Happy 4th!

It’s been too long. Happy Birthday, America!

Remember, today isn’t about parades, flags, grilling, or fireworks. Today is about the day a nation declared itself free, a nation founded and dedicated to individual rights as a real and actual thing, not simply lofty-sounding words constantly subject to the “needs” of the State.

Remember: Government is force. It can’t care, or be generous. It can only “give” to one what it has first taken away. It’s run by people, humans as flawed as the people they govern – perhaps even more, because they are the people who seek not to serve, but to rule. Celebrate what freedoms we have, and keep trying to keep them. We may be weakened by the political class, but we aren’t pining for the fjords quite yet.

Up to about 34,000 words on the next book, best day recently was 3000 words in a day.

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