers medical emergency requiring defibrillator.
Vaccines in general? New CDC report finds increase in autism, with 1 in 44 8-year-olds diagnosed.
Scientists May Have Discovered Why COVID Hits Fat People Harder.

More background in the surge in dead pilots
Vox- mom kills her newborn via vaxxing, doctor’s advice,  and ignorance.

08 Dec 2021: up 62% Great Britain: Excess Mortality Among Children After Vaccine Rollout
Right. “Stress.” Not the jab, Sure…. Explosion In New Heart Conditions Dismissed As “Post Pandemic Stress Disorder”
People REALLY opposed, Vox- The Push for Forced Vaccinations.
CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Bully Leftist Brian Karem Harasses Unvaccinated Christian Reporter in White House Press Room.
Leaked Secret Government Report Shows Vaccine Passports Could Fuel COVID and Cost Venues Millions.
Dr. Fauci Says It’s “a Matter of When, Not If” the Definition of “Fully Vaccinated” Changes.
Fauci Tells Americans They Should “Ask and Maybe Require” Their Holiday Guests Show Proof They Are Vaccinated (VIDEO)
Australian Football Player Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Receiving First Pfizer Shot – Team Director Quits and Slams Leagues “Forceful” Jab Policy (VIDEO)
Pope’s partially vaccinated EU representative dies in Belgium after battling COVID.
CA school bribed a boy with pizza to get the Covid jab without parent’s consent, told him to keep it secret.
US federal judge sides with Attorney General Wilson and blocks Biden’s vaccine requirement for federal contractors.
Likely his last ironic [unintentional] statement- Neocon WashPo editor who trashed anti-vaxxers dies of ‘sudden cardiac arrest.’.
Uhhhh… that shows a lot of confidence, eh? NY Times actually tells readers to skip pre-surgical testing because all those EKGs and heart tests might just turn up heart problems that will make you worry.
Serbian basketball forward Stevan Jelovac passed away from a stroke he had suffered some weeks ago.
Japan‘s health ministry confirms that „mRNA vaccines are harmful to health.“ .
Rules for thee- Australia just announces it is giving an exemption to some actress to skip the mandatory 72 hour quarantine on entering the country, so she flies in and immediately goes to the park to exercise with no problems.
duh- New study shows vaccines are just producing vaccine-resistant mutants.
Lies and FUD- WHO says there are zero deaths reported from Omicron yet as Covid variant spreads as Omicron infections pushed South Africa’s total cases past 3 million.
NYC judge HALTS Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate that has forced city workers including NYPD officers to have COVID vaccine.
Tragic- Man killed his three children and himself because his forgery of his vaccination certificate was exposed, and he feared the government was going to arrest him and take his children. He should have taken the enemy with him, not his kids.
Stores in Germany now have signs saying “Unvaccinated Not Welcome”.
Is Vaccine Efficacy Being Overestimated Because Deaths in the Vaccinated Are Delayed Compared With the Unvaccinated?

07 Dec 2021: Market-Ticker- VEI, Debate Is Over Folks; Facts Came In.
The Worst That Could Happen (vax causes massive pharma dependence).
Biden Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors Blocked Nationwide.
Media says this but with no sources, Govt says it’s BS- Some South Africa hospital wards are jammed with patients infected with the omicron coronavirus variant as President Cyril Ramaphosa urged South Africans on Monday to get vaccinated.
Pfizer documents reveal that both Pfizer and the FDA knew the risks of vaccine adverse events and deaths.
British MP who claims she feels “unsafe” around the maskless is pictured partying maskless.
Oregon governor spotted maskless in DC despite pushing mask mandates in her own state.
Bet he was vaxxed- From here: “Fred Hiatt, the editor of the @washingtonpost’s editorial page is dead… No word on what caused the death. Hiatt was 66 and in good shape. Hiatt was still working before the Thanksgiving holiday…”.
Italy is rolling out its ‘Super Green Pass’ today, barring the unvaccinated from eating indoors at restaurants, attending sports events, concerts, theatres, and other public events, regardless of whether or not they have tested negative for the Chinese Coronavirus, reports Italian newspaper Il Giornale. Trade freedom for safety, get neither.
safety isn’t the goal- Major German study shows ZERO deaths from COVID among healthy kids: “If you let your healthy child receive the mRNA Covid vaccine, you are insane” And yet, Germany is still pushing ahead with a vaccine mandate for kids.
New York City is first in nation to impose COVID vaccine mandate on private sector employers.
Corruption and killing- A good piece on how big pharma united to prevent an EUA for a drug which really helped save lives in those hard-hit by COVID.
Illegal and evil- In Austria, don’t get your vaccine, and every time you are caught you will be hit with a 2000 Euro fine like a speeding violation, and if you don’t pay you get a year in prison, and you have to pay for your food.
Totally normal- A report shows nearly 300 athletes worldwide collapsed or suffered cardiac arrests after taking the COVID vaccine this year and most died.
Total surveillance- As more states report cases of the omicron variant, the World Health Organization says contact tracing will be key to containing it.
Just making shit up- Pittsburgh hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients, but the article only interviews one person at an overloaded hospital, and he sounds like he was having a vaccine reaction and doesn’t have COVID.
Enjoy the back-stabbing- Pfizer accused of ‘sabotaging’ AstraZeneca jab.
Pervasive messaging, Goebbles would be proud- Video out of Germany shows 150 major corporations change their company taglines to pro-vaccine propaganda.
Unvaccinated residents of Queensland, Australia will be denied life-saving surgeries in the latest inhumane policy yet.
Shocker (not)- New research finds that COVID-19 vaccine-resistant mutations strongly correlate with vaccination rates.
The cover-stories are getting more obvious. Vox Jab and covid symptoms are the same.

06 Dec 2021: Pfizer’s own data on the early problems with vax. PDF
Archbishop Vigano alludes to the great work of St. Augustine in denouncing vax. the Orig.
100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Permanent Disabilities and Deaths among Children were caused by just 6% of the batches produced according to official Government data. Why?
Excitement is growing among Coronavirus experts in Southern Africa and around the world as it increasingly seems that the new harmless Omicron variant is rapidly replacing the much more deadly Delta mutation.
Safer than the vax- Omicron strain may actually provide natural immunity with mild symptoms.
Odd stats- Despite more than 99% of the elderly population being reported “vaccinated,” and 87% being reported as “fully vaccinated,” the elderly population in the United States have been dying at nearly the same rates as the pre-vaccine stage of the pandemic, and the elderly population from ages 65 to 74 has been dying at a higher rate.
Big Pharma begins to fracture, as Pfizer tries to blame the vax deaths on everyone else.
Not a shock- CIA refuses an FOIA for any emails Gina Haspel received with terms related to the pandemic and the COVID-19 virus.
‘Chinese agents tried to kill me with two poisoned fried eggs after I tried to expose truth about Covid,’ says scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan.
One Montana hospital went into lockdown and called police after a woman threatened violence because her relative was denied her request to be treated with ivermectin.
More than 40,000 march in Vienna against coronavirus lockdown.
‘People in their twenties have a 7 times higher risk of death after vaccination than from COVID.’.
Hospitals are quietly suspending their vaccine mandates and nobody is talking about it.
The numbers are damning- RFK interviews an expert who makes the case the VAERS data is actually devastating given it is undercounted by at least 31 times, and notes 38% of the children who died were under 2 years old, which needs to be explained because they were too young to receive the vaccine, but nobody seems to care.
In Austria, the unvaccinated will be formally asked to get vaccinated starting February 15; those who fail to comply one month later will face penalties, according to a new draft law. Penalties for non-compliance: 600 euros every 3 months. Maximum penalty 3,600 euros. Failure to pay will result in substitute prison sentences.
FOX News sidelines Lara Logan after Dr. Fauci complains about her Nazi Ddoctor comparison.
Manchin joins GOP to torpedo Biden’s vax mandate.
Putin says Russia is opting for persuasion rather than compulsion concerning vaccination.
The FDA says in a recorded virtual meeting that Pfizer mislead them about vax safety. (starting around the 4:20:00 mark)
Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrests after Taking COVID Vaccine This Year – Many Died.
New Study: ZERO Deaths From COVID Among Healthy Children — Why Are They Forced To Take Dangerous Vaccine?
King County, WA order about checking vax status at dining places, etc.
HUGE: CDC and Big Pharma Data Confirm that More Children will Die from COVID Vaccine than from the COVID Virus.

05 Dec 2021: Toxicologist Warns Against COVID Jabs.
COVID Shots Are the Deadliest ‘Vaccines’ in Medical History.
Very good meme vid of media hype and messaging changing as reality proves otherwise.
Ge, ya think? Members of the British Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), that encouraged the use of fear to control people’s behavior during the Covid pandemic, have admitted its work was ‘unethical’ and ‘totalitarian,’ in a new book about the role of psychology in the Government’s Covid-19 response.
“South African official says symptoms are mild in children amid surge.”
We can hope- South Koreans postulate that because the Omicron variant gestated within immuno-compromised vax hosts, it may have accelerated the weakening of the virus as it enhanced transmissibility, and as a result this variant may end the pandemic. .
Building the database… Fauci says, ‘We really want to flood the system with testing,’ with 200-500 million tests per month.
Good. Late, but good. Gilead recalls vials of COVID antiviral drug remdesivir over glass shard contamination that could cause embolisms.
Pushing the propaganda nonstop- Twitter adds “unsafe” label to research alleging potential heart risks of COVID vaccine.
Fully vaccinated Dana White catches COVID, takes Joe Rogan’s Ivermectin treatment plan and is feeling great, says, “Thank you, Dr. Joe Rogan! – Everybody feels like a million bucks!”
A list of Freepers who have posted about vax adverse reactions, either in themselves, or in close contacts.
Publisher blasts ‘total media blackout’ of Robert Kennedy’s bestseller on Dr. Fauci.
An FDA official demanded Google censor a YouTube video the agency didn’t like.
rules for thee- Despite battling a cold, President Biden has packed his schedule this weekend with a maskless dinner out on the town and plans to attend a Kennedy Center event.
Canadian universities’ jab mandates ‘blatantly’ violate Nuremberg Code, constitutional lawyer says..
wonder why? The EU chief has a plan to gut the Nuremberg code.
buying a narrative- Via more than 30,000 grants, Bill Gates has contributed at least $319 million to the media.
People are waking up, and moving- More than 40,000 people demonstrate in Vienna against a lockdown and plans to make Covid vaccines compulsory.
Every correlation is positive, meaning that more vaccination is associated with more COVID-19 cases and more COVID-19 deaths.
Truth Bombs- (vox) – In Which Scott Adams is Ripped a New One.

04 Dec 2021: Totally effective product- Triple Vaccinated Doctor Gets Omicron — Then Passes It Onto Another Person.
Spanish Investigation Finds Vaccine Passports Have No Impact On Infection Rates.
“Thank You, Dr. Joe Rogan! – Everybody Feels Like a Million Bucks!” – Fully Vaxed Dana White Catches COVID – Takes Joe Rogan Ivermectin Treatment Plan and Is Feeling Great.
Nevada Becomes First State to Impose Surcharge on Unvaccinated Workers and Their Unvaccinated Family Members.
It is all about control and making people afraid- Oregon Dems Begin Process To Make Indoor Mask Mandates Permanent Until COVID Pandemic Recedes.
The FDA Slaps Major Warning About Pfizer Drug as Vaccine Reactions Come Under Scrutiny.
Vax approves in Australia for 5-11 YO kids, for whom the virus poses no threat. Insane.
But truth is a defense against the charge of slander- Fauci demands Fox punish Lara Logan for comparing him to Nazi ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele and hints at legal action as he calls calls the attack ‘slanderous’ and ‘disgusting.’.
South Carolina’s “Republican-controlled” General Assembly lived up to its reputation as the most liberal GOP legislature in America yesterday – employing parliamentary maneuvers to avoid voting on a provision that would have prohibited most vaccine mandates in the Palmetto State.
The White House on Friday walked back a claim made by President Joe Biden that he has been “tested daily” for the coronavirus.
The lies and conflicts are obvious- Dr. Anthony Fauci wants “anybody and everybody that is coming into the country” to get a coronavirus test within 24 hours — but not those captured crossing into America illegally.
In this polarized hour, citizens from both sides of the political spectrum are finding common cause in resisting COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children, with more than 100 grassroots groups in California joining forces in an effort called The Unity Project.
A Swedish lab study released in mid-October found that the spike protein associated with the COVID-19 illness, and its experimental vaccines, enters the nucleus of cells and significantly interferes with DNA damage-repair functions compromising a person’s adaptive immunity and perhaps encouraging the formation of cancer cells.
What privacy? Arizona Republican governor Doug Ducey quietly issued an executive order that gives the government access to the personal information of Coronavirus patients, people who take Coronavirus tests, and people who get the Coronavirus vaccine, and has the data sent to the CDC.
Lying to build the narrative- They are claiming Omicron is putting children in the hospital in South Africa.
“effective”- The fully vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths since August according to the latest official data.
“Safe”- UK government guidance admits a high percentage of all hospitalized children are suffering myocarditis due to Covid injections.
Italian man tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm.
In a massive blow to the Biden administration the Sixth Circuit refuses OSHA’s request to transfer the vaccine mandate lawsuit to D.C.
So many coincidences- South Africa had stopped vaccine deliveries because nobody was using them, and suddenly a variant which was portrayed as death incarnate is discovered there, and all the western Cabal nations have banned travel to and from the nation.
And there’s another one! The leaders of three different countries died after having stopped the distribution of the experimental Covid-19 jabs and all three countries only decided to distribute the vaccines to their citizens only after their leaders passed away.
Good- Federal judge expands ban on mandate 100% of states; 10.3 million health workers affected.
This is new, and meshes with a damaged immune system from vax- Now Mumps cases are circulating in the U.S., largely among vaccinated people, including children.
More Canadian insanity- N.B. COVID-19 roundup: Vaccination proof to be required after record 63 cases, 1 death recorded. must get mystery juice even if you had it and recovered.
Natural seems to be good for people- Could seaweed stop coronavirus from infecting human cells?
Just after vaccination- 120 children hospitalized, province suspends Pfizer vaccine batch.
A post in a private forum from a reliable source: “Heard from relatives in Alberta. A hospital that averaged 3 stillbirths in 6 months had as many as 86. Mothers all Vaccinated.” confirmation video from here.
Ivermectin The Hidden Story 25 min vid
But it’s totally safe. Except when it isn’t.

