Junior classics

Kids who grow up on the right stories grow up right.

Here’s a chance to buy a reprint of some classics children’s stories.


I don’t know if they”l make them available later as a reprint in ordinary paperback or typical hard-bound. I’d expect so, but I don’t know for sure.


3 thoughts on “Junior classics

    1. Good points. But the formatting on many Gutenberg items leaves a lot to be desired, and they are digital (meaning they can go poof or re-written by the Ministry of Truth in a heartbeat).
      Secondly, many of the older used copies are in less than stellar condition. Yes, they are cheaper, but they might not last many more years of reading and handling by a young readership. My copy of Aesop’s fables was new before my daughter read it the first time, and I it looks like the only title in a small town public library by now. New editions that are well-made are needed.

      1. I’m less worried about Gutenberg than about Barnes & Noble. But for all of them there’s a simple answer: download the e-book and manage your own e-library on a machine you control. Open source tools like Calibre do an excellent job with this. That also lets you convert other format source materials to e-book; I’ve done that with Word documents, for example. It makes a nice way to read on my e-reader stuff sent my way to review, or found on the web.

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