QOTD, multiculturalism by Special Guest Star

Every people has different capabilities and those capabilities plus their environment lead to a specific culture. And each culture has a certain tolerance for what is allowed, and crafts a legal system to correct those who fall outside that band of tolerance.

When you then put two different cultures into the same polity, laws must be more explicit and numerous, because the concomitant bands of tolerable behavior are smaller than either one individually.

Ergo the band of tolerable behavior is necessarily smaller. Ergo the legal system must change to punish the each culture, but especially the culture with the greater amount of tolerance.

The more cultures that are added, the more stringent the legal code. Eventually the formerly-dominant system is blended out of existence. In our case, that’s assumption of innocence, reason, logic, evidence, rhetorical battle, and so forth. That was white person’s law. It’s gone.

Diversity killed it. No one had to affirmatively kill it; it is a downstream effect of diversity.

Special Guest Star, on Gab

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  1. A later topical comment from SGS, here: https://gab.com/shwazom/posts/106058677468112584:
    White people have a societal standard that we presume is universal, for we have always found it thus. However, different peoples have different standards based on their own culture. And culture is a product of environment plus race.

    White people have been selected by Nature selected to be self-crafting, forelooking, prudent, and acquisitive in both material and information, for these qualities are most rewarded in a harsh northern climate. Our cultures reflect that and therefore our regime (the constitution) and our government enacts that.

    This is not so for other people, who are unable, as a race, to adhere to this paradigm. This is not their fault. One can’t expect a hamster to live in harmony with a goldfish, no matter how suitable each is as a pet.

    Therefore, as our state becomes more multiracial and therefore multicultural, the regime fails and the politics it generates will change.

    No regime is suitable to govern a sufficiently multiracial state. Ours has failed not on its own, but for the adulteration of the population.

    It was killed. Someone killed it. That people have a name. We should recognize it and be vigilant in the future, for this republic has died from overindulgence in racial consumption.

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