03 Dec 2021: over 40% of under 50s who died from covid were fully vaccinated.
Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others: Immunization expert.
Belgian Court Rules COVID Pass Illegal & Orders Local Government To Withdraw Measure.
Vaccine destroying AND preventing natural COVID immunity.
Lawrence Sellin: Evidence Indicates COVID-19 is a Designed Bioweapon with a Toxic Structure that MAY BE REPLICATED IN VACCINES.
Trust them- Health Dept. in Maryland says they gave dozens of kids expired COVID vaccine.
Need for vaccine aspiration confirmed, why is this not being done? Dr John Campbell vid
the Nuremberg Code has been superseded by the Belmont Report which insists voluntary consent applies if medical treatment has ANY experimental aspects.
Because they know they are violating it- In the wake of Austria’s drastic lockdown of unvaccinated people, EU chief calls for throwing out Nuremberg Code.
Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vax Docs.
Epic story: Vice has a Cow after city of Oroville declares independence from California, US over crazed vaccine mandates.
Research “Game-changer”: Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune ​System.
Vaxxed from unvaxxed, too? Compared to people who tested negative for covid-19, those who survived severe illness were more than twice as likely to die within a year’s time.
Court orders the FDA to comply with an FOIA and release information on the Pfizer vaccine and the first batch of documents shows over 1,200 vaccine deaths within the first 90 days.
South Carolina Republican Rep. Ralph Norman on Thursday introduced legislation that could force the Food and Drug Administration to release all documents relating to the coronavirus vaccine within the next 100 days.
Or at least, that’s one story- AstraZeneca uncovers what’s triggering blood clots after its jab – the vaccine acts like a magnet and attracts platelets which body mistakes for a threat and attacks, causing clots.
New study and warning from the American Heart Association: mRNA vaccines dramatically increase risk of developing heart diseases from 11% to 25%.
Enemy of the people- Twitter censors links to American Heart Association over vaccine research.
sure, just “stress,” not the vaxx- Up to 300,000 people in the UK are facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder (PPSD), two London physicians have warned.
uh-huh, sure- Researchers warn that cold weather can cause blood clots & heart attacks.
Young Equestrian Stephanie Gard was recently injected with Pfizer and just two days later, she was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, which has compromised her brain and nerve function leaving Stephanie unable to feel her legs from the knees down, and unable to walk.
Inconceivable!- Vermont, the left-wing New England paradise, is seeing a record number of its residents hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms despite having the highest vaccination rate in the United States.
No rules, only force. Do not comply. Video of a first person account from a woman who was involuntarily arrested and shipped off to a COVID quarantine facility.
Germany to launch nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated.
A lot of these recently- Two Premier League football matches were halted last night over ‘medical emergencies’ that occurred in the stands, with one victim suffering a cardiac arrest.
But Jesus said, “be not afraid.” Pandemic worriers shown to have impaired general cognitive abilities.
But all the worriers are morons, regardless of party- 80% of Democrat voters afraid of Omicron, only 35% of Republicans are concerned.
American DNA may land in China as authorities continue COVID testing with CCP-linked firms.
More than $87 billion in unemployment benefits funded by the federal government was likely siphoned from the system during the Covid-19 pandemic, much of it due to fraud, according to a U.S. Department of Labor report.
Cleveland Clinic Suspends Vaccine Mandate After The Gateway Pundit Exposed Hospital’s ‘Heinous’ COVID Malpractice.
Two 15-year-olds, illegally vaccinated before the EUA, are dead. EVERYONE should pay attention. Steve Kirsch
More Than 400 Studies on the Failure of Compulsory Covid Interventions.

Note below: normal outbreak bell curves before vax, now WTF in high-vax country.

02 Dec 2021: Admitting the already obvious- Israel admits almost all covid infections and deaths in vaccinated and they acknowledge the 3rd shot caused “immuno-erosion.”
Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital To Administer Ivermectin
a history of evil- A forgotten monument to dead orphans from Fauci’s torturous and deadly AIDS testing is located in New York State.
No longer our countrymen- In Los Angeles County, the county gave all COVID vaccination data rights to a company that has links to China and that freely admits that it saves and disseminates personal information it obtains through its work.
Authorities are manipulating death-rate figures because the actual rates show the Fully Vaccinated are 286% more likely to die of Covid-19.
80 House Republicans help pass a bill to fund a federal vaccination database.
conflicted- Reuters Chairman is a Pfizer investor and Board member.
Getting the narrative set up- Up to 740,000 potential cancer cases have been “missed” since the first lockdown in the UK, according to a damning report.
The people are saying “no” The French government has deployed military police to the Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe amid intensifying protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. and the gov’t doesn’t like it.
American Heart Association issues warning on mRNA vaccines.
Michael Palmer MD speaks on the mRNA vaccines. youtube video

01 Dec 2021: Good- they are clearly not. Federal Judge Rejects DOD Claim That Pfizer EUA and Comirnaty Vaccines Are ‘Interchangeable’. The EUA product varies lot to lot.
Vaccination rates by state.
According to the Lancet, the vaccine isn’t working so well.
Video: 13 Year-old Canadian Girl Took the Covid-19 Vaccine. “Try Not to Cry, Her Heart Stopped and Now She is in Critical Condition”. Powerful video.
Trust the science- “The study concludes that the mRNA vaccines “dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle,”.
Secretary of Defense Sends out Memo to Force Full Vaccination of All Members of the Armed Forces Under DoD Authority.
U.S. District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove in Frankfort, Kentucky, blocked the administration from enforcing a regulation that new government contracts must include clauses requiring that contractors’ employees get vaccinated.
The Marine Corps hasn’t approved any religious vaccine exemption requests of 2,400+ it received.
Merck’s antiviral pill for COVID-19, molnupiravir, appears to be far less effective than early results from the clinical trial first suggested.
It may be evil in the literal as well as metaphorical sense-Over 100,000 reports of psychiatric disorders after COVID vaccination.
all-cause mortality- Data available from Public Health Scotland shows that cases of ovarian cancer in 2021 are much higher than the 2017-2019 average, and deaths of new-born babies have reached the upper warning threshold indicating factors beyond random variation may have contributed to the deaths.
The new hotness- Vaccine Enhanced Infections.
What we’ve been saying all along. Kids are not at risk. “Severe disease course or death is low,” in fact the “case fatality could not be calculated, due to an absence of cases” for children without comorbidities.”

Totally coincidental, I’m sure:

29&30 Nov 2021: Interesting time-series look at bad vax data. They are temporally linked.
Related to above on Michael Yeadon’s Telegram channel.
Also related to time series analysis of toxic batches here. Video.
Evil- The little-known heart attack that’s striking ‘fit and healthy’ women as young as 22.
Leading Cardiologist Says Researchers Are Refusing to Publish Supporting Study Results That Show Covid Vaccine’s Link To Massive Increase In Heart Attacks Because They’re Afraid to “Lose Research Money”.
BREAKING: Federal Judge Blocks Vaccine Mandate Nationwide – Protects Health Care Workers Across America.
REVEALED: Fully Vaccinated Patients Show Mild Symptoms after Omicron Infection in Botswana — Non-Vaccinated Show No Symptoms at All.
Doctor Sounds Alarm: Stillbirths Explode in Canada.
Denninger- Three jabs and… you’re dead?
Denninger- Winning the mask/vax/fear war (or any war).
Psych programming- Jen Psaki warns Americans the worst vaccine mandate yet may be coming. Threaten big, enact small steps one at a time.
insanity- CDC updates guidance to urge boosters for all individuals over 18.
Also, minimum dose interval for booster jabs to be halved from 6 months to 3 months.
UK sees a 44% increase in child deaths after its jab rollout for young teens, data shows.
Over 100,000 reports of psychiatric disorders after COVID vaccination.
Constantly changing rules and threats- White House is telling federal agencies they can hold off on suspending or firing federal workers for not complying with the vaccine mandate until after the holidays.
Federal court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in ten states.
The arrogance- Rand Paul blasts Dr. Fauci for claiming that he represents science.
Franciscan brother René Dorer considers the government’s coercive and divisive “vaccination strategy a violation of the Nuremberg Code,” and says, “We are experiencing the largest medical experiment in history.”.
Australian MP calls on citizens to revolt, comparing leaders to Hitler and Stalin.
Good- A new protocol mixing the heart medication spironolactone with the steroid Dexamethasone is shown to be massively effective at treating Covid.
Not sure what this means- US Pentagon threatens to “decertify” the Oklahoma National Guard if the Commander doesn’t reverse his ban on the Covid vaccine mandate.
German report, vitamin D3 goal of >50ng/ml would prevent nearly all covid deaths.
A Judge Stands up to a Hospital: “Step Aside” and Give a Dying Man Ivermectin.
EXPOSED: Covid vaccines are 800 times more dangerous than smallpox vaccines and KILL more people than they save for all age groups.

28 Nov 2021; in India food and fuel withheld from the unvaxxed in one state.
Bandhardt: “Omicron” doesn’t exist, is cover story for the deaths from injections.
Meanwhile- A great article observes, the new variant doesn’t cause traditional COVID symptoms, but does cause symptoms of a vaccine adverse reaction.
Mockingbird press gonna mock –Forbes tells us, “No, Ivermectin Did Not Help Japan Bring Down Covid-19 Coronavirus Delta Surge.”
And again- The Daily Mail says, “‘It’s terrifying but it’s a COINCIDENCE’: Leading cardiologist says footballers should not panic after five high-profile collapses – but insists all players need to be checked throughout their 20s and 30s”
Why is there an average of 1 case of Creutzfeld-Jakob per year in the CDC’s VAERS database (Vaccine Adverse Event Reports) until Covid ‘vaccinations’ which already include 22 reports?
Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic response in NY fueled by politics, not science, former health officials say.
Reporting problem, or reality? Bangladesh just reported zero COVID deaths in the entire country in a 24-hour period, despite maybe only 25% being vaccinated.
Any bets they deliberately tank it by design? Vanderbilt enrolling participants in ivermectin treatment study for COVID-19.
Swiss voters have backed the government’s measures to tackle Covid, according to preliminary results, unless the election was rigged, which all elections probably are.

27 Nov 2021: Vox- Variant “Omicron” may be a major ADE problem.
Vaccine effectiveness is an unfalsifiable belief system: Nothing will make people change their minds, because they need you as their scapegoat.
Official Botswana comment on the 4 cases of vaxed people wit “Omicron”.
Anyone see the obvious problem here? BIG PHARMA Received Emergency Use Approval a Couple of Weeks Ago for COVID Variant Discovered a Couple Days Ago?
That is a head-scratcher- Biden administration spent $1.5 million to build ‘COVID-19 isolation clinics across Botswana’ in April.
Yesterday’s conspiracy is today’s medical journal headline as the New England Journal of Medicine explains how COVID vaccines may produce Antibodies that mimic spike proteins that lead to myocarditis.
Are they really full? The federal government plans to send 44 military medical workers to Michigan to assist hospitals treating coronavirus patients during a fourth surge that has become the worst in the nation, according to state health officials.
Ever more Fear Porn- The governor of New York on Friday declared a state of emergency as COVID transmission reached rates not seen since April 2020, and warned that the troubling new variant of COVID which first emerged in Botswana is ‘coming’
South African doctors and experts have found no evidence that the new variant will create severe illnesses, or that this variant is more transmissible.
New COVID mutation has only produced “very mild cases.” But they will hype it.
No shame- 72 hours after a new variant has been identified, global travel has been halted, states of emergency have been declared, and now a pharmaceutical company has announced a variant specific vaccine trial will begin in the U.S. in a few weeks.
Almost like the vax is bad for you- Blue states, some of which had the most restrictive requirements in the country throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, are experiencing massive surges of the virus as the holiday season arrives.
huh- Florida reports the lowest Chinavirus cases per capita as blue states surge.
Over the past several months, a shocking 9,300 more people than usual have died in Great Britain, and officials are blaming everything else except the jabs.
It gets so tiresome- President Biden said Friday that he delayed implementation of a new ban on travel from southern Africa on the advice of his medical advisers, who are led by Dr. Anthony Fauci.
finally, some honest fear- Evidence of heart disease after COVID shot exists but isn’t published out of fear, cardiologist says.
New York physician assistant says she was told to stop reporting COVID shot injuries.
Charles Moose, former Montgomery County Police chief, at the helm during the DC snipers, dies at unexpectedly while sitting in a recliner, at age 68.
A conspiracy how big? 11 nurses and paramedics from Queensland Australia have said while giving the COVID-19 vaccine they saw the deaths and injuries pile up, yet no one was allowed to talk about it.
Oh- Merck says COVID-19 pill may not be as effective as they thought.
Any bets Fauci had puts? Stocks tank on fears of new Covid variant, Dow drops 890.
Dr. Stella Immanuel can will prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin via telehealth services, where doctors will “see” you via email, phone or text.
Thousands flood streets to decry vaccine mandate (VIDEOS)
Karen Kingston- CV19 Booster Shot Also a Bioweapon.
Ivermectin stops Adenoviruses from crossing into the nuclear membrane (might it then inhibit the J&J/AZ ClotShot?)
Rate of still-births up 29x among the vaxxed. Kirsch
Differences in Vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 Replication Derived mRNA: Implications for Cell Biology and Future Disease. Pic of the some of the key points below.

