Which next?

My original story, The Stars Came Back, was in modified screenplay format, and it’s available on the kindle that way. I also rewrote it in prose format,but because of the size of it it was broken into two halves and the first half was released in both print and Kindle as “back from the dead.” For reasons I won’t go into, the rewritten prose second half was not released in either print or kindle. I have the sequel to the whole TSCB story written, titled Insanity’s Children, just working on cover art. (Planning on eventually getting some interior illustrations for Komenagen for the print version. Not full on graphic novel by a long shot, but enough to give it a bit more visual flavor))

So, would folks prefer the prose second half of TSCB next, or Insanity’s Children, be released next?

Related note: for those who have read the whole screenplay TSCB story, what would you title the second half? (my thought was “One Day War”)

13 thoughts on “Which next?

  1. I have read all the released things. If I had my druthers, new content first. But…

    Is Insanity’s Children in prose or screenplay form?

    If it’s in prose, release the 2nd half of TSCB in prose form first so readers can move smoothly from one to the other without confusion or format changes. If Insanity’s Children is in screenplay form, release it and then continue the prose conversion.

    Or, you know, you could send me a review copy of Insanity’s Children and I’ll be able to offer a more informed opinion!

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      Insanity’s Children is in prose format.
      The Order of St Possenti is coming to life for real in tri-denominational format.
      And Epstein’s life ended in non-suicidal format.

  2. Insanity’s Children. I read TCSB and didn’t feel the need for the prose version. Given the choice, I’d rather see what happens next.

  3. Sequel first, please, but follow up with the prose 2nd half of TSCB too.

    Also, another nit-pic typo report in Slog… Near the end of “Port Royal” the 3×5 is flying in to harbor, “gaff rig pulled” Taught/taut “educated/tightly stretched”

    Homonyms are a bitch.

    1. Cool. Thanks. Fixed. I should be uploading an updated version with a half-dozen or so things like that fixed. That one was actually in there twice.

      Idea for a scripter/programmer: write a program that can run through your doc and highlight all the common synonyms / hominyms / common confusion-inyms, and show them in context with the two definitions and a couple of other similar words to check them. I remember getting caught on “scarred” versus “scared”. Both were grammatically fine, but one was right, the other not-so.

      Got a plug at AceOfSpadesHQ Book Thread today, a bump in copies sold.

  4. I’d almost given up on ever getting my hands on the sequel to TCSB. In fact, I’d begun to doubt it’s existence after a certain publisher had repeatedly stated it was this close to publishing it a long time ago. I had even entertained the thought recently of approaching the author directly to inquire as to the possibility of obtaining the manuscript .

    My vote is absolutely the sequel first.

    Epstein didn’t kill himself and I just bought Komenagen. Thank you.

  5. I read TSCB, which I mainly bought it to support Castalia House. Loved it! I figured it was just the first book in what I deeply hope will be a long/continuing series! Went looking for more — because “you rite gud!” — I got Possenti, and inhaled it! Ended in tears of hope and wishing it could be so! (Hey, look! God answers prayers!!)

    I keep checking… I want to buy paper-bound version of both. Oh noes. So, bought Komenagn:Slog — dropped work and spent the day reading it. {sigh} Still want paper-bound of them all! Maybe you could offer Castalia House the tangible versions, to print, so we can snap them all up? Don’t know if you’re aware of the Castalia work towards “paper- or hard-bound to save our culture for the future”? Your books are solid (and good reads!) and will help people find their way!

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