Why no HCQ study yet?

I first wrote about hydroxychloroquine (NCQ) back in March, and the first reports on it were obviously showing up earlier, starting (as near as I can tell) in late Jan to middle of Feb, and were common by the middle of March. HCQ has been around for more than a half-century, it’s a well-known drug, with known effects and contra-indicators, and is FDA approved. It’s used for several conditions. It was tested (positively) for antiviral properties at least as early as 2005 by teh same group Fouch is now the head of. Same for zinc and D3.

Now, I can see why a big pharma would not want to test HCQ, and pursue some custom anti-viral: profits. There is no significant money in a generic produced in several countries. It’s cold, cynical, and morally reprehensible, but legal and understandable for rea$on$.

But why have no government health agencies managed to run a credible study on HCQ, a study credible enough that a keyboard warrior with a modicum of scientific knowledge like myself can’t poke holes in inside of 90 seconds? If it’s incompetence, then they are not worth the money we send their way. If it’s not incompetence, they all the alternatives are nefarious and they need to be seriously investigated at the least, and in front of a firing squad if it’s deliberate to increase the fatality rate for some reason. I mean, seriously… how compromised do they have to be to not be able to test something in 4 months when the reported cure time is less than a week and thousands of cases are reported every day? And how compromised to our media and politicians have to be to not be asking this question every damn day?

4 thoughts on “Why no HCQ study yet?

  1. Were expecting them to acknowledge a $20.00 cure to a multi-trillion dollar virus? And government to give up the power and control it affords them? That just not rational thinking on our part.
    Just wait till Joe Biden gets elected next flu season, and Bill Gates is the vaccine czar. And more people are dying from the vaccine than have from the flu itself. But, no one in the media will report it. Because, like, white privilege dude!

    1. It was a rhetorical question, obviously, but it’s one that might get through to the no-political people. Big Pharma greed is easily believable by folks on the left, but govt corruption less so.

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