26 Nov 2021: The clinical trials of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine found that the all-cause mortality rate of the vaccinated group was higher than control group.
Health experts have been baffled by a big rise in a potentially fatal type of heart attack
Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described as “died unexpectedly”
Official FDA report finds all-cause Death rate is higher among the Vaccinated and admits young Myocarditis victims have required Intensive Care.
Big Three U.S. automakers agree to not mandate vaccines for UAW union members..
UK Times reports, there is  a mysterious and staggering 25% “rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries.
Rand Paul says 34% of Kentuckians will lose their job due to vaccine mandate, and masks don’t work.
Glenn Beck says the same government which is mandating the vaccine also owns a share of it, and it deal goes back to the Obama years.
Live feed cut as a former Pro asks if the latest footballer who collapsed was vaccinated.
Healthy Australian woman says she was forced into COVID quarantine camp for 14 days.
In Australia they use Army trucks to take people with positive cases and close contacts to quarantine.
Houston Health Department knocks on random doors and asks residents to give blood samples for a COVID antibody study.
Marine sues Walmart for refusing to fill a prescription for Ivermectin.
Uhhh… guys? US designates China, Russia, and 8 others as violators of religious freedom as it forces Christians to inject medicines developed with aborted fetuses.
Health minister suggests fourth vaccine dose amid rising fears of fifth COVID wave.
That’s not good. Prions. Behind a paywall, but the title is significant – There are, in fact, 6 cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease reports in VAERS as we speak (write).
likely fake, but… I want to say this is fake, but in these days, you never know – a physician is claiming he has found vaccinated people are detectable by Bluetooth, and have unique MAC addresses which could be used to identify them.
National Faith Advisory Board urges the DOD to exempt religious troops from the vaccine mandate.
Suddenly un-vaxed for propaganda purposes- The number of Pennsylvanians vaccinated against COVID-19 dropped by a million overnight, as Pennsylvania said the CDC was revising the numbers, and would do it for every state in the coming days.
I am skeptical about anything in a story like this- Pfizer appears to have had a Chinese employee steal a load of their trade secrets about the COVID-19 vaccine.
A Chicago-area judge saved a grandfather’s life with the single question that exposes hospitals blocking doctors from using a safe, FDA-approved drug – Why not?
Evil. Killing children- Deaths among Children are 44% higher than the 5-year-average since they were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine according to ONS data.
Biden will require essential travelers crossing US land borders, such as truck drivers, to be fully vaccinated, yet 37% of truckers will reject the jab.
A frightening new potential explanation for vaccine-driven myocarditis and other problems
Liars- CDC Allows Hospitals To Classify Dead Vaxxed People As “Unvaccinated”.
Shocker, my shocked face- New Covid-19 pill less effective than first thought.
This might be significant- Secret video of senate meeting with head of TGA Brendan Murphy telling Parliament to not tell the public of their own vaccine effects coverup and that the vaccine kills people and they have no recourse from it because the government granted big pharma immunity from prosecution and compensation payouts!

25 Nov 2021: Mom died today. no posting. Happy thanksgiving, everyone.

24 Nov 2021: Toronto School Board forced to rethink vax mandate.
S2 Subunit of SARS-nCoV-2 Interacts with Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 and BRCA: an In Silico Study (means it causes cancer)
Former Pro Calls For “Investigation” After Another Football Player Suddenly Collapses.
cover for illegal activities- Sheriff of Racine WI, announces criminal charges being filed against almost every member of the election commission in that battleground state for knowingly breaking election law under the guise of COVID.
The kids are safe- Unvaccinated children had just a 3% higher chance of catching Covid compared to double-jabbed in Pfizer US trial — and none were seriously ill.
Evil- Nearly 10% of Connecticut nursing home residents were killed by a new Covid outbreak, despite an almost 100% vaccination rate, so the CT Dept. of Health is urging even more “booster” shots for protection.
Joe Biden filed an emergency lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to immediately reinstate his vaccine mandate for private employers with 100 or more workers after the rule faced a series of legal challenges.
imperial overreach- Santa Cruz County reinstates indoor mask mandate which even requires masks to be worn in private settings, including homes, when people who are not from the household are present.
This is my shocked face- The Scottish government’s vax passport is sending people’s private data to Amazon and Microsoft.
They are coming for the kids- In Scotland, the death rate of babies has more than doubled, from 2.1 per 1000 to 4.9 per 1000.
A prominent South African doctor credited with advancing the development of early treatments for COVID-19 has stated that, in his judgment, the purpose of the pandemic and vaccine campaigns, is to “control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned.”.
Bad trends- Public Health Scotland stats show that excess deaths have been on the rise since the middle of May 2021, despite a huge decline in Covid-19 deaths.
Canadian whistleblowers expose 13 stillborn deaths in 24 hours at Lions Gate Hospital caused by Covid-19 vaccines. And 86 stillbirths in fully vaccinated mothers in 6 months in Waterloo, Ontario.
He needs to hang- The Gates Foundation sent over $54 million to China since COVID, including to the Wuhan collaborators.
That’s OK, ivermectin is cheaper anyway- A Congressman is introducing a bill so health insurance will not be responsible for your COVID-healthcare if you are not vaxxed.
FDA report finds all-cause mortality higher among vaccinated.
They aren’t going to publish their findings, they are concerned about losing research money

23 Nov 2021: No way this can be abused- Australian defense force called in to haul positive COVID-19 cases and close contacts to quarantine centers.
So you only “know you have it” is if they tell you- New COVID strain is more contagious than Delta, but also asymptomatic.
Scientists say the Delta strain may be mutating itself into an evolutionary dead end, as cases suddenly are disappearing.
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Monday lashed out at “idiot” rioters who rampaged through cities across the Netherlands this weekend when protests against coronavirus policies turned violent. At least some DS FF plants in the crowd.
Tens of thousands of women worldwide have reported changes in menstruation after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, raising question marks among doctors and scientists.
Newly released gov docs show researchers sent strains of viral DNA’ to the Wuhan Lab for years.
They need 55 years to release the data- FDA records subpoenaed by an attorney shows over 158,000 adverse “events” in first 2.5 months of COVID shot trials, and this is just the first round of records released.
Evil- Fauci says babies and toddlers will be eligible for COVID jabs in Q1 of 2022.
A Mayo Clinic-trained doctor says Covid-19 vaccines suppress the immune system, making people more prone to HIV, Shingles and Herpes. New story on old Ryan Cole interview.
A new study tries to claim more people are dying because hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID, but it does not address why those who are dying at a higher rate are those who took the vax. Of course.
Long Island ER temporarily closes due to a lack of nurses due to the vaccine mandate.
Army officials are telling soldiers who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 that they aren’t getting booted immediately, but they can’t stay in the service for a career.
Recently vaxxed priest dies during livestream of service.
miracle in japan- video Dr John Campbell.
Huh. Milk and benadryl (sort of) fight viral replication. Highly Specific Sigma Receptor Ligands Exhibit Anti-Viral Properties in SARS-CoV-2 Infected Cells.
Estimating Vaccine-Induced Mortality, Part I. 72,000 to 180,000 vax deaths in US alone.
The following image is from this post: The vials are code-marked. Plausible, not confirmed.

22 Nov 2021: A Conversation About COVID, Vaccines and Dwindling Trust in Global Public Health Officials. Dr. Peter McCullough, Geert Vanden Bossche, Rob Verkerk,
Snowball of COVID jab injuries reported as ICU physicians blow whistle on dangers of the shot.
Fauci confides he wears mask only with people he doesn’t trust.
Threats from a tyrant- NIH director says, “Conspiracies are winning here,” and wants online misinformation spreaders “brought to justice.”.
Rep Thomas Massie tweets, “The vaccine fact checkers at are funded by an organization that holds over $1.8 billion of stock in a vaccine company, and is run by a former director of the CDC.”.
Morons, liars, or comped? Officials are trying to understand why some of LA’s highest coronavirus case rates are currently in communities with high vaccination rates.
Most vaccinated countries are all suffering an extraordinary rise in excess deaths.
Protests erupt against lockdowns and vaccine mandates across Europe.
Disney World puts pause on its COVID vaccine mandate, after noting people are still getting COVID.
Poor odds- A risk-benefit model shows that 5,248 children aged 5 to 11 will be killed by the Pfizer mRNA injection in order to save 45 children from dying of Coronavirus.
Slovenia’s regulation forbidding people without ‘COVID certificates’ from pumping fuel shows governments are getting increasingly creative in their coercion.
Media silence- Second night of anti-lockdown violence in Europe – Netherlands riots spread to the Hague while tens of thousands gather to oppose full lockdown in Austria and demonstrations kick off in Denmark, Croatia and Macedonia.
Good- Austrian police and army stand down and refuse to implement COVID mandate sanctions, leaving the Austrian government in big trouble if they hold to it.
Nurse Blows The Whistle On Heinous Medical Malpractice: Doctors Abandoned Protocol and Covid Patients Died.
Oregon considers vaccine passport requirement to remove mask in businesses.
Perspectives on the Pandemic | The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse.

21 Nov 2021: Vox’s take on the Germans following Austria’s lead on mandatory vaxxing.

Vox- British now prepping next big lie, deaths caused by not giving enough boosters.
Major red flag from Sweden- Vaxxed dying at 3x the rate of non-vaxxed.
The massive COVID story of the day is a heart study has been ongoing for eight years.
related- ACS Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine.
Probe launched as 21 newborn babies die in Scotland in one month.
He’s crazy and on drugs, but even he is noticing the bullies- Jordan Peterson got the vaccine, but says, “Stupid me,” because government is still pushing him around.
Days after we posted here about articles trying to explain away the coming surge of heart attacks, 4Chan amassed a bunch of articles in one thread .
4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September amid vaccine coercion and pandemic stress.
CDC VAERS total nears 900,000 adverse reactions as government pushes boosters to take down more Americans. 1/200 chance if you get shot you get in VAERS.
European Medicines Agency data shows 1,163,356 adverse drug reactions and 30,551 fatalities from the vaccinations.
This new study from Germany shows that the more you vaccinate the more people get killed.
In Germany, the Head of the Chemnitz Clinic, Dr Thomas Jendges, committed suicide saying he no longer wants to be part of the Genocide happening vis the COVID-19 Vaccine.
Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age.
Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin says he will remove Northam’s statewide school mask mandate and state employee vaccine mandate.
Are we sure they were actually Dutch? Dutch Police opened fire on protesters in downtown Rotterdam during a demonstration against COVID-19 restrictions late Friday night.
Australian Archbishop orders Priests to take the abortion-tainted COVID shots or get suspended.
More proof the media lies- Scroll down Il Donaldo Trumpo’s twitter feed to see all the COVID protests all over the world, which the media and Cabal will never tell you about.
Attorney Releases First Pages from Subpoenaed FDA Files – Shows Pfizer Documented 158,893 Adverse Events with 25,957 Nervous System Disorders in First Few Months of Distribution.

20 Nov 2021: Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age.
Break the law the spox said- White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told the media the Biden administration wants businesses to “move” forward with the COVID vaccine mandate even though OSHA suspended the mandate pending litigation and a federal court ordered it stopped.
Official Public Health England data says the COVID infection rates are higher in the vaxxed than the unvaxxed.
Official data shows 91% of Covid-19 Deaths have been among the fully vaccinated since August; but they want to lockdown the unvaccinated.
UK Covid testing company plans to sell customers DNA for medical research.
God Complex much? Anthony Fauci says, “Attacks on me are ‘dangerous to the entire field of science.’.
Yup- Fauci spotted maskless indoors at DC book party.
California school board votes not to enforce or comply with the state’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.
Twelve days’ notice to NYC’s cops (and all other municipal workers!) to get injected or be fired.
Biden’s doctor says he’s noticed Biden’s cough too, but Biden is fit for office, just a bit stiff.
We are killing our kids. Does anyone care?
Quote: As of the latest VAERS update on November 19th, 2021, 82% of reports in VAERS in children ages 5-11 have been made immediately following injection. IMMEDIATELY. This means that there is literally no time difference between the onset of the AE and the injection administration: consider that it takes time to report an AE to VAERS and to make it into the database.
Vox- 2.88x Chance of Death. Orig story here.

19 Nov 2021: Vox- “Safe and Effective, or (not)”
Vox- Failing fast with lockdowns in Austria.
The father of a 22 yr old man who took the shot for his job tells us how his son was perfectly healthy before the shot and what he is going through now.
CDC Forced to Admit It Doesn’t Collect Data on Natural Immunity to COVID.
FDA report finds all-cause mortality higher among vaccinated.
Navy Shipbuilding Contractor Suspends Vaccine Mandate After Workers Threaten to Quit.
European Medicines Agency Data Shows 1,163,356 Adverse Drug Reactions and 30,551 Fatalities by COVID-19 Vaccinations.
Dr Peter McCullough Sues Medical Journal for Refusing to Publish Study Highlighting Risks of Covid-19 Vaccine in Children.
FDA report shows that 6 months after receiving Covid vaccinations, the death rate is 24% higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.
Dr Zelenko says, he knows who is behind the COVID psyop.
German leaders on Thursday agreed tough new curbs on the unvaccinated, with plans to shut them out of restaurants, sporting events and cultural shows as the country battles to halt a rise in Covid infections.
French citizens without booster shots will be locked out of parts of society.
Bucs receiver Antonio Brown obtained a fake COVID-19 vaccination card so he could avoid NFL protocols, according to his former live-in chef.
killing for $$ Hospitals’ incentive payment for COVID-19 is about $100K per COVID patient.
Weed out who? Eric Turner: 41-year-old bodybuilder hopes Ivermectin “weeds out idiots,” suffers coronary artery dissection six months after second mRNA injection.
Federal vaccine mandate is now *suspended* due to ‘onslaught of legal challenges.’.
WhyNew software trialed by LAPD uses “Sentient Analysis” to analyze social media and just the strength of a poster’s ideology, and whether they have the passion to perform action.
Well, that doesn’t look fraudulent at all- 537,467 Americans were mysteriously added to Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, so the number of Americans on some form of government jobless benefits jumped back above 3 million.
The case for vax passports has been demolished.
TRUST ULTRA TRUST NAOMI- Corona’s HIV origin and mass gaslighting.

