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Big things: Dr David Martin, the names and faces of the Covid Orchestra.
Related: Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push.
How Bad Is My Batch– lookup for vax damage by lot
Explains the psych of it- TPC #653: Dr. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough (Mass Formation Psychosis).
COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality. Megalist, more than 1000 studies.
Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents.
Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches, and Autopsies Reveal Covid-19 Jab Genocide.
Anne B- So you’ve got the Coof. Here’s your protocol, soldier.
Telegram Channel: They Say it’s Rare.

25 Jan 2022: Registered nurse Nicole Sirotek shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC.
Large, peer-reviewed research study proves ivermectin works.
Undercover Students EXPOSE Colorado High School Vaccine Clinic For Administering Vaccinations Without Parental Consent – Even AFTER School Superintendent ASSURED This Would Not Happen.
Biden Administration Is Withdrawing OSHA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.
Healthcare reportedly import 1,000 nursers a month to fill American jobs and cut costs.
The FedGov is incentivizing hospitals to prescribe a  medication which is Toxic.” Dr. Marik
Cover-Up: Cancer Diagnoses in the Military Rose Over THREE-FOLD Since Jabs Were Introduced.
Political Moves, OSHA Removes Worker Vaccine Mandate Rule Effective Tomorrow Claiming it Was Only a Suggestion. Suuurre.
Ca Government Announce They Will Not Budge on Vaccine Mandate for Truckers.
Shady- Without Notice FDA Revokes Monoclonal Antibody Treatments for COVID, Promote Difficult to Find Pfizer and Merck Pills as Replacements.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Responds to Biden Administration Effort to Block COVID Treatments and Kill Floridians.
Empty Shelves Have Consequences, Canadian Multinational Business Groups Ask Government to Quickly Reverse Trucker Vaccine Mandate.
New York Supreme Court Strikes Down State Mask Mandate.
Shock as thousands on Twitter say they ‘regret’ getting the vaccine, the ‘side-effects are worse than COVID.
BA.2, the newest, even more infectious though equally harmless COVID-19 Omicron subvariant, was found in Washington state, health officials say, though no evidence was presented.
Video – DOD whistleblowers reveal Vax data in military shows a 300% increase in miscarriages, 300% increase in cancers, and a 1000% increase in neurological issues. Written article here.
Large, peer-reviewed research study proves regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization and mortality rates.
No. Things will fail before then- Australian authorities say draconian vaccine passports could last for “years.”.
Expected, and evil- Actress who had a liver transplant begins to reject the organ after a vax shot.
13 million Chinese finally freed after 1-month lockdown in Xi’an as new outbreak detected in Shanghai.
New York’s mask mandate was found unconstitutional.
According to WaPo, the Biden Administration is expected to halt distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly because they are ‘ineffective against Omicron.’.
Quebec bans unvaccinated from buying groceries at Walmart, Costco.
Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tested positive for COVID-19, which may delay her civil suit against the New York Times that was scheduled to go to trial Monday, one of her attorneys said. Coincidence?
Now it comes out Boris Johnson had a surprise birthday party during first lockdown with wife Carrie inviting up to 30 people to Cabinet Room bash – despite rules banning indoor social gathering.
All rights are connected- Twitter locks out congressional candidate for tweeting, “We will never give up our [guns]. Gun laws are infringements of our god given rights. WA state is back at it, a week ago we caught the board of health discussing forced quarantine, now the legislature going after our 2A. No 2A + forced quarantine = Australia.”.

24 Jan 2022: Alberta Canada Inadvertently Published (and Quickly Deleted) Health Data Exposing that MORE THAN HALF of VACCINATED DEATHS Have Been COUNTED AS UNVACCINATED.
Bobby Kennedy Jr. Gives Historic Speech at Lincoln Memorial Today for March Against Vaccine Mandates and Medical Tyranny.
What is the base rate and why is it important? “who is right about the vax?”
Physician Assistant Who Saved Hundreds Of COVID Patients From ‘Needlessly Dying In Hospitals’ Reveals Exactly Why His Medical License Is Suspended.
Carhartt Reaffirms Vaccine Mandate Despite Social Media Backlash.
All you need to know about Covid vaccine failure in one chart.
10-Year-Old Brazilian girl suffers cardiac arrest 12 hours after Pfizer.
Hmmm… Mom, 28, dies suddenly from stroke while Christmas shopping. Vaxxed?
Natural Immunity Wasn’t Just Stronger Than Vaccine Protection Against Delta — It Was Six Times Stronger.
Three or four days after it was covered here, Alex Jones discusses how Red States were targeted with tainted COVID vaccines.
What faith? Just 0.06% of religious exemption requests have been granted for U.S. Marines
Peer-reviewed study shows Ivermectin resulted in a 67% reduction in COVID hospitalization and a 70% reduction in COVID mortality.
COVID-19 drug remdesivir may prolong hospital stay, study on veterans hospitalized with COVID-19 concluded that remdesivir was not associated with improved survival.
19,916 ‘eye disorders’ including blindness following COVID vaccine reported in Europe.
Half of first-wave Covid cases may have lasting harm to sense of smell.
Pfizer CEO pushes annual COVID-19 vaccine shot as company makes billions, noting ‘It’s easier to convince people to do it.’ yearly.
Peaceful Vax protest in Brussels turned violent when Antifa BlackBlock showed up and attacked the Police.
Will get ugly- One of Germany’s largest insurance companies will not pay for vaccine-related injuries, and it looks like the US will follow suit.
RFK Jr’s full speech at the Defeat the Mandate rally.
Dr John Campbell- Excellent natural immunity confirmed.
Dr. Pierre Kory goes through numerous examples from around the world where early treatment is working, including a massive new study out of Brazil.
Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide, Prospective, Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects Using Propensity Score Matching (it works well)
Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘Don’t Take Any More’ Genetic Vaccines, Dangerous Foreign Spike Proteins ‘Lead To Chronic Disease’.
Very Concerning, Attorney Testifies to Compiled Adverse Vaccine Reaction Statistics Provided by Whistleblowers.
Empty Shelves Have Consequences, Canadian Multinational Business Groups Ask Government to Quickly Reverse Trucker Vaccine Mandate.
New York Supreme Court Strikes Down State Mask Mandate.
Full Video Discussion of Ron Johnson Panel, COVID-19 A Different Opinion.
Direct Rumble vid from above: COVID-19: A Second Opinion. (5 hrs testamony)
Fully Vaccinated Malta Reaches Record COVID-19 Death Rate.

23 Jan 2022: Dr. Robert Malone Claims COVID Vaccines Can Permanently Damage Children’s Brains, Hearts, Immune Systems.
vox- No Coverage for Vaccine Damage.
Dr Robert Malone and Robert Kennedy Jr Deliver Speeches at Washington DC Rally Against COVID Mandates.
Sunday Talks, Shot Goblin Anthony Faucissus Says Fourth Booster Entirely Conceivable.
A goodly number of COVID whistleblowers are suspiciously turning up dead.
There is a new “Stealth Omicron” which apparently is difficult to differentiate in routine tests from regular Omicron, but it is just as harmless, and spreads even faster.
Early evidence suggests Omicron infection could give people ‘superimmunity’ against future coronavirus variants.
Worth repeating – US military report states COVID-19 was created by a US-funded EcoHealth Alliance program at Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Wuhan collaborators ‘EcoHealth’ just received one of their largest ever grants, from Joe Biden’s government.
Former NYT journalist Bari Weiss slams tyrannical US public health response to COVID-19, saying this period will be “remembered as a catastrophic MORAL CRIME.”.
The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has demanded the full and immediate release of all data related to COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, saying it is in the public’s interest to do so.
Vaxxed- Jordan Michallet dead: France rugby star tragically passes away aged 29.
Investigation finds 300% increase in worldwide heart attack deaths among soccer players in 2021.
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, German physician and epidemiologist, has revealed individual batches of the Covid vaccinations have extremely varying toxicity levels, with some batches have toxicity levels up to 300 times other batches.
How to create a black market- Italian retirees could be forced to present a COVID pass to get their pension.
Israel, one of most vaccinated countries in the world, sets new COVID-19 case record.
just say no: Herpes zoster reactivation — a.k.a. shingles — following COVID-19 vaccination in six patients with comorbid autoimmune/inflammatory diseases may be a new adverse event associated with the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine.
Triple/Double Vaccinated account for 89% of all Covid-19 Cases in over 18’s in England over the past 4 weeks according to latest data.
All for show- Albert Bourla, chairman and chief executive of global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc., was awarded on Wednesday the prestigious $1 million Genesis Prize for his efforts in leading the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Large protest against vaccine passports in central Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
France, Ireland follow England in lifting of COVID restrictions as governments are recognizing ‘the pandemic is coming to an end.’.
Uhhh… wut? Wisconsin Judge amazingly rules seven health care workers cannot switch jobs, even though they are not bound by contract.
Horowitz: The very concerning data from Scotland.
Second-class- Unvaxxed Virginia man on transplant waiting list for five years denied kidney by female doctor.
The Covid data fraud is laughable at this point.
Lying liars- “Almost half of COVID hospitalizations of newly vaccinated occurred within 14 days… treated as unvaccinated in the stats.”. Lying with statistics 101: changing definitions.
The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren: History will not look kindly on this.
Canadian Trucker Blockage.
SHOCK: Thousands on Twitter Say They ‘Regret’ Getting the Vaccine — ‘Side-Effects Worse than COVID’

