Looks like I may have found an artist to create the cover art. The best image idea I have is the collision between Tajemnica and the Hussein’s interceptors.  If anyone has any better ideas, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Artist

  1. Alternatives:
    Hoplites in formation, engaged in battle. Taj in the background. What’s going on? Ancient warriors and a spaceship?

    Bridge scene with major characters and Taj pirate avatar.

    Taj and the interceptors. Superimpose the Possenti Cross.

    1. I thought about the final scene, thinking the same thing. It’s a great image, but I didn’t like it for the cover because it implies that the book is primarily a military action story. If the book does well, I might get an image like that made to sell. I wanted also to avoid drawing the human characters unless I could get a really good artist that I trusted to do a good job, and that is expensive. I thought about a Taj avatar, but she changes, so it was problematic. The image of the female avatar talking to the Hussein’s captain would certainly be striking, if done well, but it’s a book-cover sized image, and I fear the important details would be lost. I like the idea of having a faint superimposed Possenti cross on the collision scene – implies there is more going on, and it could be interpreted as cross-hairs, or a religious symbol.

  2. The artist decided it wasn’t what he wanted to do. HIS vision was a lot different than what I wanted. Am I being unreasonable to say I would like to describe the picture I’m paying for, so I get what *I* want? Shrug. Back to cover art square one, a week later.

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