18 Nov 2021: NIH and EcoHealth Colluded to Evade Research Restrictions.
VAERS data reveals over 300,000 deaths directly caused by vaxx- NOV. 9 2021.
market-Ticker- And Now, The Bad News.
A three-judge panel on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has now permanently blocked OSHA from implementing and enforcing its vaccine rule, which impacts employers nationwide.
OSHA announces it has suspended implementation and enforcement of its vaccine mandate and will comply with the 5th Circuit’s court order.
There is a new midnight curfew in Ireland because of a sharp spike in Covid-19 cases, even as the country’s government is bragging about 93% of the adult population being “fully vaccinated.”.
The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.
Vaxxed? 41 year old actor passes away in his sleep.
Deaths among female children increased by 57% against the 5-year-average since they were first offered the Covid-19 vaccine.
Defense official says if the Oklahoma National Guard doesn’t comply with COVID vaccine requirements, they will no longer be “maintaining national recognition,” thus, state will no longer have a National Guard, but rather a state militia. Meaning… what, exactly?
laws for thee- Pelosi reportedly seen maskless at Swingers Bar with Rep. Yvette Clarke, breaking the mask mandate.
Torturing animals is usually a red flag- Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health are using an island off the coast of South Carolina to breed monkeys for use in horrific “maximum pain” animal experimentation.
Employers are trying to recruit new hires by offering to hire without requiring any vaccination.
Wish it were more- Almost 377,000 soldiers across all the branches have made the brave decision to defy the orders from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to become fully vaccinated
“Rare” will be common- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday confirmed that a rare case of monkeypox has been found in a human in Maryland.
Zero Tolerance of Vaccine mandates approved by New Hampshire lawmakers.
Vox- Targeted Lockdown Proves Vaccine Fail.
Vaccine Ingredients Likely Last For 15 Months In The Body Causing Health Problems, McCullough Report.
The policy guys like Fauci and Birx are hacks.
German media starting to notice epidemic of heart problems in athletes.
Eventually, people will notice… and get angry…. very angry…..

17 Nov 2021: !vaxxed-
Not good- Molnupiravir promotes SARS-CoV-2 mutagenesis via the RNA template.
OSHA temporarily suspends ClotShot mandate enforcement.
Evil- Ontario confirms there are only two valid medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccines
The fate of Biden’s vaccine mandate for 84 million workers is going to be decided by a “random” lottery when all of the 27 cases pending in federal courts will be combined into one case and randomly assigned to a single court. Update – the 6th Circuit got it.
The most vaxxed nation on Earth, Gibraltar, just canceled Christmas over an ‘exponential rise’ in Covid cases.
Belgium’s most-vaccinated province also has highest number of Covid cases.
A 47-year-old Florida teacher hospitalized with COVID-19 has died after her husband sued in an unsuccessful effort to force doctors to treat her with ivermectin.
In Austria, the unvaccinated can only leave the house for food, work, and to get a Covid jab.
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wants a special legislative session to restore four statutes restricting the powers of local governments, public schools and universities to mandate that employees, staff and students be vaccinated against COVID-19 or wear face coverings.
High vitamin D3 equals low Covid deaths. 4k-10k IU per day.
NEJM Study: Vaccine Immunity Wanes Against COVID Virus After ONLY 2 MONTHS.
Pentagon Threatens Oklahoma Over Vaccine Mandate — May Lose National Guard Status and Label Them “Militia”.
Texas Doctor Resigns After Hospital Suspends, Investigates Her For Warning About Covid Shots, Promoting Ivermectin.
Vox- “the easiest persecution anyone has ever suffered in human history
Prominent Canadian cardiologist who said he would not cry at funeral of ‘selfish’ unvaxxed, dies in sleep weeks after endorsing third jab.
Nothing to hide- FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data.
Booster Doses are Extremely Dangerous and They Will Make Everything Worse.
“The View” doesn’t like factual data.

16 Nov 2021: Vox Day shows another article, this time saying to expect a lot of heart attacks this winter sue to snow shoveling, and understand none of them will be related to the clotshot.
Judge rejects Sidney Powell’s challenge to Pentagon’s vaccine mandate.
War on truth and free speech- Hospital revokes Houston doctor’s privileges for ‘spreading dangerous misinformation’ about Covid on Twitter.
Internet stats show the term “died suddenly” has seen a rise in popularity in recent months, which could be attributed to the term being more widely used on web pages.
Covid Spike Protein dramatically impairs cell DNA damage repair.
Bill Gates has major shares in both Pfizer and Moderna but he is also a primary funder of the UK Medicine Regulator, and this is the reason Children are now dying.
98% likely lies- A new Covid strain with unprecedented changes in its spike protein has been discovered in the northwestern French region of Brittany, according to local media.
money laundering- New York doctor stole $3.7 million in COVID-19 relief money to buy yacht, luxury cars and Rolex watches, prosecutors say.
Everyone missed this one… vaccinated people are up to 9X more likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated people.
More people died in the key clinical trial for Pfizer’s Covid vaccine than the company publicly reported. More vaxxed than un-vaxxed died.
#Australia model with 29,000 plus followers .. severe #Pericarditis.
Immune collapse? Flu rips through fully vaxxed University of Michigan, shocking the CDC
Eleni Roussos: 3rd Australian Journalist Hospitalized With Pericarditis After Pfizer Jab
So much for the beastly jab… outbreak at 98 percent vaxxed nursing home results in 89 infected, 8 dead
Florida teacher dies after she’s denied ivermectin.
Killing kids- Healthy 16-year-old boy dies during online class after second Pfizer jab
U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Theresa Long Exposes Nuremberg Code Violations in Military Vaccine Mandate.
Immunization expert: ‘Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others’

15 Nov 2021: Ban Unvaccinated People From Voting. Mark dice. Dark humor.
Dr. Fauci Admits Vaccines Did Not Work as Advertised and that Vaccinated Are in Great Danger Today (Vid)(waning immunity, need boosters of course).
CDC Ruins The Mandate Push (too many natural immunities)
Spike protein may increase suicide rates; related to pro mtn biker with vax injury-  if you do the same thing, by simply blocking anything from binding to the ACEII receptor, you increase suicide rates, by increasing depression.
Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.
NPR books editor Petra Mayer dies at 46 from a pulmonary embolism. most likely vaxxed.
Australian media convinces an Aboriginal tribal elder to lead by example and get jabbed, and he died six days later. A bad propaganda look.
totalitarian- Austria orders nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated.
Of course- Democrats want Biden to mandate that airlines require passengers to be fully vaxxed for COVID-19 before flying. What rights?
Hope his family sues- A 56-year-old engineer who didn’t want to get vaccinated gave in a took the jab, began to decline, and wrote his own obituary about the vax before passing.
Appeals court cites WH chief of staff’s Twitter activity in handing Biden another loss on vaccine mandate.
Just say NO to the farm of Dr Mareau- Scientists are attempting to grow Covid vaccine-filled spinach, lettuce, edible plants to replace Covid injections.
Of course- Rise in heart attacks attributed to pandemic stress and poor diet.
A large Covid-19 testing provider is being investigated by the UK’s data privacy watchdog over its plans to sell swabs containing customers’ DNA that it saved, for medical research.
Ironic- Antifa members clash with anti-vaccine protesters outside NYC’s Gracie Mansion.
A history of evil- Fauci approved AIDS drugs toxic for adults to be tested on orphans, foster kids, RFK Jr says in new book.
Hope it passes- Lawmaker introduces bill to force an employer to pay as much as $1 million per vaccine injury if it enforces Biden’s mandate.
DR. Robert Malone: PFIZER CEO knowns vaccine probably killed tens to hundreds of thousands WORLDWIDE.
Evil Personified: The Vaccine Regulator Laughs, Lies And Hangs Up The Phone When Challenged About The Slaughter It Is Responsible For.
(market Ticker) There’s An Off Ramp – But It Has A Price.
#ClotShot- Obituary: Kundalini Yoga Teacher Guru Jagat Dies at 41.

14 Nov 2021: Australian vaccine promotion ends with death of tribal elder. Oops.
Explosive Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are: “The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity” (Video)
And some are stupid enough to swallow it- The new narrative is Climate Change is changing babies in the womb, making them more prone to heart attacks.
And for entirely different unknown reasons that are unrelated to the vax, more women are suffering “broken heart syndrome,” from sadness where there hearts just give out.
Pentagon says it will respond “appropriately,” after Oklahoma National Guard says it won’t follow COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
round 2- Reports coming out of China indicate that another laboratory leak of COVID-19 has occurred at another China institution.
The CDC quietly acknowledged that a staggering 146.6 million people have been infected by the Sars-CoV-2 virus and have survived it to become immune. No vax needed.
Belarusian President Lukashenko says the IMF offered a billion USD bribe to impose a Covid-19 lockdown.
The question is, “why?” Texas HHS DENIES Monoclonal Antibody Treatments For Whites – “If I Were Black or Hispanic Then I Would Qualify?” – Nurse: “Yep, That’s Right” – (Video).
Legal maneuvering- A federal court has declined to lift its stay on the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more workers.
It’s obviously the vax, but they can’t admit it- Athletes are dropping at a rate that is 60X normal in 2021, and it isn’t COVID, they are all screened.
Inflation, or vx injuries? Medicare Part B premiums for 2022 jump by 14.5% from this year, far above the estimated rise in cost.
Don’t Ignore the Mental Health of the Unvaccinated, Especially Children.
Oklahoma Doctors Have Tremendous Success in Treating Nursing Home COVID Patients with Ivermectin.
market Ticker: What They Didn’t Tell You– the vax nukes your natural immunity if you had it an have recovered from Covid.

13 Nov 2021: shocker- Pfizer Faked the Trials Too.  Orig article here.
(drops to zero benefit quite fast, at high risk) Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccination Against Risk of Symptomatic Infection, Hospitalization, and Death Up to 9 Months: A Swedish Total-Population Cohort Study.
Director-General of the WHO confirms Vaccine Passports are discriminatory, Children should not be given the Covid-19 Vaccine, and the Jabs are useless at preventing infection and spread of Covid-19.
Kyle Warner, a 29-year-old mountain bike race champion, was diagnosed with pericarditis, POTS, and reactive arthritis a month after he took the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, ruining his career and leaving him still unwell.
3 leftists (ages 28-52) mocked the unvaxxed, now all are dead after their second and third boosters.
Anthony Fauci says COVID booster shots are ‘absolutely essential’ for all adults.
Swedish doctors want Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine banned after a subcontractor is accused of falsifying data, unblinding patients, hiring inadequately trained vaccinators, and failing to follow up on reported adverse reactions during the company’s Covid-19 vaccine trials.
France will deactivate the health passes over 65 seniors, if they do not get a third booster.
German newspaper highlights “unusually large” number of soccer players who have collapsed recently. From “almost never” to “frequently.”
Taiwan suspends the 2nd dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine for 12-17 olds amid myocarditis cases.
lost their license at the very least- 112 Loudoun county children were given adult doses of the COVID vaccine, and the pharmacy says it is sorry for the ‘inconvenience.’
Oklahoma National Guard defies the Pentagon, won’t impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
U.S. federal appeals court affirms hold on Biden’s vaccine mandate, calls it “staggeringly overbroad,”says it  “raises serious constitutional concerns” and “likely exceeds the federal government’s authority.”.
Florida legislature to decide on withdrawing state from OSHA’s oversight and allowing employees to sue over Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandates in an emergency special session next week.
26 Christian Navy SEALs make the final stand against Biden’s vaccine mandate.
Sounds odd, cannot confirm, but presented because reasons- Treatment for the Elimination of Graphene Oxide From the Body: The Nano Bucket.
NOt effective- Public Health Data: 89% of Covid-19 Deaths in the Past MONTH Were Among the Fully Vaccinated.
Spike protein inside nucleus enhancing DNA damage? Talking about the following item-
Related- SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro. This squares with Dr Ryan Cole’s note of 20x increase in cancers.
INTERVIEW: Emergency room doctor who fled from Canada to the United States.

12 Nov 2021: Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial.
People might start to notice- 28-Year-Old Body-Builder Dies 4 Days After Second Moderna COVID Shot
Of course- Covid Cases Surge in Vermont, the Most Vaccinated State in the Union – Doctor Blames Delta Variant, Unvaccinated People.
Tyrants gonna tyrant- Austrian Chancellor Schallenberg: “I Don’t See Why Two-Thirds Should Lose Their Freedom Because One-Third Is Dithering” – Moves to Place MILLIONS of the Unvaccinated On Lockdown
What could go wrong? Scientists Are Attempting to Grow Covid Vaccine-Filled Spinach, Lettuce, Edible Plants To Replace Covid Injections.
Flashback – August 8, 2012: Pfizer admits bribery in eight countries.
A top infectious disease doctor at NIH has raised alarm about COVID-19 vaccine mandates despite top federal officials recommending them for businesses, schools, and other institutions.
There isn’t a single case on record of someone naturally immune to COVID-19 spreading the virus.
Hospitals overrun by new Covid surge in 86% ‘fully vaccinated’ Belgium.
Despite vaccine passport schemes, COVID cases are surging across Europe; while Sweden, with no lockdown and no mandate is doing just fine.
something weird- Paul Craig Roberts -Vaccinated people are dying of all cause deaths 6-1 over the unvaccinated in the UK.
no logic, no rules- A federal judge on Wednesday. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Liburdi, an appointee of former President Donald Trump,  rejected a bid by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to block President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal employees and contractors, saying he was not buying arguments that it’s illegal for the president to impose such a mandate on citizens when he is not requiring the same of people entering the country illegally.
Big Brother, call your office- The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently approved a technology that aims to surveil people by their digital activity and give them scores that define their “potential level of superspreading activity.”.
A new clip has emerged of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confronting WHO head Tedros Adhanom about COVID-19 restrictions and asking why people are still dying of COVID after the second dose of the vaccine.
An Illinois hospital defied an emergency court order over the weekend, refusing to allow an unvaccinated outside physician to give the cheap drug ivermectin to a COVID-19 patient who was dying while being treated with expensive remdesivir, before finally relenting after being scolded by a judge.
“Extremely rare”- Mid-Flight Heart Attack Kills Pilot After COVID Jab.
New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about.