22 Jan 2022: Vox- Stay Out Of The Skys. Gab post here. App discussed here.
Triple Vaccinated put the most pressure on the NHS by far over the past 4 weeks according to UKHSA with 74% of Covid-19 hospitalizations recorded among the Vaccinated.
One Covid shot to rule them all, one Covid shot to find them…. Bad marketing
Medicare COVID-19 Vaccine Shot Payment– $40 pocketed per ClotShot given
Science- Vaccinated athletes perform worse than controls,
Dam Breaking: Small Businesses Band Together To Sue Mayor Over Vaccine Mandate.
State of mind- When You Lose Bill Maher, You’re Done.
Court ruling be damned: Citigroup, Carhartt, United Airlines maintain mark of the beast
Bombshell CDC Study: Natural Immunity Provides Significantly More Protection Against COVID Than Vaccination Only.
Moderna Stock Crashes – Losses Top $130 Billion, Stock Down 67% from Highs Last Year Following Lackluster COVID Vaccine Results.
“I’M DONE” Former NYT Journalist Bari Weiss Slams Tyrannical US Public Health Response to COVID-19 – This Period Will Be “Remembered as a Catastrophic MORAL CRIME” – (VID)
May or may not be vax related, but odd- In New Brunswick, Canada, a mysterious brain disease affects dozens of Canadians, causing teeth chattering and hallucinations, and entirely stumped doctors say it has been around for about 20 years, and they think it must be something in the environment.
Israel finds even a fourth shot of the vaccine is useless against the Omicron strain.
Who’s best interests? Virginia State Senate Democrats blocked a bill on Thursday that would have allowed healthcare providers to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to COVID patients, shutting down a public comment session and ordering Virginia Capitol Police officers to throw citizens out of the room.
Joy- China brings back anal swab testing for Covid two weeks before Winter Olympics begin.
When do they realize they are vax addicts? Israel, where many received 3rd and 4th boosters, reports 69,104 new Covid cases. The country has the highest daily cases per capita globally now.
“safe” UK medicine regulator confirms the Covid vaccines have caused 5 times more deaths in 12 months than every other vaccine combined has caused in 21 years.
Pfizer vaccine study noted, of 27 reported pregnancies, there were 28 dead babies, meaning that someone was pregnant with twins and that 100% of the unborn babies died.
From AC- And since the Spike protein “looks” like ACE2, and anti-spike antibodies will probably “take out” ACE2 as well, and ACE2 looks necessary for successful pregnancy,.
Shock and dismay… Science mag says, ‘In rare cases, Chinavirus vaccines may cause Long Covid-like symptoms.’.
Shocked… not- Teacher unions used the pandemic to funnel millions to divisive political groups according to the Government Accountability Institute.
In what may be the first legal case of its kind globally, a petitioner in India is seeking to prosecute Bill Gates, Indian vaccine czar Adar Poonawalla, and Indian government and public health officials over the death of a 23-year-old man who died after receiving AstraZeneca’s Covishield vaccine, alleging he died “due to [an] act of willful commission and omission attributable to some public servants who are misusing their position to bring policies to help the pharma mafia
Not gonna take it- Never in the history of Germany have there been more widespread protests than in these weeks. On the same day, protests against Covid restrictions took place in more than 1,000 locations nationwide. And the phenomenon is growing week by week.
Ireland to lift almost all Covid restrictions from tomorrow, Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin announced.
Good- Texas judge blocks Biden federal worker vaccine mandate.
Lawyers and nukes- Not a lawyer, but this website tells this story of a mother who used elected official’s Surety Bonds to threaten the insurance company which issued them with a massive lawsuit, so the insurance company would pressure a school district to revoke mask mandates.
Odysee video, ~15 min- Panel of MD’s talk about the ingredients in the vaccines and what effect they have on the body.
Calgary Starts to Feel the Pain of U.S-Canada Government Vaccine Mandate on Truckers.
A Note About the DC Metro Area Food Store Shortages That Must Be Emphasized.
DC Mayor Bowser Asks Residents to Begin Voluntary Rationing of Food at Grocery Stores.
Herpes zoster reactivation — a.k.a. shingles, New Side Effect From mRNA COVID Vaccines?
UK Statisticians Find Massive Death Spike During Covid ‘Vaccine’ Campaigns.
MIT scientist warns of major brain damage to kids from COVID shots.
The very concerning data from Scotland. Highest infection rate2xVaxxed, lowest PureBlood

21 Jan 2022: Evil and corrupt- Dr. Fauci Hopes COVID Vaccine Is Approved Soon for Children Under 5-Years-Old.
Good- 19-Year U.S Airman Files EO Case Against Air Force Officials After Facing Discharge and Loss of Retirement for Saying No to Biden’s Unconstitutional Vax Mandate.
Austria Takes a Step Toward Mandatory National Vaccines for All Adults 18 and Over.
‘Much Brighter Than Before’: COVID-19 Cases Plunge Across US.
Covid vaccine mandate for NHS staff could be ‘paused’ by Government over fears 70,000 workers would be sacked.
Texas Judge Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Federal Employees Nationwide.
Bogus tests- COVID rapid test shows a positive off regular tap water.
Evil- Austrian parliament votes to impose mandatory vaccines on all adults.
Good- New Hampshire pharmacies could soon dispense Ivermectin without doctor approval under new legislation.
mens reaResearcher calls out censorship after a COVID-19 vaccine adverse events analysis paper was withdrawn by the academic journal Elsevier without comment.
Peter Daszak worked for the CIA, and EcoHealth Alliance is a ‘CIA front organization.’
DHS to require non-U.S. individual travelers entering the United States at land ports of entry and ferry terminals to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Silencing dissent- PayPal shuts down its services for a variety of organizations opposed to Covid-19 vaccine mandates, including The Expose.
Such nice people- Virginia teachers threaten to bully maskless children.
California’s COVID gun store shutdowns ruled illegal.
Changing “Pandemic” definitions changes responses– Peter McCullough and more
Not Normal: 5-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021.
Canuks are insane- Canadian Mailman With Immunocompromised Wife Sent Home For Wearing N95 Mask While Working. Told to wear a cloth one….
Stew Peters-Flood Of Hospital Death Reports: 1000s Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murder.
20 cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease two weeks after pfizer jab. According to this man, more similar cases in Israel. (speaker is French)
Telegram Channel: They Say it’s Rare.
Covid Vaccination Under Criminal Investigation In England.

20 Jan 2022: Autopsy Confirms 26-Year-Old’s Death From Myocarditis Directly Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine.
10min vid- guy reporting on nano-tech found in the injections. auto-Translated.
Prior COVID infection more protective than vaccination during Delta surge -U.S. study
New Brazilian study on Ivermectin as a prophylaxis adds “antibacterial” and “anti-protozoan” to Ivermectin’s attributes.
I was deceived about COVID vaccine safety– joomi Kim
UK stat analysis- Unboostered Brits Infected and Dying at Higher Rates than Unvaccinated.
Frequent Boosters Spur Warning on Immune Response.
Large British Study Finds Risk of Myocarditis Doubles After Each mRNA Jab. Yup
Austrian Parliament Approves Mandatory Covid Vaccine For All Adults.
Stoking hate- Howard Stern Rips Unvaccinated Americans: ‘In My America,’ All Hospitals Would Be Closed To You — ‘Go Home And Die’
CDC admits natural immunity outperformed vaccines against the Delta strain.
At least 19 federal agencies consider tracking religious exemption requests from vaccine mandates.
Pfizer has an R&D lab on the Wuhan Institute campus, and employs Chinese Communist Party members.
600 Austrian law enforcement officers have written to the Austrian Interior Minister, requesting that proposals for forced vaccination be withdrawn and that prejudice against the unvaccinated be ended.
That’s not good- Pediatric cardiologist says vaccine mandates may kill children, lead to ‘sudden cardiac death
Student mocks school board masking mandates for 3 minutes.
UK stats Freedom of information revelation– only 17k w/o comorbidity.
British Medical Journal: Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now.
Over 1000 published studies provide evidence that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are DANGEROUS. Same Monster list, alternate location.
song/vid- Silence: The story of COVID vaccine victims.

19 Jan 2022: MSNBC: “Covid Tests Don’t Do What You Think They Do, Dr #Fauci Explains”.
Vox Boosters 4 and 5 on the way. “Believers from non-believers”… definitely not a cult.
COVID Lab-Leak Whitewash Has Been ‘The Death Of Science’ Says Professor Who Found ‘Unique Fingerprints’
Unz- Covid Deaths and Vaxxing Deaths.
COVID-19 Daily Updates in NSW Australia Reveal Most Recent COVID Deaths Were Vaccinated Citizens.
Analysis of CDC Data CONFIRMS MASSIVE 40% Spike in Deaths Among 18-49 Year-Olds Over the Past Year – Still Unexplained.
Israel Study Finds 4th Booster Shot Ineffective, Moderna and Biotech Stocks Are Cratering.
Ijit- Justice Sonia Sotomayor is working remotely because Gorsuch refuses to wear a face mask in court.
odd timing- The Biden administration will be distributing hundreds of millions of free N95 masks from the Strategic National Stockpile.
who is paying for it? Who is paying the pols to enforce it? Rwanda forcibly vaccinating people against COVID, victims say.
Color me skeptical- People are hiding that their unvaccinated loved ones died of COVID.
Courts=/=Justice- Supreme Court rejects bid to block mask mandate on airplanes.
well, well, well- DOJ documents obtained by Judicial Watch confirm the existence of communications between the FBI & Pfizer about Project Veritas.
Can’t speak against das Narrative- The United Talent Agency (UTA) confirmed to Mediaite on Monday that Fox Nation host Lara Logan was dropped by the agency several weeks ago after she made compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele on air.
The latest CDC report shows a peak of the 7 day moving average for daily new COVID cases on 13 January, and declines since then, indicating Omicron peaked on Jan 13th.
unofficial Narrative spokesman speaks- CNN suggests that doing your own research is “idiotic” and only they can tell you what’s fact.
Majority of ‘270 doctors’ who signed letter demanding Spotify take action against Joe Rogan are not medical doctors.
Covid19 vaccine mortality.
Covid19 vaccines: Adverse effects & Uncertainty. 95%+ chance serious problem 1:30550
Armstrong- Another Domino Falls – Canada Eliminates Trucker Vaccine Mandate.
The above may or may not be accurate at the time of this publishing.
Meanwhile- BC Has Quietly Changed Its COVID-19 Restrictions & Now There’s No End Date For Closures. Tyranny forever?
And then corrected-
The Death Document – Evidence the UK Government authorised “mass murder” of the Elderly and Vulnerable by Midazolam injection and then blamed Covid-19.
The system is set up for hospitals to profit from COVID.
If Dr. Andrew Huff is telling the truth, Fauci, Collins, and Daszak are not covering up the lab origin only for themselves, but also for the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Government.”

