Well, sort of.  Welcome to the edgy dark side of the web, where you know you are doing something right when they start taking shots at you.

It looks like some SJWs at Twatter and FB noticed Michael Neal’s new The Stars Came Back pages and activity. Likes and follows were ramping up steadily. Suddenly the new likes and follows almost completely dried up for a while, before starting to trickle back in. Suddenly “Facebook the stars came back” doesn’t return any Facebook pages on Google search. Suddenly a whole slew of people Michael started following as a test didn’t reply or return a follow. Did a great majority of a thousand people suddenly not see a new follower? Curious. But the pages are still there. The tweets still exist.

If a conservative tweets in a throttle did it really happen?

So for anyone that uses Twitter (why are you not on Gab, yet?!), follow the TSCB movie page on FB, but also start check the non-SJW-converged page , and making your backup plans for the day when YOU are in the cross-hairs and are suddenly cut off from your normal media accounts because you are not sufficiently SJW. They target you for speaking out in opposition loudly. When no-one is opposing them loudly, they target the quiet opposition. When there is no quiet opposition, the push the limits and then target anyone who is merely silent rather than smiling. Then they target those who don’t cheer loudly enough. Then they target those who are supporting the SJWs too loudly and getting in the way of the ambitions of those with high ambition but low skills…. the left always sucks the producers dry before they start eating their own, but in the end they always turn upon themselves.

7 thoughts on “Shadow-Banned

    1. I understand. But that’s the nature of the “shadow” in the banning. It’s not supposed to be obvious. But as I was watching the page views here, and likes and follows on the FB pretty closely, there was a sudden and precipitous fall-off simultaneously. Could it be a technical glitch? Perhaps. But if so, it’s an awfully convenient one. Maybe so, maybe not. But playing on fears and uncertainty is a specialty of the left.

      If everything soon returns to normal, then I’d be more willing to willing to believe a tech problem, or a circumstantial issue. I just posted a link to an interview – we’ll see if that makes a difference.

  1. I had shortcuts to many groups in my FB profile, now it only shows those I pin to the list. Strangely, I now see a bunch of crap under the Explore section that wasn’t there before.

    And yes, I have Followed the page but I can’t get it to show up in my Shortcuts….

    1. Yes, that’s the same sort of gaslighting and low-profile crap to mess with people they don’t like, to try to get them to have the “right” opinion, and attempt to isolate them, discourage them, make them feel alone and ineffective. Don’t let it get too you.

  2. And now (~9AM PST 2/12/17) my FB home page is back to normal, TSCB page shows up in frequent searches, and the search goes directly to the correct page instead of an intermediate filter page..

    Illigitemati non carborundum est. or “don’t get ulcers, give them!” are my mottos

      1. It does. I refuse to be ground down. I will be a pebble in their shoe, a thorn in their side, and a source of stress for them.

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