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Working on getting the next things together.  The current plan is that the prose format will be release as two books. The series name will be “The Stars Came Back.” The first book will be “Back from the Dead,” and the second “War’s Edge.”

The next book will likely be titled “TSCB: Insanity’s Children.” With any luck and a bit of hard work, I’ll soon be far enough along in planning and writing that I can start posting it serially, like I did originally.

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  1. I’m wondering why two books from one? Even with 5k more material I don’t see two books there. Or, maybe it’s just me.
    Now, if it’s a move to increase author book count or try for more money then care should be exercised. You might just alienate your fans. IMO

    1. Short version: A typical sci-fi novel is 90k-100k words. Mine is nearly twice that. Vox thinks that there are a lot of people out there that would look at the negative reviews about the format or sample pages and just walk away, never buying or reading it. So, two (cheaper) books of a more typical length for those that might like the genre but not the format. I’m sure it will be made abundantly clear in the description that it’s the same story, just a different format. There may still be some tweaking on the story as well. don’t think I’ll get inspired to add an entire new mission or anything, but you never know.

  2. After reading most of the blog serialized version, I bought the Kindle version some weeks ago. Having finally had the time to read it through it was great. Some deleted material must have been too controversial (I recall some payment for sex that was perhaps not exactly voluntary) but loved the chance to get through it all on the Kindle.

    This idea of splitting it in half surprises me as it does not seem particularly long. Actually I was disappointed it ended as quickly as it did, and look further to more adventures. Cut in half would seem very short.

    Please let us know when Joss Whedon buys the rights!!!

    1. Firstly, thanks for your support, and I’m glad you liked it.
      Yes, it does seem to read fast, and I think they style contributes to that, but it really is a considerably longer-than-average book. I’m ambivalent on the split: it’s good as-is, but more titles are better. In any case, it’s not a finalized deal, yet.
      Yes, my original editor convinced me to kill one scene – she said id didn’t add significantly to overall plot or character development, but would received very hostile reception from a vocal segment of the sci-fi community, likely resulting it people only talking about that one scene instead of all the rest. I rewrote it a couple of different ways, and if I can find a good place to put it where the underlying ideas can be more fully developed it may surface again.
      Working on new adventures now (two, actually).
      I doubt Whedon would buy the rights, but yes, I’ll let people know if anyone does. 🙂

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