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Kirsch- 48+ reasons The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart. Damning list.
Say what? 85% of critical patients sent for palliative care recovered with hydroxyurea.
A list of over 1300 published in peer-reviewed medical journals that show the adverse effects of the Covid Vaccine. PDF
Link-fest: 1241 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 839 Dead, After COVID Injection.
Related- What if cancer was already cured?
Related: Kirsch- Vaccine injuries are real, not rare. Here’s why your doctor can’t see them.
Kirsch- The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart. 100 items, good list.
el gato malo- CDC (quietly) removes a massive claim on vaccine safety.
Palmer and Bhakdi- Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality.
Peter McCullough Gab page, huge number of great posts. Top of the field.
Kirsch- Short summary of major points- The evidence of not safe and effective.
Chudov- JAMA: mRNA Vaccine Shedding in Breast Milk Proven!
A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation; Notes for My Corona Investigative Committee Interview.
Related- SIDS: Dr Paul Thomas LICENSE pulled for GOOD data! Minute 5:03 here: 97% of SIDS cases happen in the first 10 days after vaccine!
Bombshell: US Military [vax] Update! (also, UKR isn’t in bioweapons treaty).
Authorities Looking Into Oregon Report That Falsely Claims Sky-High Child COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates.
Midwest Doc- What is Causing the Blood Clots from “Died Suddenly?” )misfolding clot proteins, related article “SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 induces fibrin(ogen) resistant to fibrinolysis: implications for microclot formation in COVID-19“.
Rintrah has a lot of good technical Covid stuff. The Netherlands, found him in November.
Possible Long Covid treatment: nattokinase supplement
Excess Death mortality stats tracker, better than the CDC
Denninger- No Amnesty, No Quarter, No Excuses For ALL Officials. Bad Medicine.

31 Dec 2022: Government-Weaponized Public Health: Disease Is Used to Control Populations Like Tear Gas Is Used to Control Crowds.
How they are made- Shocking Lab Investigation of COVID Vaccines. Very Bad QC
UK Announces COVID-19 Restrictions On China Arrivals.
VERY VERY IMPORTANT THREAD” endorsed by Berenson… might explain the negative efficacy of the beastly shots
Covid shots reduce VO2 Max, reduce cardiovascular function.
That sounds normal- “The walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s home office are adorned with portraits of him, drawn and painted by some of his many fans.” … for a psychopath.
Vaxxed- US basketball community mourns sudden and unexpected death of 17-year-old Max Sorenson.
The last years over 30 000 people more than normal have died from heart problems in Britain. Funeral homes in Norway are being overwhelmed with dead people as excess mortality skyrockets. I did an extensive investigation and what I found was SHOCKING
German Study Provides Direct Evidence Showing People Died From Covid RNA Vaccination
Ed Dowd: The Employed Population Has Basically Been Poisoned
Excess mortality caused by gov’t response and vaccine rollout in Canada, USA, India, and Australia.
IgG4 and cancer – a mechanism of action for cancer relapse and onset.
McCullough- related- Rubella–The Most Compelling Component of MMR
Denninger- No Amnesty, No Quarter, No Excuses For ALL Officials. Bad Medicine.


30 Dec 2022:
Related- McCullough- Mumps Vaccine Stumbles in Recent Years.
Colunga Biancatelli et al.: “The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein subunit S1 induces COVID-19-like acute lung injury in Κ18-hACE2 transgenic mice and barrier dysfunction in human endothelial cells
Confidential Pfizer and government documents reveal why so many are “dying suddenly”
7,500 Americans are killed or disabled each day as jabs take heavy toll. USA imploding under “decivilization” assault
Myocarditis up 10X
The REAL story of the birth of ‘social distancing’
Flashback: Judge allows Southwest to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for pilots
Disgrace: Pentagon has no plans to reinstate over 8,000 wrongfully discharged service members
2-foot long “clot” pulled from a living person is the new normal… if you’re vaccinated
MSNBC Anchor Appalled After Her Own Children Refused To Get COVID Boosters.
Equity Investment Executive Ed Dowd: 1.7 Million Americans Placed on Disability – Directly Related to COVID Vaccine.
Kirsch- Help Us Reach the Moveable Middle.
Jon the jab part 3, the great reset/agenda 2030.
Full Episode #60: Covid Cover-Up: Ed Dowd & Josh Sterling.
Doctor Who Cried About “Antivaxxers” Harassing Him – Dies Suddenly.
Criminal Malfeasance: Pfizer Knew 275 People Suffered Serious Strokes in the First 90 Days After Vaccine Rollout.
John Stockton thinks 1,000 pro athletes may have died from COVID vaccine.
Horowitz: The sudden decline in birth rates post-vaccination — and the shocking silence.
Over the past three months, China has detected over 130 sublineages of Omicron, including BF.7, a variant incredibly adept at evading immunity and believed to be behind the current surge in infections.
kirsch- Drew Comments tacitly admits that the COVID vaccine most likely increases your risk of dying from COVID!
Pfizer And Moderna Better Get This Clarified’: Study Finds Worse Antibodies After MRNA Boosters.
“Pfizer Warns that Vaxxed Men to NOT have intercourse with Child-Bearing Aged Women.
Not a baseless problem- Commentary: Resolving conflict over ‘vaccinated blood
Warning From Ed Dowd: 7,500 Americans Are Killed or Disabled EACH DAY as Jabs Take Heavy Toll.

29 Dec 2022: McCullough- COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Axillary Lymphadenopathy.
Related- Here’s How Doctors Treat Their Own Colds and Flus.
Restaurant Owner Who Was Raided Three Weeks Ago Over COVID Lockdowns in Virginia Shares With Gateway Pundit His HUGE Victory!
Vaccine Salesman of the Year: WHO Chief Says COVID Boosters “Are Used by Countries to Kill Children” – Fake Fact-Checkers Freak Out
Kirsch- public healthcare worker survey results: Myocarditis rates up >10X post-vax.
Kirsch- 2 foot long “clot” pulled from a living person is the new normal if you are vaccinated.
Killing good info- New Twitter boss Elon Musk revealed that former employees of the social media company managed a fawning Slack channel titled “Fauci Fan Club” — a reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert.
Kory- Hotez has been the go-to guy for promoting the COVID-19 pharmaceutical police state.
US federal officials have stated that the US will require travelers from China to submit a negative COVID-19 test beginning on January 5th.
Joy- Nearly half of passengers from China to Milan have COVID: Italian officials.
Planned spread or just panic and flee blindly? Millions appear to be fleeing China, escaping overseas, as Covid explodes.
Remember the ‘horse paste’ hullabaloo about ivermectin?

Excellent! Russian Military Begin Naming Names! Fauci and Collins of the NIH Created C19!


The noticing continues- High Jab Rate associated with High Excess Death.
As does the lies and cover-stories

From this larger, disturbing thread, showing there was clearly contaminating RNA in some of the batches of vaccines which were not in others:

28 Dec 2022: Hong Kong Scraps COVID Curbs To Revive Economic Hub.
McCullough- Vaccine Failure a Major Determinant of Measles and Pertussis Outbreaks
Extremely Irresponsible” China Reopens Borders, Milan Sees 50% Of Arrivals Infected With COVID.
They hate you- Aussie Cops Ask Neighbors To Rat Out ‘Anti-Government, Anti-Police, Or COVID-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists
Vaxxed- Bob Marley’s Grandson, Reggae Artist ‘Jo’ Mersa Marley, Dies Suddenly at 31.
Kirsch- Do vaccines cause autism? It sure looks like it
Run, Here Come the Experimental Covid Drugs
FDA admits Pfizer jab linked to blood clotting INCLUDING in the elderly… but will do nothing about it… yet
McCullough: Pre-pandemic myocarditis 4 cases/million/yr… now 25,000 cases/million/yr
Twitter censorship CRIMINAL and people DIED, says Dr. Atlas, former WH advisor
Berenson “VERY URGENT”: Do Covid mRNA vaccines damage ability to control the coronavirus after a booster shot?
The (Covid) Law is an Ass – No Jab, No Job.
Two Babies Die, Likely from Their Mothers’ First Trimester Covid Vaccines.
As countries all around the world are seeing soaring rates of heart attacks and sudden deaths in the past two years, “experts” are claiming that artificial sweeteners are to blame.
Health officials worried after Florida Supreme Court approves DeSantis’ COVID-19 vaccine probe.
Sweden has lowest excess mortality rate after the pandemic, despite refusing to lock down.
Covid Crimes Are Quickly Unraveling.
Dr. Masanori Fukushima: “Vaccine damage now a global problem. Billions of lives at possible risk
Will 2023 be a “Tsunami of Regret”? Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Predicts the Worst is Yet to Come with the Fallout from the COVID Shots. Doubtful, because that means seeing reality.
WORLD COUNCIL FOR HEALTH: Orders an immediate Cease and Desist to all Covid Vaccines warning that they are neither effective or safe. An org with no authority, but great name.
Nightmares & Terrible “Vivid Dreams” Reported In Mass To HHS Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Not sure what it means.
Bannon interview Ed Dowd Reports Of Disability Rate Increase Directly Related To COVID-19 Jab. Don’t know the date.
Family doctor who was subject to death threats from anti-vaxxers during the pandemic dies suddenly right before Christmas.
Horowitz: The sudden decline in birth rates post-vaccination — and the shocking silence.
Good website: This is the story of Big Pharma FRAUD in 2020, 2021 and now.
The Face of Clown World- Actor Sean Penn Says Being Unvaccinated Is A Criminal Offense.
The trainwreck of all trainwrecks: Billions of people stuck with a broken immune response.
Psychosis as a side effect of COVID-19 vaccine administration – a case series.

Millennial Excess Death Chart.

27 Dec 2022: McCullough- Nursing Home Workers Not Accepting Boosters.
Kirsch- Will these 12 scientists from the CETF SAB do the right thing? I seriously doubt it.
Merck’s COVID-19 Antiviral Drug Doesn’t Reduce Hospitalization Or Death In High-Risk Vaccinated People: Study. My shocked face.
Nuremberg 2: What a Real Inquiry into the Response to COVID Would Look Like
Photo: Massive 10-inch blood clot was removed from a live person who received a Covid-19 vaccine
China finally gets over Zero Covid hypochondria?
The Wrong ANTIBODY. Oy
New Twitter Files show how respected medical experts and others were censored on the platform over tweets about real data about the virus and vaccines, even from the CDC, all at the behest of the Biden administration.
Former JetStar pilot says wealthy businessmen demanding pilots that have not been vaxxed.
Big Brother- Australian police in the state of Queensland, out of concern for the spread of COVID, have requested that citizens report on people they know have taken a stance against COVID-19 vaccines, as well as report on those with extremist views.
PfizerGate: Tragic Truth behind COVID Vaccines: 50k Brits have Died Suddenly in 8 Months due to Vaccination causing a 5-Month Countdown to Death.
Ivermectin is safe and effective: The Evidence.
Growing Number of Neurological Complications After COVID-19 Vaccination.
Two FOIs Prove That There Were Batches of Pfizer Vaccine That Had Killed People and Should Have Failed the Batch Analysis.
More Evidence the COVID Fake-Vaccine is Embedding MAC Addresses.
Vaxxed- 16-YO Hockey Player Passes Away After SUFFERING MULTIPLE STROKES.
McCullough: Pre-pandemic myocarditis 4 cases/million/yr… now 25,000 cases/million/yr

Do you know what else is not in the death batch log?
Any of the 7 batches reserved for Pfizer employees.
No, I’m not kidding:
FF0884, FA4598, FE3064, FA7338, FA7812, FC8736, FC3558,

26 Dec 2022: McCullough- The New “Great Masquerader” Wide Range of Neurologic Syndromes after COVID-19 Vaccination.
The Twitter Files: How Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate.
Chudov- Study Confirms that Molnupiravir Creates COVID “Variant Soup”. How could the FDA Approve It? Downright evil bastards need to hang.
TWITTER FILES UPDATE: Twitter Rigged the Covid Debate
“The Last Holdouts”: NYT profiles mask cultists who refuse to give up their twisted faith
China drowning in new cases after “Zero Covid” abject failure… Beijing finally stops releasing daily fabricated “Data”
Crematory overrun in Beijing’s Southeastern District, burning 150 bodies daily: reports
Huge spikes in neonatal deaths following vaccine rollout, data from Israel shows
Lord Fauci’s replacement, the daughter of Hugh Auchincloss, gets paid by Big Pharma big-league
Vaxxed- UFC Hall of Famer and MMA legend dies suddenly of presumed heart complications at 45
Malone- Modern Day Stasi Tactics: using covid tracking for everything tracking.
Leaked Hospital EMAILS– increased fetal demises from 1/2 a month to 20 per month. “you need to brush up on policy so you know how to handle dead babies.”
Denninger- Looks more and more like Typhoid Mary ADE is happening from the shots.
Chudov- Booster-Caused IgG4 Immune Tolerance Explains Excess Mortality and “Chronic Covid” In the Covid-Boosted.
Studies suggest that the vaccines and the spike protein that’s produced from them never leave the body
Slow learner- Double-Vaxxed, Double-Boosted Woman Tests Positive for COVID 12 Times, Misses 3rd Xmas with Family.
Kirsch- Now everyone can easily prove the vax should be stopped.

They shut their eyes and wonder why it’s dark.

25 Dec 2022: Merry Christmas!
Vaxxed-Executive Producer of ABC’s ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’ Dies Suddenly at 37.
DeSantis says Covid jabs being used by “globalist elites to depopulate the planet.
Pentagon pauses all actions related to COVID-19 vaccine mandate after Biden signs bill which ends the mandate. We shall see, as they say.
Baby Alex: The Definitive Account—in His Mother’s Own Words. Vaxxed blood transfusion
A Midwestern Doctor- What Can We Learn From “Cause Unknown?
Book- “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022.

24 Dec 2022: Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!
Good, but too little, too late- Ben Shapiro comes around on the vaxx
Covid shots damage heart in all recipients, study finds… (stdy from oct)
Top Thai Neurologist and WHO Expert Panel Member Warns of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Link to Fatal Heart Problems.
UK Medical Doctors Demand the Government Investigate the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine.
Former Head Of Israel Bio Institute: ‘I Made Three Mistakes- Pfizer Vaccines Are Dangerous
A lot of this going around – Guggenheim Partners CIO Scott Minerd dies suddenly at 63 after heart attack during workout.
Can’t stop the inevitable- China estimates 37 million infected with COVID in a single day.
Leaked notes from Chinese health officials estimate 250 million Covid-19 infections in Dec.

23 Dec 2022: Swedish data suggests the vaxx wrecked fertility

McCullough- End the National Emergency and Public Health Emergency Declarations
Vaxxed- 9-YO Boy from Ontario Dies Suddenly After Suffering a Blood Clot in his Brain.
Abusive- Canadian Government Tells Kids They’ll Be On Santa’s ‘Naughty List’ Without COVID Vaccine, Masks.
Florida Supreme Court Approves DeSantis’ Request to Impanel Grand Jury to Investigate Covid Vaccine Manufacturers.
Excellent news! Prosecution tosses COVID-related charges against Canadian Christian pastor Artur Pawlowski
Related- Despite HPV Vaccine, Cervical Cancer Rates Keep Rising.
Dr. Sanjay Verma: backed up by VAERS- average age of heart-scarred people in study is 37.
Sketchy, but being reported- China COVID deaths probably running above 5,000 per day – UK research firm Airfinity.
Curious- Newborn deaths triple in Israel after “vaccine” drives. Appears real, but why?

Crunching some numbers, from a Gab post-Here are the statistics based on research by Craig Pardekooper, Steve Kirsch and Smalley. I used recent data from Steve Kirsch and combined it with older data from Craig Pardekooper.
Vax deaths = 1.5 to 2 deaths per 1,000 vaxxes.
Permanent disabilities = 2.5 to 3.3 per 1,000 vaxxes.
USA (274 million vaxxes or booster):
411,000 to 548,000 vax deaths.
685,000 to 904,000 permanent disabilities.

22 Dec 2022:
Medical police state whistleblowers raise the alarm about “devastating” vaccine injuries, while the med supply chain collapses from wave of vax-compromised SICK CHILDREN.
McCullough- Silent No More NZ; New Zealand Documentary Breaks the Grip of Authoritarian Vaccine Rule.
Americans’ life expectancy continues to fall, erasing health gains of the last quarter century
Found Dead at Home after COVID-19: Vaccination Autopsy Series Finds an Array of Fatal Vaccine Syndromes
No cardiologist that you know of is getting any more COVID jabs”: UK cardiologist Aseem Malhotra
URGENT: Two new studies show mRNA-jabbed people have a much higher risk of getting Covid than the unvaxxed
How to assess whether a death was caused by the Covid vaccine
Berenson: New studies showing vaccinated people are at MUCH higher risk of Omicron have put vaccine fanatics on edge
Liars- WHO says ‘anti-vaccine activists’ are a ‘major killing force globally’
Yeah, sure, “cold”- INDIA: 3 Die of Heart Attack, 22 Hospitalized, and Number of Brain Stroke on the Rise Due to ‘Sudden Exposure to Cold Temperature,’ Doctors Say.
Shit meds from shit companies- New COVID-19 boosters just 30% effective, study finds.
Can’t hide everything- Funeral homes in Norway sound the alarm as they struggle to store all the dead people as a result of Norway’s skyrocketing excess mortality rate.
“Unexpected”: mRNA vaccines increase risk of contracting COVID-19; each booster shot raises risk even more in study of 51,000 Cleveland clinic workers.
Four Canadian Doctors Discuss COVID Vaccine-Induced ‘Turbo-Cancers,’ ‘Sudden Deaths’ Amongst 90 Canadian Doctors.
The dehumanization of COVID jab skeptics reveals the decline of Western liberalism.
Young men hit hardest- New Scientific Study Shows Moderna Twice As Likely To Cause Heart Inflammation As Pfizer Vaccine. For real.
there’s a pending federal court case right now that aims to prove that Pfizer’s mRNA shots were sold to the government based on fraudulent data and could upend Pfizer’s contract with the government.
Chudov- Is Depopulation we are Seeing, Planned or Incidental? December Births and Deaths Update.
Early Vaccine Recipient Involved in the Vaccine Rollout Campaign Speaks Out – Reveals He Suffered Adverse Reaction – Exposes How Corporate America Colluded with the Government to Push Mandate VID
Vaxxed- UK Model Dies Suddenly at 25-Years-Old, Just Before New Baby’s First Christmas.
ABC News Journalist Breaks Silence, Reveals She Developed Heart Condition Due to Vax.
Mortality Monitoring for the United States of America, z-scores. Image below-

21 Dec 2022: McCullough- Mission Impossible: Unvaccinated Blood Banking.
WaPo prints bombshell admissions from Dr. Leana Wen… (good, but 2 little 2 late)
Scientists lie to get huge grants’: Gain-of-function research has NEVER contributed to vaccine development, scientists say
From AC- Dr. Malone says the ‘most important dataset of the pandemic was just released’ following data from health insurance shows 4 times increase in sudden deaths following COVID vaccine rollouts. Interestingly, the data also showed an immediate spike in Creutzfeldt Jakob, or human mad cow disease, despite that normally taking decades to develop naturally. The vaccines, in creating these diseases, may teach us more about them than we would have learned in decades of study.
Being reported- Crematoriums across China are straining to deal with an influx of bodies as the country battles a wave of Covid cases that authorities have said is impossible to track, but color me skeptical. As AC said, “Would China still be reopening if this was true? And why would it be so lethal if this was true? Is the virus more deadly with Asians?”
COVID “Vaccines” Designed to Slow Kill.
The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage Covid vaccines can do!
Published Mask Study Confirms: the CDC are Master Data Manipulators.
Related discussion about the above article
Funeral homes in Norway sound the alarm as they struggle to store all the dead people as a result of Norway’s and Europe’s skyrocketing excess mortality rate.
Impact of anti-PEG antibodies induced by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines.
Kirsch- Stunning news from our polling data: vax kills >5X more than COVID
Campbell- WHO global vaccination plan. Just using their own words.
Scalability In Medicine – An exploration of the perverse economic incentives in the practice of medicine and the obstacles faced in treating COVID vaccine injuries.
Appeals Court Rules Biden Regime Can’t Enforce Covid Vax Mandate on Fed Contractors.
Buying compliance- Safe and Effective: American Board of Pediatrics injects $8,050,000 into pension plan in 2020:
Total shocker, right? CDC Funding Decisions Based Largely On Politics, Not Science.

20 Dec 2022: McCullough- Kaiser Family Foundation Vaccine Monitor- Survey Finds Parental Desire for Childhood Vaccine Choice Rising after COVID-19 Debacle.
Coroner: This man died of a blood clot that was a “direct result” of the beastly jab
Dr. Malone Says the ‘Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic was Just Released’ Following Data from Health Insurance Shows 4X Increase in Sudden Deaths following  COVID Vax.
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Monday granted an 11th-hour request by more than a dozen Republican-controlled states to temporarily pause a lower court ruling that had ordered the end of a COVID-19 border restriction known as Title 42.
McCullough- Dr. Brian Tyson and I Talk with Peter Schweizer About Corrupt Pandemic Response.
Campbell- Full analysis, vaccines and traffic accidents study. Debunk
Lira- Why the bogus traffic accident study was done (poison the search engine well)
Original garbage study- COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash
CDC admits lockdowns, mask mandates and school closures may be fueling Strep A outbreak in the US.
Top Australian Doctor Who Advocated for COVID Vaccine Finally Breaks Her Silence – Says Doctors are Censored – Reveals She and Her Wife Both Suffer Serious COVID Shot Injuries.
Malone, testimony- Texas Senate Health Committee Interim Report on COVID-19
Thorp- VIDEO: Doctors Admit Increase in Miscarriages Following Covid Injections
White House Can’t Mandate COVID Jabs for Federal Contractors: Appeals Court.
German insurance data shows 88 fully vaccinated people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly every day.
Spike Proteins found in Shingles Lesions that Lasted for Three Months after Pfizer shot.
FDA finally admit that the Pfizer shots can have serious side effects.
Actor Tim Robbins Expresses Regret For His Support Of Covid Authoritarianism
Mercola- Updated Boosters OK’d for Babies With Zero Data.
Can’t see, can’t hear, can’t balance, can’t breathe. What the jab did to me.
Doctors Treating Long COVID Explain How to Combat Spike Protein & Other COVID Factors.
1594 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 1100 of Them Dead, Since COVID Injection.
McCullough- People are talking to each other, family and friends, about their real experiences, jumping over the propaganda of discredited Big Interests.
Denninger- This Was In The Data. Now Its Admitted– it destroys immune system
Chudov- Australia’s Former AMA President Defects, Exposes COVID Vaccines.
The Funeral Business Is Booming (And Not Because Of COVID)

19 Dec 2022:
McCullough- Risk of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Doubled in the Elderly after Vax
CDC used a secret backchannel with Twitter to control the Covid-19 narrative.
Biden, world leaders sign declaration to adopt vaccine passports for international travel.
And the “correction” is still wrong- NYT Falsely Reports Percentage Of COVID-19 Deaths.
Cole- You need to know what is in all future injections. They are all moving to same tech
Unethical’ and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease: Top Scientists Publish Paradigm-Shifting Study About COVID-19 Vaccines. Orig paper here.
Media Cowards and Clowns walking back their statements ABOUT THEIR OWN ILLNESSES AS THEY DROP DEAD.
U.S. DoD issued a ‘COVID-19 Research’ contract 3 Months before it was known to officially exist.
Final Approval in $10.3 Million Settlement Case for Health Care Workers Granted by Court.
VAERS Shows a 4070% Increase in Miscarriages and Stillbirths Since mRNA Roll-out.
Eugyppius: NYT, after deciding that lockdowns are authoritarian and bad when China does them, is now mildly terrified as Xi Jinping reopens and infections rise
Adverse events in Pfizer trial may have been underreported by 10X or more…
One week after sportswriter’s sudden death, disturbing new evidence that mRNA shots can cause aneurysms in healthy people
Red alert: FDA acknowledges that pulmonary embolism generated a “safety signal”

18 Dec 2022: DeSantis reverses himself on coronavirus vaccines
Reiner Fuellmich – Suddenly changed? Personality-changes after mRNA-injection.
Injuries up- Watching Football: Something Weird Is Going On.
Vaxxed- 13-Year-Old Football Player Drops Dead During Game in Spain.
Karma Vax visits- Canada’s Health Director of Parliamentary Affairs Who Lead Canada’s Response Team to Covid-19 and Vaccine Rollout Dies at 35.
Same story- The manager of Canada’s response to COVID has dropped dead at 35, without one word about it from the “free press.”
Chinese Author Who Chronicled COVID In Her Country Lives As Virtual Prisoner.
VAIDS gains steam- Four States Report an Increase in Severe Strep A Infections Among Children, Putting Hospitals on High Alert.
Denninger- And Now the Proof: You Wasted Your Time. Review of a Campbell vid.
The Campbell vid- Chinese massive spread.
US Defense Dept. secretly controls COVID vaccine production process that ‘cannot be traced’: researcher
Rat pups born with birth defects after mRNA injections. “Scientists I am working with who are expert in drug regulatory approval processes were shocked that the Moderna COVID vaccine was allowed to proceed after discovering birth defects–‘wavy ribs’ and ‘rib nodules’–in a ‘statistically significant’ percentage of rat pups born to mothers injected with the stuff,” Judicial Watch investigator Bill Marshall said. This dovetails with info released by ICAN re scientists’ concerns over birth defects in babies born to those injected with the Pfizer vaccine to point where they prohibited males from having sex without a condom for 6 months after injection or women from having sex for 28 days after injection.
Comms? Covid can be caught from DEAD BODIES for up to 17 days, scientists warn.
Imagine that- The Israeli government has just admitted in court that it can’t find the contracts under which the experimental COVID-19 mRNA injections operated.
Chudov- The “Tripledemic of 2022” is Already Ending. Pfizer is Using it to Push its New RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women– Their grasping evil knows no bounds.
Chudov- COVID Vaccines Do Not Prevent Hospitalizations in the UK.
Kirsch- Who were the first people to publicly demand a halt to the COVID vax program?
As GP Reported for Over a Year – FDA Finally Admits Pfizer Covid Vax Causes Blood Clots.

17 Dec 2022: Kirsch- Why can’t we talk about any of the sudden deaths?
Dr. McCullough Interviews Dr. Aseem Malhotra.
Should Remdesivir be one of the greatest scandals in recent medical history?
What ‘Long Covid’ Really Means
Setting the record straight on ivermectin
Xi Jinping tied himself to zero-Covid… now he keeps silent as it falls apart
How Pennsylvania Democrats illegally masked students in the fall of 2021 and threatened those who didn’t comply
Twitter censorship contributed to destructive pandemic policies and is criminal, says former White House Covid adviser
Related- Thread: How mass psychogenic illnesses breed online through parasocial validation
RINOS: These Four Republicans Voted Against Reinstating Soldiers Discharged For Refusing The Vaccine.
New study finds nearly 1 in 4 women have problems with menstrual cycle after mRNA vax.
Actuaries Raise Alarm That Australians Are “Unexpectedly” Dying At An Exaggerated Rate.
How To Tell If Blood Is From A Vaxxed Person.
What’s the covid jab doing to the brain?
CDC Admits It Ordered Big Tech To Bury Truth About ‘Dangers of COVID-19 “Vaccines
Here is site for the vaccine injured, their stories, and help for them.
British Heart Foundation Conspired To Cover-Up Deadly Vaccine Side Effects.
Five reasons why (some of) the jabbed might have escaped the adverse effects.
Whistleblower Soldiers Expose the Truth About Vaxx Mandate Harms.
Denninger- I Want HEADS. Evidence all mRNA drugs have bad side-effects
Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind.
Denninger- Have We Gotten Basically ALL Of Disease Wrong?

16 Dec 2022: Vaxxed Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha dies suddenly at age 44
Alex Berenson drops inconvenient truths… deceased sportswriter (RIP) was public figure and publicly pro-mRNA and his wife is huge jab advocate
How the CDC has revised its vaxx info… not confidence-inducing
Berenson- The dumbest, most dishonest argument for Covid jabs yet
Good- British MP calls for immediate halt of the vaxx in 20-minute speech
New Study Finds Nearly 1 in 4 Women Have Problems with Menstrual Cycle after Vaxx.
FLASHBACK: Fauci Lied to a Young Boy Saying He Vaccinated Santa Claus VID
Tragic comedy- Critically-understaffed Canadian hospital network may hire unvaccinated health care workers after thousands were fired during pandemic.
They cannot be trusted on ANYTHING- The [CDC] reportedly removed statistics on defensive gun use in the U.S. which showed that instances of defensive gun use occur between 60,000 and 2.5 million times per year, after gun control advocates complained.
Related- Vitamin D deficiency linked to massive drop in muscle strength.
Epoch –What we need instead of a pandemic amnesty.
Another one –Paul Kitching: Chef behind 1 of Edinburgh’s best restaurants dies suddenly.
SADS- Tom Daley’s diving coach (31) died of sudden adult death syndrome in Turkish pool.
Kirsch- Latest all-cause mortality survey: the comments tell everything you need to know.
WHO publishes video calling COVID jab skeptics a ‘major killing force
It was premeditated murder of those transfected – infection by injection of gain of function viruses, contaminating all vaccines for 40 years – 15% of Americans or more.
Twitter Suppressed Early C-19 Treatment Info and Vaxx Safety Concerns: Cardiologist. McC

15 Dec 2022: McCullough- Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
Kirsch- Did you know that in Santa Clara County, the vaccine works 10X better than the rest of the world? (data manipulation)
Vaxxed blood is not safe blood. RIP little one.
Tsunami of Vax Deaths Coming in Next Two Years – Dr. Betsy Eads.
Judicial Watch Releases Damning New Information on the Moderna Vaccine.
Vaxxed-Thailand Princess, Next in Line to Throne, On Life Support After Collapsing While Running Due to ‘Heart Condition
New Junk Study Suggests People Who Refused Their Covid Vaccine are at Higher Risk of Traffic Accidents, Pushes For Higher Insurance Rates for Unvaxxed.
Australian cardiologist calls to halt mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, citing “heart damage”
Berenson: The dumbest, most dishonest argument for Covid jabs yet
Swiss naturopath launches international blood bank for the unvaccinated
Managing the public narrative – Ubiquitous Federal Nudge Platoons.
DeSantis makes his move to PUNISH the vaccine makers
Covid cases explode in Beijing leaving city streets empty and daily life disrupted.
Yup. We know. But proof is good to have- Elon Musk reacts after “America First Legal” uncovers damning evidence revealing a secret Twitter “Partner Support Portal” used by government to censor dissenting COVID-19 viewpoints.
Rumors, misinformation, and truth, all mixed- Republican members of the House Intelligence Community allege that COVID-19 may have been tied to China’s biological weapons research program that “spilled over” to the human population.
Coroner: ‘fit and healthy’ 27-year-old man’s death from blood clot ‘direct result’ of AstraZeneca Covid jab.
Some offspring of Moderna mRNA vaccine test rats born with skeletal deformities: JWatch.
Malone- CoronaVax safety in the Netherlands: Update 2.
More Coverage of Rasmussen Horrifying Vax Side Effect Polling – The Vaxxed Say the Vaccines are UNSAFE.
Kirsch – How to assess whether a death was caused by the COVID vaccine.
Cover-Stories- Camel Flu and the heavy Conspiracy Theorist Media Attack Queensland AU.
Coincidence – Government Reports suggest Children are dying of Strep A due to immense damage done to Immune System by COVID Vaccination.
Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaxxed People ‘Shed’ Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated.
They “lost” it- Newborn Baby In WA State Dies Of Blood Clot After Hospital Gives Him Vaccinated Blood Transfusion Despite Arrangement Parents Had Made For Untaxed Blood.
Video: Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide.
Kirsch- Celine Dion disabled from KNOWN SIDE EFFECT of the COVID vax (99.6% certainty)
New Report Reveals Sudden Deaths Likely Caused By Covid Vaxxes. (small study)
In Germany, Sudden Death Triples After Vaccine Rollout.

14 Dec 2022: McCullough- Steroids: Too Little Too Late in COVID-19 Respiratory Illness.
Berenson weighs in: It (Grant Wahl) was probably the beastly jab

Berenson- Great piece from Eugyppius on the pandemic-warning machine that accidentally – but inevitably – gave us a pandemic.
eugyppius- Pandemicism and the Foreknowledge of the Virus Planners.
Berenson- mRNA Covid booster campaigns have flamed out… will lower excess mortality follow? Well, maybe, data promising but inconclusive.
Of course- Now that Covid is no longer dangerous, shrieking ScIEnCE-journalist-of-the-year harridan demands mask mandates for RSV and influenza
Accounts for vaccine creator Dr Robert Malone and cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough are the latest to be reinstated to Twitter.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday that he is petitioning the state’s Supreme Court to “impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate any and all wrongdoing in Florida with respect to COVID-19 vaccines.
Experts in Germany are raising the alarm after newly unsealed data shows that “sudden deaths” are exploding in the country.
COVID vax raise mortality rate by 26%, analyst reveals at Sen. Ron Johnson’s roundtable.
Sad- 21 year old Tennessee basketball player out for season with blood clots.
A leader of the British Heart Foundation conspired to cover-up research linking mNRA jabs with heart inflammation.
DeSantis Petitions Florida Supreme Court to Empanel Grand Jury to Investigate Vaccine Adverse Effects.
Midwest Doc- The Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic Was Just Released.

13 Dec 2022: Dr Malone talks about the vax in a 5 min vid. Just the basic facts.
No kidding? Med school professor: CDC exaggerates long Covid
Governor DeSantis Calls on Grand Jury to Investigate Covid Vaccine-Related Injuries.
Dr. Peter McCullough Is Restored To Twitter, Updates Fans On What They Missed.
Don’t know it was the vax, but… Co-founder of leading animal rescue organizations Chad Atkins, 44, dies suddenly from “heart failure” while at home.
Rasmussen poll estimates 32% of adult Americans are unvaxxed, CDC claim it is only 8.4%.
They can F-off- The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is now recommending that everyone, including toddlers, the vaccinated, and the unvaccinated, wear masks “at all times when in an indoor public setting,” citing the risks of flu-like illnesses, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and the Chinese coronavirus.
According to a release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 128,797 deaths in the country by August 31, and that is a huge number for Australia. “How big? Well, while the mortality rate reportedly typically fluctuates by just about 1-to-2 percent each year, this number marks an increase of about 18,671 deaths and a 17-percent rise above the historical national average.” Ouch. 17% is a HUGE rise, way beyond normal variation.
Another moron assuming facts not in evidence- A person’s choice to decline vaccinations does not outweigh public health and safety requirements in medical settings, a Clinton-appointed federal judge ruled in a Montana case. Neither safe, nor effective.
Related- A study of an international chess tournament has revealed that wearing a face mask significantly reduced the average quality of player decisions, impacting the cognitive performance of competitive chess players.
German Data Analyst Reveals Data from Health Insurance Shows Increase in Sudden Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts.
Shocking Data From Germany Shows That mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Harmed Millions.
McCullough- Conservative Risk Benefit Analyses Decide Against COVID-19 Vaccination.
Inverting reality with science! COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy associated with increased risk of a traffic crashes in Ontario: study. I.e., pureblood normies more likely to get hit when surrounded by vaxaholics with brain-fog while driving.

12 Dec 2022:
Midwest Doc-  We Now Have A Clear Estimate Of The Rate Of Vaccine Injuries.
25-YO Former Football Player Jake Hescock Dies Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest While Jogging.
Evil bastards- The WHO, Johns Hopkins, and Bill Gates Just Conducted Another Pandemic Simulation — This Time The Virus Is Deadlier And Targets Children.
Great Barrington Declaration’ Co-Author Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Invited to Twitter HQ to Review Twitter’s Internal Slack Messages Regarding Content Modulation. Good
Second journalist dies suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.
Vax-induced shortage, vaxxed crashes- Airlines are lobbying for a change to federal regulations that could put one pilot in the cockpit.
A comparison of official Government reports suggests the rise in ‘#Strep A Child Deaths’ is due to COVID Vaccination causing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
She cruelly insulted the unvaccinated, and now she is dead.
Dr. Kirk Milhoan, Pediatric Cardiologist: “151 kids who had a cardiac MRI, at 90 days, 81 of them still had damage to their heart and the damage was of late gadolinium enhancement which is associated with sudden cardiac death”.
Steve Kirsch: 1 in 3 Young People Who got “Vaxxed” Suffered Heart Injuries” – 3 min
Study: C-19 Vaccination Poses Elevated Risk of Myocarditis Death Across All Age Groups.
Vax Death Numbers Will Shock You! Sourse that clip is from here.
Pharma Insider Reveals Irrefutable Evidence of Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DoD, HHS, and Pharma Cartel Via the COVID Injections in New In-Depth Presentation.

Liberty Monks interview Dr. McCullough. Pharma all use Same PR firm.

The following is from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Source- Australian Senator Gerard Rennick Says the Injections Contain a ‘Synthetic Gene

11 Dec 2022: “My Pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci” – Twitter Owner ELON MUSK to Release the Twitter Files on COVID and Dr Fauci.
Twisted Logic- Clinton Judge Strikes Down Montana Law Banning Vaccine Mandate and Sharing Employees Vaccine Status – Says its “Unconstitutional

A highly acclaimed insurance analyst reported that “the best statistics we have” reveal those who accepted the experimental gene-base COVID vaccine “have a 26% higher mortality rate,” including 49% for those under 50, and 145% for those who accepted just one dose of a two-dose regimen.

Fauci’s replacement signed deals pushing research collaboration with Chinese Communist Party in Wuhan, responsible for secret reversal of gain-of-function funding ban.

Just in time for chronic vax injuries. Oregon looks to create first-in-nation universal health care plan. It’ll bankrupt them.

Wonder why? Almost 3 years to the day, Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins, & the WHO just simulated another pandemic with a new Enterovirus originating near Brazil that has a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affects children.

Army Captain Separated From Service For Refusing Vaccine As House Passes Bill That Rescinds Military’s Vaccine Mandate.

Miraculous Recovery of Hypoxemic COVID-19 Patients With Ivermectin, Unhooking spike hemagglutinated red blood cells.

Dr. Huff Reveals Baric Gave U.S. Virus-Weaponizing Gain-Of-Function Research To CCP Labs


10 Dec 2022: Study Finds Prejudice Against COVID-19 Unvaccinated Around The World.
New York joins Los Angeles in trying to make people mask again
World Health Summit Member Admits COVID Lockdowns Were Political Not Scientific.
People who have received COVID-19 vaccines express discriminatory attitudes toward unvaccinated people, a new study of over 15,000 citizens of 21 countries across the world suggests.
31-year-old NFL player suffered sudden stroke at home.
New Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine ⋆ Brownstone Institute.
Lots of individual reports of vax injuries today at the Gab group for it on this date.
DAMNING DOCUMENTS UNCOVERED: CDC directly colluded with Twitter, Facebook to censor free speech.

09 Dec 2022: Mercola- Has Big Pharma hijacked Evidence-based Medicine (yes)
Fear- Easing COVID-19 Restrictions Could Send Iron Ore As High As $150 Per Ton In 2023.
All about money and dead bodies- “In my hospital they wouldn’t let me use vitamin C, they wanted me to use Remdesivir. It increases your risk of kidney failure 20 fold. The Federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus if you prescribe this toxic medication.
This is the new normal- CCTV captures moment a 28-year-old woman dies of a suspected heart attack at the gym (warning graphic)
Related- Doc’s seem OK with harming kids- American Academy of Pediatrics executive admits children on trans hormones “probably will be infertile”
Analyst reveals COVID vaccines raise mortality rate by 26%
Dr. Peter McCullough: It looks like the messenger RNA is transferring to the unvaccinated
…So it’s basically like a blood clot in your brain.” 31-year-old NFL player describes his sudden stroke
Defense bill repeals military’s vaxx mandate
Vax- Tennessee Senior Center Tamari Key Out for Season Due to Blood Clots in Her Lungs.
Rand Paul vows GOP ‘not done’ with Fauci on COVID: ‘He’s been lying from the beginning.’
“normal” A six-year-old girl who was a member of the Richmond Raven U7 girls hockey team from Richmond, British Columbia, died suddenly last month after suffering from a massive stroke.
I’m sure this will all be spent well to honest recipients- Australia offers Indonesia $1 billion to aid COVID-19 recovery.
Yup- Discriminatory Attitudes Against the Unvaccinated During a Global Pandemic.
After Destroying Millions of Lives, Fauci Cries About ‘Lowlife’ Trolls Harassing His Wife and Children Over Covid Policies.
Kory- The Timeline of Major Battles In the Global War on Ivermectin – Part 2
Kory- The Timeline of Major Battles In the Global War on Ivermectin – Part 3
This is an outstanding review of the current evidence on vaccinated blood and other current COVID “controversies.
Liars- FDA says ivermectin doesn’t work on Covid, points to studies that show it does.