18 Jan 2022:
Incentives-DR. Bryan Ardis “FAUCI knowingly committed genocide using REMDESIVIR.
From NPR(!)- More Vaxxed People Are Acting As If They’re ‘Done’ With The Pandemic.
Good; in international criminal court- Criminal charges of violating Nuremberg Code filed against Fauci, Gates, CEO’s of Moderna and Pfizer, Klaus Schwab, et al.
Nothing creepy here- HHS Drops Reporting of Daily COVID-19 Deaths and Adds Pediatric Reporting Guidelines.
Yes, you can test positive for COVID-19 on PCR tests for up to 12 weeks after infection.
Truckers say ‘enjoy your shortages’ as Canada border mandate takes effect.
MIT scientist: This beastly jab really could be the big one.
Et tu, Carhartt? – they have an employee vax mandate, blowing up bigtime.
Israel: So much for that 4th booster.
Shades of gulag- MIT-educated doctor who treated COVID patients with Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine has license suspended… must undergo psychiatric evaluation ‘for spreading misinformation’.
Not normal, eh? A mom reveals her breastmilk went GREEN when she got Covid but insists it’s still safe for her baby.
COVID lockdown coerced vaccination protests reach new level (77000 or more) in Germany with small counter protests starting.
In some states the deaths of people between the age of 18 and 49 in 2021 increased by as much as 65% compared to the same period in 2018 and 2019.
US Military documents say Ivermectin “works throughout all phases of illness.”
several interesting things in the case- Minnesota COVID-19 patient flown to Texas after judge orders doctors to not disconnect him from life-preserving ventilation.
They want you dead- In Europe, the unvaccinated have been forced to create underground groups that signal the location of vaccination police just to be able to eat a meal, buy groceries or have any semblance of a normal life.
Growing numbers- A list of 453 Athlete cardiac arrests and serious issues, with 263 dead following COVID vaccines.
Totally normal- Pedro Martinez & Federico Delbonis rushed to the aid of a vaccinated ball kid who collapsed at the Australian Open.
Only 3,774 under 65 actually died of covid in the UK in the last two years!Scary.
Culling retirees? Greece requires people 60 and over to either get vaccinated or pay monthly fines of 50 euros ($57) this month and a 100 euro ($114) monthly fine going forward.
related- Jim Jordan pledges to investigate Fauci if Republicans retake House in 2022.
Not shocked- Oxfam report says Australian billionaires and world’s richest men have doubled wealth during pandemic.
Reasons, or excuse? China halts all foreign mail due to the COVID threat.
Working the timing? China is banning people from exiting the country, including U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents to prevent any virus spread, according to reports.
The insane stupid, it burns- Canadian senator tells citizen her existence ‘scares’ him after she questioned legality of vax passports.
STUDY: mRNA vaccines present “tragic and even catastrophic” side effects.
Ya’ think? Israeli vaccine chief: “We have made mistakes”.
Remember how health authorities said serious vaccine side effects always will be seen fast? Turns out that’s not true…
Alberta accidentally confessed, are now trying to cover up all the vax injuries in the data.
Kirsch- Observations from an experienced nurse about the COVID vaccines.
New West Charter School LA Caught Abusing Young Unvaccinated Girls – Denied Chairs, Forced to Sit Outside on Pavement, Not Allowed to Use Restrooms.
ALL Residents of IL Will Be INVOLUNTARILY Entered Into Vax Database If HB 4244 Passes.
Disabled Woman in Wheelchair ARRESTED by NYPD in Bubba Gump Shrimp for REFUSAL TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION! Vid

17 Jan 2022: Slow Rolling Trucker Vaccine Protest Begins at Manitoba U.S. Border Crossing
‘270 Doctors’ Call Out Joe Rogan – Vast Majority Of Signatories Are Not Medical Doctors.
Tyrant wanna-be’s want to enslave. Shocked face- Poll Finds Close To Half Of Democratic Voters Want COVID Internment Camps For The Unvaxx’d.
Good- Triple-vaxxed top US general gets Covid-19.
Stand up for your rights, fight the vax passport BS. Boston gal shows how it’s done.
Malaysian Health Ministry Recorded 25 Cases of Myocarditis within 21 Days After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine.
FDA tells Pfizer more people are in the hospital for vaccine injuries than Covid 19.
W.H.O. Concedes the Covid Virus Is Just Like the Flu! 500k Americans Dead From Vaccine!
Help us spread the word about Maddie de Garay and the Trusted News Initiative.
More Bad News: The New Vaccines Disrupt Menstrual Cycles. Naomi Wolf was right.
Study, Fourth Shot of COVID Vaccine Ineffective at Preventing Omicron Infection.
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden Takes a Stand for Texas Patients.
Editorial board of Salt Lake Tribune calls for the Governor to use the National Guard against the unvaccinated.
Somehow I doubt this- Unvaccinated who get COVID-19 are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized than the vaccinated.
Evil. They won’t do anything, and they won’t let anyone else try- Daniel Pisano is dying of COVID-19, he’s been on ventilator for 28 days at the Mayo Clinic, he has less than a 5% chance of survival, his wife and son want him treated with the COVID plan recommended by Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) which includes Ivermectin, the Mayo Clinic refused to let their doctor see him and administer it, and a court just backed up the Mayo Clinic.
Premeditation- Red States tended to get hot batches of vaccines.
Deaths among male teens increased by 53% following Covid-19 vaccination in 2021 and the death spikes correlate perfectly with the uptake of dose 1, 2 & 3.
Screwing things down- France will require people to have a certificate of vaccination to enter public places like restaurants, cafes, cinemas and long-distance trains.
vaxxed, of course- Céline Dion cancels North American leg of world tour as she recovers from ‘severe and persistent muscle spasms.’.
Anti-vax posters with impressive production value pop up all over DC overnight.
Two Omicron studies, one from South Africa, one in the USA, are fantastic news that should end mandates and restrictions.
Good- Ex-head of UK vaccine taskforce says it is a waste of time’ to keep vaccinating people
MIT scientist: This beastly jab really could be the big one.
Maybe- Lol, WHAT? After all that Covid tyranny, Australia has now decided to ‘let Covid rip’.
Yup- Therapist: Face masks cause speech delays in children.
Covid Jabs Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease in Young People, MIT Scientist Warns.
“They Should Do Everything They Can To Avoid The Vaxx”.
“Through the prion-like action of the spike protein, we will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases… these diseases will show up… among younger and younger populations, in years to come
Opinion- 15 Worst Covid Lies That Have Been Completely Exposed for All the World to See.
Kirsch- Five nurses speak out about what is really going on in hospitals.
The Vax Lot saga continues… Answers Qs like: are 5% of VAX LOTs causing 100% of deaths?
FOIA docs reveal Pfizer shot caused avalanche of miscarriages, stillborn babies.
Stew Peters- WHO said to not use Remdesivir on Covid patients.
MIT scientist points to possible link between COVID vaccine and Parkinson’s.

16 Jan 2022: yup- Red states getting more toxic batches– Paardekooper
If they are not ashamed, why secret? Pfizer: Francis Held Two Secret Meetings.
60x is BIG- Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out.
They want you dead- Family Fights for Ivermectin for Dying Loved One, Courts Say ‘No’.
Rhetorical- Is Masking Kids At School Working? (no)
Yup- “Waste Of Time” To Keep Vaccinating People: Ex-Head Of UK Vaccine Taskforce.
Uh, no- Utah’s Largest Newspaper Calls For Unvaxxed To Endure Draconian Lockdowns Enforced By National Guard. They are really poking the bear hard.
Rules for thee- The woman who led the Government unit tasked with drawing up Covid-19 restrictions was thrown a “boozy” leaving party during the Christmas lockdown that dozens of officials attended freely.
Rules for thee- Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand strolled into an upstate eatery maskless, in violation of a statewide mandate, according to video footage posted by the irate restaurateur.
Create division- Utah prioritizes non-whites for Monoclonal Antibody treatment.
Make it hurt- SSM Health, a nominally Catholic health system that operates 23 hospitals across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, drops race-based treatment protocols after legal challenge.
What changed? Worldwide heart attack deaths among pro-footballers in 2021 were 300% higher than the 12-year-average.
They want you dead- A Maine medical licensing board has temporarily suspended the license of a veteran physician for allegedly spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19 as it conducts a 30-day investigation that will require her to undergo a psychological examination.
Good- UK looks to scrap Chinavirus passports as Omicron wave fades.
Washington State considering forced Covid quarantines using armed officers.
A history of being wrong, and in charge- A 36 second video of Fauci in the early 1980s saying people in close contact of people with AIDS could get it.
Conflict of interest-  Leaked Fauci financials expose how millionaire doctor profited from the pandemic.
Would not be surprised- Robert Malone asks if Alex Berenson may have been paid to launch an attack on his credentials on Fox News during a discussion about censorship.
interesting- New company develops an extended release injection of Ivermectin for prophylactic use.
Virginia’s new GOP Governor ends the vaccine mandate for state employees, and mask mandates in schools.
Poll: 45 % of Dems endorse camps for unvaxxed, 55 % support fines, 59 % back house arrest… 75% favor Fauci.
University of Chicago students pen the best anti-vaxx, anti-mandate letter you’ll ever read.
Anne B- So you’ve got the Coof. Here’s your protocol, soldier.
AJ DePriest uncovers the enormous Covid bribes to all Ed and hospitals from FedGov.
Autopsy Reveals Death of 26-Year-Old Man Who Developed Myocarditis was Due to Pfizer Vaccine.
Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide, Prospective, Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects Using Propensity Score Matching. TLDR= It works.
Vaccine Mandate for Cross Border Trucking Now in Effect, Mandate for Domestic Trucking Begins in a Week, Prepare Your Affairs Accordingly.
That’s a really rich reason- Australian Government Deports Unvaccinated Tennis Player Novak Djokovic Citing His Threat to Social Cohesion.
Karl Denninger- Oh Look, MORE BS!

