Monks of St Possenti

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The Monks of St Possenti are a fictional order founded in the late 21st century.  One of their founding principles is that focus and concentration are good for the soul, and martial arts and long range target practice are an excellent way for some people to achieve an inner peace, with themselves and with God. Their primary “recruiting ground” is the battlefield, where they look for and work with PTSD soldiers that are not fitting into the normal “treatment” programs most nations sort-of offer. For most who join, it’s not a life-long calling, it’s a way station in life to help them get “rebalanced,” before rejoining the everyday world.

The hypothetical Monks of St Possenti inspired a book about their founding and mission, Heretics of St. Possenti. That, in turn, inspired the real-life, present day founding of a military order of sort-of-monks, the Order of St. Possenti, founded by Beau Perez.

What happens when a combat vet returns home to find home has changed, he has changed, and not all necessarily for the best?

Man is a spiritual, mental, and physical being. In combat, injuries may be suffered across all three aspects of a man. The Order of Saint Possenti is forming to assist combat veterans find peace, release, and fellowship among brothers committed to now living life after experiencing the unspeakable.

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Deus Vult,

Beau Perez

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