Here is where I will post information about other books I am or have written, and other projects related to books. It’s also where I’m taking suggestions for future book, and input on whether or not I should make a paper edition. (Yeah, I know, “of course” I should – but it’s a lot of work, and the margins on print-on-demand are pretty thin, so unless I get enough demand to justify the expense of an actual press run, it’s a low priority, below writing and editing new books.)

The Stars Came Back  – Space western, action / adventure, libertarian sci-fi. Nominated for the libertarian SF Promethius Award in 2015, but not a finalist.

Insanity’s Children – Sequel to TSCB, released in November 2019.

Komenagen – Young-adult sci-fi. Tells the background story of some of the main characters from TSCB, focusing primarily on Skaffington White, who later becomes a mercenary. Released in October 2019.

Back from the Dead – The first half of The Stars Came Back, rewritten in prose form. Available in e-book and dead-tree form. Available in paper and e-book form.

One Day War – the second half of The Stars Came Back, rewritten in prose form. Not yet published.

The Heretics of St. Possenti – The story of the founding of the monastic order of St. Possenti, the gun-toting monks introduced to the universe in TSCB. Available in e-book, audio book, and dead-tree form. (side note: in the present-day real world of this universe, a few good men, inspired by this book, are founding a real-world military/monastic order, the Order of St. Possenti, to address the very same problems the book illustrated. I can think of no higher honor in this world than to write a work of fiction so well that it becomes, after a fashion, real. Deus Vult!)

Battles For Boys – A series of short stories aimed at beginning readers (first through third grade) that tell fictionalized accounts of historical battles. The idea was inspired by my son, who said all the stuff he was offered to read at school was “boring,” but never met a stick he couldn’t turn into a sword, a target he couldn’t throw something at, or an action figure he couldn’t play war with. If you give the kids something they find interesting, the WILL read, or learn how to. Stories would use simple words, short sentences, and be properly cleaned up, but still accurate enough to inspire further reading and learning.

This is also where suggestions for future books can show up.

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