The ‘rona comes to visit

The daughter-unit came home early yesterday not feeling well. Several of her co-workers are out with covid. She did the quick home test, it said positive. She threw up not long afterword. Got a little food and ivermectin in her. Her lab test results came back today and also said positive. She’s already feeling a bit better, and is just chilling in bed.

Also, this afternoon, the wife-unit wasn’t feeling great so she did the home test, it also came back negative, but she’s sure it’s only a matter of time before she gets a positive. Ah, bummer. Well, we know the drill. She can work from home if she has the energy for it.

Boy-child and I feel fine, taking ivermectin and upping the vitamins just in case. We are obviously going to be exposed, but with fairly regular D3 and zinc and the rest of it prior to this, and with pretty much all the rest of the treatment protocol already in hand , we should be fine and get through it quickly.

Later edit (in response to first few comments): I think I’ll be OK. That’s just most of it, not all of it. Go Team Pony Paste! The half-liter bottle is enough for ~16 people, full course.

Later Edit II:
figured I should test, so I have evidence that the I-mask protocol works. yup. Took less than 90 seconds for those lines to show up. Stable like that at 15 min, through 30 min. This was Wednesday, around 11 AM, less than 72 hours since onset of symptoms, back to 80%+ health; son, who had symptoms show up about 12 hours before mine, claims to be nearly all good (call it 95% or so).

Later Edit III:
Fist symptoms Sunday night, pretty classic flu stuff. Thermal dysregulation, a bit of cough, aches, low energy, slight fever, loose stool. Max symptom severity by Tuesday morning, noticeable improvement by evening, mostly good by Wed night (72hours), and back to ~95% by Thursday noon (call it 3.5 days). Will test tonight to see if I’m officially negative, yet. Talking to daughter about her co-workers, most of them are back to work in a week to 10 days, testing negative but still feeling crappy for a while, while she’s fine. Not rigorous data, but a couple of data-points to consider.

3 thoughts on “The ‘rona comes to visit

  1. Yep.
    Finally copped a dose of it, myself. Apart from low energy and feeling slightly “weird”, I’m not even uncomfortable.
    Doing the vitamins, mectin, zinc treatment .
    Best of luck to all of you.

  2. If it doesn’t cause trouble with any other medicines being taken, I recommend aspirin for the anti-coagulant effect. Coronavirus in its acute form creates microclots in the lungs, a blood thinner will minimize or stop those clots from forming.

  3. And as Dr. Zelenko recommended. Quercetin, (food grade product), with Zinc will also inhabit all virus cell growth.
    Of all influenza. So not just Covid, but all the future virus-warfare that gets inflicted upon us. It’s cheap and no scrip. needed. He saved a lot of people with it.
    Especially for use older folks. As virus/colds/flu, are what generally kill us.

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