15 Jan 2022: US data from VAERS, video- Govt. Data Reveals Over 946K People Suffered Injuries Or Death From COVID-19 Vaccinations.
Alberta just inadvertently confessed to fiddling the COVID vaccination stats.
Stay Away from the Vaxxed, It is official, from Pfizer’s own Documents. (likely fear porn)
Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide, Prospective, Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects Using Propensity Score Matching (44% infection rate reduction)
Vaccines Not Durable, Omicron Might Turn COVID-19 Endemic: Bill Gates
13,000 National Guard in 48 states have been activated to support vaccinations.
Interesting- Rand Paul on Twitter points to an article that notes – “Fauci knew that Chinese were working on inserting COVID furin cleavage site and worked to cover it up and label critics as ‘conspiracy theorists.’”.
Related-  the furin sequence in question is a common feature in Moderna patents, implying a possible genetic engineering fingerprint common to Moderna may have been found inside COVID-19 when it emerged.
Adam Housley – The Biden Admin used 2 executive orders to task the Selective Service System to collect records related to vaccination status and who requests medical/religious exemption. Data was also collected on individuals from personnel at medical facilities. Info was authorized to be divulged without consent of the individual. Info was going to be used to determine if the individual can gain access to a federal facility, be hired for federal employment, be retained as a federal employee, or be issued a security clearance.”
Repeat, but important- Life insurance company in France argues it does not have to pay out on a Vaccine death because the side effects of the Corona jabs are known and published and the deceased took part in an experiment at his own risk, given Covid-19 in itself is not classed as a “critical illness.”
Evil- they should hang- Toronto is going to start vaccinating the kids in the schools.
Good- Indiana House Bill 1372 allows a physician or advanced practice registered nurse to create a standing order that allows a pharmacist to dispense Ivermectin to treat Covid-19.
conflicted- Reuters rushed to spin Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s recent comments on his company’s vaccine in a so-called “Fact Check” and failed to disclose that a senior executive in the Reuters apparatus happens to sit on Pfizer’s board of directors.
How big? Health departments in several states confirmed to The Epoch Times that they are looking into a steep surge in the mortality rate for people aged 18 to 49 in 2021—a majority of which are not linked to COVID-19.
of course- Rasmussen finds that while many voters have become skeptical toward the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of Democrats embrace restrictive policies, including punitive measures against those who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.
Their insanity is showing- Tenured Michigan university professor, 74, who wore a ‘space helmet’ AND mask for Zoom class is placed on leave for calling students ‘vectors of disease’ for wanting to attend in-person learning in a profanity-laced rant.
Noticing- Another reporter in Buenos Aires keels over live on air while reporting on scene.
2nd class citizens- Women are being denied IVF Treatment if they are Unvaccinated in Scotland.
What’s the real play? US Government offers free at-home COVID test kits. simple kickbacks? Harvesting DNA? Deliberately lots of false positives to spread FUD?
Knowing the truth here is nearly impossible- The Chinese state propaganda outlet reported on Thursday that authorities in the locked-down metropolis of Xi’an had shut down two hospitals for three months, despite the Chinese coronavirus situation there being so severe that authorities largely ban people from leaving their homes because they were implicated in separate cases of patients enduring severe health conditions losing their lives because the hospitals refused to treat them.
Labor Shortage Hits CVS, Walgreens, Forcing Pharmacies To Close Early.
Teachers Across France Stage Mass Walkout Over Govt’s Ever-Changing COVID-19 Rules.
RSV More Prevalent Than COVID-19 In Colorado Children: Chief Medical Officer.
It was always political- Democrats Moving Away From Lockdown Restrictions Over Fears Of Being Crushed Politically.
Scott Atlas: Denial Of Natural Immunity In CMS Vaccine Mandate “Unprecedented In Modern History”.
They don’t respond to science, only pain- Hospital System Drops Race-Based COVID Treatment Policy After Lawsuit Threats.
The party of tolerance and diversity- Democratic Voters Support Harsh Measures Against Unvaccinated… and slavery, and communism, and BLM riots.

14 Jan 2022: Louisiana Nurse Blows the Whistle: “We Have Had More Children Die from the COVID Vaccine Than of COVID Itself
Triple/Double Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Cases, Hospitalisations & Deaths since November.
Vox- KillShot in Canada. Orig story here. Obvious why they redef’d “vaccinated.” Archived.
Vox- lockdowns, Covid and Corporate Cancer. Orig thread here. They are weak.
Karl Denninger- But We Have To Do SOMETHING! Leadership in the “pandemic.”
Long comment to a Taibbi article– why the vax is bad. Some excellent links & points.
Leaky vaccines are bad.
Spike proteins are pathogenic 1.
Spike proteins are pathogenic 2.
GOP Senator Demands DoD Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Over Covid-19 Origins.
Watch: MSNBC’s Reid Again Calls For Denying Medical Care To The Unvaxx’d.
Gov Whitmer admin significantly undercounted Michigan nursing home COVID deaths, state auditor finds– by maybe as much as 40%.
Yup. The CDC has said from jump only 6 percent of the total deaths are from Covid only.
Techno Fog: New documents reveal early beliefs that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered.
“How Bad is my Batch” The story of my vaccine injury.
Experts Accuse Govt Of ‘Manipulating’ Vaccine Data, Claim Up To 300,000 Deaths By Vax>
Saturday Night Fight.. At The Pharmacy– Pierre Kory about Ivermectin prescriptions.
Dr Peter Daszak, of the EcoHealth Alliance, which spearheaded the gain of function research in Wuhan, after the Pentagon refused it as illegal, worked for the CIA.
Pretty amazing article at Epoch Times on the vax’s risks. Very long and technical.
A great Fauci video over at the Feral Irishman, featuring him discussing the gain of function research NIAID does, and then denying NIAID has ever done any gain of function research.
mRNA tech founder Robert Malone reveals he got a shot from one of Moderna’s hot batches and it sent his blood pressure so high it almost killed him.
Full court press- Robert Malone’s doctor had her license to practice medicine suspended for spreading “misinformation.”.
Evil, not ‘science’- Meet Taylor Nichols, MD, an emergency medicine physician in Sacramento and co-founder of No License For Disinformation (NLFD), an organization dedicated to revoking the medical license of any doctor that tells the truth about the dangers of the vaccine, masking, and mandates.
Omicron 91 percent less likely to be fatal compared to Delta: CDC study.
Sad- Tampa Bay Rays Catcher Jean Ramirez dead at 28 after the team sponsored a ‘vaccinate at the plate.’.
All vaxxed- Three players drop out of Australian Tennis Open with chest issues while Novak Djokovic awaits his fate.
Because Judges always know best- A Canadian father who has not been vaccinated against Covid has temporarily lost the right to see his 12-year-old child. A judge ruled his visits would not be in the child’s “best interest.”.
outsourcing tyranny- Joe Biden begs social media companies, to censor ‘disinformation on your shows.’.
Congressional members send scathing letter to the CDC Director and Secretaries of Defense and Health and Human Services demanding answers on COVID-19 origin and ‘Top Secret’ DARPA report revealed by Project Veritas reporting.
Supreme Court blocks OSHA’s vaccine mandate until it can be heard, saying it is likely to be overturned.
Making examples, hoping to scare the rest- Army has relieved six active-duty leaders, including two battalion commanders, for refusing vaccine.
Study finds hydroxychloroquine the advancement of the least treatable form of multiple sclerosis.
Silencing Dissent- Dr. Anthony Fauci and then-National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins reportedly pressured a group of scientists to abandon a paper they were authoring on the origins of COVID-19 and the possibility that COVID-19 was “genetically manipulated” and could have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Ground report from Israel says the COVID insanity is topping out, and maxing out the tyranny.
Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.
Maybe. News keeps changing- Canada drops COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its truckers after pressure from the industry.
Representing the people, eh? Ex-officers up to 70 years of age are being pulled out of retirement in Upper-Austria to help enforce national lockdown rules in the province.
Eh… no. Financial Times says “anti-vax sentiment” in the West is being fueled by Russia & China and governments should begin psychological operations against their own people to counter this.
Bombshell Admission — The COVID Tests Don’t Work. dr Joseph Mercola.
Shocker (not) Fully Vaccinated Australians In Hospital For COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated.