A note of hear-say, take it for what it’s worth:

08 Dec 2022: Chudov- FDA Approves Bivalent Vaccine for Babies in TWO DAYS. Evil turds.
New Zealand takes baby from parents who requested unvaxxed blood transfusion
Of course they do- WSJ blames the coof for the huge increase in insurance payouts to the survivors of young people who died in 2021.
The Kirsch Challenge: Show me data showing the unvaccinated are worse off!
Tenpenny- Healing the Heart.
Ron DeSantis says he plans to hold Pfizer and Moderna accountable for false claims about their shots
Is Governor Youngkin’s executive order to cancel Covid-19 fines just more GOP bulls***?
Sen. Ron Johnson Hosts Historic Round Table Discussion on COVID Vaccines with Prominent Doctors Including Drs. McCullough, Malone, Cole, Risch, and Others.
A lot of things like this in the Vaxxed- Celine Dion Cancels All 2023 Shows, Reveals She Has Rare, Incurable Neurological Disease.
Carolina Panthers Defensive End Henry Anderson Reveals He was Hospitalized for “Minor Stroke” Due to Blood Clot in His Brain – Doctors were Baffled.
Denninger- Autopsies show vax-causes myocarditis.
Related paper- Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination.
Orwellian- Twitter set up a portal for government officials and “stakeholders” to submit posts that allegedly contained COVID-19 misinformation for Twitter to review, according to documents released by America First Legal (AFL) on Tuesday.
Australia’s peak actuarial body has asked the government to urgently investigate the country’s “incredibly high” 13% excess death rate in 2022.
COVID cases surging in LA County as possible return of indoor mask mandate looms.
A major new autopsy report has found that three people who died unexpectedly at home with no pre-existing disease shortly after Covid vaccination were likely killed by the vax.
They wanted a high body-count- The FDA is being sued by Dr. Paul Marik of Virginia, Dr. Mary Bowden of Texas and Dr. Robert Apter of Arizona for illegally prohibited them from prescribing Ivermectin (IVM) to their covid patients.
Slimy Liar lying- Emails reveal Fauci ‘covertly contributed’ to COVID article he later quoted as independent confirmation of his position Covid did not come from a lab.
Hope this isn’t just the beginning- “The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% higher mortality rate.
You belong to the state- New Zealand court strips parents of child’s medical guardianship in dispute over ‘vaccinated blood.‘ Evil Bastards.
Doctors rub their hands at the profits- Health experts in conundrum over best way to avoid winter ‘tripledemic’/RSV, Covid-19 and flu.
Poor vaxxed kid- 6-Year-Old Canadian Kid Dies Suddenly After Suffering “Massive Stroke” – Doctor Diagnosed her with “Myocarditis due to the Flu
The Ongoing COVID Deceptions: How Ruling Elites Lied About Masks And Mask Mandates.
Large Peer Reviewed Study Finds COVID Booster Mandates Cause “Net Harm” & Nasal Flu Jabs Cause Strep.
Totally not trying to scare people- First cases of the Covid variant known as “nightmare” are detected in Mexico But like a horror show where you can see the wires, props, and sound-effects guys in the background, it’s not scary, just sad. And evil.
12-8-2022 Updated Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List:
Pfizer and Moderna mRNA Vaccines Are Manufactured “Without Accountability and No Real Requirements for Safety or Efficacy”.
Kirsch- How any state can learn the truth about COVID vaccine safety in under a week.

07 Dec 2022: Governor Youngkin Ends Covid-19 Fines and Penalties in Virginia, Wants “Reimbursement Process” For Those Who Paid Unjust Fines.
McCullough- It looks like the messenger RNA is transferring to the unvaccinated
I hope it bites them- Canada advances law to JAIL doctors for ‘misinformation’
The pro-vax proponent- A Life of Seeming ( Dr. Allison Neitzel)
Not really news, but good of you to notice- New analysis suggests Covid-19 boosters likely to cause net clinical HARM to young adults
AFL has obtained new documents uncovering a secret Twitter portal U.S. Govt officials used to censor dissenting COVID-19 views and violate the First Amendment.
Elon Musk fired deputy general counsel Jim Baker over his involvement in suppressing information important to the public.
UK oncologist warns of cancers rapidly developing post-Covid vaccination – “I am experienced enough to know that these are not coincidental.
Top Marine Corps General admits COVID-19 vaccine mandate has led to  decline in military recruitment. AC has a good comment: it will weed out people who will not just blindly follow orders. I think it will also hasten importing foreign troops and the draft. We’ll see.
One tyrant scum talking to another- Bill Gates will join Fauci this week to dictate U.S. government health ‘priorities for the future.’
Rasmussen- Our polling implies 12 MILLION Americans have experienced major COVID vax side effects.

Rasmussen- 41% of US Adults reported at least a minor COVID vaccine side effect. 7%  reported a major side effect. Here’s some grim math: 5.46 BILLION vaxxed people in the world. —> 382 MILLION with major side effects
Rasmussen- A video discussing their polling, 12M Americans with major side effects.

Interesting- Those who slowly turn, and, often, flail in panic at the air, as if a flying demon were attacking them, and then drop dead: It seems they all were given China’s SINOVAC.

More than 200 million doses of Covid shots dumped due to diminishing demand and pp’l
COVID-19: Energy, Protein Folding & Prion Disease and screenshots here.
Chudov- Even Fact-Checkers Acknowledge “Covid-Related Blood Clots – They say “no evidence they are from vaccines
4 Takeaways From Sen. Johnson’s Panel On COVID-19 Vaccines.
Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine.

06 Dec 2022:  eugyppius- The rate of respiratory infection among German children is now approaching 25%, as lockdowns continue to bear their awful fruit; breastmilk hypothesis.
446-page Transcript of Anthony Fauci Deposition Released.
Restaurant that defied COVID restrictions raided… appeals to Governor Youngkin, who held a political rally there in October, go unanswered
Nothing says trust like- Pfizer boss refuses to testify to EU Parliament COVID panel
Dystopian- Thought Police alarm: U.S. urges you to confront friends’ ‘misinformation
Family Blames Pfizer Shot After Their 18-Year-Old Healthy Daughter Dies Suddenly From Unknown Cause.
Related lying- CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Says Flu Shots are “Very Good Match” for This Year’s Strains. (oh, and FU, because some places are mixing flu and covid boosters)
Cruel fuckers- Family Speaks Out: Coast Guard Member Being Forced Out Six Months Before Retirement For Refusing the Jab.
Eight in 10 CDC workers are STILL working from home as former staffer warns it’s ‘almost impossible to get anything done’ with no-one in the office.
Reminder- Fauci’s daughter worked for Twitter during the pandemic.
New normal- Prior to Monday night’s game against the Thunder, while color commentator Dominique Wilkins was speaking, Atlanta Hawks announcer Bob Rathbun started convulsing and lost consciousness. “Healthy”
Pfizer-BioNTech To Test Combined Covid And Flu Vaccine
Mercola- Moderna’s trial involving 2- to 5-year-olds found RSV was four times more prevalent among children in the jabbed group compared to the unjabbed.
Cole “That spike protein, literally causing the lymphocytes to chew a hole in the aorta
Kirsch- Suppressing Repurposed Drugs ‘Cost Millions of Lives’: Founder of COVID Treatment Fund.
Live births plummeting around the world as mRNA jabs accelerate depopulation. (good comments pointing out some of his errors of logic)
Interview with ROTC Cadet Sheds Light on How the COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Mandate Is Mangling the Military.
Final NDAA expected to rescind Pentagon vaccine mandate.
Related- CDC FAKES High Flu Numbers in the US to Scare Us into Taking Flu Vaccines.

05 Dec 2022: Cole- “We don’t know” if blood supply is safe
McCarthy Says Defense Bill Won’t Move Forward Unless Military Vaccine Mandate Dropped.
Local Authorities Shut Down VA Biz 2 Years After Violating State COVID Policy — So Owner Matt Strickland Filmed the Entire Raid and Shamed Them for Being Puppets of Regime VID
Related- Fauci’s Agency Has Tortured Animals FOR YEARS as First Reported by TGP and Congress Now Wants Answers!
A researcher who queried the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) discovered a 10,661.4% increase in cancer reports as a result of experimental Covid-19 gene-base vaccines as compared with all FDA-approved vaccines over the last 30 years.
President Joe Biden has agreed to end the US military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
The BIg Lie- Europe suffered 30k more Excess Deaths by Oct. 2022 than it suffered during 2020 at the height of the Pandemic due to “mysterious” surge in Child Deaths.
Peak Clown World? German euthanasia clinics require COVID vaccination for patients seeking assisted suicide. They want you do die healthy?
Following this- New Zealand government tries to seize guardianship of baby after parents demand unvaccinated blood for surgery.
Related- New research suggests medically assisted dying could result in substantial savings across Canada’s health-care system.
Pharmacodynamic data, comprised of humoral immune responses to COMIRNATY, were obtained in the clinical studies. The data demonstrated that COMIRNATY induces a humoral immune response against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The exact immunologic mechanism that confers protection against SARS-CoV-2 is unknown.
Study shows stem cells from the (vaxxed) umbilical cord have shorter life spans.
Blood Damage Explains Many Harmful Impacts of COVID “Vaccines
COVID Bivalent Booster Falls Flat in First ‘Real-World’ Test, CDC Report Shows.
PSA: Longhaulers and Vax injured: DO NOT USE this Pfife I-Teracare (or any) EMF wand – so many have come to me with major & persistent worsening of symptoms. We ( are finding many therapies that help – this ain’t one of ’em, please lets stick to science.
Discrimination- Teen Denied Kidney Transplant Over COVID Vaccine at Duke.
Liars doing CYA- Pandemic Babies’ Microbiomes Are Bound to Be Different.
Coordinated Targeting of Doctors Who Exposed Covid Lies, Injections: Dr. Nass 20 min
No shit? “Top general blames jab mandate for US recruiting woes
Millennial Deaths Up Another 36% in August
Canadian Father Whose Healthy Teen Son “Died Suddenly” Screams the Quiet Part OUT LOUD at Justin Trudeau.
Chudov- Matt Shelton, a Covid Hero of New Zealand.
Attorney Generals release the transcript of Fauci’s 7-Hour deposition.
Hot Take on it:  Fauci, who famously claimed, “I am the science,” could not cite a single study supporting the use of masks throughout the 7-hour deposition and reportedly based “his lockdown advocacy on the observations of a single guy relying on reports from a dictator.
Govt. Database Shows 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports Due To Covid Vaccines.

04 Dec 2022: Vox Observation- Excess Deaths Among the Educated.
Denninger- The Bureau Of Lies And Scams. Dead workers dropping out of workforce.
Wuhan lab scientist says Covid man-made
Ron Johnson: End the military’s “insane” vaxx requirement
Even n95s are useless
Dr. Mercola: Study vindicates Vitamin D for Covid
Vaxxed, of course- 22-Year-Old South African Rugby Player Evan Roos Hospitalized After Collapsing Following Plane Trip Home.
They think you are stupid- Health Experts Warn Broccoli, Raspberries, Cheese and Ham Could Give You COVID-19.
Max Gaslighting- WHO Warns Drop in COVID Alertness Could Create New Deadly Variant.
Chris Sky- So many people are dying suddenly in Canada that there are now Legit Jobs for Body Removal Agents
CA Now Sharing Vaxx Recipients’ Medical Data w/ Consulting Firm.
Cosay bunch of folks- Hunter Biden’s former law firm received $10M in forgiven COVID loans while donating $1M to Dems.
Since the Covid jabs were rolled out, at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly.
More deaths to come – 44 states are reportedly experiencing “high levels of respiratory illness.
German study w/cardiac autopsy findings of 5 people who died unexpectedly *at home* – ≤7 days of covid vax w/”vaccine-induced myocardial inflammation representing the likely or possible cause of death” – 2 females, 3 males – 4/5 dose 1 mRNA vax – median age 58.
Government reports prove COVID Vaccination may have killed Millions & Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm your Government knew it would happen.
The future in doubt- The Missing Babies of Europe.
Dr. Ryan Cole on whether the blood supply is safe: “We don’t know
Dr Campbell- German photos of autopsies showing damaged heart muscle cells.

Here is the link to the paper from the next one:

Oh. OK.

03 Dec 2022: Extensive two-year study pokes all kinds of holes in N95 masks
SECRET CDC REPORT: Since the launch of Operation Warp Speed, at least 1.1 million Americans have “died suddenly
Dog the Bounty Hunter’s ‘Very Healthy’ Right-Hand Man Dies: ‘Shocked and Saddened by the Sudden Passing
Low comedy at this point- Africa is only 6% vaccinated, and Covid has practically disappeared… Scientists “baffled.
“Effective” Vaccinated people make up majority of COVID-19 deaths: CDC data.
Nurses’ attitudes toward COVID-19 vax for their kids are highly influenced by partisanship, a new study finds, with Republicans not vaxxing, and Leftists vaxxing their kids. No shock
Morons- LA County set to reinstate indoor-mask mandate as COVID surges.
How many can they proove? “We’ve caught him red-handed and he won’t get away” – Senator Rand Paul accuses Fauci of funding research that caused 7 million people to die.
China fines former NBA star Jeremy Lin over comments that criticized quarantine facilities.
The Largest Cause of Death in Alberta IS “UNKNOWN” — DR. William Makis Presentation.
Pharmacodynamic data, comprised of humoral immune responses to COMIRNATY, were obtained in the clinical studies. The data demonstrated that COMIRNATY induces a humoral immune response against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The exact immunologic  mechanism that confers protection against SARS-CoV-2 is unknown.
Another study shows that mRNA shots last much longer in the human body to further stimulate the immune system.
New Zealand Health Authorities Trying to Medically Kidnap 4-Month-Old Baby Who Needs Heart Surgery Because Parents Want Unvaccinated Blood.
UK Gov’t quietly confirms COVID Vaccinated Children are up to 137x more likely to die than Unvaccinated Children proving COVID Vaccination is causing significant numbers of deaths.
Megha Thakur: Canadian University ends vaccine mandate after two students, including a TikTok star, die unexpectedly; car accident cause of death is a lie.
More deaths among vaccinated Americans not a reason to avoid vaccines, experts say.
STUDY: Covid infection causes men to lose one-third of sperm.
Possible Long Covid treatment: nattokinase supplement
Cole- Spike-Induced Clumping in the Absence of Platelets: “This Is Really Unusual
Palau – a COVID Success Story.
Vaccine Damage: Real People – Adam.

Post with the below pic, has some good comments.

02 Dec 2022: Taylor Lorenz leads media mantra in support of China’s Zero Covid policies
Thank you Elon Musk: Twitter has put an end to Covid-19 “misinformation” policy
International Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated has been Formed with Members from at Least 16 countries – Demand for “Pure Blood” Skyrockets. Yes, but who for?
Naval Academy withholding diplomas from unvaccinated Midshipmen, lawmakers say.
Anti-vaxxer nurse who injected up to 8,600 elderly patients with saltwater instead of Covid vaccine walks FREE from court in Germany.
China eases virus controls amid effort to head off protests.
Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; “We’ve Caught Him Red-Handed, He Won’t Get Away
Pfizer advertised child vaccination with misleading claims, British regulator confirms breaches of code of ethics.
McCullough on Vigilant Fox- Shedding Concerns: “It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Vaccinated to the Unvaccinated
Intended Consequences: mRNA Vaccines were Designed to Cause Severe Disease and Be Resistant to Antibodies.
Related- FDA Plans to Ban Homeopathic Medicines.
75 Letters that says NIAID was funding Gain of Function Research.
Chudov- CDC Lied about Vaccine Myocarditis Being Mild: 20% of Sudden Deaths Caused by Myocarditis.
Pilots Dying Suddenly Mid-Flight Due to the Experimental Deadly Shot.
Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents.
McCullough’s Medical Freedom Company Launches Vaccine Exemption Program.
Rigorous international study of N95 masks upends federal COVID narrative.
Naval Academy confirms it denied all religious vax exemption requests.

01 Dec 2022: Vaccine Damage—Real People: Adam
15 Worst Covid Lies That are Now Completely Exposed for All the World to See.
WrongThink Crimes- Commie Lula transition team proposes making criticism of vaccines a “crime against public health” punishable by one year in prison
Excellent! Anti-vaxxer nurse who injected up to 8,600 elderly patients with saltwater instead of Covid vaccine walks FREE from court in Germany.
Vaxxed – Philly filmmaker dies ‘suddenly in his sleep’ at age 45 on Thanksgiving; Frank Tartaglia had been in ‘good health,’ family says. Coincidence? Possible, not likely.
Results from a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report suggest the COVID-19 bivalent booster does little more than restore protection levels to pre-vaccination levels.
HHS says you should get a Covid booster every two months for maximum effectiveness.
Evil- Data released under court order shows 1 in 3 among earliest populations to get vaxed reported needing medical care, missing school or work, or inability to “perform normal daily activities” as the CDC is still fighting to keep v-safe “free-text field data” secret.
Blood supply compromised- FDA plans to allow more gay, bisexual men to donate blood – current rules bar blood donations from men who recently had sex with men due to HIV transmission risk.
GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped.
The stupid never ends- Mask Mandates Back in Effect on USAF and US Army Bases.
Cancer Skyrocketing Since People Were Coerced Into Injecting The mRNA BioWeapons MANY Being Diagnosed With Stage Four!
NZ Parents Who Refused Blood From COVID-19 Vaccinated People for Baby’s Heart Surgery Face Custody Battle.

The following tweet is from here.

30 Nov 2022: THE VAXXED – UNVAXXED ​DATA Presentation.
Rate of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection During an Omicron Wave in Iceland
A new study helps explains why COVID-19 and its jabs cause blood clots. Included in the study is how ivermectin prevents spike protein-induced blood clotting.
Mercola- G20 Signs Declaration for International Vaccine Passport.
New Mask Study Confirms: N95s Don’t Work Either!
CDC knew COVID vax associated with myocarditis but left off post-vax surveys.
35 min vid compilation footage of Died Suddenly along with commentary.
Guangzhou Protesters Clash With Hazmat-Clad Riot Police Over Lockdowns.
eugyppius- New York Times Decides Lockdowns are Actually Draconian and Economically Destructive when China Does Them.
Chudov- Western University (Canada) Drops ALL Vaccine Mandates.
Doctor being sued for $480 billion by US government for telling patients to take proven remedy of Vitamin D, zinc
MIT prof: Halt vaccination of young people
Washington Post admits Covid deaths are limited to the very elderly… vaccinated or not
Kirsch just talked to embalmer Richard Hirschman about the reaction from Died Suddenly
And they wonder why they are not trusted, and even hated- Indian Government Blames Public for Getting Vaccines Despite Being Aware of its Side Effects – Claims it Cannot be Held Liable for Any Injuries.
Related- Podcast #852: The Brain Energy Theory of Mental Illness.
Twitter has released a full transparency report on its past actions to clamp down on COVID-19 “misinformation.” As of Nov 23, it will no longer enforce any suppression on the topic. 11,230 accounts were banned in total since Jan 2020 under the policy.
Twitter rolls back COVID misinformation policy.
Not normal- Flight attendant dies suddenly mid-air due to heart attack.
Celebrity personal trainer Eric Fleishman has died at the age of 53.
How 33,000 will have their Covid penalties repaid as authorities admit they had no legal right to fine Australians for ‘offences’ such as not wearing a mask, sunbaking or travelling 5km from their homes.
Expected with damaged immune systems- Flu season is intensifying in the U.S. with more than six million cases confirmed so far.
Oy- ‘Superbug’ [Candida auris] linked to 63 deaths in Nevada.
Not good, but not unexpected- The Chinese Communist Party, through its state propaganda outlets, insisted that it would not relent on its brutal lockdown and quarantine policies known as “zero Covid” on Monday.
Chinese protesters overturn vehicle, trash COVID site as chaos builds.
China begins inquiries into weekend COVID-19 protests.
If mRNA is now being found in breast milk, then covid “vaccine” safety claims are lies.
Official figures quietly published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirm nearly half a million children and young adults have died ever since the Food & Drug Administration first granted emergency use authorization to a Covid-19 vaccine in the USA.
Malone- Worldwide COVID-19 Religious Restrictions; Shocking revelations about Gov control, harassment and of religious groups and peoples.
Medical clinic treating people injured by COVID shot opens in Italy.
VIa Kory on Gab- 400% Surge in Excess Deaths in Balearic Islands: Regional Health Authorities Refuse to Investigate Rising Concerns.
Commentary on mRNA vaccination and cancer rates by Bayou Renaissance Man
Legendary Athlete Poisoned by First Dose of Moderna VAXXX DEAD 17 DAYS LATER.
2nd Grade Student Suddenly Dies, Kids Struggling to Concentrate Post-Vaxx.
Canadian Doctors are dying: 4x Prior Rate Under 40 Yrs Old, 8x Prior Rate Under 30 Yrs Old.
Myocarditis: 50% Will Die | Dr. Chris Shoemaker
Dr. Ryan Cole Says OB/GYN’s Are Sending Him Placentas From Vaxxed Mothers to Examine.
Because it is? Parents refuse to let doctors use vaccinated blood in life-saving surgery on their baby boy because they think the Covid vaccine is ‘experimental

Australian Bureau of Statistics Shows 72% Drop in Births 9 Months After COVID Shots Started.
Australia has a birthrate problem which started nine months after rolling out the vaccines.

29 Nov 2022: The beastly jab… billions could be injured or die? Dr David Martin.
Brutal karma? Report claims pro-jab ‘authorities’ are dying suddenly or becoming disabled after taking experimental shots
Related? Study finds ‘alarming’ decline in sperm count across world
Vaxxed- Celebrity personal trainer passes away “unexpectedly” at home in California
Boom… Two Aussies win Supreme Court case over Covid fines… as many as 45,000 other penalties could be struck down
It Begins: Australia to Cancel or Refund Tens of Thousands of Fines Issued During COVID Pandemic – Government Lawyers Admit Some Fines were ‘Invalid
New book exposes hard truths about vaccines
The book: “Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth
Life-Insurance Payouts Hit Record $100 Billion in 2021
Pfizer’s CEO rapped by regulator for making ‘misleading’ statements about children’s vaccines
Twitter Stops Enforcing COVID-19 Misinformation Policy,
Chinese Officials Plan To Ease Covid Restrictions Across iPhone City.
RFK Jr’s Foundation To Honor “General Hospital” Star Fired For Refusing COVID-19 Jab
Tyrant wanna-be: “If the Purpose is ‘Let’s Get All the People Vaccinated, Particularly the Elderly,’ Then Okay” – Dr. Fauci on China’s Lockdown VID
Vaxxed- 37-Year-Old Country Singer-Songwriter Dies in Sleep Just Hours After His Wedding.
One of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s daughters, Alison Fauci, is listed as a software engineer for a leftist organization that, in part, helps groups push coronavirus jabs on the American public.
Actuaries continue to see elevated millennial deaths this year since introduction of forced vaccines – up 36% in August. Autoimmunity is cooking away in a lot of people right now.
22-year-old St. Ambrose University basketball player dies suddenly.
From KimDotCom- Covid-19 was made with just a few million dollars. Consider that a test run. The scariest shit is yet to come. Genetic engineering, the modification of deadly viruses will be used by those who want to shrink the population. With the lab tech we have today it’s cheap and easy.
Former Commander in 101st Airborne: Refusing Jab Was a ‘No Brainer
Rintrah- A possible explanation- The “Died Suddenly” explosion. Vox’s take here.
Rintrah- Positive feedback is a bitch
Rintrah- Wrong antibodies: How the immune system is beginning to tolerate SARS-COV-2
Rintrah- Thanks again, Generation Cronus.
Rintrah- How did the vaccines leave people stuck with a poor IgG dominated antibody response?
Why Anger towards the Unvaccinated was Intentional Psychological Manipulation.
McCullough: Myocarditis is often the underlying cause when people die in their sleep.
Totally normal- Flight Attendant Suffers Heart Attack, Dies Mid-Flight.
Brook Jackson- Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial.
Spain and Russia warn vaccinated NOT to fly because of potential #bloodclots.
Related- Book review: Turtles All the Way Down (about the history of vaccines)
But least they aren’t dying from  Covid, right? Australia suffered 15x more Excess Deaths in the first 7 months of 2022 than it did in the whole of 2020.

28 Nov 2022: Covid lockdown protests erupt in Beijing
No- Fauci Says We Need Multiple COVID Booster Shots Each Year Due to New Variants.
What a shock (not) – Fauci’s Daughter Works For Left-Wing Organizing Group Leading Pro-COVID-19 Vaccine Campaigns, Suppressing ‘Misinformation.
Fauci’s 7-Hour Deposition: What We Know So far
Totally normal- Multi-billion dollar crypto founder dies in his sleep at age 30
Watch: Fauci Blames Trump For China’s COVID Cover Up,
Executive Ed Dowd: Actuaries Continue to See Elevated Millennial Deaths this Year Since Introduction of Forced Vaccines – Up 36% in August.
More evidence that the 4Chan whistleblower, who said the vaccines were a purposeful depopulation effort, with lots of stuff in the vaccines which nobody admitted to, knew what he was talking about..  and Archive of the thread here.
THe new normal- Steven Lome, a cardiologist and distance runner, had never witnessed anybody experience a cardiac arrest during a road race. Nor did he expect to use his professional skills outside work. But while running the Monterey Bay Half Marathon in California on Nov. 13, Lome saw not one, but two runners collapse on the course, and he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on both.
Sigh- Three runners suffer heart attacks and 125 other requires medical attention following Spanish half-marathon. What will it take to wake people up?
Oncologist sends urgent letter: stable cancers and other diseases are rapidly progressing in ‘boosted’ people.
Theoretically sounds possible on paper, but NO- A multivalent nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccine against all known influenza virus subtypes.
HOAX OR HORROR? Two More Streamers Suffer “Sudden Illness” and Collapse on Livestream – Are People Seeing Something Evil Chasing Them Moments Before Collapse?
Top Cardiologist Calls for End to mRNA COVID-19 Shots After Seeing 60-70 Patients Suffer Heart Conditions, Late to the party, but good he’s saying something.
Slew of Unusual Adverse Events Becoming More Common After COVID Vaccine Rollout.
Ironic- Pfizer CEO, who said online “misinformation” is criminal, is found guilty of “misleading” vaccine statements.
New data is out on COVID vaccine injury claims. What’s to make of it? “…About 25% of v-safe users said they experienced symptoms that required them to miss school or work or prevented them from doing other normal activities…”
It really is a cult- The Vaccine Cult Wants to Rid the Earth of Anti-Vaxxers by Labeling Them Insane and Dangerous.
Activating the Enemy Within: COVID Jabs Might Reactivate Virus and Diseases in Your Body.
Killing kids- Infant mortality among European children in 2022 increased to 552%.
U.S. Attorney Confirms Over 500,000 DEATHS After mRNA Injections In the US.
THey want you dead- Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents.

27 Nov 2022: COVID Lockdown Protests Erupt In Beijing, Xinjiang After Deadly Fire.
Another Study Finds Heart Inflammation Higher After Moderna Vaccination Versus Pfizer.
Berenson- Chinese insanity on full display
Fauci emailed friend saying masks were ‘ineffective,’ pushed for mandates anyway, Missouri AG says.
Vaxxed- Audio of the air traffic control communications, as a newly hired American Airlines regional Envoy jet pilot collapsed just after takeoff in Chicago on Saturday night.
I hope it’s more than that- Nearly a quarter of Americans said they have not been vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus, a survey from The Economist/YouGov found.
We are funding the propagandists, the evil bastards- National Science Foundation gives tens of millions to fight COVID ‘disinformation,’ populism.
Sometimes a Pharmacist tells the truth about how the covid vaccines.
How COVID-19 Spike Protein Accumulation Could Result in Thromboembolism.
the MSDS for ALC-0315, another lipid nanoparticle used in the Pfizer injection.
Maybe- A universal antidote helps vaccinees clear their blood. ( chlorine dioxide )
Governments confirm the COVID Vaccines have already killed Millions.
Secret CDC Report confirms half a Million American Children & Young Adults have died since COVID.
Korean live streamer “dies suddenly” on camera. 💉👀 (November 2022)
“Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccine; proof of causality” -Palmer
Gamer “dies suddenly” on live steam
Determination of the Effectiveness of Oral Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19.
Renowned Oncologist Sends Urgent Letter Calling to End COVID Vaccine Program Immediately as Cancers and other Diseases Are Rapidly Progressing in ‘Boosted’ People.

26 Nov 2022: COVID Lockdown Protests Erupt In Beijing, Xinjiang After Deadly Fire.
The Journalist-Run, Intelligence-Linked Operation That Warped British Pandemic Policy
You’re Just a F*cking Moron Who Doesn’t Know Sh*t from Clay” – Popular Radio Host Who Consistently Attacks Anti-Vaxxers will Take Hiatus until 2023 After Heart Attack. Just 43.
Top Australian Cardiologist Calls for Ban on mRNA Shots After Rise in Jab-Related Heart Conditions.
They are evil, think you are stupid- Here We Go: CDC Says It’s Monitoring a New COVID Variant Known as “XBB” – Deemed ‘Most Vaccine Resistant Strain Ever
Fauci Admits he Based His Unprecedented US Economic Lockdowns on Draconian Measures Used by the Communist Chinese.
Covid-19 Cases Continue To Rise In China.
Tyrant Justin Trudeau Lies Under Oath – Claims He Did Not Call Unvaccinated People “Racists and Misogynists” But Video Proves Otherwise.
The vax is good for business and theater- Hero cardiologist saves TWO runners who went into cardiac arrest during half marathon in California.
A lot of these lately- On Tuesday, November 22nd, a Gulf Air Airbus A321 was forced to make an emergency landing in Erbil, Iraq, after a crew member suffered a heart attack.
Ouch –Former Black Rock Executive Edward Dowd says that a CDC whistleblower revealed a whopping >36%< increased mortality rate in the age group of 22-44 this August.
All political- President Biden ordered Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to dismantle the Canadian Freedom Convoy over fears that the nationwide protests against vaccine mandates would start impacting trade in the United States, documents show.
But at lest they have free “coverage,” right? Under Britain’s socialized medicine, a cancer diagnosis meets a 3-year waitlist.
Midwest Doc- What is Causing the Blood Clots from “Died Suddenly?
claims “Natural Causes”- A Saskatoon woman is in shock after her mother died suddenly in a drug store allegedly within minutes of receiving her COVID-19 booster shot on Sept. 14.

25 Nov 2022: Prominent vaxx-skeptic site publishes highly critical review of ‘Died Suddenly’… you decide
Doctors launch lawsuit against FDA over suppression of ivermectin
Likely vaxxed, but it’s crypto so it might be DS- 30-Year-Old Crypto Firm Co-Founder Dies Suddenly in His Sleep.
Deposition extracts shocking admission: China convinced Fauci to push lockdowns
Canada’s Florida: Alberta government bans school mask mandates, online-only learning
Related- Biden’s National “Science” Foundation Has Pumped Nearly $40 Million Into Social Media Censorship
Died Suddenly”: Anti-Vaxx documentary on fibrous clots goes viral
Steve Kirsch answers the critics of “Died Suddenly”
EXCLUSIVE: A Look from Inside – The Fauci Deposition: Attorneys General from Missouri and Louisiana Depose Dr. Fauci, Prove He Was Not Honest with the American Public.
A lot of this going around- Attorney Who Requested to Represent President Trump But Was Denied by New York Court, Died Suddenly Last Week at 48.
Covid-19 Cases Grow In China, Locking Down Production And Consumption.
The Lancet reports on Human Rights failures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is the tide turning? Think again.
Not a good look or trend- A Swiss cardiologist with a doctorate in immunology and virology who has held a private practice for 24 years says police forcibly took him to a psychiatric ward to be examined for mental illness in response to his public criticism of COVID restrictions, mandates and testing he argued were unscientific.
Majority of Covid deaths are among vaccinated Americans for the first time — now that 230million have had at least two shots. Only thing to do is pray for them.
Fear theater- Washington, DC, public schools will require that all students and staff test neg for the coronavirus before they are allowed to come back from Thanksgiving break.
Of course not- Fauci Deposition report: “he can’t recall practically anything dealing with his Covid response!
HUGE chutzpah- Researcher claims anti-vaxx groups’ fear mongering and scare tactics cause vaccine-related adverse events like blood clots and heart attacks.
That’s not nothing- Official reports quietly published by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirm that there have been 1,106,079 excess deaths compared to the 2015-2019 five-year average since the vaccine’s rollout.
Pro-COVID Vax Authorities Continue to Die or Become Disabled After Mocking the Unvaxed.
The Medical Scandal of Killing Patients with Ventilators Continues.
Related- Very serious shortages of amoxicillin, augmentin, tamiflu, albuterol and tylenol have erupted all over the United States.
Choice or vax damage? South Korea in demographic crisis as many stop having babies.
eugyppius- New Fauci emails show Christian Drosten, other Corona astrologers debating whether and how to address the laboratory origins hypothesis.
Scientists develop 20-subtype mRNA flu vaccine to protect against future flu pandemics.
“safe” and effective- Two Vaccine Doses, Two Leg Amputations.
Abp. Viganò: The COVID pandemic farce served as a trial balloon for the New World Order
Steve Kirsch answers ‘Died Suddenly’ critics

24 Nov 2022: Happy Thanksgiving, if you are still around to say so.
Chudov Shocker- Long Covid MORE Likely to Happen SOON AFTER VACCINATION. Duh.
COVID Lockdown Curfew Employed in German State Declared Illegal by Court.
Chudov- Excess Mortality is Worse than It Seems- 52% Increase in Medical-cause Mortality among UK 25-49-year-olds
Peter Alexander- Big pharma, e.g. Pfizer, is disease-centric; corrupt, fraudulent, criminal, deceptive, etc.
Chutzpah-  Researcher Claims Anti-vaxx Groups’ Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics Cause Vaccine-Related Adverse Events Like Blood Clots and Heart Attacks.
Died Suddenly”: Anti-Vaxx documentary on fibrous clots goes viral
Vaxxed Americans majority of Covid deaths for first time
Is he kidding? Fauci reveals the ‘real danger’ in his final briefing
Dr. McCullough: When Biden vetoes bipartisan end to Covid emergency, that’s a red flag ‘they’re drunk on power’
Kroger ordered to pay $180,000 to workers fired for not wearing homosexual symbols
Renegade Dr: They sent me to a Swiss psych hospital for going against Covid lockdowns
Dr. Mercola: Pfizer’s Financial Supernova and the Art of Really Big Lies
Ice Cube confirms he lost $9M film job after refusing to get beastly vax: ‘F— ya’ll for trying to make me get it’
Related- RSV and flu explode, but why exactly?
Unvaccinated blood banks? Learn about the growing movement for clean transfusions.
Kirsch- Answering the critics of “Died Suddenly

23 Nov 2022: el gato malo- the public health czar has completely lost the plot
DIED SUDDENLY: Official figures show at least Three-Quarters of a Million People have “Died Suddenly” across just 20% of all Countries throughout 2022 & Official Government Reports prove COVID Vaccination is to blame.
Vaxxed gay bro gets heart attack
Red alert: mRNA found in BREAST MILK
Under Grilling From Lawyer for Canadian Trucker Convoy, Trudeau Officials Can’t Name Evidence That Justified Emergencies Act.
The Fauci Deposition from Bethesda, MD.
Ongoing humilliation rituals- DC Students and School Staff Must Take COVID-19 Tests to Return After Thanksgiving — Despite Mandatory Vaccines.
Bodycount- 29-Year-Old Yorkshire Rugby Player and Club Captain Dies Suddenly.
Pilot Dies Suddenly After Collapsing Shortly After Takeoff from Chicago Airport (AUDIO)
Watch: Biden COVID Minion Tells Americans “God Gave Us Two Arms” For Multiple Vaccines
NOT NORMAL! Now the unborn are having heart attacks in the womb!
Recovered Covid Hospital Patients Found to Have Altered Brain Function and Implications for the Vaccinated.
Shocking Pfizer Document Reveals 82% of Vaccinated Pregnant Women Suffered Miscarriages New report of old news.
CDC has put myocarditis warning into the Covid shot.
NO- HHS report wants to ‘encourage or mandate’ masking to stop long COVID.
Not enough, a start- California workers win $125,000 after vaccine discrimination lawsuit.
Ice Cube furious he lost $9M role for refusing COVID vaccine: ‘F–k that jab.’
An Envoy Air pilot passed out while taking off from Chicago O’Hare International Airport and was later pronounced dead.
Evil bastards with a God complex- College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Drugging the Unvaccinated into Compliance.
Horowitz: How many lives could have been saved by aggressive use of vitamin D alone?
The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health. Further proof with COVID-19.
The package inserts still say “Intentionally Blank” after TWO YEARS!
Study: Athlete Deaths are 1700% higher than expected since Covid-19 Vaccination began.
Berenson- Goodbye Sars-Cov-2.
CDC uses Walgreens drive-through COVID tests to show that new boosters ‘work.’ But do the math. The vaxxed are 25% more likely to have a positive test than the unvaxxed.
Ironic- Top Virologist and Member of FDA Advisory Panel Who Voted For COVID Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Dies Suddenly from a Brief Unknown Illness.
Kirsch- the official response from CDC about death safety signal being triggered in VAERS

22 Nov 2022:
Chudov- Should Individualism be Medicated Away to be Replaced by “Welfarism?
Some women REJECT sex with vaccinated men to protect themselves from spike protein.
Dr. Blaylock: How Vaccine-Induced Spike Proteins Damage the Brain and Cause Cancer.
Malone- A Global Passport for Vaccines and Carbon Tracking; They’re Coming
Frontline ICU doctor knew COVID response would cause harm but stayed silent.
Doctors Baffled After 16-Year-Old Football Player and Wrestler Suffers a Stroke and Bloodclot in His Brain. Everyone knows why….
1 M Fake COVID Tests from China En Route to Germany were Confiscated in Netherlands.
GOOD! 30% of parents now question the entire vaccine schedule and 90% of parents still say “no thanks” to C19 shots for their young children.
“Effective” Vaxxed and “boosted within an inch of (her) life” Whoopi Goldberg returns to The View after “rough” second COVID illness this year.
TV reporter at the UN Climate Change conference collapses during live broadcast.
DANGER! Airlines move to have one pilot, not two, in cost-cutting solution.
Cardiologists Come to the Same Conclusion Regarding COVID Jab Side Effects.
eugyppius- After three years of studiously ignoring obvious patterns, The Science inches closer to acknowledging that viral interference is a thing.
US Department Of Defense Has Become The Department Of Mass Murder (of their own).
PfizerGate: Official EU Data proves Thousands are dying every week due to COVID Vaccination with Europe suffering 300k Excess Deaths in 2022, making it a record-breaking year in terms of Deaths.
HUGE – Norway does massive U-turn on boosters
Berenson- A newly hired American Airlines regional jet pilot collapsed just after takeoff in Chicago on Saturday night.

