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Seeing as how the book was written in something like screenplay format, it is only appropriate that it become a movie. In as much as I’m a relative nobody, with no connections, and that I’m well past casting-couch age, it’s also appropriate that it be done on a tight budget by a smaller production company. This is where the movie stuff starts.

On Dec 16, 2016, Vox posted a blog entry titled Zero Interest in Rogue One. In the comments, Michael Neal said (paraphrased) “I’m an indie filmmaker that sort of bought into this check-box diversity-for-the-sake-of-diversity BS for my first couple of projects but am learning the error of my ways, I need some good scripts with better stories that are more pro western civilization.”

Nate told him he needed to talk to me. I chimed in, and we got in touch. On the 19th we had a verbal (email exchange) agreement to start working out the details of optioning the  movie rights, budget, funding, etc. When something is firmed up, more details will be added.

More details: We’ve reached an agreement, and Michael has optioned the movie rights. The FB page he’s set up for the movie is here, and as of 7AM Pacific time, it’s got nearly 2100 followers.

Update, May 2020: It’s been a while. Long story short, the option to make a movie have expired, and movie rights revert to me. So, at this time, it’s back up for offers.