And the ‘rona moves on

It is Sunday night. Almost exactly one week ago, late in the night of last Sunday, the first symptoms of Covid19 showed up in my life. The timing was sort of a bummer, as this weekend was boomershoot, and I would have been driving over Thursday and camping out. I decided the wisest course of action was to not stress myself, and to not possibly spread it to others or even make them nervous when they were off having a good time whacking boomers, so I stayed home.

Overall, I’d describe my covid experience as 3 days of very mild flu, followed by a few more days of getting tired faster than normal and generally feeling a little “blah” and run down, but otherwise mostly pretty normal. Those first three days had a very mild fever, mild and unproductive cough, some aches and general soreness,  poor sleep, soft stool, slightly runny nose. Not to zombie-apoc-biowar super-bug I was promised. Literally less significant than any cold or sinus infection I’ve had in the last twenty years. I’m sure that in part it is because of early treatment. What I described is also played out with minor variation with my son, wife, daughter, and daughter’s coworker. Five people, total cost of treatment for vitamins, meds, everything was maybe ~$25-30 retail.

So to all those people pushing the vax because of all the people who died from Covid, why are you not pissed off that all those tens of millions of people were not informed of cheap and effective early treatment options, like D3, zinc+HCQ, ivermectin, etc., which could have saved them from such a long illness and suffering or death? Hmmmm? Why not mad about that? What I took was nothing more than a variation of the treatment plans that have been published by such quacks and loons as Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Simone Gold, and Dr Zelenko for two years. Not expensive. Not complicated. Not dangerous. No unknown long-term possible side-effects.

The people pushing the vax to the exclusion of all else are fuk’n idiots, or downright evil.

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