interesting development. Because one of the main characters in the story, First Sergeant Harbin Reel, is a Sikh, Michael Neal thought he’d run a low-cost advert in FB in India as part of the marketing campaign to raise awareness of the movie project. It’s totally blown out expectations (see the post below this one), even though the book at Amazon India has no reviews. I know it’s not sold a lot of copies overseas, but would not have guessed it would generate nearly two thousand followers on the FB page.

So a question: why the interest? What are visitors to the FB page and this page looking for, or hoping to find, in The Stars Came Back? Has anyone visiting here from India bought and read it?

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  1. What am *I* looking for on Facebook:
    – Gossip with fellow fans.
    – Speculate on topics implied or left open (so far) in the book.
    – Compare notes on giggle-worthy incidents (uniform colors, a certain Rockwell product, etc.)

    That is my list at least… That, and hints on when more of your work will be published 🙂

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