Back on the job-search treadmill

The school year is over, and yet another leave-replacement contract is done. Back on the search path for something in teaching (which I love, and most of the kids in my classroom like me), or maybe it’s time for a career-change if the money is right. My tech is a little dated, but I’m a fast learner, good speaker, decent writer, and can explain things to almost any audience. Anyone know of any open positions?

I’m doing all the normal job searches in the school districts that are a reasonable commute distance, but they mostly seem to want specialists (like a BS in bio to teach a bio class) and special ed, and while I’m “highly qualified” in five things (including science, math, and social studies) my MS in computer science doesn’t seem to be enough to generate much interest when they are winnowing twenty applicants down to the five they’ll interview. I’m good at connecting the classroom to the real world, if anyone wants that, and connecting different subjects that are usually taught as stand-alone and disconnected from any real meaning to life.

Eh, I’m sure something will turn up. But if you know of anything, a pointer in the right direction would be most appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Back on the job-search treadmill

    1. Yes… and no. I’d be happy to tell you what I know, but I don’t have any firm or specific dates. I’d like them to be done and being sold now, too. :-/

      The prequal is written, along with the sequel and novella about an early Armadillo mission. They are in the hands of the editor. The next thing to be released, most likely next month, is the paper version of the first half (back from the dead), followed shortly by the second half (war on the edge). Insanity’s Children (sequel) is aimed for Nov/Dec. The prequel doesn’t have a timeframe I’m aware of, but I’d really like it this year. Three more stories are in the works – prequel (founding of monks of St Possenti) and two sequels.

      But right now, understandably, my highest priority is finding a regular job that pays the bills. The other half understands my spending time writing much better when she knows where the next substantial paycheck is coming from. Know anyplace in the PNW hiring people with some technical skills, and excellent writing and teaching skills?

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