Found an Editor

I found an editor that I think I can work with. She’s edited the first 25 pages or so, and I was astonished how many minor things got changed, and what I missed. So, now we send stuff back and forth for a while, making changes, approving them, fiddling here and there. Our current working calendar date is no later than the end of October; that’s a lot further out than my idea of this last mid-summer, but she’s also got a full-time job, and this is being done after-hours.

I decided on not doing a major restructuring or re-write to hack fifty or more pages out, so it’ll still be a huge book. I hope that is the right decision. I might still whack it in half, make it a pair of books, maybe even a trilogy, but I’ll wait on feedback from another person when I’m closer to done. I understand my editors point that in the middle, there is a lot of middle where it isn’t clear where it’s going and there doesn’t seem to be a driving goal, but those middle missions I thought were needed to make the ending make sense, and not have any “magic” appear on the final mission, and their motivation would be clear enough. So, yes, he spends a fair bit of time just wort of dealing with daily stuff and reacting to what the universe sends his way… but that’s the way most of us go through life, and we never really figure out what we really want to do. Be proactive? Great buzzword, but how many people really do plan out long-range visions and details and actually act on them?

I hate making you wait (I’d like to be done and selling, too) but I’d rather release a reasonably polished final copy than not, for all the obvious reasons. So, I’ll keep you posted as things develop.

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