Happy(?) Memorial Day

Today is the day we remember those who served their country in uniform, and paid the ultimate price. Some died in war doing noble things, some died in peacetime doing something stupid, some were honorable, some were right bastards, but all signed up, raised their hand, and swore to do what they were ordered to do to protect the nation.

I served. My dad and some uncles served. My grandpa served. A great aunt served. My brother-in-law just recently retired from an Air Force career. I’m pretty sure there are a number of more-distant relatives who served at different times, either for a single enlistment or a career, drafted or volunteer. I don’t know of any who died in uniform.  But I’m glad they were willing to do so if needed.

The country has changed fairly radically since I served in the Army Reserve, joining when the Soviet Union was still a thing. I cannot recommend it to anyone who is a patriot, now. “Woke” and military service are a really bad combination. Too much of the military has been corrupted, subverted, and the leadership has too many RMEFs, foreigners, compromised perfumed princes, careerists, and socialists. To much leadership is hostile to the Constitution, too many are incompetent diversity hires. These days, the military is just a tool of corrupt and evil leaders in this once-great nation.

To those who served honorably and paid the price, may God take you in and protect your soul for eternity, and protect your family here in this life.

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