From here:

21 Nov 2022: Malone- The Dilemma of the Vaccinated.
Malone- Forum Conversation: Norman Fenton On The Revelations of Pandemic Data.
COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct Timeline: Major Dates, Events, Entities & Legislation.
Oz throwing medical community under the bus? Response re: Are health practitioners covered for indemnity insurance re the Covid jabs?
Video: In Denmark, Death Rates Skyrocket. Something Horrible Is Going on!
Unvaxxed Teacher Wins Workers’ Compensation for Psychological Injury.
MAPK Activation, P53 and Autophagy Inhibition Characterize the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induced Neurotoxicity. (prion-related stuff)
TESTIMONY OF SHEDDING (by the vaxxed) by a massage therapist
Study in Peer-Reviewed Journal Describes ‘Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis in Two Intern Doctors in the Same Night Shift
Fauci to testify under oath
They Will Lock You Down Again
The damage is already done, though- FDA backtracks on Ivermectin
COVID-19 vaccine triggered rejection in lung transplant recipients: A case series. They know
FDA backtracks during trial and now claims ‘not taking Ivermectin for COVID-19’ was merely a recommendation.
Some Canadians still talking about taxing the unvaxxed.
Rand Paul writes to the CDC about Conflicts of interest.
A cardiologist comments on the fact the mRNA vaccine elevates Troponin, a marker of heart muscle damage, about the same duration as a heart attack due to blocked arteries:
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: Stanford professor who challenged lockdowns and ‘scientific clerisy’ declares academic freedom ‘dead’
Conflict of interest- “the American Board of Internal Medicine is tied to Pfizer and Moderna via the contracted PR firm Weber Shandwick and its partner http://Blackbird.AI.
Seeing lots of flu, RSV, & Covid in my tele-health practice. FLCCC’s new protocol doing great in all 3. (things like NTZ and elderberry)
With Dr Kory- Long Covid Reset Online Summit.
Harvard doubles down on #clotshot mandate for students, requiring flu jab as well.
AWK Interview w/ Todd Callendar: JAB crimes committed! Exposing DoD Trial Lawyers. TREASON committed. PRAY!
Wave of Litigation’ Over COVID Vaccine Mandates — Nike, Washington State University Latest to Face Lawsuits. I hope they get their asses handed to them.
875 Vaccine-Related Bills Filed in 44 States — What’s Happening in Your State?
Bombshell: US Military [vax] Update!
What Reopening? China’s Covid Restrictions Are Actually Tightening.
The COVID Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury. (When Type 1 interferon is suppressed, you become more prone to infection and chronic disease).
Pfizer’s Covid Vax Lots DID Have Different Formulations.

How many more children?

How many more will it take for people to wake up?

Lying liars moving their lips:

20 Nov 2022: US has suffered shocking 350k Excess Deaths in 2022 so far; evidence suggests ‘Covid’ fake vaccination is to blame.
Pfizer’s Paxlovid Is a Fraud — It’s Time to Yank It From the Market.
Yes, she’s that stupid- Democrat Rep. Claims Slavery Reparations Could Have Saved Black Americans From COVID.
Outrageous! FDA Backtracks During Trial and Now Claims ‘Not Taking Ivermectin for COVID-19’ was Merely a Recommendation.
Dr. Nepute Was Absolutely Correct – New Study Confirms Vitamin D Provides Protection Against COVID Death.
Doctors in Ontario are reportedly being advised to consider using psychiatric medicines on patients who refuse the vaccine. An evil tactic used in the USSR.
From AC today- You will already know it, but I just have to create a record of this:
Manhattan attorney who represented “We Build the Wall” associate Tim Shea dies unexpectedly. Vaxxed.
Tyranny- “Unvaccinated patients have a mental problem and should be put on psychiatric medications.” Not surprisingly, he appears to have deleted the tweet.
Good- The Band-Aid Has Been Ripped off the Vaccine Agenda: 30% of Parents Now Question the Entire Schedule.
The Killing Fields- What happened in Samoa in 2019 and why is it so important now?
Canada- Editorial: Don’t debate face masks. Just wear them. Never ending gaslighting.
Gaslighting- 7 symptoms of a heart attack that can strike exactly a month before.
Scientists Reveal Key Differences in Immune Response to Inactivated Virus and mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines.
30% of parents now question the entire jab schedule since the travesty around Covid.
With above link- 90% of parents say “no thanks” to Covid jabs for their children.

19 Nov 2022: Mother’s Vaxx Status EXCLUDED From Neonatal Death Investigation.
They Are Covering Up Cov Vax Deaths and Injuries Says Ambulance Workers and Nurses
Manufacturing of the Covid mRNA BIOWEAPONS 💉The lipids float to the top of the big vat.
Unravelling the role of the mandatory use of face covering masks for the control of SARS-CoV-2 in schools: a quasi-experimental study nested in a population-based cohort in Catalonia (Spain)
More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms.
Why Are Cancers Escalating Post-mRNA Vaccination?
3 Docs from the SAME HOSPITAL Drop Dead within 1 Wk of JAB #4- Tragedy or Karma?
Facebook post: Her name is Timike Balogh 36, today she took her own life, after 2 Mo Der na shots her kidney functions stopped and lost all her hair, her immune system attacked itself and she tried dr after dr, nothing helped so she left this Earthly Plane.
As Globalists Push ‘Cerberus’ And ‘Typhon’ As New Scare Variants.
Is there a way to determine if our bodies are actually detoxing?
Updated Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List.
Any excuse will do- Thirteen Men in One Prison Jailed for “Shaken Baby Syndrome” After Possible Vaccine Injuries had Occurred.
Canadian Doctor Says College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Unvaccinated Patients are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication VID
Lawsuit Claims Massachusetts Installed COVID-19 ‘Spyware’ On 1 Million Devices.
Group Calls To Investigate CDC Over Misinformation About Child COVID Deaths.
Biden’s Covid bribe: Americans who get a booster vaccine this winter will get $20 discounts on their groceries — amid surging inflation and a sluggish rollout. Much too small.
Myopericarditis rates off the charts – 23,300 suspected cases per million.
Evil fuckers- Notre Dame demands even virtual students are vaxxed — in 2024.
Al Roker was hospitalized with blood clots in leg, lungs during ‘Today’ absence.
Friday Hope: Vitamin D Revisited – A New COVID-19 Study Shows Additional Promise and It Has Anti-Fibrotic Properties: Could Its Suppression Of RAS Be Its Main Benefit?
Meanwhile, chutzpah knows know bounds- A doctor is facing $500 billion in fines for promoting vitamin D3 & Zinc during the scamdemic.
Here is the World Health Organization’s advance copy of the “Conceptual Zero Draft” of their proposed “Pandemic Treaty.
The Ethical Skeptic- we have lots of excess deaths, and CDC/Pharma are covering it up.
“Fixing” the data- The foreign data set was gutted this week in VAERS and the cancer signal was halved, the myocarditis dose 3 response signal was lost and 994 spontaneous abortions/still births were dropped.
the British Medical Journal published a new investigative report headlined, “FDA Oversight of Clinical Trials Is ‘Grossly Inadequate,’ Say Experts.
FDA COMPLICIT IN MURDERING AMERICANS-FDA-big pharma monolith literally caused doctors to get censured, disbarred and de-licensed.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Weakens any military force by creating illness and breaking their mental strength.

18 Nov 2022: The Corporate Media’s Sick Jihad Against Vitamin D.
In Sweden it’s being reported that a pos covid test meant they’d be put on end-of-life care.
Medics say growing numbers asking for unvaxxed blood transfusions… hardliners want to set up ‘SafeBlood’… unvaxxed blood banks
Watch: NBC News advises parents to keep kids away from “unvaccinated individuals”
Clown won’t learn from it- Vaxxed and Boosted Al Roker Hospitalized for Blood Clots.
Dr. Peter McCullough on Rose Unplugged: New Covid Strains? (AUDIO)
G20 leaders have just signed a declaration which states that vaccine passports will be adopted to “facilitate” all international travel. Sure it will
Demand for unvaccinated blood is real, doctors acknowledge grumpily. Reality leaks in.
Any excuse but the vax- Climate change is making migraines, strokes and DEMENTIA more severe and common, review claims.
Evil bastards- FDA declares NMN can no longer be sold as a supplement, because some pharma company has decided they want to investigate it as a drug to sell for profit.
Bone marrow failure- Severe aplastic anemia after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination: Causality or coincidence?
MY Daughter is in an Urn on the Dining Room Table thanks to the vax- DEAD IN 4 DAYS)
McLeod: Why we must stop the shots Pt. 1: Ineffective, Untested, and Unsafe “Vaccines
48,817 DEAD and 5,107,883 Injured Following COVID-19 Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions.
Activating the Enemy Within: COVID Jabs Might Reactivate Virus and Diseases in Your Body.
COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia.
Leading British Cardiologist, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, and Dr. Peter McCullough Independently Come to Same Conclusion.
Huh. Ironic, no? “Whoopi Goldberg misses ‘The View’ after scary health diagnosis”; Jane Fonda says she’s “not going to be around much longer”; 15 “General Hospital” actors hit with “COVID or other serious issues.
Houston Transplant Center rejects unvaccinated patient… Sick, blind, and mean.
Covid-19 pandemic: What is the truth?
Up to 20% of Employees Unable to Work After Receiving Boosters.
Group Asks CDC for Data on Vax Status of Young Diagnosed With RSV.
Deaths among European Children aged 0-14 have increased by 552% since the EMA approved the COVID Vaccine for Kids.
VACCINE FEARMONGERING: NBC pushing RSV propaganda to drive division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.
Dr. William Makis — 93 Dead Canadian Doctors After Vaccine Rollout. Live by Pharma…
Kirsch interview- ‘All my friends abandoned me because everyone was pressured to ignore the vaccine injured!” -Vaccine Injured Cody Hudson
McCullough- Vaccine Disaster: Cardiovascular Manifestations Found in 29.24% of Vaxxed
Branch Covidians are a crazy- A Collection Of The Sayings Of The Branch Covidians.

17 Nov 2022: Athletes From Around The World Collapsing & Dying Suddenly.
Myocarditis/pericarditis, anaphylaxis, & encephalitis following mRNA Pfizer gene injection.
Near real-time surveillance of safety outcomes in US COVID-19 vaccine recipients aged 12 to 64 years.
FTX Slush Fund Bankrolled Fake Studies To Hide Covid Therapeutics.
Alexander- Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “Never forgive. Never forget.
New Normal – Fit and Healthy 10-Year-Old Girl Dies Suddenly After Collapsing at School.
A new pre-print study posted to medRxiv* demonstrates that 20% of employees will be unable to work after getting the booster. That’s not good.
As colds, flu and more serious respiratory infections are on the uptick, the FDA is reporting a shortage of amoxicillin. Most colds and flu do not get antibiotics, but they must be using a lot of it for other things people’s immune systems are not able to fight.
Typical of our media today, Daily Mail says RSV (a virus) is on the increase, and the shortage of amoxicillin is preventing it from being treated, and, “Experts say COVID lockdowns caused weakened immune systems in children that are now particularly susceptible to a rough few months of seasonal viruses” BS and gaslighting
Frustrated residents in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou smashed temporary barriers and marched through streets in revolt earlier this week against strict COVID-19 controls, according to online videos and reports.
Cancer, Miscarriages Skyrocketing In Our Military.
‘They’re Doing It Again!’ – Funeral Director John O’Looney On The Deadly UK Flu Jabs.
Patti Bartsch, PhD – You say you started having problems since THIS happened?
The Lancet Openly Calls For UN-Run Mandatory Vaccination Programs.
PfizerGate: Official EU Data proves Thousands are dying every week due to COVID Vaccination with Europe suffering 300k Excess Deaths in 2022, making it a record-breaking year in terms of Deaths.
Watch: NBC News Advises Parents To Keep Kids Away From “Unvaccinated Individuals.
Protection from previous natural infection compared with mRNA vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe COVID-19 in Qatar: a retrospective cohort study
Devastating COVID vaccine booster results, Israel data: “Six-Month Follow-up after a Fourth Pfizer (BNT162b2) Vaccine Dose” (Canetti and Regev-Yochay); additional immunologic advantage of the fourth dose was much smaller and had waned completely by 13 weeks after vaccination.
War on Fertility: GER & SWE Experience Huge drop in FERTILITY, BIRTH RATES CRASH.
They want PureBlood-‘SafeBlood’ Hardliners Want to Set Up Unvaccinated Blood Banks

On of the possible adverse events for the vaxx:

The image below is related to the estimate of an extra 400k all cause deaths.

16 Nov 2022: CDC Study confirms COVID Vaccination increases risk of suffering Autoimmune Disease affecting Heart by 13,200%. Oh. Is that all?
Julie Kelly: This lawsuit is making the Covid deep state squirm… (Eric Schmidt suit)
Turns out Stanford still requires primary vaccination AND a booster… the best and the brightest
Italy’s new deputy health minister: NO PROOF that Covid vaccines actually worked
All about power – Biden Threatens to Veto Proposed Senate Resolution to End Covid-19 Emergency Declaration After 13 Democrats Voted with Republicans.
No- G20 panel calls for a global digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO to track vaccination status.
Mass Exodus Of Dr.s And Nurses May Lead To Total Collapse Of The U.S. Medical System.
Kirsch- Myocarditis in kids under 18 cases up by over 100X in Canada
NBC Pushes ‘Tripledemic’ Fear Mongering – Claims Children At Risk During The Holidays.
Why Can’t ELON MUSK Figure Out What’s Wrong with the COVID-19 Injections?
Scully et al.: “Pathologic Antibodies to Platelet Factor 4 after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccination”; 22 patients presented with acute thrombocytopenia and thrombosis, primarily cerebral venous thrombosis.
King County WA covid data update. Over 1000 OLD fully-vaccinated infections were reclassified to unvaccinated infections in the last week. November so far:
Boosted, 52.09% of pop, 80% of deaths.
Swissmedic and Vaccinating Doctors Criminally Sued in Switzerland for Authorizing and Administering Covid-19 mRNA Jabs.
The Ministry of Health in Israel is actively hiding critical information about vax.
Study in Peer-Reviewed Journal Finds 42% of Women Surveyed Had ‘Heavier Menstrual Flow’ Than Normal After COVID-19 ‘Vaccination
Sperm Counts Plummeting Dramatically — and Faster Than Previously Thought.
Thankfully, it’s mostly New Yorkers- Ultra-leftist Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor condemns New York City employees to DEATH by lethal mRNA injections.
Dr. Vernon Coleman- They Killed Granny – Now They’re Going to Kill the Kids.
Very similar to the case report presented here, Christina Applegate had to get the De-Pop Clot Shot in order to keep her job, and now she is going downhill so quickly with Multiple Sclerosis she can barely walk.
Dr. James Thorp, and Postpartum Nurse, Michelle Gershman, Speak Out About Unprecedented Elevation of Reproductive and Pregnancy Complications.
Simply put, ~400 K have died of something which is not Covid, Long Covid, nor overdose/accident/suicide. When we examine where those people are dying, they tend to be in US counties where vaccination rates are higher.

15 Nov 2022: S4S- Something is constructed, and they forgot about the Funeral Directors.
New Zealand Funeral Director– 95% had the vax within the previous 2 weeks
Blood and vax under the microscope – Something is being constructed.
Australian media is still doing the whole Covid cruise ship scare thing
Kind’a late, eh? Huh? NOW Pfizer and Moderna launch trials to investigate whether Covid vaccines cause long term health damage
“normal” 10-YO Boy Died of Cardiac Arrest 7 Days After Moderna Shot, VAERS Data Show
Evil lying bastards- NBC News tells parents to vaccinate their kids and shun the unvaccinated over the holidays
The CDC is now blocking Steve Kirsch’s emails… and they were lying about myocarditis
Did bodybuilder Doug Brignole die from COVID or the vaccine? Yes, most likely.
Olympic athlete Genevieve Florence (24) ‘barely functional’ after Pfizer vaccine: ‘I wanted to end my life.
TV presenters in Brazil and Argentina collapse during live broadcasts.
Yeah, right- Tiny particles in the air may trigger sudden heart attacks, study suggests.
Good- Court orders New York City to reinstate unvaccinated employees, give backpay.
Owning gene-mod people- Humanity goes on trial in public at 8.30 am on 18 November 2022 in Denver, Colorado… or not. We shall see.
Dancing to our destruction. No more respect for the scrubs.
COVID-shot echoes: I had a most odd experience Saturday.
IW- UPDATE: Toxic Vaccine Ingredient SM-102 Has Connection To Epstein Genome Project.
90 Sudden or Unexpected Canadian Doctor Deaths: Dr. William Markis Interview.
PfizerGate: Official EU Data proves Thousands are dying every week due to COVID Vaccination with Europe suffering 300k Excess Deaths in 2022, making it a record-breaking year in terms of Deaths.
In Denmark they’re now admitting it’s safer to get Covid, which was described as a worldwide pandemic, shutting down everything, families, businesses and lives torn apart, than it is to get the jab.
COVID-19 Vaccines: Proof of Lethality. Over One Thousand Scientific Studies.
How are Australia’s COVID authorities going to explain away a 63% drop in births?

14 Nov 2022: Evil bastard- Why Is DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Still Forcing J6 Political Prisoners To Get Vaxxed and Boosted To See Their Families?
Why does nobody talk about Sweden’s lack of lockdowns now? Just delete one side of the argument, it’s evil….
Chudov- Guesstimating Relative Risk of Mortality by Vaxx Status; 40% greater for vaxxed
The Covid-19 Vaccines cause AIDS; here’s all the evidence
Dr. Betsy Eads exposes the breaking news about MALAYSIAN DOCTOR PUT TO DEATH FOR GIVING COVID INJECTION under the Nuremburg Code.
PANIC IN CITY OF OTTAWA. Can’t deal with vax convoy fallout.
Ontario’s top doctor ‘strongly’ recommends masking indoors (and he’s an idiot/plant)
Kirsch- The CDC is now blocking my emails. And they were lying about myocarditis.
Mercola- Is ‘Long Covid’ the elephant in the room?
ZH- CCP Shortens Quarantines But Continues Zero-COVID Policy.
Discharge Abuse of Injured US Military Troops Claimed by Advocacy Group.
Related- BioNTech SE Acquires Singapore Manufacturing Facility.
Four year old who was the face of Argentina’s vaccination campaign has died of pneumonia. Goes with the pic a few days earlier.
See a lot of these things these days- UFC fighter Anthony Rumble Johnson dead at 38 from lymphoma and an inflammatory disorder.
VAIDS- There is an unprecedented explosion of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) all over the United States right now.
Vaccine Disaster: The Beginning.
McCullough- SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Found in the Human Nucleus.
Over 2,000 runners needed medical attention in the Marathon.
mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients and Cause Myocarditis in Up to 1 in 27, Study Finds. Considering the 5-year, 50% mortality rate for that….
Myocarditis Risk From COVID-19 Vax Up to 3x Higher From Moderna Than Pfizer: Study.
Looks like FTX was also funding at least one of the big studies saying ivermectin doesn’t help any with Covid. But it was a bad trial. It also donated hugely to Dem candidates. Huh…. Deep State op?

13 Nov 2022: COVID Smear Artists Want “Amnesty” For Their Lies.
Died Suddenly of Natural Causes / Insane Australia / Jacinda Not Doing Well.
This Vax News is Stunning and They Need to Go to Prison for it. Preg and birth problems.
What’s going on with births down under in Australia? The data is stunning.

California hospitals using overflow tents for rising number of flu patients.
COVID Deaths are up 82% in the past 3 months compared to 2020 despite roll-out of 3rd Booster to Over 50’s & Vulnerable.
‘Something Horrible Is Going On’: The Longer They Ignore It, the More Criminal It Is.
Vaxx Injured Athlete Speaks Out: Triathlete’s Life Destroyed By Covid Bioweapon Jab.
If You Thought The COVID Jab Was Dangerous, YOU WERE RIGHT – Peer Reviewed Science & Experts Reveal.
Cole- You sterilize your daughter and inflame her heart to avoid a simple sniffle.
Kirsch- Is myocarditis rare? Or common? Let’s find out.
Covid-19 Cases Rise In China, But Strict Measures May Be Abating.
They are killing you- Mayo denies kidney transplant for unvaccinated patient.
Mil is compromised- West Point military academy chose a method of celebrating Veterans’ Day that was a little less focused on freedom and appreciation for service members, however — the day before the holiday, West Point gave unvaccinated cadets 10 hours to agree to get the COVID-19 vaccine or face punishment and potential expulsion.
A little late, eh? Major studies on COVID vaccine link to Myocarditis underway.
Does vitamin D supplementation reduce COVID-19 severity?: a systematic review. D3, yes
SABOTAGE? – Dr. Birx Admits to Revising and HIDING Info From Trump’s COVID Team, While Altering CDC Guidelines Without Approval.

12 Nov 2022: Josh Sigurdson: COVID-19 vaccines causing cancer rates to skyrocket: “those vaccinated against COVID-19 are a shocking 143,233 percent more likely to be diagnosed with cancer compared to people vaccinated against the flu.
Dr. Kevin Stillwagon Reveals How to Treat Covid ‘Vaccine’ Damage (Vid) (fasting, nutrition)
Saskatchewan politician demands gov’t investigation into COVID jab injuries.
Dr. Paul Alexander- CDC said on their websites and orally that the COVID gene injection was ‘safe & effective’ (insert A), yet Haas et al. found otherwise: “Frequency of Adverse Events in the Placebo Arms of COVID-19.
Kirsch- My latest email to the CDC notifying them about the billboards.
HARD EVIDENCE! This is what CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is criminally liable for!
How the FDA and CDC Are Hiding COVID Jab Dangers.
Myocarditis after Covid vaccination: Research on possible long-term risks underway.
Why did intelligent people fall for it?
Doesn’t prevent anything Cruise ship with estimated 800 COVID cases to dock in Sydney.
U.S. Doctor testifies UNDER OATH that mRNA injections are KILLING CHILDREN.
From AC we have this gem- Go here, and search for 0000000000000000000077444 as Purchase Document # and you will see California’s Department of Health paid $192 million to a firm for COVID-19 “graphical design services.” One contract.
Good- The OSHA vaccine mandate impacting millions of Americans remains suspended! The Fifth Circuit has ordered the federal government to stand down and take no further action to implement or enforce the Mandate until further court order.
Kirsch- Stanford quietly drops vaccine requirement.
2022 birth decline in Germany and Sweden explained by ‘vaccines
Contracts for child funerals- Also- Finding are that 74% of Vaxxed women are MISCARRYING
Sudden Death + Turbo Cancer: Canadian Doctors Speak Out.
Related- Research shows why 1960s RSV shot sickened children. (from 2008!)

Related: ‘Science for Hire,’ a Gary Null Production. Two hour documentary

11 Nov 2022: Remdesivir Lawsuits in Fresno, California as Plaintiffs Allege Drug is a Killer.
Supreme Court’s Sotomayor Denies NYC Workers’ Bid To Halt Vax Mandate.
Attractive female students no longer earned higher grades when classes moved online during COVID-19… Huh. Shocker.
Things that make you hope for the worse case scenariot playing out- Canada: Appeal court refuses organ transplant for dying, unvaxxed woman
Been saying this a while- Covid “vaccines” cause myocarditis and pericarditis but Covid infections do not: massive study
A nurse speaks out about what she’s seen.
Long-term organ damage after COVID-19 vaccines emerging in medical literature.
Victorious Rand Paul vows to ‘subpoena every last document of Dr. Fauci.
Berenson-They really are this stupid (Australia edition) (more boosters, sigh)
Coffee Talk Ep13 (SARS-CoV-2 genome integration and why you will get cancer) by Dr. Paul Cottrell.
Related- Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues From May ’21
Related- Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line. (from March)
Berenson- Brain inflammation and the mRNA vaccines.
UK Gov. pauses COVID Vaccine roll-out to 5 to 11-year-old Children after 22% increase in Deaths among age group since NHS began to Vaccinate them.
Uh-oh… antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and vaccines
Related- ‘Unprecedented’ wave of kids hospitalized with RSV in Colorado
Hmmm… massive surge in RSV cases at Michigan children’s hospitals
Biden Regime Plans to Extend Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Through Spring of 2023.

Excess COVID Death (part 2) With the great following graph. Smoking vax gun?

10 Nov 2022: An intriguing / scary idea, eugyppius- The Disappearance of Influenza.
Veteran medical examiner who reviewed 4000 Covid deaths explains how many were REALLY from Covid… (at least 40% were not really Covid-caused deaths, but only “dozens” would be considered “healthy” before covid; massive comorbidity rates and problems)
Medical journal admits beastly vax causes Myocarditis and Pericarditis
Government publishes horrific figures on COVID Vaccine Deaths: 1 in every 310 people died within 1.5 months of receiving the COVID Vaccine Booster.
Legendary Athlete Poisoned by 1st dose of  Moderna  VAXXX DEAD 17 DAYS LATER.
Brazil: News Anchor “suddenly” Collapses 💉 Weird how this keeps happening….
Soviet Australistan: Medical unions in Australia push back against amendment that seeks to punish doctors who challenge gov’t narratives.
Malone- The Dilemma of the Unvaccinated.
Mercola- See the issues Paxlovid has become widely associated with.
EU regulator recommends adding heavy periods to side effects of mRNA COVID shots.
Dr. Tenpenny- What Is the Connection Between the Vaccination and Great Reset Agenda?
Pfizer’s Chief Financial Officer boasted that the COVID vaccine franchise represents a “multi-billion dollar” market for years to come as it marked up prices by 10,000 per cent.
Kirsch- The Health Crisis in Vaccinated Kids: Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD/PE.
Canada- The big picture around the Emergencies Act, by Divergent Media
Social divisions created by the Covid BS- The Mask of Reason.
Fauci Tells Americans To Get Boosted; Claims There is “No Doubt It’s Safe” Despite VAERS Data Showing The Experimental Jab is the Most Dangerous Vaccine in History.
COVID-19, GMOs, Climate Change: Expert Says Suppression of Dissent in Scientific Circles Is Nothing New.
Ethylene Oxide, FDA PCR Swab Recall, & Strange Black Fibers That Move.
More lies around the Canadia Truck Protest tyranny and official misconduct.
UK: Excess deaths are higher now than during the Covid pandemic.
Judge Who Ripped Children From No-Mask Mothers Recuses Himself After National File Report. Huh, wonder why?
Kirsch-‘The Elephant in the Room’ Vaccine vs. COVID Fatality Data Breakdown
Very impressive public comment by –Human Rights Attorney, Leigh Dundas.
Scientists Discover ‘Cancer-Causing Compound’ in Face Masks.
There is a Stunning Lack of Remorse Among those Suffering from COVID PSYCHOSIS.
Spain registers a large excess of deaths and Health does not know the cause.
COVID mRNA “vaccines” from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are linked to a “precipitous drop” in birthrates across Europe.
Newly released Pfizer document – Vaccination Effects on Fertility in Rats from 2020.
Dr. William Makis says that 80 healthy Canadian doctors have “died suddenly” since the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines.

09 Nov 2022:
Mysterious clots that are killing people caused by Covid jab spike proteins, paper reveals.
NO AMNESTY: Covid forgiveness comes AFTER the tyrants are fully brought to justice and good governance is restored.
Video: Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide.
Vid- Medical Professional Confronts The Lie, Fake Pandemic Didn’t Killed People, Imposed Hospital Protocols Did!
Pfizer chief boasts Covid pandemic will be ‘multi-billion dollar franchise’ for years to come.
Wolf- The vaccine hits the genitals directly, and adverse reactions reach up to 2 billion people on the planet.
Pfizer Crimes against our Children: Cardiac Arrest of Two Month Old Baby an Hour after Experimental Vaccine.
French Dr. is Arrested and beaten by police for PRESCRIBING LIFE-SAVING IVERMECTIN.
Where Spike Protein Deposits in the Body After COVID or Vaccine.
Why Are Cancers Escalating Post-mRNA Vaccination?
Steve Kirsch: Data shows COVID-19 vaccine is the MOST DANGEROUS vaccine ever made.
Is It Possible to Avoid Heart Damage From the COVID Vaccine? Or Do All COVID-Vaccinated People Have Some Myocarditis?
England has now suffered 300k Deaths since May resulting in over 34k Excess Deaths – Why are so many people dying?
Ironic- BREAKING: Emergencies Act Inquiry Counsel Collapses Mid-Sentence.
COVID booster may lower protection against omicron reinfection, study finds. Here’s why.

08 Nov 2022: Election Day! And Blood-Moon full lunar eclipse day! Red Wave!
Court Orders CDC to Release Data Showing 18 Million Vaccine Injuries in America.
Doctor Calls Out CDC, FDA – Warns They Are Deliberately ‘Breaking the Law
Malone- Pfizer Appears to have Corrupted the Entire Western World.
Washington (wenachee) Health Board BANS Anti-Vaxx & Unapproved COVID Speech.
Dr. Peter McCullough – What Are They Not Telling Us About Covid? Lots of good stuff.
They found WHAT in the vaccine?
Chinese Cities See Covid Outbreaks, More Lockdowns Loom.
The Sepsis death rate in the 21,926 double vaccinated group of the Pfizer Phase III Clinical trial was twenty-one times higher than normal, and the Cardiovascular death rate was two times higher than normal. That’s not good.
No- Pfizer develops RSV vaccine for pregnant women to immunize their unborn babies while in the womb. Just Say No.
Related bad health decisions- Prominent organizations including the World Health Organization and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have dismissed low-carbohydrate diets that prevent tooth decay in favor of recommending high-carbohydrate diets which rely on fluoride and food fortification to mitigate dental damage and nutritional shortcomings, a researcher says.
Stefanik vows to haul Cuomo into Congress for nursing home deaths if GOP takes House.
WaPo: Rand Paul says U.S. botched COVID – He could soon lead probes of it.
11-8-2022 Updated Covid-19 and mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List:
77% Of Babies DIED in Pfizer Vaccine Pregnancy Trials.
Israeli Report: “The mRNA Experimental Vaccine from Pfizer Killed “About 40 Times More (Elderly) People Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed” During a Recent Five-week Vaccination Period
PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Dying Every Single Week Due to COVID-19 Vaccination​.
Canaries In The Vaccine Coal Mine Died Long Ago.

07 Nov 2022: The Demonization of the Unvaccinated: A Look Back.
Comments on A Look Back at the Demonization of the unvaxxed.
Malone- COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
Dr. McCullough: If the goal was to reduce the world’s population, it’s working.
Malone- EU Vaccination Roadmap, 2018-2022 (it was all planned, all along)
Germany: Bombshell Government Report: Covid Shots Causing Massive Infertility, Miscarriages, And Stillbirths
Malone- Board-Certified Obstetrician cries “STOP” says “Promoting SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination in Pregnancy is an unprecedented ethical breach”
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.- Pfizer Lied – We Know That – There’s No Doubt About It
Great collection of Vax Memes
POS speaks- Fauci seethes over ‘terrible’ booster uptake, blames ‘lies and misinformation.’
Internal emails reveal Democrat governor Pritzker’s post-election plans to force all Illinois children to get COVID-19 shots.
These Groups Were EXEMPTED from Getting COVID SHOTS IN 2020, NEVER FORGET THIS !!
Very high sepsis rates- Pfizer’s Clinical Trial papers prove COVID Vaccines destroy the Immune System.
New Covid boosters aren’t better than old shots at neutralizing omicron BA.5.
Until Proven Otherwise” —Two of the Top Cardiologists in the World– it’s the vax
Scottish Government Finally Admits That Mask-Wearing is Harmful.

Metatron has a lot of blog posts with graphs about excess deaths and whatnot.
For example, from Excess Deaths in Germany are substantially higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment:

Excess Deaths in Australia are much higher since the introduction of the mRNA experiment.
Dead Man Talking- No Lives Matter – Verdict, A summary of excess deaths.

06 Nov 2022: Dr. Mercola explains the record surge of infections in children
Naomi Wolf forgives her small town’s Covid Nazis
Whitmer Lies and Says She Didn’t Send COVID Patients to Nursing Homes… What About This Thug?
WICKED: Gretchen Whitmer Says She Never Required COVID Patients to be Forced into Nursing Homes — She’s Lying and Here is the DOCUMENT PROOF
Huge- Internal Emails Reveal Democrat Governor Pritzker’s Post-Election Plans to Force All Illinois Children to Get COVID-19 Shots
FDA Attacks EDTA – That Should Tell You Everything About How Important It Really IS.
South African Study Finds That COVID-19 Leads To Epigenetic Changes In Host Immune Genes Which Can Be Prevented Or Reversed By Vitamin D! Orig study here.
ICAN- VSafe didn’t track a lot of things it was supposed to. No wonder they hide data.
What’s seen inside a vaxxed blood droplet- From the The Spectator Australia, the Australian version of the iconic British Spectator. AC has some comments on it. Hard to say.
Lots of weak immune systems- Hospitalizations for influenza have reached a decade-long high in the United States, health authorities revealed this week, a possible indication that common respiratory viruses are surging.
Chudov- Association Between Vaccines and EXCESS MORTALITY Getting Stronger — and is Discussed in UK Parliament. Gets the MP who talked about it a week’s suspension. Evil.
Interesting- Dr. Deborah Birx – who often appeared in front of COVID-19 task force briefings on behalf of the Trump administration – has admitted to doctoring data associated with the government’s response, as well as quietly altering the Centers for Disease Control advice without authorization, according to her own book.
You Really Want These People Back in your Life? Another Amnesty Post with Sober Metrics.
In a new interview with German attorney Reiner Fuellmich investigative reporter Sonia Elijah reports that during the period between December, 2020 and February, 2021 Pfizer recorded more than 158,000 adverse events and 1,200 deaths amongst the recipients of the COVID-19 “vaccines” in its clinical trial.
Max Gaslighting at WebMD- Side Effects From COVID Vaccine Show Its Effectiveness.
The Australian People Have been Lied To; Covid “Vaccines” Are Not Safe – Dr. Altman.
Signs You Have a Spike Protein Blood Clot, and What to Do About It.
FDA study finds Pfizer jab elevates myocarditis risk in kids.
COVID Vaccines Linked To Plummeting Fertility Rate, German Study Finds.
Spike Protein Detox Guide.

05 Nov 2022: Mercola at Lew Rockwell- Record Surge of Infections in Children.
That’s her right. I won’t. Naomi Wolf forgives her small town’s Covid Nazis
James Howard Kunstler: Emily Oster’s ‘thinking class’ virtue-spiraled into idiocy
Eugyppius: Once More on Renowned Fool Emily Oster and the Malign Influence of Head Girls More Generally
Berenson- We desperately need clean long-term safety data on the mRNA shots
Related bafflement- New York Volunteer Dies After Participating in Controversial Gene-Editing Therapy Study – Scientists were Baffled with What Killed Him.
Doctors Sue Newsom Over COVID “Misinformation” Law, Which They Argue Violates their First Amendment Rights.
America First Legal’ Publishes Litigation Documents Revealing CDC’s Mask Guidance for Schoolchildren was Motivated by Political Polling Rather than Science.
Three military doctors say medical billing code data captured by Defense Medical Epidemiology Database shows sharp spikes in miscarriages, myocarditis, cancer diagnoses, Bell’s palsy, female infertility.
Finland has become one of the first countries to uncover evidence that state agencies around the world overhyped fake ‘Covid-related deaths’ in order to drive mass hysteria. 40% of the deaths were fake.
Malone- Propaganda Exposed [UNCENSORED]
ZH- Why Spike Protein Causes Abnormal, Foot-Long Blood Clots, 200 Symptoms.

04 Nov 2022: Malone- The Greatest Enemy in the Control of the C-19 Pandemic is the Immunological Ignorance of Our Leading Scientific, Public Health and Regulatory Experts
Military whistleblowers say cancer, miscarriages and heart disease all up 300% following covid injection mandates.
Cells don’t lie: Cancer is on the rise due to mRNA injections. cancer breakthrough, too
Crisis as excess deaths soar to levels higher than during Covid pandemic in the UK.
An international team of researchers led by scientists at UC San Diego School of Medicine have shown that the virus which causes COVID-19 can damage brain cell synapses. “… the antiviral drug sofosbuvir — already an approved treatment for hepatitis C – – effectively inhibited SARS-CoV-2 replication and reversed damages” From AC.
Consuming a cup of coffee could be an effective way to protect yourself against infection with coronavirus. Skeptical, given the coffee consumption in Seattle.
I’d bet the opposite effect- Pfizer announces two-in-one vaccine for Covid AND flu — which it hopes will boost sluggish uptake for both shots.
Related- Directors of America’s biolabs have admitted to hundreds of dangerous accidents in the past two decades, but even incidents involving exposure to deadly viruses have been kept from public view, an investigation by The Intercept has revealed.
Rasmussen- Should School Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids?
Across the globe, excess deaths are much higher since the COVID “vaccine” was introduced so why isn’t this headline news?
Massive fertility decline in Germany and Sweden nine months after shots began
Kirsch- The data shows the more you vax, the sicker you get.
They lied. (as if that were new) Finnish covid deaths OVER REPORTED by 62%
New research has revealed the countries that implemented the harshest lockdowns as part of ‘zero-COVID’ policies now have the least immunity from the virus itself. Not a shock.
Clown World- TSA has extended the rule that the unvaccinated cannot enter the U.S. until at least January 8 next year for all travelers. But illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande…

03 Nov 2022: Long COVID after breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infection. (i.e., vax failure)
Tenpenny- Misinformation and Collusion at the CDC.
Europe- Doctors sounding the alarm – Mysterious rise in excess deaths
Arbitrary and capricious’: Judge strikes down NYC vax mandate, workers entitled to back pay. Some very good quotes.
Died Suddenly: 100+ Headlines From Just 10 Days – Heart Issues & Severe Complications.
Barnhardt- H-Bomb: Master document of CoronaScam from ARSH 2017 found – “The SPARS Pandemic of 2025-2028” from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security.
Berenson: The funeral business is booming, but not because of Covid
If you want forgiveness, Emily, try this 12-step program
Rand Paul could head “Nuremberg 2”?
Prominent food writer who boosted the booster dies of cardiac arrest, 49
liberals blame Covid… not the beastly booster… Not surprising. Can’t face the truth.
Atlantic takes massive blowback for saying ‘we didn’t know… we were just following orders’
Sorry you lost your job, your grandmother died alone, and your kids have heart problems
Libs Want ‘Pandemic Amnesty.’ Give Them Pain Instead
Related- How China Gained Full Access to the U.S. Biodefense Center at Fort Detrick.
HUGE Australian Die-off/Genocide Intensifies: Gov’t tries to hide MASSIVE & GROWING DEATH SPIKE. (9 min vid with graphs)
‘Vindication’: COVID charges dropped against Alberta pastor who spent 21 days in jail.
Libs of TikTok Thread Breaks Down Exactly Why There Will Be No Pandemic Amnesty Without Pandemic Accountability.
Exclusive: Leaked Hospital Memo Reveals 500 Percent Rise in Stillbirths.
Flashback, this is what they think of you- Column: Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary.
Dr. Peter McCullough On What Is Really Happening When People “Die In Their Sleep

02 Nov 2022: The Pfizer way: produce the sickness, sell the cure
Chudov- Finland REFUSES to Recommend Bivalent Boosters for Working-Age People.
45 Deaths, 5,000+ Adverse Events Following Updated Booster Shots Reported to VAERS, CDC Data Show.
CNBC’s Jim Cramer Goes On Bizarre Pro-China COVID Lockdown, Vax Propaganda Rant.
Kari Lake: “I Want To Have A Commission To Investigate COVID And How It Was Handled In Arizona” – Suggests Criminal Charges.
I Do Not Give a F*ck What Happens to Anti-Vaxxers” – Former Democrat Congressional Candidate Who Criticized Anti-Vaxxers Dies Unexpectedly After Bragging About Vaccination Status on Social Media. Karma, man…..
GP- Atlantic Writer Wants to “Declare a Pandemic Amnesty” After the Left Destroyed Lives, Ruined Small Businesses, Lied About Every Fact, and Killed Thousands.
NYC Mayor Adams ignores State Supreme Court’s order to reinstate unvaccinated officers.
Teachers’ Union President Randi Weingarten backs call for ‘amnesty’ on COVID policies.
Related- Some of America’s red and swing states (purple) may have gotten less Republican during the pandemic as leftist fled blue areas for red states. Damn rabbits.
Related- Republican Lee Zeldin pulls ahead of Kathy Hochul in New York State Governor’s race – after he promises to block COVID mandates on children.
Campbell- Excess deaths continue.
Campbell- Covid could have started earlier than thought.
eugyppius- Once More on Renowned Fool Emily Oster, and the Malign Influence of Head Girls More Generally.

