In witch the fiziks are rong

In my story The Stars Came Back faster-than-light travel and anti-gravity was accomplished by some general hand-waving and techno-babble about physics implied to be more advanced than what we have today here on earth. But what if… what if our fundamental understanding of physics is wrong? Not just in the way that General and Special relativity  supposedly updated and refined Newtonian physics, but that the basic underlying principled about the universe, including the math in Einstein’s theories, are flat-out wrong?  What if all the string-theory research, phycisists looking for dark matter, scientists trying to perfect nuclear fusion, etc., are all barking up the wrong tree in terms of the basic nature of the problems they are working with? Here are some things for the science and engineering sorts to geek out on. It is looking more and more likely that they are.

Electric universe theory:

Video on it:

Black holes and related:

GPS shows that Relativity is wrong, not that is supports it:

A totally different way of looking at electromagnetism.

Click to access abstracts_6554.pdf

(1/2) The Silence & The Glitch – Ivor Catt, Pioneer of Computer Engineering

(2/2) What Is Electric Current? – Ivor Catt, Electrical Engineer

Ivor Catt lecture at Nottingham University

The Catt Anomaly: the true story of a vital censored scientific discovery

Rupert Shekdrake on the Science Delusion

The Plasma Universe ; Physics of the Plasma Universe (book by Anthony L. Peratt)

Next is Barry Setterfield talking about the speed of light decaying on a cosecant squared curve.

There is also “Zero-Point Energy,” but I don’t have a good video or paper explaining it in enough detail, along with more “layman’s terms” to post in here.

And because it’s the 21st Century, here’s your flying car


5 thoughts on “In witch the fiziks are rong

  1. Dr Anthony Peratt (Nobel Laureate Hanes Alfven’s last graduate student) has the Plasma Universe website. His researches support electrical forces operating in concert with gravitational force. The Plasma Universe is IEEE recognized.

    Peratt’s text book on the Plasma Universe

    Dr Don Scott, who is active in the Electric Universe, has a new book out as of Dec 2021.

    Scott has also updated his first book.

  2. This reminds me of the concepts that are the plot basis in James Hogan’s novel Cradle of Saturn — a quite good “end of the world” story.

  3. Aaaah. The blackhole of question marks! The only thing certain is that most everybody is going to meet their maker before they run out of questions about how it all works.
    And the question you ask Rolf, is the one that will plague the askers forever.
    Maybe everything we know is wrong? Along with, we’ll have to back to square one.
    And then the real problem. How we going to get research money for that?
    The real problems that have been with us for centuries will be ignored in favor of lofty ideas. Over money.
    Methinks god created confusion at the Tower of Babal. A thus it will always be.

    1. When we have a model that has no internal theoretical contradictions, and no detectable inconsistences in theory vs. observation to more than the accuracy of our measuring devices, then we can be reasonably sure we are understanding things. until then, I’ll settle for engineering-grade understanding while we look for a better theory.

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