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The artist I had contacted and exchanged a few emails with, and even a concept drawing, backed out of it. So, I am now without artist / illustrator  again. Anyone know anyone that does these sorts of things? I’m trying to find an artist / illustrator willing to get paid to do cover art, to create a picture that looks more or less the way I want it, rather than the way they like drawing spaceships. I’m looking to commission a piece because none of the “stock art” I’ve looked though looks like what I want, or even close enough to say “good enough” if you squint just right in poor lighting.

I can’t pay a lot, but I can pay. So, anyone out there know any friends, nephews, nieces, cousins, coworkers, or something that has some bit of talent and wants to draw some spaceships colliding in space, at least one of which looks like the ones in the book (not just any old random spaceship)?

Thanks to Paul, I’ve simple engineering drawings , some images of Taj, TajSpaceLowAngleTajGroundRampDowneven a simple animation, takeoff, so I don’t just have to explain what she looks like, but can show the artist. It should be, or at least CAN be, a pretty simple, clean image. No people. Smaller spaceships colliding with and splattering on Tajemnica, another of the smaller ships being “grabbed” by the glowing drive field. Background planetary and moon stuff optional.

Anyone out there?

7 thoughts on “Cover Art Illustrator needed

    1. Interesting in a bizarre way, definite ability, but nothing in a style or genre I’m looking for right now. Sorry.
      Create a good space-scape with starships, then ask again. I’m working on my second book, also a SF, and I have no idea what it’ll have on the cover.

    1. Very good to see someone interested that has some background, and posts some very nice pictures. Thanks. I’ve emailed for details.

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