01 Nov 2022: A new study in the journal JAMA Network Open has found the rate of Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS) amongst those “vaccinated” with the J&J injection is “significantly higher than the background rate.
Mercola- With immunization rates at all-time low, Pfizer is desperate to maintain its profits.
Atlantic Magazine asking for “vaccine amnesty.” NO. “we” didn’t fuck this up.
C&C News- SADS, negative jab efficacy, and I debunk Pfizer’s ridiculous claim it never tested for transmission, and more
Comment- Flightradar 24 update for October:105 in-flight emergencies. So nearly 24/week. Pre vaxx was reportedly 4/week.
You Murderous Hypocrites”: Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests ‘Amnesty’ For Pandemic Authoritarians
DEPOPULATION agenda? ‘Died Suddenly’ film connects the dots
eugyppius- Desperate Atlantic writer proposes a “pandemic amnesty”… “we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID”
Sorry you lost your job, your grandmother died alone, and your kids have heart problems
Forget amnesty… Let’s hold an inquiry
Here’s what restorative justice would look like
Mercola- Cracks in the ‘COVID military-industrial complex’ are showing… now RESIST.
Claim: Bodybuilder Doug Brignole died less than one week after he got the new bivalent booster shot… He was a big jab booster (heh). Karma
Don’t bother to let the CDC know about safety issues with the beastly vaccines: they will ghost you
Shanghai Disney in lockdown, visitors unable to leave without a negative C19 test result
Another new study — yes, a SECOND one — says the “Omicron-specific” mRNA Covid boosters are worthless
Italy’s Giorgia Meloni to reinstate unvaxxed doctors, cancel fines for beastly mandates
Canadian veteran faces charges for calling out military COVID vaccine mandates
Military created software to automatically reject religious exemptions to beastly jab
Vaxxed- NFL Coach and Former Vikings Co-defensive Coordinator Adam Zimmer Dies at 38.
Anti-Vax Protesters Lead New York City Halloween Parade, Chanting “F**k Joe Biden
Interesting alternate theory on why China is so psycho about zero-CovidChinese consultant in Ted-style talk justified zero-Covid policy by saying that in 10 years the West will be brought to its knees b/c long-Covid, which will decimate most of its labor force. Skeptical
Related- The WHO to control health content on YouTube & censor everything disputing official narrative so it can manipulate public opinion.
Leaked documents outline DHS’s plans to Police disinformation. Here is a twitter thread summarizing it. From AC if it disappears.
Military Whistleblowers Sound Alarm On ‘Devastating’ Consequences Of Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate.
Censorship and Suppression of Covid-19 Heterodoxy: Tactics and Counter-Tactics.
Oldy, but a good reminder- Nuclear: FDA Knew on October 22, 2020 that the DeathJab would maim and kill, cause heart damage, clotting and ravage children.
Peer-reviewed study shows 42% false pos rate for COVID-19 from the nonQ-RT-PCR Test.

Ironic, eh?

Emily Oster [Atlantic Mag writer] encouraged family members to pressure each other and for the unvaxxed to lose their jobs. And for the record:

31 Oct 2022: Pfizer in line for more billions to treat long covid; study finds subclinical cardiac injuries after jabs; jab spike in shingles blisters (and more)
Not just “NO,” but FU- LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY. (The Atlantic Mag)
Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms Fatal Flaw in PCR Testing: 42% False Positive Rate for SARS-CoV-2 nonQ-RT-PCR Test. This means COVID-19 Vaccine Outcomes Rate Data are Unreliable and Invalid.
A Swiss study found elevated levels of the protein troponin in all of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recipients it analyzed, indicating the shots are routinely causing heart injury.
Medical System Struggles with How to Treat Heart Disease Caused by COVID Vaccines.
New study strengthens association between Bell’s Palsy and the COVID shots,
Related- Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi: Routine Introduction of Gene-Based Vaccines Spells the Downfall of Mankind
Only 1.5 percent of Israelis are now classified as “fully vaccinated=BOOSTERs
Rep. Roy and Colleagues Call on Republican Leadership to Investigate CDC’s Politicized COVID-19 Child Vaccine Vote.
41-year-old Florida Democrat candidate DIES inexplicably while walking his dog after BLASTING health advocates for not getting same Fauci Flu jab he had just got.
Moderna patented a 19-nucleotide sequence in 2013 that matches the most infectious sequence of SARS-CoV-2.
a list of studies and evidence linking the COVID-19 “vaccines” to serious blood clotting risks, including cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia.
New Swiss Study: Covid Shots Increase Risk of Myocarditis by 800 TIMES in Young Adults.
Kirsch- Why you shouldn’t trust CNN for any health information.
A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19.
Vid- Young girl is in extreme agony after taking the Covid-19 vaccine.
Moderna Sues Pfizer Over COVID Vaccine Patent Infringement, But Patents ‘Belong to the World,’ Says Dr. Robert Malone.
McCullough- COVID Vaccines and First-Time Seizures: Is There a Link?
Kirsch- This is a pandemic of the VACCINATED.
Dr. Cole- If you got the fake Vax and are not injured- THIS MAY BE THE REASON.
Denninger- Intentional Government FRAUD.
Netherlands crystal clear data: Immediately after onset of vaxx campaign, a rise in mortality

30 Oct 2022: The spikes shed.
THE PLAN – WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030.
Effective- Medical Examiner-Coroner Claims Fully Vaccinated Body Builder Who Suffered from Cardiovascular Disease Died of a COVID-19 Infection, Not the COVID-19 Vaccine.
Rep. Roy and Colleagues Call on Republican Leadership to Investigate CDC’s Politicized COVID-19 Child Vaccine Vote.
Evidence suggests the Covid shots are responsible for soaring RSV cases throughout the U.S. and Canada.
China’s new lockdown ‘leads to fights at world’s biggest iPhone factory as starving workers forced to remain in plant.”
Editor-in-Chief of Renowned Science Journal Ousted for Publishing Science Questioning COVID-19 Vaccine Safety.
Official Mortality Data for Europe proves Covid-19 Vaccination is causing Depopulation with 2022 a record-breaking year for Deaths among all age groups including Children.
Panel of experts: More and more young people are dying because of COVID-19 vaccines.
A clip from congressional testimony, about 38 minutes.
Dr. Paul Marik: Spike protein is the most toxic protein found in the human body.
Over 2,000 VAERS reports where Colchicine was used to treat pericarditis and myocarditis vax injuries. The drug has been used on patients in the USA, Europe and Australia.
Was It the Jabs? Colorado Republican Lawmaker DIES SUDDENLY and of Course No Cause of Death Has Been Released.
jab spike protein removal from your body information.
Chudov- Vaccine-like “Inoculation” of Minds with “Weakened Forms of Misinformation
Italy: Healthcare Workers Fired Over Vaccine Mandates Will Be Reinstated.

From here, about yet another dead young flight attendant.

While technically a Christian can’t believe in “Karma,” the term sums up a lot of well known biblical quotes about pride, arrogance, etc.

29 Oct 2022: Houston, The CDC Has a Problem (Part 2 of 3)
This Disturbing Theory Connects All the Dots – Jeff Nyquist Interview
!!! Study shows 90% of Long Covid Patients have TREATABLE chronic inflammation of the epipharynx.
Kirsch- Dr. Peter McCullough is being progressively stripped of his medical credentials.
15% say they’ve been diagnosed by a medical practitioner with a new condition within a matter of weeks to several months after taking the vaccine.
China orders COVID-19 testing and lockdown for 1.3 million residents of Shanghai.
peer-reviewed study published in the journal Andrology finds that the Pfizer “vaccine” impairs semen concentration and total motile count, as well as a possible drop in motility count to zero in one in five men.
Covid vaccine proven to destroy the heart and brain.
Swiss Study: Covid Shots Increase Risk of Myocarditis by 800 TIMES in Young Adults.
CDC Officials were told their studies were inaccurate, but still didn’t issue correction! The CDC went on to add mRNA Covid gene injections to the child vax schedule based on lies.

28 Oct 2022: Kirsch- Two tables show that the death rate after vaccination is not flat
DIED SUDDENLY”… the most important film of the year? Kim Dotcom endorses
Covid vaccine injury payouts explode to $77 million… It’ll go higher
European Medicines Agency Recommends Adding “Heavy Menstrual Bleeding” to Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID Shots Product Information as a Side Effect.
Six feet of blood clots removed from junior high school footballer.
Kirsch- The British Parliament debated vaccine safety and determined that they are safe!
From ACPeople of color less likely to receive Paxlovid and other Covid-19 treatments, according to CDC study. Given their treatments were killing people this looks like more discrimination against white people.
Naturally- Harris county COVID vaccine outreach funds went to Democratic campaign groups, $1.2 million not refunded. It’s all a scam.
Evil- Britain is making noise about banning private blood tests after an investigation by The BMJ reveals that dozens of UK companies are offering private blood tests for a range of conditions and deficiencies, leaving an overworked NHS to follow up “abnormal results.
Makes no sense 2 me, is there more at play? Wuhan plunged back into LOCKDOWN – nearly three years after pandemic began – as China continues its brutal ‘zero-Covid’ regime.
Kirsch- Bodybuilder Brignole died less than 1 week after he got the new bivalent booster.
Italy to end ban on health workers not vaccinated against Covid.
Malone- Lockdowns: The Great Gaslighting. They were real, and few opposed them
Kory- A Day In The Life Of An Ivermectin “Advocate
HUGE: COVID Vaccine Injury Payments EXPLODE in Australia, > 80x Higher than Last Year.
Hospital Whistleblower SOUNDS ALARM: Nurse EXPOSES Fetal Death COVERUP.
Doctor Warns: Covid ‘Vaccine’ Designed to Infiltrate Every Part of Your Body, ‘That’s Why People Are Dying
Kirsch- UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad calls for Biden to replace his COVID advisors.
Below- changing the medical coding to hide the data. From TheEthicalSkeptic post.

27 Oct 2022: Lawyers with the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are prepared to sue any state that requires COVID-19 vaccination to attend school.
Kirsch- Two tables show that the death rate after vaccination is not flat
Kirsch- “Always fatal” prion diseases associated in the scientific literature with the Covid vaccination
Ben Shapiro finally admits he was tricked about the beastly Covid jabs
Vaccine damaged in Australia… internationally-renowned DJ tells his story
Berenson- More evidence for the lab leak theory… not that you needed any
Study: Face masks contain titanium dioxide particles — a known carcinogen
Court Orders Israeli Ministry of Health to Disclose Vaccination Status of Deceased People During Pandemic.
Millions Of Americans Assigned Secret ‘Covid Decree Violation’ Scores To Help Democrats Win Swing States.
After advocating for COVID-19 vaccination for over a year, Ben Shapiro says he was deceived: ‘We were lied to by everyone.‘ Change the script to stay the gatekeeper.
Get my shocked face! Rishi Sunak, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, signed off on spending tens of billions on covid vaccines and never admitted that as one of the main investors in Theleme Partners, who have an estimated US$908 million stake in Moderna, he could profit from the contracts.
Court orders Israeli Ministry of Health to disclose vaccination status of deceased people during pandemic.
Short video about huge rise in miscarriages and stillbirths.
Campbell- Pre vaccine fatality rates. Much lower than advertised
ClownWorld- College of Nurses accuses defense witnesses of ‘transphobia’ in case of BC nurse facing firing for belief in biological sex.
New boosters aren’t better than old shots at neutralizing omicron BA.5, early studies find.
Mark Sharman joins Neil Oliver to discuss his new film exploring vaccine injuries.
Kirsch- Early treatment reliably prevents long-haul COVID symptoms (PACS)
Actor Tim Robbins Just Admitted The Truth About ‘Safe And Effective’ Covid Vaccines:

They are killing children. The truth will be painful, but it must come out.


They even kill the non-human kids with this garbage:

Bet they don’t learn anything from it.

26 Oct 2022: CV19 AI Bioweapon from Infection to Injection -Karen Kingston .
Biden Pushing Vax Booster, But Only 20 Million Have Decided to Remain on Ronacoaster.
Potential Violation of HIPAA” – Mother Outraged After CDC Called Her for Survey Asking Number of Kids in the Household Eligible for Vaccination.
Relatd6 people who tested positive for monkeypox have died, health departments confirm.
People Dying in Their Sleep Linked to Vaccines, Explains Dr. Peter McCullough
Barnhardt- The NFL is giving their players IVERMECTIN as a prophylactic AND to prevent “positive” Covid tests. Big if true
Court Orders Israeli Authorities to Provide Vaccination Status of People Who Died During Pandemic + More. Source of link and summary here.
FDA Slow-Walked Studies on COVID Vaccine Safety Signals in Elderly.
MASS EXODUS from public schools anticipated after CDC advisory panel unanimously votes to add deadly Covid-19 “vaccines” to childhood immunization schedule.
The Mortality Rate Is Up 17% Across The Vaccinated World.
Philippines ~ 160 children died after the death💉
*Tens of millions of US citizens were given a “COVID-19 decree violation” score from data harvesting program conducted during lockdown by voter analytics firm PredictWise.
Dr Shoemaker- 50% of kids with myocarditis will be dead within 5 years.
Blowback, incoming- Health minister announces anti-violence strategy. About time.

25 Oct 2022: Dr Campbell- Cardiology with Dr. Aseem Malhotra.
NY Supreme Ct orders full reinstatement + back pay for NYC fired unvaxxed employees
Read the decision here
Biden gets FIFTH Covid vaccination
Steve Kirsch: Is Katy Perry’s eye a vaxx injury?
Less Than 1 in 100 Million Chance COVID-19 Has Natural Origin
Berenson: The new “Omicron-specific” mRNA Covid boosters are WORSE than useless
Dr. Malone: An international tribunal on the origins of COVID-19
Obama’s Defense Secretary Ashton Carter drops dead of cardiac arrest at 68
I Now Truly 100% Believe It was Because of the [Vaccine]” – Grieving Mother Vows to Bring Justice Following the Sudden Death of Her “Healthy and Athletic” 18-Year-Old Daughter
Biden 1 Month After saying the Pandemic is Over: it is Still a “Global Health Emergency
White House Tries to Terrorize Americans into Getting Annual COVID Shots with ‘Spooky’
“Uhhhh” – Katie Hobbs Won’t Say if She Supports Forced Experimental COVID-19 Vaccinations of Arizona Children.
Campbell- Excess young deaths, UK and US.
An email sent out to the healthcare staff of a hospital system in Fresno, California, reported an increase in “demise patients,” or stillbirths, that is expected to continue, according to the email: The staff member who leaked the email told The Epoch Times that since the rollout of the vaccines, the fetal death (stillbirth rate) has skyrocketed from its pre-COVID-19 vaccine average of one to two every three months in her hospital alone.
The New Normal- British actress Josephine Melville, 61, has died backstage after a play.
Young- Drew Cockton: Stars pay tribute as Dragons’ Den businessman dies suddenly at 36.
Vaxxed- ‘Fit and healthy’ man, 21, collapsed and died at 24-hour gym.
Teenage boy, 15, collapses and dies in popular restaurant in front of family and friends.
Community support family following sudden death of Arlington teen, 16.
New study shows that pretty much everyone is getting some degree of heart damage from the COVID vaccines.
No shit? Controversial new research suggests SARS-CoV-2 bears signs of genetic engineering.
Damaged immune systems- As respiratory illnesses are rapidly rising among children, Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning of a potential triple-threat heading into winter.
Fears of a U.S. “twindemic” are growing as the nation deals with children’s hospitals crowded with cases of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) just as the number of people with the flu also rise across the country.
Breaking News: SHOCKING – Here is What Really is in the Vaccines. Nano-electronics.

24 Oct 2022: Soaring Deaths Of Even Younger Americans.
Dr. Thorp- Alarming Stillbirth Data – ‘Irrefutable Evidence The Vaccine Is Killing My Patients
VACCINE HOLOCAUST: Hundreds of thousands of “fully vaccinated” people are dying WEEKLY, official government reports indicate
Related- Anthony Fauci’s Daughter Outed As Twitter Employee, Now We Know Why They Are Censoring Anyone Who Disagrees With Her Dad. Not an accidental hire.
6 Members of EU Parliament Call Out Pfizer’s Albert Bourla for Hiding from the Public.
Vaxxed in public- Radio DJ dies of ‘heart attack’ on air: Shock as local station announces 55-year-old breakfast host ‘passed away while presenting his programme’ this morning.
Alberta premier apologizes to vaxx resisters
German researchers are now 99.9% sure. Sars Cov 2 comes from a lab.
COVID scheduled for children while Germany sees 1 in 700 kids hospitalized, and more.
Newly Sworn Alberta Premier Plans to Make it Illegal to Discriminate Based on COVID-19 Vaccination Status.
US Still Denies Entry to Unvaccinated Legal Travelers but Not Illegal Aliens Walking Across the Open Border.
They have sold us fake vaccines’: EU politician calls on governments to cancel vaccine contracts… One of the few times fraud is safer than real thing.
OB/GYN laments COVID jab’s ‘massive,’ ‘unprecedented’ side effects for pregnant women, babies
Streamer who told everyone they needed to get the vax, now has no immune system and massive ear infection.
China locks down over 1 million people for six Covid cases.
Chlorine Dioxide Removes Spike Protein from Vaccinated – Dr. Andreas Kalcker
Mercola- Was the shot really about protecting others, or something more sinister?
TV Reporter Megyn Kelly Reveals Older Sister Dies Suddenly from Heart Attack.
Officers Injured After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine Call for End to Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate.

23 Oct 2022: A Judge is About to Rule on Pfizergate Case to Hold Big Pharma Accountable for Covid Vaccine Fraud.
Medscape- Is Another COVID-19 Booster Really Needed? (no, but pharmabux says….)
Young Texans are Dying at Unprecedented Rates Since the mRNA Experiment Began.
Vaxxed- Horror as 15-year-old boy collapses and dies in Browns restaurant while out with his family and friends. Get used to it.
Fully Vaxxed and Boosted CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Catches COVID One Month After Her Latest Booster Shot.
Related- About 1,000 students, 50% of the population, absent from a Virginia high school with flu-like symptoms.
Some places are mandating cows have to be vaccinated for Covid with the mRNA shots, one herd had 18% drop dead instantly, and now there are questions of whether the milk, butter, and other products from the cow like cheeses, ice cream, and yogurts will be contaminated with spike protein mRNA. Evil bastards.
Fauci, top Biden officials forced to give depositions in COVID-19 censorship case.
Over 400 government officials engaged in COVID-19 insider trading.
The CDC’s War on Children’s Health.
Malone- CDC vote to add covid jabs to childhood immunization schedule “is corruption

22 Oct 2022: Send these chilling VAERS reports to anyone thinking of vaxxing their kids
LETHAL INJECTIONS: 18% of cattle DIE immediately following mRNA “vaccination
Kirsch: The billboard that we will be running right outside CDC headquarters in Atlanta
Covid Baby Bump?
Doctors are Baffled After 18-Year-Old Athlete Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Tennis Practice.
The Shocking Facts About the Continuing Cover-up of COVID-19’s Laboratory Origin by the U.S. Government and Colluding Scientists.
Missouri AG approved to depose Fauci, Psaki, and other Biden-Harris regime officials over big tech censorship.
Dr. Peter McCullough – Yesterday I met a 42-year-old optometrist who six days after the second mRNA COVID-19 vaccination suffered a distal aortic dissection.
Coroner orders an investigation after 13-year old boy with healthy heart collapses and dies during soccer match.
The European Medicines Agency recommends approval of COVID jabs for babies.
Doctor sounds the alarm, says he’s ‘never seen this level of surge’ in illness among young children.
Good man fighting evil on many fronts- Archbishop Viganò: The Vatican must withdraw its support of the ‘disastrous’ COVID shots.
Not at all suspicious- Critics have long questioned why the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would fund experiments by University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill (UNC) professor Ralph Baric to develop a technique for hiding evidence of human tampering in laboratory-created super viruses.
They lied when they said “no treatment” Ivermectin Reduces COVID-19 Mortality by 92%
Unpossible- CDC Director Infected With COVID, Despite Max Vax And Boosters.
Doctors in Hospital Adhered To Murderous CDC Protocols That Killed thousands.
Kirsch- VAERS myths busted,
Young People are Just Dying These Days” – Red Hot Chili Peppers Lead Vocalist Talks About a Fan Who “Died Suddenly” on Joe Rogan Show
Unredacted Pfizer Agreement from FOIA Request with Slovenian Government Reveals “Long-Term Effects and Efficacy of the Vaccine are Not Currently Known” and There Might be “Adverse Effects” Evil bastards killing for profits, as long as the contract is golden.

A funeral director from New Zealand says that 95 percent of the corpses he has been seeing had received a COVID-19 vaccine within two weeks of their passing away. Similar data from a U K funeral director. – Epoch Times

21 Oct 2022: Good- Unvaccinated Single Women Say ‘No’ To Vaccinated Single Men.
What are they hiding? The National Institutes of Health now blocks access to an important database if it thinks a scientist’s research may enter “forbidden” territory.
Unconscionable: CDC Recommends Adding COVID-19 Vax to kid Immunization Sched
TGP’s Jim Hoft Interviews EcoHealth Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff on the Origin of COVID-19 – Worked for and Reported to Dr. Daszak at EcoHealth.
On Camera: Indian Gym Trainer Dies Suddenly of Heart Attack While Sitting on Chair
CONCLUSIVE: COVID-19 Was Made in a Laboratory – Without a Reckoning, Even More Deadly Pandemics Are in Our Future.
NIH to Investigate Boston Lab’s New COVID Strain Research with 80% Death Rate After Top NIH Director Admits She Was Unaware of the Study. No faith in them, tho.
Safe States for Children: Here’s a List of Republican Governors Who Won’t Comply with CDC Mandates to Force COVID-19 Vaccination on Kids for School.
NEW STUDY: 1 in 780 German Children Under 5 REQUIRES HOSPITALIZATION Due to Severe Adverse Event Following Pfizer’s mRNA COVID shots.
Pfizer Plans To Hike Price Of US COVID-19 Vaccine By 400%
Related- Ivermectin… Apply Paste Form Topically for Turbo-healing SURGICAL INCISIONS?
Media Blackout: ‘Large amount of unwellness’ during Amsterdam marathon.
Pro-Vax Wrestler Kevin Nash just had to take his 26 year old son off life support. No official word on cause of death.
Vaxd- Teen was singing solo when he collapsed, died at Naperville Choir event, family says.
13-year-old died ‘sudden cardiac death’ after collapsing at football match. Sad
Philly Police Officer who died suddenly at 30 leaves behind wife, twin babies.
‘Healthy’ 28-year-old man dies suddenly at home four months after wedding day.
24-YO Rugby star mysteriously dead – seen happy and smiling just hours before discovery.
Princeton University student found dead by the tennis courts.
Why push this news? Tributes flow for pregnant Aussie mum, 39, who died suddenly.
Children’s hospitals overflowing with respiratory illness patients suffering from Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Looks like vaxxes really may crush the immune system.
NZ funeral director confirms UK and US embalmer reports: 95% of corpses had received Covid “vaccination” within 2 weeks of death.
Evil, greedy bastards- Pfizer made tens of billions off the vaccine at $30 per dose, now they are raising it to $110-$130 per dose.
Kirsch- Alberta is deliberately erasing hospital records of vaccine injury
Kirsch- New study shows that pretty much everyone is getting heart damage from the COVID vaccines.
Berenson- Moderna has very quietly admitted that its mRNA Covid vaccine caused a case of Type 1 diabetes in a 1-year-old girl in its clinical trial.
Kirsch- Stanford tells docs to give false information in order to overcome vaccine hesitancy.

20 Oct 2022: Berenson- On the simmering fury in the blue states.
WSJ report: As Covid hit, Washington officials traded stocks with exquisite timing
Assaulted for asking, going viral- Pfizer should have just answered his questions
Switzerland to Destroy 10 M Doses of Expired Moderna’s COVID-19 Shot Worth $285 M.
Aussie Doctor Blows Whistle – Oz is world testing ground.
CDC panel unanimously votes to add Covid-19 shots to childhood vaccines schedule.
Ladapo rejects adding COVID-19 to Florida Vaccines for Children Program ahead of CDC vote.
Vaxxed- Mississippi State football player Sam Westmoreland found dead at 19.
Embalmer Richard Hirschman says, “something has changed with peoples’ blood” in the last two years.
Magician, 46, collapses and dies on stage. Didn’t used to be a daily news item.
63,000 people DIED within 7 weeks of receiving the Covid “booster” in England between January & March 2022. But nothing suspicious.
Evil bastards- Federal officials working on the government response to Covid-19 made well-timed financial trades when the pandemic began—both as the markets plunged and as they rallied—a Wall Street Journal investigation found.
Kari Lake – This is my promise to Arizona. This an experimental shot. Our Children are NOT guinea pigs. When I’m Governor, the Covid Vax will NEVER be mandatory for our precious children. NEVER.
Chudov- CDC Data: Moderna Causes 42% MORE Miscarriages Compared to Pfizer.
Effects of a 2-Week 5000 IU versus 1000 IU Vitamin D3 Supplementation on Recovery.
Court Orders CDC to Release Data Showing 18 Million Vaccine Injuries in America
95 % of Corpses Had Received COVID Vaccination Within 2 Weeks of Death: Funeral Dir.

19 Oct 2022:
Some have natural immunity. Not a surprise. This Might Be Why You Never got Covid.
Guy asking rep about fines and trust- Pfizer should have just answered his questions
Two top cardiologists implicate COVID vax in all unexplained heart attacks since 2021
URGENT: the CDC vaccine group meets today and may add Covid shots to the standard childhood schedule
CDC to vote on permanent legal immunity for Pfizer and Moderna
Navy midshipman: Getting the vaxx “would not be living honorably”
Attorney Discusses Latest Updates on Lawsuits Brought By More Than 1,100 Active Duty Military Officers Against Unlawful Vaccine Mandate.
Over 7,000 People Injured by COVID-19 Vaccines Who Filed Claims Are Not Being Compensated by US Government Vaccine Injury Programs – Many Were Denied for Not Meeting the Standard of Proof. Scumbags (not the injured, the deniers)
What Kind of Society Injects Its Children with Experimental Products? Now is the Time to Choose: Pull your Kids Out of Public Schools or Hand Them Over to Big Pharma.
Moderna CEO Now Admits COVID-19 is Like Seasonal Flu – Says Only the Vulnerable Need a COVID Booster Shot VID
From AC we have A senior US health official today admitted that controversial Covid manipulation research carried out in a laboratory in Boston — combining the Omicron and original Wuhan strains into a strain which had an 80 per cent lethality rate was not authorized — despite being funded by taxpayer money.
Vaxxed? Ben Stevens, former Alaska Senate President, and son of prominent U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, dies while hiking at age 63 from a sudden medical emergency.
Dr. Fauci: These 2 new fast-spreading omicron Covid subvariants are ‘pretty troublesome.’
If CDC adds the COVID shot to the childhood vaccination schedule, Pfizer and Moderna will instantly have full legal immunity for the shots, as all liability will be shifted to the US gov’t.
YouTube vid- The Spike Protein Isn’t Benign, New Study Finds.
Links to above research- The Spike Protein Isn’t Benign, New Study Finds.
Cosentino, M. & Marino, F. The spike hypothesis in vaccine-induced adverse effects: questions and answers. Trends Mol Med 28, 797–799 (2022).
Malhotra, A. Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine – Part 1. J Insulin Resist 5, 824 (2022).
el gato malo- new US biodefense plans cross the line from fabulism into insanity.
Dr Blaylock interview says its going to be depopulation of biblical proportions.
CDC Presents Their Case “For the Inclusion of COVID-19 Vaccines in Routine Vaccination Program
CDC Clarifies VFC Resolution Saying COVID Vax Mandate for Schools Would be a State Decision.
Raw Footage: 160 Children Died In The Philippines Due To Dengue Vaccine Side Effects.
Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind​.
Before it was manipulated to eliminate the safety signal, data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database, or DMED, showed #cancer rates among military personnel and their families tripled after the rollout of the shots.
Merck Created Hit List to “Destroy,” “Neutralize” or “Discredit” Dissenting Doctors​.
‘Just getting started’: Lawyer foresees flood of comp claims by COVID vax-injured clients.
Low Dose Naltrexone shows promise lifting long COVID brain fog, fatigue.
CDC Votes 15-0 to Require COVID Vaccine for Children’s Immunization Schedule Including 6-Month-Old Babies.
Info on LONG COVID blood test.
Chris Sky compares Canada and Haiti.
Long Vid- Thousands of Sudden, Unexpected Deaths Flood the HHS VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING SYSTEM.

These are the CDC clowns who just unanimously voted (15-0) to include the COVID vaccine into the child vaccination schedules.

18 Oct 2022: Dr. David Martin predicts as many as 700 million vaccine deaths worldwide, but the final figure could be even higher.
New UK Documentary Exposes Lies Behind ‘Safe and Effective’ COVID Vaccine Narrative.
Fauci Unmasked
Pfizer CEO saying that their vaccine protects “against transmission”, and then gradually changes his claims over time.
Oh- Australia Is Now Offering to Pay for Your Funeral if the Forced COVID Jab Kills You.
Vaxxed- 17-Year-Old HS Student Dies Suddenly After Collapsing During Choir Rehearsal.
Evil- The City of Chicago will now NOT allow you to be an election judge or poll watcher unless you are vaccinated. They know that Conservatives are less likely to be vaxxed.
Fauci says school closures led to ‘deleterious collateral consequences,’ but he had ‘nothing to do’ with it. He just strongly encouraged it, but didn’t actually “do it.”
US warned to get ready as Europe deals with new COVID-19 rise.
FDA is having an public meeting on Oct 19 to discuss adding COVID-19 Vaccine to the child hood schedule. This would give the pharma companies full liability protection and also likely lead to any school requiring it in the US.
Kirsch- Why I believe Gwen Casten and Doug Brignole were killed by the COVID vaccine.
Kory- Publication of Fraudulent Ivermectin Trials by the High Impact Medical Journals – P1

17 Oct 2022: Back from hunting.
Campbell- High excess deaths in Australia. 17.1%
Vox- Vaxx = Cervical Malignancies.
Vox- Famous body builder passes away after vaxxing.
ZH- Boston University Creates COVID Strain With 80% Mortality In Mice.
Outrage as Boston University lab CREATES a new Covid strain with an 80% kill rate
Alex Berenson: Don’t freak out too much over those mice experiments
People who resisted COVID jabs are ‘superheroes’ who ‘embody the best of humanity’: French general
OB/GYN laments COVID jab’s ‘massive,’ ‘unprecedented’ side effects for pregnant women, babies
New pre-print shows Infection Fatality Rate of Covid in non-elderly people infinitesimally small — even lower than expected
Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to censor Berenson days before Twitter suspended him last year
Ontario top doctor warns: return of masks
Case report of a pro-vaccine researcher suggests mRNA vaccine might worsen lymphoma cancer
EcoHealth Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff Provides Evidence that COVID-19 Was Created in Wuhan Lab – Worked for and Reported to Dr. Daszak at EcoHealth.
Karma- Doctor Urges Canadian Medical Association to Investigate the Unusual Death of 80 Young Doctors Since Vaccine Rollout – 800% Above Baseline/Expected Number.
Will Dangerous Wuhan Inst. of Virology Experiments Now be Done in Downtown Boston?
Discrimination- Disney Park Charges Unvaccinated Guests More, Offers Discount to Vaccinated Guests to Boost Vaccinations.
Vaxxed- “I’ve Never Passed Out in My Life” – Race Car Driver Trevor Bayne Faints During Live Interview After Xfinity Las Vegas Race.
Boston University Doctors Create New COVID Variant that Has 80% Kill Rate — Funded by Dr. Fauci and NIH.
Press Conference Tomorrow: Risking Careers, Active-Duty Military Officers Will Call For an End to Unlawful DOD Vaccine Mandates.
Florida Summit on Covid II: The Future of Medicine in Post-COVID America.
Slimy lawyer-word-parsing liar- “I Had Nothing to do with It!” – Fauci When Asked if it was a Mistake to See Schools Closed as Long as They Were VID
Pfizer Exec Scott Gottlieb Responds to Evidence that He Pressured Twitter to Censor Author Berenson’s Account – Insists It Was to Protect Fauci VID
The nightmare Covid variant has arrived just before the midterms.
Not shocked- Pandemic of the vaccinated: new data from Walgreens reveals vaccinated people are more likely to test positive.
Taking flak, over the target- HHS and CDC paid stand-up comedians to mock the unvaccinated in their comedy routines.
Vaxxed- Haitian singer, 41, collapses on stage and dies suddenly of suspected cardiac arrest during concert in Paris.
The vax took out a mime on live TV. The silent killer.
Feds award $1 million to nonprofit that funneled tax dollars to Chinese bat coronavirus lab.
Insanity and evil at scale- Universal Basic Income, Green Politics and ‘Zero-COVID’ proposed at Vatican conference on Europe.
Wonder why? High school cancels rest of football season due to lack of healthy players.
Bodes poorly- 50% increase in miscarriages; 50% decrease in fertility after COVID vax.
In a recent episode of “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” former NYT reporter Berenson discussed his legal win in his lawsuit against Twitter and why he’s now in a good position to sue the White House for censoring him for asking questions about COVID-19 vaccines.
Sketchy- Public relations company for Big Pharma now “embedding” employees at CDC.
Evil, but not shocking- CNN – A global epidemic of cancer among people younger than 50 could be emerging.
Bastards- Ernest Ramirez’s 16 year-old son died just five days after getting Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, and Mr. Ramirez says FEMA asked him to change his son’s death certificate and in return they offered to pay for the funeral.
New research conducted by Moderna in partnership with the Kaiser Permanente health care group reveals that the company’s messenger RNA-based (mRNA) Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” cause the immune system to turn against itself in just a few months.
Florida State University receives 51 new defibrillators – encourages the campus community to get “regular heart screenings.”.
Reports of the death of the Pandemic Treaty have been greatly exaggerated.
Few Getting Updated COVID-19 Boosters Despite White House Pleas.
Diana West Warns about the Dark and Evil Nature of the Covid Vaccine Program.
Humic Acid as a Natural Antidote for Graphene and Mitigatior of Graphene Induced Embryonic Toxicity – Study review.
Profiles of the Vaccine-Injured’: New CHD Book Exposes  Impact of Vaccine Injuries.
COVID Vaccine Is Still Killing Massive Amounts of People.
Alabama-based embalmer Richard Hirschman elaborates on the “strange” and “fibrous” white clots he’s been finding in the bodies of those “vaccinated” against COVID-19.
McCullough: “Before the Covid jabs, 4 in a million Myocarditis cases” now 25k/1M
How the CDC is trying to cover up cancer deaths accelerated by the COVID shots.
99.97% natural rate of recovery!
Kirsch- Military officers speak out about being forced to take “the vaccine
Kirsch- 80 Anti-Vaccine Bills Have Been Introduced In State Legislatures.
Denninger on bioweapons targeting the vaxed- I Warned You; Now You May Well Pay.

15 Oct 2022: Opening day of deer season.

14 Oct 2022: 2nd Smartest Guy- An Early Preview of Flu Season or VAIDS Season?
Berenson: Pfizer joined CDC and White House to pressure Twitter for ban
FDA vaccine advisory panel’s Paul Offit blows the lid on booster madness: ‘The fix was in’ after testing on just 8 mice
‘Brilliant’ new documentary exposes how Big Pharma and gov’t teamed up to push the COVID vaccines
Dr. Robert Malone: “The Boundary Is Children And a Unified Movement – Is Pivotal – to Shape the Free World” VID
Good Morning CHD- Good Morning CHD is a daily news show by Children’s Health Defense TV bringing you the latest health freedom news ☀️
2nd Smartest Guy- VAIDS Crisis Imminent: Nursing Report from the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami.
Why? FDA withholds autopsy results of those who died after Covid-19 vaccination.
Fraud and evil of a high order- Analysis of U.S. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) data suggests the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been filtering and redesignating cancer deaths as COVID deaths since April 2021 to eliminate the cancer signal and hide the spike in cancers from the Vax.
Of course- Biden administration extends COVID public health emergency.
Accidentally speaking truth- Rep. Angie Craig (D) says in a debate, “I will never stop standing up for big pharma and standing against my constituents.”.
BIGGEST CASE IN CANADA: Mainstream media ignores vaccine mandate court challenge.

13 Oct 2022: Revealed: PR firm that represents Pfizer and Moderna also sits on CDC vaccine division – sparking major conflict of interest concerns.
They KnewIvermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines.
Attkisson- FDA withholds autopsy results of those who died after Covid-19 vaccination.
FL SurgGenl Joseph Ladapo gives dark details on groundbreaking mRNA vaxx study
More than 50 government officials across 13 agencies ‘threatened, cajoled and colluded’ with social media companies to silence online speech about topics the Biden administration disliked such as election integrity, the origins of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 restrictions, according to a lawsuit filed by state attorneys general.
Germany to ‘thermally recycle’ COVID masks as country faces energy apocalypse. Burn
Kirsch- The Israeli HealthMin confirms to Reuters that the leaked vax safety video is legit.

12 Oct 2022: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Turns Negative Within Months.
Judicial Watch: Biden dropped a cool billion on astroturfed vaxx propaganda
HHS paid screenwriters and comedians to mock the unvaxxed
Propaganda- Admin tried to “Place a trusted messenger on the Joe Rogan Show and Barscool Sports to promote vaccination” [FOIA link]
Propaganda- Attacked From All Sides, but Still Holding.
Vaxxed- U.S. Army Identifies 18-Year-Old Active Soldier Found Dead in Her Barracks – Cause of Death Unknown. They know, just not saying.
Vaxxed- 18-Year-Old Marine Recruit Dies After Collapsing During Training Exercise at Camp Pendleton. Killing young men more needlessly than normal
Freedom Caucus Calls On GOP To Delay Defense Bill If Vaccine Mandate Not Repealed.
Here We Go: Biden Covid Czar Says Pandemic Not Over VID.
FDA Authorizes Moderna and Pfizer Updated Booster Shots Against Omicron for Kids as Young as 5 to 11. Evil bastards.
Gov’t publishes horrifying figures on COVID Vaccine Deaths: 1 in every 73 Vaxxed people had died by June 2022 compared to just 1 in every 172 Not-Vaccinated People. 2.36x
SEAL trainee who dies of pneumonia and cardiac arrest… Vaxxed and looking for excuses
Kirsch- Paul Offit admits on video there are no benefits of the new booster shots
Maine Medical Board Grills Dr. Meryl Nass in What Attorney Calls ‘Abuse of Regulatory Process’ Doc is persecuted for prescribing ivermectin and HCQ
Alberta’s New Premier Says Unvaxx’d Are The “Most Discriminated-Against Group” She Has Seen.
We know why not- The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will not release its review of post-COVID-19-vaccination heart inflammation.
42% of Americans ignored COVID precautions or lied about taking them.
Uh-huh… nope. Moderna CEO announces development of new mRNA “injection” to repair heart muscle after a heart attack.
What could go wrong? American pharmaceutical firms are partnering with Chinese universities – including those with ties to Beijing’s military and espionage efforts – to produce new drugs.
Paxlovid for Covid treatment has some potentially dangerous interactions.

11 Oct 2022: Eugyppius: CCP locks country in endless loop of Covid hell
Nasal vaxx flunks trial
Xi’s Zero-Covid insanity threatens 5-year plan to overtake US
Reality TV star’s 23-year-old son “suddenly” suffers congestive heart failure and stroke leaving him struggling to speak
Yes, next question- Is the US blood supply tainted?
FDA, CDC urge ALL adults to get 5th booster shot despite no safety or efficacy data
CDC V-Safe data: Hundreds of thousands sought medical care after beastly jab
Renegade Maine doctor suspended by medical board is fighting back
How the EU is imposing brutal online censorship of ‘COVID-19 Disinformation’ on the whole world
IA panel rejects $1M payouts to inmates given vaccine shots SIX times the proper dose
National Guard Gives Service Members COVID-19 Vaccine Instead of Influenza Shot
Can’t Make This Up – Moderna CEO Announces Development of New mRNA “Injection” to Repair Heart Muscle After a Heart Attack.
A Bright New Solution” — Medical Hero Dr. Peter McCullough Tells TGP’s Jim Hoft About The Wellness Company.
The balls on that woman- Pfizer Director Admits Vaccine was Never Tested on Preventing Transmission During EU Hearing Contrary to What was Previously Advertised VID
French Politician and Ex-Presidential Candidate Jean Lasalle Says COVID Vaccine Nearly Killed Him – Claims Macron and Others Faked their Vax Status.
An update on Tiffany Dover, the famous nurse who got one of the first Covid-19 vaccines, and promptly keeled over right on camera, who some think died from the shot.  AC has commentary on it.
21-year-old York College soccer player found dead in his dorm room.
Pfizer Vaccine was never tested to stop transmission before entering the market.

