Things that make you go…. .. …. ….?

OK, we all know what a mummy in the ‘Egyptian” sense is.

So why have we found a vast depository with what they are estimating to have a MILLION mummies in it, dating from (current estimates) the 1st to the 7th century? Duh fuq? Or is it just hype, and it’s little more than a graveyard in a very dry place being hyped?

Were we ever to need evidence that we don’t know or understand history as well as we might wish to or think we did, we have a new “exhibit A.” But it might provide the opportunity to learn more about the past, so that’s good.

1 thought on “Things that make you go…. .. …. ….?

  1. Generally speaking, “mummy” means a mummified corpse, mummified basically meaning preserved by drying or other preservation techniques. Egyptian royal mummies are intentionally preserved, but the more general term doesn’t need to include intent. So I think the article is reasonable.

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