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A couple weeks back Qanon.pub got taken off line. Another sources for Q post aggregater is qagg.news . If it’s on a tab, it’ll even sound an alert horn when a new one comes in.

One recently posts item on 30 Sep 2020, (slightly edited / composited for clarity / context):

[Jim] Comeys daughter [Maureen] investigated Epstein’s suicide
And HER HUSBAND [Lucas Issacharoff] does [takes over at SDNY to take over the ] Ghislaine Maxwell’s case????

… Do you believe in coincidences?

A post to two later, there is a news story about Sec State Pompeo being snubbed by the Vatican on a Visit to Italy, followed by the following series of questions:
When does a Church become a playground?
When does a Church become a business?
When does a Church become political?
When does a Church become corrupt?
When does a Church become willfully blind?
When does a Church become controlled?

Yup, 2020. Trump and Q are fighting an AntiPope, too, on top of everything else.

2 thoughts on “Q-Anon posting

  1. That’s easy. No institution controlled by man will remain uncorrupted. None. And per Satan’s orders of when? ASAP is all we need to know.

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