10 Oct 2022: 21-Year-Old York College Soccer Player Found Dead in His Dorm Room.
Dark-Field Microscopic Analysis Shows Abnormalities in Blood of Jabbed Patients.
Macron FAKED Vax: French Politician Of 20 Years says Vax Wrecked Heart & Govt Fakery.
Fake News Washington Post Outdoes Itself – FINALLY Reports on Pregnancy Complications During COVID but Can’t Quite Pin It to Mandatory Experimental Vaccines.
Vaxxed- Starting LSU Tigers Offensive Lineman hospitalized hours before kickoff game after having an “episode” during the pre-game walk-through.
mRNA flu shot moves forward as Pfizer launches late-stage trial. Not safe.
Not sure what to make of this; may or may not be related: “Remote Killing? I Noticed the Jabbed People Look Around Like they are being ATTACKED BY SOMETHING…
Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils the covid vaccine 5G link + biosynthetic AI nanotech
20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injured – Analyst Estimates.
Japanese Publish Cases of Strange Blood Clots Following Pfizer COVID Vaccines.
4,500 Dead Babies in VAERS From Pregnant Women Injected with COVID Shots, but Florida Only Pulls COVID Vaccine Recommendation for Young Men.
Aussie Doctor Confirms New Discovery of Nanotech & MICROTECH, New Legislation to Silence ALL Doctors.
Vaccine Narrative Collapses as Harvard Study Shows Jab More Dangerous than COVID.
Wut? Dr. Rose: There’s No Adverse Event Data Collection System In Israel.
An autopsy case report of aortic dissection complicated with histiolymphocytic pericarditis and aortic inflammation after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination​.
Trainee solicitor dies after receiving Covid jab in ‘very rare complication
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Turns Negative Within Months.
Insurance company finds triple-vaxxed more likely to get COVID than unvaxxed.
Vaccinated Pilots to be required to have Cardiac MRI testing?
French General says Unvaccinated are “Superheroes
Court Orders CDC to Release Data Showing 18 Million Jab Injuries in the US.
Dr. William Bay Apologizes for Not Speaking Out Sooner: “I Valued My Finances More Than My Patients
‘700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028’ – Dr. David Martin
The Ben Armstrong Show: Pfizer’s original COVID-19 vaccine destroys immune system – but MAYBE a vaccinated person can recover from it.
CDC Data & Scientific Study suggest 1.2 million Americans may already have died due to COVID Vaccination.
Kirsch- Evidence of harm; A short collection of key pieces of evidence showing the COVID vaccines are not “safe and effective.”
Malone- The Calm COVID Truth of Dr. Joe Ladapo.
Tragic: Fit and Healthy Man Suffered Blood Clot, Seizure, Heart Failure, and Is Now Disabled After COVID-19 Shot.
Mercola on Kory book: The War on Ivermectin.

09 Oct 2022: China “zero covid” policy disaster
Steve Kirsch: Go on the offense and change the laws around vaccines
Illinois rep’s fully VAXXED daughter dies aged 17… ‘We don’t know what caused the arrhythmia, and likely never will’… Willfully blind.
Related- Army National Guard is Losing Members at a Faster Rate, Raising Concerns about Overseas and Future Deployments. Nobody wants the ClotShot
SMOKING GUN: China Started Stockpiling PPE, Reducing Exports of PPE to US in Late 2019 Before Pandemic.
Evil, reaching for kids-Pfizer Partners with Marvel to Release a Digital Comic Book Encouraging People to Get their Covid Shot and Become an ‘Everyday Hero
Renowned Comics Illustrator Dies Suddenly as He was About to Board a Plane in Paris.
Vax-injured Minnesotans still looking for answers.
Filed under “admitting what we knew last year, just CYA”- Kaiser paper admits that the COVID vaccines make you more likely to be infected after 150 days.
Japanese researchers publish cases of strange blood clots following Pfizer Covid “vaccines.”.
Renowned OB/GYN tells Dr. Drew that he has seen an “off the charts” rise in miscarriages and fetal abnormalities since the vaccine was introduced. Sad, but… we know.
Why did CCP limit sales of PPE before the virus was official. AC has commentary here.
“Academia is Dead” – Leading Medical Journal’s ‘Peer-Reviewed’ Pro-Vaccine Study Listed “Unvaccinated People with a Previous Infection” as “Fully Vaccinated
We don’t know it was the vax, but- Detroit Lions CB Saivion Smith “Collapses” on Field During NFL Game – Father Rides in Ambulance.
Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) | Oracle Films

08 Oct 2022: Related, Malone- Well Being: Disinformation Assault on Vitamin D.
Kirsch- Australia has solved the vaccine hesitancy problem: they offer a free funeral gift card with your vaccine. Oy.
FL SurgGen: Covid mRNA vaxx found to cause 84% increase in DEATH for men ages 18-39
“Horrific abnormalities”… pictures from peer-reviewed study shows the blood of the jabbed turned into weird jello mush… “This is what they did to us”
The mRNA Covid vaccines are killing people, plain and simple.”
NG “Accidentally” Gives Service Members COVID-19 Vaccine Instead of Influenza Shot.
17-YO Vaxxed Daughter of IL Dem Rep. Sean Casten Died of Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia.
Clown world headlines – Justin Bieber cancels tour; Harry Styles postpones show; K. Flay “fights to restore hearing after sudden loss”; Teller undergoes open heart surgery; JJ Watt defibrillated (for a “calf injury”)
US life expectancy fell 0.9 years in 2021, with COVID vax rollout – NY Times blames a lack of vaccination and White people.
Evil bastard- Gov. Gavin Newsom announced California has become the first state in the nation to mandate that all children take mRNA vaccines in order to attend schools.
Swedish study presents evidence that mRNA COVID “vaccines” progressively increase hospitalization and death risk over time.
egyppius- What has happened to the ordinary human-infecting coronaviruses?
HOAX or HORROR? – Are People Seeing Something Evil Chasing Them Moments Before Dropping Dead from COVID Vaccine?
Kirsch- Dr. Peter McCullough’s last tweet. “Are the kids OK?”

07 Oct 2022: Out there, but noted- Lipid nanoparticles: are they subtly changing human beings? – Are essential human qualities being destroyed by PEG-coated industrial fats?
Fauci Tells Americans To Get Boosted Before Holidays; Claims “No Doubt It’s Safe” Despite VAERS Data Showing The Experimental Jab is the Most Dangerous Vaccine in History.
2nd Smartest- CDC confirms USA suffered 338x increase in reports of AIDS-associated Diseases & Cancers in 2021 following COVID ‘Vaccine’ roll-out.
High levels of stupid, blaming Covid for vax injuries- Strokes, heart attacks, sudden deaths: Does America understand the long-term risks of catching COVID?
CDC: Record Number Of Children Hospitalized With Weakened Immune Systems.
Biden Admin Wanted To Embed ‘Trusted Covid Messenger’ On Joe Rogan, Barstool Sports.
CDC confirms aluminum in vaccines linked to childhood asthma and AUTISM.
FL Surgeon General Finds 84% Increase in Cardiac-Related DEATH in Males 18-39 Following mRNA Vaccine.

06 Oct 2022: Could a saline nasal rinse work better than Paxlovid? (not hard, really)
Of course he does- Fauci defends funding EcoHealth, dismisses lab leak theory
Doubts increasing in scientific circles on Big Pharma’s beastly mRNA jab claims
CDC hid V-safe data from the American people for almost 2 years… “most dangerous vaccines we’ve ever created”
A cheap nose spray can reduce your risk of getting viral and bacterial infections… Xlear
New movie: “Safe and Effective”
Flashback: German Researchers Found Evidence that a Vaccine-Triggered Autoimmune Reaction Caused Myocarditis in 14 Patients.
Dr. Malone – An Estimated 30,000 Americans Were Killed by Ventilators & Iatrogenesis.
Chudov- 121 Breastfed Infants Had “Issues” After Maternal Vaccination in Just ONE study!
Evil- Shocking email: shows Feds discuss “leveraging” access to sports and extracurriculars to make kids miserable so they will be forced to get vaxxed.
Only shocking to the asleep- USA suffered 338x increase in reports of AIDS-associated Diseases & Cancers in 2021 following COVID Vaccine roll-out.
Lipid Nanoparticles, Created By CCP And Present In Covid Vax, Are Changing Human Beings At The Core.
Malone- Some notes on the tragicomic attempt to burn [Dr. Mattias Desmet] at the stake.
China’s Zero-COVID Madness Hammers ‘Golden Week’ For Tourism, Shopping.
New Emails Shed More Light On CDC’s False Vaccine Safety Monitoring Statements.
The mRNA Covid vaccines are killing people, plain and simple.
They Are giving Cows mRNA Vaccine • Which Will Pass the Vaccine Into Milk, Cheese etc.

05 Oct 2022: China starts enforcing its zero-COVID policy with machine guns at Xishuangbanna Airport in Yunnan. “Are you going to kill us all?”
Different vaxes result in different and changing rates of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS)
Two Related Stories, Chudov- Were Election Deniers and Conspiracy Theorists Just Vindicated? Obviously, the safe and effective booster that NY Times’ Tejada received a day before his untimely death, had nothing to do with his passing:
Kirsch- Twelve reasons why universities need to drop their COVID mandates now.
over 1,200 papers published in the peer-reviewed medical literature on adverse events associated with the COVID vaccines.
Pfizer mRNA Spike Protein Found in Deceased Man’s Brain and Heart: Peer-Reviewed Report coming out of Dresden, GER
the most comprehensive list of people murdered by Covid-19 Vaccination.
DHS released unvaxed Afghans while threatening to fire unvaxed Border Patrol agents.
Healthy, good weight- Visual artist Kim Jung Gi dies of sudden heart attack at 47, normal
Doubts increasing in scientific circles on Big Pharma’s beastly mRNA jab claims
Big Pharma: F*** off, you can’t see our Covid vaccine data
Marvel Comics and Pfizer conspire to produce pro-vaccine propaganda
Scientists from Harvard & Johns Hopkins Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus
New report: VAERS was UNDERCOUNTING myocarditis cases after mRNA Covid vaccines
Alex Berenson: Goodbye Covid (Part 2)… brilliant rundown
DOCUMENTARY: “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion” by Oracle Films and News Uncut.
Related- Here We Go: Moderna and Pfizer Start Phase 3 Trial of mRNA Flu Vaccine.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans sought medical care after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data released on 3Oct.
Good- Two doctors have filed the first federal lawsuit to stop a new California law that shuts down doctors’ free speech rights by restricting the medical advice they can give patients regarding COVID-19.
Alarming reports of babies mysteriously dying following being breast fed by just-vaxxed mothers. Tragic, but not surprising.
Doctor Surprised as Patient Refuses to Receive Blood Transfusion if Donor had been Vaccinated Against COVID-19. Why surprised? that stupid, or that indoctrinated?
Kirsch- Why did the CDC hide the V-safe data from the American people for almost 2 years?
Kirsch- Pediatrician Michelle Perro speaks out against the COVID vaccines.
Kirsch video of Perro interview here.
OB/GYN Dr James Thorp Shares the “Off the Charts” Miscarriages & Fetal Abnormalities He Is Seeing. Just the clip.
“Miscarriage has increased by a massive number…fetal cardiac abnormalities…fetal cardiac arrest…it’s way off the charts” The whole interview.

04 Oct 2022: The new COVID booster looks incredibly dangerous.
That’s evil- mRNA Vaccine Development for Emerging Animal and Zoonotic Diseases.
Mercola- More Studies Confirm the COVID Jab Does More Harm Than Good.
Dr. Robert Malone: The Power and Strategy of False Narratives
Trump Ordered Superman Shirt to Bust Out of Hospital Post-COVID
Retired Coast Guard Vice Admiral: COVID Vax Mandates Weaken Military
Berenson: mRNA shots RAISE the risk of Covid hospitalization and death over time
Berenson: The vaccines never really worked
Fired Canadian pilot has ‘direct’ proof of COVID vax-related injuries happening to peers.
Seven people recently “died suddenly” (or did they “just” keel over?) right on camera.
UNFORGIVABLE: At least 163 Children dead, 1.2k disabled, 15k hospitalised & 58k injured due to Covid-19 Vaccination in the USA according to CDC.
California’s new bill that punishes doctors for COVID ‘misinformation’ is ‘chilling’ and ‘dangerous:’ Jonathan Turley. No medical free speech.
Some unvaxed Hawaiian Air workers allowed to return while others told they can reapply.
Two of the most important papers (peer reviewed) that you will read on the covid mRNA vaccine’ Dr Aseem Malhotra
John Kirby Accidentally Proves Brian Kilmeade’s Point on Military’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy: He’s vaxxed and boosted and recovering from covid, so it’s not helping.

03 Oct 2022:  NIH put Ivermectin on their site as a treatment for Covid after 2.5 years.
The backlash to the City of Toronto’s pro-COVID vaccine ads proves people are fed up.
From last year- 1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination.
Mercola- New Communist Law Forces Doctors to Promote Pharma Products. No “misinformation” (as described by gov’t) allowed to be spoken.
Ivermectin is extraordinary; It renders spike proteins INERT.
Several Ivermectin works links in Gab post.
The CDC is sacrificing kids for big pharma.
Swedish study: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine alters DNA within 6 HOURS.
Liberal strongholds cling to vaccine mandates
Army penalizing soldiers seeking religious accommodation to beastly vaxx mandate
Australian Bureau of Statistics Reports Increase in Excess Deaths in 2022 Which is Above Historical Average.
Related- They’re Coming for Your Food: New South Wales Government Expedites mRNA Vaccine for Foot-and-Mouth and Lumpy Skin Disease in Livestock.
Fauci pal at center of COVID lab-leak suspicions gets new bat virus grant.
“Fully vaccinated” NFL megastar JJ Watt says his heart went into “A-Fib” this week, had to be shocked into rhythm.
From AC, and interesting combination of items- Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw shares he’s had 2 different bouts with cancer over last year. He tore into Aaron Rogers for not taking the vaccine, and claimed it was selfish.
Riiiight… National Guardsman with rare religious objection “accidentally” given Covid jab instead of flu shot. Evil bastards.
Kirsch- Unassailable proof of incompetence at the CDC.
Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) | Oracle Films
Related- SIDS: Dr Paul Thomas LICENSE pulled for GOOD data! Minute 5:03 here: 97% of SIDS cases happen in the first 10 days after vaccine!
ICAN, the Informed Consent Action Network, has finally got all the CDC V-Safe vax data!

02 Oct 2022: Case Report Confirms mRNA Spike Proteins Found in the Heart and Brain of a Deceased Man – Spike Protein may have Contributed to the Patient’s Lesions and Illness.
Pfizer CEO Met with EU President Ursula von der Leyen Before Multi-Billion-Euro Deal Struck on Vaccines – And Now He Won’t Testify Before EU Committee.
Biden Calls and Thanks Coast Guard Swimmer for Saving Lives in Florida Hurricane – Same Hero Will Be Kicked Out in Days for Being Unvaxxed.
Navy Attempting To Remove Sailor Who Refused Vaccine Under ‘Pretext’ Of Attempted Desertion: Attorney.
A new research paper authored by a prominent UK cardiologist and evidence-based medicine expert has concluded that use of mRNA COVID vaccines should be halted until independent investigators are given access to the raw data from the clinical trials.
UK Gov. confirms 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated.
Rep. Gregory Steube (R-Fla.) and other U.S. lawmakers are asserting that the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) refusal to provide records to The Epoch Times is illegal.
World class Pakistani Cricketer dead at 36 years of age from “horrific cardiac arrest”.
Case report- brain and heart filled with spike proteins from the vax and it killed him.
Investigation launched into sudden spike in newborn baby deaths in Scotland.
Nuclear translocation of spike mRNA and protein is a novel pathogenic feature of CoVid.
Watch controversial press conference held by two Bakersfield doctors that was pulled down by YouTube. Originally from April 2020. Compare to now…
Called it- FAUCI EFFECT: Study Finds Young Adults Moodier, More Prone to Stress, Less Cooperative, Less Responsible Following Fauci’s Pandemic Rules.
Kirsch- Paper confirms the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells leading to death.

01 Oct 2022: Related- Kirsch- The case against fluoride.
Sweden Removes Recommendation on General Vaxx Against COVID-19 for Ages 12 to 17.
20-Year-Old Nursing Student Dies Suddenly of Cardiac Arrest One Day After Being Forced to Get COVID-19 Shot.
Spike but no capsid- A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19.
Dr. Fauci and others at NIH received more than $350 million in royalties payments from Big Pharma.
Nice of them- SSM Health, a Catholic hospital chain that operates 23 hospitals across the Midwest, has stopped using race as a determining factor for prioritizing COVID-19 treatment, the chain announced Friday after receiving a legal threat from a nonprofit conservative law firm.
99% likely vaxxed- Guardsman, 18, who walked alongside the Queen’s coffin during her funeral procession is found dead at his Hyde Park barracks. Sad.
Related- Doctors haven’t seen so many cases of syphilis in 72 years.
Finland Interior Minister collapses during live broadcast on Nord Stream briefing.
The Insane COVID-19 HOAX. vid
Kory- The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh – Part 1
Summary of events- Covid Pandemic FRAUD: Doctors Mike Yeadon & Paul Alexander vid
Medical Journals Finally Acknowledge Horrible Skin Diseases From COVID Shots. Vid
Poison Control issues warning about COVID-19 rapid antigen tests.
Australian Man Tracks Down Doctor that VACCIMURDED a Family Member. Vid
Bad news or catastrophe? Nobody knows yet. About male fertility and vax
Kirsch- Exclusive: Medical examiners, COVID, and death certificates. With = “of”
Analysis of a Pfizer “vaccine”: Graphene and carbon nanotubes. It is not a vaccine.
Cole: The Spike Protein is A Toxin – ALL the Covid Vaccines Cause Spike Protein Production.
648 cases of side effects for breastfed infants AND 3 reported deaths.
Fifth COVID Shot Recommended Without Safety or Efficacy Data.
Awesome. “According to a recent risk-benefit analysis of a third booster for university students, for each COVID hospitalization prevented, the booster will cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events.
Chudov- Vaccinated Mother’s Dying Newborn with “White Lungs

30 Sep 2022: Berenson: Goodbye Covid (part 1)
Vigil held for Canadian woman who died at pharmacy minutes after COVID booster
CDC quietly slinks away from universal mask recommendation for healthcare facilities
Fauci’s worth soared to $12.6+ million during pandemic – up $5 million  from 2019-2021.
U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear challenge against New York’s vaccine mandate.
Healthy young student is dead one day after Covid Vaccine
Because inflammation in large percentage of vaxxed skews results- New mammogram guidelines for women recently vaccinated for COVID-19.
New Study Adds to Covid Shot Heart Concerns in Youth
UK Gov. Confirms 9 in Every 10 COVID Deaths Over the Last Year Have Been Among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated.

29 Sep 2022: Are They Planning on ‘Vaccinating’ the Masses Against Our Will? Why Did The NIH Use a Box Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Vaccinate Study Patients?
Outcomes at least 90 days since onset of myocarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in adolescents and young adults in the USA: a follow-up surveillance study.
CDC Admits That COVID Vax Is Causing ‘Lasting Post-Jab Heart Problems in Young Adults
Doc who took Pfizer vaccine twice turns on the beastly jab… “most important announcement of my life and career so far”
Berenson- The number Covid researchers won’t even try to report
Six recent “Covid” deaths, per the Milwaukee coroner’s office
Covid-19 vaccine administration must stop’: Dr Aseem Malhotra’s MUST READ paper on mRNA vaccines
Brit Indian medic warns of pro-vax ‘pandemic of misinformation’ around the beastly jab
Dr. Fauci’s Income Net Worth Nearly Doubled During Pandemic While 200,000 Small Businesses Closed Down Due to His Policies.
Are They Planning on ‘Vaccinating’ the Masses Against Our Will? Why Did The NIH Use a Box Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Vaccinate Study Patients?
LA County Health Services Director Says 90% of Covid Positive Patients Were Not Hospitalized for Covid-19 (VIDEO)
HCQ inhibits viral entry through two distinct mechanisms in high and low tissue cholesterol and does so prior to inhibiting cathepsin-L. HCQ trials and animal studies will need to account for tissue cholesterol levels when evaluating dosing and efficacy.
Related- Routine childhood vaccines may raise the risk of asthma by a THIRD, shock Government-funded study finds.
How is this not biowar? Mosquito vaccines are here, and being tested.
An International Group of Scientists Find Twelve Brands of Covid Injections Contain Hydrogel and Reduced Graphene Oxide.
This Is Accelerating’: Suddenly, People in Their 30s and 40s Are Starting to Have Serious Health Issues.
“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is refusing to release the results of autopsies conducted on people who died after getting COVID-19 vaccines.
CLAIM: Covid vaccines have already killed 20 million people and injured over 2 billion worldwide.

28 Sep 2022: Berenson finds same old trickery behind Covid death rate
Berenson- Six recent “Covid” deaths, per the Milwaukee coroner’s office.
Vaccine-loving doctor turns against messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines, calls for global pause
Related- Livid shareholders demand Pfizer scrap anti-white discrimination policy
The Washington Post Finally Reports What Frontline Doctors Have Warned About All Along: COVID Vaccine Can ‘Change The Timing Of The Menstrual Cycle
7 US troops reveal injuries from mandated COVID vaccines: Report.
Doubling down- Israel’s COVID-19 czar: Winter is coming, be prepared.
CDC loosens mask mandates for health care facilities.

27 Sep 2022: 64% of Democrats believe COVID-19 vaccination should be required for children in school, but only 19% of Republicans and 36% of Independents.
A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation; Notes for My Corona Investigative Committee Interview.
New mRNA 💉 Harms to Fertility & Reproduction.
The Great Unvaxxed – Lies, Damned Lies and the BBC.
Just 1.5 percent of those eligible have gotten latest booster
It’s official: Spike protein found in breast milk
JAMA tells mothers not to breastfeed within 48 hours of receiving beastly jab
NBA star Kyrie Irving gave up 4-year, $100M-plus extension to remain unvaxxed and free
Mother Blames “Vaccinated Blood” for the Death of Her One-Month-Old Baby Who Died from Blood Clot Following Blood Transfusion.
Europe suffers horrifying 755% increase in excess deaths among children since EMA approved COVID vaccine for kids.
CDC has 4 days to release data on COVID vax Injuries collected via V-safe app, court rules.
Leaked: Bombshell video of Israeli researchers discussing Pfizer vaccine side effects, warning of ‘medical-legal’ consequencesmens rae
American Red Cross mixes vaxxed blood with unvaxxed blood. Stupid or evil?
Detection of messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines in human breast milk.
they use a sort of synthetic nucleotide in the mRNA, to reduce immunogenicity and extend half-life. So how long does it last?
Dr. Cole Pathology Findings & Research On Cancers, Heart Issues, Clots, Deaths & More.
Bizzare tweets reveal anxious/ magical thinking minds.
New Peer-Reviewed Papers Lead Calls for Suspension of All Covid-19 Vaccines.
Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine – Part 1
Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine – Part 2

26 Sep 2022: Steve Kirsch interview: Why aren’t doctors speaking out?
Hospital Runs Myocarditis in Kids Awareness Commercial as if it’s a Common Illness… Really Makes You Wonder
Suspend All COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Until Side-Effects are Fully Investigated, Says Leading Doctor Who Promoted Them on TV
4 real, or a setup? Canada Removes All COVID Border Requirements for All Travelers Including Proof of Vaccination and Suspends Plane and Train Mask Requirements.
Happening Today: Idaho Victims of Pandemic Policy & Law Conference (LIVESTREAM)
Excess mortality in the EU climbed to +16% in July 2022 from +7% in both June and May.
Iceland [excess mortality] is up 55.8%. Spain is 36.9%. Lichtenstein up 35.8%.
Top vaccine expert and FDA adviser says young healthy people should NOT get the new booster shot – no clear evidence of benefit.
Pfizer’s figures for its new Bivalent Omicron Vaccine prove that the Old COVID Vax had a minus-44% negative efficacy after just 30 days.
Doctors and insurers are completely confused as to why the death rate keeps rising.
Chudov- JAMA: mRNA Vaccine Shedding in Breast Milk Proven!

Austria at 76.5% fully injected and 64.6% boosted has more new infections per week than they did at any point in 2020.

25 Sep 2022: Army LtCol Theresa Long MD – Full Testimony.
Study Shows COVID Jab Mounts an Immune Response to Protein Responsible for Bringing Babies to Term.
“Even under the best of circumstances…Myocarditis will kill 50% of those within 5 years…
Kirsch- Paul Marik interview on why doctors aren’t speaking out.
Did a famous doctor’s covid shot make his cancer worse?
Top Vaccine Expert and FDA Adviser Says Young Healthy People Should NOT Get the New Booster Shot – No Clear Evidence of Benefit.
Study shows Covid Vaccine mounts an immune response to protein responsible for bringing babies to term..
Former EcoHealth VP says they developed COVID-19 while their company was operating as a CIA front organization.
Why is cancer among those aged under 50 rising globally? I wonder
New documents reveal COVID-19 vaccine studies used by HHS were conducted in China.
Less than 2% of eligible people have gotten updated Covid booster shots, 3 weeks into the rollout. Well, good.
Lies and propaganda- CEO of Pfizer had four shots of mRNA, but then caught COVID twice in the past two months.
Federal judge strikes down mask, vaccine mandates for toddlers in public preschools. More commentary on this at AC’s place; may be important.
So generous of them- The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now funding studies on how to best manipulate people to receive “future” COVID-19 vaccines.
New study shows rejection of cornea transplants following COVID vaccination.
CDC report finally reveals part of the truth: “vaccinated” youth who suffered heart inflammation had abnormal MRI results months later.
Stew Peters- New Treatment For The Jabbed.
days after getting their second Pfizer mRNA injection, two teenage boys died in their sleep.
WHISTLEBLOWER Nurse in WA Describes Vax Injury from Employment Mandate.

24 Sep 2022: Judge Tosses Vax Mandate for NYPD Officers, Orders Cops’ Reinstatement.
Berenson: No, the vaccines never worked all that well against severe Covid
Woman drops dead at pharmacy within 15 minutes of booster shot
Vaxxed and boosted TV reporter, 24, dies ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’
48 Somalis charged in ‘brazen’ $250M COVID spending fraud centered in Minnesota.
Denninger- The Deadly Sin Of Greed. Hospitals are paid contract killers.
Inspector General Office: Denial of Service Members’s Religious Exemption Requests For Vaccine Refusal Violates Federal Law. Well, duh.
STUNNING in The Atlantic: Did Famous Doctor’s COVID Shot Make His Cancer Worse?

23 Sep 2022: Dr. Malone: “Reading this paper brought tears to my eyes…”
BTW, is a good source for info on this topic, check them out.
McCullough- U.S. Dr. Testifies under oath that mRNA Injections are Killing Children.
Lord Fauci admits he knew his draconian lockdowns would hurt innocent children… but he did it anyway
Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s most respected vaccine experts, is now an anti-vaxxer
CDC discloses just how fast mRNA boosters fail… (about 3 months)
The most deadly “vaccines” we’ve ever produced? (yes)
Spike Protein Contributing to Autoimmune Diseases, Studies Suggest
Is the spike protein changing our gene expression?
Taiwanese study finds Chinese herb stops coronavirus from penetrating cells and works against mutant variants
Woman’s brain inflammation caused by Moderna: authors of case study
Parents overwhelmingly reject mRNA shots for kids
NYC ends vaccine mandate… cowards at Fox celebrate?
Related, psych- Compliance, Subterfuge, and Withdrawal.
Related-ish- Fluoridated water definitely lowers IQ.
Interesting twitter thread with an EcoHealth origin and tracking it theory.
Flu season is coming. and mRNA flu shots aren’t far behind. Do NOT take them.
More waste and fraud- Undocumented immigrants in Washington affected by COVID-19 can now apply for a new round of financial relief, as part of an unprecedented $340 million fund approved last year by the state legislature.
The central bank of Australia on Wednesday made the astonishing admission that it is, basically, bust. Its entire equity has been wiped out by pandemic-related bond buying.

22 Sep 2022: A video from 2020-The only proof anyone should need.
Technocratic tyrants gather in NYC to rebrand after Covid
NBA star Kyrie Irving roasts Mayor Eric Adams… calls vaxx mandates ‘one of the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history’
NYC quietly ends vaccine mandate but public workers are still screwed
Coroner Confirms COVID-19 Vaccine Killed 26-Year-Old Man from New Zealand.
Sixteen months after the Biden administration conceded COVID-19 might have emerged “from a laboratory accident,” fresh scrutiny is falling on a nonprofit conduit for federal research grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and a purported fact-checker.
“Vaccinated” and “boosted” Canadian TV reporter, 24, dies “suddenly and unexpectedly.”
Karen Kingston Warns That Joe Biden’s Executive Order Makes Crimes Against Humanity Mandatory.
Study describes the mechanisms on how the COVID-19 virus can cause cancer.
Fauci admits he knew lockdowns would have ‘collateral negative consequences’ on kids.
25 Diet members in Japan formed a group to investigate mRNA vaccines side effects.
Doctor Reveals: ‘People Who Receive Covid ‘Vaccines’ Are 4x More Likely to Get Covid’, 95% of People in ICU are Fully ‘Vaccinated
More people in Alberta, Canada are dying of “ill-defined and unknown causes” than any other cause of death.
Original story for above, here (EU Times).
We have The Data to Prove VACCINES are Ineffective and unsafe, Why Don’t People See it?
England vs Sweden Excess Deaths v.2. Lockdowns vs not
+60% in the all-cause death rate in September 2021 vs. September 2020 for ages 18 to 55.
Malone, Related- Suppress, Silence, Skew and Censor.
Dr. Shoemaker Predicts: 50% of Young Adults Who Get Myocarditis From Vax Will Die Within 5 years . Also says 95% of People in ICU are Fully ‘Vaccinated’ and 38 doctors under 50 have died in Canada in a 40 day span. OK, we have you on record, let’s see how it plays out.

21 Sep 2022: Operation WarpED Speed & Essential Resources for Lucidity during Insanity.
Kirsch- How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data?
Embalmer Sounds Alarm: Massive Increase in Strange Blood Clots and Cancer, ‘It’s not Normal, It’s Drastic’ (Exclusive Interview)
USA Watchdog: F D A Covered Up C\/1-9 \/ @ X Biological Catastrophe – Dr. McCullough
Kirsch- The Sara Cody deposition transcripts. Pub health Officer, ignorant about masks
‘This Is a Mic Drop’: Healthy, Successful People Are, All of a Sudden, Dying Faster Than the General Population.
Harvard Study PROVES Shot MUCH MUCH Worse than #Faux Covid.
Lawsuits claim hospitals specifically targeted unvaccinated patients with forced remdesivir and respirator “treatment
INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CRISIS: Over 400 doctors and scientists in India declare COVID vaccine programs must end.
Dr. Fauci Predicted a Pandemic Under Trump in 2017 | NowThis. Youtube clips
Baffling’ Excess Deaths Explode, Culling Aussie Animals, Dangerous Clinical Trial in Oz.
Related Dr. Mason – ‘Why your doctor thinks cholesterol is bad – Big Pharma deception
Looking at initial study- Pfizer + Cancer Reports Revealed With Aaron Kheriaty, M.D
Xinjiang’s Yining City Has Been Lockdown for Nearly 40 Days.
32 Young Canadian Dr’s “Died Suddenly” in the Past 16 Months While Fully COVID-19 Vaxxd.
Supreme Court to consider New York’s vaccine mandate
Pandemic over? Not so fast… White House rebukes demented president
Berenson: Pull all “garbage” and “useless” mRNA vaccines off the market NOW
Trump-Appointed Judge Strikes Down Federal School Mask and Vaccine Mandate.
Deaths in Scotland spike to almost 10% above average.
Deaths due to an “irregular heartbeat” are likely to be “one of the reasons” more people than usual have been dying this year – with the number well above average so far.
A former vice president for the EcoHealth Alliance, a major funder of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, claims that his organization “developed” SARS-CoV-2 through gain-of-function research that makes viruses more dangerous.
Former White House spokesman bombshell book claim: Fauci laughed at ‘American rubes’ that ‘he could get people to believe anything.
Related- “Cheers” actor Woody Harrelson told Bill Maher the “last people” he would trust with his own health is “Big Pharma and Big Government.
Malone- CASE DISMISSED: Victory For Parents And Their Children.
Kirsch- The evidence of not safe and effective.
Pfizer accidentally proves original COVID Vaccine destroys the Immune System after publishing Study for new Omicron Jab.

20 Sep 2022: Did Covid actually come from a US lab?
Berenson: Pull all “garbage” and “useless” mRNA vaccines off the market NOW
Moderna, BioNTech, and Novavax plunge after President Biden says the plandemic — er, pandemic — ‘is over’
UNKNOWN CAUSES: Montage Video Goes Viral of Recent Gateway Pundit Posts of Sudden Death Syndrome (VID)
US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy vs Joe Biden, Says the Covid Pandemic is Not Over (VID)
Good. Informed Consent Action Network (“ICAN”) obtains court order demanding CDC release secret COVID vaccine adverse events data obtained in ‘V-Safe’ program.
Pilot of Boeing flight from Novokuznetsk to St. Petersburg dies suddenly on board plane.
Lethal injection- Woman collapses and dies 15 minutes after Booster shot.
Behavior- STD epidemic in US is ‘out of control,’ warn experts, CDC.
Study: Masking Kids In School Made ‘No Significant Difference’ In Stopping COVID Spread.

19 Sep 2022: The Blood Clots From Hell.
Most pilots are vaxxed these days- Pilot of a Boeing Aircraft Suddenly Dies During a Flight from Novokuznetsk to St Petersburg, Russia.
But muh Narrative! Study Preped for the Liberal Party of Canada Finds C-19 Vaccines Not 100% Effective; 6 Times More Vaxxed People are in ICU and 5 Times More are Hospitalized.
Canadian Recounts His Near-Death Experience After His Third Moderna Shot – Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory/Kidney Failure, Paralysis, Nerve Damage, and No Brain Activity.
CDC admits post-vaccine Myocarditis concerns are legitimate, not “misinformation”
Denmark Advises Citizens Under 50 to Not Get COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters.
Related- Nearly half-a-million children have become paralyzed since 2000 from Bill Gate’s live virus polio vaccination program.
On Wednesday, a woman dropped dead at this Saskatoon Shoppers Drug Mart after her booster. A person dying isn’t a privacy issue, moron.
The Covid Booster Disaster.

18 Sep 2022: Kirsch- Turtles all the way down: Vaccine Science and Myth.
Wonder why? Marine Corps quietly drops punishment for refusing VAXX… (not)
NYC fires 850 teachers for failing to VAXX
Related- New Soros-backed company emerges to censor “disinformation” online
Following US Navy’s Change to Vaccine Mandate Policy, US Marine Corps Follows.
Bus In China Transporting “Epidemic Related People” to COVID Quarantine Facility Crashes – At Least 27 Killed. Raises more questions than it answers.
Biden Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ignored DOD IG memo for 3 months that alleged wrongdoing with COVID mandates. Because of course he did.
Hospitals specifically targeted the unvaxxed for deadly forced Remdesivir and respirator protocols.
ICAN Obtains Court Order Requiring CDC to Release V-Safe Data that Includes Over 137 Million Health Entries Made After COVID-19 Vaccines.
They are now running actual ads about youth Myocarditis.
“Hundreds of excess deaths per week and nobody knows why.
As I tell you this story, I invite you to replace the word ‘Rezulin’ with ‘Covid-19 vaccine,’ because I’m sure you’ll find the parallels uncanny.
FDA approved does NOT EQUAL SAFE. From January.
Cole: The Spike Protein is A Toxin – ALL the Covid Vaccines Cause Spike Protein Production
Same Cole interview on Bitchute.
We’ve got over 700 pilots potentially on the chopping block right now for their refusal to take the shot.
Whilst they knew you were mourning the Queen’s death, the UK Gov. quietly published reports confirming the Triple Vaccinated account for 91% of COVID Deaths throughout 2022 & there have been over 24k “unexplained” Excess Deaths since April
Health Canada approves Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine for six-month-old babies.

17 Sep 2022: Dr. Jessica Rose interview: Spike Protein and Systemic Blood Clotting
Nearly 50 Members Of Congress Call On Pentagon To End Military Vaccine Mandate.
…an unmitigated disaster’: COVID lockdown and remote learning has set back kids by ‘up to several GRADES’ and cratered social skills in younger students, education expert says.
Drag Queen Valencia Prime was performing at Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar in Philadelphia’s Gayborhood when she collapsed Monday night. Silver lining.
Scam- California paid 45 percent less for COVID tests NY bought from Hochul donor.
How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight.
Huh- One of the worst meningitis outbreaks in U.S. history is ravaging Florida’s gay men.
Dr. Harvey Risch: Biggest Lie of last 29 Months of COVID Pandemic Was HCQ didn’t work.
850 More NYC Teachers And Aides Fired For Not Complying With COVID Vax Mandate.
Biden Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Ignored DOD IG Memo for 3 Months that Alleged Wrongdoing with COVID Mandates.
During COVID Distance Learning ‘Disaster’, Leftists Blew Emergency $ on School Wokeness.
Denninger on the recent Ivermectin study- 92% lower bad outcomes with regular users.

16 Sep 2022: Biden orders 171 million booster shots after testing in eight mice and ZERO humans… and all the mice got Covid
Globalist bureaucrats have a comical new excuse for mass excess death in Spain..
Stinky, ugly masks are full of carcinogens
Vaccine narrative collapses… Harvard study shows jab more dangerous than Covid
Prestigious medical journal thinks Covid might have come from a lab leak… in the United States
Side effects- One in eight people in England are waiting for hospital treatment thanks to “lockdowns”… or intentional?
The Terrifying Vacuity of Klaus: Eugyppius review Schwab’s “COVID-19: The Great Reset”
Video Shows Bill Gates Lied to Trump About Dangers of Vaccines and Trashed Robert Kennedy Jr.
Judge Rules NYPD Can’t Fire Cop Who Refused to Receive Experimental Covid-19 Shot.
Older people who were infected with COVID-19 show a substantially higher risk—as much as 50% to 80% higher than a control group—of developing Alzheimer’s disease within a year, according to a study of more than 6 million patients 65 and older.
Ethically unjustifiable” – Scientists from Harvard & Johns Hopkins found Covid-19 vaccines 98 times worse than the virus.
The new normal: Kids myocarditis awareness commercial running in New York State.
Close call- A woman who managed to avoid the Hospital’s fucked up protocols designed to kill her when she was admitted with Covid recounts the ordeal.
Why now? CDC now says covid jabs causing myocarditis isn’t “misinformation” after all, after YEARS of Big Tech censorship for those who said it first.
A well-known MD- Gov. documents prove Bill Gates is primary funder of UK medicine regulator while owning major shares in Pfizer & BioNTech.
Top. Men. The Small Business Administration gave $1.3 billion in COVID-19 disaster relief to applicants with foreign internet addresses, indicating possible international criminal organization involvement, the agency’s inspector general found.
CDC Reports 5,300 Errors in Vaccine Doses Given to Kids, 155+ dead kids in VAERS.
Kirsch- A new report prepared for the Liberal Party of Canada shows that the vaccines have no benefit for those under 60.
3 kids die within 1 week after vaxx; DO NOT NORMALIZE THESE SUDDEN DEATHS
Europe: “The country with the lowest vaccination rate has the lowest excess mortality rate and the country with the highest vaccination rate has the highest excess mortality”…

15 Sep 2022: Dr Peter McCullough: ‘Alarming Rates of Death in Young People
Malone MD, MS: (Not so) “Safe and Effective
Dr. McCullough speaks in Fresno at the Remdesivir Lawsuit conference!
eugyppius- Mass excess death in Switzerland
Hundreds of doctors declare ‘international medical crisis’ over COVID jab injuries, deaths.
Sick- The New Normal: Kids Myocarditis Awareness Commercial Running in NY State VID
The new normal they deny making- Another Canadian Athlete and Doctor Dies Suddenly During a Cycling Event in Quebec Due to “Cardiac Arrest
New Study Reveals COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Organ Rejection Among Transplant Recipients
Military illegally denying religious exemptions for Covid vaccine.
The U.S. Navy quietly rolled back an order punishing SEALs who remain unvaccinated due to their religious beliefs, according to recent court documents.
An NYPD cop who sued over the city’s COVID vaccine mandate can’t be fired for not having the jab, according to a new “precedent-setting” ruling that could help nearly two dozen police officers who’ve filed similar cases.
Rand Paul clashes AGAIN with Fauci in Congress over child vaccines and plays him 2004 video in which the COVID tsar said ‘natural immunity is the most potent vaccination.
Rand Paul to Fauci: ‘I promise you’ the public will learn ‘where you get your royalties from.’
The Lancet Opens Pandora’s Box, Suggests COVID Could Have Originated In US Labs.
Morgoth- Operation Damage Control Is Underway.

