K-12 Sex Ed

Per RCW 28A.300.475 Starting next year, schools in WA state will be required to deliver “Comprehensive Sex Education” K-12. Specifically:
(2)(b) Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, comprehensive sexual health education must be provided to all public school students.
(c) The provision of comprehensive sexual health education to public school students as required by (a) and (b) of this subsection (2) must be provided no less than:
(i) Once to students in kindergarten through grade three;
(ii) Once to students in grades four through five;
(iii) Twice to students in grades six through eight; and
(iv) Twice to students in grades nine through twelve.

So, yeah… they are starting grooming for radicalization and exploitation by talking about sex with your child no later than 3rd grade to start with, and then another five times before they graduate. “Comprehensive Sex Ed.” When you realize this was the same sort of thing going on in Germany in the late 1920, pushing homosexuality, transgenderism, attempting to normalize sex ed and all sorts of perversions, it’s getting easier to understand how Hitler came to power. The corruption, incompetence, inflation, attacks on tradition, and not putting the interests of average citizens first at the behest of (very often Jewish) bankers in the Weimar Republic that pissed of the normally phlegmatic German people so much. Much like the Declaration of Independence was written as a reaction to specific wrongs by the far off British King, the Nazi party rose to power in reaction to the injustice and cultural attacks inflicted on the ordinary German people by people outside their country by the ridiculous terms of surrender that was forced upon them.

If these morons in WA keep pushing, keep poking the bear, it’s not Trump’s reelection they should be worried about. He’s a moderate. It’s the guy who will come after him that should terrify the left.

Yeah….. time to start homeschooling. Or leave the state.

I came across this from an email from here.

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  1. Groomers be hard at it in your state! I do believe Sodom and Gomorrah became the target of fire and brimstone. When it was understood that the children there never had a chance to be anything other, than twofold the children of hell their parents were.
    And you’all going K-12 on them?
    The only real question is if Putin will beat God to it?

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