Young Adult beta-readers needed

The prototype dust-jacket description is “16 year old Skaffington White has problems – not understood at home, stifled at school – and he didn’t think things could get worse than being suspended for a fight he didn’t start. He was wrong. Very wrong. But the darkest thunderclouds throw the brightest lightning to illuminate the path… if he can survive the storm.”

I’ve pretty much finished another book, called Komenagen: Slog. It’s a “Young Adult” (YA) SF book targeted at boys 12-18, and it takes place in the same universe at The Stars Came Back. It’s somewhat in the same vein as Heinlein’s Tunnel in the sky.  I’d like to get some feedback about it from actual 12-18 yo boys. If any of you readers out there are such, or have such a beast in your household and would like to give it a read -on the condition that you give some substantive feedback and write a review when it’s finally published – I can email you a copy in MS Word format. You can convert it e-reader format with Calibri and provide feedback in paragraph form, or have the sprout read it as-is and provide feedback using the review feature in word and add comments or corrections in-line. If you want to read it, email me or make a comment to this post.

Also, a bleg from any YA readers: after reading this book, suggestions for other Komenagen challenges to write about in future books are most welcome.

2 thoughts on “Young Adult beta-readers needed

  1. Hey, I’m a 13 year old boy who would love to have a read. I am fairly advanced in academia, but can give advice from a teen. Thanks for the extra reading material, Baxter

    1. Howdy, Baxter. Thanks for asking. Because of the world we live in today, how about you have your dad/mom email me with a CC to you, saying it’s OK for you to do this, (and make sure you get feedback to me in a timely fashion, and understand the legal aspects of a basic non-disclosure agreement, even if it’s a fairly informal one). Do that, and I’d be happy to include you.

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