14 Sep 2022: Commentary on an ivermectin study; it protects well vs covid.
Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate in a Dose-Response Manner. Not news, but good study
Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the Covid vaccines then deliberately covered it up
Do boosters save people from getting very sick with Covid? New data from Britain say the opposite
What happened to the 500 million mRNA Covid shots American taxpayers bought for poor countries last year?
Video: Blue-collar FDNY captain fired over Covid jab goes ballistic on soft-handed mandarins of far-left NYC council
New study finds organ recipients rejecting transplant after receiving COVID vaccine.
A data leak suggests the real reason health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists is that the vials are all different — and the mRNA in the shots is not intact.. Or is it cover for an alternated ingredient, or even diff mRNA program?
Safe and Effective (TM)- There have been no recorded deaths so far from those diagnosed with monkeypox, but we now have our first report of someone who died shortly following a monkeypox vaccine.
Bongino- Shocking new vax data.
Kirsch- Health Feedback publishes a flawed “fact check” on the Epoch Times clot article.
Snippets of a discussion about the vaxxed losing their emotions.
In Japan, all bodies PCR-POSITIVE counted “Died by Corona!
Exclusive — Republicans Say 100K Troops Face Discharge over Biden Vaccine Mandate
THE SHEDDING IS 100% REAL!” Gets sick, Hospitalized from vaxxed clients.
Berenson- Denmark ENDS Covid vaccinations for almost everyone under 50.
A Deep-Dive into The Vaxxed Mac Address (computer URL) Phenomena.
They are trying to normalize the side effects.
Bill Maher and Aaron Rodgers Push Back on COVID Boosters and Attack on Early Treatment.
HS Athlete has 6′ of clots removed from legs, abruptly ending football career. YouTube deleted this video and deleted the account who posted it.
British Cycling Champion Died Two Days After Winning Scottish MTB XC Championship;  Rob Wardell, 37, died suddenly after suffering fatal cardiac arrest.
Ivermectin emails inside Public Health Agency of Canada; Negligence or bad faith?
Three California hospitals being SUED for administering “remdesivir protocol” to patients without informed consent, resulting in DEATH.
Kirsch- I found an honest vaccine scientist. (Martin Kulldorff)

13 Sep 2022: Kirsch- I now have an informant deep inside the CDC.
It took 2 years for the WHO to admit covid is airborne. reason is rooted in science history.
Interesting related: Why autoimmunity is most common in women.
The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged publicly for the first time that the agency gave false information about its COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring.
COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities.
Good. We need more- Landmark lawsuit filed against three hospitals on behalf of families who had lost their loved ones to the “bounties” paid to hospitals for using the toxic combination of food and fluid restriction, remdesivir, mechanical ventilation, and high dose morphine-midazolam respiration-suppressing cocktail to spiral patients down the dark road to death.
The most prominent feminist critic of the government’s COVID-19 policy is trying to resurrect her First Amendment lawsuit against Twitter, citing new evidence that the CDC named her in a request to remove “misinformation” before Twitter suspended her, making it a “state actor”.
Scientists from Harvard &Johns Hopkins found Covid-19 vaccines 98x worse than the virus.
Why no danger or corruption whistle-blowers from the CDC.
Court Orders Bill Gates, Indian Government to Respond to Lawsuit Filed by Family of Woman Who Died After AstraZeneca Vaccine.
Kirsch- Have you been able to redpill people?
Denninger- The MSM *ADMITS* They Were Wrong.
1323 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 900 Dead, After COVID Injection.

12 Sep 2022: The Never-ending Onslaught of Covid Booster Shots
Data leak shows disturbing facts about mRNA stability.
China’s Chengdu extends Covid-19 stay-home order as restrictions test economy.
COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates.
New Zealand drops mask and vaccine mandates in sweeping Covid changes. Backlash
50 Million doses of ‘VACCINES’ Recalled after they gave people AIDS! [pos tests]
Is ‘Childhood Dementia’ a Cover Story for Vaccine-Induced Brain Prions?
Obedience is a killer: 91% of Biden voters took the DEATH jab.

11 Sep 2022: The UK Government has published official figures on deaths following Covid-19 vaccination and they reveal that 1 in every 482 Covid-19 vaccinated people in England sadly died within one month of Covid-19 vaccination, 1 in every 246 Covid-19 vaccinated people in England sadly died within 60 days of Covid-19 vaccination, and 1 in every 73 Covid-19 vaccinated people were dead by May 2022.
Up to 98x worse than disease”… scientists publish paradigm-shifting study on the Vaxx
SADS in the Netherlands has exploded.
Totally normal- 17-Year-Old High School Football Player Dies in His Sleep.
Here We Go: CDC Issues Health Alert to Pediatricians and Parents About Rare, Serious Respiratory Disease That Affects Children. Keep pushing fear
1,249 young healthy athletes have suffered sudden heart attacks or other serious issues since last year, disturbing new data has revealed, and among those to have fallen ill, a staggering 847 have died. They are slaughtering the young and healthy
Speech therapist reveals she’s been inundated with wave of ‘COVID babies’ who can barely SPEAK because of pandemic shutdowns – and parents are paying up to $1,000 a month to repair the damage.
Psychological distress, like anxiety and depression, increases people’s chance of experiencing long COVID, a new study from researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows.
Canadian reporter breaks down in tears on live TV as she announces colleague’s sudden death.
AI Expert Works to Defeat Online Censorship of Vaccine Injuries.
Toxic Metal Nano “Contaminants” in Shots And Adverse Effect Correlation.
Chudov- Yes, Covid Vaccines UNSET and ERASE Natural Immunity.
NEJM- Effects of Vaccination and Previous Infection on Omicron Infections in Children

10 Sep 2022: Corporate media hesitates on boosters; original antigenic sin back.
China has absolutely, positively refused to inject its citizens with mRNA shots… Why?
Mass excess death in Spain
The owner of Romania’s most famous football team just banned VACCINATED players from the team because they have poor cardiovascular function.
Kirsch- Why doctors aren’t speaking out… Money and intensive digital tracking
Doctors, Scientists and Professionals from More than 34 Countries Declare “International Medical Crisis” due to Diseases and Deaths Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines.
CORRUPTION Dem Governor Gave COVID Test Contract To Donor — Who Charged State 2x.
WATCH: State Senators And Frontline Doctor Have All The EVIDENCE TO INDICT CDC Officals For VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW And File Unprecedented GRAND JURY PETITION — Here’s What The CDC Is Doing To Get Away With Mass Murder.
MI AG Dana Nessel appoints Special Prosecutor to investigate her GOP opponent weeks before election – but ignores election fraud and COVID nursing home murders.
Long after the damage is done- CDC admits post-vaccine myocarditis concerns that were labeled covid misinformation are legit.
Top Men (ahem) in charge- Biden’s Monkeypox spox is another homo and this one has a penchant for pentagrams, occultism, and satanism.
NIH deleted coronavirus data at China’s request?
1100 Athletes Die From Sudden Death 1966-2004, At Least 673 Have Died Since Jan ’21.

09 Sept 2022: Vox- Excess Death in Switzerland. Persistant and slightly elevated. 3k dead.
Berenson- URGENT: Deaths are soaring in 1 of the most highly mRNA vaccinated areas.
Deaths soar in ultra-vaxxed Victoria, Oz
Embalmers Are Making Shocking Discoveries in the Blood of the Dead
Rand Paul thinks Fauci is hiding something
Regime warns doctors who think for themselves
Effort at ‘disinformation control’ reveals those wanting to control speech will not stop
Sad new “normal”- 16-Year-Old High School Football Player Collapses and Dies After Suffering Medical Emergency During Practice.
Anything not the vax they can blame- A cardiologist says she’s seeing a rise in 20-somethings with heart arrhythmias caused by herbal supplements.
Die Already- Canadian health advisers recommend booster shot every three months.
Megi Bakradze- the first nurse to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine in 2021 — DIED 24 hours later. This was in the Republic of Georgia.
Recently filed court documents reveal that in March 2020, Facebook founder and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave NIAID Director Anthony Fauci his personal cell phone number, just before the social media platform began censoring alleged COVID-19 misinformation.
eguppius- Sustained, as-yet unheard of excess mortality trend strikes Switzerland.
Adults Aged 35–44 Died At 2x The Expected Rate Last Summer, Life Insurance Data Suggests
FDA Has Known About Vaccine Shedding for Years and Has Even Issued Guidance on How to Evaluate the Risk​.
Denninger- The MSM *ADMITS* They Were Wrong They use different words, but… yeah.

08 Sep 2022Former Employee Blows the Whistle on Fox News Vaxxy Mandate Madness
Pentagon denies exemptions to unlawful mRNA order, censors entire explanation
Berenson: It’s the beginning of the end for mRNA
UK Government admits COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than Unvaccinated Children.
VIDEO: Megi Bakradze- the First Nurse to Receive AstraZeneca Vaccine in 2021 — DIED 24 Hours Later.
UK bans COVID vax for kids – Investigation finds vaccine affects sexual development in little boys.
Thanks-The new COVID booster could be the last you’ll need for a year, federal officials say.
India: MBC Samachar news journalist “suddenly” collapsed on September 6, 2022.
Judge orders Fauci to produce records for big tech–government censorship lawsuit.
As it should- Study raises concerns about the effectiveness of the monkeypox vaccine.
CDC Data Show ‘Local and Systemic Reactions’ Were Reported in More Than Half of Children Following COVID-19 Vaccination.

07 Sep 2022: UK Bans COVID Vax for Kids – Investigation Finds Vaccine Affects Sexual Development in Little Boys Vid
24-year-old Hockey Player Forced to Retire Due to Sudden Heart Prob — Blames C-19.
Cult- Biden Covid Czar: “I Really Believe This is Why God Gave Us Two Arms – One For the Flu Shot and the Other One for the Covid Shot!” Vid
One Day After Proclaiming He Beat Big Pharma, Joe Biden Introduces a New Annual COVID Vaccine from Big Pharma.
Vaccination: Why it’s a religious experience
Navy SEALs are fighting for relig exemp’s to vaxx mandates… the battle is far from over
Embalmers say, “During May of 2021, the embalming process became more difficult. The normal draining of the blood was almost halted by thick, jelly-like blood. Instead of the blood flowing normally down the table, it was very viscous. So thick, that it would not wash down the table without assistance.
A high school football player has had his athletic career in said sport cut short after doctors found and removed approximately six feet of blood clots from the teenager’s legs.
Arkansas college football player dies (suddenly) at 21.
A California teachers union is being accused of spying on parents after emails reveal the union was conducting opposition research on parent groups fighting for schools to reopen during the height of the COVID pandemic.
Study confirms vaccinated individuals shed spike proteins into the air to be inhaled by people around them.
WEF puppet Trudeau says restrictions & mandates will be re-imposed in Canada this fall & winter if a 90% 3x vaccine compliance target is not met.
Inaugural FLCCC Medical Conference – “Understanding and Treating Spike-Protein Induced Diseases
‘That’s Beyond Fraud’: How FEMA Bribed Ernest Ramirez to Change His Son’s Death Certificate to COVID.
One to watch- Gov. Polis gets bivalent omicron booster Wednesday.
Berenson- Do boosters save people from getting very sick with Covid? New data from Britain say the opposite.
Kirsch- Why are vaccinations required to attend school?
Nurses liable for patient harm carried out under physicians’ orders, North Carolina court rules.

06 Sep 2022: Fauci Is Still Spouting Off — Says Americans Will Likely Require Yearly Updated COVID Shot.
Parents Resist: COVID Vaccination Rates For Young Kids Very Low.
Chinese Cities Rush to Lock Down in Show of Loyalty to Leadership.
Facebook blocks #diedsuddenly hashtag.
Long article on a doctor who opposed Fauci from inside the machine and tried to support Trump but ran face-first into the Deep State.
Powerful New Antibody Neutralizes All Known COVID Variants.
China locks down 65 million as holiday travel peak looms.
China’s lockdown horror continues: 70 cities under quarantine, terrified citizens take to the streets. The question is: why? what is the real risk and danger?
Thousands on Twitter Say They Now “Regret Getting the Vaccine” — Vaccinated Say Side Effects “Worse than COVID
WEF Puppet Trudeau Says Restrictions & Mandates Will Be Reimposed In Canada This Fall & Winter If A 90% 3x Vaccine Compliance Target Is Not Met.
New Studies Confirm The Vaxxes Are Killing And Injuring People In Frightening Numbers.
Following the Science? – 159 Children dead, 1.2k disabled, 14.5k hospitalized & 55k injured due to COVID Vaccination in the USA according to CDC.
COVID Vaccine Injury Data: 143,233 Percent Increase in Cancer.
BioNTech sued for Covid vaccine damages for the first time in Germany.
My Exclusive Interview with Dr. P. Almoni*, doctor in a NY hospital, who describes the tragic injury and death he has been seeing from the covid shots.
Singapore’s media is one of the most compliant in the world. This week, Chinese-language paper Shin Min Daily News published an article stating that mRNA vaccines destroy immune cells. This would have been unthinkable last year.
Do You Think This is Fair?’ – Moderna CEO and AstraZeneca Official Reveal Shocking Secrets to COVID Vaccines After Romanian MEP Cristian Terheș Grills Them

Malone: My position on these various psychological theories relating to the COVID crisis.
Moderna CEO: Vaxx will “evolve like an iPhone”
Related- Health Experts Now Link Heart Problems to Monkeypox After Man Developed Myocarditis One Week After First Showing Symptoms. Wonder why?
21-Year-Old College Football Player in Arkansas Dies Suddenly After Collapsing.
No Evidence Anyone Should Get COVID Vaccines, UK Mathematician Says
Former soccer star wants to know why young athletes are dying and no one seems to notice
Statistics indicate COVID jab is the ‘elephant in the room’ when it comes to excess mortality rates
The great ivermectin debate: new study finds 92% effectiveness at stopping death from COVID
Is EDTA Chelation and Intravenous Vitamin C An Additional Hopeful Medical Treatment For C19 Vax Injury?
Harsh satire- 50 Reasons to Give Your Child the COVID Shot.
COVID-19 Vaccine Jabs Increase Shingles by at Least 4295% in U.S.
UK Government stops vaccinating 5-11 year olds
Ivermectin reduces COVID death risk by 92%, peer-reviewed study finds.
Numerous embalmers from different states confirmed to The Epoch Times that they have been seeing these strange clots, starting from either 2020 or 2021.

04 Sep 2022: Peter McCullough Gab page, huge number of great posts.
Today PUBMED lists ~30K papers on Spike protein. Will be more.
Medical Gaslighting– Great new term, talked about here in the BMJ
Romanian soccer team bans VAXXED players… owner claims vaxx makes players “weak,” causes them to “die in hospitals”
Legal Challenges Begin in India: Bombay High Court Issues Notice to Indian Government, Bill Gates and Others in Connection to Vaccine Death.
Most residents of the Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen went into a weekend lockdown on Saturday as mass Covid-19 testing kicked off in much of the city of 18 million people.
Related- Russia to expose evidence of US Bioweapon research in Ukraine.
Russian MoD: US is moving unfinished bio-weapon programs from Ukraine to elsewhere in Eastern Europe..
The media story and the shifting narrative about abuse of the unvaxxed.
Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up.
One estimate: 10,000 people A DAY being killed by covid vaccines.
Never Seen’ Before: Embalmers Finding Long, Rubbery Clots Inside Corpses Since Implementation of Covid Vaccines.
Chinese Vaccine Manufacturer CanSinoBIO’s Inhaled COVID-19 Vaccine Receives Emergency Use Approval in China.
Legal Challenges Begin in India: Bombay High Court Issues Notice to Indian Government, Bill Gates and Others in Connection to Vaccine Death.
Tinfoil alert- Possible explaination for the apparently dangerous vax promoted by Trump.

03 Sep 2022: Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto Bismol) as potential treatment for Covid-19 pneumonia: A case series report.
STUDY: Ivermectin reduces covid death risk by 92%. Some good, more better.
Vax causes suppression of type I interferon responses, resulting in impaired innate immunity, causing increased risk to infectious diseases and cancer.
Might be nothing, might be something- WHO investigates mysterious respiratory illness ‘very similar to Covid’ in Argentina with nine infected and three dead.
All about the social engineering- Biden’s Covid Czar Dr. Ashish Jha said, “I’ve heard Secretary Cardona say this over and over again. You know, people do talk about going back to normal… and I’ve heard the secretary say, ‘well, you know, normal wasn’t working out so well every-for some people. So the goal in my mind is not to go back to normal, the goal is to build a very different new normal that has equity much more at the heart of it.” .
The Vax Deaths Are Now Simply Too Massive to Keep Hiding and Explaining Them Away.
Ivermectin Comeback: Peer-Reviewed Paper Shows 92 PERCENT REDUCTION in Mortality.
The authorities decided to shorten the period of revaccination to 90 days.
Cardiovascular Manifestation of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents– Over 29% of 13-18 year olds developed cardiac manifestations after 2nd dose of injections!
Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself​.
Why Your Natural Immunity Against COVID Is so Durable and How to Boost It.

02 Sep 2022: Mercola- Did lockdowns increase mortality?
Kirsch- Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people.
Kirsch- Proof that the top Israeli health minister lied to the FDA and the people of Israel about the vaccines.
Landmark First Peer-Reviewed Study on Pfizer and Moderna Covid Vaccines Confirms ‘Excess Risk’ of Adverse Side Effects.
Chudov- All “Bivalent Boosted” Mice Got Covid When Challenged.
Berenson- mRNA shots are the gift that keeps on giving. Physicians (not American) find vaccine-generated coronavirus spike protein in skin lesions, months after vaccination
Berenson: Births are plunging EXACTLY on schedule, nine months after mass Covid vaccinations
Japanese docs find mRNA persists long after the shot
CDC Panel Votes in Favor of Recommending New Covid Booster Shots That Have Never Been Tested on Humans.
Dr. Anthony Fauci is now warning of a “pretty bad flu season,” urging Americans to get flu shots when they become available this year. mRNA flu shots. Just say no.
New ivermectin study shows 92% lower chance of COVID death.
CDC just quietly added Ivermectin to its list of antiviral medications.
Chengdu locks down 21.2 million as Chinese cities battle COVID. Real or for show?
InfoWars- Is There Any Cure to the Covid-19 Vaccine? Dr Lee Merritt Responds.
Vaccine Genocide: SADS Is Becoming The Leading Cause Of Death.
James A Thorp MD Challenges Physicians.
COVID-19 vaccines reprogram the immune system to ATTACK important organs.
Thorp- Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician Raises Alarm About COVID-19 Vaccines.
Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults.
22 States File Savage Amicus Brief Demanding Biden Honor Vaccine Religious Exemptions for Military Members.
Politicization of the Pandemic Intensifies: Brazilian Researcher’s Data Seized by Federal Police. Not just forcing studies be retracted, they are seizing the study data.

01 Sep 2022: Malone- Promoting Unlicensed Vaccines is Lawbreaking.
Kirsch: Vaxx takes an average of 5 months to kill
Spanish Peer-Reviewed Study Found School Mask Mandates Do Not Prevent COVID-19 Transmission — Says Transmission is Lower in Preschool than in Primary Education
Funeral Director Sounds Alarms: ‘Deaths have Increased by 50% in the Past Six Months
Upcoming “Omicron booster shot” by Pfizer tested on EIGHT mice. Sound thorough.
The California legislature has passed a bill that would punish doctors and other medical professionals for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments.
Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 23X normal after the second booster.
Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people == Steve Kirsch.
Pfizer fellowship that bars white people to foster diversity sparks outrage.
New docs confirm Pentagon unlawfully forced US service members to take unlicensed COVID shots.
The NIH Just Quietly Admitted Ivermectin Treats COVID.
New Study: 1 in 100 Teens Developed Heart Inflammation after 2x Pfizer Injection.
Source: Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents.
Berenson- More frightening news about fertility and the mRNA shots, from Singapore.
CDC Quietly Scrubs Website Of Claims That Spike Protein Doesn’t Stay In Body After mRNA Vaccine.
Vaccination and BA.1 breakthrough infection induce neutralizing antibodies less efficient against BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron variant.
Long COVID: How researchers are zeroing in on the self-targeted immune attacks that may lurk behind it.
Increasing SARS-CoV2 cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated elderly populations during the Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant surge in UK.
Vax risks greater that Covid risks.
The British Government Paying $140,000 for COVID-19 Vaccine Damage Victims. No coverage in the American media.

31 Aug 2022:
Political Hypocrisy & Scandal, Aussie Doctor Speaks Out About Shocking Vaxx Injuries.
Related- No Whites Allowed: Pfizer fellowship flagrantly violates the law
The vaxx effect- U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Again in ‘Historic’ Setback
Blood damage explains many harmful impacts of Covid ‘vaccines’
Trust, vaccines, plus… where are we at in the decline and fall?
UC Berkeley to Require Masks… Again… But You Won’t Believe Why
Vaxxed- 32-Year-Old Actress and Model Charlbi Dean Dies Of Sudden Illness.
Unknown cause’ is top cause of death in Canada. Only “unknown” to the blind.
Yup- Rep. Thomas Massie says FORCED shots are an “ongoing crime perpetrated by our government.”
Interesting backstory- How Dick Cheney took the insignificant Fauci and his meaningless agency, and gave it massive power to handle biodefense, and apportion research funds – the real power – with no oversight.
Kim Jong Un contracts COVID-19: North Korean state media. Send in Ivermectin, STAT!
Kirsch- Here’s how the vaccine is causing those weird “blood clots
Stew Peters – The Government knew all along.
Related- Top Merck Scientist Admits That Polio Vaccines Contained Leukemia, SV40, And Cancer Viruses. “Safe and effective.”
Is the spike protein acting as a prion with regard to hemoglobin molecules? And is porphyria being induced?
Kirsch- Documents leaked from the EMA confirms why we aren’t allowed to analyze the vaccine vials.
mRNA integrity issues- What does the EMA leak show? (European Medicines Agency)
Chudov- Ba.5 Booster’s “8-Mice Trial” Actually FAILED.
Europe officially records a shocking 691% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA first approved COVID Vaccine for Children.
Midwest Doc- The Century of Evidence That Vaccines Cause Infant Deaths.
The lab-leak theory isn’t dead.

30 Aug 2022Australia’s excess death toll just keeps getting worse.
UK Govt Denies ‘Safe Use’ Recommendation for Pfizer Vaccine In Pregnant Women, Says Those Breastfeeding Should NOT Be Vaccinated.
SARS-CoV-2 is not a “novel” virus
Autopsy studies confirm link between COVID jabs and heart inflammation.
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy found to be strong among Republican voters and Black people.
DHS encouraged children to report family to Facebook for challenging US government Covid claims.
The Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize new Covid-19 booster shots this week without a staple of its normal decision-making process: data from a study showing whether the shots were safe and worked in humans. At this point, street drugs are likely safer. Still would not recommend either one, tho.
Related- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will provide approximately $11 million to support the first U.S.-based fill and finish manufacturing of JYNNEOS – a vaccine approved to prevent smallpox and monkeypox – at Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing (GRAM) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Evil, studying how to manipulate people- Rockefeller Foundation wants behavioral scientists to figure out why people refuse to take the vaccine.
Liars gonna lie- White House says unvaccinated migrants allowed in US and tennis player who isn’t allowed in for a tournament, are ‘two different things.
Not shocked- Confirmed: New Study Reveals Disposable Face Masks Contain Four Times the Acceptable Carcinogen Exposure Level.
DR Poornima Wagh:  What’s in the ClotShot  How it will kill people. 87 min video
The above video is likely a fraud: Eric Coppolino exposes Poornima Wagh as a fraud.

29 Aug 2022: Chudov- Excess Mortality and Elevated Cancer Rates Likely to Get Worse.
Peter McCullough joins Dan Bongino to discuss his biggest mistake in taking the covid shot.
Exhaustive study of German mortality data finds excess deaths tightly correlated with mass vaccination
DHS encouraged kids to report family to Facebook for challenging US gov Covid claims
Dr. Robert Malone Opens Up on the COVID Catastrophe, Dr. Tony Fauci, World Economic Forum, The Trusted News Initiative with The Gateway Pundit – VIDEO
“Official figures published by the UK Government reveal the fully/triple vaccinated population have accounted for over 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in England over the past year, 91% of all Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of 2022, and 94% of all Covid-19 deaths since the beginning of April 2022.
In children aged 0-14 there has been a horrifying 542% INCREASE in excess death this year compared with last year in Europe.
Over 30 deaths now of young, healthy Canadian doctors cannot be explained any other way than they were killed by the vaccine.
Jason Jenkins, 47, the Dolphins’ senior vice president of communications and community affairs, died Saturday, the team announced at halftime of its preseason game against the Eagles, after “a medical emergency.”
Passengers on a Turkey-bound flight from Birmingham Airport experienced a mid-air drama after a pilot reportedly “fainted,” forcing the plane to make an emergency landing.
Ivermectin: The Truth (13 min video)
Daniel Kotzin writes brilliantly “Anti-vaxxers are principled freedom fighters”; I do not want to live in a country in which education is a privilege reserved for those who follow government orders.
Judge Rules COVID Vaccine Mandate For DC Government Workers Is Unconstitutional.
claim- Undeniable the vaxx can cause more myocarditis in men under 40 than COVID-19
Red alert: Excess deaths surging in vaxxed-to-the-max Israel
SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor Declines to Block New York City COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.
Unvaccinated Coast Guard Cadets Ordered to Vacate Campus Within 24 Hours.
The imminent BA.5 vaccine booster.

28 Aug 2022: Scientists Around the World Discover Toxic Non-Disclosed Ingredients in the COVid VAXXines!
Related- Bad science forever- Higher Cholesterol Is Associated With Longer Life.
Teen training with twin sister for Army National Guard dies after collapsing during exercise.
Nate Silver: ‘Liberal elites’ pressured Pfizer to delay vaccine until after 2020 election.
Fully vaccinated 38–year-old “38 yr old died suddenly” in her sleep just one day after the third shot.
Judge nixes vaccine mandate for DC government employees.
Ivermectin: Why is the Administrative State willing to kill you?
Rockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives.
Kirsch- Over 30 deaths of young, healthy Canadian doctors cannot be explained any other way than they were killed by the vaccine.
Excess mortality in Germany 2020-2022 (Kuhbandner & Reitzner): found in 2020, the observed number of deaths was close to expected, but in 2021 (April on), observed number of deaths was 2 standard deviations above expected number (age groups between 15 to 79); similar mortality pattern was observed for stillbirths; Something must have happened in April 2021; YES, vaccines in Germany!
Denninger- But they agreed to the fraud! From Hell’s Heart…..
Denninger- New untested boosters coming- Pharmacological Madness.

27 Aug 2022: Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide: Dr. Naomi Wolf on the Pfizer “Confidential Report” Dosage and “confidential” info.
A Midwest Doctor- Did the CDC just end COVID-19?
Kory- Informed Consent To Parents Contemplating COVID-19 Injections For Their Infants and Toddlers.
Kirsch- Another tragic sudden death.
The British government has begun paying $140,000 for COVID-19 vaccine damage victims.
ouch- “A healthy 12-year-old girl with no previous medical history presented 6 days after her first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT162b2) vaccine…. She was estimated to have epidermal detachment over 40% of the body surface area.”
They think we’re stupid. Scientists are now warning drivers that car fumes and braking too hard is causing a sudden spike in heart attacks. They are not wrong.
Covid injection aftermath: study finds 94% of “vaccine” recipients have pre-blood clot formations and foreign particles.
Sodom on the Sound- A King County infant has become infected with the monkeypox virus as the outbreak grows in Washington.
Oppression and silencing dissent- Canadian province shuts down 39 trucking companies involved in Freedom Convoy protests. Canada used to be a nice place.
CDC Removes 10k Deaths from VAERS System.
UK Gov. confirms 9 in every 10 COVID Deaths over the last year have been among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated. And much less than 90% of the population is vaxxed…

26 Aug 2022: Are they sure they want to go there? Moderna Sues Pfizer and BioNTech for Patent Infringement in Relation to mRNA COVID-19 Jab.
Reality sets in- CDC Finally Admits Most Cases of Monkeypox Have Been Associated with Sexual Contact – Says Risk of Monkeypox in US is Low. Now, about those kids with it…
Truth seeping out- Google-YouTube Changes Rules – Will No Longer Ban Statements on Masking and Vaccine Efficacy Because These Were Always Just Lies They Were Promoting.
Might be for the best- Democrat DC Mayor Bowser Announces Unvaccinated Students will Be Denied an Education – No Option For Virtual Learning.
Huh: 27-year-old female soccer star announces break from international football due to “heart problems” and “exhaustion”
Why did deaths among female children increase by 57% immediately after they were offered the Covid-19 vaccine? Big jump.
Dr. Kelly & Dr. Kory – Overwhelming Vaxx Deaths, Treatment for the Vaxx-Injured, & More!
Dr. John Campbell Shares Some Truth, YouTube Deletes His Video.
The SADS Elephant is Outgrowing a Myopic Legacy Media Narrative.
Viral Myocarditis (and death stats).
The PREP Act and COVID-19, Part 1: Statutory Authority to Limit Liability for Medical Countermeasures
Lying / incompetent ? Omicron’s Mutations Impaired Vaccine Effectiveness, CDC Says.
More Canadians died in the first quarter of 2022 than in any other quarter in the last decade.

Silenced healthcare workers speak out publicly for the first time.
Medical professionals being Silenced LISTEN to whats really going on coronavirus.
Berenson- Another week with deaths far above normal in Europe.

25 Aug 2022: Treatment for microvascular disease From the COVID-19 vaccine.
Investigate them- The state Health Department says the first case of pediatric monkey pox has been confirmed in Washington. We know how they got it. Sad.
Just when ClotShot stupid hits a peak, it starts climbing again- No gene juice for you: CDC says unvaxxed won’t be eligible for updated Omicron boosters.
Far-Left and Mainstream Media Blame Trump for Vaccine as Vax Dangers Come to Light.
CNN Medical Analyst Who Wanted To Ban The Unvaccinated From Society And Force Children To Mask Now Reveals How Masking Has Severely Harmed Her Son. FOAD.
Malone- COVID-19 Vaccines and Informed Consent.
Could tiny blood clots cause COVID’s puzzling symptoms?  Yes. This applies to the vax too.
Potential treatments for those who have had Covid or the Vax, who are worried about microvascular disease. 
From AC- The Trump administration pressured the Food and Drug Administration, including former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, to authorize unproven treatments for Covid-19 and the first Covid-19 vaccines on an accelerated timeline, according to a report released Wednesday by Democrats on the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis. Some think they are setting the stage to blame the vaccine on Trump. (yup)
Fed Judge Orders Protection 4 Marines with Relig Objections to Vaxx Mandate.
LewRockwell- Massive Increase in Deaths Following Covid Vax Confirmed by Major Insurance Report. Estimates that 61,000 Millennials were killed by the vaxx through the third quarter of 2021.
900 Pureblood Queensland Teachers’ Pay SLASHED. Because reasons.
Study, No Quantifiable Benefits from COVID Treatment Drug Paxlovid for People 40-65.
Drastic Increase In Non-Infectious Diseases In Military Explained As Data Glitch: Whistleblower.

24 Aug 2022: Vaxxed- 37-Year-Old Pro Scottish Mountain Biker Dies in His Sleep Two Days After Winning Bike Championship.
Vaxxed- 30-Year-Old Rugby Player Dies Suddenly – Leaving Family and Friends “Completely Shocked
Lab Tests Connect MRNA Vax, Industrial Metals and Blood Clots.
Not good Two studies – one peer-reviewed in Turkey, and one pre-print in France – have begun to establish an alarming link between an incurable, degenerative brain disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.
Bad meds- COVID vaccine samples studied by a group of independent German scientists using modern medical and physical measuring techniques found toxic components, mostly metallic, in all the COVID vaccine samples they analyzed “without exception.”
Liar- Outgoing National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday on FNC’s “Your World” that he was not responsible for the COVID shutdowns. Lawyering the language as hard as any soulless Jew would.
Read Fauci’s resignation letter carefully. He is not retiring. He is moving into another position. His movement along with what has been discussed this last week is to give you the impression, “they” are correcting their mistakes..
People are starting to wake up and push back, even there- Beijing imposes vaccine mandate, backs down and cancels after 48 hours due to public outrage.
Biowarfare- Aerosolized “vaccines” being developed by Bill Gates-associated researchers that can be sprayed on human cities for automatic depopulation. No.
A large proportion of men with Monkeypox are living with HIV. What could go wrong?
Top Men in drug manufacturing- Pfizer recalls Propofol products after finding ‘visible particulate’ during annual inspection.
Good Approximately 2 million students have left public schools since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns led to mandated school closures and students being educated online, according to a recently released report. More, please.
Kirsch- If you are a healthcare worker, now you can tell your story without fear of retribution.
Finally, One Honest Doctor Comes Forward to Report the Death and Devastating Injuries Linked to the COVID-19 Vaccine.
Polish doctor who mocked “anti-vaxxers” while getting Pfizer mRNA injection on camera dead two weeks later.
Chudov- Google and Facebook Owe Compensation to COVID Vaccine Victims.
Father of vaccinated child with Myocarditis Calls The Pharmacy Jabber.
Methylene Blue: A Scientific Breakthrough For COVID-19?
From methylene blue to chloroquine: A brief review of the development of an antimalarial therapy.
A Breakthrough For COVID-19? Methylene Blue – w/ Dr. Scott Antoine
Methylene Blue Inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 Spike–ACE2 Protein-Protein Interaction–a Mechanism that can Contribute to its Antiviral Activity Against COVID-19

23 Aug 2022: Tucker Carlson just crucified Lord Fauci once and for all
New Data Suggests 5% Of Covid Vaccine Recipients Have Life Altering Side Effects.
we estimate that lockdowns may claim 20 times more life years than they save.
Berenson: Beastly vaxx implicated in damning New Zealand data
Fauci leaves 54-year trail of corruption, deceit, death and destruction
Alex Berenson detailed breakdown on why the vaxx is TRASH… plus, does Paxlovid work?
Dan Bongino Reveals Why Getting COVID Vaccinated Is ‘The Greatest Regret Of My Life
3 CA Courts in a Week Rule in Favor of ‘We the People’ Against Newsom’s COVID Lockdowns
Vax side effect? A New Rare Viral Disease Called “Tomato Flu” is Affecting Children in India — Symptoms Comparable to Covid-19 and Blisters Resembles with Monkeypox Virus
Australian television news is reporting on blood clots that follow the use of AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines in a way that we don’t see here in the U.S.
And no one is curious- Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta’s top killer.
Brazilian Police seek to indict President Bolsonaro over coronavirus ‘disinformation.’
Rhetorical, of course- Why are the Top Vaccine Officials Suddenly Quitting?
Life Expectancy Plummets; officially because of covid, but….
Fully Vaccinated Mike Tyson, says he was beaten into submission taking covid vaccine says he’s about to die now in wheelchair. So much carnage.
Why the Chair of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission Thinks The US Government Is Preventing a Real Investigation Into the Pandemic. Prof. Jeffrey Sachs
Cole- We have patients that have been cancer free for 3-5 years. All their scans are clear. They get that booster, and now they have stage 4 disease again. It is happening.
Quebec nurses quit when she sees seniors being vaxed against there will. victims screaming no no no. witnessed deaths from vaccine and miscarriage’s from vaccine.
Palmer and Bhakdi- Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality.
Massive Increase in Deaths Following Covid Vaxx Confirmed by Major Insurance Report: Edward Dowd

22 Aug 2022: CDC Whistleblower Reveals the Life Expectancy of Covid Vaxxed People.
Ghoulish Dr. Fauci Announces Resignation – Will Step Down in December
Stoke that fear- LA Pub Health: Free COVID Testing 4 Pets After City Records 0 Pet Cases
Now they want to shoot mRNA elixirs up your nose
Coffee & Covid news roundup, the narrative is slowly crumbling. Has several links
A paper which shows, 20% of vaccine recipients who were negative for autoimmune antibodies became positive within 12 months of vaccination and those who were already positive showed increased antibody levels. May make pregnancy to term much harder
Going to leave a mark- On Monday, nine military officers from across all the branches sent a whistleblower report to Congress claiming of the vaccines they were delivered, although labeled as Pfizer’s fully-FDA approved Comirnaty vaccine, the vaccine does not appear to have been manufactured in Belgium as is legally required per its FDA approval letter, according to the whistleblowers, and may actually be the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine that’s under emergency use authorization.
Rand Paul on monkeypox: “The government looks like they’re going to screw this up the same way they did COVID.
Tinfoil Brigade right again- Research reveals cetylpyridinium chloride in mouthwash shows anti-SARS-CoV-2 effects.
Malone- Fauci’s out and Public Health Officials are Turning on Themselves.
A six-year-old relevant post- How I Became Anti-Vaccine.
Fox News Profits While Kids Are Killed: Kirsch Drops Nukes On Fox About Vax Genocide.
Kirsch- Why the UK ONS data shouldn’t be used to justify public policy.

Pfizer and a Multi-Generational Fertility Crisis with Dr. Naomi Wolf.
Unvaxxed mothers facing up to $50,000 in maternity leave repayment to BC Government.
Leaked Israel Health Ministry meeting: COVID shot side effects ‘neither mild nor short-term
Kirsch- Podiatrist: Death and injuries linked to COVID-19 Vaccine in 80% of elderly patients.
Kirsch- If you work at a hospital, I need your help NOW.
Kory- Massive Miscarriage Rates in Vaxxed Pregnant Women Found In The Pfizer Docs.
1 in every 482 vaccinated people died within 1 month of Covid-19 vaccination in England according to the UK Government. Repeat story, different news source.
Rats Scurry As D.O.D. Approved Vax Bioweapon Truth Emerges – SGT Report.
29% of Young Pfizer COVID Vaccine Recipients Suffered Heart Effects: Study
Kirsch: Should you get any vaccines?
WAYNE ROOT: Finally, One Honest Doctor Comes Forward to Report on the Alleged Death and Injuries From the Covid Vaccine
Related- Recipients of the Monkeypox Vaccine Complain of Uncomfortable Side Effects
Vaxxed- 25-Year-Old Houston Astros Outfielder/Hitter Yordan Alvarez Leaves Game and Hospitalized Due to “Shortness of Breath” The New Normal.
Surging totalitarianism- California: 4-Year-Old Boy Removed From School by Police For Refusing to Wear Mask (VID)
Lawless- Federal Judge Dismisses Maine Lawsuit Against Democrat Gov. Janet Mills and Several Hospitals over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
As Government Closes Pandemic Funds, Insurers To Pay More For Vaccines.
Fully vaccinated Mike Tyson, says he was beaten into submission taking covid vaccine says he’s about to die now in wheelchair.
The Mark Steyn Show on GB News, ranted about Alberta’s new leading cause of death — those of ill-defined and unknown causes.
The effects of lockdown may now be killing more people than are dying of Covid, official data suggests.
Fit and healthy Kiwis dying unexpectedly from mysterious adult condition. “mystery”
Vaxxed- Dramatic moment Red Sox Hall-of-Famer Bill Lee COLLAPSES and is ‘given CPR’ during exhibition game live on ESPN.
Vaxxed brain fog- Illinois to pay almost 30% more for Allstate car insurance than you did last year as the new increase follows a 12% hike earlier this year.
Psy-Op- At the height of the pandemic, the United Nations recruited over 100,000 “digital first responders’ to push the establishment narrative on COVID via social media.
Ouch- U.S. Government data confirms the risk of developing cancer following Covid-19 vaccination increases by a shocking 143,233%.
New survey finds, Americans are censoring themselves on Covid, race, and abortion.
Official Government Reports prove the COVID Vaccines cause Cancer.
BCG Vaccine for Tuberculosis Offers Covid-19 Protection, Study Suggests
Effectiveness of booster BCG vaccination in preventing Covid-19 infection
Lawsuits Coming For Entities That Don’t Change COVID Mandates After CDC Update:
These Three Liberal-Controlled Cities Have Worst Post-COVID Downturn Rebounds
Senator Pushes Feds For Vax Source at Military Bases Amid Whistleblower Allegations
Denninger-  Vax Fraud At The Highest Level Of The DOD. And at many levels.
eugippius- Horrifying Thai study finds evidence of heart damage in 2.33% of vaccinated school-aged participants, authors conclude: “mRNA vaccination … should be recommended for all adolescents” conclusion does not logically follow from data!
Unvaxxed don’t get it from covid- The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients-A Large Population-Based Study

20 Aug 2022: Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?
Covid has caused a new psychiatric disorder, and it’s not what you think
For 14 of the past 15 weeks, England and Wales have averaged around 1,000 extra deaths each week, none of which are due to Covid.
Data says being anti-vax is smart- If you took 100% of the vaccines they want you to take, you’re about 10X more likely to have medical issues.
Bribery The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines.
Not shocked- Cases of the polio virus are re-emerging across the world, including in the U.S., and appear to be attributed to strains of the virus resulting from vaccination.
Few honest judges- A federal court denied a petition for rehearing in a case eliminating United Airlines’ vaccine mandate, with one judge accusing the company of “coerc[ing] its employees into violating their religious beliefs”.
NIH Inspector General Finds More Than Half of Clinical Trials During Covid ‘Did Not Comply’ with Federal Requirements.
Denninger- Fixing The CDC: Bulldoze It.
Dr. Campbell- the Thai vaccine heart complications study. Good paper, very bad situation
Ethical Skeptic- Houston, We Have a Problem (Part 1 of 3) Scary trends, good data analysis.