Ugly- COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 42 (UK, 2xvax damages immune system)
the UK Department of Health admits on page 23 that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who become infected after two doses of vaccination”. It goes on to say that this drop in antibodies is essentially permanent. What does this mean? We know that vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus (indeed, the report elsewhere shows that vaccinated adults are now much more likely to be infected than unvaccinated ones). The British now find that the vaccine interferes with the body’s ability to make antibodies after infection not only against the spike protein but also against other parts of the virus. In particular, vaccinated people do not appear to form antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein, the envelope of the virus, which is a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people. In the long term, the vaccinated are far more susceptible to any mutations in the spike protein, even if they have already been infected and cured once or more. The unvaccinated, on the other hand, will gain lasting, if not permanent, immunity to all strains of the alleged virus after being naturally infected with it even once.

13 Jan 2022: Vaccine Passports, Food Insecurity and the Law of Unintended Consequences
White House Calls on Businesses to Ignore Supreme Court Decision on Vaccination and Force the Vaccine Mandate Regardless of Constitutional Merit.
It is all so tiresome- Canada Drops Trucker Vaxx Mandate at Last Minute, But Retains Vaxx Mandate for American Truckers.
Only certain Covid vax lots caused all the deaths, impossible, exposes criminal intent. Vid
What’s Going On? Parts 1-3; Mass Vaccination Injuries Caught On Tape.
Veritas Documents Reveal DC Bureaucrats Had Evidence Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Were Effective in Treating COVID — BUT HID THIS FROM PUBLIC.
Makes total sense- After Firing Unvaxxed Healthcare Workers, California Tells Covid-Positive Medical Workers to Stay on the Job.
Investigation Launched After 13-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Dies – Mother Blames Pfizer Vaccine.
‘Pandemic of The Vaccinated’: Latest UK Health Data Shows Vaccinated Deaths Higher than Unvaccinated Deaths in Last Three Months!
discrimination- Minneapolis, St. Paul to Require Proof of Vaccination to Enter Bars, Restaurants, Theaters, Gyms and More.
Rules for thee- The British Prime Minister, his wife, and 38 or so of his closest political associates are confirmed to have broken the lockdown laws.
WA state refused assistance to clear snow from roadways due to a county not mandating vaccines for their employees.
Too late, buddy- Pfizer is making copyright claims on websites to remove their CEO’s video comments that two doses of their covid vaccine offers “limited protection, if any.”.
Scare-mongering- US man claims his penis has shrunk due to rare Covid side effect, where blood clots cause tissue death and shrinkage, I’d guess from scarring.
conflict of interests abound- Roger Marshall, R-Kan., is doubling down on a contentious tussle with Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday by once again requesting, this time in the form of a letter, the top White House medical adviser provide financial disclosure forms.
Huh- 13% mortality rate in vaccinated cancer patients with breakthrough COVID-19.
Good- COVID’s ability-to-infect plunges 90% after 20 minutes in the air, a new study from the University of Bristol’s Aerosol Research Center shows.
What to believe is a real problem for all of us. A newspaper in Denmark has publicly apologized for reporting government narratives surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic without questioning them.
A courageous woman has taken up the task of investigating and reporting injuries from the Pfizer COVID jab that the media have ignored in her home country of Israel, where the government has administered the shot almost ubiquitously.
mostly vaxxed, too- 3,000 United Airlines employees call out sick with Chinavirus.
Will be widely ignored, I’m betting- Italy bans unvaccinated from all public transport under new rules.
Good. Now the World Health Organization has waved the white flag on Covid vaccine boosters too.
‘The deaths that we’re seeing now are still from Delta’: CDC chief says the Omicron variant is NOT responsible for the 1,700 daily Covid deaths in the US.
Former President Donald Trump, who is triple-vaccinated, said in a new interview that he didn’t understand why people who had caught COVID-19 would ever get vaccinated unless they’re old or immunocompromised.
Related, parasites can change behavior- Hyenas infected with T. gondii go closer to lions and are more likely to get killed.
Supreme Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate for Businesses, Upholds Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers.
All The Wrong Moves – Western Australia Triggers Full Society Lockdown for All Unvaccinated Citizens, Harshest Measures in All of Nation.
Ivermectin- Oral vs IV vs Sub-Q.
Unvaxxed Canadian loses right to see his child.
Pennsylvania: Unmasked parents refused entry into school board meeting by the Blue YT.
Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches, and Autopsies Reveal Covid-19 Jab Genocide at Cory’s Digs.
Wuhan Lab’s Top Bat Coronavirus Researcher Lists Grants From Fauci’s NIAID On Resume.
Well. Ivermectin appears to work on fatty liver disease, hypercholesterolemia, and may help with diabetes. Is there anything it can’t do?
Oh Snap, Canadian Trucker Vaccine Mandate is Back On – All Cross Border Truckers Will Need Proof of Vaccine Starting January 15th.
Biden Asks Social Media Companies to Crack Down on Any Vaccine Discussion That Does Not Comply with Official Government Narrative.

12 Jan 2022: EU REGULATORS: COVID Boosters ‘Could Adversely Affect,’ ‘Eventually Weaken The Immune System’. Gee, ya’ think?
Quebec to Heavily Tax the Unvaxxed.
End mass jabs and just live with Covid, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce.
A mystery- Tampa Bay Rays catcher, 28, “dies suddenly”… no cause of death released.
Twitter thread: Why the vaxx is so much worse than simply a gene-altering mystery fluid that doesn’t do anything against Chinese lung herpes.
Federal agencies prepare “increasingly harsh measures” against unvaxxed plebs.
Feel the love- Ronald McDonald House evicts unvaxxed family of 4-yr-old with cancer.
An intramuscular vaxx targeting antibodies was never going to work.
Argentina: 3-year-old girl dies of heart attack one day after taking mandatory Covid vaccine for school.
Valentina Boscardin: Double-vaxxed 18-year-old model develops blood clots, dies from “COVID-19”.
Here’s what a blood clot looks like when liquid blood turns into a semi-solid gelatinous mass inside your body.
Stunning Testimony By Former ICU Nurse: “Everyone Who Died With COVID Should Be Considered Murdered”.
Brazilian girl, 13, deteriorates rapidly and dies after Pfizer shot… heartbroken mother is outraged.
“She was never sick before the vaccine, but after vaccination, she was always sick.”
Hospital databases confirm VAERS data: Huge increase in vaxx injuries…
BoJo and PartyGate confirmed.
LAWRENCE SELLIN: New Pentagon Papers Show COVID Is Bioweapon Made in China Paid for and Developed by US Scientists Who Then Covered It Up While Pushing Flawed Public Health Policies.
Dr Mike Yeadon, and others equally competent, however feel it is an experiment working out something bad they want for everyone else:
This will be used at the trial- A twitter thread with more on the above lethal dosing baseline
Bad pope- Pope pushes the ‘moral obligation’ of COVID shots, and calls for ‘reality therapy’ against ‘baseless’ info.
Ya think? European Union regulators warned that frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune system and may not be feasible.
Quebec to impose a health tax on unvaccinated Canadians.
Just the beginning- German police use Covid-tracking data to hunt down witnesses to man’s death by tracking restaurant customers’ movements through vaccine passports.
Ronald McDonald House is evicting children with cancer if they are not vaccinated.
Likely setting up for False Flag ops with patsies- British “Anti-vax” ex-soldiers are teachings hundreds to wage ‘war’ on the government and preparing them for ‘direct action.’.
Scientists are seeing signals that COVID-19′s alarming omicron wave may have peaked in Britain and is about to do the same in the U.S., at which point cases may start dropping off dramatically. What will they push to keep fear going, then?
Good- Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Luc Montagnier says Omicron makes Biden’s vaccine mandates obsolete.
Wrong again- CDC Considering Altering Masking Guidance to Recommend N95, KN95.
COVID loses 50% of ability to infect after 10 seconds in office air, according to a new study.
I like the “bodies” taking a smoke break vids embedded here today.
Not sure where this is going- China locks down 3rd city, raising affected to 20 million.
Nationwide Surge In Deaths Among People Aged 18-49: A State by State Overview.
Dr. John Campbell International data agrees Omicron is taking over, hospitalizations, etc.
Documentary: ‘I Am Not Misinformation’ | Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Events.