11 Nov 2021: May you have a enlightened and successful Veteran’s Day.
Bill Gates Admits Vax Don’t Stop Transmission Of Covid, But Says We Need New Vaccines Anyway.
Bolsonaro Confronts WHO Chief: “People Are Dying After The Second Dose
FDA recalls millions of Covid test kits over false results.
Federal judge overrules Gov. Abbott’s ban on mask mandates in Texas schools.
consequences- Garbage begins piling up across New York City after nearly 1,440 sanitation workers were placed on leave for failing to get vaccinated.
Whittier woman arrested by LASD after being found with fake COVID vaccine cards from China.
Archbishop Viganò writes a stunning letter assailing the COVID vaccine program.
Hospitals in America, Australia and Sweden are swamped with people ‘sicker than ever’ — but they don’t have Covid and nobody knows why they re all so sick.
35,924 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 8 months of 2021 according to ONS data.
Evil- Moderna to test COVID-19 vaccine on infants as young as 6 months old.
Daily Mail says a close family source says Gavin Newsom’s DOUBLE JAB of Covid booster and flu shot made him sick enough to cancel his Scotland trip and disappear from public view for nearly two weeks.
Court rules Pennsylvania’s school masking order is ‘void’ and ‘unenforceable.”
About 900,000 kids got the COVID virus shots in 1st week, the White House says.
Since children were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine deaths among male Children have risen by 86%.
Highly-educated =/= smart: Cardiologist Medical Doctor who Wanted to Punch Anti-Vaxxers in the Face DEAD After COVID Booster Shot.
The pros speak- Industrial hygienist- “Just Wear a Mask or You’ll Kill Grandma” (not)
Noticing the obvious- Taiwan Halts 2nd Dose Of Pfizer Jabs For 12-17 Year Olds.
CDC Admits They Have NO Records of Any Person With Recovered Immunity Ever Transmitting The COVID-19 Virus.
VAERS: At least 160,000 Americans have likely died from covid vaccines.

10 Nov 2021: Natural Immunity Versus Vaccine Immunity– Dennis Prager
Feds Seek To Block Promotion Of Nasal Spray Against COVID-19.
Luciferase Was Bad But It Gets Worse! COVID-19 antibody test is actually named: SATiN
French Health Authority Warns Men Under 30 To Avoid Moderna Jab
Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust.
‘Don’t get vaccinated’: Toxicologist reveals how Pfizer got its COVID shot approved.
DR David Martin speech at wise traditions conference- Texas 5th NOVEMBER 2021
See 35:55 above for $5 opt-out from Jacobson case.!
Home building and loan assn vs Blaisdell 260 U.S. 398 425-426 (1934) (see para 13)
Covid “negative” patients are overwhelming hospitals, exactly as predicted with ADE
Propaganda and double-standards- Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson has been permanently suspended from Twitter for repeatedly violating the platform’s COVID-19 misinformation policy, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to The Hill on Tuesday night..
The U.S. government recently canceled a major contract with a vaccine manufacturer after this particular company produced a batch of 15 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines that were found to be contaminated.
Over at our friend MobiusWolf’s Zombie Apocalypse Homestead, an elite athlete explains his vaccine injury.
Vaccines are to be mandatory for 1.2 million NHS staff in the UK.
Rigged, most likely- Enter your vaccinated 5-11-year-old for a chance to win a full scholarship to a SUNY or CUNY school.
Only shocking to those not paying attention- Govt. data reveals a shocking number of deaths and injuries directly caused by COVID vaccines.
No surprise- Pfizer’s new drug is virtually the same as Ivermectin.
That’s rich. He’s the liar- Pfizer CEO says people who spread misinformation on Covid vaccines are ‘criminals.’.
How much does it take? Dead kids- A 12-year-old child dies two days after taking Pfizer vaccine in Germany and then officials pull back on mandatory shots for children.
California, which has certain mask mandates in place, has a daily average of Chinese coronavirus cases four times that of Florida’s.
Lawsuit filed on behalf of Navy SEALs facing intimidation for seeking religious COVID-19 vaccine exemptions.
I’m sure that’ll help security and morale- Internal report says more than half of Border Patrol agents may be fired for being unvaccinated.
Naturally immune federal workers lodge a class-action suit against Fauci and Walensky over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Weird definition of “freedom”- Queensland, Australia government says the vaccinated will be “rewarded” with “keeping their freedoms” for “doing what we asked.”
New Pfizer drug and ivermectin video – basically the same thing, but expensive.
France says “skip moderna because of heart inflammation”.
China confirms there is no virus…how do you have a test and a vaccine if there is no virus?

09 Nov 2021: Freshly vaxxed- Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden, aka Flexatron, dead at 46.
A funeral director says hospitals have small freezers which have a maximum morgue capacity of 6-10 infants, and they are normally not full. However he says they are now overflowing, forcing newborn and/or full-term babies to be put into storage with adults.
Newsom-  he developed symptoms of Bell’s Palsy immediately after getting injected with the Moderna Covid-19 booster shot and has had trouble speaking coherently. Some good background info at AC on this for this date.
Meanwhile, Jen Psaki is still missing. hmmmmmm
A Rabbinical court in New York City ruled that “it is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote this (COVID-19) injection to children, adolescents, young men or women.”
Ben Carson tells Fox News kids should ‘absolutely not’ get COVID shots: It’s a ‘giant experiment.’
Risk of death for kids age 5-11 from the ‘vaccines’ is exponentially higher than from Covid itself.
This should go over well- White House tells businesses to proceed with the vaccine mandate despite a court-ordered pause.
Backpeddle, full speed! The Department of Labor has now decided that most truckers will not fall under the mandate.
Florida to consider removing itself from OSHA oversight, and banning employer vaccine mandates in a special legislative session.
divide and conquer – In Lithuania, The Covid vax regime is considerably advanced beyond all other nations, and gives a glimpse to how the Vaccine passports are designed to divide the nation, pit citizens against citizens, and allow for the denial of all services and the ability to shop to those who are uncompliant.
Swiss crossbowmen? They are serious- 6,000 Swiss protesters bring crossbows and carry cowbells in mass protest against mandates.
Career over- Cody Flint: 33-Year-Old Commercial Airline Pilot Develops Brain Swelling And Can No Longer Fly Following Pfizer Vaccine.
Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Compromised Vaccine Trial Research– Jimmy Dore show

08 Nov 2021: Feds Seek to Block Promotion of a Nasal Spray Against COVID-19.
Florian Dagoury, currently the world’s top static breath-hold free diver, has been diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis 40 days following his second dose with the Pfizer vaccine.
U.S. researchers investigating heart-related risks linked to the COVID-19 shots. They are exploring several “emerging theories,” including one centered on the “spike protein made in response to vaccination.”
Gavin Newsom vaxxed 11 days ago and nothing since…
Jen Psaki also hasn’t been seen in public for eleven days since revealing she got Covid, despite being ‘fully vaccinated.’
Toddler propaganda- Sesame Street’s Big Bird gets vaccinated on twitter.
Evil- CDC Scientists admit they did manipulate study data to show the Covid-19 Vaccines are safe for Pregnant Women as researchers discover 91% of pregnancies resulted in miscarriage following Covid-19 vaccination.
53% of immune-compromised patients hospitalized with Covid symptoms were fully-vaccinated.
GOP to force vaccine mandate vote and put squeeze on centrist Democrats.
A Massachusetts town administered 1,200 COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 on Saturday. How many are dead in a week?
NYC Mayor DeBlasio, in one of his last press releases, declared that all children, 5 to 11 years old, who get vaccinated, will be eligible for a $100 pre-paid gift card.
Trucking groups could lose 37% of drivers over the Biden vaccine mandate, worsening the supply chain crisis.
35-year-old suffering tremors after Pfizer shots told her injury isn’t real.
only proven long-covid problem is loss of sense of smell- Association of Self-reported COVID-19 Infection and SARS-CoV-2 Serology Test Results With Persistent Physical Symptoms Among French Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Is the emergency legal? Emergency Over: All EUAs Illegal, One Million 5-11 Year Old’s Jabbed in 2 Days. Stew Peters show.
Shocking cover-up of severe vax reactions & fraudulent clinical trials exposed. Amazing Polly vid about whistleblower.
Now Most Truck Drivers Will Be Exempt From Vaccine Mandates.

07 Nov 2021: Tetanus shot as a pregnancy reducer.
WHISTLEBLOWER: Vaccines Injuries Exploded! Severe Heart Issues As Side Effects.
Dr. Peter McCullough on the vax-induced myocarditis vs disease-induced.
Gavin Newsom got his vaccine, and suddenly canceled all appearances and has not been seen for ten days.
Massive list of Sports Stars who have all died unexpectedly, often while playing or practicing, after getting vaccinated.
mRNA tech creator Dr. Robert Malone says, ‘The vaccinated are actually the ones that are creating the highest risk for everybody.’.
Highest risk of Covid-19 hospitalization and death is in the most vaccinated nations worldwide according to official data.
Vox highlights Newsmax is imposing a Vax mandate.
Emails reveal the CDC changed the definition of “vaccine” and “vaccination” because their experimental COVID shots didn’t work as advertised.
Latest UKHSA report shows the Covid-19 Vaccines have an average real world effectiveness of MINUS 73%.
San Francisco to force 5-year-olds to show Covid-19 vaccine passports.
Sen Chuck Schumer dances night away in Puerto Rico without a face mask.
OSHA’s COVID-19 vaccine rule may be expanded to small businesses, says the Labor department.
An appeals court has issued a stay and temporarily halted Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees.
Suctioning the skin over a vaccine site can produce antibody levels between two million and five million times higher a regular injection.
SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro.

06 Nov 2021: Germany: list of 75 athletes who died within months of getting #deathvax
In the Middle of a Rap Concert, 11 People Have Heart Attacks – 8 Dead So Far. What?
Appeals Court Temporarily Halts Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Businesses.
A Freeper says, the Air Force is rumored to blanket deny all religious exemption requests.
Vox Day notes, “A German site has chronicled 75 athlete collapses, most of them fatal, since June 2021. That’s 75 more athletes than collapsed and died of Covid.
In Britain, ONS data shows male children have 83% higher death rate since getting the COVID-19 vaccine than the 5-year-average.
German COVID cases soar even though nearly 75% are vaccinated.
Locked down western Australia sets their vax rate target at 90 percent.
24 states challenge Biden administration’s mandate for private businesses.
In an effort to fight COVID-19 vaccination requirements on workers, Alabama lawmakers on Thursday approved legislation to prevent companies from firing workers who claim a religious or medical exemption.
ICE officers file OSHA complaint over illegal immigrant COVID risks.
NYC firetruck availability down to 55 percent, due to the manpower shortages due to the vaccine mandate.
US Cancels Contract With Major COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturer.

05 Nov 2021: Remember, remember, the 5th of November!
Here’s the real reason Comirnaty is not available… (liability)
Italy slashes Covid death numbers by 97 percent… Just 4000 died “from” Covid.
CDC Emails: Our Definition of Vaccine is “Problematic”.
Glitch in the matrix… Australian senator exposes countless vaxx side effects… propaganda mouthpieces stunned.
Heart attacks kill vaxxed brother and sister soccer players, 25 and 23.
Bulgaria: 80 percent decline in restaurant visits after Green Passes mandate.
Covid Tyranny: Police storm famed Swiss eatery — arrest and beat family owners (Video).
Biden econ adviser Jared Bernstein says vaxx mandate is “key” to GDP.
Remember how American Airlines cancelled all those flights last weekend?.
Short-staffed OSHA calls on snitches for vaxx enforcement.
Flashback Luc Montagnier: “the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths”.
New Science Shows Vaxx Mandates Are Extremely Stupid.
Watch as Australia senator take on two propaganda mouthpieces.
Jimmy Dore tees off on useless jab after year-long study proves epic fail.
New Zealand’s mega-vaxxing horse-faced PM has no answer for vaxx fail in Israel… cancels press conference.
Texas voters on Tuesday (Nov. 2) overwhelmingly supported a measure barring governments from taking any kind of action that limits religious services, such as the public health orders that shut down houses of worship and businesses earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic.
More than 10x- Biden’s vaccine mandate begins Jan 4th, and he will be sending OSHA out to confirm compliance. For willful violations, a company can be fined up to $136,532. The standard penalty is $13,653 for a single violation.
Because more than 100 employees- Ben Shapiro’s media company sues Biden administration over vaccine mandate.
Indiana to file multiple lawsuits in fight over federal vaccine mandate.
Florida will join Georgia, Alabama, and others to bring a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s OSHA Vaccine Mandate.
SC Governor issues an executive order barring agencies from issuing or enforcing Biden vaccine mandate.
OSHA amended its injury recording rule in a way that hides the true extent of the damage the COVID vaccine mandate will have on the American workforce.
OSHA to pursue “vax” mandate for private businesses with under 100 employees; Federal Register just published notice for public comments.
Biden says children’s Covid-19 vaccination program will be “fully operational” by November 8th.
Good- Some agencies in the 18-member intelligence community have as much as 40% of their workforce unvaccinated and risking dismissal.
People are starting to notice- Emerald Robinson wrote about the COVID vaccine program being  stalking horse for implementing new technologies to track people, naming luciferase specifically as a candidate for giving people a mark so they can be tracked, and Newsmax has reportedly suspended her.
“effective”- 88% of Covid-19 deaths & 77% of hospitalizations were among the fully vaccinated in the past month according to the latest public health data in Scotland.
“Safe”- Commercial airline pilot develops brain swelling and can no longer fly following the Pfizer vaccine.
“Safe and effective”- 4,500 double jabbed people have died in England after contracting Covid – most since August.
Avoiding the question- CDC Director refuses to tell Senators how many CDC employees have gotten the COVID-19 vaccines.
It’s the vax- Even in parts of the country where covid isn’t overwhelming the health system, patients are showing up to the ER sicker than before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care.
Two months after the Pentagon began requiring all troops to get the coronavirus vaccine or face dismissal, the vast majority have now had shots, in part because none received a religious exemption, military officials said.
Thousands report developing abnormal tumors following COVID shots.
Six-year-old boy was illegally ‘vaccinated’ while trick-or-treating at a church function, and experiences adverse reactions almost immediately.
Half of Beijing’s flights are canceled as China’s capital city tightens Covid restrictions.
More than 26,000 public employees in New York City are refusing the Covid-19 vaccine.
A petition from advocacy groups is calling for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to stop claiming it does not have relationships with or accept financial support from drug manufacturers and other companies that might benefit from agency research given the CDC has accepted millions of dollars through the CDC Foundation.
Rand Paul tweets, “I gave Fauci another chance today to come clean about the NIH’s involvement in gain-of-function research and he chose to lie instead. His failures to do anything to help us get to the bottom of why the pandemic happened is why I believe he should resign.”
And the vaxx creates the spikes… Groundbreaking Israeli Study Shows How COVID Proteins Attack The Heart And Blood Vessels.
Africa Study Expose Why Big Pharma’s Puppets are Suppressing Ivermectin Data.
“Horse Paste”
From Dec 2020- ” it appears that the viral spike protein that is the target of the major C19 Vaccine is also one of the key agents causing the damage to distant organs that may include the brain, heart, lung, & kidney” No duh.
Pfizer falsified data in their Phase III COVID-19 vaccine trial results. Source article here.
No, It’s (the OSHA enforced mandate) Not Legal.

