What next?

The next novel in the regular series is going, but slowly. So I thought to keep my skills up and use time wisely I should write some short stories. I’ve got a lot of tidbits and starts. So a quick poll of my readers of which opening line or prospective title I should pursue first:

  1. The world doesn’t care about. Me, neither. We are all replaceable!
  2. Missouri Compromise
  3. Lean on
  4. Usually when someone says “a specter walked in,” they are being metaphorical.
  5. Black Knighting
  6. Komenagen: Scoring a Four
  7. Battles for Boys: Marathon
  8. Battles for Boys: Salamis
  9. Battle for Boys: Trafalgar
  10. Cruise-control Cruise-missile
  11. Light Ambush
  12. “It’s a fine line between paranoia and situational awareness.”

If any of you have a fine opening line you’d like to toss into contentions, I’ll see what I can do with it.


5 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Personally anything in your same universe as “The Stars Came Back”.

    Otherwise, in order,
    11 , 10, 1, 12 …

    they are all intriguing though.

    Good luck!

  2. 10 sounds interesting. So does 4 — suggests something like when Neil Smith went well off his usual sort of setting with “Sweeter than Wine” (which is very good, by the way).

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