11 Jan 2022: US record breaking cases and hospitalizations (YT, Dr. John Campbell)
Stay Classy- LA Times Columnist Says Mocking Anti-Vaxxers Deaths is “Necessary”.
If the disease, then likely the vaxx, too- Risk for Newly Diagnosed Diabetes >30 Days After SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Persons Aged <18 years .
Changing narrative- Athletes Who Had COVID Will Be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ NCAA Says in New Guidelines.
Heated Exchange Between Senator Rand Paul and Notorious Liar Dr Anthony Fauci.
Vox- Project Veritas publishes DARPA papers, confirm Karl Denninger has been saying.
Related by Karl Denninger- I…TOLD…. YOU…. SO!
Ivermectin ‘Works Throughout All Phases’ Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents.
COVID Survival Rate For Under 20s Is 99.9987%; Stanford Epidemiology Prof Study.
Project Veritas turns up documents showing DARPA specifically rejected the Ecohealth Alliance Gain of Function research in Wuhan Fauci went on to support.
Deflection and obfuscation- Spike in autoimmune diseases blamed on fast food. Lies.
Bob Saget, who was just found dead, noted in a recent podcast he had just gotten his booster. Maybe not unlike Betty White.
So nice- Los Angeles Times says anti-vaxers who die should be mocked for having gotten their “just desserts.”.
As expected- The data indicates COVID vaccines cause more COVID cases per million and more deaths per million.
Old news- Pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine.
That’s a lot- Two thirds of COVID deaths had at least six comorbidities.
Post Office holds woman’s foreign shipment of Ivermectin at the request of the FDA.
Physiology is complex- A potential COVID-19 survival benefit is suggested in association with initiation or continuation of an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE-I), an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB), or metformin for hospitalized patients, according to a study published in the December issue of The BMJ.
What to believe? Experts are casting doubts over reports of a new possible Covid-19 mutation that appeared to be a combination of both the delta and omicron variants, dubbed as “deltacron,” saying it’s more likely that the “strain” is the result of a lab processing error.
Don’t let them bully you- under the law, anyone with a disability is entitled to have a supporter with them in the hospital despite quarantine rules.
This will go over well- Now China seals off the city of Tianjin as the Omicron outbreak intensifies, with the Olympics just weeks away.
New York’s daily COVID cases plateau at 50,000 as test positivity rate has dropped by a tenth, sparking hopes Omicron surge is burning out.
Totally legit science- Dr. Anthony Fauci’s division of the National Institutes of Health paid over $200,000 during the coronavirus pandemic for researchers to study why transgender women have high rates of HIV by injecting male monkeys with female hormones to make them transgender.
Hmmm- Appearing on the Fox News Channel, Gristedes CEO John Catsimatidis warned of a possible shortage of meat and eggs as a growing number of Omicron coronavirus variant cases puts pressure on the supply chain in the United States.
AJ DePriest uncovers enormous Covid bribes to all education hosp from US Govt.
Stew Peters: No Vials Are Safe, Full Stops: Terminate Covid-Injection Program Now.
Internal hospital data confirm a huge increase in patients with vaccine side effects in 2021.
Boomerang of the century and timeline of knowledge and events.
Project Veritas docs showing they knew a long time ago ivermectin works. PDF.
Premeditated Manslaughter of Millions of People Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone Respond to Project Veritas (VIDEO)
The Atlantic: More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done’.
More Good News on Ivermectin (it works in all stages)
escalation- Victoria, Australia Announces Vaccinated Workers Must Get Booster Shot in 30 Days or Will be Fired.
we have an official religion of demon worship and human sacrifice. Blog post, death stats.

10 Jan 2022: Ireland – NPHET ‘to discuss mandatory vaccinations’ as virus hospital patients top 1,000 in grim milestone.
Nurses Reveal What’s Really happening In US Hospitals Right Now.
They hate purebloods- Time to raise the price for those who still won’t get vaxxed.
Biden administration cuts Florida’s weekly monoclonal antibodies shipment in half.
Fear-porn until the end- Health expert urges caution after blood-testing firm claims ‘pandemic is over’ in Alberta hamlet.
They lie, but when caught… CDC Director Wallensky corrects liberal Justice Sotomayor’s wildly false claim that ‘over 100,000 children are seriously ill with COVID, many on ventilators,’ noting, ‘3,500 kids are in hospital, not 100,000.’.
NOT normal- A mind-blowing bar graph on myocarditis over the years, over at Red Ice’s Telegram.
Just say “F NO!” Moderna is working on an annual ‘combination’ vaccine which could inoculate Britons against both Covid and flu as early as next year.
Dr. Robert Malone: COVID Dogma, Media Fearmongering, and ‘Mass Formation’ Hypnosis of Society.
COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality. Megalist, more than 1000 studies.
Kirsch- “80% of airline pilots aren’t going to take the booster”.
CDC Director Walensky Admits the Vast Majority of COVID Deaths Had Not One, Not Two, Not Three – But “At Least FOUR” Comorbidities.
Excellent explanation to covid and the vaccine (vax the planet, Bitchute 11 min vid).
Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath YT
Research Study Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Confirms the Safety of Continuous Administration of Ivermectin. The study started last September 2020 and ended last March 2021. Bastards.
New-onset autoimmune phenomena post-COVID-19 vaccination.
Pfizer CEO Now Admits Two Dose Vaccine Offers No Protection Against Infection or Severe Disease, Third Dose May Reduce Hospitalization.
Project Veritas Obtains Hidden Military Documents Showing NIH Intent to Create SARS-CoV-2, Using Gain of Function Research. If the consensus popular view becomes they did this, then released it in Wuhan, both governments fall.
Report Links Ballooning Fatalities to “Specific Batches” of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

09 Jan 2022: BBC News “forgot” to tell you that official data shows the Triple/Double Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in December.
“I Do Not Want To Have A Vaccination”: NHS Doctor Tells UK Health Secretary On Camera.
Significant number of New York’s ‘Covid hospitalizations’ admitted ‘for non-COVID-19 conditions’.
They know, they don’t want the evidence- CDC not investigating myocarditis death of 13-year-old days after Pfizer shot, emails reveal.
Scottish newspaper pitches Covid-19 ‘internment camps’. Trial balloon?
Omicron could be 100x LESS deadly than seasonal flu.
Citigroup (female CEO) announces new vicious and brutal vaccine mandate.
Canada mulls mandatory jab for all.
CDC Director Walensky Refutes Justice Sotomayor’s Statement That “Over 100,000 Children” Are Hospitalized Due to Covid, with “Many on Ventilators” (VIDEO)
Chaos Reigns In Schools From Chicago To NYC As Thousands Of Students Miss Classes.
Kirsch- The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids.
Nursing Baby Died With Blood Clots, Inflamed Arteries Following Mother’s Pfizer Shot, VAERS Report Says.
The female reproductive issues in VAERS – why is this even a thing?
Early treatment book is now available on Amazon. “Overcoming the Covid darkness”
Sunday Talks, Neil Oliver Interviews Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr Mike Yeadon. (5 min)
Groovy. In about a week the Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate will mean around 30,000 cross-border truckers will be forced to shut down, eliminating cross border trade with Canada, which it is predicted will have rippling effects, possibly crushing the US economy, due to interdependency produced by USMCA.
Could be interesting- James O’Keefe promises the release of explosive never before seen whistleblower documents next week, all on Dr. Fauci.
For unvaxxed. Omicron peak is expected to crest at end of January. What about the vaxed?
Goody- Scientists identify Chinavirus strain in Cyprus that blends Delta and Omicron.
Of course- Moderna CEO says fourth vaccine dose may be needed next fall.
Still not a good deal- Australia now offering up to $600k in compensation for Aussies seriously injured by Covid-19 vaccines.
BBC News “forgot” to tell you that official data shows the triple/double vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths in December.
Over 1,000 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals say the vaccines are dangerous.
yup- Blue states lead in daily average of Chinavirus cases per capita.
Evil- Mandatory vaccinations are coming to Elementary schools soon in Marin.
Ironic- SCOTUS went virtual after a triple vaxxed lawyer caught COVID while arguing over the vax mandate. But not unexpected.
I hope they own the hospital when they are done- As suburban family continues legal battle for ivermectin, as the mother dies in the ICU and the father remains on ventilator.
Bill filed in Washington would authorize ‘a strike force’ to ‘involuntarily detain’ unvaccinated families and they have already set up the internment camps. Maybe.
Kirsch- Has the virus been isolated? Yes.
Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan announces the Defeat the Mandates March on Washington on Jan. 23.
Protesters rally in Beirut against Covid restrictions for the unvaccinated.
Reports of a pilot dying midflight due to COVID-19 vaccines are said to be real.
Shocked face- Danish study shows, not only does Omicron spread faster among those fully vaccinated than Delta did, but the study also indicates it spreads even faster among those who have received booster shots.
German study reveals disturbing trend on child mental health during lockdown.
Vaccinated and Boosted AOC Announces COVID Infection After Maskless Partying in Florida.
Life insurance policies can refuse payouts for the jabbed because covid vaccines are “medical experiments”.
Omicron is not normal. Many suddenly appearing mutations, very odd.

08 Jan 2022: from Vox- Exponential Damage. Orig article Exponents Are A BITCH.
Epidemiology of Acute Myocarditis/Pericarditis in Hong Kong Adolescents Following Comirnaty Vaccination. Take-away:There is a significant increase in the risk of acute myocarditis/pericarditis following Comirnaty vaccination among Chinese male adolescents, especially after the second dose.
Blue breastmilk shortly after vaxing.
California nurses report ‘overwhelming’ number of heart attacks, clotting in vaccinated patients.
Translation=Totally bogus UK Gov’t Admits Evidence For Face Masks Stopping COVID Spread In Schools “Not Conclusive”
Concentration camps? Yes, Maybe. Or Maybe not. not a lawyer. Was it a trial baloon?
A pattern of behavior (Neil Oliver)
U.K. Anesthetist, Dr. Steve James, Tells British Health Secretary the Mandatory Vaccination Rules Make No Sense for Those with Natural Immunity.
Moderna CEO Says Fourth Booster Shot Needed, Booster Efficacy Drops Over Time.
MN Trucking Company CEO Warns About What Vaccine Mandate Will Do to Economy.
56 German doctors cite 7 excellent arguments against mandatory vaccination.
Speaking to radio host Stew Peters, Dr. Robert Malone exposed what he described as a “handshake agreement” psychological operation “managed” by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and their international colleagues in the UK against the American and British populations with regards to the COVID-19 vaccines.
Omicron could be even less deadly than flu, scientists believe in a boost to hopes that the worst of the pandemic is over.
A rundown of the oral arguments on vaccine mandates.
Court seems poised to block vaccine-or-test policy for workplaces but may allow vaccine mandate for health care workers.
Australia’s Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner says unvaccinated people may not go to work or exercise outdoors. Going to get ugly soon.
USPS requests temporary waiver from Biden vaccine mandate, warns of supply chain disruption.
The new normal: 13-year-olds dying from cardiac arrest.
Evil 3-year-old girl in Argentina dies of a heart attack one day after taking COVID vaccine.
Saving SS- The state of Connecticut has issued a new order putting COVID patients in nursing homes again as hospitals see overcrowding thanks to the latest COVID variant.
Biden bends to Gov. DeSantis, sends additional monoclonal antibody treatments to FL.
marvelous- In December, Remdesivir was recalled for contamination with glass particles that can cause stroke or death.
Federal judge has reportedly rejected FDA’s request to produce only 500 pages per month on the #Pfizer Covid vaccine data, instead ordering a rate of 55,000 pages per month.
Kirsch- New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths). Orig study PDF. Next in main web page writeup.
Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries.
Dr. Mike Yeadon | Session 86: The Fog Is Lifting (lot analysis)
On que, more official denials- You Know the Global Elites are Triggered When the Propaganda Institutions Collaborate to Refute “Mass Formation Psychosis”.