04 Nov 2021: Are You ****ed? Maybe. But.. How Bad?
The real pandemic has just begun, and it’s COVID shot-induced heart attacks in the young.
VAERS data shows 100% of reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of batches produced and the majority were sent to red Republican States across the USA.
Bay Area backslides on CDC COVID map, extending many mask mandates. Forever…
Vox- The Anti-President Doubles Down.
Vox- Lots of young athletes are dying. Orig story here.
Gretchen Whitmer admin burns notes, and destroys emails of the Coronavirus probe.
<3%- Italian article notes, of the 130,468 deaths registered by official statistics at the time of preparation of a new report only 3,783 would be due to the power of the virus itself.
The majority of the 5% of vaccine batches that caused 100% of the deaths in VAERS were sent to red Republican States across the USA.
In Britain, 85% of Covid-19 deaths are among the vaccinated, child deaths have risen by 83% since they were offered the jab, and the Covid-19 vaccines have negative effectiveness as low as -132%.
Stupid- Cisco requires COVID-19 shots for all US staff – even remote workers.
Discrimination- New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority no longer pays a $500,000 death benefit to the families of subway, bus and commuter rail workers who die of covid if the workers were unvaccinated at the time of death.
WHO backs India’s Covaxin for emergency Covid use – a traditional inactivated virus-based COVID-19 vaccine.
Marjorie Taylor Greene was fined $48K this year for defying the House mask mandate.
But what happens if people are still dying? Leftist Noam Chomsky has been making the rounds calling for those who don’t want to put experimental shots in their bodies to be sequestered in their homes and not to let them out to even get food.

03 Nov 2021: Got Testimonials here. (link may expire)
Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America– swamped with clots
Archbishop Viganò Writes Stunning Letter On Vaccine Program. Satanic
convenient- Weeks before COVID appeared in the U.S., Congress redefined the word “vaccine” to include mRNA injections.
Conspiracy- CDC advisory panel recommends COVID-19 vaccines for kids ages 5-11.
Pfizer raises Covid vaccine sales forecast to $36 billion for 2021.
Judge deals Biden admin a major blow, by blocking them from firing unvaccinated military and civilian workers.
Worldwide data on 188 countries proves the highest Covid-19 case rates are in the most vaccinated countries.
Revelations of poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out Pfizer’s pivotal covid-19 vaccine trial include falsified data, unblinded patients, inadequately trained vaccinators, and being slow to follow up on adverse events reports.
Researchers in a peer-reviewed study call for “immediate withdrawal of mRNA COVID vaccines for use in pregnancy, those breastfeeding, those of childbearing age and children.” “… stunning results of pregnant mRNA vaccinated women: 92% had a spontaneous miscarriage in the first 13 weeks…while 81.9% of women who received the mRNA COVID vaccine had a spontaneous miscarriage in the first 20 weeks”.
Army Flight Doctor grounds 3 pilots in one morning, all from vaccine injury, reports her concerns to his superior, and is immediately yanked from acute care duty.
7000 Queensland (Australia) Health Care Workers Refuse to Get Jab, 4000 of them are let go today.
Dallas Mavericks will no longer require most fans provide proof of vaccine or negative test to attend games.
Colleges Conditioning Students for a Surveillance Bureaucracy– snitching for Covid
Good- Judge says Chicago can’t enforce vaccine mandate on Police officers as Lightfoot fumes.
Huh. Active or latent Toxoplasma Gondii found in 100% of lung cancer patients. Ivermectin can treat the little besties. Maybe there is something to the parasite-cancer connection. I wonder why? Maybe to remain functional…

02 Nov 2021: well, who could have seen that coming? Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin, and ends COVID almost overnight.
I see a surge in firing and contracting- The Biden administration said on Monday that a planned rule requiring private-sector employers with 100 or more employees to mandate COVID-19 vaccines or regular testing will be published in the coming days.
It’s all relative- Americans who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are 3.5 times as likely to develop blood clots.
Happens all teh time, right? Another professional soccer player collapses on the field as Emil Pálsson suffers an on-field cardiac arrest, and is resuscitated on field.
Kamala Harris gets her COVID booster shot on the fake White House set.
“Do it for the children…” evil – Report finds increased risk of spontaneous abortion following COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.
Wrong sort of paranoid parents collide with paranoid and oppressive government- Parents reported to child services for keeping their unvaccinated kids home.
A judge has suspended Chicago’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement for police officers.
Court gives DOD extensive homework before Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden hearing on the military vax mandate.
Conflicted- Member of CDC’s advisory board who approves vaccines was quietly paid $437,250 last year by vaccine makers.
19 U.S. states now suing Biden over Federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Just say NO- The new digital driver’s license will include your vaccine status and may eventually include your credit score, travel records and social credit score.
No weather problems, just vax strike- American Airlines cancels another 634 flights Sunday – 1,500 total flights canceled since Friday.
Lots of memes at AC today about telling people to stop with the critical thinking.
Vaccine-pushing Austrian MP gets up to the podium and collapses in Parliament.
10,857 fully vaccinated Americans have died of COVID-19; 30,000 hospitalized.
Straight to court- The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is about to require 80 million working Americans to get vaccinated, but Congress didn’t give OSHA the authority to impose vaccine mandates.
Noticing medical problems in military personnel. Could be bad, very bad.
Vaccine mandates lead to critical shortage of healthcare workers in Canadian province.
COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions.
Rageaholic- Blackpills: The True Purpose of Propaganda. Excellent.
Not a conspiracy theory, just numbers analysis of the VAERS data.
Falsified Data‘: Pfizer Vaccine Trial Had Major Flaws, Whistleblower Tells Peer-Reviewed Journal.
Researchers In Peer-Reviewed Study Call For “IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL of mRNA COVID Vaccines For Use in Pregnancy, Those Breastfeeding, Those Of Childbearing Age and Children”.
ClotShot Typhoid Mary’s- UK NIHR Bombshell: Fully Vaccinated Serve as Vectors, Comparable Transmission to Household Contacts. Not a surprise.
They changed the definition- CDC Emails: Our Definition of Vaccine is “Problematic”.
Rumble video- Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase, graphene oxide compounds.
Vaccine efficacy goes negative by 9 months in a country-wide cohort study in Sweden.

They knew. They have known a long time. From here.

01 Nov 2021: Lot to lot variation in VAERS reports high, troubling.
Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Immunity Waned, Regardless of Age: Israeli Study.
Jacobson v Massachusetts: It’s Not Your Great-Great-Grandfather’s Public Health Law.
WAYNE ROOT: What I Just Told New York Times About the Complete Failure & Disaster of the Covid Vaccine.
Authors of Great Barrington Declaration Got It Right — Lockdowns Were a Disaster, Especially for Young People.
Naomi Pierre-Dubuisson, 48-year-old Florida event planner dead days after first mRNA injection.
Burials up 15%, cremations up 10% in 2021 compared to 2020 when there were no covid “vaccines.”
Better and better. (face-palm)- Reporting backlog means the VAERS vaccine adverse reaction data is short by hundreds of thousands of reports.
I believe he actually does care for the kids, in a good way- Ben Carson says of Covid vaccines for kids, “This is really a giant experiment.”
Prime hires in a few years- West Point cadets who chose to leave West Point rather than take the COVID vaccine were coerced, abused and discriminated against.
They -can- check- Two Pennsylvania police officers were ‘fired’ for submitting fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to their department.
Surprise! People who have received COVID-19 vaccinations are able to spread the delta variant within their household despite their vaccination status just as easily as unvaccinated individuals.
No more vaccinating- This 7 minute video containes examples from 1971 in which government officials admit the flu vaccine doesn’t work and may be harmful at higher levels, or the adeno virus given soldiers contains a cancer causing agent which they have just happened to find in previous ‘vaccines.’.
A new study (systemic review & meta-analysis) has theorized that we could achieve a COVID mortality rate close to zero if everyone had a vitamin D level >50 ng/mL.
very bad- The COVID Spike protein impedes DNA damage repair. Leads to cancer.
No reader here should be shocked- Ireland, the most vaccinated nation in the European Union with a 91% vaccination rate, now has the highest number of Covid patients in hospitals in seven months.
Already burned out- There was a simultaneous outbreak of the zoonotic Nipah henipavirus in Wuhan – a biosafety level IV pathogen that is much more deadly than COVID-19 – and 4 out of 5 patients have the virus in Jinyintan Hospital , along with SARS-Cov2, in their metagenome.
insane rules if the world works as you thought it does- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Saturday that unvaccinated foreign nationals under the age of 18 traveling to the United States by air do not have to self-quarantine upon arrival.
action, consequence- NYC has issued a state-wide call for firefighters from both Long Island and Upstate New York as one-third of city firefighters remain unvaccinated ahead of the November 1 deadline, leaving 26 firehouses shuttered.
Indian Television Exposes How Pfizer Bullies and Blackmails Countries for COVID Shots – “Desperate Countries force to Make Humiliating Concessions” (VIDEO)
WONDER DRUG: New International Ivermectin Report of 64 Studies Shows 86% Success as Prophylaxis and 67% Success in Early Treatment.
STUDY: J&J Vaccine Recipients 3.5x More Likely To Develop Potentially Fatal Blood Clot In The Brain. orig report here.
Interesting. Ivermectin is on this NIH list- Table 2e. Characteristics of Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19.
Rumble video, all sorts of evil shit in Canada- “The Big Squeeze” With Laura-Lynn.
Local school district is putting on a pediatric vaxxing clinic. They may hang for crimes against humanity one day, if they don’t commit suicide when they realize what they’ve done to their own kids, first.

31 Oct 2021: Black Seed ‘Strongly Binds’ to Spike Protein, Prevents Vascular Damage.
I’m A Twenty Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” Will Not End.
Big if true- Leaked video conference between CCP party officials discussing the how the vaccine is a death sentence and it’s ultimate goal to have the entire US military vaccinated.
Jerome Bell’s Twitter was PERMANENTLY banned minutes after uploading this.
Rules for thee- Responses to FOIs say MPs don’t have to take Covid tests or disclose their “vaccination” status.
The number of Covid related deaths has dramatically increased in post-vaccination Taiwan.
NYC firehouses shut down after hundreds of unvaccinated firefighters take sick leave to avoid being put on unpaid leave.
A federal appeals court struck down a temporary injunction on Friday that had New York State health care workers able to seek a religious exemption to avoid getting their COVID-19 vaccinations.
72% of unvaccinated would leave job if vaccine required without testing option.
Vax mandate = staffing shortage- American Airlines cancels hundreds of flights during Halloween weekend.
90% of the American vaccine contracts for the European nations is classified.
Due to COVID’s success, China is now working on integrating bio warfare with information warfare in the future.

30 Oct 2021: The vaxx is anit-effective. These people are playing God, badly.
Nurse Films Herself Being Escorted Out Of Hospital For Refusing Vaccine — “Count The Cost”
UPDATE: 71 out of 75 Districts in Uttar Pradesh, India – Its Most Populated State – Reported No Covid-19 Cases in 24 Hours After Implementing Ivermectin Protocol.
Such obvious lies- NBC News tells us, Covid vaccines provide stronger immunity than past infection, CDC study finds.
More Lies- US Intel tells us we will never really know where COVID came from.
Too little, too late- Supreme Court refuses to hear an emergency appeal of Maine’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate that denies health care workers any religious exemptions.
Following the Supreme Court’s decision not to grant the extraordinary relief of an injunction pending appeal (IPA), Liberty Counsel will file a petition for the Supreme Court to review the merits of the case on behalf of more than 2,000 Maine health care workers, some of whom were terminated today.
Mass NYPD retirements expected as vaccine mandate deadline looms.
Up to 12,000 Air Force personnel have rejected vaccine orders.
Money where is mouth is- Rapper Ice Cube has lost out on a $9million payday as he departed comedy film Oh Hell No after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
A Washington, D.C., district court judge temporarily blocked the Biden administration from firing unvaccinated federal employees who sued the government over religious exemptions.
Biden administration refuses judge’s order to hold off on firing unvaccinated employees seeking religious exemptions.
Countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.
Illinois reports 77.7% of its Covid deaths last week were “vaccinated.”.
Covid Early Treatment Summit livestream on Must Read Alaska’s YouTube channel.
Alaska event video on Youtube. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Dry Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Robert Malone.
Ruble- Dr Rochagné Kilian – Blows the Whistle on Covid-19 Vaccines and D-Dimer Levels.
The Truth That Must Not Be Spoken- Port Townsend Free Press.

