The law is dead

The Supreme Court of the US just upheld the ObamaCare subsidies in direct violation of what the clear letters of the law said, in spite of what Johnathan Gruber, the architect of the law, said about it and the intentions. Chief Justice Roberts will go down in  history as one of the worst, most destructive justices ever on the SC. With this decision, political expediency will now trump the constitution, and the actual letter of the law as written, every time. No longer can a person who reads the law know the law, because it quite literally means whatever the guys at the top want it to mean at that time. And that’s bad, because wise, limited government sorts are never the ones that rise to the top of the heap.

Time for impeachment… But who am I kidding? None of those idiots in Congress have the balls or the brains, because they see too much personal profit in it for themselves.

3 thoughts on “The law is dead

    1. Not quite yet. I’m forever hopeful; however, I have to admit this looks pretty bad.
      This frog is sure noticing that the water around these parts is looking a little like a jacuzzi.

      The problem is finding the right inflection points. Senators and other congress critters are a long ways away and relatively well protected, and after the first one goes the rest will ramp up the paranoia WAY beyond reasonable. Peon functionaries have relatively little real power, but with a sympathetic media (sympathetic to the government, that is), there are no targets that would make more positive energy than negative.

      The problem with the S3 option is that it works best when a significant portion of the area affected (>10% as an estimate) thinks there is no better choice, or for that matter no other option at all. The backlash would be brutal, I suspect. The only way to not get caught and shot in the modern surveillance society is to “think globally, act locally,” to steal a phrase, where the targets most people would have are the local petty tyrants in your own neighborhood. Relatively few people are close enough to the the big powers to leverage them. But if they have only terrified bureaucratic foot-soldiers on the ground they’ll have a hard time enforcing things, and with the recent news about leaks on the Federal Government employees and their SF-86 data, it’s going to be a fine line between hostile government action and an organic domestic expression of displeasure. 4th gen warfare would therefore argue that the government, directly, can’t be the target, but rather something/someone else to lay the groundwork.

      Expect a lot of stupid in the next few years no matter what you or I do in the coming months.

      Not time to start shooting… but a fine time to play Santa, making your list, checking it twice, all that jazz. List of what I’ll leave to your imagination.

      …But then, the third “s” implies it’s never actually time to say it’s time….

    2. “Also Twitter only stores your posts for about 2 months”What makes you think this? Every single twitter account I've looked at has posts going back months or years, so I can only think you've been given the wrong end of the stick at some point.

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