Safe and Effective: Here is the List of Countries to Report on COVID-19 Vaccination Adverse Reactions. These include, at this time:
30,347 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine
173,449 reported hospitalizations
4,941 miscarriages
16,278 heart attacks
51,566 developed myocarditis/pericarditis
56,743 permanently disabled
33,583 life threatening condition
14,518 shingles

19 Aug 2022: Kirsch- Should you get any vaccines? The data shows the more you vax, the sicker you are. Getting all vaccinations = 10x sicker.
UK admits that numbers dying from “lockdown effects” dwarfs deaths from covid.
The media has a new scam to obfuscate potential vaxx deaths: blame lockdowns
Covid has caused a new psychiatric disorder, and it’s not what you think
A lot of Suddenly going around- ‘A cause of death was not given’… 22-year old star college football athlete Luke Knox dies ‘suddenly’
NBC News admits sodomy, not skin contact, is fueling monkeypox… so how about those children and those dogs?
Huh- RNA for Moderna’s Omicron booster manufactured by CIA-linked company.
Not sure what this means, but…. China is still spending billions to continuously build new “quarantine camps” all over the country.
New- Hundreds of children diagnosed with ‘childhood dementia’ – doctors baffled.
Related- Scientists have recreated the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918 and infected monkeys.
Stupid on so many levels- U.S. to provide 50,000 monkeypox vaccines for Pride and other events with high attendance by gay men.
From AC- “9th child in US tests positive for monkeypox. These are likely children being raped, and nobody has the balls to look into it.” Yup, agree.
Berenson- Do people under 30 die at above normal rates for weeks after mRNA injections?
Comprehensive data from New Zealand suggest they do
Suddenly strikes again- Rock Singer’s Fatal Brain Injury Caused by AstraZeneca Vaccine, Inquest Concludes. For sure.
Vaccine clot lab tests reveal shocking accumulation of CONDUCTIVE METALS. 90 min Vid
Ongoing Mass Die-off in England and Wales: 7K+ Dying per Month in Excess of 5 Yr Average.
Smoking Gun’: New Actuarial Report Reaffirms the Trail of Death Caused by Vaccine Mandates. Can’t say what they’ll say the cause is, but the numbers are there.
Vaccinated 5X More Contagious Than the Unvaccinated 10 Days After SARS-CoV-2 Infection.

18 Aug 2022: The biggest US hospital company quietly removed report on case of fatal brain disease following mRNA vaxx
The military is allegedly covering up data on #injuries from the #COVID19 vaccines.
The Covid narrative proves western elites suck up to China
Information Warfare: An Interview With Dr. Robert Malone
Silencing dissent- Facebook and Instagram Take Down Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Fund Pages Over Bogus “Misinformation” Accusations.
“I Don’t Know What’s Happening. I Don’t Know Why the Policy Has Not Changed” – Lt. John Bowes Discusses Challenges of 700 Unvaccinated US Pilots with TGP’s Jim Hoft
Britain’s funeral backlog: ‘Dad’s body was left in the freezer like a piece of meat’ Normal?
Over 14,000 pages of Evidence Filed in lawsuit against Federal Travel Vaccine Ban.
Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots are NOT “blood” clots.
Myocarditis from Covid Injections is Likely Underestimated Given Past Lessons from Smallpox Vaccinations.
Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents.
Cancer and Covid vax.
UK government admits COVID vaccinated children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than unvaccinated children.
Most people infected with omicron variant ‘didn’t know they had it,’ study finds.
Good- California appeals court rejects COVID-19 fines for church.
Sign of a problem- In a little-known Reuters story that garnered almost no attention in the corporate media, Dutch insurer Aegon revealed its third quarter, 2021 life insurance payouts skyrocketed 258% compared to third quarter, 2020 payouts.
Trial documents for Moderna’s vaccine just obtained by Just the News reveal birth defects in some offspring of female rats given the vaccine.
The offspring of the jabbed- mRNA COVID Vaccines Cause ‘Skeletal Malformation
Santa Clara County’s public health officer, Sara Cody, just admitted under oath… that she doesn’t know the size of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and that she relied on the flawed Bangladesh study as the basis for her masking mandate

17 Aug 2022: 44 percent of pregnant women who participated in the drug maker’s COVID-19 vaccine trial lost their babies.
Appendicitis growth in children by 400%, and their tissues are like jelly.
23 interviews with Karen Kingston, pharmaceutical and medical device business analyst.
Berenson: people under 30 die at above normal rates for weeks after mRNA injections
AT&T forces beastly vaxx on phone reps even though they work from home
Unvaccinated US swimmer welcomed to Australia with open arms just months after Novak Djokovic was DEPORTED
WAYNE ROOT: Seven Dead Doctors in 14 Days Don’t Lie. The Covid Vaccine is a Killer.
California Church that Defied Fauci’s COVID Regs Will Not Have to Pay $200,000 in Fines.
27-Year-Old High School Varsity Basketball Coach “Dies Unexpectedly” of Cardiac Arrest.
All evidence suggests the COVID vaccines are causing a spike in disability and a potential catastrophe for our economy.
Birth rates dropping in Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, China.
Vax damage brain fog? Anon recorded his local news noting that in Oklahoma, the State Police have actually added training on dealing with wrong-way drivers, because they have seen such a strange up-tic in it.
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Admits Major Covid-19 Mistake.
Attkisson- Judge orders govt. to turn over unredacted docs on Covid-19 data deletions.
Everything you wanted to know about masks and COVID and were not too afraid to ask.
Double Vaxxed New Zealanders SEVEN TIMES Sicker this Year than Pre-COVID 2019!
Kory- What to Know Before Deciding to Take The Novavax Injection.

16 Aug 2022: Kirsch- I put Media Matters on notice just now. Post their numbers or shut up
Kirsch- Do you know how many people have been killed worldwide by their governments from the COVID shots? Estimates 12 million.
A gay couple’s dog contracted monkeypox and it’s the sickest thing you could ever imagine… But telling them to change high-risk behavior is bigoted.
Joe Biden caretaker tests positive for COVID
Pfizer CEO has Covid and lets us know in hilarious statement
Quadruple-jabbed Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin catches Covid for second time
82 NYC Teachers Accused of Using Bogus Vaxx Cards Have Been Ordered Back on Payroll.
Icelandic study shows COVID reinfection rates skyrocket when jabbed.
China has put several more of its cities and tens of millions of residents under new lockdowns, including the world’s largest wholesale hub and port cities. Curious.
Dr. Lee Merritt – ‘Vaccine’ Push Is Clearly A Depop Program Carried Out Against Humanity.
Medical Professionals who Refuse to Participate with Hospitals Killing Patients Start Providing Alternative Health Services Through Private Membership Associations.
Medical Doctor Calls Out The COVID Vaccine Deaths And Propaganda – High Cancer Rates Also Associated With The Shot. Ryan Cole
Related- Polio: Why Vaccines Are to Blame for Rising Number of Cases​.
eugyppius- Bourla Open Thread. The ‘corona prayer.’
Kirsch- Thailand study jabbed young adults – nearly 30% with cardiovascular injuries.
PfizerGate: Official Government Reports prove Hundreds of Thousands of People Are Dying Every Single Week Due to COVID-19 Vaccination.
Court Strikes Down “Quarantine Camp” Regulation In New York State.
Also-Mel & Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox Discuss Win Vs Unconstitutional Internment Camps.
Attkisson- Judge orders govt. to turn over unredacted docs on Covid-19 data deletions.
Related- Fertility matters -What’s going on with birth rates? At least asking the question.
White House COVID response coordinator realizes he was wrong, CYA, too little, too late
Ballpark Estimate: Covid Injections Have Killed 5 to 12 million People Worldwide.
Alarming Excess Death Among Europe’s Youth in 2022 – January-August.
Taiwan Reports More People Dead From The Vaccine Than from Covid.
Berenson- NZ- Do people <30 die at above normal rates for weeks after mRNA injections?
“BIGGEST Disaster in Medical History!” ~ Dr Charles Hoffe Gives Riveting Speech In Vancouver, BC.
Dr Mocks the Unvaxed. Says we will all be dead soon anyway. Almost Correct. HE IS DEAD.
FDA Knew 44% of Pregnant Women in Pfizer Trial Suffered Miscarriages.
Large German Insurer Reports Staggering Rise in Adverse Effects from COVID-19 Vaccines.
Catecholamines Are the Key Trigger of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis: A Compelling Hypothesis Supported by Epidemiological, Anatomopathological, Molecular, and Physiological Findings.
Kirsch- I am no longer the #1 misinformation superspreader… Joe Mercola is (again)
el gato malo- CDC (quietly) removes a massive claim on vaccine safety.

15 Aug 2022: Pfizer CEO has Covid and lets us know in hilarious statement… Funny man.
Moderna dumps 30 million doses: “nobody wants them”
1 in every 482 vaccinated people died within 1 month of Covid-19 vaccination in England according to the UK government.
95% of all covid deaths are among the vaccinated. 67% of those are 3x or 4x jabbed.
Malone- Sounding the Alarm: Normalizing the Jab with Lies; mRNA vaxes in the works.
If we’ve all been jabbed why are we still being poleaxed by the virus​?
Courageous Nurses Across America Are Testifying About The Rapidly Growing ‘Vax Body Count’ While Comparing Hospitals To Concentration Camps, Putting Their Lives In Danger.
Avi Barak’s interview with Viral Immunologist Dr. Jessica Rose. Good.
Dark -Field MicroscopicAnalysis on the Blood of 1,006 Symptomatic PersonsAfter Anti-COVIDmRNA Injections from Pfizer/BioNtech or Moderna.
Published Studies On MRNA Vaccine Injuries – All From Foreign Countries.
Denninger- Purebloods lost the coof war because too many compromised
Childhood Deaths Spike in Europe Between mid-2021-Present According to New Data.
U.K. Approves First Updated Covid-19 Booster, Ushering in New Era for mRNA Vaccines.
Chudov- Covid Vaccines DO Cause Reinfections, After All.
Icelandic study shows COVID reinfection rate rises with number of vaccine doses.
Pfizer documents and real-world data both show that covid jabs are already causing mass depopulation.
This is weird. Guy claim a 2013 mRNA human drug trial with ~200,000 people went horribly wrong, and only five of them are left. It worked great for a while againt auto-immune things, then it all went to shit. Bitchute vid of it here. 10% chance true.
New Icelandic Study Shows Covid Reinfection Rates Rise With Number of Vaccine Doses in Most Age Groups.

14 Aug 2022: Importance of infection history.
Kirsch- The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart. 100 items, good list.
Steve Kirsch: Docs turn a blind eye to vaxx deaths
Taylor Lorenz melts down over new CDC guidelines in hysterical screechy rant
Berenson: I will SUE
Vox, related- Medical Science is Faked.
Vox Source- Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?
Denninger’s take on above article- Call It All Fraud Until Proved Otherwise.
CDC Quietly Removes Statement that Says “mRNA and the Spike Protein Do Not Last Long in the Body” from Their Website.
All Germans must receive a Covid booster every 3 months to qualify as ‘vaccinated.’
Dr. Birx Book: Pharma Companies Responsible for ‘Thousands’ of Deaths During COVID Peak. For some reason the MSM isn’t running with this story.
Kirsch- I just now notified hundreds of people at the CDC why they aren’t able to find any vaccine-related deaths.
Kory- The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh – Part 3
The tiny crew of researchers who are strongly implicated in the lab creation of SARS2 are a prolifically noisy crew….
Consideration of future Covid-19 vaccination using a non-viral vector vaccine should be guided by recommendations of…the thrombosis specialist”- The idea the vaccine does this to you and the medics STILL consider the possibility of future Covid vaccines just blows my mind.
In Great Britain, diarrhea is now a symptom suffered only by the COVID positive who have been vaccinated two or three times.
Nurses Who Left the Health Care System to Focus on Early Treatment Describe ‘Brutal’ COVID-19 Treatment Protocols.
Covid Vaccines Are Killing One in Every 800 Over-60s and Should Be Withdrawn Immediately, Says Leading Vaccine Scientist.
Spike Protein Detox. Includes silver, other things.
The next time the CDC makes a pronouncement, remember this [NY Post July 15, 2020]

Source for this image on Twit.

13 Aug 2022: CDC Quietly Drops Vaccine-Status Discrimination – Finally Admits Their Vaccines Do Not Prevent Anyone from Getting or Spreading the Virus.
Pfizer And Moderna Choose Different Uses For Their Covid Windfalls.
Related- Disability experts accuse Canada of using assisted suicide to dispose of the disabled.
Hidden Government Data Reveals Over 10,000% Increase in Cancer Due To Covid Vaccines.
Related-Secret Tea Formula Entrusted to Pres. JFK’s Personal Physician (sheep Soral in “Essiac formula” decoction )
Groundbreaking Ruling: Italian Court Orders Analysis of Covid ‘Vaccines’ to Determine if ‘Harmful
One guy’s recommendation for vax treatment: daily 5g-10g, Mg 500mg, Selenium 200mg,
2x daily 700mg Apple Pectin
Dr. Mikolaj Raszek: Studies Show Vaccine Imprinting May Have “Long-Lasting Detrimental Effects.
The Foegen effect: A mechanism by which facemasks contribute to the COVID-19 case fatality rate.
Kirsch- My interviews with Ryan Cole, Deb Conrad, and Gina Doane: Why aren’t docs seeing vax deaths?
Kirsch interview- Ryan Cole: tests to identify a person killed by the COVID vaccine.
Kirsch interview- If you are killed by the vaccine, NOBODY will blame the vaccine.
Denninger’s take on the new CDC guidelines.
Clot being extracted from still beating heart, looks like the embalmer clots.
142 New Cases of COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries in Babies Added to VAERS as CDC Now States “Unvaccinated People Have Same Guidance as Vaccinated
DR. Reiner Fullmich – Exposes Crucial Info– German lawyer going after vax fraud
What changed in South Korea about that time to cause all those excess deaths?

Innate immune suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccinations: The role of G-quadruplexes, exosomes, and MicroRNAs

12 Aug 2022: Vox- Harari and the  Depopulation rational / agenda.
Leaked messages: Biden’s WH henchmen demanded Twitter CENSOR Alex Berenson
Berenson: I will SUE
Former Dem megadonor claims Covid vaxx killed ‘hundreds of thousands of Americans,’ leftist heads explode
CDC finally comes around… Who they throwing under the bus, then?
Damage done- Thanks to the rise of the right, France drops Corona measures
Steve Kirsch: Help me find the true post-jab anaphylaxis rate?
Ivermectin: Why is the Administrative State willing to kill you?
Even Seattle is sick of Fauci… booed at game throwing out pitch.
Pandemic over? Only 4 in 10 Americans say life fully back to normal
Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel Compares COVID Shot to iPhone, Saying People Will Receive New Version Each Year. Nope to either one.
“Unknown” Kentucky teen, 18, with ‘pure gold’ heart dies from heart attack of unknown cause, after helping flood clean-up.
When they tell you they want a lot of people to die… Yuval Noah Harari, historian, futurist, and World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser, said, “We just don’t need the vast majority of the population” in the early 21st century in an interview with Chris Anderson, the head of TED, published on Tuesday.
Good, but the damage is done- CDC ends recommendations for social distancing and quarantine for Covid-19 control, no longer recommends test-to-stay in schools.
Vaccine-Derived Polio Is Found in London’s Sewage and Their Solution is to Inject People with More Vaccines.
CDC Admits It Gave False Information About COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance.
It’s Over: CDC Says People Exposed To COVID No Longer Need To Quarantine.
Using the Pfizer FOIA spreadsheet: .
Pfizer vials manufactured in 2020 and early 2021, were diluted into 5 adult doses of 0.3 ml. (page 24), e.g. EH,EJ,EK,EL,EM series.
These lots were less than 1.2 million doses, the least diluted and also the most toxic.
Eeep! New study sees one-in-three teenagers who took the Pfizer jab suffer cardiovascular side-effects. Preprint, Thailand, talking sub-clinical but detectable effects
Father raises hell… Calls pharmacist who jabbed his 7 year-old son, who is now hospitalized with Myocarditis… A child diagnosed with Myocarditis only has a 50% chance of living to Adulthood.
Official Public Release of Matador Films “Uninformed Consent” Documentary — An In-Depth Look Into the Covid 19 Narrative.
Kirsch- I’m putting the CDC and FDA on notice.
Shocking cover-up of sever vaccine reactions & FRAUDULENT CLINICAL TRIALS EXPOSED BY WHISTLEBLOWERS.
Heal Infection or Injection: Mercola’s Food List to Clear S Protein Damage.
McCullough- Alarmingly High Rates Of Teen Myocarditis Found In Thailand Preprint 1 in 43.
NEW STUDY: Rates of Guillain–Barré syndrome ‘Significantly Higher Than Background Rate’ in J&J ‘Vaccine’ Recipients.
JAMA article- Incidence of Guillain-Barré Syndrome After COVID-19 Vaccination in the Vaccine Safety Datalink.
A COVID Silver Lining? More Parents Than Ever Questioning ‘Routine’ Childhood Vaccines. By June 2020, observers began noticing a wonderful silver lining: 200-plus fewer infants dying per week, amounting to a 30% reduction in expected child deaths within a few months. The missed infant vaccines coincided with a “precipitous drop” in reports of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)!
Related- Public Vaccine Hearing FEB 2020 – Compelling Testimony from DR LARRY PALEVSKY (pediatrician) links vaccines to autoimmune disease. 29 min.
Almost 1 in 6 Fully Vaccinated Americans Now Suffer From Serious Health Problems.

11 Aug 2022: Australian Government has admitted there have been at least 79.000 Side effects from the COVID-19 Vaccine and is now offering compensation for those seriously injured (as much as 600k for severe injuries).
FOREVER BATTLE: No time clock for when mRNA stops producing toxic spike proteins.
Related- Urgent polio boosters for London children. Sus timing.
ERs Closing All Across Canada – Media Still Refusing to Address the REAL Cause.
Former Dem megadonor Steve Kirsch: Party ignored my concerns about “the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man”
Wait a minute… make that 15 [Canadian docs dead]
Unvaxxed firefighter gets his job back after legal pressure campaign
“A paper by BMJ Editor Dr. Peter Doshi and colleagues has analysed data from the Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccine trials and found that the vaccines are more likely to put you in hospital with a serious adverse event than keep you out by protecting you from Covid”.
Good. Now do everyone else- Denmark has announced that people under the age of 18 are no longer allowed to get the COVID vaccine.
Oh HELL no- The new flu vaccines are based on mRNA technology..
Lawrence Butts- Drowning in a Sea of Insanity -First they died one or two at a time.
Documentary on covid vax mandates, “Uninformed Consent pt 1
Documentary on covid vax mandates, “Uninformed Consent pt 2
Study: Key Decisions Not to Use HCQ Based on Flawed Evidence.
Malone- Ivermectin: Why is the Administrative State willing to kill you?
Singapore= Live births declining, neonatal deaths and stillbirths are climbing.
A drive through a cemetery- SO many new graves. Either Omaru NZ or Amaroo AU.

10 Aug 2022: Official Report Shows 67% of Recent COVID Deaths in San Diego, California are Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Individuals.
Wonder why? Ashton Kutcher lost vision, hearing and ability to walk after rare autoimmune diagnosis
Beginning of the end: Denmark ends Covid vaccinations for anyone 18 or younger
Destroying data- COVID vaccine test animals were all killed shortly after vaccination.
Moderna Clinical Trials Terribly Flawed, FDA Knew It, Former Pharma Exec Tells RFK, Jr.
Head Of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Investigation Is ‘Convinced’ It Came Out Of A Lab.
Kirsch- Vaccine injuries are real, not rare. Here’s why your doctor can’t see them.
Or Doing a cytokine panel from Simple, but not as good as above
Why are so many “fully vaccinated” people catching COVID a second time? Because “long covid” is code for jab damage. Not exclusively, but often.
Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta’s top killer: province.
After mass mRNA vaccinations in Alberta, CA: “unknown” is now leading cause of death.
“Insurance CEO, Todd Callender says the real pandemic is NOW. As a large insurance group, we underwrite morbidity risk. Based on what we are seeing, the rates right now, excess mortality is at 84%, and excess every kind of disease at 1100%
Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Pierre Kory, World Council for Health, Right Docs of History #StoptheShots.
Alarming New Report from Working Group of Vaccine Analysis in Germany and Other Countries.
Moderna Regulatory Fraud exposed. NIH and FDA complicit Sasha Latypova speaks to Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics.
Controversial Drug Remdesivir Plays Key Role in COVID-Related Hospital Deaths.
Fox News Stuns World With Unfiltered Truth: “This Vaccine Is the Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created

09 Aug 2022: Twitter blatantly shills the vaxx in a ridiculous way
Twitter Threatened With Class-Action for Banning Doctor Over COVID-19 Vaccine Post
Nothing to see here… A woman on a long-haul flight ‘fell into a breathless sleep’ and died in front of her husband and two children… ‘The cause of death is unclear’
Top Epidemiologist: CDC Pushing ‘Poor Quality Science’ With Latest COVID Vaccine Study
Steve Kirsch: 14 young Canadian docs die after getting the shot
Insurance companies reported ‘unexplained’ spike in young adult deaths amid Covid vaccine push in late 2021..
Police investigate a 12 year old 8th grade New Zealand girl’s death after she suddenly dies while running in a park..
Wonder why? (not really) Pfizer spends $5.4 billion cash to purchase company that specializes in treatment of blood disorders. Ghouls.
Vaccine-Injured and Boosted Have Weaker, Overworked Immune Systems.
Dr. Mikolaj Raszek: Large Study Shows Vaccinated Have Double the Risk for Shingles.
DR. Roger Hodkinson – Why are Canadian Docs dying in UNPRECEDENTED NUMBERS?
Corruption and Fraud in Health Agencies, Big Pharma: Regulatory Capture & Ivermectin.
Official Report Shows 67% of Recent COVID Deaths in San Diego, California are Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Individuals.
Chudov- COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were All Killed Shortly After Vaccination. Totes legit.
Kirsch- Saudi ambassador falls and dies instantly in public view.
From West Oz The Covid death # were all fake. Massively inflated for political purposes.
mRNA Vaccine Stays Active in the Body Longer Than Expected, New Data Shows. But It Isn’t Dangerous. Yeahhhhh… Riiiiight…
Flying while (un)vaccinated– pilots and the vax mandates. Interview with 4 of them.
Over 100 soldiers have died at Ft. Bragg, many from unexplained circumstances.
Scotland, which has a near 80% vaccination rate, has published their latest mortality data: “ There were 4,848 deaths registered in June 2022, an increase of 9.7 per cent compared to the average of 4,418. There were 3,785 births registered in June 2022, a decrease of 12.0 percent when compared with the average of 4,300.”
COVID vaxx are 7,402% deadlier than all other vaccines combined- UK Med Regulator.
Kirsch- 25X more likely to be injured and 20X more likely to die if you get the COVID shot

08 Aug 2022: Gates Admits Covid Is A “Disease Mainly Of The Elderly…Kind Of Like The Flu
Police Investigate 12-Year-Old Girl’s Death After She Suddenly Collapses While Running.
24-tear-old Irish athlete Dillon Quirke dies unexpectedly after collapsing mid-game.
Insurance companies reported ‘unexplained’ spike in young adult deaths amid Covid vaccine push in late 2021.
Rand Paul’s wife says senator wants to subpoena Fauci records.
Friends of Dr. Simone Gold are concerned about her safety in prison after checking into center where recorded violence is high.
New York had Polio infect someone and paralyze them, and now the virus is turning up in wastewater in different counties. Looks to be unvaccinated orthodox Jewish, who got it overseas from somebody who got the hot oral attenuated virus vaccine, and brought it back.
UPDATED List of Lawyers by State Who Fight COVID-19 Mandates.
DR. Merritt on Vaccines, Gene Editing, Depopulation, and ROCKEFELLERS.
Pfizer Documents & Official Real-World Data prove the COVID Vaccines are already causing Mass Depopulation.
Has Paracetamol (Tylenol) made this pandemic much worse than it should have been?
Vaccine Deaths Outnumber Covid Deaths in U.S. Households, Two New Polls Confirm.
UK Medicine Regulator Confirms COVID-19 Vaccines are 7,402% Deadlier than all other Vaccines Combined.
Onset of Oral Lichenoid Lesions and Oral Lichen Planus Following COVID-19 Vaccination: A Retrospective Analysis of about 300,000 Vaccinated Patients.
Pfizer Spends $5.4 Billion Cash to Purchase Company That Specializes in Treatment of Blood Disorders.
Ouch- 1 in every 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England according to UK Government.

07 Aug 2022: THIRTEEN Canadian Doctors Have Died Suddenly, Says Dr. William Makis
Maki’s Gettr page that has a lot of Covid-related posts.
Low-vax Africa compared to Western nations. Much better off WRT covid.
Joe Biden Likely to Extend National COVID Emergency Declaration – To Facilitate Mail-in Ballots and Harvesting?
He’s serious- COVID Enforcer and Climate Warrior Justin Trudeau Lands in Costa Rica on Private Jet, Unmasked with His Family as Canadians Suffer.
Humanity REVOLTED Over The Extermination Of Our Family Members; Vaccine Carnage Piles Higher.
24-Year-Old Irish Athlete Dillon Quirke Dies Unexpectedly After Collapsing Mid-Game.
Malone writes about why Biden’s persistent Covid and Paxlovid use is bad. Mutations
Joe Biden likely to extend national COVID emergency declaration – to facilitate mail-in ballots and harvesting.
COVID boosters killing 1 in 800 over 60s, says leading vaccine expert.
Only the “experts” are shocked- 41% of recent COVID-19 deaths in San Diego among people who are at least triple-vaccinated.
Poll shows, a majority of Americans regret taking Covid vaccine.
Twitter censors top Israeli biological research scientist after he says Monkeypox outbreak may be connected to mRNA shots.
CV19 Vax Nothing Short of Horrific Experiment – Karen Kingston
Queensland Doctor Faces Suspension After Speaking Out Against the COVID Narrative.
The death rate of triple jabbed and boosted victims is skyrocketing
1241 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 839 Dead, After COVID Injection. Linkfest.
Testimonies from COVID jab injured. Graphic
Two of the triple-vaccinated, now dead Canadian] doctors also had aggressive cancer that had arisen within the past year.
Related- What if cancer was already cured? Includes vitamin list.
U.S. life insurance companies have said that deaths have an unexplainable increased by 40% in 18-49 year olds. Not news here, but presented as such.
Mystery deepens over early SARS-CoV-2 circulation as antigens found in pre-pandemic samples in Boston. As early as Oct in 2019
Germany’s Largest Health Insurer Reveals 1 in 25 Clients Underwent Medical Treatment in 2021 for Covid ‘Vaccine’ Side Effects.

06 Aug 2022: Denninger- Natural immunity lasts strongly.
A people’s history of Covid
Our Military has Become a Ruthless, Toxic Mélange of Spineless, Gas-Lighting Leadership” – Wife of US Hero and Warrior Speaks Out after He Is Ruined by His Immediate Leadership.
Gov’t database reveals 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to COVID vaccines.
Typically Vaxxed Paramedic has heart attack while treating patient for cardiac emergency.
Joe Biden tests positive for Covid for seventh day in a row… will continue to isolate.
Clown World- New CDC Study Claims Children and Teens with COVID are at Greater Risk for Blood Clots, Heart Problems, Kidney Failure, and Type 1 Diabetes – Did Not Include Vaccination Status in the Study.

05 Aug 2022: UK Medicine Regulator confirms COVID-19 Vaccines are at least a shocking 7,402% deadlier than all other Vaccines combined.
Covid Vaccines Are Killing One in Every 800 Over-60s and Should Be Withdrawn Immediately, Says Leading Vaccine Scientist. Dr. Theo Schetters
Top epidemiologist foresees legal action by insurers against COVID vax makers over death risks.
Why Are COVID Patients Treated With an HIV Pill?
Pfizer admits the C19 vaccine formula changed after the trials. 2 min vid
Covid 19 Gain Of Function Hearing Exposes Fauci’s Crimes Against Humanity.
Genital necrosis with cutaneous thrombosis after COVID‐19 mRNA vaccination.
New American Heart Assn study shows spike can cause innate immune system problems and damage heart muscle cells.
Comparison: Jabbed Blood vs. Normal Blood.
9-Year-Old With No Pre-existing Conditions Died 2 Weeks After Pfizer Shot, VAERS
Why Is The CDC Hiding Excess Death Data?
Graphic- video showing victims of the Covid-19 gene therapy jab.
Help Dr. Peter McCullough save American healthcare: Doctors can’t be bullied!
UK Medicine Regulator: C19 Vaccines are at least 7,402% deadlier than all others combined
Government Reveals The Quadruple/Triple Vaccinated Now Account For 92% Of COVID Deaths Across Canada.
New Study: COVID Lockdowns Did Not Stop Spread of Virus at All
Senger- Trudeau Had No Scientific Basis for Ban on Unvaccinated Travelers in Canada, Court Docs Reveal.
Israeli COVID Vaccine Director Who was Physically Injured by Pfizer Vaccine — Is Locked Out of Twitter After Suggesting Link Between Monkeypox Outbreak and mRNA Vaccines.
Joe Biden Tests Positive For Covid for Seventh Day in a Row… Will Continue to Isolate.
Fun to watch; they have the $ to sue & win- Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers.
Russia says it is taking a fresh look at whether the US was complicit in the creation of the Covid-19 virus.
Desperate for help: In stunning reversal, Italy decides to allow “unvaccinated” medical professionals to work.
Five Months’ worth of Official Government Data proves the Covid-19 Vaccines destroy the Immune System and cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
Russia says it is taking a fresh look at whether the US was complicit in the creation of the Covid-19 virus. .
Good- Top Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch foresees legal action by insurers against COVID vax makers over death risks following explosion of “early unexpected mortality claims,” largely not COVID-related, that insurers are struggling to pay following alleged misrepresentations about “all-cause mortality” from clinical vaccine trials..They have the deep pockets to sue and win.
Cover or cause- China locks down 1.6 million people after finding 1 case of COVID-19.
Number of NYC homeschooled students has more than doubled since COVID pandemic, data shows.
From Oz- What Pfizer and the TGA didn’t tell you. Biochemistry of why it is unsafe.
The funeral business is doing great! … thank God for those Covid “vaccines”
FDA document admits “covid” PCR test was developed without isolated covid samples for test calibration, effectively admitting it’s testing something else.

There is a lag between vaxing and disease rates. Cause comes before effect.

04 Aug 2022: A list of over 1300 published in peer-reviewed medical journals that show the adverse effects of the Covid Vaccine. PDF
86 Stillbirths in Waterloo, Ontario in 6 Months. Up 3,000%.
Vox- Depopulation Watch: North Dakota, down 7%
Uruguay suspends COVID vaccination for children under 13
Rand Paul: Congress Is Not Allowed To Know About ‘Top Secret’ Gain-Of-Function Research-Committee. Wonder what they are hiding?
Don’t Look Now, But China Just Locked Down A Million Wuhan Residents Again.
Clown World, current edition- Moderna considering creating an mRNA monkeypox vaccine amid growing demand for shots.
Birth reduction in Taiwan: -23.34%, in UK: -8%, in Germany: -13%. Perm or temporary?
Canadian Soldier blows the whistle on “Killer Vaccine” 2:20 video (from Dec 2020)
Coincidence? Doctor who cheered ‘No Jab, No Job’ suffers sudden heart attack.
South Africa confirms causal link between Vaxx and death.
Just in time to coincide with vaxxing kids! There’s A New Warning About Rare Virus Caused By Ticks, And It’s Not Lyme Disease.
Exclusive: PLOS ONE to retract more than 100 papers for manipulated peer review.

03 Aug 2022: Brown University’s Silence on Post-Vaccine Myocarditis.
Yet another story that the Vaxx causes cancer.
UK- deaths among double vaccinated 18-39-year-olds  91% higher from Jan21 to Jan22.
Vaccine-Injured Speak Out: Testimonies from Victims and Medical Personnel.
Google bans surveys about Covid and the vaxx
Does mRNA permanently change your DNA? (maybe, not proven either way)
Vox- “Trust the fiction“- no Dr’s involved in Canada’s vax passport system.
Cracking down on vax dissent- Recently disclosed internal emails reveal that a federal bank, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) in Regina, ordered its employees to track and report clients who were potentially sympathetic toward the truckers’ Freedom Convoy.
President Joe Biden continued to test positive for COVID-19 Tuesday but has a return of a loose cough. this close ->|<- to “president Harris”
Scary, secret tribunal- Anti-Vax New Zealander Graham Philip charged with sabotage – believed to be first in New Zealand history.
Court: Top NC health official can be sued for COVID shutdown.
Totally effective- Ottawa has now had more COVID-19 deaths in 2022 than 2021.
More fear porn- 23 infants hospitalized in Tennessee for parechovirus, CDC warns.
Covid waves come AFTER a booster rollout.
Kanekoa- Twitter Censors Pfizer-Injured Israeli COVID Vaccine Director.
Scientists identify how the coronavirus spike protein causes heart damage.
Report: CDC Claims Link Between Heart Inflammation and COVID-19 Vaccines Wasn’t Known for Most of 2021.
Berenson- The price of fear (Part 3, Canadian edition) Vaxxing pressure high
Biden Tests Positive For Covid AGAIN… Will Continue to Isolate.
Undercounting vax bodies-why the CDC data (and the CDC itself) cannot be trusted.
Morphett PhD- Identifying if Pfizer had bad batches from a lot size – FOIA request
Morphett- COVID19 vaccines are killing younger people and killing them sooner.
Dr. Mary Bowden Files $25 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Houston Methodist Hospital
While you were distracted by Boris resigning the UK Government published indisputable evidence that the Covid-19 Vaccines are deadly and are killing people in the Thousands: Mortality Rates are lowest among the Unvaccinated in all Age Groups.

Turns out they were wrong about this, too:

02 Aug 2022: UK Government confirms Fully Vaccinated Young Adults are 92% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Young Adults
Malone- Data doesn’t lie: mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality.
Does the mystery leading cause of death in Alberta apply to certain age groups?
UK Nat’l Statistics. Excess deaths up 18%. 38% are attributed to COVID. 62% unexplained.
15% of American Adults Diagnosed With New Condition After COVID Vaccine, Survey Finds.
German Hospital Federation Demands Withdrawal of Vaccination Mandate After Massive Side Effects Revealed.
Berenson- New Food and Drug Administration documents show the agency knew almost nothing about how well mRNA boosters might work when it okayed them. It was mainly using public Israeli data like everyone else.
A New Low in Desperate Pro-Mask Studies Has Been Reached.
Pharma Related- To-More-Gone herbal cancer remedy?
Turbo-Cancer: “It feels like I’m watching people being killed and there is little I can do.
COVID vaccination and turbo cancer: pathological evidence with English subtitles.
The Dr. Hotze Report: Dr. Steve Hotze ft. Dr. Lee Merritt.
COVID Vaccination May Impair Innate Immune Function.

01 Aug 2022: Family seeks answers re: 27-year-old son who died weeks after Covid vaccine.
Berenson- Long-term disability claims are soaring among pilots.
Good- Dr. Fauci Says Because of Social Media “Misinformation” it’s Difficult to Get Americans to “Adhere” to Authoritarian Covid Measures (VIDEO)
More disappearing Covid vaccine data
Catch-22, mRNA-style… Gov’t incentives are to not examine evidence honestly.
Covid vaccine critic Kim Iversen forced out of The Hill over Fauci comments
how vaccinated individuals are affecting the unvaccinated. Shedding, etc.
Vaccine critic Dr. Carrie Madej and her partner Billy – a private plane pilot with 20 years of experience were forced to crash land when the engine on their plane inexplicably died.
Millions of Americans have long COVID and many of them are no longer working. Vax?
Gov’t never admits a mistake- In a recent situation update, Ontario public health officials noted that evidence is emerging SARS-CoV-2 can cause “immune dysregulation,” a vague term that’s used when the immune system isn’t behaving normally.
But they refuse to consider teh vax- Young women around Australia are being struck down by a mystery neurological illness – with experts fearing social media addiction and pandemic stress is triggering the problem.
Karma can be a bitch- Now six doctors from one hospital have mysteriously died within two weeks of their 4th booster.
‘Experts’ now warn cold showers are causing heart attacks in young adults. Liars
two intern doctors (in their 20s) experiencing COVID-19 “vaccine”-induced myocarditis on the same night.
Zogby: Many who got COVID shots diagnosed with brand-new condition.
eugyppius- The Earliest Days of the Italian Pandemic, or: Why Nobody Wants To Talk About February 2020 Anymore.
Top 10 Studies Evincing Myocarditis Is Worse from ‘Vaccines’ Than from COVID-19 for Those Under 40.
Campbell- Pfizer illegal exploitation .
in the last 30 days in King County WA, the boosted have been about 50% of the population, responsible for 53% of the new covid infections, and 51% of the covid deaths. “effective”
Kirsch- Want to know what’s inside the vaccine vials? PEG, but no mRNA. Huh.

31 July 2022:  Emerald Robinson- Why Is The CDC Hiding Excess Death Data?
Here We Go: ‘Experts’ Now Warn Cold Showers Are Causing Heart Attacks In Young Adults.
Oops! Ineffective Pfizer COVID Drug Paxlovid Administered to Joe Biden Last Week has 40% Re-Infection Rate — What Was His Doctor Thinking?
If the research here is right, it looks like the Vax might knock out the BRCA gene, which when damaged functionally naturally by mutation so predisposes to breast cancer women get preventative mastectomies.
Researchers suspect new variants of rapidly progressing brain degenerating diseases from COVID-19 vaccines.
That is a lot- 15% of American Adults report being diagnosed with a new condition after the COVID vaccine, Zogby survey finds.
Previously reported, new story- A 44-year-old family physician from Saskatchewan ‘died unexpectedly’ last weekend, July 23, found dead in a swimming pool.
Health related- Arsenic and lead found to be prevalent in baby food.
Video- Vax Injured: Those Who Refused the CV19 Vax Were the Smart Ones.
FL Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo:  “How can you force people to take a vaccine to stop transmission, when that vaccine is not effective at stopping transmission?
Bad Meds- Brain Swelling, Vision Loss are Among Puberty Blocker Side Effects, FDA Admits.
DR Sucharit Bhakdi: Organs of the Dead vaxxed Proves Autoimmune attack- 22/12/2021
Gonzo Lira- Increasing deaths, decreasing natality.
Bet we know why- mystery illnesses in teenage Aussie girls. It ain’t TokTok.
In order to ensure that the campus is “safe”, the University of Toronto has decided to require students living in residence to have received at least one booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. Easy out is don’t live in residence halls.
Newborn baby’s arm AMPUTATED after mom took covid vaccines and baby suffered blood clots in the womb.
British Columbia now, too. BCCDC removes data on COVID-19 infection outcomes by vaccination status from dashboard.
ClotShot- A new preprint research paper posted to the medRxiv* server describes the role of a fibrinogen-related protein in inducing these clinical features of COVID-19.
SARS-CoV-2 spike S1 subunit induces hypercoagulability– that’s what’s in the vaxx.
Australia- Boy, 5, collapses and dies after drinking cold water.