29 Oct 2021: just a coincidence, I’m sure- Major Uptick In Emergency Room Admissions From People Suffering Acute Organ Failure.
Big, but too late for some- Federal Judge Temporarily Bans Biden Administration from Firing Unvaccinated Employees.
Some people are insane, or evil- Father Determined To Vaccinate His 9-Year-Old Even After His 14-Year-Old Son Developed Heart Inflammation From The Pfizer Vaccine. Deep denial.
COVID-19 Cases Plummeted in Indonesia After Government Authorized IVERMECTIN For Treatment – Big Pharma Vaccines Made Little Difference.
Rules for thee- MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer Is Latest Democrat Caught Partying Without Mask She Requires For Others.
U.S. Navy’s Plans to Issue Blanket Rejection for ALL Religious Exemptions to the Covid Vaccine Mandate Despite Directly Violating Several Naval Procedures.
WATCH: Joe Rogan, InfoWars Destroy Mainstream Media Lies to America About Ivermectin.
Almost like it doesn’t work- Ireland Has Massive New COVID Outbreak Despite 91% Vaccination Rate.
One of Trudeau’s bodyguards speaks out against COVID jab mandates, calls them ‘authoritarian’
Vox- Car Crashes and the Vaxxocaust. Orig article here. 18.8% is significant.
Conflict of interest- A half-dozen FDA vaccine panel members are tied to Pfizer.
Micro-strokes- US road deaths spiked 18% to 20,000 in 2021′s first half.
Illinois reports 77.7% of its Covid deaths last week were ‘vaccinated.’
85% of Covid-19 deaths & 75% of hospitalizations in the UK were among the fully vaccinated in the last month according to the latest public health data.
Victorian officials refuse to release vaccination status of virus deaths.
Nothing to see here, folks- Pfizer adds ingredient used to stabilize heart attack victims in vax for kids.
28-year-old bodybuilder dies “unexpectedly” four days after a Moderna vaccine jab.
Documents show the United States Navy has plans to deny all sailors who do not want the jabs based on sincerely felt religious objections a religious exemption.
Might be a problem- One-third of US military are still not fully vaccinated.
Embezzlers paradise- The World Health Organization and other aid groups on Thursday appealed to leaders of the world’s 20 biggest economies to fund a $23.4 billion plan to bring COVID-19 vaccines, tests and drugs to poorer countries in the next 12 months.
Fauci tortures dogs. Then – Last month, Google removed ads by an animal advocacy group that was raising awareness on cruel dog experiments that received funding from a Dr. Anthony Fauci-led division of the National Institute of Health (NIH).
Ouch- Latest UK Health Security Agency report shows the Covid-19 Vaccines have NEGATIVE effectiveness as low as MINUS 132%.
Vaxed vs non-vaxed Every Week It Gets Worse: The Latest PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report.
Latest Lancet Study Exposes Limits Of Vaccines At Preventing COVID Infection.
CDC Finally Recognizes Natural Immunity After Their Own Study Shows Vaccines Are Better.
Vaccination Status Ground Reports from Conservative Treehouse.

28 Oct 2021: Biden backs down, Dec 8 “deadline” won’t be enforced.
Illinois Reports 77.7% of Its Covid Deaths Last Week Were ‘Vaccinated’
An investigation of official ONS data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine was offered and administered to kids in England and Wales there has been a 89% rise in deaths among male children against the five-year-average, with the most recent week seeing an increase as high as 200%.
won’t happen, but thanks for asking- Canadian Politician demands urgent investigation into rise of sudden deaths among teens following Covid-19 vaccination.
FDA Committee member admits he doesn’t know if the vaccine is safe for kids but approves it anyway, saying, “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.” Wouldn’t that be great fodder in future lawsuits?
A Louisiana mother is threatening to sue, claiming that her 16-year-old son was vaccinated for COVID-19 while at his Jefferson Parish high school without her consent.
“accidentally” US Army launches investigation after three service personnel ‘who went to get their flu shot’ were accidentally given dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine instead.
I strongly suspect an ulterior motive- New study says an Antidepressant can help prevent hospitalization with COVID.
In the end, the Swedes really did have the last laugh with a relaxed Covid approach.
They are beginning to set the stage for a more infectious bird flu being prominent this year.
Asking the right question-Daily Mail is left wondering, how did Florida end up with one of the best COVID-19 case and death rates in the US despite Gov Ron DeSantis refusing to implement mask or vaccine mandates?
Negative effectiveness- Analysis of UK health stats on the vaccine.
California county shuts down In-N-Out over vaccine-verification defiance.
So tiresome- Covid variant A.30 ‘is heavily mutated and evades vaccine-induced antibodies with high efficiency.
Pfizer vax attacks human blood creating clots under the microscope. Good general description at AC’s place for this.
for some pols it’s just a money-grab-Thousands of Australians with unpaid fines for breaking Covid rules have their homes seized, bank accounts raided and licenses cancelled as government chases $5.2 million.
Top. Men. Green Pass compromised as Adolf Hitler gets a Covid certificate, and media speculate on whether EU security keys were stolen.

(Epoch Times) Health Care Workers Speak Out on Why They Would Rather Lose Their Jobs Than Take a COVID-19 Vaccine.
Number one RAP song in the US is about opposing vax mandates. Lyrics and vid.
CDC Data Confirms Covid Vaccine Deaths 2.5X More Than ALL VACCINES FOR PAST 30 YEARS COMBINED.

27 Oct 2021Joe Rogan Says Dr. Pierre Kory Treated 200 Members of Congress with Ivermectin
“Experts”- Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen, Baffling Experts.
India’s Ivermectin Blackout.
India’s Ivermectin Blackout: The Secret Revealed.
“A Decision They’ll Regret” – Australia Regulator Bans Ivermectin Use As COVID-19 Treatment.
Are you ready for the 3rd jab? Not a booster, but a third jab? Insanity.
FDA panel votes 17-0 to endorse COVID19 vaccines for kids 5-11 years old in the US.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but many don’t even have COVID.
Ironic- Celine Dion wanted everyone to get vaxxed, and now she is suffering from serious muscle spasms that have required her to postpone her upcoming residency in Las Vegas.
Vaccine mandates threaten major trucking disruptions, industry insiders say.
The question over whether the NIH funded risky gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China was officially ‘answered’ last week, after the agency claimed that one of their partners – EcoHealth Alliance, failed to report that they had ‘accidentally’ created a chimeric coronavirus that was able to infect humanized mice.
These bastards are evil- A doctor on twitter tweets: “I have just had a conversation with an upset midwife in a large 8000+ births per year hospital delivery unit. They have had a cluster of babies this month who have been born seemingly healthy, but died within 48-72 hours from pulmonary haemmorhage.”
CDC says some immunocompromised people can get a fourth COVID shot.
Of course- Moderna chairman says boosters could be yearly.
Influenza is more dangerous to kids than COVID is, so why doesn’t the CDC recommend masks for the flu?.
A liar trying to rewrite history- Deborah Birx told Congress the Trump White House prioritized the election over the pandemic response.
Flu season has arrived early, and seemingly more potently, with a flurry of anecdotal stories of the “worst cold ever” circulating on social media.
It wasn’t just beagles and monkeys – Fauci’s NIH also funded medical experiments on AIDS orphans in NY city.
Archbishop Viganò letter to US bishops says complicity with the COVID agenda is a ‘satanic action against God.’
Chinese Defector Reveals COVID Origin (Li-Meng Yan, M.D., Ph.D.) Joseph Mercola
The ENTIRE vaccine schedule has never been safety-tested. Huh. Interesting. Scary.
FDA Committee Members Reviewing Pfizer Vaccine For Children Have Worked For Pfizer, Have Big Pfizer Connections.

26 Oct 2021: The NIH has an odd way of going about “science”- NIH spent millions of your dollars conducting psychological torture experiments on monkeys.
Top Murphy ally recorded by Project Veritas saying the NJ Governor’s vax mandate is coming post-Election Day.
A 45-year-old male FBI Agent died less than 24 hours after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Are we sure it was the vax, or was he an independent thinker?
Fresh lockdowns in China as local Covid-19 infections spread to 11 provinces.
Joe Biden forgets mask, coughs into his hand, then shakes hands with Democrats.
Doctors are often unaware of the only treatment for early Covid-19.
How do they know? COVID vaccine makers prepare for a variant worse than Delta.
UK report raises concerns about suboptimal vaccine antibodies erasing natural immunity.
Driver intentionally rams vaccine mandate protesters in Palmdale, CA.
HHS Chief Becerra to the unvaccinated: ‘You can’t just be selfish’ — Be ‘part of the team.’
Border Patrol to fire up to 5K agents over vaccine mandate.
Canadian public health report reflects increased heart condition side effects for 12-17 year old males as vaccination rates increase.
use PPE? Millions of filthy, used medical gloves — some even obviously bloodstained — were imported into the US from Thailand amid a shortage of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a disturbing report.
COVID supposedly triggers an early release of a signal that the body uses to given an all-clear, thereby shutting off the immune system, and allowing the virus to thrive.
Medical tyranny- In Australia, Dan Andrews could be given extraordinary, unprecedented powers to restrict movement, ban public gatherings and shut businesses during a pandemic – even if there are ZERO cases, under a new law.
Facebook and Instagram disappear a Facebook live where Bolsonaro says the vaccines give you AIDS.
Adults over 30, are more likely to have Covid if they’ve been ‘double dosed.’
Testimony about the aluminum nanoparticles in vaccines causing inflammation and probs.
‘No Jab, No Job’ – Aussie Supermarkets Demands 300K Workers Must Get Fake Vaccinated Or Find Work Elsewhere.
Serious Vaxx injury, massive blood clotting,  story of 19 YO woman, healthy person.
VAERS Admits Fewer Than 1% of Vaccine Adverse Events are Reported. Martin Armstrong.
More on Original Antigenic Sin and the Folly of Our Universal Vaccination Campaign.
sickening- FDA Panel Votes In Favor Of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine For Children Aged 5 – 11.
The good news is, D3 still works- The spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 variant A.30 is heavily mutated and evades vaccine-induced antibodies with high efficiency.
China Braces For Another Major COVID Flareup By Forcing Jabs On Children As Young As 3.
But average age of patient doesn’t drop until after vaccinations begin. No Significant Change In COVID-19 Hospitalization Outcomes During Delta Surge: CDC Study.
45 Yr Old FBI Special agent Dies 24 hours After Pfizer Shot, wife responds.
Deaths among male Children are 89% higher than the 5-year-average since they were given the Covid-19 Vaccine. (UK data)
This is the big, important story that NO mainstream journalist seems to be covering. Deaths in England & Wales since the summer running at 12/13% above the 5-yr-average (22% now in Wales) but only 6.2% related to Covid
Related-Graph of Scottish excess Summer Mortality for the last 40 years. What changed?

25 Oct 2021: Who Are These COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics and What Do They Believe?
Traian Calancea: 24-Year-Old Student Dies 10 Days After Receiving The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine.
A whole bunch of really good questions by Steve Kirsch. (PDF)
Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?
Experts named by prosecutors said Thursday that an 18-year-old Italian student who died after getting the AstraZneca jab in a Genoa hospital last June died of a thrombosis caused by the vaccine.
“rare”- Michigan woman’s death caused by rare Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine side effect, autopsy report says.
On twitter – “Normal healthy 13 year old is now wheelchair bound, with memory loss, a feeding tube, in severe chronic pain. This was reported as “functional abdominal pain” in the trial of 1131 kids. Sounds like a tummy ache. If this is truly a 1 in a 1000 reaction would you risk it?”
Walensky says the Biden regime is planning on “education and counseling” for unvaccinated Police Officers and ‘essential workers.’.
Silence- Comcast refuses to air an ad from the mother of a child injured by the vaccine.
Louisiana High School administered the COVID vaccine to children without parental consent.
German city to stop publishing statistics of vaccinated hospitalizations to avoid “playing into the hands of Corona deniers.” uh huh. Sure.
out biology is complicated (not strictly Covid) New UC Riverside research shows soybean oil not only leads to obesity and diabetes, but also has pronounced effects on gene activity in the hypothalamus, which is critical for reproduction and physical growth as well as your response to stress.”.
PsyOp- A deleted government report exploring how to make the public alter its behavior to accept the new ‘green economy’ reveals how pleased the powers are that COVID-19 restrictions have created a population with a “deep set reverence” for authority and a “powerful tendency to conform.”
Notable recent VAERS deletions. Like breastfeeding mothers who are vaxxed.
You WILL comply- Brevard County Florida school employees used nylon rope to tie a mask onto a female nonverbal down syndrome student every day for 6 weeks until one day they forgot to remove it and sent her home, which is how her dad found out.
Yale study concludes natural immunity protects against COVID three times longer than the vaccine.
The attorney general of Arizona is filing a request for a temporary restraining order to stop the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
“Effective”- Children are 69% more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 if Fully Vaccinated according to latest UK Health Security Agency report.
A section of infectious disease experts in India believes that vaccines have no benefits to such individuals who have naturally recovered from Covid-19, and instead might cause some harm to them and lead to Serious Adverse Event Following Immunization (SAEFI).
Preliminary audit results find 800 unreported COVID-19 deaths in Michigan nursing homes.
22-year-old Wisconsin newlywed healthcare worker says having only two seizures is a “good day” in the 10 months since second Pfizer mRNA injection.
Congresswoman Introduces ‘Natural Immunity Is Real Act’
Myocarditis and Pericarditis by age group for COVID-19 Vaxxed vs. all other vaccine reports.

UK data- Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity even if you are infected and recover.

