4 thoughts on “Going live, again

  1. I see Castalia no longer lists the original format edition, but Amazon still does.

    Any reason to pick one supplier over another? “Cut out the middleman” seems like a way to help Castalia. Right?

    1. I get a bit more money from Castalia purchases. I get a higher sales rank on Amazon from Amazon purchases, and you can leave a “verified purchaser” review if you buy from Amazon. Right now, trying to get it up in the sales ranks, the latter might be a bit better… but a review (when bought from either source) would be the best thing 🙂

  2. Dear Rolf,
    A heads up: Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit blog) just posted a comment about your book on the way to him. Many, many folks (including myself) make Instapundit a regular stop every day.
    All my best,

    1. Ah, thanks. I was busy enough between deer hunting season (no luck) and teaching (the review system is really strange) and parents (driving them around looking at retirement residences) I’ve not had a chance to do much writing or reading or blogging, or much more than breathing. 🙂

      More than 500 copies of Back From The Dead sold.

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