30 July 2022:  New paper suggests Covid mRNA vaccination = increases in overall deaths
Double Vaxxed, Double Boosted, Loaded with Paxlovid, Joe Biden Gets COVID Again.
Data: Quadruple-vaxxed around 100 times more likely to be hospitalized than unvaxxed
Pfizer shatters profit record, hikes prices on taxpayer-funded, liability-free products
Berenson: Five physicians — four 50 or younger — have died in the Toronto area in the last two weeks
‘Google Is a Vaccine Company’
Vaxxed SADS- Northern Iowa Swimmer Passes Away, Cause of Death Not Released.
Healthcare Workers Win $10 Million Settlement After Suing Over COVID Vax Mandate.
WAYNE ROOT: My List of Studies & Government Data from Around World Showing the Covid Vaccine is Dangerous and Deadly, and the Worst Health Care Disaster in World History.
U.S. secures 171 million omicron Covid shots ahead of fall vaccination campaign.
Only 10%? Zogby poll: 10% of Americans regret taking the vaccine.
Health care workers who were fired for not getting a COVID shot have won a “historic” $10.3 million settlement in the nation’s first-of-its-kind classwide lawsuit.
Truth through satire- Babylon Bee – Government that shut down businesses,parks, schools, beaches, and churches for 2 years says there’s nothing we can do to stop a disease spread by gay sex.
biotech analyst and med-legal advisor Karen Kingston explains—in great detail—how Pfizer has broken the law by trying to maintain its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) liability shield while also producing an FDA-approved COVID-19 “vaccine.
Dr McCullough Reveals Australia Has Purchased 14 Doses per Person. 2x per year, 7 years.
Igor Chudov- Joe Biden’s Paxlovid Rebound Caused by “Immune Tolerance
Another suppressed COVID treatment you haven’t heard of- proxalutamide.

29 July 2022: Brilliant – Physicians Warranty of Vaccine safety and need.
Malone- The CDC colluded with Big Tech to prevent COVID “vaccine” informed consent
Toronto hospitals confirm deaths of four physicians but deny vaccine-related
Hold up… triathlete, 27, becomes 5th Toronto doctor to die in July… collapsed during swim for no apparent reason
Biden’s military vaccine mandate is a political test: After only 95 COVID deaths, Biden wants to purge tens of thousands of unvaccinated personnel.
New Zealanders are dying from COVID-19 at record rates as the country battles a new wave of the Omicron strain that is particularly affecting the older population. the most vaxxed.
Real or show? Wuhan locks down 1 million people after detecting four COVID cases.
Docs show CDC colluded with Big Tech to censor alleged COVID-19 misinfo.
Cincinnati federal judge blocks Air Force, Air National Guard globally from discharging religious vaccine refusers.
Say what? 85% of critical patients sent for palliative care recovered with hydroxyurea.
Welp, there goes a sixth young doc in Canada recently vaxxed, now dead.
Related- Vitamin D 80% reduction in breast cancer incidence.
Senator Asks CDC To Clear Up Conflicting Statements On Vaccine Safety Research.
Prof Richard Ennos discusses experiment run to find the cause of an increase in excess deaths. the surge follows 12-14 wks following rollout to each age groups.
Covid “Vaccine” News: Vaccinators Are Getting Desperate, The Fraud Will Not Stay Hidden.

28 July 2022: Berenson- The danger of lying about mRNA vaccine failure.
New paper suggests Covid mRNA vaccination rates are linked to increases in overall deaths.
Mercola- Here’s the nefarious reason why the CDC just approved the COVID jabs for toddlers.
A senior Swedish physician and researcher is sounding the alarm over the link between Covid-19 vaccinations, fast-growing cancers, and inflammatory conditions of the blood vessels in patients who died following Covid-19 mRNA vaccination.
UK government admits COVID vaccinated children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than unvaccinated children.
In Hungary, the highest vaccinated counties have worst birth rate drops.
This link looks at Twitter, and how when there were Ebola lockdowns in Sierra Leone and Liberia in 2014 and 2015, out of the blue Twitter was filled with millions of bot postings supporting the lockdowns, as if somebody was experimenting to see if they could push the public’s needle using bot campaigns on Twitter.
CEO of insurance group- “excess mortality is at 84%, and excess every kind of disease at 1100%” video excerpt on Gab.
McCullough on ovarian and sperm damage. Endless boosters = Infertility.
Doctor punished for criticizing COVID vax sues hospital for $25 million.

27 July 2022: Chudov- Hungary: Highest Vaccinated Counties Have Worst Birth Rate Drops!
A Member of The FDA Vax Panel Today Said… “We Are Killing More People Than We Are Saving With The Shots
A ‘highly effective’ hoodwink: 3 years later, there remains no functional cure for a coronavirus… well, other than ivermectin, HCQ and zinc, etc.
Related- Growing up closer to nature improves children’s lung health
Dr. McCullough: COVID jabs’ alteration of DNA could extend to reproductive cells, affect babies.
Senior Australian Dr. reported to have been sacked for refusing C-19 jab and for trying to publish data showing that 74% of vaccinated women in his practice suffer miscarriage.
Feel sorry for the kids. Israel caught concealing children’s vaccine injuries.
Liar- In an interview Monday on The HillTV’s Rising, Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that he “didn’t recommend locking anything down” through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.
forced quarantine regs promulgated by Governor Hochul and her Dep’t of Health has been struck down, and they are barred from enforcing or re-issuing this regulation.
UK Government admits COVID Vaccinated Children are 4423% more likely to die of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19 than Unvaccinated Children.
Military Doctor Testifies under Oath That She Was ORDERED To ‘Cover up’ Vaccine Injuries through Biden Admin Directive.
Judicial Watch: FDA Records Show Top FDA Officials Concerned About Biden Administration Vaccine Booster Timelines That “Make No Sense
Related to bad meds- Tucker Carlson Exposes Big Pharma’s Murderous Antidepressant Scheme: Drugs For Depression Cause Birth Defects, Sexual Dysfunction And Suicide.
3 Children Die within 1 week after Covid Shots; Do NOT normalize these sudden deaths
A Self Assembling ‘Clot’ That Accumulates Conductive Metals.
Senior Physician Warns: Aggressive and Unusual Cancers following Covid ‘Vaccination’ are on the Rise in Sweden.
Mother sues school district for bribing her son to be vaxxed, now with side effects.
Excess Non-Covid Deaths Top 10,000 in Last 12 Weeks – But Government Refuses to Investigate Why.
VAERS Data Reveal Serious Adverse Event Reports in Babies After mRNA COVID Shots.
Vax to vax pass to social cresid score, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger WHO whistleblower.

26 July 2022: Mercola- The CDC is sacrificing kids for Big Pharma profits.
Lying POS- Lord Fauci Claims He ‘Didn’t Recommend Locking Anything Down.’ Here Are 9 Times He Did
Number of NYC employees fired for refusing COVID vaccine grows. still <1%
The Unvaccinated Will Be Vindicated! (or what was learned by hating purebloods)
Denninger- How Many Frauds Do You Permit? not just vax, but Alzheimer’s and depression.
The UK government admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of those who have been double-vaccinated. The UK government has admitted that once you have been double-vaccinated, you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants – or possibly any other virus.
World Government Reports indicate vaxxed people Suffering far more injuries, deaths.
Updated analysis of deaths in males 15-19 years of age. All cause mortality up.
The Government Knew the Covid Shots Didn’t Stop Infection. IT WAS ALL A LIE.
86% of Children suffered an Adverse Reaction to the Pfizer Covid Vaccine in Clinical Trial.
NEJM: Unvaxxed COVID Patients Contagious for LESS TIME than Vaxxed COVID Patients.
Concerning spikes in another autoimmune disorder: Lupus
Wait, what? Beautiful debate moderator collapses at UK’s Tory leadership debate for no apparent reason… Vaxxed, 99% likely.

25 July 2022: Mercola- Covid Jab impacts both male and female infertility.
Yes, Birx is lying about her vaccine stance
Biden’s COVID coordinator announce that for the 4th time, Biden’s “COVID” symptoms change and it sounds like he’s declining.
Related- more medical research fraud- The paper which said Alzheimer’s was due to a build-up of amyloid proteins may have been fraudulent?
More pressure- No more organ transplants for the unvaccinated in Canada.
President Trump promises to rehire military fired by Joe Biden for refusing experimental vaccine – with backpay.
Federal courts have begun barring unvaxxed lawyers from entering the courthouses.
Swedish Doc- “Nobody is Listening to What I’m Saying
Embracing medical discrimination- Hospital relents after facing lawsuit from family whose unvaccinated daughter was denied treatment.
Tucker Goes There… Is It Possible Millions Negatively Affected by COVID Vaccine?
Yes, Birx is lying about her vaccine stance
Kirsch- Our latest poll: Vax is 2X deadlier than virus.
Deaths From “Unknown” Causes Are Now the Leading Killer in Alberta, Canada Following the Rollout of the Experimental Vaccine – 2021 Total Significantly Higher than 2019.

Post vax medical trend changes…. Just a mystery, eh?

24 July 2022: Malone- mRNA platform inventor dives into the lies told by the government.
Known liar admits to lying- Birx Admits She Knew COVID-19 Vaccines Were Never “Going To Protect Against Infection
Speaking of liars- Fauci Now Claims To Have ‘Open Mind’ About COVID Lab-Leak Theory.
Vaxxed- Former Miami Hurricanes player died of heart attack at age 24, examiner reveals.
Three doctors died in a 3 day period just days after they got the 4th shot.
Global message from European Parliament Christine Anderson Announced the Biggest Scandal in Medical History about Covid Vaccine.
Toronto ER DR. Jeff Matheson Shares and update on medical scene in Ontario.
Washington, DC Child COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Illegal: Legal Expert.
AF Instructor Fired for Rejecting COVID Testing and Vaccine, Many More Facing Termination.
New England Journal of Medicine: Unvaccinated COVID Patients Are Contagious for LESS Time Than those Vaxed or Boosted.
Original story in NEJM here.
Truckloads of Canadian Doctors are using Fake Vax Passes for themselves and their families…A Doctor injured by The Wax has blown the Whistle… with video.
Celebrity Vax Injury And Death! Bitchute vid
Autoimmune mucocutaneous blistering diseases after SARS-Cov-2 vaccination: A Case report of Pemphigus Vulgaris and a literature review. “monkeypox” a vax side-effect?
STUDY: Natural immunity to covid never wanes, but fully jabbed are developing AIDS
Interesting related side-note.

23 July 2022: Denninger- You Done With ‘Nice’ Yet? Vax causes perm immune dysfunction
Kirsch- Will physicians EVER speak out?
Yet another failed study of the vaccine on kids in the NEJM.
McCullough- Tandon et al, Lancet, small RCT of nitric oxide nasal spray positive for reducing time-viral load.
McCullough- Skidmore, MSU, Preprint 2022, survey data, among those who took it 22% have perceived medical problems. Most who get the illness have already taken genetic treatments so add on 34% with some lingering problem from the URI.
It’s “World Ivermectin Day” – Here’s Advice From Frontline Doctors From Across the Nation On How to Stay Healthy Amid the Biowar.
White House Releases Biden’s Spin Doctor COVID Update; Most Likely Has BA5 Strain.
New Zealand COVID-19 death rate at record levels
Berenson- The vaxx has failed.
Kirsch- Will physicians ever speak out?
Related- Why the US stopped using live oral Polio vaccine
Corruption as a side-gig- New York family gave Gov Hochul $300K, state paid their company $637 million for COVID tests.
Not the script they claimed – UK Government confirms the triple/quadruple vaccinated account for 91% of all COVID deaths since the beginning of 2022.
Yet another medical theory out the window- Depression is not a chemical imbalance, no relation to serotonin levels. Do they get anything right?
By March 2021 Pfizer And FDA Knew Covid Injections Were Lethal for Unborn Babies.
Mercola- Will 100 Million Die From the COVID Vax by 2028?
76,253 Dead 6,033,218 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA Following COVID Vaccines with 4,358 Fetal Deaths in U.S.

22 July 2022: Vaxxed- ‘Elvis’ actress drops dead at 44 for no reason
Record Covid deaths in the most vaxxed and locked down country in the world
Berenson- The more we vaxx, the worse it gets
WAYNE ROOT: 33 Dead & Sick Friends Since Our Wedding Only 8 Months Ago. All 33 Vaxxed. A “Vaccine Death & Disease Cluster.
Totally normal- Former South Carolina Quarterback MVP Phil Petty Dies at 43 — Third Former Football Player to Die in Last 7 Days.
Totes normal Pt2- Medical Examiner Reveals 24-Year-Old Ex-Miami Hurricanes Football Player Died of a Heart Attack.
The Covid vaccine damages and destroys the immune system like a form of AIDS.
91% of those in the UK who have died of Covid this year are triple or quadruple vaccinated.
NIH- Food allergy is associated with lower risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Barnhardt- We’re the Baddies: World War Sodomy (with nukes!) is about US bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, which were INTENTIONALLY LEAKING into the human population.

21 July 2022: Alberta is no longer publishing Covid stats by vax statusOlder. Hiding?
Kirsch- CDC job posting reveals they lied, the vaccines are unsafe, and Pfizer lied too!
Could be steroids, but likely the vax- Former Offensive Lineman for Notre Dame Dies at 35 Due to Cardiac Arrest While on a Run.
Quadruple Vaxxed Joe Biden Catches Covid. Coms or real or just old?
The German government admits hundreds of thousands of people have had severe side effects following mRNA shots. Yet they keep giving them.
Malone- CDC and FDA claim that the effects of the COVID mRNA vax on reproductive health are rare. They lied.
Kirsch for 2021- Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine.
Discrimination- Court ruling a death sentence for unvaccinated transplant candidate.
Berenson- No, mRNA Covid vaccines do not offer long-term protection from serious illness.
Mercola- Here’s what experts are saying about the latest CCOVID variant, BA.5.
Extortion will lead to worse-

A new study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology has found the COVID-19 “vaccines” increase recipients’ risk of Herpes Zoster (a.k.a. shingles) by nearly 100% 60 days after injection.
Dr. Chris Shoemaker- Children are dying in the first 6 months after the shots of ‘unrelated conditions’ Vaccinated children are 82X more likely to die.
Berenson- No, mRNA Covid vaccines do not offer long-term protection from serious illness.
The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals
Kirsch- New study shows ivermectin can reduce chance of death by 92%

20 July 2022: eugyppius- Karl Lauterbach, virus wizard, appears to say antibody prevalence doesn’t matter, inadvertently questions the entire premise of vaccination.
Biden Set to PURGE 27.5% of Army Who Aren’t Fully Vaccinated Against COVID with Non-FDA Approved Vaccine.
Here We Go, Again: San Diego Schools Reimplement Mask Mandates for Students and Teachers As Covid Cases Rise.
Vaxxed Tour De France competitor Victor Lafay, 26, retires.
Sweden faces drastic decrease in childbirths coinciding in time with COVID-19 vaccination campaign. 11% decline. That’s several SD from the norm.
VAERS: COVID-19 vaccines have injured over 50,000 children. 125+ dead.
Another embalmer exposes shocking post-vaccination fibrous CLOTS to Dr. Jane Ruby
Berenson- The German government admits hundreds of thousands of people have had severe side effects following mRNA shots.
McCullough- Nunez-Castilla, Florida International University, explains why Spike protein causes broad array of different diseases.
Trudeau panics after his Government reveals the Quadruple/Triple Vaccinated now account for 92% of COVID Deaths across Canada.
What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You: Novavax’s ‘Loud-and-Clear’ Nanoparticle Adjuvant.
Related- Big Pharma Wants to Put an End to Vitamins and Supplements.
Damaged immune system, maybe? Current Flu Season More Severe Than COVID: Australian State Premier.
McCullough- Prior Omicron confers protection against new subvariants. Very high protection in this study and many of the positives are false positives in travelers, so may be close to 100%.
Applying for vax candidate paperwork before Covid officially recognized? Sus.
McCullough- Imperfect vaccination can lead to enhanced transmission of pathogen.
McCullough- Effects of iodine supplementation on inflammatory effects of covid vax.
McCullough- Hypothesized mechanism of heart inflammation following vax.
McCullough- Effects of monoclonal antibodies on covid patients (very good)
76 UK doctors sign open letter to government warning against COVID-19 child vaccine.
‘She lost everything’: California mom severely disabled after Pfizer shot now homeless
FLCCC video- What is Ivermectin?

19 July 2022: Compilation of peer reviewed medical papers on Covid19 Vaccine injuries.
You have to laugh- NYC plans to delay second doses of monkeypox vaccine because of jabs shortage as officials warn outbreak is ‘probably’ out of control.
Evil bastards- Chinese children coerced to ‘motivate’ grandparents to get COVID jabs.
The astonishing data that may prove masks DON’T work as Covid cases in Singapore and New Zealand OVERTAKE Australia despite SUPER strict mandates: ‘They don’t matter
Related: Study: Autism rate jumps more than 50% in 5 yrs
Kirsch- The one question UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus John Swartzberg can’t answer.
Seven Major Effects Of COVID-19 On Parents, Students, & Schools.
Cruise Ship vax and covid tracking tossed- CDC Gets pwned, Drops Program.,

18 July 2022:  28-Year-Old Covid-19 Contact Tracer From Los Angeles Found Dead Five Days Later Due to Heart Failure.
Dr. Deborah Birx ADMITS to sabotaging Trump White House COVID response efforts.
A How-To Guide in Subverting a Democratic Superpower from Within” – Reviews of Dr. Birx Book Reveal Her Deceiving Ways and Incompetence in the White House.
10 pieces of medical literature have reported cases of newly developed mental illnesses after the patients were inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccines.
At least 11 vacationers drop dead on Italian beaches in 24 hours.
Ironic- Canadian Chief of Emergency Medicine, Olympic sailor, and marathon runner dies suddenly while on a run.
Not good, but not unexpected- A respected virologist/immunologist has written to the British Medical Journal to explain that the hepatitis of unknown origin that is both killing and causing children to have urgent liver transplants, is occurring due to the AztraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine that was administered to millions in the UK.
Video –  Dr. Peter McCullough: “7750 People have had intracranial hemorrhage or stroke just in three small Scandinavian countries. Three countries: 7700 disastrous neurologic events within 28 days of receiving the vaccine.
Clown World, disease edition- New York City now has three mass vaccination sites set up to combat the growing monkeypox outbreak in its five boroughs.
Lying liar- Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the window to control the spread of the monkeypox virus in the United States may be closed.
From a Gab post today.
Related- Former commercial airline pilot says “Squawk 7700” emergency alerts have risen 12,400 percent in age of COVID vax, 5G rollout. (from April)
Natural Immunity From Omicron Strong Against Virus Subvariants: Study
How Pfizer massively profited from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Historic Decision Against Mandatory Vaccination by Italian Court + Covid Vaccine Risk to Human Genome Now Legally Established (Italy)
Stew Peters- CDC Caught Falsifying Jab Death Data: Over 52,000 Deaths “Reclassified” To Hide Real Effect Of Jab
French left and right-wing populist parties unite to crush Macron’s vaccine travel mandate… wild cheers erupt
God bless Mark Steyn… hourlong special on ‘Victims of the Vaccine’
AstraZeneca widow strikes out at the mainstream media
CDC Stops Reporting COVID-19 Levels for Cruise Ships, Says they Can Handle their Own Covid-19 Mitigation Programs.
Clown World, Comic edition- San Diego Comic-Con Requiring Face Masks and Covid “Health Pass” For Entry; Will be Enforced by Security Staff.
Dystopian- 86-Year-Old Canadian Man Temporarily Detained for Not Downloading Health App to Submit Mandatory Health Info to Canadian Government.
Comedy- NPR Faces Harsh Backlash After It Announces The Outlet’s Disinformation Team

17 July 2022: Forty-two percent of women bled more heavily after vaccination
After a year of lies, health officials admit Covid jab causes menstrual issues
Shocked face- Hospital rule spawns fake test grifters
Beijing ditches citywide vaxx mandate after two days due to public outcry
Billions Continue to Be Laundered Through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to China’s Biowarfare Program.
Trump aide Deborah Birx claims Covid ‘came out of the box ready to infect’ – claiming virus was being worked on by scientists in a Chinese lab.
Huh- Jak Knight, a stand-up comic poised for stardom after co-creating and starring in the new Peacock series “Bust Down,” died suddenly Thursday night at the age of 28.
Alberta, CN- Vaxed are now 81% of Hosp. & 83% of Deaths. But BOOSTED are 50%H & 63%D (despite only 38.4% of population having 3+ jabs!)
Kirsch- How we could end the COVID pandemic almost instantly. And why it won’t.
Berenson- Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid. Manitoba this time.
Job opening on aisle six! Canadian Chief of Emergency Medicine, Olympic Sailor, and Marathon Runner Dies Suddenly While on a Run.
Kirsch- Vinny Prasad, Scientists who express different views on Covid19 should be heard, not demonized.
Largest Study to Date Shows How COVID Vaccines Affect Periods.
NZ- Study ties COVID booster to startling spike in excess deaths. WND story
The NZ paper- The Rollout of COVID-19 Booster Vaccines is Associated With Rising Excess Mortality in New Zealand.
Involvement of nicotine receptors in COVID-19.
Vaccine protection against COVID-19 short-lived, booster shots important, new study says.
Free the National Guard … From Scientifically Dubious Vaccine Mandates.
As Mask Mandate Looms, LA Hospital Officials Mock COVID “Media Hype
Dr. Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, & Deceit.

16 July 2022: Virologist tells BMJ the Hepatitis of Unknown Cause killing Children is due to AstraZeneca Viral Vector COVID Vaccine in combination with Lockdowns.
Berenson: Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid
Military deaths need closer examination
Of course- NYC pushes monkeypox vaxx… No word yet on distancing
Another young athlete drops dead
POISON: Covid Shots Affected NEARLY HALF (42%) of Women’s Menstrual Cycles (Updated)
Heavier menstrual bleeding after Covid vaccination is real.
Wish it were more, but… At least 260,000 American troops — or about 13 percent of the 2.1 million total force — are not fully vaccinated. A good core to build on.
Greg Hunter interviews Dr. David Martin– hour long, “700M will die in next 5 years”
Long-term Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Children and Adults After Mild Infection. (kids natural immunity response much better than vaxx or adult)
Haiti did not vaccinate its citizens the current vax rate is 1.4% yet the country has one of the lowest covid death rates in the world. Weird, huh?
Berenson- We need to talk about Australia; it’s a near ideal test case / lab vax experiment.
eugyppius- Robert Koch Institut appears to agree that greater natural immunity in East Germany may be partly responsible for lower BA.5 infections there.

15 July 2022: A Warning from Dr Sucharit Bhakdi: “Stop Injecting These Ungodly Agents!
John O’Looney – Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves.
Video: The Devastating Effects of Pfizer COVID Vaccine on Toddlers and Infants. Corona Investigative Committee with Karen Kingston.
49.3% of the 6-23 months year old children experienced an unsolicited AE of which 16.6% was claimed to be caused by the injection.
Injecting Babies with COVID-19 Vaccines: Brain Damage, Seizures, Rashes are Recorded Side Effects in VAERS.
The Epoch Times- court-blocks-biden-admin-from-punishing-unvaxed-air-force-members.
Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid
Another young athlete drops dead
The real Covid collapse… (collapse in testing revenue)
The Doctrine of Inerrancy- Vaccine is Without Blemish; Let Then Your Faith Be Constant, as Vaccine is Constant. A cult of the flawed science in the vax
Huh. Wonder why that is? CDC and NIH Health Experts are Leaving in Droves Due to ‘Low Morale and Political Pressure’.
Beijing Residents Forced to Wear Regime-Issued Electronic Bracelets if You Traveled Out of the City – Will Track Your Location and Monitor Temperature.
Anti-vaxxers raid a vaccination center in New York City, and find it run by Chinese.
Evil bastards, I don’t care how often they say “sorry”- Health Canada approves 1st COVID-19 vaccine for children between 6 months and 5 years old.
Health experts are quitting the NIH and CDC in droves because they’re embarrassed by ‘bad science’ – including vaccinating children under 5.
A case of Covid vaccine followed by onset of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), as well as associations with other Brain Degenerative Diseases.
A District Court for the Southern District of Ohio on Thursday morning issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the Air Force from enforcing the vaccine mandate against any airman who has filed a request for a religious accommodation.
Related- A New York Supreme Court judge this month quietly ruled that regulations mandating that people infected with or exposed to highly contagious communicable diseases be quarantined are a violation of state law, declaring them null and void.
Report Shows $44 Billion of COVID Money Was Sent to States that Pushed CRT in Schools.
EU finds Novavax COVID vaccine may cause severe allergic reaction.
Berenson- Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid.

14 July 2022: Emerald Robinson- The Global Vaccine Nightmare Has Just Begun.
Neigghhhh: AWFL prime minister brings back hated Covid restrictions to New Zealand
Oh no! Media wants you to be afraid of the new terrifying side effect of Covid: “night sweats”
Vaxx horror stories: Wife’s brutal miscarriage… vaxxed wife forces a divorced… a wedding postponed seemingly for eternity
Sounds like a cover-story- Federal health officials in the US are warning doctors and parents that a dangerous virus is spreading across the US causing fevers, seizures, confusion and other “sepsis-like” issues that can be life-threatening for young infants.
A District Court judge in Ohio granted a temporary injunction Thursday on the Air Force’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all of the branch’s members requesting a religious exemption.
STUDY: 99% Of COVID-19 Data Websites Secretly Track Users.
Berenson- URGENT: The Covid vaccine paper on declining sperm counts is even worse than it seems at first.
Malone- Why is USG rewriting the history of the mRNA vaccines?
Naked Emperor- Pandemic of the Vaccinated – A look at All-Cause Mortality in Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated.
Not Going to Let Canada Tell Me What I Do and Don’t Put in My Body,’ Phillies Catcher Says on Missing Blue Jays Series.
Coffins for Children Ordered in Bulk, ‘First Time in Over 30 Years’ (Exclusive Interview)
New York COVID-19 Quarantine Rules Unconstitutional And Illegal: Judge.
FDA Violated Own Safety and Efficacy Standards in Approving C-19 Vaccines For Children.
Collection of “died of ‘suddenly'” videos.
Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants‘ Prof. Luc Montagnier

13 July 2022: Fauci Says COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Infection “Overly Well
Microbiome-Based Hypothesis on Ivermectin’s Mechanism in COVID-19: Ivermectin Feeds Bifidobacteria to Boost Immunity.
Barnhardt- Ivermectin 1% Livestock Injectable Solution which humans take orally by drinking it FULL DOSAGE CONVERSION TABLE.
NEJM- Duration of Shedding of Culturable Virus in SARS-CoV-2 Omicron (BA.1) Infection.
Beijing backs down from vaxx mandate
1 in 2,000 had liver damage post-vaxx
Sus timing given the vax rollout- CDC Issues Health Advisory on ‘Parechovirus’ Which Affects Newborns and Young Infants in the US.
Kirsch- If you run a US airline, I’ll pay the costs to have all your pilots tested for cardiac issues (No takers)
Interesting- Zuckerberg, who forbid any question of the vaccine on his platform, is caught in a company video chat telling his staff how risky the vaccine is, and how little we know about how the technology will really work.
No, it is NOT normal- Two and 3-year-old kids with seizures is “the new normal.”.
Democrats are preparing a Covid panic now for the fall elections.
Consequences- In France the populist right and the populist left just banded together to successfully defeat a Covid travel passport.
Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have found a widely-used herbicide chemical that has been linked to cancer in the majority of urine samples collected from children and adults in the United States. (Glyphosate)
Yuck- High viral loads found on the surfaces touched by Monkeypox patients.
Naomi Wolf: The CCP Has Infiltrated the American Health System, Covid Injections Produced by CCP. 8 min vid. Or text version here.
Kory- Guilty are Now Hiding Humanitarian Catastrophe, but a little good news on treating vax injured (ivermectin still helping)
FDA Authorizes Emergency Use of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine for 18 Years of Age and Older Despite Prior Reports of Myocarditis.

12 July 2022: Malone- Update regarding Omicron BA.5. Vaxxed dying more
Stew Peters: Orders for Child-Size Coffins Spike More Than 500% in Last Seven Months.
No real loss, but datapoint- Netflix Star Busisiwe ‘Busi’ Lurayi Dies ‘Suddenly’ at Age 36.
CDC Director Walensky Urges Older Americans to Get Second Booster Shot “Right Away”
Some of these from AC’s place.
Xavier Becerra, President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary, warned that there is a “strong chance” the country will see a “resurgence” of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic this fall.
eugyppius- Anthony Fauci, on day 26 of his Paxlovid- and vaccine-enhanced Corona experience, says that he is “Close to if not at 100% the way I was before infection
eugyppius- Even the peer-reviewed academic science that everyone is supposed to follow provides clear evidence that vaccinating young people is dangerous and stupid.
eugyppius- No More Special Privileges for the Vaccinated.
NZ Doctors Send Letter Asking Police to Investigate Deaths Following COVID Vaccinations.
Covid vs Long Covid- Interview with Serge Brown on The Crash Cart Rule Podcast.
The Desert Review- COVID shots causing monstrous clots.
The Epoch Times Dr-malone-warns-of-immune-imprinting-after-fauci-floats-second-booster-shots_4592464.html
Let us live, we with the green passports, because we will die,” wrote a teacher and died a year later.

11 July 2022:
Natural Immunity 97% Effective Against Severe COVID-19 After 14 Months: Study
Igor Chudov- Taiwan: Birth Rate Dropped -27.66% in June 2022!!! Ouch.
eugyppius- From Wild-Type SARS-2 to Omicron: Towards a Theory of Corona Evolution.
Long Covid may cause psychosis. Cover story for people noticing being watched? From today’s AC with more commentary.
More than twice as many Americans have lost a household member to a Covid vaccine injury as have lost one to Covid according to a new poll.
New study contradicts ‘experts’ – shows unvaccinated adults found “no increase in myocarditis and pericarditis” following COVID infection. Evil bastards.
Vaxxed- Officials with the United States Navy are investigating after discovering a sailor aboard the USS Carl Vinson dead with no obvious signs of suicide or foul play.
New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s quarantine camp regulation was ruled illegal in court.
The Silence of the Deans’: Medicals Schools Say Nothing as Working-Age People Die at Earth-Shattering Rates.
Synthetic Lipid Nanoparticles Targeting Steroid Organs. (i.e., they hit ovaries/testes)
Pfizer study leaked- COVID-19 Vaccine and Ovarian Reserve. Related: Gab and EMA.
Microbiome-Based Hypothesis on Ivermectin’s Mechanism in COVID-19: Ivermectin Feeds Bifidobacteria to Boost Immunity.
Kirsch- 40 reasons The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart. Impressive list.
Dr Lee Merritt – What We Are Seeing Is Of Biblical Proportions.
Emails Confirm Why CDC Changed Definitions of Vaccine, Vaccinated.
Embalmer- This provides a clear physical cause for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

10 July 2022: New Survey Reveals Significant Doubts About Masks And Vaccines.
Berenson- The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man: an occasional series, Educational fallout edition.
Poll Reveals Most American’s Doubt Effectiveness Of Masks And Vaccines During Pandemic.
Can’t Make This Up: Pfizer Asks Court to Dismiss Whistleblower Lawsuit Because the US Government Was Aware of Vaccine Fraud.

09 July 2022: Fully Informed Consent- read this before getting a COVID shot.
Still too many-  Only 1.3% Of Eligible Kids Under 5 Have Gotten COVID Vaccine.
Big- Death claims up $6 BILLION: Fifth-largest life insurance company paid out for 163% more working-age deaths in 2021 after covid “vaccines” were unleashed.
World Economic Forum ‘anti-corruption’ champion is Pfizer director and Reuters CEO.
Beijing appears to retract vaccine mandate after pushback.
UK Government Bombshell: COVID Shots Killing Children – 30,200% More Likely To Die Than Children Not Injected.
Everything They’ve Told You Is a Lie: Dr. Charles Hoffe on Vaccine Side Effects.
running list of (13) interviews with British funeral director and undertaker John O’Looney.
Vaccine Injuries Deaths are Skyrocketing. Interviews with people who see it.
Karen Kingston- High Level Pfizer Whistleblower Just Came Forward With Terrifying COVID Announcement That Everyone Needs To See NOW.
How mRNA Shots Set Up Long-Term Disease: Dr. Stephanie Seneff.
​Natural Immunity 97 Percent Effective Against Severe COVID-19 After 14 Months: Study
These Doctors Risked It All To Saves Lives During The COVID ‘Plandemic’, Now They Are Demanding A ‘Cease Fire’ Of ‘Poison Death Shots
All Macau Casinos Will Shut Down Monday As COVID Outbreak Worsens.

08 July 2022: CDC allegedly failed to perform promised ‘routine surveillance’ of Covid-19 vaccine adverse events.
Paper from Sweden that the vaxx can be reverse-transcribed into the DNA (older interview)
Cole- Stage 4 Cancers Taking Off Like Wildfire: “We’re Going to See a Consistent Two to Threefold Increase
Poll- US households report twice as many vaccine deaths as COVID fatalities:
Some links from The Revolver.
Declining birth rates post-Covid vaccines — is it time to panic?
Lord Fauci Paxlovid FAIL
The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart.
Hilarious comedian absolutely skewers the vaccinated… eh, OK.
Austrian Health Minister and Medical Profession Dispute Responsibility for Massive Covid “Vaccine” Deaths and Health Damage
Swedish birth rate data — what does it really show us?
Canada to Destroy 13.6 Million Doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Because No One Wants it Domestically or Abroad.
Mets pitcher rips ‘ridiculous’ MLB Covid policy… ‘I was never sick. Never had a symptom’
The fully vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 COVID deaths in Canada since February.
Related, perhaps- Autism rates in children and teens skyrocket, up 52% in just three years.
Here We Go: New ‘Ninja’ COVID Variant Is ‘The Most Dangerous One Yet
Kory- Reports From the Front Lines of the Vaccine Catastrophe – Part 2.
Twice-vaxxed Canadian comedian who refused Pfizer booster “dies suddenly” age 32… Mark Steyn can’t believe it

07 July 2022:
Mercola- How much correlation is there between vitamin D levels and COVID-19 severity?
Covid shots for little kids are DOA… We can hope.
Vaxxed- Former NHL player Bryan Marchment Dies Unexpectedly During Montreal Trip.
Director General of the Danish Health Authority admits vaccinating kids was a ‘mistake.’
My shocked face is getting tired. The rollout of COVID-19 booster vaccines is associated with rising excess mortality in new Zealand.
Judge sides with parent, strikes down Los Angeles school vaccine mandate.
play stupid games… The Dallas County health department has reported its first locally transmitted case of the monkeypox virus after a man who attended the Daddyland Festival.
COVID response critic and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson was reinstated by Twitter Wednesday, after suing the social media company in the wake of his August 2021 banishment from the platform.
Kill their own people, and encourage them to limit kids, fire them for not taking an experimental drug, then complain about a labor shortage? Ambitious push to bring 200,000 migrants into Australia each year as industry boss describes the severe labour shortage in the economy as ‘the worst it’s been in 50 years. Clown world.
eugyppius- Even the peer-reviewed academic science that everyone is supposed to follow provides clear evidence that vaccinating young people is dangerous and stupid. So why?
The Truth About Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis: Part 2.
Kirsch – interviews embalmer Anna Foster; she’s finding clots that look like “uncooked calamari” in the dead bodies of people vaccinated against COVID-19.
What’s behind nearly 8,000 excess deaths in under two months?
The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients—A Large Population-Based Study. Ortal Tuvali, Sagi Tshori (no, Covid19 does cause it)
COVID-19 Positive Even After Five Vaccinations!

06 July 2022: Back from the beach.
Director General of the Danish Health Authority Admits Vaccinating Kids was a ‘Mistake
September 2016 article on Moderna vax toxicity that is damning.
US Marines Ask Court For Relief From COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.
Alex Berenson returns to Twitter with a vengeance… goes straight for the jugular of the Covid authorities… Elon Musk has questions
Wow: In Austria, the Deadly Jab Finger-Pointing Has Begun
WSJ: Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?
More troubling, vaccinated toddlers in Pfizer’s trial were more likely to get severely ill with Covid”
WSJ: Pfizer Trial Found Vaxxed Toddlers ‘Were More Likely to Get Severely Ill With Covid’
Two and 3-year-old kids with seizures is “the new normal”
Kirsch: The US government doesn’t want to know about Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine clinical trial fraud, but I do
Poll suggests twice as many people died from the vaccine as from Covid
Letter to the UK Gov from 76 Doctors… Why the FDA infant vaxx approval was wrong.
CEO of Lincoln National, the fifth largest life insurance company in America, corroborates the 40% surge in all-cause mortality.
Judge orders #Pfizer to provide “extensive detail” on the biochemical composition and evidence of efficacy and safety of its COVID vaccine within 48 hours in Uruguay.
SADS- Three active-duty Massachusetts police officers die suddenly in ten days. Vaxxed.
WHO Study concludes risk of suffering Serious Injury due to COVID Vaccination is 339% higher than risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19.
Toby Rogers- Even when one realizes that SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon, the rest of the story still does not make sense.
England: Excess Deaths on the Rise But NOT Because of COVID – Experts Call for Investigation.
Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Pfizer ‘Vaccine’ Impairs Semen Concentration and Total Motile Count.
Edward Dowd says the COVID-19 “vaccines” stand as a “fraud to end all frauds.
Karen Kingston explains—in great detail—how Pfizer has broken the law by trying to maintain its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) liability shield while also producing an FDA-approved COVID-19 “vaccine.
peer-reviewed Journal of The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology has found the COVID-19 “vaccines” increase recipients’ risk of Herpes Zoster (a.k.a. shingles) by nearly 100% 60 days after injection.
Pfizer would rather lose 1.3 B indian customers than allow a safety study/audit.

A vaxx troll paid the vaxx toll. Feel sorry for his family. Him, not so much.

Cannot verify authenticity, but things like this are cropping up several places. Bulk buys of kid-sized caskets isn’t a good thing.

03 July 2022: Bobby Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense Aligns with Military Personnel Refusing to Take Experimental Vaccines.
Sesame St takes shots from critics for vaccinating Elmo to promote child COVID-19 jabs.
A glitch in American Airlines’ staffing systems left 12,000 flights without pilots between July 3 and the end of the month – as fed-up travelers face mounting flight cancelations and delays across the globe. Problems from vaxxed pilots piling up.
Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: “I chaired the commission for the Lancet for 2 years on Covid. I’m pretty convinced it came out of a US lab of biotechnology […] We don’t know for sure but there is enough evidence. [However] it’s not being investigated, not in the US, not anywhere.
Malone- deaths after boosters, lots of problems not reverting to baseline.
Naomi Wolf: 23 Heavily Cited Reports Against Pfizer Already Have Been Produced.

02 July 2022: Viva/ Barns interview- Pfizer admits to fraud in court. Brooke Jackson
Serious Heart Inflammation 44 Times Higher After Covid Vaccination, Nature Study Finds.
The National Library of Medicine on Covid lies. “Never seen so many papers withdrawn.
How to get rid of the graphene oxide in your body if you got the shot!
Kirsch- Poll, “4.6% of people who were vaccinated needed to be hospitalized and 2.1% had a myocarditis diagnosis
Kirsch- A 3.7% rate of myocarditis in our latest survey of vaccinated Americans.
How many people, all around the world, have been DISABLED by their “vaccinations”?
An EMS reporting the carnage in Atlanta among young men from the ClotShot.

01 July 2022: FDA Calls For Fall Boosters To Target BA.4/BA.5 Covid Strains.
Since the COVID Vaccine roll-out, all sorts of diseases have started to reappear. Why? Because the COVID Vaccines cause AIDS.
DataPoint: FlightRadar 24 update for June: 149 in-flight emergencies World-wide for an average of almost 5/day. Prior to the Vaxx average 4/week
A VAERS report points to a clue behind the TRUE cause of Colin Powell’s death!
Cause of death revealed for Depeche Mode keyboardist: aortic dissection.
Related- Flashback: First Taiwan post-vaxx victim suffered aortic dissection.
Jair Bolsonaro tells Tucker why he didn’t get the vaxx. (natural immunity, tyranny)
FACT CHECK: Media Attacks Against Justice Thomas and His Claims on Vaccines and Aborted Fetuses are FALSE (i.e., he was correct)
Vox- They mean to kill us: Intentio Nocendi.
Some of these are from AC’s blog.
Even FDA Doctors are beginning to question what is going on with COVID vaccines, given how much less lethal the virus has become, and the lack of any data showing the vaccines still can protect people.
Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to New York vaccine mandate for health care workers.
Missing text messages mystery adds to questions about Pfizer-EU COVID vaccine deal.
Germany’s experience with Covid ‘vaccines’ suggests they increase Omicron infections.