23 Oct 2021: Went hunting again, now catching up a bit.
Vox on the UK booster speedup- Kill ‘Em Off Quicker. Depressing.
Voxes take on mixing and matching vax boosters- Shooter’s Choice.
IVERMECTIN: 379 deaths in 25 years, COVID VACCINES: 16,766 deaths in 10 months.
PhD researcher’s analysis of VAERS data reveals 5,427% increase in deaths following COVID shots compared to all vaccines over the past 10 years.
“it’s for the children” they wail. Liars. Child who has been diagnosed with an infection gets refused treatment because of vaccination status.
Newly released documents show NIH funded gain-of-function research in China.
NY underreported COVID-19 nursing home deaths by up to 50 percent according to a new AG report.
Sweden suspends Moderna shot indefinitely after vaxxed patients develop crippling heart conditions.
“Effective,” eh? Covid antibody levels appear to be lower in people who acquire infection following two doses of vaccination.
May have saved a lot of lives that way- A Maine hospital fired so many unvaccinated employees they had to close the ICU.
Children are up to 16 times more likely to die with Covid-19 if they’ve had the Covid Vaccine according to latest UK Health Security Agency report.
Hospitals are killing thousands with Remdesivir-induced kidney failure.
Evidence clearly shows deaths are increasing worldwide after COVID-19 shots as a  major labor shortages loom.
Very good question- Why does Biden’s vaccine mandate not apply to welfare recipients and others who get things from the government?
Evil state- Washington state suspends a physician assistant for prescribing Ivermectin.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday called a special session of the Florida Legislature to pass legislation banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
Florida reaches the lowest case rate of Covid without any mandates.
Illinois Sheriffs say they won’t send Deputies to help fill the gap created by Chicago’s vaccine mandate.
Twitter erupts with support for In-N-Out after company refuses to enforce vaccine mandate
The Post Office still does not have a vaccine mandate.
Steve Bannon warned, “The first tenet of psychological warfare is to break you to become compliant to make sure all your actions and human agency will be futile.”
Scalise says GOP memo on closed-door Birx testimony confirms world was ‘misled’ on COVID. Right. “misled.” They knew they were being lied to, and went along with it.
Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) donation platform on paypal is shut down.
White House details plans to vaccinate 28M children age 5-11.
A Florida judge on Tuesday rejected the latest petition asking that a hospital be ordered to administer ivermectin to a woman extremely ill with COVID-19.
Fox’s Neil Cavuto off air after contracting Covid; vaccinated host heavily immunocompromised.
Leaked White House call shows DOJ lawyer discussing how to undercut vaccine religious exemption claims.
Paying the price of compliance-  Massachusetts State Police officer in ICU a day after he got the jab because he didn’t want to be terminated.
Massive increase- Child deaths are 52% higher than the 5-year-average since they were offered the Covid-19 vaccine, after previously being 14% down according to ONS data (UK).
Many Police Officers and their unions are pushing back hard against vaccine mandates.
Mayor de Blasio to announce COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all city workers.
Nearly 1,900 Washington state employees quit, fired over vaccine mandate.
Australia’s Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s family flees home amid vaccine mandate anger.
Cross-border truck drivers will need to prove they’re fully vaccinated against Covid-19 beginning in early January.
There may be an upside to a deadly vaccine- Unvaccinated Members of Parliament will be barred from Canada’s House of Commons.
Netflix normalizes violence against the unvaccinated with new show were an unvaccinated person gets the protagonists relative sick, to the murder of him is justified.
Almost overnight, Japan has become a stunning, and somewhat mysterious, coronavirus success story and nobody is really sure why. (ivermectin)
Protesters claim Italian authorities tampered with ‘live webcam’ to show empty square instead of huge anti-vaccine-passport rally. Liars gonna lie.

20 Oct 2021: Will be going deer hunting again, no posting until I’m back.
Just a rumor, but- It is rumored the Biden administration has quietly authorized damages to be settled with coerced vaccine takers if they suffer serious side effects under the still-unissued federal vaccine mandate.
can’t comply your way out- Australian Premier promises to keep unvaccinated people locked out of the economy into 2022, and warns vaccinated citizens they too will be locked down if they attempt to avoid booster shots.
Coercion- Tucked in the massive spending bill is a de facto vaccine mandate that would generate harsh fines on businesses that dare to allow their employees the freedom to choose which medical procedures are conducted on them.
serious science guys- According to a member of the FDA’s vaccine-advisory panel who voted in favor of the plan, the FDA approved the introduction of Moderna mRNA booster shots based on “a gut feeling” rather than “really truly serious data.”.
Ninety percent of employers say vaccine mandates will cause employees to quit.
Red Flag! Gov. Polis tells kids to keep secrets, lie to your parents and get vaccinated.
May or may not be smart- Dennis Prager has COVID-19, says he deliberately sought infection to gain natural immunity.
Gaslighting turned up to 11- CNN headline – Why vaccinated people dying from Covid-19 doesn’t mean the vaccines are ineffective.
Fear porn for the day- A subvariant of the Covid Delta strain could be more infectious than its ancestor, experts warned today.
Southwest drops plan to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave starting in December.
“Accidentally” I’m sure- Oregon government agency inadvertently releases 40,000 state employees’ vaccination status.
Bought and paid for- The U.S. Supreme Court declined Tuesday to hear an emergency appeal of a vaccine requirement imposed on Maine health care workers, the latest defeat for opponents of vaccine mandates.
More than a third of Chicago police officers defy city vaccine mandate.
Why? Is it legal for them? why only this vaccine? OSHA will not make employers record worker side effects from forced COVID vaccines.
DeSantis’ critics fall silent as Florida’s COVID-19 cases drop.

19 Oct 2021: Pretty good guide to what to do to deal with vax mandates.
A whistleblower says the FDA and CDC are ignoring a damning report that over 90% of a hospital’s admissions were vaccinated for Covid-19 and no one was reporting this to VAERS
Evil or compped- Three professional medical associations have backed a bid to strip doctors who speak out against the novel COVID-19 inoculations of their ability to practice medicine.
IL Governor JB Pritzker working to undo the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, which bans discrimination by public or private institutions “because of such persons conscientious refusal to receive…or participate in any way in any particular form of healthcare services contrary to his or her conscience.”.
No More Silence, a website dedicated to sharing stories of real people who have suffered debilitating adverse events after taking one of the experimental shots for COVID-19, features 213 unique stories of injury from people in 17 countries.
Thanks to vax mandate, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists face mass firings.
Rules for thee-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot brazenly breaks her own COVID rules by smirking for photo while bare-faced in masked crowd at basketball game – then shares it on her Twitter account.
Colleges have begun hiring student hall monitors to enforce mask and distancing restrictions, a move that has given students authority over their peers for their obedience to the state’s COVID diktats.
Chicago threatens to withhold retirement benefits from Police officers who retire rather than submit to the city’s COVID vaccine mandate.
Safe & Effective- More deaths from vaccinations than from Covid-19 in Taiwan.
More like it- A Miami private school has mandated that students who receive a COVID-19 shot stay home for 30 days after each dose – citing claims that newly vaccinated people can shed the vaccine.
Vax is killing people- Data analyst proves Covid-19 deaths increased dramatically after the vaccine roll-out in over 40 countries.
SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome. Anne,
Chemical cocktail found in face masks.

18 Oct 2021Whistleblower Physician Assistant Says NY Hospital Admissions Were 90% Vaccinated, Not Being Reported to VAERS.
Vox, would we know if the vaxxed died/got sick? But We’d Hear About It. orig story here.
In India, parents say their baby was killed by an overly aggressive COVID swab.
Yup, that’s what we expect, now- One lab sees indications the reduction in vaccine effectiveness over time may be a more generalized immune degradation which will impact resistance to other viruses and cancers.
90% of hospital admissions are fully vaccinated patients.
16K COVID-19 positive migrants were released into U.S. by ICE, says whistleblower.
Silencing critics, AKA massive gaslighting- A brave employee of German public broadcaster ARD, an organization with an annual budget of $8 billion and multiple television and radio services, writes that he can no longer remain silent about the lopsided coverage of issues related to COVID-19 and its treatments.
Adding pressure- Navy to separate unvaccinated officers under the same category used for drug offenders and sexual deviants.
Texas Supreme Court prohibits a school district from mandating employees have the COVID vaccine.
Proof of VAERS Underreporting and Hidden Vaccine-Associated Hospitalizations.
Official data shows 269 drugs are known to dangerously interact with the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine including the Flu Jab; but both are being given to the elderly and vulnerable at the same time.
FDA Delays Moderna Vax for Adolescents Citing Concern of Myocarditis Risk in Children.
No politics, just follow the science- Illinois Governor Pritzker Defers COVID Vaccine Mandate until End of November After Unions Revolt.
Over 140 School Bus Routes Cancelled in Seattle Due to Vaccine Mandates.
Study Published On NIH Website Finds ‘No Discernable Relationship’ Between Vaccine Status And COVID Cases, Says Infection Rate May Be Higher Among Fully Vaccinated.
Well, that’s not coercive at all-
It Appears That an American Airlines Uprising Against the Vaccine Mandate is Now Beginning.
Robert Malone, mRNA Inventor on COVID Response: “Is This Really About the Vaccine or Is It About Something Else?”
The Parasite Pill. PDF on Ivermectin and Parasite roll in many diseases.

17 Oct 2021: Vox The Downside to Vaccinated Crowds.
Vox with a funeral home director blurb- Murder, He Suspected.
British Funeral Director John O’Looney: Deaths Skyrocketed ‘300%’ After Covid Vaccine.
Vox- The Useless NFL Vaccine Mandate.
Pfizer Scientist admits Pfizer Covid vaccine “just doesn’t work” in some people. Veritas
Texas Supreme Court Halts School Vaccine Mandate Hours Before It Was to Begin.
Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower COVID Rates, Epidemiology Paper Finds.
Delta Air Lines CEO Ditches ‘Divisive’ Vaccine Mandate.
Dr. Stella Immanuel: “The Whole Pandemic Was A TROJAN HORSE For Vaccines – Fauci Is Epitome Of Evil.”
Nebraska AG allows Drs o prescribe HCQ and Ivermectin off-label.
Military, Federal Employees and Civilian Contractors Sue Biden.
Keep it rollin’ forever- Pfizer Board Member Reveals New ‘AY.4’ COVID ‘Delta Plus’ Variant, Which Could Require Even More Vaccines.
Does it exist? In a response to a request made under the Transparency Act (2013), the Ministry of Health in Spain acknowledged that “it does not have a SARS-CoV-2 culture” nor a “registry of laboratories with culture and isolation capacity for testing.”
A 17-year-old boy in Canada died of a heart attack at home on September 27 reportedly two weeks after he received a COVID jab.
when two evils spar-Court bars Chicago police union boss from discouraging members to comply with city vaccine mandate.
spicy Times ahead- Nearly 50% of Chicago’s 13,000-strong police force could be put on unpaid leave for ignoring Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s compulsory shot order.
no can do- US Navy Secretary under Lloyd Austin threatens to make Navy SEALs pay back the cost of their training if they don’t get vaxxed.
“Why?” is the real question- Scientists discover adults who are hooked on cigarettes are 50% less likely to test positive for the illness.
News that Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Larry Jones died without warning within 9 days of the deaths of two other judges has their colleagues in Cuyahoga and Cleveland courts quietly fearful that their rush to be injected with an unproven concoction of “immune stimulating” ingredients could make them next. Getting Cabal replacements?
Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe enters a packed restaurant without a mask, hugs people.
Not possible it was an “accident”-Officials there say their data shows 16 people in the last month that have reported getting the COVID vaccine when they went in for a flu shot.
Australia building permanent Covid-19 quarantine camps for “ongoing operations.”
Of course it is- Facebook’s independent COVID fact-checker site is funded by the $1.9 billion vaccine lobby.
Unvaccinated Washington State Trooper in Yakima, Wash. signs off after 22 years, saying, “This is the last time you’ll hear me in a patrol car and Jay Inslee can kiss my ass.”
A judge in New York City has blocked a father’s right to see his three-year-old daughter unless he agrees to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
Protests erupt as Italy becomes the first nation to mandate a vaccine pass for all workers.
right…‘Fully vaccinated’ 21-year-old personal trainer dies from COVID complications.
Evil. some of these pople need to hang. To test the effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine in a “real-life scenario,” the pharmaceutical company Pfizer says it will fully vaccinate everybody over 12 in the Brazilian city of Toledo.
Confronted by a Project Veritas reporter, a Pfizer executive literally ran away when asked about the connection between her company’s COVID-19 vaccine and abortion.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Friday that she took her fight with the head of the city’s police officers union to court, arguing that his call for officers to ignore the order to report their COVID-19 vaccination status was illegal.
Russian Scientists have created a revolutionary drug called Leitragin that would diffuse the Cytokine Storm from COVID-19. Or take D3.
Physician to FDA, CDC: In 20 years of practicing medicine, ‘I’ve never witnessed so many vaccine-related injuries.’
A “Super Cold” in the UK spreads as ADE caused by the Vaxx is covered up.
NBA Star Brandon Wilson says, “The vaccine ended my season, 1000 percent,” and, “The Hawks told me not say anything about it, not to tell anybody.”.
White House tells states to prepare for Covid vaccinations in young children.
The CEO of Southwest Airlines said Tuesday that he never wanted to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for his employees and admitted his company will only violate the privacy and liberty of tens of thousands of workers because President Joe Biden forced his hand.
A video montage shows how health officials, pharmaceutical companies and media declared the coronavirus shots to be 100% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 at the launch of the vaccines then gradually lowered their estimations to as low as 20% after only six months.
The Transportation Security Administration says 4-in-10 members of its workforce, including screeners, remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 as its deadline looms.
Fauci claims there is no “true basis” in concerns over long term COVID vax side effects, despite there being no long term studies.
Chicago Police Union to defy the City’s vaccine mandate and dare the city to enforce it.