07 Jan 2022: REVEALED: Pfizer’s Link to the Wuhan Lab.
Dr. Vernon Coleman on the problems hitting next winter. (vax-driven variants)
CDC just published a paper that admits that VAERS is underreported by at least 6.5X.
Morgan Wallace, RN BSN CCRN AGAC-NP slays it at NHCS School Board Meeting.
Related: Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature.
kirsch- Welcome to the new normal: 13-year-olds dying from cardiac arrest.
NZ- Unaccompanied minors as young as 12 in MIQ [quarantine by themselves] cause ‘child protection concerns’ for nurses union [because of psych trauma]
Supreme Court Justice Exhibits Shocking Lack of Basic COVID Knowledge During Hearing.
New study confirms Covid vax affecting women’s menstrual cycles, CDC says don’t worry.
Washington State considering concentration camps.
We Have Less Than Two Weeks to Finalize Preparation.
The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good – PDF
BOMBSHELL: This Is What They DON”T WANT YOU TO SEE With Hospitalization Rates IN THE VACCINATED!!!
Italy’s government on Wednesday issued a decree making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for everyone aged 50 and older, while French citizens pondered President Emmanuel Macron’s assertion – using coarse language – to the effect that he wanted to make life so unpleasant for the unvaccinated that they would submit.
Xi’an authorities block all “negative” posts on social media as a new Covid lockdown backlash grows.
India won’t be adding Merck’s COVID-19 antiviral pill molnupiravir to its national treatment protocol, citing concerns over its safety.
COVID doctor hired a lawyer to draft  letter to lay on any pharmacy which tries to deny a lawful prescription for Ivermectin.
Case report finds the Pfizer Covid vaccine “might induce rapid progression” of a rare form of T-cell Lymphoma.
“Effective” 20% of Chicago PD is out sick due to being COVID positive, and police leaders are canceling days off to fill the void.
All vaxed, but want remote “teaching” for “teacher safety”-Chicago in chaos as teachers’ union shutters the schools
The city of Chicago has reportedly filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the Chicago Teachers Union after in-school learning has been canceled for a second day due to ongoing battles over COVID-19.

06 Jan 2022: Disobeying illegal orders is a duty. Just sayin’. How politicized has vaccination become? Thousands of U.S. troops are disobeying orders that they get shots.
They can’t think this will actually help, can they? Australia Northern Territory Goes Another Step Further, Unvaxxed Are Now Locked Out of Society.
Australian Government Detains #1 Tennis Player in World, Novak Djokovic, Cancels His Visa and Plans to Deport Over Vaccine Status.
 CNN Medical Ethics ‘Expert’ Calls For Denying Health Insurance To Unvaccinated “Jerks”.
Ontario, Canada admits 50% of “COVID” hospitalizations are not from COVID, and the death count may also be misleading.
shortages, then- Mayo Clinic fires 700 unvaccinated employees.
Sen. Rand Paul said on Fox & Friends that the Omicron variant of Covid-19 was “nature’s vaccine.”.
Good. Anger is replacing fear- Unvaccinated Americans’ concern about the new omicron variant plunged at the end of December, a new Morning Consult poll finds, as Americans broadly aren’t growing more concerned about the new variant or changing their lifestyles despite cases reaching record levels.
Rules for thee- Eric Swalwell follows in AOC’s footsteps and goes maskless at posh Miami hotel in mandate-free Florida, days after blaming GOP for ‘prolonging’ the pandemic.
Any bets it goes mostly to donors and supporters? Republicans and Democrats are considering another COVID stimulus of up to $68 billion to help restaurants, gyms and small businesses through the Omicron surge.
suuure. FDA claims there is no change in policy regarding foreign Ivermectin seizures and it is not working in tandem with the US Post Office to target foreign shipments of Ivermectin.
Real or theater? Some odd things about it. Woman arrested in Germany by swarms of Police for not wearing a mask while walking her dog.
Dr. Zelenko: “Zinc Is The Bullet — It Kills The Virus. The Only Problem Is The Bullet Doesn’t Get To The Place Where It Needs To Be
Video on Time Series analysis of batch toxicity.  ⁣⁣Craig Paardekooper
New Research Shows Why the COVID19 “Vaccines” are Killing Professional Athletes.

05 Jan 2022: TPC #653: Dr. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough (Mass Formation Psychosis).
More bad news on Covid vaccines and myocarditis in men under 40.
Shock claim: 150,000 to 300,000 Americans killed by Covid jabs.
Troubling data about Pfizer’s Covid vaccine and children… from Pfizer’s own clinical trial.
Memory Hole: Virtually every major health official in the US claimed that Covid shots stop the virus. Not so much, eh?
India shuts down Merck Covid pill after concerning side effects.
Dr. Malone viral article: Mass Formation Psychosis.
Compilation Video of Athletes Collapsing After Covid Vaccine.
More than just covid going on, but what? ‘Starving’ residents of quarantined Chinese city desperately barter electronics for food – as ANOTHER city of 1.2million is locked down due to just THREE Covid cases.
Interesting coincidence- California Deputy DA who fought the vaccine mandate dies abruptly after falling ill with COVID at age 46.
Biden admin mask and vaccine mandates for Head Start program blocked in 24 additional states.
Why would that be? Avoid strenuous activity for 2 weeks after Covid-19 vaccine jabs, instead of 1 week, says expert panel in Singapore.
First of many, I’d bet- NJ to pay $52.9 million to families of vets who died of COVID in state-run homes.
VAERS reports jab injuries & deaths pass 1,000,000, as safe & effective is in shambles.
Totalitarians- Police beat a person, reportedly a woman, inside a van following her arrest at a protest against Covid restrictions in Berlin, before a curtain is pulled forward to prevent further images. Why is this vax so important to them?
Two major Biden administration vaccine mandates that have been temporarily suspended in court will go before the U.S. Supreme Court in oral arguments Friday.
Oh, that, happens all the time… Guatemalan soccer star dies suddenly at 25, suffering a heart attack on the pitch.
Not good. But not unexpected- A recently published study suggests that nearly every COVID vaccine recipient who died within seven days to six months after inoculation likely died because of vaccine-induced autoimmune damage.
They hate you, and want you dead. Act accordingly- Emmanuel Macron denounced France’s 5 million unvaccinated as “non-citizens” and vows: “I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do so, to the bitter end. That’s the strategy.”.
Can he walk the talk? Rand Paul vows to bring Fauci to justice if the GOP wins back the Senate in the midterms.
Good thing they are all vaxed so they can teach in person… Chicago Public Schools cancels classes after the teacher’s union votes to go to virtual teaching.
still child trafficking- Some illegal immigrant children shipped from the southern border end up at a New York adoption agency.
Healthy 12-year-old Indonesian boy dies the day after receiving his first Pfizer death-shot.
Insane, or funny? Covid-positive nurses are working in NSW hospitals due to severe staffing shortages (because healthy but unvaxxed nurses were fired or quit to avoid vaxxing)
Steve KirschHow to verify for yourself that over 150,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines.

