How did you find this book?

I’m curious, to any and all who drop by here: How did you find the book? Link in from somewhere else, browsing the Amazon top (whatever) list (which one?), an Amazon recommendation, or something else? As a first time author, I’m new to all this, too, so any and all feedback about how you came across the book or what specifically struck you as most interesting is welcome. I don’t do FB or Twitter or the rest because I hate datamining, so the only thing I care about your post is what you say in your post, not all the background metadata.

For those that are curious, I am working on another book, but it might not be the one you are expecting. I could easily outline a dozen books that tie into this one, but I plan on writing books that will stand alone just fine, but will enhance each other.

7 thoughts on “How did you find this book?

  1. Read the early installments at Joe’s site, formed an instant attachment, want more, more more…

    Actually what I really want is for someone to make a movie out of “The Stars Came Back”.

    1. I would too. Money aside, I think it would be great. And I think a lot of guys would like to see the “outstanding training value” scene :-).

  2. Second comment:


    But don’t just post them here, get enough for a mini-volume and release them as at 99c Kindle edition. People might not buy it if there were just 5 chapters/episodes, but if it were a dozen? Sure they would!

    1. That… is a really good idea. I had thought to include them as “extras” in future main book releases, but a bunch of short “adventures” in a short volume for cheap, to build sales volume and library would be easy to do, easy to edit, comparatively easy to write, fast to produce. A lot of folks that like the books would likeely be willing to pop for $.99 a shot for a bit of “history.” Gotta give that some thought. Thanks.

  3. Someone on reddit pointed it out to me. I’m nearly finished, and went looking for more. Please tell me there’s more coming soon?

    Incidentally, I replied to this one, but also saw the post about the next book poll. For me, Option 1 is definitely preferred, though I’d probably really enjoy some of 3h, too.

    1. Next book. currently doing a re-write in normal prose format, and penciling out story-arcs for a sequel. Have part of a prequel written, publisher said that sequel should be a higher priority. Timeline? Depends on work, free time, etc.
      If you want a sequel, I’m assuming you liked it. Your welcome, tell your friends 🙂

  4. I found the book through Vox Day’s announcement. I’ve been following his blog since 2008. Used to read his WND column. I’m excited about his publishing company.

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