How does one, as an individual, deal with an insurrection / civil war / unofficially sanctioned looting / rioting if you find it visiting your city?

First-hand account of a guys experience with it. Some of the comments are good, too.

Obviously, he did a few things wrong. If the cops and DA and local pols are not on your side, defending yourself is very risky. Not defending yourself, or trying to go it alone is risky.  Though the Antifa thugs might be scum and individually most are not very impressive as physical specimens, they are well-organized scum, with effective tactics as far as they go. With a largely “hands-off” policy by law-enforcement and the pols (because they are fellow-travelers or compromised, or both) they can run riot (literally) while your actions are severely constrained.

Obviously, a proper Fed Marshal with marines or MPs to help in a counter-offensive with lots of burly men in armor, sniper over-watch, a load of paddy-wagons, and some take-no- BS prosecutors could deal with it properly. And I’m assuming there is a plan by Q et al to do something along those lines when the time is ripe.

But it they don’t, or they come to your neighborhood (or where you have to go to work or something) before the counteroffensive begins, what do you do? How do you deal with it? Start thinking about it, comment below.

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  1. To me it all comes down to where you live. As you mentioned these creatures are cunning enough to stay under political cover. If you live in one of those places. Install heavy duty shutters on the outside of your windows a maybe a water spray system under your gutters for fire.
    Talk to neighbors about escape through their back yard to safe zones for your families. And setting up bags/packs with stuff/money to go to a motel or safe place till the mob gets bored with your ‘burb. The biggest thing to remember is that whatever happens, will happen fast. It’s easy to get caught outside the ODAA loop. You will only have minutes to act in. Do your thinking now, not then.
    I’m pretty sure the rest of my suggestions are illegal to discuss. Because most of the best defense, is found in offence. So I’ll stop here.

      1. Try to use a storage site that is as far out of any area that antifa would be expected to find attractive. Outside city limits would be best, but that might not be feasible for those in big city areas. Bicycles, or even rollerskates may be a viable escape means to get out of the riot zone. A vehicle stored at the storage site might be useful in that situation, or even as a backup, if you end up with a damaged car/truck as a result of escaping the riot area.

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