04 Jan 2022: duh phuk’s up with these nuts? New York Science Teacher Vaccinates Son’s Friend, Without Parents’ Consent, During Visit to Her House.
Navy SEALS Win Preliminary Injunction Against Biden Mandated COVID Vaccination.
Interesting take- Vox- It has always been the flu (origin Unz article here).
The Great Divorce: How Covid forces us all to live amid permanent mental illness.
Rules for thee- DeSantis: I’d be a ‘wealthy man’ if I got ‘a dollar for every lockdown politician’ coming to Florida.
Yes, and? Is there such a thing as a bad vaccine batch?
Watch: Dr. Malone on the Great Reset, Covid and Information Warfare… “I’ve Been Multi-Dimensionally Redpilled”.
“Safe” Pfizer jab causes severe fever in 1 out of 5 kids.
indirectly related, info warfare- How Google manipulated “Mass Formation Psychosis” search results after the Malone interview.
Unprecedented: Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths up 40 percent among people ages 18-64.
Steve Kirsch: This is big… really big.
Only shocking to those not paying attention- Shocking new vid by Canadian Doctors shows massive fraud in Pfizer’s vaccine clinical trials.
How to lie with stats- Statistician: Vaxx does not have substantial effects on all-cause mortality.
And again- Vaxx Has Slight But Waning Edge In Old But Harms The Young.
Trust the science How Elsevier manipulates peer-reviewed science to match the narrative.
Mental illness-Liberals melt down after new mayor tells New Yorkers to stop being so afraid of everything.
Ironic- Illinois Holocaust Museum demands your COVID DeathShot papers before you are allowed to enter.
DeSantis says the government has now bought up the entire supply of monoclonal antibodies so he can no longer purchase any from the manufacturer, and they are denying them to Florida. It’s a war, they want you dead.
See what I mean- Manhattan DA closes investigation of Cuomo in nursing home deaths with no charges brought.
DeSantis urges hospitals to distinguish those hospitalized due to COVID and those who just happen to have it while being treated for something else. No duh.
Dr Bhakdi says “Covid-19 Vaccines are killing people by causing an autoimmune attack of killer Lymphocytes.”.
Shooting own foot- NY governor’s office says they can’t spare more National Guard nurses for hospital that is short staff due to the vaccine mandates.
Totally normal and expected- Five foreign Presidents who opposed vaccines in their countries have conveniently died and been replaced by pro-vaxxers.
Or did she? Orange County, California, Deputy DA Kelly Ernby, who spoke at a rally against COVID-19 vaccine mandates last month, has died of COVID-19.
Uh-huh; Fauci slips, says, “We had a collaboration with some Chinese Commu… uh, Chinese scientists.”
Brazilian newscaster, boosted on the 28th, passes out on live TV. (GIF here, funny-ish)
Denmark health chief says Omicron is bringing about the end of the pandemic and ‘we will have our normal lives back in two months.’.
America First Legal sent a notice of potential legal action to NY Health Dept over its tyrannical, unconstitutional Covid edicts rationing meds based on race.
‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ admittedly used by governments as tool of population control.
More fear porn- Since the beginning of winter, Xi’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province has recorded a series of hemorrhagic fever cases, a natural epidemic disease with a high fatality rate. Only rodent-to-human transmission.
Rules for thee- Maskless COVID-crazy Ocasio Cortz gets huge kiss from Gay Broadway Drag Queen Billy Porter at packed Miami drag bar.
Not just labor, discussion of the insurance co report of massive increase in death rate.

03 Jan 2022: Vox, with article on covid survival rate in “hospital” Better Odds at Auschwitz
Doctors not practicing medicine- “Where are the long knives?
Transcript of Joe Rogan Interviewing Dr. Robert Malone.
Great. A pilot says there are a lot of pilots going to work and concealing adverse reactions to the vaccines like atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, and possible symptoms of clotting issues or pending heart attacks, because they don’t want to have a medical issue get officially identified, which will cause them to lose the one job they are trained to do.
ouch- A case report of the COVID vaccine triggering a clot in a blood vessel that set off genital necrosis in a Japanese woman.
Conflict of interest- Med School CEO who was making money off overseeing a vax trial was one of the people deciding whether to authorize the vax.
Follow the money- Fauci says the CDC is mulling COVID test requirements for the asymptomatic.
Tyranny- Horrific scenes in Amsterdam (Netherlands), as Dutch police behave like the Taliban attacking COVID-protesting citizens.
Time to start getting serious- Why are they protesting? Netherlands to mandate 6 Covid vaccines per year.
Pfizer has hired the former policy director for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Hazen Marshall, to lead the lobbying charge to protect vaccine patents and block a bill holding Big Pharma accountable for fraud.
Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had significantly increased levels of oxidative stress and oxidant damage, and markedly reduced levels of glutathione, which may be helped by NAC and glycine supplementation.
The head of OneAmerica insurance said the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people 18-64.
Based on this report, it looks like there may end up having to be Nuremberg trials.
Dr. Robert Malone says he was kicked off twitter.
It -is- a vascular disease- Nurse wakes from 28-day Covid coma just three days from having ventilator turned off, after medics give her Viagra.
Good start- A majority in Germany, 57% no longer trust the Covid figures provided by the government, according to a new INSA survey.
Rules for thee-Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was recorded without a mask in a densely packed Drag bar in Miami.
Dr. Robert Malone tells Joe Rogan the US in ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ over COVID-19, and it is just like what happened in Nazi Germany.
More on Mass Formation Psychosis.

02 Jan 2021: via Vox, “the death rate is up a stunning 40% from pre-pandemic levels among working-age people“. Oh, snap. That’s F’n huge.
Original: Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64.
Via Vox, Vax effectiveness is -87% against Omicron variant compared to no vax at all.
Wonder why (not)? Bizarre neurological illness plagues young Canadians.
no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.
Sunday Talks, Is It Omicron Creating Societal Disruption via Staffing Shortages, or Are Companies Missing the Unvaccinated?
Fauci Says CDC Quarantine Guidance Will Change Tomorrow After Feedback from Media, Not Science.
Dystopian Scenes in Montreal, Quebec as 10pm COVID Curfew Is Reinstituted.
Not smart, but not surprising- Biden administration is still funding ‘risky’ Chinavirus research at Wuhan lab.
Having less accurate knowledge about COVID-19 is associated with a greater likelihood of contracting the virus, according to new research published in Scientific Reports.
Shocking to whom, exactly? More than 90 percent of Omicron cases in Denmark are vaccinated, shocking data reveals.
He’s a Dr.-Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday blasted the Biden administration for withholding lifesaving monoclonal coronavirus treatments from those who need it, due to “equitable distribution,” deeming it “unconscionable.”
Yup-Rand Paul says Fauci is responsible for thousands of COVID deaths across the US because he ‘deemphasized therapeutics’ while focusing entirely on vaccines.
Not a shock- After being suspended from Twitter, Dr. Robert Malone’s interview with Joe Rogan regarding Covid policy has been removed from Youtube.
Fraud. My shocked face-Shocking new video by Canadian doctors shows massive fraud in Pfizer’s clinical trials for its vaccine.
They’ll still demand lockdowns etc- Scientists predict Omicron could peak in the U.S. by January 9th.
Good- Texas Attorney General gains huge win against Biden vaccine and mask mandates for children.
Just the start, they always double down-Citizens in Brazil beat up the Mayor of Toritama, who mandated vaccine passports to eat and mandatory vaccinations for children.
Admitting the truth bout downplaying it- The Australian government has admitted there have been at least 79,000 COVID-19 vaccine side effects and is now offering compensation to those seriously injured.
VAERS reports of testicular inflammation that even AP has to acknowledge exist.
A new Zogby poll shows that likely voters have turned overwhelmingly against government mandates.
In the Netherlands, the government banned fireworks as punishment for disobeying COVID law so the people filled the sky with them and showed the politicians who is in charge.
Separating “normal cold” from “OMG Covid” is hard- Every year in the United States, there are an estimated one billion common colds, which essentially match the symptoms of Omicron.
Reiner Fuellmich: “New Findings, Enough to dismantle the Entire (VAX) Industry!” (vid)
Full Rogan/Robert Malone interview is on bitchute.
Lying with stats: More on Fake Santa Clara County Breakthrough Statistics.

interview with DR. BHAKDI, mRNA vaccines all can kill, attack organs, in 14/15 autopsies.
Not a little bit of irony here- ‘Papers, Please’: Holocaust Museum Makes Visitors Present Vaccine Passport To Enter…
COVID, Ivermectin, And ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’: Dr. Robert Malone Gives Blistering Interview To Joe Rogan.
Federal Judge Halts Biden’s Vax And Mask Mandate For Head Start Programs.
CDC admits the PCR test is useless junk…
D’oh! United Airlines, facing staff shortage after vaxx mandate, offers TRIPLE pay to pilots
Another 10% for the big guy – COVID tests being mandated are made in China.
How can we take these folks seriously? “Virus panic! First case of ‘flurona’– Covid and flu merge to form horror double infection.”.
speculation in the guise of news- What exactly is ‘Delmicron’? Scientists warn of super strain — Here’s all about its origin, mutation, et.
“Effective”- 89.7% of people infected with #Omicron in Denmark are either “fully vaccinated” or had their first booster, per report from today. 77.9% of the population is fully vaccinated doesn’t mean what most people think.
In Germany, the govt reports that 96% of Omicron cases are among the fully vaccinated, while only 4% are unvaccinated.
Good- South Africa says health data suggests its Omicron peak has passed with no major spike in deaths, offering cautious hope to other countries.
Florida continues record-shattering week, reporting 75,962 new Covid cases.
US surpasses 2 million COVID-19 cases in a week, breaking record.
Too funny. How’d it get there? Two thirds of the 25 staff based at Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have caught Covid despite all staff passing multiple PCR tests, quarantining and living in one of the most remote places in the world.
Creeping totalitarianism now galloping- Ontario will require a scannable QR code for proof of COVID-19 vaccination starting Jan. 4. Here’s what you need to know.
Video of a jab injured pilot who’s no longer able to fly due to “vaccine injury” so he’s suing the Biden Administration because the mandate broke the FAA’s own rules and regulations.
Rules for thee- AOC pictured dining maskless in Miami Beach as Omicron cases soar.
Racism in govt alive and well- The state of New York said it will prioritize non-White people in the distribution of COVID-19 treatments in short supply.
Nope- New York bill paves the way to forced COVID jabs, threatening basic liberties of all Americans.
Yup- Dr. Robert Malone on Joe Rogan’s show explained how everyone involved in mRNA VAXX-tech has financial conflicts of interest.
Dimitri Ndina: Healthy 57-Year-Old Doctor Falls ill With Blood Clots Shortly After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine, Dies Of “COVID-19”.
Dr David Martin, the names and faces of the Covid Orchestra.
NYT Editor Makes Video Boasting About Taking His 3rd Shot & Dies The Same Day Of A Heart Attack.
Dr Robert Malone Discusses How People Are Vulnerable to Mass Formation Psychosis.
How Bad Is My Batch– lookup for vax damage by lot

Happy new year, all!