SC Justice Ginsburg has died

Justice Ginsburg Has Died, U.S. Supreme Court Says.

Now then, as the Dems have already said, in nearly so many words, they plan to litigate the hell out of the election if they / Biden doesn’t win, that means things are likely to go to the US Supreme Court rapidly. If it’s tied, 4-4, then the Dems only have to prevail in the circuit court of appeals here and there, as they choose, to make sure they get locally favorable rulings, then it can get tied at the Supremes and stand. Which means either Trump gets a constitutionalist on the court ASAP, or he takes out turncoat Roberts and perhaps others decides to step down for various reason.

Looks to be a very spicy leading up to the election, as now we have confirmation hearings as well.

So, who had “SC justice dies with less than 60 days to go before the election” on their 2020 Bingo Card?

1 thought on “SC Justice Ginsburg has died

  1. Just when you think the manure pile can’t get any higher? RBG goes all good commie on us.
    And your thoughts on spicy-time? I think we just jumped up to habanero. Seeds and all!

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