The day the wheels came off

History is a lot of routine events following simple trend-lines, interrupted from time to time by wild panics with much screaming and shouting. At the end of TSCB, a relatively stable human-space was suddenly destabilized and thrown into an uproar by Tajemnica and her crew.  What had been well-understood space was suddenly inhabited by a drastic alteration of power that seemingly nobody really understood but everyone feared. They wanted to protect their own position and perks. Suddenly, a great many plans were thrown into disarray.  (The sequel, BTW, “Insanity’s Children,” picks up exactly where TSCB left off, and they run into some of the exact same problems that we have today with nobody believing the Dem Machine is this bad).

Such is what we see today in the political arena. Trump, an outsider, isn’t liked by either party. None of the power players in the American political system want him there. He isn’t bought-and-paid for by any major corporations or organizers. But the people of the nation, tired of being sold out by the bifactional ruling party, support him. Some because they like him, many just because he’s kicking the snot out of the status quo that has them ready to eat a bullet because of immigration,outsourcing, debt, taxes, and hopeless corruption. Trump is, in a way, the Mule.

And people are finding this the right time to throw their journalistic hand grenades at the Democrats and Hillary. WikiLeaks has been pumping out dirt on the DNC, Clinton, and her cronies every day for nearly two weeks, and the Clinton Machine has been throwing as much slim as they can manufacture at Trump hoping to sink him with distraction. Then, today, O’Keefe of Project Veritas posted this gem:

Yeah. That’s going to leave a mark. Hiring psychos and the mentally disabled to stir shit up at Trump rallies, basically inciting a riot? Not cool. Not cool at all. Spread the link  to anyone you know who is undecided, or thinks that Trump is slimy. A vote for Clinton is a vote of support for guys like these. Make them own it.

And if your wavering friends are still wavering, ask why this is not the lead story on every station, and in every paper, unless the collusion and corruption is real?

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